Thursday, July 8, 2010


Here is the email I sent ILM


I have no idea what has happened to you these last couple of days but I can assure you I was shocked at your appearance on CTV this evening. The venom you showed towards Graham Power was nothing short of a disgrace, especially from a Sitting Minister. You have turned into Judge,Jury and executioner, this coming from a former Magistrate, how has this happened.

Remember what Andrew Lewis said on the original suspension

"In addition, of course, the Chief Officer cannot comment and has not yet had the full opportunity that the process allows to answer to these matters and to defend himself. Any debate would thus be unfair to him as the full facts are not yet known."

Your comments when asked about Graham Power retiring 3yrs ago shocked me, i,m under no illusion what you plan on doing next week.

Don't you realize its not just us who are looking at this shambles, we have outside media following the blogs, and you are prepared to hold a 'Kangaroo Court' and I wonder why my government is in such a mess

This is just the beginning Senator, your political future and reputation is going down faster than a zero-ten tax policy, we are not mugs or fools.

The only person who should be having a briefing next week is Graham Power not States Members, how many State Members will know anything about what you plan on bringing to the states?

I believe in being honest Senator and speaking my mind, you are a politician and represent me, I believe you have failed in your handling of the Graham Power suspension. I believe, and this is my own opinion, that you should Resign, you are about to bring us back into the dark ages, you are prepared to hold court with just the prosecution and no defence, this from a former Magistrate, plain crazy.

I know the local media will be fully briefed and all favors called in, its just how it works, we will have the big headline Graham Power this Graham Power, but we know Wiltshire was the beginning of the disciplinary procedure not the end, we also know that if Graham Power had retired in November 2010 he would still be waiting, have you forgotten about your p30 scrutiny hearing when you said the process would take over a year.

What happened to the poll topping Senator who said there was no one in the house who was fit to be Chief Minister? I think we can scratch you from the list

A Shambles A Complete And Utter Shambles

please reply

rico sorda

Next week will be full on i,m sure as ILM takes us back to the Dark Ages. If anyone reading this is not happy about what's going on then email ILM and let him know.

He is a politician and represents you

Time for Action



Anonymous said...


GeeGee said...

Rico - I am so very sickened by all this I will follow your example and send ILeM and e-mail expressing my feelings also, and I hope a lot of other people should follow suit.

His behaviour has been a disgrace, and yes, he should resign without question.

If Mr Power reads this blog, I have said it before and will say it again, the ordinary decent people of this Island are ashamed about what has happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure up Rico. ILM has set in motion a chain of events that will come back to haunt this Island for years to come. And, if he was honest from the outset, could really have been very different.

rico sorda said...


Send the guy an email, everyone should send him an email.

He is just an arrogant pompous ex magistrate who is taking us into the dark ages


rico sorda said...

I have just spoken to the Wiltshire Police press office and they have told me that the Jersey own the report the commissioned it and paid for it and they can cherry pick it so there you are.

This is going to get very very messy


Anonymous said...

be ready for next week, ILM will knock out some headlines and the rest will say there you are without even questioning it.

Graham Power will be hung out by the media

or will the media say it stops here

Anonymous said...

Things are slightly different now and can only get better.

You now have blogs such as this. You also have people recording and publishishing timelines of events etc things the public would not usually be informed about. Long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

"In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled." - Paul Eldridge

I anticipate that ILM will attempt to baffle us, silly members of the public that we are, with a glut of "facts" taken from the report as you say, but they still won't present the truth of the whole sorry picture.

Anonymous said...


Remember this

2.11.2 Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier:

Can the Assistant Minister confirm whether or not some of the material in Operation Blast consists of transcript of secret audio recordings?

Deputy J.A. Hilton:

I am not able to answer that question.

2.11.3 The Deputy of St. Martin:

I do not know whether the Assistant Minister can answer this one, but is the Assistant Minister aware of the involvement, maybe, of the Chief Executive Officer in the Operation Blast and has any consideration been given about him being suspended as well?

Deputy J.A. Hilton:

As I stated before, I have not been involved in any of the issues surrounding the disciplinary process. I have not read any of the reports that have been submitted to the Minister for Home Affairs so I do not feel able to answer that question.

