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Kangaroo Court? + Emails

Deputy Kevin Lewis

So carrying on from my last Blog Post where i was asking Senator ILM if he was about to conduct a 'Kangaroo Court' in the states chamber on the 19th July i decided to send ILM an email, i pointed out a few things that i thought needed addressing.

As soon as i get my reply from ILM i will post it on here, i must be fair, he does  get back but can sometimes take time,  he is flat out at the moment we will wait.

Here is my email

Hi Senator 

We are all aware that the CPO Graham Power retires on the 20th July 2010.

We are all aware that CPO Graham Power was suspended on the 12th November 2008 under 2.3.3 of the disciplinary code by then Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis.

We are  aware that this all resulted from a letter from DPC David Warcup backed up by the Metropolitan 'Interim' Police Report

We are aware the Met Interim Report was sent on the 10th November 2008 to David Warcup before Superintendent Brian Sweeting had interviewed SIO Lenny Harper or Andre Baker from ACPO 

We now know the IPCC are now in the middle of investigating the Interim report. How did it get sent without the two main players being interviewed? and when it was sent, how did it then get used in the suspension of the Chief of Police when the Met were  carrying out a review? 

We now know from the March 2009 suspension review that you Senator Le Marquand was unable to use the Met 'Interim' Report  and had to keep Graham Power suspended on the Warcup letter alone.

The Met have had a serious falling out with the Jersey Authorities over the misuse of their report. Could the Home Affairs Minister please clear this issue up  ASAP. How come David Warcup & Bill Ogley had no idea that this couldn't be used in a suspension process 

But first let me take you back to the 12th November 2008. The then Home Affairs minister Andrew Lewis made a statement in the states and i must say it is a very important statement especially looking back some 18 months later. I will quote some parts of it because i believe the new Home Affairs minister has lost his way since early last year.

This is from Andrew Lewis on the 2nd December 2008. 

"I am sure that members will entirely understand that it would be most inappropriate to discuss any of the substantive matters that caused me to suspend the Chief Officer and to initiate the procedure under the Disciplinary Code. I cannot comment on them and I would ask the Assembly not to seek to explore them at this time. At some stage at the end of the process my successor, whoever it will be, will need to make a decision about these substantive matters, and he or she should not be influenced in any way by any views expressed by members of the Assembly. In addition, of course, the Chief Officer cannot comment and has not yet had the full opportunity that the process allows to answer to these matters and to defend himself.  Any debate would thus be unfair to him as the full facts are not yet known."


"I am sure, however, that members will readily understand that a suspension in these circumstances is a neutral act and implies no finding one way or another but is, rather, an entirely prudent course to preserve the integrity of the investigation."

Now i will ask the Senator are you preparing as a former Magistrate to hold a 'Kangaroo court' against Graham Power in the states on the 19th july just before summer recess.

You say you want to bring substantial parts of Wiltshire 1 and Wiltshire 2 to the house 'WHY'  99% of states members wont understand any off it

1.Do states members understand police procedures? they struggled with cycle helmets 

2. Should it not be Graham Power who should be facing these reports. He is suspended as a neutral act, look at what Andrew Lewis says 

"In addition, of course, the Chief Officer cannot comment and has not yet had the full opportunity that the process allows to answer to these matters and to defend himself.  Any debate would thus be unfair to him as the full facts are not yet known."

Now senator as a former Magistrate are you seriously going to hang Graham Power out to dry in the states chamber on the 19th july. As the Corporate parent/soul you have had since early 2009 to make sure Wiltshire produced their report on time, are you seriously going to take me and fellow states members for fools.

1. Graham Power has not faced any disciplinary proceedings, thats not his fault, its Wiltshire and yours. 

2. You should be apologizing to Graham Power, or,do you think its ok laying blame at his door when he has no chance of redress? please explain.

3. Suspension is a 'Neutral' act. Could you advise me where it says suspension is a neutral act, so, what you do is let it run its course then nail him at the end 

4. Operation Blast was your suspension. You brought it to the house on the 19th june 2009.  We have a double suspension on Graham Power and yes YOU AND WILTSHIRE have failed again with this one. Wiltshire charged us the Jersey Taxpayer £250,000 pounds for this suspension and when asked in the states this is what you said.  

