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From Senator Le Marquand July 13th 2010

Here are some extracts from his statement released to states members today. The case for the prosecution

This ILM'S conclusions from Wiltshire

C) Apologies

As the current home affairs minister,with responsibility for the oversight of the states of jersey police i wish to make a number of apologies for the past failures of the senior management of the states of jersey police and for past ministerial failings

Firstly, I apologize to the people of this island for the serious reputational damage which occurred both to this island and to its people as a direct result of serious mishandling of the press conference and by virtue of the misleading information which was put out in these press conferences during February 2008 onwards.

Secondly, I apologize to the victims of abuse ( should be bloody first),whether at Haut dela Garenne or elsewhere for the unfair and unrealistic raising of expectations which occurred as a result of these press conferences.

Thirdly, I apologize to the people of jersey for the ministerial failures of proper oversight of the states of jersey police. There are mitigating factors in relation to this but there are still clear failures. Those failures extend to the substantial wastage of public money some of the details now follow.

Fourthly, I want to apologize to members of the states assembly who were mislead in various matters including the status of the item which was described as "partial remains of a child" and later as a "skull fragment"


Mr .Harper should never have been appointed as the senior investigating officer. This is a specialist role and neither Mr Harper or Mr Power had either performed this role or received any training for this role for more than 10 years. The decision was made effectivly to conentrate control of the investigation on the two senior officers,messers Harper and Power. In fact all other members of the senior management team( that is the superintendent and the 3 chief inspectors were kept away from the investigation.

Whenever there is a major investigation there must be another more senior police officer who takes the supervisory role.Once the decision was wrongly made that mr harper would be senior investigating officer there was only one officer who was senior to him and that was mr power . Mr power therefore had to become the supervising officer in relation to the Haut de la Garenne investigation and this in addition to his inherent responsibilities as the Chief Officer of Police.


These relate to oversight

The first failure is insulting to states members who were raising legitimate concerns.
( I believe he called them elves & pixies. rico sorda)

The second failure includes a very sick Joke. This,in my view, shows an anti Jersey Slant which is totally inappropiate for a person who was there to serve the people of Jersey.
( I believe the joke was this, and was a dig at the jersey authorities> What is the difference between a Jersey orphan and a Jersey royal? least a jersey royal gets dug up after 6 months.) They checked thousands of emails and found 2 dodgy ones. rico sorda)


These really belong together. it is apparent that both mr.harper and mr power were in position in which they did not trust any outside organisation including the prosecution service.This led to them deciding to concentrate the leadership and management of the Haut dela Garenne investigation upon themselves alone.


It is extraordinary that very little or no thought was given to the impact of the investigation upon the general public of jersey


This is in mr power's favour although i am bound to sat that this was at the expense of very high overtime costs and very long working hours for some officers.


This is actually very important. Gold command groups have for number of years been viewed as an essential part of and major investigation. The reasons for this are presumably the same as mentioned above,namely, the desire to exclude outside agencies and the other members of the senior management team. A properly constructed GOLD Group would have given due priority to financial management issues and would ha ve meant that decisions making was less dependent on judgement of mr harper


These are . in my view less serious although they relate to management issues and are further examples on of the general managerial failures . The independent advisory group deserve praise and thanks for their willingness to assist with the investigation,they were in reality set up to fail and this through no fault on their part.


This is also in favour of mr power.

CONCLUSION 14,15, 16 AND 17

These four conclusions all relate to failures on the part of mr power to exercise oversight over the area of media strategy. The failure includes the lack of proper media strategy and the carrying out of that strategy. IT should have been obvious to a chief officer of mr power's experience that once the media became aware that digging was taking place in the vicinity of a children's home, that wild speculation might arise from the press. Instead on 23rd feb 2008, mr harper was allowed to make a highly infalmmatory and misleading statement about "partial remains of a child". Mr power was present at Haut dela Garenne before the statement was made and they must have discussed what was going to be said. If they did not then he is equally at fault for failing to do so.

What had happened was that a piece of material had been found which was approximately 6.3cm by 4.4cms, that is approximately two and a half inches by one a 3 quarter inches. It has sometimes been wrongly reffered to as the size of a 50p coin but it is no longer than that. Unfortunately,on 23rd feb2008, this piece of what we now know to be cocnut shell was wrongly identified by an anthropologist as being part of a child's skull.This was an extremely unfortunate occurance but it was not not yet a disaster .It is extremely questionable if the anthropologist shaould have offered such an identification without proper laboratory testing of the item. It is also clear that at the time of the "find" it was not known whether the object had been found in a level dating,mr harper chose to announce to the worlds media that they had found waht appears to be potential remains of a child.The worlds media very quickly turned that into the find of a child's body.

