Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bring on 'Next WEEK' or 'NEXT MONTH' or 'NEXT YEAR' but bring it on

So today in the states we had ILM having a 'question without answers session' with Deputy Trevor Pitman. The exchange should be up on 'The Jersey Way' blog site later, and the Audio is well worth a listen.

I will just look at the written question below for now.

I will ask you to look at the wording, at first glance you would think ILM is coming out all guns blazing, but alas i,m not so sure.

9.    The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier –
       “Under questioning about the lengthy suspension process of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police on the 22nd June 2010, the Minister asked for patience, advising Members that all would be revealed in July, will the Minister now give assurances that when referring to July he meant that information, including access to the so called 'Metropolitan Police Interim Report' and information as to whether the former Chief Minister and current States Chief Executive Officer received briefings on other States Members as a consequence of 'Operation Blast', will be provided to members before, or during the last States sitting prior to the summer recess; or will the Minister be seeking to delay the release of such information until the summer recess has begun, thus preventing the opportunity for Members to ask questions?”

It is very likely that I will provide considerable information to Members of the Assembly prior to 19th July 2010 and will make statements to the Assembly on 19th or 20th July 2010,so that I can be questioned on this area and on other related matters prior to the summer recess. If that occurs,then Members will receive notification of a number of briefings on a number of occasions prior to 19th July 2010

So, I have said on many occasions that ILM is just the puppet in all of this, he cant do anything without getting advice first, that is why he says " It is very likely" & then " If that occurs" you see it's not up to him.

I hope he does get on with it, we will find out very soon as he only has next week and he has a lot of information, our states members could be very busy.

Again I believe he can only make one statement in the states and that allows 10 minutes of questioning, I could be wrong on this, so if someone knows different please let me know.

I will keep you informed of any developments

Please look out for the Audio on 'The Jersey Way'



voiceforchildren said...


As you and I both know, ILM is probably about to make the biggest mistake of his LIFE, but his advisers won't be letting him in on that "little secret". You keep getting that sound advice Senator, you advisers really do have your best interests at heart.......or do they?

Like you said Rico "Bring it on"!!

rico sorda said...


Hope this link works

Anonymous said...

ILM's string pullers/advisers arnt too worried. They know that he will be in power for at least another 4 years and in that time he has a very good chance of becoming Chief Minister.

If, (obviously) the same string pullers/advisers can have so much control of our current puppet Chief Minister and save him from all that he has failed in, and his recent no confidence vote.

ILM is their new man especially now that Syvret is disposed of!?

But a lot can change in the next year or two....

The good majority have at last started to say enough is enough!

voiceforchildren said...


I've been asking a few questions since the last States sitting.

rico sorda said...

The audio is now up on the jersey way


Anonymous said...

Did you hear ILM loose it in the states this afternoon. He said Graham Power was guilty of all charges and that everyone will be eating humble pie, still Neutral then.

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot there was more, something about briefings next week and how you all support Graham Power.

Is he loosing the plot

rico sorda said...

I did catch it and it gave me a chuckle.

Does ILM get whats going on

Graham Power was suspended 'neutral act' so what our Home Affairs minister thinks is the right course of action is to shaft him a day before he retires.

What happened to disciplinary procedures?

For some strange reason ILM and the law office think they have to persuade the states members and the general public ummmmmmmmmm is that how suspension works.

Suspend someone and then do nothing

This is a complete and utter Joke infact beyond a joke.


Anonymous said...

Police Chief disciplinary action abandoned

Disciplinary action against the former head of Jersey's police force has been dropped.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand made the decision today (Wednesday) saying there was 'ample evidence' against Graham Power, but the case has been so drawn out it can no longer be pursued.

No specific charges have ever been made against Mr Power, but his suspension is believed to be related to his handling of the historic child abuse investigation.

Mr Power has always said he's done nothing wrong.
Senator Le Marquand says he'll be making further statements next week.

Anonymous said...

Well well well ample evidence and no charges? This looks bad.

Anonymous said...

We cannot wait until these further statements from ILM next week.
We also cannot wait until further statements from Graham Power the following week....
Thats the week of his official retirement and that means no more States of Jersey ties!?
Sing like a canary Mr Power!!!