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

"In my opinion, whatever procedure had been followed here, even if it had gone to full disciplinary hearings, even if it had gone to appeals, even if it had gone to the States itself, at the end of the day, members of the public of the Island would still continue to argue over this and individuals involved for many years to come.  That was apparent to me right from the start of my involvement in this.  It is regrettable that the formal procedures have not occurred, but the members of the public and Members of the States will receive information and they will then have to make up their own minds."

So £250,000 pounds and we have to make our own minds up, Senator what the blinking heck is going on here, do you even know what is going on, the reason i ask this as you keep getting advice from the Law Office and as the SCR said in their report, don't believe everything they tell you.

I could go on Senator 

I have been following this since Feb 2008 and like many others have a very good understanding of the issues. This has been a classic disastrous shambles and you must take some of the blame for this. Do you honestly think its fair after 18 months to even contemplate laying any blame at Graham Power when you have failed to bring any disciplinary procedures against him i ask you Senator 

Are you going to hold a Kangaroo court on the 19 July  

Yes we want answers,  as i have been researching police procedure its a funny old thing and not as straight forward as some would think.

Graham Power and the alternative view must be brought to the house at the same time, if not you are holding a KANGAROO COURT

Rico Sorda

I will let you know what reply if any i get.

Now i also believe its a good idea to look at an email sent to TLS & ILM from a very disgruntled states member just incase you think its  me and a couple of others who have a problem with this whole disastrous shambles. This is from Senator Alan Breckon who raises some very good points and who one might add is not a very happy man. Like many of us Senator Breckon wants answers.

This is his email


Dear Terry / Ian


During the States in Camera debate on Wednesday 24th February re Committe of Inquiry -  Suspension of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, proposed by the Deputy of St Martin, I expressed the view, whilst not supporting the above, that those responsible - that is the Chief Minister and the Home Affairs Minister should be given the benefit of the doubt to address issues within their remit.


I qualified this by saying that the outstanding matters can NOT be left to drift, and in my opinion either or both of you should report back positively to the States within 6 weeks


I still believe this is both appropriate and achievable, however, having looked at the calendar for States sittings the 6 weeks is not an exact fit, therefore what I am proposing is that either or both of you should report back positively in a statement to the States on or before 20th April which is very nearly 8 weeks from the above debate.


I wish there to be no misunderstanding as to why I am saying this and putting it in writing.


I believe it has become all too easy for Ministers to stand up and say or promise things and not deliver - in this case I do not believe this is good enough -it is not appropriate and I believe I should give you fair warning that if you don't come back to the States with something that is acceptable to myself, other States Members and the general public, within the timescale above, I will bring a vote of no confidence in either or both of you - you should not see this as a threat - it is a promise - I will do it because I do believe you can not be seen to bungle, dither & procrastinate any longer - vision & leadership is required - so get on with it and hurry up!


A number of allegations are now in the public domain - not to mention that a considerable amount of public money has been spent, however, I do not wish to go in to detail here, or express a view however, suffice it to say that it is your duty to sort this out and be seen to be doing so, not dithering with excuses


The clock is ticking and I hope you will appreciate that it is the issues that I am concerned about NOT the personalities - that is youselves or anybody else


I look forward to receiving positive feedback - from either or both of you - not directly to me - but as a "Statement to the States" where matters can be questioned and made public - very soon - as above.




Now i think that email nails it. Now look at the dates. Deputy Hill's proposition was on the 24th feb 2010 and Terry sabotaged it by saying he would bring in his man, we are now coming into July 2010 and still nothing from Brian Napier  QC , chuck in the Wiltshire reports and we have ' Ground Hog' day lol 

Like i say all the blame cant be put at Wiltshire's door ILM must shoulder his fair share also £250,000 is ILM'S doing regarding Operation Blast.

Its not even about Senator Breckon bringing a vote of no confidence against these bumbling ministers its gone way beyond that, the only people who have ILM'S back at the moment is probably the JEP who are all ready to run on the 19th with some fancy headline and bugger all research and hope it will all go away.

