Monday, July 19, 2010


David Warcup has Resigned

He leaves in December


GeeGee said...

Wonder how long Skippy has known about this, and I wonder after all this shambles who on earth would want to take on this job anyway.

As I have said elsewhere, if you are going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it too, something it seems Mr Warcup has been unable to do.

Anonymous said...

A sinking ship comes to mind

Ole Razzy said...

Wonders will never cease in this truly Machiaevellian tale. Just when you think things have run thier course some other crisis emerges. Graham Power is officially retired this week. How long then before he attempts to trump ILM by publishing;

The interim met report.

David Warcup's letter to Bill Ogley.

His 62 page commentary to Wilstshire.

The Wiltshire's reports in full.

And any other number of relevant documents, emails and file notes in order to make his defence most public?

Anonymous said...

Are we now going to be reading pages in the JEP of Mr. Warcups version of Mr. Graham Power and Mr. Lennie Harpers failings?

Bungelow Bill said...

Shame it wasn't the Minister for Bungling ian 'Teapot calling the kettle black' Le Marquand. His attack on the likes of Hill, Pitman, Crowcroft, Wimberley, Higgins and Tadier showed what a useless, out of his depth half-wit this 'politician' is.

rico sorda said...

I would like to say there will be no gloating from me about David Warcup handing in his notice.

This is about Truth and Justice, what happens in that search will happen, if people must go then so be it.

There are so many unanswered questions going back to the original suspension, Wiltshire has not cleared him. We only have 10% of that report.

Will still await the Brian Napier Report

I find it crazy that elected states are getting attacked for asking questions my god that is their job.

Attack the ones who remain silent it's their silence that exposes the good ones, have we forgotten how Stuart was attacked for asking questions.

I started on my journey two years ago and the reason for my involvement was i just had the feeling that the Abuse Victims would not get a fair crack at justice, my journey is by no means complete, the research and question must still be asked.

This is about ordinary people standing up and saying enough is enough. I love my beautiful Island and I want it to be a beautiful place on all levels.

Like I say there will be no gloating about David Warcup if he feels he must go in the search of Truth & Justice then so be it.

Mr Power

Thank you for all that you have done for the Abuse Survivors. You served my Island for many years and I,m sure mistakes were made in that time but I thank you and hope you enjoy your retirement.

You were offered no kind words of thanks today in the states, that is disgusting.

You and Lenny stepped up for the children of Jersey and I hope its a safer place for them

I will be blogging very soon about these developments

The fight for the Abuse Survivors never stops