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So what could be contained in the 'Metropolitan Interim Police Report' well i believe some of the answers are to be found in Graham Powers Judicial Review.

This Interim report was requested by David Warcup so it could be used with his letter to Chief Executive Bill Ogley on the 10th November 2008

So Mistake number 1 is made right there and as far as i understand it is this.

The Metropolitan Police were carrying out a ' Critical' Oversight of Operation Rectangle and what David Warcup allegedly received on the 10th November 2008 from Brian Sweeting was an Interim report. Now what happens next is a bit shocking and seriously need explaining.

Surely Someone of David Warcup's experience would have known that the Metropolitan Police were carrying out a 'Critical' Oversight of Operation Rectangle and so cannot or must not be used in any Disciplinary Matters. Make no mistake and its very public knowledge The Metropolitan Police have been very upset about what has happened, why was it allowed to happen.

This is from Senator Le Marquand 

Suspension review 1    ( Voiceforchildren)

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

There is no issue with those, but we must make sure you get those. This is the sensitive area. The sensitive area is that in his letter which you have not seen Mr. Warcup makes reference partly to the Metropolitan Police report of which you are both aware. I have not seen that report, and indeed the previous Minister did not see that report, and the reason for that is because that report contains highly sensitive information regarding individual cases, naming potential offenders, victims, et cetera et cetera. Now my advisors do not want me to see that report because of that sort of sensitive information but I am aware that because reference has been made to it in Mr. Warcup's letter that it not unreasonable that Mr. Power or yourself or some representatives, which in this case might not include lawyers because of the very sensitive area, be able to see the report and to check that in fact that which has been quoted from it has been accurately quoted. This is sensitive because even my own advisors do not want me to see it, I believe for good reasons, because I am not an operational police officer and I am the Home Affairs Minister. What we have been looking at, and this has again been a reason which has slightly delayed the responses in other matters, is mechanisms for dealing with the difficulty of it containing information which frankly is not relevant directly because only the information which

is referred to by Mr. Warcup in his letter is really relevant. So what we have been looking at is different possibilities which are canvassed for you now to try and get around the difficulty. One of the difficulties is to try and persuade the Metropolitan Police to produce a redacted, reduced version of the report which would only effectively make reference to the matters which related to management structures and so on, and not to individual cases. But I am not sure whether they are going to agree to do that because there is a second difficulty which I will be absolutely open with you about, which is this, and it is a relationship issue in relation to the States of Jersey

Police and the Metropolitan Police who are not entirely happy that a report was produced for a particular purpose and is now going to be involved for a different purpose. But let me see if I can ... if it was not referred to in the letters it would not be in play at all.

Now the question must be asked why didn't David Warcup know that the Met Report couldn't be used in the suspension of Graham Power

Now was the so called Met Interim Report really an official report? The Metropolitan Police have refused to confirm its existence even when requested through the Freedom Of Information. Brian Sweeting when interviewing Lenny Harper on the 18th November 2008 denied its existence and when Andre Baker was interviewed he was told that it didn't exist.

What if it's not an official report?

What if it's not on Metropolitan Police Headed Paper?

What if its just some notes sent over by Brian Sweeting and with no idea what David Warcup and Team Ogley had planned with them?

There is a very good reason that ILM is not seeing that report

Also remember the Met had only been working for 70 odd days and before the 10th November had not even interviewed Lenny Harper 


Brian Napier QC was meant to be a quick investigation into the original suspension of Graham Power, the ones who are investigating this know the complete and utter Farce he has walked into.

So what could be contained in those notes/report from Brian Sweeting. ILM is expecting to find a substantial report. This is some of what he will find

Judicial Review

On 9th January 2009 Mr Power applied for leave for judicial review of the decision of the Previous Minister made on 12th November 2008.  In the meantime, the new Minister (who had taken office in December 2008) had familiarised himself with the events, taken advice and decided to review the suspension.  Mr Power was formally informed of this by the Minister’s letter of 30th January 2009.  He expressed the wish to see Mr Power in advance to review the material that he would be considering in deciding whether or not to continue the suspension so that Mr Power could make representations to him about that material.  Accepting the principle that leave for judicial review should not be granted if an alternative remedy is available, Mr Power agreed to the adjournment of his application to await the outcome of the Minister’s review.

