Tuesday, July 20, 2010


So we have some States Members who step up and do what they are elected to do.

We have some states members who do not show 'Fear'

We have some states members who are no better than a plank of wood.

We have states members who just remain silent, ask bugger all, slag off people who do, and then land a decent role.

We have states members like Deputy Kevin Lewis who knows HdelaG like the back of his hand, knows all about the cellars, and sits there whistling Dixie whilst other Deputy's do their best in finding the truth.

And then you have members of the public like me, armed with just a laptop and an appetite for research who is so disgusted with his Government it fires him up more and more each day.

And then we have 'BRAVO ZERO ZERO' our very own 'Close Protection Hero' A Man off Steel and the Balls of a Desert Fly.

Deputy Paul ' Rambo' Le Claire

I have learned today he has bottled out of being interviewed by Brian Napier QC

With all that people are doing, people like myself, who have stepped up in our fight for Truth & Justice I hear he has bottled it. This is the man who was outed in the states a while ago, but he was away on Holiday so missed it, well, stranded due to the ash cloud. Deputy Le Claire is the man mentioned in the Graham Power Affidavit as i print below. Deputy Le Claire was the man who overheard a conversation in the corridors of power and was so concerned that he informed CPO Graham Power. They were after a scalp very early on. Maybe some reading this can email the Deputy and ask him why he bottled it.

8. Since my suspension a member of the States who is otherwise unconnected to any of these events, has come forward and offered evidence. The States member speaks of overhearing a conversation in the corridors of the State building between the then Chief Minister and Deputy Lewis. This discussion appears to have occurred in the weeks following the meeting mentioned above. During that discussion the possibility of suspending or dismissing the Deputy Chief Officer was being actively discussed. It might be useful to add at this stage that if Minister had taken legal advice concerning their suspension powers in relation to police officers (which they presumably have at some stage) they would have been told that in an apparently unintended consequence of the way that the law is drafted, they have no powers whatsoever in relation to the Deputy Chief Officer. That authority rests entirely with the Chief Officer. If suspension is on their mind then the only target within their range is the Chief Officer. There is nobody else that they are able to suspend.

These are hard times and Fear is Rife. If he can write a beautiful letter about Senator Le Main surly he can meet Napier or not as the case may be.

What is it that stops people doing the right thing, is it a fear off not being re-elected, is it fear off being shunned by the movers & shakers you tell me.

Deputy Le Claire does some good things, and, i,m sure he is a very decent chap but from a former man of war I would expect more. Don't like his music thou, (Razzy you killed me that night). Good Politicians are getting attacked because of the silent ones and that is very wrong.

And the reason I know its him is that he told me.

The past week must be one of the darkest in Jerseys History

Have our States Members shown any thanks for all the years put in by Graham Power? Have they Hell.

What they did was give Dave Warcup a good old foot stamp

We are in a mess.

I expect Ogley will be next through the Pollard revolving door

I base as much as I can on research and looking at as many facts as I can, thats why I cant take Dave Warcups statement so seriously

Make no mistake we are in a mess

A big Black Mess



Anonymous said...

Wendy Kinnard is another one who needs to meet with Napier but will also probably refuse.
For some reason which will be known (well it has too), Frank Walker still has got a huge hold on The Establishment.

Anonymous said...

Come on Paul, do the right thing
Your Mum Mary was a fighter and a very gracious lady
You must do the right thing you will earn more respect from being honest than joining the band of (Brothers)
Bean would be proud of you

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


Hold your horses.

There's more to the judgments that get made in these decisions than you allow for.

Deputy Le Clair has made the point to me that what ever he may have to say - he wants to say it in an environment in which it will be taken seriously - and have a meaningful effect.

Basically - that does not mean speaking to an oligarchy appointed 'Ourchap' exercise.

The Deputy made the entirely reasonable point to me - some months ago - that if people are really interested in his testimony - the way and means of hearing that are in the protected - and public - environment of a properly constituted inquiry.

Of the kind that - for example - one of the Scrutiny Panels could have – and should have - called.

