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I have decided to post all the comments I felt were not quite reader friendly.

These comments have been building up over a length of time. I thought I would now share them with you. Please do not read them if you are easily offended or don't have a sense of humor.

Most are from Anonymous and some are from a chap called "GAZZA" who runs the "HAUT DE LA GARENNE  MURDER FARCE BLOG"

Now what I find strange about the Farce Blog, and fair play if they want to rip me,  is this.Two States Members have done guest postings on it Senator Perchard and Deputy Power. Why do I find it strange? well simples you would never do a guest posting on a blog unless you know the person who is running it, or, they are a close friend. You would not leave yourself open like that. I know Deputy Power would never do a blind posting. So why would two States members get involved in such an Abusive Site that does exactly what they accuse Stuart Syvret of doing? Strange.

Deputy Power I know you read my blog so please feel free to explain da crack if you like.

Why have you decided to associate yourself with these Anonymous people who leave quite disgusting comments as you are about to read. All are genuine and all are kept on file. This is only a snippet.  

These are the  comments  from Gazza the owner of the Farce Blog.

Gazza has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 1": 

"Thats a load of crap, I started the Blog after exchanging e-mails with Tony Gallichon, well arguing to be exact, Planet Jersey just so happened to like it and the Blog has had over 1,000 hits in 4 days. The Blog is there to expose the lies you and your cohorts have been chucking down everybodies necks so far about Graham Power being innocent when he isn't. Lenny Harper was a rogue who abused Jersey Tax Payers money and is a proven lier. The Blog exposes that conclusively and all that read it agree. It has nothing to do with safe guarding child abusers its there to expose rogue coppers and a criminal Senator. Why you protect these people fuck knows."

Gazza :-x      12/4/2010

Gazza has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

Graham Power Lenny Harper and all the Abuse survivors need a bloody big apology from our government

Stay Strong Stuart

no retreat no surrender

This is a war for the truth





Gazza has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

"Where is this deniers Blog? Sounds cool to me after getting the feedback on the Syvret scum which linger around him. Fucking hell thinking of taking some comments to the police. You can post on my Blog under anon. All comments are welcome. This is dynamite, even got support from other Senators now who are fucking loving it!" 

Publish this comment. 

Senators loving it? Christ now you can see why children are not safe on this island.

Now check this out, it is a classic Troll at work. So SCARED are they that they use someone else's name. I know Paul Leatherbarrow and this is not him. He is a decent guy.

Paul Letherbarrow has left a new comment on your post "BLANCHE PIERRE": 

"What a load of shite. Who cares if these cases were dropped? They were only scumbags trying to get compensation for trivial punishments like being flicked with a towel. Fuck em I reckon." 

Now we move onto the more nasty ones.

I  Received these Comments at the same time as "FOREST" was doing the PR for the Farce Blog on "PLANETJERSEY" almost identical people will notice the similarities. They really are shocking, why Deputy Power or Senator Perchard would want to get involved I really don't know, unless they know them.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

"So you are shoulder to shoulder with a child rapist now at a nominations for senator. You sick fuck. I bet you are a fiddler yourself." 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 2": 

"You lot are a right bunch of gormless fuckers. Did you and LEONARD MILES VANDENBORN exchange child porn? You go on about justice all the time but you are a pedo yourself. CID should look into you pedo scum." 

Now the above two comments are very childish, I do  wonder if the owner of the Farce blog is in fact a student, when i checked it out it was like a student rant zone and this las one backs up my claims 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Financial Management of the Historic Abuse enq...": 

"If it came down to just one choice of either Lenny Harper or Stuart Syvret, now be honest now. Who would you sleep with?" 

Now these comments are serious,also because two states members have contributed to the site. These posters are attacking me because I want the truth concerning the child abuse investigation. I can tell you all now " I will not stop until we have the truth" never ever.

I will  myself if i get Abusive comments about the Abusive Comments lol

I have left about another 50 in the file for a rainy day, could be a while.




TonyTheProf said...

