Wednesday, May 26, 2010


"Just what is that Bungling Minister doing"

Not my words but the words of a sitting senator who will remain Anonymous

So the States sitting on Tuesday the 18th turned out to be a real beauty.

Just what has happened to the poll topping senator over these past 14 months. ILM is now looking stupid yet last year we were tipping him as a future Chief Minister.

The fall from grace could have and should have been avoided,  the Senator will have another chance as i will explain later.

Lets now look at Deputy Pitmans written question 










“Given that the Minister has previously stated that he has never personally seen the 'Metropolitan Police Interim Report’ but only an electronic version of an e-mail apparently attached to this document; will he investigate and clarify whether this 'report' actually exists as a physical (paper) document or just in electronic format; whether it exists in the accepted 'report' format most professionals would be familiar with i.e. a detailed document of several pages; or whether this is in the form of just a simple e-mail of a small number of paragraphs; and whether, irrespective of the format the 'report' takes, the words 'Metropolitan Police Interim Report’ appear as a title?”






Yes, I will investigate and clarify as requested.


And now his oral question

  Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –


       “Given that the Minister has consistently advised the Assembly that he has not personally seen the ‘Metropolitan Police Interim Report’ relating to the process leading to the suspension of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, will he advise whether he has now been able to obtain a copy and confirm that the report does exist as a physical document?”


We all know how important this Metropolitan Interim Police report is 

Here are some quotes from ILM concerning the Met Interim report 

" I have not seen contents of the relevant Document"

" I have seen an email and an attachment to an email,I did not look at the contents"

" I have wanted to check the contents of the document but has been absolutely impossible as the Chief of Police is away"

We then learned that the Metropolitan Police Interim Report is in the Safe at Police HQ 

"The Acting Chief of Police has the only key to the safe and access to his computer,but i will look at it as soon as I can"

"I have agreed that i would now look at the document"

Ilm also goes on to state " One reason for not looking at this document is that it contains a great deal of information and advice about individual prosecutions" and he fully expects it to back up all that he has been told about its contents.


Now when Senator ILM gets a look in that safe what will be staring back at him is not the "Met Interim Report" what will be sitting in that safe will be his

Political Future and Reputation 

Make no mistake that will be his last chance his only chance.

He knows what should be in it. He has been told what should be in it. Dave Warcup used it to back up his letter in one of the most controversial acts seen in Jersey for many many years

The Stalling Tactics could become rather fun, they know Deputy Pitman is waiting at the next States Sitting. So we have had the Holiday Sketch what will be the next excuse, they are not going to let ILM see that so called report not a chance and they cant even make another one up, what will they do.

Next Posting I will be looking at Brian Sweeting the Metropolitan Policeman that sent some notes/Interim Report to David Warcup on the 10th November 2008 and this was before he had even interviewed Lenny Harper.

And there is so much more 

All we are doing is looking for the truth. Through hard work and research the appointment of David Warcup has been put back, in the bad old days that would never had happened.

Citizen Media and Politicians working for the greater good how it should be.

But ask yourself this "WHERE IS THE LOCAL MEDIA" what have they uncovered what questions have they asked NOTHING THATS WHAT, ZERO,ZILCH.

So you have normal working people putting it on the line, getting abuse, and you know what its all worth it.

The Truth is Coming 

" Was this a political shaft job by the Walker Administration?"



Anonymous said...

How stupid can one man prove himself to be?

rico sorda said...

This is what happens when you go off advice and don't question what you are being told.

He has put his reputation on the line and it's not looking good. I also think a little ego and arrogance is getting in the way.

He has also stated how much he likes David Warcup this might affect his judgement in being neutral.



Only the good guys have been suspended and ridiculed

And yet some people still think there is no cover up


Anonymous said...

Next excuse - unfortunately the Acting Chief of Police has lost the key to the safe while on holiday. Don't worry though, the Metrapolital Police Report is in the safest possible place. It's just that no-one will ever be able to see it.

GeeGee said...

This is all becoming so farcical that only the most blinkered person could believe that things are not seriously amiss in the world of Ian Le Marquand.

I too thought he had made a promising start, but now he is making a complete and utter fool of himself. Surely even he himself realises that!

Is it sheer coincidence that Mick Gradwell was in the Island last week whilst Warcup was on his hols?

Debbie said...

"The Acting Chief of Police has the only key to the safe and access to his computer..."
That excuse is absolutely ridiculous! I can't believe Warcup would have been so stupid as to go on holiday leaving no-one in charge with a key to his safe and/or no access to his computer. Well maybe he is that stupid, but whose to say he won't have a serious accident whilst away and possibly die? How would they gain access to the safe or computer then?

As for ILM, I cringe every time I hear him speak. The people who voted him into the States want their heads testing!

Anonymous said...

Why would an interim report contain a lot of details about individual cases? To begin with,the most contentious part of the enquiry was HDLG and this was the part of the enquiry which was mainly "responsible" for the suspension of Graham Power, and in particular the search for the bones and teeth. Yet, there have been absolutely no cases arising from the findings of the bones and teeth. So why should the interim report, sorry, e mail attachment, contain any personal details of such non-cases? Lenny Harper

voiceforchildren said...


Here is what Big Trev had to say to the "unaccredited" media. Im not sure that the "accredited" media want to share this sort of stuff with their listeners, viewers or readers. It seriously does look like the MET Interim Report does not exist

rico sorda said...

Hi Lenny

I believe ILM is getting some very bad advice but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, he said he would look at the Interim report.

I think he is expecting to find some real hard damaging facts about the oh so bad handling of the HdelaG investigation so bad that it was worth invoking 2.3.3 of the disciplinary code.

First up he needs the key to the safe but a contact informed me that Warcup keeps a spare under his coconut lampshade.

What people from the outside make of all this god only knows

With the by-election hustings on the go time is short at the moment but whatever the result the Truth will come out.

The photocopy shows how desperate they are getting

Team Voice

Searching for the Truth


mac said...

If the interim report existed and was so damming it would have been shown to people to put a end to all the questions, What Lenny Harper has said above puts more doubt onto it's existence and the excuses are becoming more and more unbelievable.
The hole they are digging is getting to big and will collapse soon

rico sorda said...

What will ILM do when he sees it now thats the million dollar question

Any ideas


voiceforchildren said...


A little off topic I know but here is part of Stuart's answer to Jimmy Perchard's question at the hustings last night.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work

mac said...

What's the odds that they can't open the safe because Warcop dropped the key and it fell through a crack in the floorboards and the tooth fairy picked it up and hid it in the voids and because they are only 3 inches high no one get in there to search.

rico sorda said...

LOL Mac you have nailed it.

Later on today i will be publishing a version of 'Met Interim report'


Anonymous said...

When Warcup finally has to say to ILM that the Met Report doesnot exist.

ILM will have no alterative but to suspend him.

Warcup cannot carry on bluffing for much longer.

This all works for ILM because the longer it takes the sooner Graham Power retires....

But, its a good bet that ILM, whether its days, weeks or months?

Is finished!