Now my last email is an exchange between Team Voice and Deputy Lewis ahhh Andrew Lewis i hear you say well nope Deputy Kevin Lewis 

Now why would Team Voice be having an email exchange with Kevin Lewis are we film buffs? Nope.

Are we interested in the HdelaG abuse scandal? yup very much so 

Deputy Kevin Lewis has extensive knowledge of the HdelaG building. This came to our attention some months ago so we got in contact with Deputy Lewis

First can i make it totally clear that Deputy Kevin Lewis is in no way involved or have anything to do with the Abuse that went on at HdelaG he just has an interest in buildings as he will explain in his emails so please no daft comments thank you.

I do however find it strange that he kept quite regarding questions on the cellars, seeing as his knowledge of the building is priceless, this is the fear factor and keep your head down at all times attitude that is alive 'n' kicking in the states.

Here is the Exchange

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: voiceforchildren voiceforchildren <>

Date: Wed, May 19, 2010 at 9:08 AM

Subject: facts.

To: "k.lewis" <>


As you will be aware there has been confusion between Kevin Lewis and Andrew Lewis sometimes on the Blogs. I am currently researching for an up-coming substantive Blog regarding the cellars at Haute de la Garenne.

I have it on extremely good authority that Deputy "Kevin" Lewis on the 24th February  went to HDLG and told the Senior Investigating Officer that (Lenny Harper) "there were cellars there and they had been covered up". It was with that knowledge (from you) that the SIO was able to locate the bricked entrance to the cellars that much easier/sooner.

Naturally I would not like to put anything into the public domain that is not factually correct, so wish to confirm the above is correct?

Kind Regards.


apologies for delay in replying it's been a hectic few days.


before I became a states Deputy I worked in the eighties as the production liaison, later location manager for BBC Television on the Bergerac series.

needing an old building we found HDLG which had just ceased to be a children's home, we converted the building and used it for approx five years.


as the series was seasonal I kept an eye on the building during the winter months, being an amateur historian in the I decided to research the building and spoke to many old residents, many due to age sadly no longer with us.


when the series came to an end the sets were dismantled and returned to the UK and HDLG was handed back to the states.


many years later February 24th I met up with the senior investigating officer (Lenny Harper) and took him around the building pointing out cellars and how to gain access and provided the SOJP with Arial maps of HDLG then and now and explained areas that had been altered by the series and later by the conversion to a hostel.


as it was a "Live" investigation I then withdrew from the site


Your statement below is factual correct.





Deputy Kevin Lewis

Assistant Minister

Transport & Technical Services



Thank you for your reply it was most informative. As you may be aware, myself and Rico Sorda, among others, have been researching the HDLG Investigation and the suspension of Chief Police Officer Graham Power.

What is slightly puzzling is that Mick Gradwell and David Warcup have been telling the media and States Members that there were no cellars, and you know this not to be true, and to the best of my knowledge have never mentioned it?

I'm sure you don't need reminding that two very highly respected Police Officers in Lenny Harper and Graham Power are having their careers and reputations torn to shreds over the HDLG Investigation. Why have you never publicly said that the cellars do exist?

Kind Regards.

Team Voice

On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 9:28 AM, Kevin Lewis <> wrote:


(Disclaimer the comments below is information I have received from former residents from 1935 onwards sadly no longer with us

and when I worked at HDLG when it ceased to be a home and my opinion, the comments regarding the structure are from information

pieced together by myself as there have been massive internal alterations over the years.)




The reason I have not made any comment is that the investigations were ongoing, if you look at HDLG you will see it slopes from north to south.

originally the Bath area was accessed by an external door (existing) to enable buckets of hot water to be brought in I believe the bathroom then was uncovered, at that time it was a boys only school, all the boys had to line up and were sent in ten at a time having to scrub the back of the person in front then out and the next ten in.


in later years newer bathrooms with hot running water were fitted and later purpose built shower blocks, the large old bath being no longer required was abandoned and later a floor was put down above and a bath and washbasins installed.


As a floor had been put in over the bath this encroached on the doorway so it was bricked up, and later a TV relay system was bolted to that wall to cable TV down to Gorey which suffered from bad reception.


was it a cellar, was it a mezzanine, was it a lower floor?, it was the old Bathroom and I had made my comments clear to the SIO SOJP at that time.