I'd ignore the Trolls. I have a policy of never allowing comments with bad language, and Gazza or his clones seem to always use that. Stuart may use invective, but he never uses bad language.

Rob Kent said...

I looked once at the 'Gazza' site. It's a cut and paste job. As Stuart has pointed out numerous times, his and other blogs have produced a vast amount of evidence - evidence that cannot be contradicted by anyone because it comes from official sources such as the ACPO reports, emails from States members, States-commissioned reports etc.

Opposed to that we have smears and innuendos and loudly-voiced opinions that amount to nothing more than hot air. The detractors of you and others never refer to that evidence - another characteristic that Stuart has forensically analysed.

We don't have to worry about the likes of 'Gazza' and his followers because the truth is winning on every front. That is why they are so angry.

GeeGee said...

What a sick and sad person/people these must be. Illiterate, foul mouthed and obviously mentally deranged!

If Power and Perchard are not connected to such filth, they should stand up and say so. If they are they are as culpable as every other person involved in this cover-up.

It is, sadly, almost laughable.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


Yep - speaks volumes.

I do not publish such psychotic, obscenity-strewn abuse on my blog.

Yet - this liar and maniac - attracts the full support and endorsement of Senator Ben Shenton - Senator Jimmy Perchard - and Deputy Shaun Power.


What better indication of the real worthlessness of those three politicians could the Jersey public need.

You can tell a lot about men by the company they keep.

That's another 5000 votes gone south for those three clowns.


voiceforchildren said...


This is the unfotunate dark side of wishing to publish evidence concerning possible cover up and corruption into the public domain here in Jersey.

The comments you have published are actually very mild compared to the stuff I have recieved, and not published. I'll not comment on the author's of these comments as I don't wish to go down the personal route.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico

They are appalling but funnily enough I have seen that sort of language from the famous "harrasser" !! Nothing would surprise me !

rico sorda said...

I have been mulling over these comments for a while and believe me if Team Voice put them all up it would be about 4 volumes.

I want to show people what goes on, im a very thick skinned person so can laugh it off, some of my friends are appalled with what has gone on even with the using of my name on "thisisjersey"

Like I say bring it on, im fighting for the truth and will not stop.

Deputy Power could you explain your posting on the Farce blog.



rico sorda said...

This is from Deputy Powers farce posting. Must say im very surprised by his comments.

I was of the opinion then and am now that the Police investigation went out of control early on in the investigation and had all the characteristics of a runaway train. As an example, there was not one single structured Press Conference at Police HQ during this time, with the Chief of Police and his Deputy, in uniform and with the Chief Minister and the Home Affairs Minister.
My instincts told me something was wrong. Senator's Perchard and Shenton had similar worries and asked other questions.
I hope this helps your readers to understand how early on some of us had concerns."


Anonymous said...

I am confused, totally confused. At one hand we have Syvret defending our childrens livelihood and on the other the same thing regards to our children so why dont they get together and stop the bickering and sort it out.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I wouldn't give perchard the sniff of mey best fart

mac said...


I would be surprised if there's more than 10 or 12 different posters on that farce blog you only have to look at the style of writing, Going on about how many views it's supposedly had also sound familiar.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Perchard is trying to defend someone from his past. Perhaps someone he no's, maybe a former States member, could be a former Senator or even a former Constable!!!! Who can say but something has caused him to want to shut up the abuse investigation and tell that jornalist Rose a cr*p load of lies!!

rico sorda said...


I agree 10 or 12 is being king, i think it is much less than that,Don't get wrong i think there is room for a blog with an alternative view but only if they look at all the evidence out their but they don't. It is now just another stuart rant zone. I know they have deleted some posts but they have been copied and saved its only right.

I hope Deputy Power will come on here and explain his views especially with all the evidence now in the public domain. Also about his above comments,maybe Lenny might have a view on this

As for Senator Perchard i hope he comes out and explains his stance on this.

I just want answers I will keep going and publishing information. Something has gone very wrong with the Abuse investigation something has gone very wrong with the suspension of Graham Power and that will be my next blog.


rico sorda said...