"That meeting took place on 13th February 2009 and was attended by the Minister, the Head of the Employee Relations for the States of Jersey, Mr Power and representing him, Dr T Brain, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire.  The meeting was taped and we have a typed transcript.  The meeting went on into the afternoon and much of it was taken up with the status of the Disciplinary Code and its relationship to the statutory provisions.. The Minister ultimately determined that he had power under Paragraph 2.3.3 of the Code to suspend the Chief Officer at the outset of the procedure and certainly before any preliminary investigation. There were discussions about the material he would rely on. It was agreed that Mr Power should have the letter from Mr Warcup of 11th November 2008 and the briefing notes for the media presentation.  Issues arose in relation to the Metropolitan Police report referred to in Mr Warcup’s letter in that the report contained sensitive material in relation to ongoing inquiries.  The Metropolitan Police were not prepared for it to be used for the purposes of disciplinary proceedings.  The provisional view at this meeting was that a redacted version would be made available.

The Suspension Review meeting took place on 5th March 2009 with the same attendees.  It was also taped and transcribed. Further problems had been encountered with the Metropolitan Police report and the Minister resolved to proceed by ignoring the sections of Mr Warcup’s letter which related to that report, which proposal was ultimately accepted by Dr Brain"

So because of problems encountered with the Met report they would proceed by ignoring those sections in Warcups letter and they are listed as follows

This is part of the now 'INFAMOUS MET REPORT' Below are the points quoted f

““There are no specific terms of reference for Operation Rectangle – given the potential size, complexity and sensitivity of the enquiry, one would have expected a more precise terms of reference.

From a command control perspective, if ex DCO Harper was SIO then it raises the question of who supervised him at a strategic level.

There is no policy book dealing with forensic strategy which is a critical area in this investigation.

A major factor affecting the planning of Operation Rectangle was the decision to limit it to a single agency led investigation, e.g., Police only.”


Why didn't they call Graham Power in and discuss those issues why the big show on the 12th November 2008

Well the reason for the big show is this

 The Chief Minister & Home Affairs Minister were both leaving office  in November 2008

The Chief Minister had never recovered from his Newsnight humiliation 

The Jersey Image had to be protected at all costs " State Sponsored Child Abuse is not good for business"

The Child Abuse Investigation had to be made out to be a total cock up, again i will leave the last word to Dr Brain 

Dr. T. Brain:

I think you do have to decide that. I am trying to find a way of being more helpful to enable you to make that decision. I think it is difficult for us and I am not seeking to be obtuse on the issue to envisage what “more serious circumstances” are without further guidance on the issue from the code itself. It is very open-ended, but I think the word we have to concentrate on here is “serious” and that goes back to the issues that are raised in the letter of 12th November, but they do have to be raised in context. While these issues could be serious, we have to then say is it possible still for Mr. Power to have been given the opportunity to consider addressing them because while there are matters that have been raised here they are capable of explanation? Certainly they are capable of being placed in context. I do not wish to put all of the matters of what would properly be the investigation of potentially a hearing, but we do have to consider where some of the things that are fully applicable in a U.K. context relate to the circumstances of Jersey and the investigations which are under consideration. All of these matters here are capable of an explanation had the opportunity been given to provide that explanation and maybe any misunderstandings could have been cleared up at that point. Of course, what we had was a presentation which raised these issues of Mr. Power so in effect what we had was an accusation and a trial without a hearing and that amounts to lack of due process, lack of compliance with the code and I think, more crucially a failure to comply with human rights. Accusations were made; they were not made to Mr. Power and he was given no effective opportunity of answering them. These were management issues. These are not issues of personal misconduct. These are management issues and they are capable of a management explanation which could have been given and for which there was no opportunity to give. Can I just pause for a moment, because I have been talking for a long time? Issues have been raised and we are very happy that you raise these and we explore them in depth, but could I just take the opportunity to pause and just consult with Mr. Power for one moment?

Now by doing what they did with just a letter written by David Warcup would not be enough. No it needed backing up with something that people could relate too, something that people trust so would believe its true, something that would allow them to suspend a Chief of Police, something so powerful that it would never be questioned ( the jersey way-ref local media) so LORDS,LADIES & GENTLEMAN I GIVE YOU 




voiceforchildren said...


This is just so sad, not only for what has been done to Graham Power, but the fact that all the "evidence" that is in the public domain, Ian Le Marquand and co. insist on coming up with "gaps in the floor boards", "tooth faries", coconut photo's and all kinds of sh1te believing the general public will swallow it, over and above, hard documented evidence. If only ILM and co. had any idea how stupid they are making themselves and this island look.