But - instead of properly and seriously inquiring into these things, Scrutiny and the JDA - under the influence of their "glorious leader" Geoff Southern, have steadfastly refused to make a formal study of the real issue - namely the corrupt and anti-democratic concealment of child abuse and child protection failures, as engaged in by the Jersey oligarchy - and the unions.

Before the supposed "progressive" members get too diversionarily stroppy with Deputy Le Clair – they should ask themselves – “where are the Scrutiny inquiries into the startlingly corrupt and unlawful oppressions of democratically elected Ministers and whistle-blowers?”

Deputy Le Clair has always been – and remains – willing to be a witness in an open, inquisitorial investigation.

It is to the utter disgrace of the so-called ‘progressives’ that they have failed to deliver such a forum.

I, however, am going to.


Anonymous said...

Paul was apparently a 'bodyguard'...

Could be true, though to be honest he hardly looks faster than a speeding bullet - apart from when it comes to withdrawing his one paragraph propositions - once he has had the publicity to look as if he is doing something of course!

Yes...put it in/pull it out...I wonder what religion the bloke is?

But to be fair maybe he was very good at the old bodyguarding business? I mean, if you were a multi-millionaire you could be pretty damn confident that you could hide not just you but the whole family behind this mountain of a man!

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

I just edited your post a tiny bit.

I must be clear here, I will not publish any comments that attack Deputy Le Claire just for the sake of it.

I have stated my point and like I say he does some good stuff

Hi Anon

Thanks for your comment yes i know but cheers anyway


rico sorda said...

Hi Stuart

I have brought this up because its now time for all members to stand up and be counted.

They have let ILM get away with this Kangaroo Court not because they like ILM but because they hate Power and Harper. They stamp their feet like fools whilst taking us back to the dark ages.

Did you see Warcup on the news tonight, I shit you not I nearly went down the station, I wanted to put my arm around him and tell him everything will be ok and that you will be soon out of this lawless place ( but leave the interim report behind). How has this guy survived if he cant handle this or is it that he thought he had left it all behind in Northumbria.

What about Graham Powers family

You States members are cowards and sheep

Where was the statement thanking Graham Power for his service, when asked by Team Voice ILM said no.

We have a disease running through our states and it's taking us all down.

Some even say they are christians, if so bring in the LIONS


Anonymous said...

come on Wendy do the right thing
You and Paul grew up together
If you don't do the right thing now,how many more generations of helpless children will go through the Jersey way

Anonymous said...

I am so ashamed of our elected representatives

Anonymous said...

Rico. Hang on there mate. Why have you got Stuart Syvret on here - the man who ran away - ranting on about Scrutiny? I'm no fan of Scrutiny at all from what I have seen its just ties up good people looking at what is 75% irrelevant. But here was the sorry excuse of a once great politician (sorry but he makes me so angry with his slagging of all and sundry but himself)who it is well documented had this very same opportunity to go to a Scrutiny panel and give evidence that could have made a real difference, that being the vulnerable childrens review. But did he go? No, he just mouthed off on his blog and made feeble excuses, letting people down yet again.

His evidence could have made all the difference. He had mouthed off so much but bottled it again or likely just couldn't be bothered. You also have to ask where was Stuart Syvret for the committe of inquiry that came out of that Scrutiny review? That proposition was defeated. Stuart Syvret could have added his weight to it. But once again this politician become a man of straw couldn't even be bothered to be there. He was already busy doing nothing in London if my memory is correct. All mouth and very little action is our Stuart in the sorry final analysis and yet here he is making excuses for what you have told us is fact about what Deputy Le Claire said to you. So I say come on Paul. Just because Stuart Syvret ended up a self-obssessed bottler who is now irrelevant doesn't mean you have to be.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up Rico we do have a few good politicians on our side who stand up to be counted.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

Look Stuart is allowed on here like everyone else but just as long as my house rules are respected. Like ILM, I make them up as I go along.

Now that was a fair comment but you forgot to mention Wiltshire, for his own reasons he never made a statement. Stuart can speak for himself on here and I hope he does.

