Thursday, June 17, 2010

BUNGLING MINISTER 3 - 'How do we get out of this one'

19th July 2010

Why is this date so important?

This is the last States Sitting before the summer recess

This is the last States Sitting before Graham Power retires on the 21st July 2010

This is the date that Senator ILM will try and convince the States Members that he has not been taken for a fool but wishes to treat you as fools

He will try and convince States Members that Graham Power is guilty of 'VERY SERIOUS' Management issues relating to Haut de la Garenne

He will try and do this just days before Graham Power retires and a 'SUMMER RECESS', not anytime in 2008, 2009 or the first half of 2010 no just days before Graham Power retires 'NO COME BACK THEN'

It will be well rehearsed and run with a front page JEP headline so it convinces the masses. Readers look out for this as it's surly coming.

This is the first of 3 blog postings where we will be looking at p30 the appointment of David Warcup as the next Chief of Police. We will also be looking at the allegations of serious management issues contained in the 'MET INTERIM' report and Dave Warcups letter that led to Graham Powers suspension.

We will also be getting the views of Lenny Harper and Constable T.Brain, Graham Powers representative on the management issues and why Senator ILM dismissed his views as clearly shown in suspension 1-2

We will also be looking at who is advising ILM on police procedures as he has said on many occasions how serious it all is but how does he know, is he a police expert? we must have both sides and then see how serious it all is. Any guesses on who is advising him?

Graham Power was suspended on the 12th November 2008 no disciplinary charges have been brought against him.

The Metropolitan Police & Wiltshire have investigated, no disciplinary charges have been brought against him

Close on 2 million pounds have been spent on suspension and investigations, no disciplinary charges have been brought against him

Senator ILM will take the public and the States of Jersey for fools with bits and pieces of cherry picked information instead of pulling in Graham Power last year and getting on with it remember he had Wiltshire in November 2009

But i will start with P30 The appointment of David Warcup as chief of Police

Remember ILM is meant to be NEUTRAL

Remember we are still waiting for Brian Napier QC

Remember Dave Warcup wrote a letter referring to the Met Interim report and both were used in the suspension of Graham Power under 2.3.3 of the code

The Metropolitan report should never have been used in the suspension,why didn't Dave Warcup know this


I accept that the debate on P.30/2010 (“Chief Officer of the States of Jersey PoliceForce: appointment”) should not take place before the outcome of the review beingconducted by the Commissioner appointed by the Chief Minister. Indeed, it is myintention that the debate on P.30/2010 should not take place prior to my being able toprovide to the Members of the States Assembly the following –

(1) the parts of the Metropolitan Police Interim Report and Final Report which

relate to the areas of concern expressed by the Acting Chief Officer of Police

in his letter dated 10th November 2008; and

(2) as much as possible of the relevant reports of the Wiltshire Police Force in

relation to disciplinary matters concerning the Chief Officer of Police.

I have full confidence in the Acting Chief Officer of Police and I am satisfied that heacted most properly in bringing to the attention of the Chief Executive to the Councilof Ministers and the Minister for HomeAffairs his concerns in relation to the handlingof the Historical Abuse Enquiry with regard to Haut de la Garenne. Indeed, I amsatisfied that he was under a duty to bring those concerns to the attention of the

appropriate authorities.

However, it has been suggested publicly by the Deputy of St. Martin and others thatthe Acting Chief Officer of Police acted improperly in so doing. I wish to ensure thatthe Members of the States Assembly have the maximum amount of informationavailable to them in relation to this issue prior to the debate on P.30/2010.Three possible outcomes may result from the review being conducted by theCommissioner appointed by the Chief Minister and these are as follows –

(a) he may simply complete his review and make this public;

(b) he may decide that a Committee of Inquiry is desirable in relation to all the

issues which would be covered by his review; or

(c) he may decide that a Committee of Inquiry is desirable in relation to certain

aspects of the matters being covered from his review

The purpose of this Amendment relates to option (c) above. In particular, it occurs tome that the Commissioner could hypothetically come to a position in which he wasfully satisfied that the Acting Chief Officer of Police had acted properly in this matterbut felt that there were other issues (which did not relate to the role played by theActing Chief Officer of Police in relation to the original suspension of the Chief

Officer of Police). In that eventuality, there would in my view be no reason why thedebate on P.30/2010 should not go ahead as soon as possible after I was able toprovide the additional information set out in (1) and (2) above.In putting forward this Amendment, I am aware that unnecessary delay in relation to

the appointment of a new Chief Officer of Police with effect from the day after the retirement of the current Chief Officer of Police is highly undesirable for the

following reasons –

(1) The States of Jersey Police have been in a situation of uncertainty sinceNovember 2008 in relation to its future leadership. The sooner that thissituation can be ended, by the appointment of a new Chief Officer of Police,the better.