I provided Arial maps then and now, and all information I had gathered over the years, as the investigation was then " live " I withdrew from the site.


the only comment I had at that previously from former residents was " It was a very tough regime !




So there we have the exchange if any one knows there are cellars its Deputy Kevin Lewis. What is a crucial point that Kevin points out is that the building slopes, this is backed up on the Voiceforchildren site.

I thought i would share these emails with you 

We will keep on searching for the Truth 

RS Team Voice


voiceforchildren said...


The Cellars/Voids the we were told were a maximum of 1.4 metres in actual fact were somewhat deeper than that!

TonyTheProf said...

Excellent piece of fact finding Rico.

Ian Evans said...

No wonder you have been quiet for over a week!!!

You got this charade sussed out now mate, well done.

Zoompad said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

"many years later February 24th I met up with the senior investigating officer (Lenny Harper) and took him around the building pointing out cellars and how to gain access and provided the SOJP with Arial maps of HDLG then and now and explained areas that had been altered by the series and later by the conversion to a hostel."

Great work Team Voice.

We have cellars mentioned everywhere yet Gradwell said they were voids not cellars.

Deputy Lewis why have so been so quiet

rico sorda said...

29. The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Senator F. du H. Le Gresley –
“Given that in his reply to a written question on 22nd June 2010, the Minister advised that the cost of salaries and subsistence, totalling £234,854 up to 20th July 2010, to cover the absence of the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police “is not being funded from the core Police budget, but is included in the Historical Abuse Enquiry additional costs”, will the Minister inform members who made this decision and whether the Minister for Treasury and Resources was consulted?
Can the Minister explain why he considers that this ongoing expenditure can be attributed to being a cost of the Historical Abuse Enquiry?”
Good first question Senator and good luck


Anonymous said...

I will admit I am pleasantly surprised with Senator Le Gresley. Lets hope its not a token question to appease his doubters.

rico sorda said...

It's a very strong email from Senator Breckon and goes along with the one he sent concerning that joke 'CHAPMAN REPORT'.

Just how are they going to get out of this?

I think first up they should apologize to GP for the utter failure in Wiltshire and the Home Affairs minister to conclude this in some reasonable time scale.

They cant even apologize to Abuse victims so fat chance of that

They trashed Jon Days reputation and career, did they apologize. NOPE

I believe our government at the moment is not fit for purpose


Anonymous said...

pic is of Kevin LewiS!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry just read ALL post kevin Lewis correct!!

Anonymous said...

The extra money Graham Power has earned while being unfairly suspended, he should use from 20th July onwards to clear his good name.

No doubt he has this in mind.

Proud Survivor said...

Top marks for great investigative journalism! What a coup for Rico and Team Voice.


Anonymous said...

Remember this?

Press Release Operation Rectangle
Wednesday 12 November 2008

The States of Jersey Police have today issued the following press statement in order to clarify matters relating to Haut de la Garenne and to provide an update in relation to the wider child abuse enquiry.

In February this year, the States of Jersey Police commenced a search at Haut de la Garenne. This search resulted in the recovery of a considerable number of forensic finds.

In the weeks that followed, the enquiry was the centre of considerable media coverage and became a matter of serious public concern. Statements which were issued by the States of Jersey Police suggested that serious criminal offences had been perpetrated against children and also that there was a possibility that children may have been murdered, bodies had been disposed of and buried within the home.

The States of Jersey Police are now making a clear distinction between the forensic finds at Haut de La Garenne and the investigation into offences of Historic Child Abuse. It is emphasised however that the States of Jersey Police continue to investigate offences of abuse against children which occurred within the child care system in Jersey over several decades.

The States of Jersey Police wish to make it absolutely clear that central to the investigation, are the complainants and witnesses who have come forward and provide statements to the Enquiry Team. We are clear in our absolute commitment to the full and thorough investigation of the complaints which have been made with the aim of uncovering the truth and bringing anyone responsible for offending to justice.

It is also essential, however, to ensure that the facts are reported properly.