I know we have some good politicians

What has and is happening to Graham Power is Disgusting

Tomorrow is a states day so feel free asking Deputy Le Claire if i,m right or wrong

Someone wanted a scalp couldn't touch Harper but Power was different

Who has the bloody balls tomorrow to stand up for Graham Power and say thank you

Who tell me Who

Will it be down the same guys? the decent ones


rico sorda said...

I Will be starting my other blog site very soon it will be called 'Behind Closed Doors'.

Rico sorda blog spot will always be on the Child Abuse Scandal/Cover up
and will always have my full commitment.

The first topic will be the Ian Black debacle and who was to blame. This is not my bag so will be getting help.

Our Island is in peril and we have Billy Smart Circus at the Helm


Anonymous said...

Well done for raising the point that so many States Members can so easily buckle when it comes to facing down power.The primary reason is that they have no real ideology and secondly have no concrete support or base in society. They do not know who it is they "represent". Such vassilating elements must be replaced by those who know that they are there to present the social interests of specific groups, and more particularly the popular classes.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Is that Geoff Sothern – or Ted Vibert?

And to think – these unprincipled, duplicitous tossers have got the bloody nerve to speak of courage and relevance.

As is very well documented – (I still have the e-mail correspondence) – I wrote to Alan Breckon – the Chair of the Scrutiny Panel in question – when they were beginning their review, fully expecting – in my naivety – that they would be willing to take on the real issues.

Instead – Breckon – caving-in to the orders of Southern and Pitman, flatly refused to examine a real, central issue for the legislature and democracy – namely just how come it is possible for senior civil servants to corruptly and unlawfully undermine and oppress democratically elected Ministers?

That is why – with sadness and shock, I found myself having to decline to take part in a supposed “review” that was going to be – and so it proved – a pointless bloody charade.

You see – the supposed “progressives” just didn’t want to upset their natural constituency – the self-serving senior leadership of the unions – just as foully as the traditional oligarchy didn’t want to upset their natural constituency – the bent abusers and cover-up merchants.

I’m afraid I never went into politics – merely to support the replacement of one corrupt, shallow, ethically bankrupt power-bloc – with another corrupt, shallow, ethically bankrupt power-bloc.

Which is why I declined to join the JDA.

Instead – I have engaged in such “irrelevant” activities – as discovering – and publishing on my blog – more hard, documented evidence in respect of the corrupt concealment of child abuse – than the entire States of Jersey Scrutiny function has done – in three years.

And so where – oh where – if the noble political warriors who bravely people the barricades of Scrutiny are our champions of ethics and intellectual rigour – are the urgent and implacable scrutiny exercises based upon such hard, published evidence?

After all – it’s not as though they even have to do the hard work; I’ve done that for them.

And – well – we’ll have to wait and see just who has been more “relevant” to the interests of abuse survivors and vulnerable children: the JDA – or me?

Because I am going to do what every soi disant “progressive” in the States – combined – has failed to do; namely deliver a real, open and focused inquiry into the corrupt concealment of child abuse by and within the public administration of Jersey over the decades.

One can certainly see just why certain former public sector employees would be so keen to avoid such an outcome.


Nick Palmer said...

I am afraid to say that, in my experience, Paul le Claire cannot be relied upon to do the decent thing if it involves sticking to his guns and "facing down power" - or even weak pseudo-power bullies.

I casually mentioned that someone Paul knew in the public arena had a fair amount of stuff about them online relating to political shenanigans. Paul found the subject upsetting so asked me for the links (which are still easily findable using Google) so he could see for himself. Next thing I knew I received a lawyers letter from one of our local legal beagles threatening me with the libel laws if I repeated the "libel" - clearly le Claire had "dobbed me in".

The letter was based on the ridiculous idea that someone who merely passes on links to an allegedly libellous piece is also guilty of libel by "re-publishing" it. Just shows how foul and corrupt these people's interpretation of the law is - this is how the UK's libel law is at the moment. Simon Singh recently bravely stood up to this ugly, bullying abuse of power, which is extremely lucrative for the legal establishment, by launching a libel law reform campaign and it looks like the libel laws in the UK - widely recognised as amongst the most draconian in the world - are to be closely looked at and revised.