(2) The Acting Chief Officer of Police was originally selected, subject to subsequent satisfactory performance and States approval, to be the Chief Officer of Police Designate. He also has been left in a position of uncertainty or some time and it is only fair to him as an individual that his future role in

Jersey be clarified as soon as possible.

When will the Commissioner Brian Napier finish his review? There is a very good chance that this could be dragging into september and beyond

Just look at the cheek of this bit ' he has been left in a position of uncertainty for some time and it is only fair to him as an individual that his future role in Jersey be clarified as soon as possible'

What about Graham Power waiting since 2008, makes you laugh and angry

This is not about bringing relevant bits of information to the house this is about bringing all the information to Graham Power and letting him defend himself, clear his name if thats what's required but not the SNEAKY 'OH HE HAS RETIRED NOW, I THINK THE COAST IS CLEAR 'AGAIN' , LETS SHAFT HIM AGAIN FOR LUCK' approach

Graham Power has 2 suspensions

Operation Rectangle- Andrewm Lewis

Operation Blast -ILM



voiceforchildren said...


One must remember, the only reason Brian Napier is doing a report is because ILM as well as 25 other States Members didn't want a public committee of enquiry into the suspension of Graham Power so were forced to come up with the Napier enquiry in order to stop Deputy Bob Hill's proposition (P9/2010).

It is also worth mentioning that Terry Le Sueur told States members the Napier Report would be quicker and cheaper than Bob Hill's public enquiry. I believe TLS said it would take around 6-8 weeks to complete.......that was on the 23rd of February!!!

I believe it took 5 WEEKS just to appoint Napier and Bob Hill's committee was ready to start the next day, so would have almost been finished by the time Napier had been appointed!!

Ian Evans said...

Fabulous report Rico.

Of course, we know the truth as it has been published by citizens media. If we compare it to the msm rantings, we find that the real truth is worlds apart.

I am pleased that you are warning the Jersey public well in advance of the planned deception, if only we had our own radio station and newspaper!

Let us hope that after the election disappointment the public will start looking at the REAL TRUTH, then begin to ask the questions that they should be asking.

Keep up the great work pal.

rico sorda said...

The Brian Napier Report is taking for ever im hearing that he had no idea what he has walking into. Rememebr TLS didn't want this report but called for one after being put on the spot by Deputy Hill it surly must be coming out soon.

The stalling tactics from ILM & gang are just staggering

You see back in 2008 it was the old skool thinking of, we just do it and no one will give a hoot the media are safe and it will all go away.

Now thanks to people like stuart syvret and Team Voice plebs like me started taking an interest a real interest.

Im amazed with what is happening with the Child Abuse Scandal & Graham Power, i believe im raising some valid points, where the hell are the LOCAL MEDIA.

This is from P30

'I have full confidence in the Acting Chief Officer of Police and I am satisfied that he
acted most properly in bringing to the attention of the Chief Executive to the Council
of Ministers and the Minister for Home Affairs his concerns in relation to the handling
of the Historical Abuse Enquiry with regard to Haut de la Garenne. Indeed, I am
satisfied that he was under a duty to bring those concerns to the attention of the
appropriate authorities'

Now just a thought did David Warcup know that GP was going to be suspended?

Now this is ILM being totally Neutrall

'I have full confidence in the Acting Chief Officer of Police and I am satisfied that he
acted most properly in bringing to the attention of the Chief Executive to the Council'


Anonymous said...

Nobody took any notice of this hot air before and with Stuart gone you really are now talking to yourselves. Graham Power has all the answers you need so why not save yourself all the embarrassment and just ask him for the answers?

GeeGee said...

