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Not my words, but words from a member of the public who was sitting in the states of jersey on the 20th April 2010. 

Miss Landers felt so incensed  she wrote a letter to the Jersey Evening Post about what she witnessed during question time, the conduct of some of the states members, and the total lack of respect for the Abuse Victims sitting in the Gallery . This is something I have witnessed  myself on numerous occasions.

The problem arises when there are questions concerning the suspension of Graham Power and questions relating to the Child Abuse Investigation, as soon as these are mentioned  Senators Perchard,LeMain and Shenton become very uneasy and so do Deputy Jeune & Dupre 'WHY' I have no idea, I have asked them about this as you will see later. There are others but they are the ones that stand out. 

Why is our Government struggling so bad with Child Abuse?

With 53 members you would think the charge for Truth and Justice would be huge but it's not to be. There are some very good states members and they are stepping up we need more.

I contacted Miss Landers and offered to post her letter if the JEP refused so here it is. 

Stuart Syvret has gone into great detail about the total breakdown in child protection concerning 'Blanche Pierre' and the total lack of justice for the children, please read his posts on this matter.


Dear Editor,

I for the first time am going to write a sentence that I never thought would ever come from my mouth I am ashamed to come from Jersey.  

I hope that you will print this letter so that my view can be put across to others and hopefully I am not the only one to feel that way I do.

On Monday I attended the States sitting and listen with interest to the questions put to the AG Tim Le Cocq  regarding the prosecution of the  Mangers of Blanch Pierre Mr and Mrs Maguire. I have to say that I was disgusted at the way in which certain members heckled the questions put to the AG by Monfort Tadier and  Trevor Pitman.

I have a friend who was indeed abused by the said managers and the things that she has had to go through in her life beggars believe.  I have listened to the extent of the interviews she and many others had to go through and the questions a child is asked during police videos and recordings was unreal.  

I can not get into my mind why these people were not prosecuted, 

Why the victims were not given their time in court to sit and tell of the horrific acts that were done to them?

Why Was it that the case was thrown out of court?

Why were the Victims told the accused Mr Maguire was so terminally ill that he could not stand trial?

Why was it later televised that in fact the said man was alive and well and living in France a decade later?

Why were the victims not informed of the fact that the said accused was alive and why was he not brought back to face his doings?

Why did the said accused not get brought back to Jersey to stand trial for perjury  as was it not a lie that he was terminal?

What Dr’s were involved and where was the supporting medical evidence to say the accused was terminal.  Was the then said Dr not also liable to stand trial for perjury 

These are all but a few questions running around in my mind today and having read the report last night about this case has made me very upset and sick in the stomach.

Any decent human being with any heart would allow these now adults the right to have their say but unfortunately our States government is run by weak cowards not able to stand up to those who keep them 


The comment that has made me respond to the article was as followed “ some information cannot enter the public domain because it will be frustrating difficult and painful for some people. Should it not be what about the pain and suffering and the difficulties that those abused have gone through if they are strong enough and brave enough and have the courage to speak out as it should be then let the victims decide if it is painful.  Never mind the states paying thousands and thousand on a court case for Mr Warren. 

A sexual physical and mental abuse case in my eyes is far more worthy of court then one of drug conspiracy 

 I certainly have lost a lot of faith in the states government and I shall be seriously looking into my votes for the future elections.  I can not see how any person can sleep at night when there is more then enough evidence to show abuse went on and more then enough evidence to show there has been cover ups. I will stand  behind my friend who has had to suffer to this day because of what was done to her., and I pray that those involved in not allowing her, her time on court never ever have to see any of their family or close friends go through it themselves.  

No doubt many reading this will not agree and I know many will it is a shame and I am truly disgusted to say I am from Jersey because of the unfair system we have running us.  

Bridget Landers 

I hope this gets published as my full letter and I will also be applying a copy on face book on the jersey news section. 


I have removed miss landers address 

These are my emails sent to Deputy jeune & Dupre

From: rico sorda
To: a.jeune@gov.je
Cc: a.dupre@gov.je
Sent: Tue, 20 April, 2010 19:00:31
Subject: Todays states sitting

Deputy Jeune 

I was in the states today for question time and was totally dismayed at your attitude towards questions concerning the suspension of the chief of police and the historic child abuse investigation.

