Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hi Folks

Just a quick post to say i've decided to start blogging, i've done most of my work on planetjersey but feel my work is now done there. 

I will try and stick to evidenced facts on all the issues i discuss

I hope to have my first blog posting up this weekend where i'll be looking at an email exchange between myself and Senator Perchard concerning the appointment of David Warcup as Chief of Police.



Jacques said...

Nice one Rico. Keep up the investigative journalism.

GeeGee said...

Rico - may I wish you all the very best in your new journey as a blogger. I know how passionately you care about the abuse survivors and all the issues that have emanated from this sad and sorry saga.
At least we know, that as with all the other campaigning blogs we will only get the facts and the truth.
Ride on Rico!

rico sorda said...

Cheers guys

This is the next step.

Planetjersey was a great site for me, i realized as soon as i stopped posting the deniers added nothing.

So it's a blogging life for me and Senator Perchard is a good place to start.

Thanks again


GeeGee said...

I think Perchard is an excellent place to start! As you well know Rico, he was the reason I got involved in all this in the first place, and he continues to be a disgrace.
However the plus is that thanks to that episode I met you and Neil, Carrie and Dannie and lots of other smashing people, so for that, thank you Jimmy.

Ian Evans said...

Oh, You Again?

About time and all. Ha ha ha

Nice one Rico lad xxx

rico sorda said...

Gee Gee so very true good old jimmy doing good lol who would have thought.

I will be putting my email exchange up because i was very curious about what information our elected representatives would be using in making their decision on Warcup

Davey said...

Good for you Rico, the more good evidenced information out there the better it is, for the "GOOD" people of Jersey.

I wish you well.


rico sorda said...

Ok let me get this straight


Gazza, i cant publish your comment until i have checked that blog link out

Trolls, if you log on and feel like jerking off don't bother here, cant be bothered with you.


Debbie said...

Way to go Rico. I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico,
I've been far too occupied with illness and other stuff to do any blog entries of my own for a couple of weeks. Do take a care not to get burned out taking on too much.

I am looking forward to reading more evidence based detail.


Ole Razzy said...

Hey Rico nice one. Actually long overdue I reckon but I will be checking in daily from now on. Good luck with your new venture.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Rico,looking forward to reading your blog

David Rotherham said...

It is going to be nice to read the fruits of your research without Spartacus's inane interrruptions.