Oh Anonymous, once again you show a naivety beyond belief!
Stuart may well be gone from the States, but that does not mean he has distanced himself from the fight. Indeed, he may be better placed now and whilst we are disappointed, Stuart himself is not.
Also, with all respect, do you not realise that Mr Power is unable to give any answers until after his retirement, and all this farcical affair is done and dusted.
Finally, nobody that has taken an interest in all this is going to go away just because Stuart is not in the Big House. ILeM has been a disgrace throughout all this, lurching from one disaster to another. Way out of his depth and ineffective.
If you are not interested, why read it?

Anonymous said...


Keep up the great work guys

The Blogs are doing a brilliant job

voiceforchildren said...


Have a listen to this

Anonymous said...

Stuart Syvret is gone, its all over and he has more than enough problems to deal with now, unemployed, petty debts only on Wednesday, further court appearances as a civilian so maybe it is time you all got lives and stop pretending nothings happened and above all stop butt kissing a dithering Chief of Police who knows exactly why he lost his job but will not tell you!

rico sorda said...

Hi Anonymous

Stuart is still with us and will still be fighting for the truth. There are more people than stuart looking for the truth but my god that man has put it all on the line. I thank stuart for getting me involved through his blog and i have full respect for him and always will.

As for the childish remark about GP i think that would be better on the farce blog



Anonymous said...

1. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“Given that on 8th June 2010 when asked whether he would make available to Members the ‘Metropolitan Police Interim Report’ the Minister stated that he would have to take legal advice before coming to a decision, will he now advise whether he has taken such advice, who specifically the advice was sought from, whether he will be making the report available and, if so, at what date?"

trevor has this question in for tuesday

Anonymous said...

I have met Graham Power on several occassions and I knew him as the former Chief of Police as a semi-professional level. So before you start pretending you know everything let me tell you now that you don't know anything and thats just by going on the empty posts on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Trevor has this question for Tuesday and?

If you think this line of questioning will make the former Magistrate resign, who I also know very well as you describe him as 'bungling' then you are a bigger arsehole than whats already been said about you.

Your search for the truth? For crying out loud, go and ask Graham Power, he will be able to wrap your blog up in 30 seconds.

This citizens media is getting sadder every time I bother to look at it now.

rico sorda said...

So Anonymous start telling me what i don't know come on right now my friend because i get tired of Anons saying this and that and delivering sod all so come on lets have it.

So while im waiting for your reply I will carry on posting

So come on then. what don't i know about the shafting of GP AND THE CHILD ABUSE COVER-UP


Anonymous said...

What Child Abuse Cover-up? Your Messiah has been asked in the States when he was a member often enough to give evidence to back this up so where is it? If you do not have evidence of cover-up then you are talking shite. And I told you already, instead of wasting your time rambling on, get in touch with Graham Power and ask him direct the questions you seek answers to. After all it is "his" life you keep on bringing up for public debate and knowing him in the past I am sure he has something to say about that.

GeeGee said...

Rico - it seems to me your Anonymous poster knows some of the main players in this i.e. Graham Power and Ian Le Marquand.

You move in powerful circles Anonymous! yet do not have the balls to let us know who you are or what you claim to know!! If it were interesting enough I am sure you would post the details and then we would all go away should we be proved wrong.

Until then, no chance!

rico sorda said...


Graham Power must remain silent whilst suspended

I have never spoken to GP

I have seen GP only once and that was at his complaint board hearing

I don't have contact with GP and why should i have

This is all done with hard work and research Team Voice and Citizen Media working for Truth & Justice


Unless Anon can come up with some documented evidence or anything apart from David Rose that is his last comment as it goes nowhere. He is probably ripping me on that other blog

I will be blogging again on sunday where we will be looking at the management issues.

These are the issues raised in the WARCUP/INTERIM disciplinary papers

Just how serious where they?

We will look at what Lenny & constable Brain says about them and also why someone somewhere came up with the crazy idea of suspending the chief of police.

What we will also be finding out on tuesday from written questions by Deputy Bob hill is how much the Jon Day & Graham Power suspensions have cost the taxpayer,now i warn you this will be a shock


Anonymous said...


Graham Power must remain silent whilst suspended

I have never spoken to GP

I have seen GP only once and that was at his complaint board hearing

I don't have contact with GP and why should i have"

Rico Sorda Graham Power earns in excess of £130,000.00 a year, he is a Police man of a high rank or at least was and has continued to earn this kind of money.

Now if he has not asked you to do anything and you have never spoken to him to get his side of the story then what are you trying to find out?