Thereafter, mr harper commenced daily briefings during which he fed huge amounts of deatil about the search to an eager world media. Those briefings and the underlying failures of press strategy are very heavily criticised in this report and rightly so.

Some months after Warcup & Gradwell had arrived on the scene, the states of jersey police employed an expert on police press strategy matters. After a meeting with mr.power which mr power would not accept what the expert was saying, the expert found his position untenable and resigned.However,before leaving he wrote a report which was highly critical of the strategy . T hat report was reffered
to by a commisioner of the royal court in a judgement in which he was highly critical of the media strategy. The problems with the handling of the media were very serious for a number of reasons.

( I will not list them all as i,m getting tired typing)


There has been a great deal of misinformation put into the public domain in relation to this and I, therefore want to explain the position of wiltshire police and mine on this

Firstly, What we are dealing with here is not ACPO but a group of police officers whose role is to provide specialist advise when this is required in relation to homicide investigations. Section 2.3 of the executive summary of the main report on the HdelaG investigation explains some of the issues. it is to the credit of mr power that he sought such advice. However, things rapidly went wrong. The working group advisers decided to only make recommendations to which Messrs Power and Harper had previously signalled their approval

In particular their to form a Gold group was omitted because messres poer and harper did not want one. This whole process greatly undermines the credability of the advice . It was mr harper who first made contact with the senior officer 16 involved rather than a request for assistance being channelled through ACPO itself.

Furthermore, the senior officer involved had a clear potential conflict of interests in that he was then a candidate for a very senoir post in Jersey namely that of mr harper's replacement . Unfortunately, this officer put himself in a position in which he could have had a motive to want to ingratiate himself to mr power who would be involved in the selection process.

Furthermore, at times messrs power & harper failed to understand and carry out the advice which was given and the responsibility for oversight of the HdelaG investigation always remained squarely with mr power as the overseeing officer.The advice of the working party did not extend to financial management issues with the exception of one general recommendation.

Notwithstanding all this , I agree with the assessment of the wiltshire police that the involvement of the working party may have given mr power a false sense of security

However it is very clear from the wiltshire report and particularly from section2.3 that the working party reports are very far short of providing mr power with a defence in relation to the conclusions of the wiltshire police and that they have taken into account in reaching their conclusions.

Finally. i a aware that the working party reports were used by mr power as a means of placating his own minister and assistant minister in relation to the concerns which they and other states members were raising. It is,therefore,particularly galling to find that the advice rcorded was far from complete and far from truly independent.


Firstly , it is clear from the above that the present acting chief of police is fully vindicated by these reports. He had no honourable option but to bring the clear failures of oversight and management which he had found to the attention of home affairs minister deputy andrew lewis. It is very unfortunate that mr warcup has himself been subject to unfair and unsubstantiated innuendo and criticism from both past and present members of the states.

Im so bored of typing now I will stop.

Make your own conclusions over the coming days

One things for sure, this part is now coming to an end.



voiceforchildren said...


You can see how this is going to be spun out. Already Ian "Skippy" Le Marquand is going on as if this is some kind of "conclusive" report. It is not! the "conclusions" amount to nothing other than "allegations" and because ILM dropped disciplinary charges, they'll only ever remain "allegations".

ILM has had ample time to bring disciplinary charges but never did, very curious! This "HEAVILY REDACTED" Wiltshire Report was supposed to be the start of the disciplinary process, THE START! ILM is using it as THE END! and trying to convince people that Chief Officer Power is guilty of EVERYTHING without any kind of a trial!

As we know, there is much more to come out so i'll not dwell on this too much for now.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are pulling at straws now, VFC is just trying to desperately defend GP by saying he cant defend himself. Its a Police Report not a Court!

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


If this is the best that the Jersey oligarchy can come up with after 18 months - then it's hardly surprising that these clowns have made such a mess of Jersey.

On the basis of already published evidence, I can blow holes in ILM's rubbish.

Just for example, he criticises an alleged conflict of interest on the part of an ACPO officer.

So - what about the profound conflict of interests that would have engulfed certain members of the Gold Command group - had Lenny & Graham acquiesced to it being set up?

Just how many Gold Command groups - have amongst their members - people who are suspects in the crimes being investigated?

And - if it's conflict of interest that ILM is so concerned about - why has he not declared his own conflict of interests?

He is - after all - one of the key agents and suspects in the sustained, criminal institutional abuse embodied in the unlawful regime of solitary confinement as used against already damaged children at Greenfields?