Furthermore, David Warcup would, or should, have known the MET Report was supposed to be a "critical" report. That is the purpose of having an outside force review a major investigation, it is to be critical and objective in order to improve the performance of policing. And he wanted to use it (whatever it was that he had) AGAINST the Chief of Police? (his boss).

Like I have said in one of my postings, if they were going to start using these reports for disciplining officers, then no reports would ever get commissioned and Police Forces would never improve!

I was going to say the truth is coming out.....but it already is out!! The sooner our powers that be understand that the better (for them).

rico sorda said...


The question must now be asked and it must why did David Warcup allow a "Critical" report be used in the suspension of his boss Graham Power " When he went on holiday" its beyond belief.

Along with the shameful treatment of John Day this shows where our Government are at the moment.

Then we have the letters to the AG from Senator Le Main this has all got to stop.

We need a huge clean up of our Government and it also shows the failures of our local media to hold Politicains and civil servants to account


rico sorda said...

Now i have no doubt that the finished Met report does contain very sensitive information but what does the 'Interim' contain?

What will ILM do when he looks at it and lets say it's not what he quite imagined would he come clean? lets wait and see

Everyone says it contains this and that but only Warcup says he has seen it

I cant believe they even released a interim report before interviewing Lenny Harper

In the bad old days this would have long been forgotten about

Citizen Media is the way forward


mac said...

I find it hard to believe that ILM as a lawyer and judge has been in the job for 17 months and has not asked to look at the so called interim report. He has also been in possession of the Wiltshire report for 7/8 months?
So he found another reason to suspend Graham Power (operation Blast) so is that because he knows the original suspension isn't valid and he can use the new suspension issue to stop Graham Power from being reinstated and causing real problems for the former Chief and Home Affairs Ministers the SOJ Chief Officer and current Ministers?

I honestly believe if the original suspension was valid Graham Power would have faced charges by now.

rico sorda said...

Hi Mac

I fully agree with you. Its worth reading the suspension reviews again on voiceforchildren if we are lucky VFC will put the links up.

One of the things this complete shambles is doing is putting the spotlight back on the states members.

Now we know the ones who ask questions on this scandal but we have 53 members so its time for the other states members to step up and find some answers.

Mr Power & Mr Day shafted by the Civil Servants and passive Ministers

Simon Bellwood, Lenny Harper,Stuart Syvret again Shafted

Are we seeing a pattern here if you speak out against this elite you get the treatment

And when they do move on of their own on they go through the Mike Pollard 'no disciplinary full pay and pension' backdoor

We have a Toxic Government

You are right about Wiltshire ILM received it in November 2009 but even if he received it in March 2009 no disciplinary charges would have been brought forward.

I have been saying this for over a year now and its all on planetjersey they were never ever going to do that because there is nothing there to do it with.

Go back and read the press release by Warcup/Gradwell from the 12th November 2008 it is utter rubbish but well constructed by their media expert who will remain Anonymous for the time being.

When you read it closely you realize there is nothing there I will also be publishing the 5 page press release from the 12th November 2008

Very sad times and the arrogance is beyond belief

Not a chance David Warcup can be the next Chief of Police I fully expext him to walk through the same door as Mike Pollard


voiceforchildren said...


Suspension Review number one

Suspension Review number two

rico sorda said...

Thanks VFC

These suspension reviews must be read again as we now have a better picture of what is going on and remembering that we now have the ACPO reports.

ILM must somehow save his reputation before the 21st july 2010 that is when Graham Power retires

Chief Minister le Suer must surely face a vote of no confidence and so should ILM


rico sorda said...

This is an email i received from Senator Breckon some time ago .

Dear Terry / Ian

During the States in Camera debate on Wednesday 24th February re Committe of Inquiry - Suspension of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, proposed by the Deputy of St Martin, I expressed the view, whilst not supporting the above, that those responsible - that is the Chief Minister and the Home Affairs Minister should be given the benefit of the doubt to address issues within their remit.

I qualified this by saying that the outstanding matters can NOT be left to drift, and in my opinion either or both of you should report back positively to the States within 6 weeks

I still believe this is both appropriate and achievable, however, having looked at the calendar for States sittings the 6 weeks is not an exact fit, therefore what I am proposing is that either or both of you should report back positively in a statement to the States on or before 20th April which is very nearly 8 weeks from the above debate.