I would suggest to you that Graham Power and his family would like to be left alone now and have technically left Jersey already.

So believe it or not Rico, Graham Power is tough enough to fight his own battles without you or Gee Gee because its obvious by the fact he hasn't asked you to get involved.

rico sorda said...

I must put this one up its from a poster called ADJ/LSD

You know you are on the right track when you read these comments and makes me more determined and if one is honest gives me a good bloody laugh in these dark times..

"Graham Power has left Jersey already."

Could of hung around until the end of his contract but when warned about the serious accusations against him he decided to retire before facing his employer and run away.

Rico has a lot to learn about the way things work in States of Jersey Employment disciplinary situations including the confidentiality aspects of all areas but what would he know with his CV and the mentoring of Stuart Syvret?

Ahead, the exchanges all today between the blogs on the JDA is interesting stuff, Geoff Southern looks like he has bitten off more than he can chew here.

He was stuffed this week in the elections, just over a 1,000 votes was dia after all the effort the JDA put into promoting him and the money.

So to now demand a vote of no confidence in the Chief Minister when he just had a full Island Public vote of no confidence in himself just shows how out of touch he really is.



rico sorda said...


Believe it or not this is not just about Graham Power or Lenny Harper this is about the Abuse Survivors and the Whole Child Abuse Cover-up

I believe Graham Power was suspended to add substance to the Farce press conference on the 12th November 2008. When you look at that press conference and look at the actual allegations you realize it conatains next to nothing.

Ask yourself this why have no disciplinary procedings been brought against GP

Why do you think they have hung it out until GP retires

Are you happy that they have wasted 2 million on this disciplinary farce

No Lenny Harper didn't spend 20 million in reply to your next comment

Operation Blast? Operation Shaft more like

Why have Jersey fallen out with the Met Police

Why did Wiltshire want control on any disciplinary procedures concerning thier report

Answer because Jersey Shafted the Met

Why did TLS FIGHT LIKE CRAY at GP'S complaint board hearing, so he couldn't get the dates to his suspension letters

Why arn't our local Media doing the work this Citizen Pleb is doing. not just my opinion but overseas journalists.

Dione Simon has only reported one side WHY? is she not a journo looking for the truth

Dione Simon is probably working on her front page from the Tosh ILM will put forward. No point checking any facts

Just some points

could go on and on and on

And I will


GeeGee said...

You do that Rico - and to Anonymous and to ADJ/LSD all I can say is 'ignorance is bliss', so you must be very happy!

rico sorda said...

This is from constable T.Brain representing GP
Dr. T. Brain:

I did mention a moment ago that the Morris Inquiry established that in cases of suspension it is necessary that any suspension is proportionate to both the risk of the individual remaining at work and the seriousness of the allegation. The David Warcup letter represents a point of view. Until this week Graham has been given no opportunity to answer the accusations that have been made therein. None amount to a question of gross misconduct. There is no question of a breach of personal integrity, therefore the very least that should have been done in November was to have provided Graham with a reasonable opportunity to consider the accusations and make a response. He could, for example, in that time reasonably have sought the advice of his Staff Association and a detailed response could have been constructed and, to the benefit of all, prepared. No one denies the seriousness of the investigations into the historic abuse allegations that have taken place on the Island of Jersey, but the accusations in the Warcup letter do not amount to a correspondingly serious breach of discipline, even if proved. All of the points raised in the Warcup letter are capable of dispute and I repeat, had Graham been given more time in November he may well have been able to give a reasonable explanation. It is worth, I think, at this point, observing and emphasising that the investigation at Haut de la Garenne has never been a formal murder investigation
Taken from suspension review 2

Brian Napier QC Should be reporting soon

What went through the minds of our ruling elite that crazy weekend. I will keep posting if you don't like it don't click on my blog


Anonymous said...

We love you really rico :-)

rico sorda said...

Now this i find very interesting and comes from SR 2

The Metropolitan Police report is only one point of view. You are fully aware now that there are other reports by a very senior and experienced U.K. investigating officer which offers a different perspective. I repeat that these should have been considered before any action was taken to suspend Graham in November

This has not been picked up on before and i will try and find out who this uk investigating officer is.

Strange very Strange

I will have a blog up tomorrow but will be in 2 parts as it looks at the allegations of the Met and Warcup