2.11.4 Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire:

One of the reasons we have been told today that the Chief of Police has been suspended is to do with Operation Blast. Could the Assistant Minister give us any of the 3 categories that have been outlined by the Chief Minister in relation to that and also the other reason why the Chief of Police has been suspended?

Deputy J.A. Hilton:

As I stated before, I have not been involved in the disciplinary process. I was not present at the meeting that took place and do not feel able to answer that question on behalf of my Minister.

2.11.5 Deputy P.V.F. Le Claire:

Supplementary, can we seriously expect that given such gravity of the situation the Minister for Home Affairs has not shared the information with the Assistant Minister as to the reason why the Chief of Police has been suspended? Surely, this is a woeful management of our government. What would happen if the Minister died? Will the Assistant Minister please inform us whether or not she is now saying, categorically, she has no knowledge as to the reason of the suspension, other than one she has mentioned of the Chief of Police?

Anonymous said...

Why the big song and dance about Wiltshire, why suspend Graham Power, have we all forgotten about Verita already.

They committed manslaughter and got away with it.

How come GP never got the " we must move on and learn from this" all very strange

Anonymous said...

Rico & Team Voice

And just for the record this is not Graham Power but someone who supports justice.

Terms of Reference for Wiltshire

1. Whether Chief Officer Powers performance met the ACPO/NPIA standards and guidance for the supervision of operation Rectangle

(including the supervision of the financial management of operation rectangle)

2. Whether Chief of Police performance me the ACPO/NPIA standards and guidance for the supervision of operation rectangle as a Critical Incident

3. Wether Chief of Police Graham Power performance met the ACPO/NPIA standards and guidance for the supervision of the media strategy in resect of operation Rectangle

The Investigating officer should note that the Haut dela Garenne enquiry and opperation rectangle are synonymous


Do you now understand why they had to rubbish ACPO

Good luck

Anonymous said...

The Newall Murders, within 'The Stories That Shocked The Islands' by Samantha Burgeois tells her readers; The police and reporters believed that it was a good idea to keep the investigation open to the public eye, as they thought the publicity would help.
I assume then that a conviction was considered more important than Jersey's reputation and quite rightly so, otherwise, evil will rule!.

Anonymous said...

The Newalls had more evidence against them from the start than Ricki Tregascas had , but guess what he was from the wrong side of the tracks,the rest is history.

juilian Gollop
Might be a person to ask a few questions to

rico sorda said...

I must admit i,m tired from all of this very tired and drained. Im just a normal 'pleb' who wants to do right, thats all it's ever been about since I started on this. I hate what is happening with my beautiful island and the elite idiots that run it, the ass wipe lackeys that kiss ass and stamp their feet should be put into herds deep.

How can we just sit back and watch ILM take us back into the dark ages without there being a total outcry from our politicians

We are at a crossroads right now simple as that

All because they want their man Warcup in?

We will fight all the way, I feel so strongly about this, sometimes I wish I was on the Farce blog, zero research, zero facts, zero guest posts,= easy life, yes if you want truth you must work hard, research, and face ridicule, I have had it all, why do I carry on its very simple.

I was born into a very caring loving family, I was lucky, some not so, I have a social conscious thanks to my upbringing I just want justice

The idiots have no idea about the amount of work WE/I put in, I do it all under my name, NO FEAR and never will I show Fear. To the cowards who protect child abuse, the politicians who protect child abuse we will never stop and next week is the beginning.


Anonymous said...

We are looking at this from afar and thinking it is pretty damn amazing how easily bloggers from Jersey and UK predicted this exact result. Hate to think you'd be tired right when your countrymen are on the verge of seeing all those predictions come true. We can absolutely swear to you that no one anywhere else in the world believes it isn't part of an elaborate cover up from the top down of government on Jersey. As you probably know, we first learned about this scandal from our own true crime blogs.

U. Wash/STL

Anonymous said...

Thank God, there are people like you and Neil willing to give your time to fighting for justice.
The two off you must be a complete mystery to your criticts who don't understand why anyone would do this for no gain,
apart from wanting justice
That's why you will always be able to run rings around that lot,your honest

It's restored my faith in mankind
good luck and keep strong