I wish there to be no misunderstanding as to why I am saying this and putting it in writing.

I believe it has become all too easy for Ministers to stand up and say or promise things and not deliver - in this case I do not believe this is good enough -it is not appropriate and I believe I should give you fair warning that if you don't come back to the States with something that is acceptable to myself, other States Members and the general public, within the timescale above, I will bring a vote of no confidence in either or both of you - you should not see this as a threat - it is a promise - I will do it because I do believe you can not be seen to bungle, dither & procrastinate any longer - vision & leadership is required - so get on with it and hurry up!

A number of allegations are now in the public domain - not to mention that a considerable amount of public money has been spent, however, I do not wish to go in to detail here, or express a view however, suffice it to say that it is your duty to sort this out and be seen to be doing so, not dithering with excuses

The clock is ticking and I hope you will appreciate that it is the issues that I am concerned about NOT the personalities - that is youselves or anybody else

I look forward to receiving positive feedback - from either or both of you - not directly to me - but as a "Statement to the States" where matters can be questioned and made public - very soon - as above.

I have a Draft Proposition with the Greffe at the moment regarding the Establshment of a Jersey Police Authority because as things stand I am unsure exactly who the States of Jersey Police are accountable to?

So there you have it and i must say i did get permission to publish the email.

So that was the 20th April and the dithering continues.

Time for S.B to bring his vote of no confidence

This Government is stinking and its starting to fall apart

lies lies lies lies lies lies lies

Terry le Main that sums it up what the hell is he doing? but thats the arrogance that is destroying our community its rotten to its core

With all the work that is going in and the scandals getting exposed you would have thought some people would have understood what this by-election is about.


voiceforchildren said...


A little off subject but it is breaking news.

You read it here first, an e-mail from Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur to all States Members and others.

Once again Citizens Media bringing you breaking news.

From: Terry Le Sueur
Sent: 30 May 2010 10:33
To: All States Members (including ex officio members)
Cc: Ian Gallichan; Bill Ogley
Subject: Housing

Dear Colleagues, I am sure that you will all be as disturbed as I was to read in the local press about the comments which have reportedly been made in a recent Royal Court case, comments which reflect badly on the current Housing Minister. I need to ascertain the full facts of this matter, and pending this I have spoken to Senator Le Main. He has agreed to stand aside as Housing Minister, delegating his daily responsibilities to his Assistant Minister whilst an enquiry takes place. I am making arrangenents for this to be done as soon as possible, and will keep Members informed of any major developments. In the meantime any matters relating to Housing should be addressed to the Assistant Housing Minister, Deputy Sean Power, or myself. Yours sincerely, Terry Le Sueur
Chief Minister

rico sorda said...

Senator ILM also keeps trying to hide behind the outcome of Graham Powers Judicial Review as if that is confirmation of some king of guilt on Mr.Powers part,that is far from it as I will point out in my next posting.


rico sorda said...

Stuart Syvret



Anonymous said...


7 from Rico
3 from VFC
And 1 from Mac

Rico, you have a readership of 3 (and 1 of them is you!) Why don’t you guys just phone each other?

Oh, no, wait, if you post this you have a readership of 4, I’ve just increased your stats by 33.3%!

Jacques said...

I thought that ILM had received the interim report as an email attachment, but had decided not to read it. If this is the case ILM should still have access to the email. Please correct me if I am wrong.

rico sorda said...


Let me explain my blog to you.

I post and people leave comments if they like. The comments section also acts as a further notice board for information that might have been left off the original post.

Now I don't have the time to write anonymous comments for my own blog so it looks like I have loads of people commenting, as for a readership of 3 on that point you are very wrong.

As I post under my name it has been nice meeting people during these hustings who say they read my blog, thats all i ask.

Some like leaving comments some don't so Mr.Anonymous thank you for your comment

But believe me this Blog and others are working


voiceforchildren said...


It was David Warcup that received an e-mail attachment. ILM has seen the paperclip of that attachment.

Jacques said...

Thanks VFC. It seems that this is just another stalling tactic.

No retreat. No surrender.

Anonymous said...

But believe me this Blog and others are working


How do you work that out? You have posted nothing 'original' but more and more questions which Graham Power should know the answers to but he will not tell you anything because he is gagged.

If the rumour about his suspension really does ever get out then the 3 of you are in for a shock especially if rival blogs and forums get hold of it.