An assessment of the evidence available has revealed that the forensic recoveries do not indicate that there have been murders of children or other people at Haut de la Garenne. Nor is it believed that the evidence indicates that bodies have been destroyed, buried or hidden at Haut de la Garenne.

Should any further evidence come to light, this will be assessed, and whatever action is necessary will be taken.
The Deputy Chief Officer, David Warcup, stated;

“It is unfortunate that we now believe that the information which was put into the public domain by the States of Jersey Police about certain ‘finds’ at Haut de la Garenne was inaccurate, and we regret this”.


Anonymous said...

Part two:

With regard to the particular evidence which has been highlighted in the media, the States of Jersey Police are clear that these do not support suggestions that there have been murders at Haut de la Garenne. In particular;

A Piece of Child’s Skull

An anthropologist made an initial identification as this item being a piece of child’s skull.
At 10:45 am the SIO made a decision to release information to the press about the find.
At 2pm the same day a press conference disclosed this item as the finding of the potential remains of a child.
This item was lying within earth that is now identified as being Victorian era.
On the 31st March 2008 Dr Higham from the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit stated he believed the item was not bone.
The original anthropologist reviewed her initial identification and on 14th April 2008 had stated she no longer identified it as part of a skull.
Dr Higham and Dr Jacobi (of the British Museum faunal specialist) concluded that the sample was not in fact bone, but was almost certainly wood. They went further stating it was more like a part of a seed casing like a small piece of coconut.
The conclusions are therefore that the sample is a) Not bone and b) Not human.
The States of Jersey Police satisfied that having liaised with the anthropologist and Dr Higham and other experts, that this item is not human and was found in a Victorian context.
Shackles’ and ‘Restraints’:

The item referred to as ‘Shackles’ was found in rubble on the ground floor of HDLG on 28th February. These are in fact rusty pieces of metal. There is no witness evidence or intelligence which indicates these should be described as shackles or that shackles resembling this description have been used during the commission of any offences.

The item called a ‘restraint’ was found amongst general debris in an under floor area. However, there is no evidence or intelligence indicating this is anything suspicious.

The Bath and blood stains:

This bath in the under floor voids has no water supply and has not been used as a bath since the 1920’s when a brick pillar was constructed within it. During the search a specialist search dog reacted to the bath and a presumptive test indicated positive for blood in a minute area of the bath. Following detailed forensic microscopic examination no blood has been found. There is nothing suspicious about the bath and no indication this bath has been used in the commission of any offences.

The Cellars

These are floor voids. They are not cellars, and it is impossible for a grown person to stand up straight in the floor voids under Haut de la Garenne.


There are 65 teeth found in the floor voids and 1 elsewhere. They are milk teeth coming from at least 10 people - up to a maximum of 65 people. Around 45 of the teeth originate from children aged 9 to 12 yrs and 20 from the range 6 to 8 years.
There is wear on some of the teeth; these teeth generally have the appearance of being shed naturally.

It is possible for more tests to be done on the teeth to clarify age and other factors.

Anonymous said...

Part three:


170 pieces of bone which are mainly animal were found in the area of HDLG which was searched. Many more pieces of bone were found in the area of the grounds, all of which are animal.

Of all that material, there are 3 fragments which are ‘possibly’ human; the biggest piece is 25 mm long.
2 fragments date 1470 to 1650 and the other 1650 to 1950
These have not definitely been identified as human bone. Taking in all this information, this is an unexplained find if it is human, but not necessarily suspicious.
The Pits

These were dug in the late 1970s and are unexplained, but nothing suspicious has been found in either of them.

In summary;

No people are reported missing
There are no allegations of murder
There are no suspects for murder
There is no specific time period for murder.
We are satisfied that there is no indication or evidence that there have been murders at HDLG.
The Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, David Warcup stated, “I continue to have every confidence in the detectives and investigators who are currently working on the historical abuse enquiry. The have worked extremely hard in their search for the truth and to bring offenders to justice.”

“This investigation has clearly had an impact on the very committed men and women who work for the States of Jersey Police and I am grateful to them for their hard work, dedication and commitment during recent months in helping to ensure that the people of Jersey receive a good service from their local force.”