Could you please explain to me why someone who represents me in the chamber has such a problem with these issues, I watched how yourself and deputy dupre acted during these questions, I even checked with deputy tadier if I was correct in my assumption.

The attitude you showed today is a disgrace to every abuse survivor and has left me feeling very angry.

I have been researching the abuse scandal for 18 months now, im very familiar with the  issues now surrounding the very suspect suspension of Graham Power and the ridiculing of the original investigation.

Instead of showing total contempt for your fellow members how about asking some questions yourself, the attitude you two deputy's showed today is one of the reasons our children are still at risk on this beautiful island,i just do not understand it, so could you please get back to me and explain yourselfs, not just for me but the abuse victims who were appalled up in the gallery.


From: rico sorda
To: a.jeune@gov.je
Cc: a.dupre@gov.je
Sent: Fri, 23 April, 2010 20:51:17
Subject: Re: Todays states sitting

Hi Deputy Jeune

I would like a reply to the issues I highlighted in my last email. You are in the states and represent me I really would like you and Deputy Dupre to explain your actions concerning questions relating to the Historic Abuse Investigation and Graham Powers suspension.

The Abuse Survivors present in the gallery would also like to know


rico sorda

And this is from today

Re: Todays states sitting
rico sorda  
View Contact

Hi Deputy Jeune
I would still like a reply to the issues i raised in my previous emails. Or can deputy Dupre get back to me
Thank you

I will put any reply's I have up on here. Every member of the public should email their  Senator or Deputy and make sure you get a reply

Searching for the Truth



Anonymous said...

Rico are you admitting to being an abuse victim?

rico sorda said...

Lets get this straight.

Im not an Abuse Victim, I come from a very loving family and have been very lucky in life. Some people through no fault of their own were not so fortunate.

I will fight for the Truth and Justice no matter what. I was brought up right and thank family and friends for that



Anonymous said...

No offence but the way your complaint is written it just appeared to me that you were speaking as an actual victim.

Anonymous said...

Dupre and Jeune unfortunately to be elected in Jersey all it needs is a name - A Jersey name. The electorate get what they vote for - if they vote - and that is the multi dollar question - if you want to make a difference get out there and vote SYVRET

rico sorda said...

I agree,i would also like to see Stuart back in jersey this week. Time to call their bluff, see what they will do, if anything. let's get ready for an election and get Stuart back in the states.

We have some serious crap in their at the moment, they do nothing say nothing and protect child abusers.


rico sorda said...


Yes Syvret is a local name but no point arguing about all that, seeing as this post is about a different issue.

We all know the score


Anonymous said...

Do your remember Angela Jeune telling the house that her husband was brought up in H de la G and what a wonderful child hood experience he had there?
What are these people frightened of?
Yet more questions than answers. If these people think this terrible abuse is going to be forgotten they are fools.
Like you i had a very normal happy upbringing i am also passionate that the victims of Blanche Pierre and La Garrene get some closure.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the most chilling and depressing aspect of this whole posting is the attitude and smug arrogance of the slime-ball individuals who pour scorn on the suffering of the suffering of the victims. Funny isn't it, how many of them are the same individuals who did their best to block my enquiry at every turn? Just what is their motivation for supporting paedophiles and thugs? I wonder. Lenny Harper

Proud Survivor said...

Anonymous wrote "No offence but the way your complaint is written it just appeared to me that you were speaking as an actual victim"

People are missing the point here! Rico is writing from an empathic viewpoint. He is "walking in someone else's mocassins" to quote a Sioux Indian. He cares so passionately about these victims and their plight that he is right there with them.

Injustice is everybody's business and it
is wonderful to have people like Rico, Stuart, VFC who do this and a slow but steady growth of members in the States who are getting alongside us and saying "enough concealment is enough".


Anonymous said...

All the more reason to get candidates to contest EVERYONE of these politicians @ next elections then ask @ the hustings why they did not respond to your correspondances & their neglet of the whole subject.I have a feeling that many of these sitting members might just like UK expenses MPs might bow out of the next elections.

voiceforchildren said...