The online stories about the character who had his pet attack dog send me the "cease and desist" letter are still there so it looks as if Paul's acquaintance has not tried to punish/silence the bigger fish but chose only to adopt a cowardly and despicable course by bullying one of the little guys.

Should this person ever decide to stand for the States (seems likely to me) I can't see how what I saw will fail to come out, thanks to the magic of Google and the Wayback machine. These people are just so astonishingly stupid and arrogant and unpleasant and their ability to get away with their nastinesses is likely to be coming to an end. No thanks to Paul, though.

GeeGee said...

Deputy Le Claire - you may well be a nice man, but this does not make you honourable in this instance.

Will you please do the right thing by Mr Power, because if you do not, I fear you will lose an awful lot of respect.

How very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Is Warcup and ILM worried about the Napier report

Anonymous said...

IIRC, didn't Mr P l C, as part of his election manifesto, want to restrict driving licences to only people who had their housing quallies.... talk about wanting to appeal to the majority..

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

Citizen Media have the JEP on the run.

LOL they are the problem not the cure

An islander who was once daft enough to vote for Syvret said...

God, now we have Stuart Syvret making up crap about Trevor Pitman. From what I hear and I don't doubt it for a minute it was Trevor Pitman who was the one who persuaded the rest of the panel to call for Syvret to be able to come and give evidence, and was also the one who persuaded the panel to go for the Committe of Inquiry proposition!

Maybe Alan Breckon can come on here and confirm. What a pathetic little sad sack Syvret has become. Like Anonymous said a man of straw. Always going to do something but never actually doing it. Basically a fake.

I say well done to the likes of Trevor Pitman, Bob Hill, Daniel Wimberley and Montdord for doing not just what I would want them to do as an elector but ten times more than the bag of wind that Stuart Syvret has turned out to be managed in about the last five years of his time in office.

rico sorda said...

Please let this now be the end of it.

This Blog cant turn into bloody Eastenders.

Lets concentrate on the person who showed no balls


rico sorda said...

I will add a Syvret/ JDA is old hat now and I have no time for it, my blog has no time for it.

We will only concentrate on the issues

I respect Trevor and Stuart for many different reasons

I don't do piggy in the middle

So lets get back to work and the kids stuff for the other blog

Research and facts here


Anonymous said...

An islander who was once daft enough to vote for Syvret said

Thanks Rico for not getting sucked into this pathetic name calling
We all know for reliable blogging info we can
trust in you, the voice and stuart
And of course Tonys musings he's the business

Ole Razzy said...

Le Claire is a bottler. He's done it time and time again. He will tell you he's going to vote against a particular proposition, he'll stand up in the States and actively argue against it but when it comes to the vote he quickly changes sides. I have observed this phenomenom several times and it always leaves me with the impression that when push comes to shove he's weak and maleable.

And your right Rico - his music is shocking.

rico sorda said...

We now await Brian Napier QC

Brian Napier has been looking into the original suspension of Graham Power.

We all know the original suspension was flawed

HR was none existent and left on the same boat as Frank Walker & Andrew Lewis.

The Judicial Review said it had some serious concerns about the original suspension

David Warcup wrote the letter quoting the Met Interim report that got Graham Power suspended.

The Met Interim report should never have been used for suspension and said so very strongly

ILM has had Graham Power suspended solely on a letter written from David Warcup March 2009- July 2010

The Dates don't stack up on the suspension letters

Lords Ladies & Gentleman

Graham Power got a full bore Shafting on the 12th November 2008, its so blindingly obvious that even the JEP will miss it.

We are not stupid nor are we fools

My Island is in a very sorry mess

And so the fight begins

Tony you are right and plans are under way. Even bloggers must step back and look for improvement.

Exciting times ahead


Anonymous said...

Knowledge is power, if you know it about the right person.
- Ethel Mumford

Simon said...

What is this good stuff that Deputy Le Claire does? St. Helier No. 1 has two excellent deputies and Mr. Le Claire most definitely isn't one of them. Sorry. Show some guts Paul and stand up for what is right for once.