This one also gave me a chuckle no doubt from Gazza as he signed off with his smily kiss.

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Hansard 1":

You really are a dreamer. The Chief of Police is a criminal and so is Syvret. Is it true you had learning difficulties? I read it somehwhere entitled 'A breakdown of the pond life that support Stuart Syvret' :-x


Just so our politicians know what they are dealing with


Anonymous said...

It is a well known fact, that when people run out of arguments, their comments turn to personal abuse.
Being "accused" of being "pedo (sic) scum" is a prime example.
If this is all "they" have got in defence from Stuart's information disclosures, then we are winning.

Town Hall Monday evening, I'll be there.

The Beano is not the Rag

mac said...


I try to be kind sometimes!

I agree everyone is entitled to there own view, but they don't allow people to express an opposing view. The only way to learn and be able to make a informed opinion is to listen to all the different opinions out there, but for them to dismiss all the published evidence just shows that Gazza's blog is just to slag of Stuart and anyone who agrees with anything he has said. I'm surprised by Deputy Power supporting it as I didn't think that was his style but you live and learn.

Tony Gallichan said...

Hello Rico... I think what we see here is obvious evidence of a very tiny number of people showing their true colours. As we know from previous examples of Perchard's behaviour, this sort of thing is mild to him.

Now, I don't recall ever being in an email exchange with anyone about HDLG. Perhaps he means a comments' thread on the Rag?

Mind you, perhaps theres a Tony Gallichon out there? However, if he does mean me, well gosh, I'm so proud to have been the spark to light that blog's flame. I may well have to claim boasting rights. I upset someone so much they had to fake a blog. Hmm... worth a nice cup of tea or two, I think...

Listen, keep going. Ignore the nonsense - they haven't got the guts to do anything real and internet stuff like this is just nonsense and means nothing. What matters are the hard facts that you, The Voice and Syvret are putting out in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

Rico you are trying to destroy another blog for giving an opinion and it reads to me like you have intimidated the owner of that blog. You should never have git involved in exchanges with the blog.

rico sorda said...

Hi Tony

I believe it must have been an exchange you had on "thisisjersey" you really must have done the business. These comments don't affect me they do keep me going thou we have a lot worse on the Team Voice files some real beauty's.

There are some sick people out there thou, fancy sitting at your computer and sending that sick rubbish out and then saying you have SENATORS on board.

This is why im confused about Deputy Power. I have been having email exchanges with sean for sometime now and I know he is quite guarded then I read his guest posting on the Farce blog and I think what's going on here then.

Deputy you post on the Farce blog and yet not one question asked in the states concerning the new revelations?


Don't be silly a blog can only destroy itself. I have never been involved in exchanges with said blog. This is what happens, I do a new post i get Abuse, very simple.


Anonymous said...

Why the hatred towards abuse victims?

Gazza said...

This is crap. Whatever dirty tricks you try and play it will not stop the Farce Blog operating. You are, in anycase, blocking views of your own blog by allowing swear words!!!

You have accused us on more than a few occassions of being abuse deniars. That on its own is intimidation.

Gazza :-x

GeeGee said...

Rico - my personal feeling is that there is a certain element of envy by this person or people that the likes of Stuart,yourself and VFC are able to produce hard facts and furthermore in an eloquent manner.

'They' are obviously not of the calibre to produce a reasoned argument, nor are they likely to ever be party to obtaining the sort of evidence these blogs are able to.

I have also noticed this type of behaviour, but in a less aggressive manner towards Monty.

I often wonder why the detractor(s)do not put their names in the public domain and really stand up and be counted.

Rico, have you considered putting the question to Power and Perchard rather than wait for a response from them. At least then their true colours will be confirmed!

Anonymous said...

The Farce blog has not got a hope in hell of being destroyed. Dream on!

Anonymous said...

Hard facts? Then why hasn't a single change happened or a person been up in court? They have no hard facts, they just run off rumour. This attack shows you are frightened of the Farce Blog because it is being read by people who oppose Syvret. You are shooting yourseld down though because by publishing all these swear words you have just down graded your own blog. Wake up !