The sort of behaviour exhibited by the likes of Angela Jeune and Ann Dupre when discussing Child Abuse is just sickening. What if it was one of their children/grandchildren who was raped, soddomised, tortured by the very people who were supposed to love and care for them? These people truly do sicken me.

In order to back your observations up of the behaviour of Deputies Jeune and Dupre, here is an extract from Hansard.

Deputy M. Tadier:
First of all I would like to ask whether the depths were uniform. So was that 1.4 metres an average, was it right across ... why are people sighing? Is child abuse not important in Jersey? I think these are very important questions and I think at least one Deputy who has gone to Haut de la Garenne to do the research should be respected and not have people tutting while questions are being answered. Back to the questions, are the depths uniform, is the 1.4 metres right across the board? I have heard that it is quite common for cellars to be slanting because they are built on uneven surfaces. Also as a mathematical man, would the Minister say what he thinks the minimum height requirement would be for child abuse to be carried out in a cellar?

Ahimsa said...

I think you must seriously ask yourselves, when wondering why the likes of Dupre and Jeune behaved as they did, what kind of families they decend from. Dupre is the daughter-in-law of a now deceased very powerful member of the States of Jersey and I suspect Jeune is also a relative of a very powerful former States of Jersey member. Protection and skeletons and cupboards comes to mind. Self preservation is a very powerful motive.

I do hope their ivory towers come tumbling down but it may take time.

I do so want the abused to have justice. There just seems to be more on the wrong side at the moment. Hopefully time will find the balance of power swaying gently to the side of the meek.

In the meantime, you are doing a grand job rico. I too am ashamed to come from this god forsaken island.

Proud Survivor said...

I am delighted that Deputy Jeune's husband had a good childhood experience in HDLG. For some children regular nourishing meals, their own bed and warm clothing that was washed and mended made a welcome change from what had gone before. There were sports and other activities and outings - even holidays and the police have told me that many children were happy there. Not everybody was abused and it didn't happen all the time. There were some warm, kind people who worked there who had the best interests of the children at heart.

If you were lucky enough to escape the interest of the predators who were also there you may have escaped harm. Those who were not so lucky (for whatever reason) were subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse on a number of levels. Why some people are chosen and not others has been the subject of a lot of research over the years.

To say because some children had a good HDLG experience in no way impacts on or diminishes the suffering of those who didn't. We all know that within a family group one or more child may suffer abuse while others are treated alright or even really well. This has been used as a defence for many abusers and unfortunately has allowed some to walk away - even in Jersey. Because some children say they were unharmed nobody believes the ones who were abused.

It is like saying that because a river is 8 feet deep at one end and 3 ft deep at the other end by the law of averages you can walk across it at any point. I believe that logic has been applied to the cellars in HDLG too!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Deputy Jeune is still waiting for the civil service to draft "her" reply to you ...

The Beano is not the Rag

voiceforchildren said...


I doubt you will get a reply back from Deputy Dupre, she's not very good at replying to e-mails, I know from experience. I have some (non) correspondance with Anne Dupre that I will be publishing if/when she stands for re-election next year.

In the meantime, why don't you send a link of this page to both the deputies and ask them to come on here to explain their actions, to the people they "represent"?

Anonymous said...

Having just read your blog for the first time I must say that I am appalled by the behaviour of these two women. How on earth did they get elected? I have emailed my family and friends in my parish of St. Brelade with a link to your blog and have asked them to email it to all their friends and family in St. Brelade. She must never be allowed to be re-elected after her spiteful behaviour. As a mother I find these peoples views perverse. Are they not capable of compassion?

rico sorda said...

I have posted this comment under my name as it wont load up, hope thats ok Mr/Mrs/Miss Anonyous

"Having just read your blog for the first time I must say that I am appalled by the behaviour of these two women. How on earth did they get elected? I have emailed my family and friends in my parish of St. Brelade with a link to your blog and have asked them to email it to all their friends and family in St. Brelade. She must never be allowed to be re-elected after her spiteful behaviour. As a mother I find these peoples views perverse. Are they not capable of compassion?"

rico sorda said...

And if by magic it turns up above oh well.

So I will start with Senator Perchard

When I have emailed Senator Perchard he has replied very quickly and to be fair tried to answer some of my questions. I have asked him about his and Shentons attitude towards the Abuse Questions but that was side stepped. The reason for not putting those email exchanges up online is they deal mostly with the suspension of Graham Power and will be used at a later date.