“I also wish to make comment concerning the relationship between Crown Officers working with the enquiry and the States of Jersey Police. Much has been reported which suggested that lawyers do not work directly with investigating officers.
The fact is that lawyers do work with investigators on serious and complex enquiries, I can absolutely reassure the public that the relationship between the police and lawyers is a positive one and I have seen absolutely no evidence whatsoever which would support any assertion that they should not have been directly involved in the enquiry. Indeed I would suggest that excluding lawyers has resulted in delays to the investigative process.”

The Historic Abuse enquiry will continue to be led by Detective Superintendent Mick Gradwell. Who stated.

“I would wish to emphasise that we are not questioning the fact that historically serious offences have been committed against children. There will however not be the number of court cases or prosecutions which were originally reported.”

“I have every confidence in the investigation team who are committed to bringing offenders to justice.”

What a load of horse manure!!!

Anonymous said...

There is no getting away from it.

Within the next year or two the likes of G Power, Harper and Syvret are going to have to be taken seriously.

Because they are not going to go away until the truth is out and their names are cleared of wrong doings.

Anonymous said...

The next year or two make that the next month or two.

A big thanks rico, you VFC and stuart have never given up.

Anonymous said...


Is it true you have Mick Gradwell on video saying there are no cellars at hdelag.

If this is true could you put it up online or leave a link thank you.

I think more of us should be emailing ILM

voiceforchildren said...


Those politicians that do ask questions in the States are the one's that get critisized, for what? trying to bring some justice to survivors of horrendous Child Abuse? Wanting to hold Ministers to account for their decisions? Wanting to know the truth?

I don't think the bullets should be shot at those who ARE asking questions, they should be shot at those who AREN'T.

If Kevin Lewis has known about these CELLARS all along, then why has he never mentioned it in the States? What kind of political "representation" is that? Watching abuse survivors be denied justice, basically getting called "liars" because there aren't any cellars, and Kevin Lewis has known all along there were cellars, CELLARS an awful lot deeper than 1.4 metres!

Time to stand up and be counted Kevin.

voiceforchildren said...

"The Cellars

These are floor voids. They are not cellars, and it is impossible for a grown person to stand up straight in the floor voids under Haut de la Garenne" in Mick Gradwell and David Warcup's Press Release, I would emphasise the words “it is impossible for a grown person to stand up straight in the floor voids under Haut de la Garenne". And then have a look at the video of Deputy Bob Hill STANDING UP STRAIGHT IN A CELLAR AT HAUTE DE LA GARENNE.

The link is a couple of comments up, but here it is again.

Anonymous said...

A bath or a vessel full of water WAS used in the cellars as late as the 1970s.
Children were thrown in, tied in a sack, for punishment!

Anonymous said...

What was ILMs answer to the recent question of the removal of the bath from the cellar?
And why was it removed and where is it now?

rico sorda said...


I have never herd that before about children tied in a sack and thrown in.

Did you report this to the police? it's the most shocking comment i have ever received. I did think twice about publishing it because of the lack of text that accompanied it, can you give more details?

I get worried about people trying to sabotage the comments section.

I hope to god that never happened.

Like i say, i have never herd that before.

I have indeed got Mick Gradwell in my archive saying there are NO CELLARS at hdelag he says it with a bit of a mumble but he says it.

To the UK Media who are following my blog if you would like any answers about citizen media or why we are doing this you can get me on this email address.


rico sorda said...

I will find the reply about the bath but incase you don't know

'The bath has been lost'

Yup its gone vanished, the bath fairies with sledge hammers destroyed it but joking aside it has vanished, the most famous bath has done one.

Apparently it disappeared when it was handed back. I have checked with Lenny Harper and he says there should be an audit trail on it but as i type it has disappeared


Anonymous said...

Reported to the Police?

Anonymous said...

