Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Return.

Just a brief posting to inform readers of exclusive news brought to you by Citizen's Media.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret will be arriving at Jersey Airport at approx 13.30pm.

You heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. What a disaster for Jersey.

Stoneface said...

And thats exciting news is it? The bloke is wanted in case you have forgotton and is a law breaker. Citizen's media exclusive. Dream on, you needed Planet Jersey to tell people.

Anonymous said...

predictably the fuzz met him and arrested him. Are you going to try and keep in contact with him Rico?

TonyTheProf said...

Channel Report notes he was arrested on arrival.

Anonymous said...

Scum supporting scum.

Anonymous said...

And appearing in the Magistrate's Court soon thereafter

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news
things are now going to get really interesting
cant wait for the hustings I guess Mike(VIBES) Vibert might change his mind now

The Shadow said...

The revolution is coming... But not how you might think...

rico sorda said...


In my view 'planetjersey' is part of Citizen Media.

Scum supporting Scum, lol i published that one as it gave me a chuckle.

So stuart has been bailed, so as far as i know its full steam towards the by-election,who will stand against him?

As for keeping in contact with stuart we spoke earlier and he was fine, I also told him he has my full support for the by-election

' plebs supporting plebs'


Anonymous said...

Full steam ahead in the by-election? Well why have they bailed him to after the elections then? There is something going on here and it doesn't look like its smooth running to me.

The Royal Court decides whether he can stand and that will be interesting for a person currently on bail and also charged with contempt of court.

I wouldn't count any chickens thats for sure.

Anonymous said...

Channel 103 doing a proper journalism job again:

"Stuart Syvret Back In Jersey...And In Court

It is understood former Senator Stuart Syvret has arrived back in the island and appeared at the Magistrate's Court this afternoon to face contempt of court charges.

He fled the island more than six months ago after refusing to turn up at court to face driving charges.

He has been released on conditional bail and told to return at the end of June.

It is thought he will try and avoid punishment by saying there has been an abuse of process.

Mr Syvret will now fight a by-election to try and win back the seat he lost by leaving the island for such a long period of time."

No mention of the data protection charges then? No wonder the less well-informed think this is all about an expired driving licence!

Proud Survivor said...

I believe it is very good news for decent Jersey politicians, the abuse survivors and all the underdogs in Jersey and extremely bad news for the abuse deniers and concealers who currently hold most of the power in our beautiful island.

Stuart has shown a lot of courage in returning to what he knew was inevitable arrest. He put the welfare of others before his own safety and personal well-being and I wish him all the luck in the world for the future.


voiceforchildren said...


As you are aware Team Voice managed to obtain an exclusive interview with Stuart Syvret.

rico sorda said...

The exclusive interview with Stuart Syvret is on voiceforjersey and worth a watch.


Jacques said...

Nice one Rico. Keep up the good work.

No retreat. No Surrender.

Anonymous said...

An exlusive interview? Calls him Senator when he isnt. Poster above has knocked it on the head. As soon as his application is received it will be rejected by the RC.

Anonymous said...

To all of the negative commentors, what exactly is your problem with Stuarts work? Is it all getting a bit close for comfort?

Rob Kent said...

Re "The Royal Court decides whether he can stand and that will be interesting for a person currently on bail and also charged with contempt of court."

Or not. Being on bail and/or in contempt of court does not bar you from standing in an election. The Royal Court has to decide on whether he has been 'ordinarily resident' for the last six months.

He has been employed by a Jersey company and paying his tax and NI in Jersey. Any decision they make will also affect possibly hundreds of other people who say that Jersey is their home but spend most of their time out of the island tending to their yachts or their businesses.

Anonymous said...

Negative views? He is a law breaker period. Why should I support a law breaker?

rico sorda said...

You don't have to support anybody.

The pressure is building and the truth will be found.


Anonymous said...

The truth is he is a law breaker and if you cannot even see the trouble he is in then you cannot be thinking straight, charges do not disappear you know.

Ole Razzy said...

It was interesting the note that Stuart Syvret flatly refused to talk with the 'accredited' media today, preferring instead to speak with VFC. Whilst one can understand where he is coming from (and also where their respective bias sits) I would prefer to see him, and every other candidiate who puts themselves forward, give the electorate every chance to make up their own minds by engaging with every local media outlet avaialable. Like he says, if we dont want him we get the government we deserve.

rico sorda said...

Yeah I thought stuart was bang on yesterday,they have done bugger all in these difficult times. When the nominations are in and the by-election is under way then yeah give interviews until then no chance.

Will they let him stand?

I think he will be ok, bring it.


Ian Evans said...

"Negative views? He is a law breaker period. Why should I support a law breaker?"

Well commentor,

1/ Have you ever been anally raped?
2/ Sexually assaulted?
3/ Beaten to a pulp by your supposed guardian in the Jersey care system?
4/ Been mentally tortured as a youth?
5/ Victimized by the police and court system?
6/ Thrown in jail for a crime that you have not committed?

If the answer to these questions is NO, then you are extremely lucky and should read Stuart Syvret's blog, then, get in touch with what is going on around you.

Because you don't see it, it doesn't mean that it isn't happening!!!

OPEN YOUR EYES, because you cannot see the truth with your eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

You do have to ask the question as to why Stuart did not just come back two weeks ago. This simple step would have avoided the need for there to be an election at all and he would have kept his seat. Sadly this is an issue that people are already picking up on and I am sure will be pounced upon by the Establishment and used. Supporter on not it was a huge mistake in my opinion. Like in the middle of a recession how much is this election going to cost the taxpayer?

rico sorda said...

I believe stuart stayed so a by-election could be called. Now the media will have to give equal time to each candidate there are also the hustings and plus lets see what the people want.

It will not be easy for stuart as i believe the local media have done a first class hatchet job on him, have not published any of his evidence of the child abuse cover ups, and basically done bugger all.

How much will a by- election cost the taxpayer in a recession can be much more than a grand?


Anonymous said...

I have read his blog and have never seen child abuse cover ups. Why do you make this stuff up? He shows one side of the story but never both sides. If I am reading this wrong give me just one concrete piece of proof of a child abuse cover up?

rico sorda said...

Start with 'blanche pierre'


voiceforchildren said...

Then the Sharp Report. Let us know when you've finished them and we'll give you some more.

Anonymous said...

Read both of them and they are not cover-ups.


rico sorda said...


Thanks for your comments, you have shown me that the children of jersey are still not safe.

We will fight to the bitter end. You should stick with the farce blog


Paul said...

Oh fuck off. I wont bother coming back if thats your thick headed answer to any challenge.

Why dont you leave all these issues to the police or even join the police if you want to play Mother fucking Theresa all the fucking time?

rico sorda said...


See ya later then

So rude