Jacques said...

Keep it up Rico.

No retreat. No surrender.

Anonymous said...

I don't even read the Farce blog any more, like PJ it's such a childish waste of time. It's better not to join in, in any shape or form. Leave them to stew in their own bile.

Anonymous said...

Sean Power thinks I should have had a press conference alongside Frank Walker. Just what is the weather like in never never land Sean? Where would i have had the time to change into uniform and sit at a press conference with Walker, Lewis and anyone else? Why would I want to change into uniform? What purpose would it serve? This sounds like the comment of one of those senior cops who have never done much operationally and have never been in the CID. As I recall the first time Walker came to HDLG he spent forty five minutes outside with the media and never came in to say a word to any of my team working in there. That raised a few wry smiles when he then said he was behind us. Graham Power and I had our distinct roles and we carried them out. Andrew Lewis and the AG tried to get me to stop talking to the media, as Lewis informed me when he telephoned me on 9th July 2008 at 2.30pm. He said then that the criticism of Walker and the AG was unfair and he intended to tell Walker that. In any event, I am surprised that Sean Power had time to have unease about anything so busy was he trying to "persuade" a certain Northern Ireland businessman to appoint him as political consultant to an ongoing project. That resulted in a complaint to the Baliff. Lenny Harper

rico sorda said...

Who said anything about destroying the "FARCE" blog?

All myself and team voice are doing is asking the questions our local media cant.

I believe some of you are Abuse Deniers no doubt about it i cant think of any other reason for your attitude.

I put this blog up to show people what you get sent when you look for answers concerning child abuse.

Will post more later


Anonymous said...

"I was of the opinion then and am now that the Police investigation went out of control early on in the investigation and had all the characteristics of a runaway train."

I had this very same, party line sentence, in a response from a Rag hack, that I was winding up a while back.

Anonymous said...

And getting a blog repeating the same rubbish only known by the police gets answers concerning child abuse does it?

Anonymous said...

Don't assume Sean Power has made a "guest posting"; I suspect the contents are either something he's sent in an email to States members (and had ended in the public domain long ago), or a Planet Jersey posting that's been cut and pasted.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised Lenny Harper (thats if it is Lenny Harper) is still passing unprofessional comments onto a blog. In my opinion we should really come back to Jersey and be interviewed properly if he has something to say about people here. Popping up on blogs is not the way to get your message across when you had a job like his.

rico sorda said...

Farce Blog

I think there is a place for the alternative view, I ask just one thing.

Publish one piece of solid evidence that backs up your claims and then i will listen.

Farce Blog why has ILM put back the appointment of Davis Warcup something he said he would not do.

Even your 50.000 readers must know the answer to the one

I want the truth


Question for you

Why did you send me those comments?


GeeGee said...

Anonymous - Lenny was asked a question, and has every right to answer now he has retired.

Furthermore, it was in response to a claim made about him by David Warcup and repeated in the States Chamber on Tuesday, so all the more reason to put the record straight.

Nothing unprofessional in that, and nothing in comparison to Mr Gradwell's unprofessional slating of the abuse enquiry and a colleague.

Now, that WAS unprofessional!

Andy said...

Rico, I doubt the people running the Farce Blog are interested in the suspension of Graham Power or appointment of David Warcup. Its not a subject that comes up as a main. Lenny Harper though, thats a bigger part of it.


rico sorda said...

David Warcup, Graham Power, Lenny Harper, Mick Gradwell, Frank Walker, Kevin Lewis,Bill Ogley

That is what should be discussed they are all in the pot together and somewhere in there is the truth.

I have emailed Deputy Power and asked if he would like to comment on this blog posting.

I have been in contact with Deputy Power for sometime now and have introduced myself so he knows this is not some bogus blog site.


voiceforchildren said...


The quest for truth continues

Dave Sanscerveau said...

Mate, I just been over to that blog by the Gazza bloke and left a statement there. He might have a problem with irony so I'm posting it here as well. He's obviously an out and out scoundrel.