4.11 The Deputy of St. Martin of the Minister for Home Affairs regarding the employment of the former Senior Investigating Officer by the States of Jersey Police:

Will the Minister inform Members whether the former senior investigating officer who, on his departure from Jersey, made remarks in relation to the historic abuse investigation which the Minister considered to be inappropriate and unprofessional, is he currently employed by the States of Jersey Police and, if so, in what capacity, on whose authority, and was the Minister informed of the appointment?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand (The Minister for Home Affairs):

The person concerned has, since leaving the Island, continued to give some assistance in relation to the tidying-up of loose ends in relation to the historic abuse inquiry. He was paid for a period of 4 days’ work in this area during which, among other things, he assisted in the documentation - that is setting out in writing - of certain information in relation to the inquiry. This was authorised by the Acting Chief Officer and is quite a normal occurrence when an officer has been involved with a major investigation, particularly a senior officer, that there will be loose ends to be tidied-up. I was not informed that this was happening and do not consider that there was any need for me to be informed, this being merely the sort of matter that will be dealt with at an operational level by senior officers. If I had been so informed, I would have supported this decision because the importance of the inquiry is paramount.

4.11.1 The Deputy of St. Martin:

I do not have a problem with the officer coming back because I agree with the Minister that he has to finish the job there but when an officer comes back, as he did, would it be necessary for them to sign some Official Secrets Act and also then be compliant with any particular code when they do come back after retirement? Would they be required to sign some Official Secrets Act?

Gradwell what were you doing

Anonymous said...

Another tough cop can't handle blogs lol ILM you are a card

.11.4 The Deputy of Grouville:

Yes, it was in answer to a question that I asked whereby the Minister remarked that the officer’s comments were inappropriate and unprofessional yet today are we to understand that he is not making comment one way or another? Surely if a comment is unprofessional and inappropriate, the Minister cannot agree with these comments. It sounds to me as if he wants to remain neutral now. Could he comment?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

No, I do not agree with that. The comments that I made on that occasion were criticism of an officer who, quite frankly, gave way to the human weakness of being baited for a long time with unfair criticism of him on blog sites and elsewhere and lost his cool, as it were, and decided that he was going to have his say before he left the Island. Now, I do not think that is a professional thing to do but that is no reflection whatsoever. I have commented neither way on the accuracy of what he said. I am perfectly able to hold an opinion that an officer should exercise more self-restraint although I do understand his frustration in this without my in any way criticising the contents of what he said.

Anonymous said...

22nd Sept 2009

ILM saying this

'Inappropriate and unprofessional.'

That's how Jersey's Home Affairs Minister described comments by former police officers in relation to the islands historic abuse investigation..

In the States, Senator Ian Le Marquand said it was regrettable retired officers felt it necessary to publicly criticise the case.

The Home Affairs Minister said it was impossible to know how damming the comments had been. And he was under the impression both Lenny Harper and Mick Gradwell should have been bound by the official secrets act.

He also said an independent enquiry would only duplicate work and would probably be a waste of tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

Well over a hundred victims of HDLG gave evidence to the Police, regarding assault and abuse. In fact there were so many people who came forward and so many people "in high places", named.

There was only one way forward, rubbish Power & Harper, which inturn would rubbish all of the painstaking evidence from the hundred plus victims.

Job done!, so they thought.

Little did they know Citizen Media would be on their backs until the bitter end!!

Anonymous said...

Aswell as the Home Affairs Minister Le Marquand, saying "inappropiate and unprofessional", refering to Mick Gradwell. He also said refering to Bill Ogley destroying minutes to Graham Power's suspension meeting. "Totaly unacceptable".

You have also got to remember what he said before he even got into the States that "their is not one present member of the States worthy of being Chief Minister".

Coco the clown coconut Le Marquand, your sad but funny.

Anonymous said...

The States of Jersey Police wish to make it absolutely clear that central to the investigation, are the complainants and witnesses who have come forward and provide statements to the Enquiry Team. We are clear in our absolute commitment to the full and thorough investigation of the complaints which have been made with the aim of uncovering the truth and bringing anyone responsible for offending to justice.

Yeah right lol

what about the maguire's

rico sorda said...

Can someone explain how ILM can bring any of this to the states. It obviously cant be lodged as a proposition, he could lodge a personal statement but then that only leaves 10 mins for questions, how is he going to do this.

If he does it as a report then it cant get debated as such, how is he going to do it?

He cant just walk in and start talking, he can leave a report for members

How does he do this?


Anonymous said...