No matter how the Jersey oligarchy and its media are going to peddle this rubbish for all they're worth - people like Graham, Lenny & me are going to eat this nonsense for breakfast.


rico sorda said...

Its a disciplinary police report that should only be used for disciplinary actions, as it says on the front page.

Graham Power cant defend himself


Anonymous said...

Well from what you have posted he would need to be Houdini to get himself out of this anyway!

This is why he got out early isn't it.

Anonymous said...

[Furthermore, the senior officer involved had a clear potential conflict of interests in that he was then a candidate for a very senoir post in Jersey namely that of mr harper's replacement . Unfortunately, this officer put himself in a position in which he could have had a motive to want to ingratiate himself to mr power who would be involved in the selection process.]

Erm, surely Warcup had a similar conflict of interest!!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember that the reason there was no GOLD COMMAND in this investigation was because key people that would have been involved ie from education social services Goverment were actually under investigation.
This can hardly be a unique situation, it must be very common in such a parochial jurisdiction

rico sorda said...

Anon/jamie/ whoever

GP does not have to be houdini, I will stop publishing your comments if they remain so stupid.

ILM has dropped all disciplinary against Graham Power have you got that yet


rico sorda said...


The redacted Wiltshire has more information in it and will leave it to you if a PDF ever turns up.

Wiltshire said they asked you for an interview but refused for some reason is that true?


rico sorda said...

ILM also says

"for my part, whilst i remain the minister for home affairs I commit myself to working together with other states members , with the leadership of the states of jersey police and with other agencies in order to improve the working and efficiency of the states of jersey police,learning lessons fro the past failures and looking forward to a better future of service to the people of jersey"

rico sorda said...


I come last to items which although not the largest in terms of cost are likely to weigh heavily in the public mind

On a number of occasions mr harper travelled with a number of officers to London for meetings with police officers from the metropolitan police force . None of the meetings took longer than two hours and some of those who were present have doubted their value. In all cases it would have been possible to have travelled over and back on the same day. However,on a number of occasions there were stays in lONDON for one night or more nights and during these stays there were expensive meals.

The guidelines for the states of jersey police were that meal costs should not exceed £25.22 per head for dinner and that the costs of alcoholic drinks should be paid by the officers themselves. here are some examples.

a 3rd feb2008- a meal for four costing £212.90 divided between 2 purchase cards

b 4th feb 2008 a meal for four costing $418.50 dived between 2 purchase cars

There are more examples but this gives you an idea


rico sorda said...

ILM says

" Thirdly, I want to assure those who have been victims of abuse in the past that the strong criticisms contained in these reports of the handling of the haut dela garenne investigation in the past does not mean either that people have not been prosecuted who should of been or that the police will not continue to fully investigate and seek to bring justice both past and future abusers.There are still a number of cases proceeding through the criminal justice system and new allegations will be properly investigated.Indeed,the public protection unit of jersey police in recent years been greatly strengthened in numbers and experience precisley in order to achieve this."

"I have great sympathy for those who have come forward to speak about incidents that occurred to them in the past which have left very deep and painful scars and i want to reassure them that their allegations will always be treated seriously by the states of jersey police."

Anonymous said...

Why does ILM keep on talking about a 'coconut', it is diversionary!!!

Here is an extract from a Lenny Harper posting on Stuart Syvret's blog.

Lenny Harper’s chief scientist (anthropologist), Dr Julie Roberts detailed the find as follows:-
[“23 February 2008
09.10 hrs
Examined JAR/6. Recovered from Context 011 Trench 3. Degraded fragment of bone thought to be human skull, probably from a child (see full inventory for details). Associated with mixed debris including animal bone, buttons and a leather “thong”. Discussed findings with SIO Lenny HARPER and Forensic Manager Vicky COUPLAND. It was decided that the bone should be sent for C14 dating*.”]

On 28th March Mr Harper received an e-mail from a Ms Brock at the Laboratory in relation to the fragment (JAR/6 sent for C14 dating). Here are some excerpts from the e-mail.

[“Hi Vicky. Here are the details of the Jersey skull as discussed on the phone earlier. As I said, the chemistry of this bone is extremely unusual – nothing I am familiar with.”

“During the first acid washes we often get a lot of fizzing as the mineral dissolves. The Jersey skull didn’t fizz at all, which suggested that preservation was poor, and which led me to test the nitrogen content of the bone.”

“The Jersey skull had 0.60 nitrogen, which suggested that it contained virtually no collagen. Once we had this result, Tom phoned you and told you it would be unlikely that we could date the sample, but that we would continue with the pre-treatment just in case.”

