Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Police Chief disciplinary action abandoned

Disciplinary action against the former head of Jersey's police force has been dropped.

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand made the decision today (Wednesday) saying there was 'ample evidence' against Graham Power, but the case has been so drawn out it can no longer be pursued.

No specific charges have ever been made against Mr Power, but his suspension is believed to be related to his handling of the historic child abuse investigation.

Mr Power has always said he's done nothing wrong.
Senator Le Marquand says he'll be making further statements next week.

Keep checking VFC for more news on this breaking story.

Team Voice have been saying this for a very long time and faced ridicule.

When you look at the facts and start investigating you see the shambles unfold and ILM still thinks he can have his KANGAROO COURT next week.

Will be blogging more tmrw

Team Voice are not letting up not a chance



voiceforchildren said...


The Friends of Graham Power have issued a Press Release

GeeGee said...

Please, please do NOT give up now Team Voice. My first chance to look at the Blog sites for a few days and whilst delighted for Mr Power, I am absolutely disgusted with the way this whole affair has panned out - so should you be Mr Le Marquand. You have lost all credibility and respect.

Anonymous said...

Just read the press release and sent it to everyone in my contacts,No matter how many so called emails or phone calls they get at radio Jersey during the phone in, complaining that they are sick of all these questions relating to G Ps suspension. The normal thinking resident of Jersey know it stinks and Ian le Marquand is not going to come out of this well

Anonymous said...

We cannot wait until these further statements from ILM next week.
We also cannot wait until further statements from Graham Power the following week....
Thats the week of his official retirement and that means no more States of Jersey ties!?
Sing like a canary Mr Power!!!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me this was not simply about saving Jerseys reputation.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mr Power is a good strong Christian
Apparently so is Senator le Marqaund
I know which one i will believe

Great work Rico and Voice
Looks like things are going to get very interesting in the next few weeks , months and years. Especially when Graham Power gets called to be a witness for Stuart and the abuse vitims

Anonymous said...


ILM loosing it today in the states.

Senator Le Marquand (Minister for Home Affairs)
Sir in relation to the contribution of the Connétable of St Helier he is, in my view, perpetuating a myth which has also been perpetuated for some time by the Deputy of St Martin both of whom have chosen to be, to nail their colours to the ‘Power’ mast, if I may put it that way, most firmly, perpetuating the myth that somehow Mr Power would have gone away

Greffier of the States (in the Chair)
If we could use his title please Minister

Senator Le Marquand (Minister for Home Affairs)
I’m sorry Sir, somehow the Chief Officer of Police would have gone away. The fact is, that he chose from day 1 to seek to say ‘I have done nothing wrong, I want to come back, in fact I’m going to bring legal proceedings against the Home Affairs Minister so that I can be reinstated. The fact is that there never was the option open to the Home Affairs Minister to simply pay him off – that was not something he was going to accept, that was not something he was ever going to agree to. So this is a complete myth which has been put over that somehow I had some other option open to me – the fact is it will very shortly be demonstrated when I reveal reports – which I hope to do next week – in relation to these matters that the Chief Officer of Police was very seriously at fault in a whole number of different ways, and members will then be able to judge whether my opinion of the matter.

Connétable of St Helier
Sir I think I ought to raise a point of order. I think for the Minister to pre-empt the disciplinary process is entirely wrong – the person concerned has no right of reply – this is not a judicial court – I suggest the Minister withdraws his remarks.

Senator Le Marquand (Minister for Home Affairs)
I am not withdrawing the remarks they are absolutely true and I have had to wait a very long time to say it and I will demonstrate that that is absolutely true next week from the reports which I have. I am well aware of the discipline matters, I am able to inform members if they are interested that I have today abandoned the discipline proceedings against the Chief Officer of Police upon the basis that it is impossible to finish them in the time – solely on that basis – there are ample grounds for disciplinary proceedings as will become apparent shortly [Interruption] I am not giving way, but maybe those members who have chosen to nail their colours so firmly to the mast - without actually checking with me as to what the real facts have been - may have to eat humble pie.

rico sorda said...

I have a feeling ILM has had a sunday' talkback' moment, I swear, listen to the recording on 'thejerseyway'.