I just came upon your blog when I did a Google search for 'stuart syvret right about everything'.

I must say that I like your style and I think I can see what you are getting to. It's obvious that Mr Syvret is going to have a shock at the ballot box when all your supporters get out and vote against him.

Are you thinking of standing yourself?

The only criticism I have of your site, which I think is another fine example of the Jersey blognocracy, is that that you use as your nom de plume the name of a wife-beating, drunken, mentally unstable idiot. Are you trying to tell us something?

Oh, and the only other criticism I have is that Stuart and all his supporters are publicly known by their real identities. Whereas you and all your supporters, who are apparently on the side of truth, sanity, and common sense, all hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

Why is that? Maybe you are hiding a little secret from us?"

Anonymous said...

Why all the interest in the Farce Blog? You are trying to censor it by what I am reading here. Many supporters of SS are not publically known because many who attack others use the anon status so thats untrue.

Anonymous said...

The Farce blog is awesome. It exposed you mate Tadier for the cheating scum he was with Mike Loved every minute of it!

rico sorda said...

If you put as much effort in looking for some evidence then you would be on a winner.

Why all the vile language are you all just kids?

I can see why some senators are loving it


Anonymous said...

Surprised you have published any of this. Get a grip, how many similar posts do you think Syvret gets? You play by the sword.....

rico sorda said...

Just letting it flow but only on this blog posting.


rico sorda said...

I have been in contact with sean power who is out of the island at the moment. I have always promised him that i would only publish his emails with permission so will wait and see what we come up with.

Quite an interesting reply thou


Anonymous said...

Hi Rico re may 15 9:06 am

This list should read Andrew Lewis, not Kevin.

rico sorda said...


You have your blog so just get on with it.

All we are doing is looking for the truth nothing more nothing less

Why don't we meet up just you and me and put our points of view a cross. I have met with Durendal on a several occasions we have opposite views but we always have a good conversation and is good company.

So come on Gazza lets just catch up and talk about the issues


rico sorda said...

Gazza has left a new comment on your post "BLOG ABUSE":

I have already spoken to Sean Power and seeing as you are publishing lies to try and shift the Farce Blog's truths it won't get you anywhere.

We have more than enough insulting e-mails to do something similar back at you, but the Farce blog is only interested in showing the public as to why you people exist in the first place why people like Sean Power, Ben Shenton, James Perchard and now Ian Le Marquand are subjected to perpetual abuse mainly instigated by your friend Stuart Syvret and other close friend Neil.

You started these attacks and if it was not for your group then perhaps the Farce blog would never have been necessary in the first place.

Hi Gazza

I just moderated your post so I could publish it. I removed neils last name

rico sorda said...

I can tell you now Gazza I have not left one comment on your blog.

What lies am i publishing can you point them out for me please or like I say lets just meet up and chat about the very serious issues we all face

Anonymous said...

Rico you are a nobody in all of this. Neither a victim, a family member or an employee.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

But - he is a friend, a very valuable thing to have.

Are you any of these? Well we know you are not a friend, because the abuse survivors do not need friends like you

rico sorda said...

This posting has been a good one I had no idea what the reaction would be when i published it.

I just wanted to show what rubbish people send you.

People can read the postings and comments from all blogs and make their own minds up all we can do is put the information out there and ask the questions.

If another blog says what im posting is complete rubbish and they are blowing me out the water then thats brilliant but they must convince the readers what they say is correct.

For the comment above

Thank you


Anonymous said...

have just taken up playing scrabble on Facebook and am quite astonished at the immense size of the English vocabulary.
It serves to confirm my long term opinion that swearing and bad language are superfluous.
This comment applies to all parties.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention Terry Le Main was a regular contributor to the blog.

Anonymous said...

The post remind me that Gazza was/is a massive liar. His claims of huge numbers of hits on his blog were spectacular Big Lies

Anyone at the time could have put the URL of his blog into and seen that he got virtually no hits at all. Just about all the comments were from the same person masquerading as many.