“Very surprisingly, the sample yielded 1.6% collagen (our cut off for dating is 1%).”

“As there is no nitrogen it cannot contain collagen unless it is highly degraded. The chances are it is highly contaminated and any date we get for it might not be accurate. I have e-mailed the director and asked if we should proceed with a date.”

In case anyone new to this is under any illusion, collagen is only found in bones of mammals, definitely not in coconuts.

Anonymous said...

An extract from a Lenny Harper post on Stuart Syvret's blog:

For example, one of their early recommendations was that I should have a ‘Gold Group’ which would include senior figures from the “caring agencies” in Jersey. I said some of those were among our priority suspects. The ACPO team accepted that it was not a good idea.

Anonymous said...

At extortionate cost and with such evidence, disciplinary action was abandoned, WHY?

I am not buying not enough time.

Anonymous said...

ILM is apologizing for Ministerial failures of proper oversight of SOJ Police with regards the wastage of public money. Can ILM give an amount he would of accepted?

How much has been wasted on the report that has not been followed up

Anonymous said...

"The guidelines for the states of jersey police were that meal costs should not exceed £25.22 per head for dinner"

Wasn't the treasury minister telling us just recently that a £90 per day meal allowance was good value for money?

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the above amounts to gross misconduct and therefore no case for dismissal.

Anonymous said...

[The guidelines for the states of jersey police were that meal costs should not exceed £25.22 per head for dinner and that the costs of alcoholic drinks should be paid by the officers themselves. here are some examples.]

I assume these guidelines did not allow for out of island subsistence. (In my old company I allowed double rates for staff travelling out of their country of residence - furthermore, when anyone did go over, the issue was raised within 30days and mitigating circumstances would be taken into consideration).

Anonymous said...

Has the person who oversaw and paid out on expenses been reprimanded?

Anonymous said...

No matter what people say about the various blog sites if you want information and facts it's the Voice & RS blogs.

I have no doubt the SS blog will be back soon

rico sorda said...

From ILM

" Very misleading information has been put out to the General Public to the effect that Mr power has not seen these reports. In relation to the wiltshire police reports the situation is that mr power was provided with copies of the key statements of witnesses in order to enable him to produce his own detailed statement of evidence . His statements were fully taken into account by the wiltshire police in coming to their conclusions. Thereafter, mr power was provided with a copy of each of the wiltshire reports very soon after I received them . Mr power has not ,to my knowledge, seen the BDO ALTO report which was not produced for disciplinary purposes . I am referring to that report today because it provides me much greater detail of the issues to that which is contained in the wiltshire report"

rico sorda said...

The preferred restaurants used by the participants on these trips were the ' The Bombay Brasserie' ,one of london's top indian restaurants and ' Shepherds restaurant in Marsham.

Anonymous said...

Are you ready for the JEP tomorrow?

I will go for 5 pages and Graham Power should have been disciplined.

Ian Evans said...


"Firstly, I apologize to the people of this island for the serious reputational damage."

What reputation? Oh, you mean the one the island has for corruption, greed, and abusing minors?....

"Secondly, I apologize to the victims of abuse."

Secondly!!! For your inflamatory and degradingly offensive outburst on radio, about the 65 teeth that homed in on one small spot in the cellar I presume?....

"Thirdly, I apologize to the people of jersey for the ministerial failures."

Spot on Minister, but you should have stopped the sentence right there....

"Fourthly, I want to apologize to members of the states assembly who were mislead in various matters."

And still are being Mr Le Marquand....

"elves & pixies"

Quite generous compared to what the rest of us would write....

"I believe the joke was this, and was a dig at the jersey authorities> What is the difference between a Jersey orphan and a Jersey royal? least a jersey royal gets dug up after 6 months."

Well, that is a true statement is it not?
Mr Power could also have added that potatoes do not get dangled over the sides of boats and anally raped.
Potatoes do not get fat perverts dragging them off to cellar's in the middle of the night either.
But, as a few of our top civil servants can testify, potatoes "DO GET A GOOD MASHING"....

Anonymous said...

Talk back should be interesting on Sunday
In the black corner we have
Ian skippy le Marqaund
And in the white corner we have
Connetable Simon Crowcroft

Anonymous said...

ILM- And why am I right

" because im an expert a lawyer and a former magistrate"

I thought it was Spandau Ballet that went on about ' GOLD ' lol

GeeGee said...

Rico - when do we start getting the cutlery out to start eating the infamous culinary delight known as 'humble pie?