Ask yourself one question, is Graham Power actively asking you to do this on his behalf? I do not think he is.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anonymous

First up well done for posting a comment at 4.28 AM

How do I know the blogs are working well for a start Dave Warcup is not the chief of police. ILM refused to halt his appointment but in the end had no choice.

Graham Power has not asked us to do any of this but then again this isn't just about Graham Power or Lenny Harper one must look at the bigger picture

Please feel free to post your rumour here. We can then look at it research it and see if it has any merit.

So I say to you land me this rumour and lets check it out


Anonymous said...

Hi rs, but if Graham Power is not asking you to do this then how do you know whether he appreciates any of it or whether it is upsetting to him and his family?

rico sorda said...


All is ok.

Now how about that rumour. The Farce blog might publish it.

And for me there are no rival blogs just looking for the truth.


rico sorda said...

I found this on the Farce Blog

Now I do pop in there from time to time and I just love a bit of school boy humor. Now it gave me such a chuckle that i will reproduce it here.

Message From: Rico Sorda
Sent: 31 May 2010 05:17
To: SyvretAllNightParty, SyvretYouth,SyvretBumLickersClub, SyvretBullshitAppreciationSociety
Cc: neil, ian, nutter support
Ncc: not that monty bloke, or geoff, definitely not ted
Subject: SS Manifesto (DRAFT see point 1 ref. feedback)

Dear Stu x

Message understood big boy x. Me, Ian and Neil have our parts to play at these husslings and my blog currently has 3 fulltime posters, me, Neil and somebody else so support is escalating.

We will be attending the husslings as promised and if I cannot plant one of my Lenny Henry questions for you to answer I will plant one on your cheek afterwards instead.

Love you loads oh you brave butch warrior

rs x

Now nothing will distract me from our search for the truth but a chuckle will for a brief second and that was a winner lol


Still not forwarded that rumor

Anyone from the Farce Blog fancy meeting me for a pint ( if old enough ) and chatting face to face? How about it.

Might already know each other

Anyway thanks for the chuckle


Anonymous said...

He he! I agree thats amusing with satire and humour lumped together.

But Rico, you do kind of give this impression sometimes!

rico sorda said...

Hi Anonymous

Dont give a toss what impression i give to be honest.

Im glad you liked your own comment

Look at the bigger picture

Trips to the AG

John Day Shafted

Graham Power shafted

Lenny Harper shafted

Suart Syvret shafted

Simon Bellwood shafted

Yes we all know they are bad boys

The Truth must be found and it will


Anonymous said...

All this shafting and Syvret has not done his best to shaft scores of others?
You need to look at the bigger picture because nobody cares about Harper, Power, Bellwood, Day or Syvret.

rico sorda said...

And what bigger picture is that please explain. You say nobody cares well im glad you know everybody.

I asked for this big rumor and nothing appeared now im asking for the bigger picture.

Power and Harper were shafted so the state sponsored child abuse could remain concealed.

I have been waiting a bloody long time infact since 12th november 2008 for my Government and the Home Affairs Minister to give me something credible but nothing june 2010 and still nothing.

The Hustings are keeping me busy but i hope to have a new blog up tomorrow,finding the time is hard and im tired.

Times are changing and like i said many many months ago

ILM is putting his political reputation on the line.

He looks doomed


Anonymous said...

ILM is not doomed at all. Where are you getting all these stupid theories from? Whats the big deal with the hustings? I attended last night and it was crap. Harper attempted to shaft everybody but it was UK journalists that shafted him in the end and in front of millions of UK readers. You live in the land of make believe you really do and people do not give a toss about 99% of this cack, because believe me they have other worries.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

All this shafting and Syvret has not done his best to shaft scores of others?
You need to look at the bigger picture because nobody cares about Harper, Power, Bellwood, Day or Syvret.

There are a lot of people that care just read Mr anon at how many comments the local blogs get.
The tide is changing

Anonymous said...


Now i know what the pr-occupation little Pip has with his blackberry

mac said...

Anonymous said...
All this shafting and Syvret has not done his best to shaft scores of others?
You need to look at the bigger picture because nobody cares about Harper, Power, Bellwood, Day or Syvret.

I care about what has and is happening, because that is the bigger picture and if you can't see that maybe you should enlarge your group of acquaintances. There is a lot of things that aren't right in this Island and the more people that question things the better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico keep up the good work ignore the creeps who support the cover ups in our Island