It will probably be a statement that only allows 10 minutes of questions

If thats what the Jersey Taxpayer has spent over a million pounds on then ILM should resign when he has finished reading it.

You are so bang on with the Kangaroo Court theory but remember he is just the puppet its the Law Office that holds his reputation.

voiceforchildren said...


ILM just can't seem to grasp that "The Law Officers" are nameless and faceless and he isn't. He is the name and face that will be judged by the electorate, history, and in his case God. Unfortunately he will be surrounded by these "Law Officers" and Civil Servants, who will be stroking his ego and telling him what a great job he is doing (for them). While the rest of us just watch him make a complete fool of himself (for them)

rico sorda said...


He always says he is getting advice so maybe anon is right he is just a puppet? Advice on this Advice on that It's a Scandal on this its a Scandal on that.

Any guesses yet on Diane Simons Jep headline?

At least it can be used as a guest posting and a final say on all maters

David Rose is writing a guest posting for my next blog he just emailed me the headline

" 150 Billion wasted on the nothing to see move along please Jersey non existent Child Abuse Scandal'


Anonymous said...

You need to grow up a bit as far as David Rose articles are concerned because not once has he ever said 'non existent Child Abuse'.

If you want anybody to take you seriously you need to be truthful and comments like that one simply are not.

Anonymous said...

2. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“Will the Minister advise whether the alleged author of the Metropolitan (Met) Police Interim Report is himself under investigation by the Met regarding alleged anomalies in the report’s construction and whether the author neglected to interview crucial witnesses who could have refuted allegations made by the Former Deputy Chief Officer against the former Senior Investigating Officer and the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police?”

5. Deputy M. Tadier of St. Brelade will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs

“Will the Minister inform Members why and when he commissioned an independent inquiry into the financial probity of the Haut de la Garenne Inquiry, how much it has cost, where the funding has come from and when the report will be presented to the States?”

Written Queation

9. The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier –

“Under questioning about the lengthy suspension process of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police on the 22nd June 2010, the Minister asked for patience, advising Members that all would be revealed in July, will the Minister now give assurances that when referring to July he meant that information, including access to the so called 'Metropolitan Police Interim Report' and information as to whether the former Chief Minister and current States Chief Executive Officer received briefings on other States Members as a consequence of 'Operation Blast', will be provided to members before, or during the last States sitting prior to the summer recess; or will the Minister be seeking to delay the release of such information until the summer recess has begun, thus preventing the opportunity for Members to ask questions?”

29. The Minister for Home Affairs will table an answer to the following question asked by Senator F. du H. Le Gresley –

“Given that in his reply to a written question on 22nd June 2010, the Minister advised that the cost of salaries and subsistence, totalling £234,854 up to 20th July 2010, to cover the absence of the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police “is not being funded from the core Police budget, but is included in the Historical Abuse Enquiry additional costs”, will the Minister inform members who made this decision and whether the Minister for Treasury and Resources was consulted?

Can the Minister explain why he considers that this ongoing expenditure can be attributed to being a cost of the Historical Abuse Enquiry?”

Tomorrows states sitting

rico sorda said...

Hi Anonymous

Don't be so touchy.

If all the other headlines where rubbish then you can chuck in the david rose one too


Anonymous said...


ILM admitted this morning that G Power was suspended on two counts 1/The HDLG overspend & 2/Operation Blast.
This is the first time that ILM has openly admitted that G Power was suspended for O.B.
He also admitted for the first time that the overspend on HDLG could have been the fault of the Chief Officer of Home Affairs (I Black) rather than Chief of Police (G Power).

We also know that O.B. was instigated by F Walker & B Ogley.

Therefore Graham Power should never have been suspended for either count!

Do you agree?

rico sorda said...

Hi Anonymous

The chief officer who would be at fault is Steve Austin Vautier he is the accounting officer. I have done a blog on this it will be in my archive. ILM was under pressure today and i look forward to the audio so we can hear exactly what he said.

ILM admitted in July 2009 that GP was suspended for a second time you can find it on thisisjersey

There are some fun times ahead that is for sure, starting from next week if ILM starts debriefing states members


rico sorda said...

Check my posting for April 22nd in my archive, i will try a link later thanks to mr.evans and his hard work lol