It really is amazing when you watch the states sitting from the chamber i would recommend it to everyone ( without a heart condition) watch how your states members act.

Now lets not forget the leaked email to Abuse Denier David Rose Was it Senator Perchard? there is a comment on Stuarts blog ref this episode

The Lenny Henry email from Shenton/Wife

Now lets never forget Stuarts Christmas Speech of 2007 when he was jumped and had his mike switched off. You see this cancer runs deep and must be defeated.

I think its brilliant when people like Bridget Landers puts pen to paper and lets their feelings known more people should do it.


Anonymous said...

Why some people are chosen and not others has been the subject of a lot of research over the years.


The academy award winning documentary (chosen)
explains how this happens. Boys (the chosen) boys that were selected and abused at there exclusive public school.
Tom Perry one of the victims often contributes on Stuarts blog

Proud Survivor said...

Thanks Anonymous. I have read a lot of what Tom Perry has written on Stuart's Blog and I have seen parts of the documentary - must see it all although I find it very distressing.

In "Nobody Came" the author said it was the "pretty boys" who were chosen at HDLG. This may be true but I wouldn't mind betting it was also the misfits, the "trouble-makers" and the most vulnerable too. Remember - a large number of children were in there because they had been abused already. It stinks! When you are aleady a victim you have such a low self-eateem ot probably shows.


GeeGee said...

Well said Bridget! I have only just returned to Jersey after a few days away so I do not know whether or not the JEP have printed your letter, but I suspect the answer is 'no'.

Likewise Rico, I would guess you have not had and response to your e-mail. And these people wonder why we get frustrated and angry!!

I too was in the public gallery that day, and it is totally beyond my comprehension that anybody could behave in the manner that some States Members do when the subjects of abuse and Graham Powers's suspension are raised.

Are they really that uncomfortable with the issues? Do they really think matters will rest until these people get justice and answers? Well the answer is a resounding NO.

I cannot be sure whether the contempt shown is borne of arrogance or ignorance or more likely a combination of the two. However for two women to behave like this (and I assume they are both mothers) beggars belief, and is a disgrace.

I am not Jersey born, but have lived here for most of my life. However, coming in to land on Wednesday my heart sank, and I really did not want to be coming back here. How very, very sad is that?

Anonymous said...

My o my! What an ugly gallery of rogues these phots reveal. Dupre and jeune are just poodles. Thick and lazy with it. They give the new politicians a bad name. Pitman and Wimberley are the best of the new ones by miles.

voiceforchildren said...


Word has reached me that the letter was published in the Jersey Evening Post today. First of all I wonder if it bear's much resemblence to the original that you have posted on here?

Secondly, one has to ask is this demonstrative of the power of citizen's media? How long have they had the letter? Would they have published it if you didn't?

It is a pitty those States Members, that do scorn when Child Abuse is mentioned were not named in the JEP, but they have been on here, and have Deputy Angela Jeune or Deputy Anne Dupre replied to any of your e-mails yet? Don't worry if they haven't, you can read them out to them, if they stand for election next time at the hustings.

voiceforchildren said...


I have just looked on the JEP website and Bridget's letter isn't on there (now there's a suprise!) Do you know if it looks anything like the original?

Anonymous said...

I see a reference to 'nobody Came' the book that the publishers would not release in Jersey ! I quickly obtained a copy on the internet obtaining it before the official release date. I devoured that book in one sitting with tears in my eyes most of the time. I became rather dissolutioned though on reading his account of his time at Haut de la Garenne, as some of his claims were so obviously fictitious. He is the second person i know to have exagerated their experience at The Home.
I would dearly love to know if the police have traced and interviewed him.
Maybe someone with the right contacts could enquire ?
Before i get a tirade of abuse claiming that i am a denier,i accept that there has been a lot of abuse,and that the reasons that there have been so few prosections is due to the passage of time and the death of a fair number of the accused.I did have an adult(not a member of staff)try to interfere with me while i was at The Home,but i walked away, and never thought to report it.I did eventually report it some forty years later when investigations indicated that a death may have occured.I do now wander how many other boys this individual got his hands on.