Monday, July 19, 2010

Today in the States- Written Questions

Would the Minister confirm whether he has allowed the development and disseminating of information to the public of only critical evidence against the suspended Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police whilst simultaneously accepting and supporting an investigation process that refused to receive or include evidence and witnesses that could contradict such evidence and, if so, does the Minister feel this to be congruent to the fundamental principles of natural justice?
Would the Minister further inform members whether he considers it correct in terms of natural justice that, having announced the abandonment of disciplinary action against the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police, he subsequently sought to use evidence from these inquiries to justify the suspension when the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police will himself have no right of reply?

I have put in the public domain redacted copies of four relevant reports.  The three Wiltshire reports were very carefully investigated and the Chief Officer of Police was provided with the statements of key witnesses in order to enable him to provide his own lengthy and detailed statements.  These statements were then taken into account by the Wiltshire Police in reaching their conclusion.
I am satisfied that the investigation was fairly carried out.
I discontinued the disciplinary process two weeks before the Chief Officer of Police’s retirement solely out of lack of time and so that I could make statements to Members prior to the summer recess.  I then owed a clear public duty to inform the public of Jersey as to what I know about the matter and this I have done at the earliest possible date.
The Chief Officer of Police has already exercised his right of reply and will no doubt continue to do so either directly or through his political supporters.  I believe that the public of Jersey will now be able to make up their own minds on what happened in 2008.
I also believe that there are lessons to be learned from the past and changes which will need to be made for the future and I now want to focus on these.

'Will the Chief Minister clarify the full reasons as to why the report into the issues surrounding the suspension process of the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police - promised to the Assembly to be completed in six weeks - has instead not been completed prior to the announcement that all disciplinary measures were to be dropped; further still, when will this report be completed and made available in full to all States Members?'

The original timescale for the completion of the independent review into the suspension of the Chief Officer of Police was six weeks as stated in the Deputy’s question. Unfortunately, due to difficulties in arranging convenient dates for interviews and travel disruptions caused by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, it was not possible to complete the interview process with one of the key witnesses during the Mr Napier’s first visit to Jersey. A second visit had to be arranged to that suited both people.
All of the interviews were completed by 9th June 2010 and I am awaiting the final report. Unfortunately, due to other work commitments, Mr Napier was unable to complete his final report immediately after the interview process was complete.
I have been advised by Mr Napier, that he is currently writing his final report which should be completed by the end of July. Once the report has been issued and all parties concerned have had the opportunity to consider any findings, it will be published in full.

Would the Minister advise on whose instructions it was that Operation Blast was instigated and whether the instructions came from outside or within the Island?
If from off-Island was it from UK Security Services or elsewhere?
What action, if any, is to be taken to notify a member of the content of any file held on them?
What action, if any, will the Minister take against the instigator and can he confirm that the files are now closed?
Operation Blast was instigated on the instructions of the Chief Officer of Police.  There were no instructions from outside the Island and no involvement of any outside group of individuals in relation to its instigation.
Members of the 2005 – 2008 States can contact the Acting Chief Officer if they wish to know what is held on them.  He will not be able to inform them of any information received from the UK Intelligence Services.
The disciplinary proceedings against Mr Power have been discontinued due to the lack of time for completion.
These are the Questions from July 19th there are more to come.

I will be looking at Todays Statement from David Warcup over the coming days and the ludicrous accusations against politicans who ask questions.

Today was a full on States Day. ILM was on form even questioning Deputy Pitman where he got his information concerning the wiltshire expenditure and not even realizing that it was in fact him.

The Wiltshire Expenditure is huge and need explaining

These are busy times




rico sorda said...

I would like to say there will be no gloating from me about David Warcup handing in his notice.

This is about Truth and Justice, what happens in that search will happen, if people must go then so be it.

There are so many unanswered questions going back to the original suspension, Wiltshire has not cleared him. We only have 10% of that report.

Will still await the Brian Napier Report

I find it crazy that elected states are getting attacked for asking questions my god that is their job.

Attack the ones who remain silent it's their silence that exposes the good ones, have we forgotten how Stuart was attacked for asking questions.

I started on my journey two years ago and the reason for my involvement was i just had the feeling that the Abuse Victims would not get a fair crack at justice, my journey is by no means complete, the research and question must still be asked.

This is about ordinary people standing up and saying enough is enough. I love my beautiful Island and I want it to be a beautiful place on all levels.

Like I say there will be no gloating about David Warcup if he feels he must go in the search of Truth & Justice then so be it.

Mr Power

Thank you for all that you have done for the Abuse Survivors. You served my Island for many years and I,m sure mistakes were made in that time but I thank you and hope you enjoy your retirement.

You were offered no kind words of thanks today in the states, that is disgusting.

You and Lenny stepped up for the children of Jersey and I hope its a safer place for them

I will be blogging very soon about these developments

The fight for the Abuse Survivors never stops


Anonymous said...

Will ****-cop be returning to the UK to take up a new post in one of the UK police forces? Who would hire him now?

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

I edited your comment for obvious reasons


Anonymous said...

Where does all this leave the Chief Executive

Anonymous said...

In military terms it is clear that Ogley's left flank is exposed and there for the taking.

rico sorda said...

Will anyone be making a statement thanking mr power in the states tomorrow?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be proper for someone to publicly thank Mr. Power for his department's actions which finally brought to light decades of hideous child abuse and criminal concealment by those in office. He should be lauded for lasting as long as he did after he refused to illegally sweep it back under the carpet.

rico sorda said...

What is it with tough street hardened cops who cant handle a bit of rough and tumble you just cant make this up.

This is the second one now.

I hope the media and our Silent NON Question asking politicians go along with this total farce.

There are questions that need answering concerning David Warcup

And let get this straight Politicians just cant walk into the states and ask a question.

How do we think David Warcup reacted to the complete Shafting of Graham Power last week? was he ready for that compete farce?

Could be him next


Anonymous said...

This Island is in one big stinking bloody mess

80% of the politicians are crap

They are gutless

We deserve all we get

We are in the sh*t unless a miracle turns up

Anonymous said...

"I have been advised by Mr Napier, that he is currently writing his final report which should be completed by the end of July. Once the report has been issued and all parties concerned have had the opportunity to consider any findings, it will be published in full."

6 weeks they said

Don't blame it on the sunshine


Taxi for the States of Jersey

Anonymous said...

This is a sensible and honourable decision by David Warcup that will probably salvage his reputation to some degree. His references to political interference in Police are particularly interesting. I suspect that Warcup allowed himself to be manipulated by politicians early on in the Power affair on the basis that nobody would ever find out. When that proved not to be the case, he had no option but to support Le Marquand's version of events. Whatever his reasons for leaving, he is doing the right thing. Morale in the force is poor and the next Chief Officer will have a difficult time ahead of him. Warcup's warning about political interference should be heeded by the other States Members. The principal person Warcup is directing these comments at can only be Le Marquand who has shown himself time and again to be a micro-manager and control freak when dealing with Police matters. Warcup's resignation should be followed by Le Marquand's resignation as Minister for Home Affairs. By Resigning, Le Marquand will allow the Police Force to put the issues of the last couple of years to rest and allow the new Chief Officer and Home Affairs Minister go forward in a positive manner. If Le Marquand fails to do the honourable thing, I dread to think of the calibre of Chief Officer who would be prepared to work with him given the events of the past two years.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico, do you know what the answer was to Fergies question to ILM about former cops?

rico sorda said...

There was a reply to Senator Ferguson but will wait till its on hansard so i can do it justice.

Basically Lenny this Lenny that