From where I am sitting it would seem that we have a way to go yet, as the cooking is far from complete. Indeed , maybe Ian Le Marquand will be eating his own pie. It is quite ironic that from what I have read so far, a lot of the 'accusations' against Mr Power could also be levelled at a lot of our States Members and Civil Servants. Double standards abound.

Keep going Rico and VFC. As the only non accredited, non Jersey Establishment media were refused the chance to participate in the Kangaroo Court, let us hope and pray that some of our better politicians are relentless and ruthless in their questioning.

No Mr Le Marquand - it ain't over till it's over, and it ain't over yet!

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget:

Mr Harper stated - The evening we found the first fragment I contacted ACPO in the UK and asked them to appoint a team to oversee the enquiry and quality control it. This was something I readily agreed with Graham Power. I did so because I already knew the hostility that existed among many politicians and other areas of the establishment. I had my first taste of this back in 2007 the day I went public with the enquiry. I was ordered to attend at the office of Frank Walker, the Chief Minister. I went there with Graham Power and found that also present with Walker were Bill Ogley and Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard. Let me make quite clear now, that Wendy Kinnard was a staunch supporter of this enquiry and had to endure some difficult times because of it. An early example came at this meeting.

Walker started off by telling me I was looking at a very angry Chief Minister. I asked why. The conversation then went as follows:

FW. “You have been talking to Stuart Syvret.”
LH. “Yes I have. It was necessary for me to talk to him as not only does he have evidence that I may need, but the victims trust him and he may be able to persuade them to come to us.”
FW. “But you told him that you were going public.” (Stuart had released a press statement that morning to coincide with mine – a move which I have to admit, I did not anticipate!!)
LH. “Yes, but I also told you I was going public.”
FW. “But you showed him your press statement.”
LH. “Chief Minister, I showed it to you.”
FW. “But we’re the Government.”

Bill Ogley then intervened to ask me, “You do realise this could bring down the Government?” I told him that was not my concern. My concern was getting to the truth.

Nick Palmer said...

Let's just, for the sake of argument, take the Wiltshire report criticisms of the Power/Harper/Kinnard investigation/management as legit. Assume that they were genuinely "incompetent" in some respects.

From plenty other published information over the years, it appears as if many other aspects of the Jersey apparatus (and of course, the international apparatus) if investigated with such intense hindsight, nitpicking and cherry picking (H,N&C) as this report does, would be found to be similarly, if not more so, "incompetent".

What I feel is this. If intense H,N&C is applied to just about any subject then a "damning report" could be made about it. A further report into the "damning report" often demonstrates that the original report was itself flawed - Jonathan Swift wrote:
"So nat'ralists observe, a flea
Hath smaller fleas that on him prey,
And these have smaller fleas that bite 'em,
And so proceed ad infinitum."

Look at the way the climate change denialist movement, with the help of sympathetic journalists, launched the "Climategate" propaganda offensive which has succeeded in leading many to doubt the science. Despite report after report that exonerated the scientists involved of wrong-doing or misrepresenting the science in any way, the mud has stuck in the public consciousness.

Examine the stance of the people who do the investigating and make reports such as this Wiltshire one. Their position is effectively that of representing the "system" and they are charged with investigating the conduct of agents of the "system".

We are invited to accept, from a young age, that the "system" is sacrosanct and inviolate and that any agents of that system who are investigated are therefore renegade or bad, mistaken or corrupt in some way.

Now we come to where I invite you all to take a large leap of faith. What if the system or systems, and the procedures that those systems have developed, are now so complex, convoluted, vague, ambiguous, labyrinthine and occasionally irrational that it is actually impossible for the agents of those systems to fully comply with them and still function to do the job which the public expects?

We have a situation here where the Wiltshire report's "system" authors are hanging "agent" Power out to dry. A scapegoat has being pointed out that allows the general public to think that the bad apple in the barrel of the system has been identified - move along now folks, the baddy has been caught; nothing to see here. A witch has been identified, which makes everybody else feel that they must be virtuous.

Whether or not the authors of reports like this realise that they are like those referred to in the Sermon on the Mount is debatable:
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7v3)

rico sorda said...

operation blast should be up later. Well redacted parts lol

Anonymous said...

Why has there been no interest from the outside media I me very surprised considering the feeding frenzy that took place when the abuse scandal went global
I seem to remember that when the articles about Wilfred Krichefski being one of the abusers at Haute de la Garrene hit the UK papers(not in Jersey though) Frank Walker took a trip to London and then suddenly reporting about the abuse scandal went very quiet
Is there a SUPER INJUNCTION in place, if so we must expose it
The Guardian exposed Trafugira and there toxic ash dumping up the Ivory coast even after a super injunction