I bet he had no intention of saying all disciplinary action was being dropped today but in his pomp he just couldn't shut up, now how the hell does he bring anything into the public domain, he has shoot himself in the foot again remember the ACPO scandal.

What a mess an shocking mess

And still no apology to the Abuse Victims or any others ridiculed in this shambles


Anonymous said...

Rico Sorda blog & VFC

Just keep on going you have shown the way

GeeGee said...

Ian Le Marquand was a man elected on an Island wide mandate and topped the poll. Great and good things were expected of him. What a dismal, ineffective, bumbling failure he has proved to be and an embarrasment to boot. Remind anyone of our present Chief Minister??

Did he not say that if Warcup does not get approved as Police Chief he would resign? Well let us hope that members see the light and that a) They do not approve Warcup as worthy of the role and
b) Le Marquand then stands by his word.
Wishful thinking, but this should be the rightful outcome.

Anonymous said...

Skoda, I sure hope D. Simon feeds that other blog soon with some tit-bits, they are like hungry chicks screaming for food.

Just like the punk days you are nailing it & stealing the shows.

Le Marq will begin his own court and judement next week anyone with half a brain will just laugh.

Keep going mate

Terry Le Gerbil said...

Resign ILM. You are a joke. A good Christian? Don't make me a laugh.

Anonymous said...

'Big Trev' is a legend. Don't you agree Rico? And Bob Hill for Home Affairs Minister!

rico sorda said...

Yup agree with that 'Big Trev' is a legend

Bob for Home Affairs yup

States members should be asking questions and stepping up some have done that some have not

mac said...

What is becoming obvious is that ILM is not used to being asked or answering questions and he doesn't like it one bit. what he has to remember is he is no longer a judge so if he wants to continue in politics he better get used to being asked and answering questions.

Graham said...

Can someone start up a 'Please sack Ian Le Marquand he is a complete joke'facebook page?

rico sorda said...

Hi Iruka

I fully expect Wiltshire to find problems with the investigation, I don't think there has ever been a perfect police investigation it's one of the reasons the police call in other police forces to do reviews, its how they move forward. Now if these reviews lead to chief of police officers to be suspended who would ever call in a review? this is why the Metropolitan Police had a huge falling out with the Jersey Authorities.

Now when ILM calls his meeting with states members next week which i,m led to believe is on Monday the big question is WHY

The only person he should be calling in for a meeting is Graham Power, not states members or trying to convince members of the public.

He had a duty as Home Affairs minister to allow Graham Power to defend himself against all points raised by Wiltshire seeing as Wiltshire was the beginning of any disciplinary procedure.

Suspension is a Neutral act, what ILM now wants to do is hold a trial with just the Prosecution and no Defence, he has let it get personal and must be Neutral I find this shocking and no matter what side of the fence you are on I think we all find this shocking.

I call it the act of a coward

Graham Power was due to retire in November 2010 no matter what. When ILM was called in by Home Affairs scrutiny he said any disciplinary would take over a year, so why he is saying GP'S july retirement has stopped things, this is a lie and a mystery.

He is holding a 'Kangaroo Court'

How many states members will know what is right or wrong, how many members of the public will know what is right or wrong.

Wiltshire was part of the disciplinary the disciplinary has been dropped so someone tell what the hell is ILM doing.

Graham Power should be the only one facing any allegations of wrong doing

Are we really happy that our Government has stooped this low, I find it disgusting, and has left me in shock, I find ILM's behavior and attitude on CTV as very hostile towards Graham Power, are we just going to take this.

When i see this happening it makes me realize why we are heading into a big black hole as an island, we are out of control, lawless?

What ILM is about to do must go down as one of the most shameful acts in Jersey's history

Is this what we have come too.

I have no doubt about next weeks headlines but GP must be represented at the same time as ILM,if not

ILM is holding a 'KANGAROO COURT' and its not just this island that are following this sorry saga


rico sorda said...
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GeeGee said...

Mac - I couldn't agree with you more. Like Terry Le Sueur they do not like being challenged or questioned and you can almost see and hear the hackles rise when they are.

Two 'dyed in the wool' Jerseymen of the old school, who have been unable to move into the 21st century. Unfortunately they are both politicians who hold the highest office and neither should be re-elected.