Saturday, July 24, 2010

What A Complete Shambles

Above is the Picture of Sailor Malan ' A Hero' and on of the 'Few'

Having stepped back for a couple of days I decided to pop out last night for a glass of delightful wine and talk about the past couple of weeks. Meeting people and talking is an environment i,m more happy with, blogging and writing is one that exposes my weaknesses, but the word must get out so you do your bit.

I would like to be Blogging about the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and my all time hero The Great South African 'SAILOR MALAN' a man of values,courage, a fighter ' ACE' like non other and a true leader of men. Even now this man is a true inspiration to me and there are times when I look up at the blue sky's and think about what those young men went through 70 years ago. I remember as a child sitting on the wall at West Park 'before it became a Toxic Dump' and shedding a tear as the Spitfire dived out of the sun with the Merlin on full Throttle, a sound that never leaves you. It filled a young lad with dreams of sitting in that cockpit and being that pilot. 'SAILOR MALAN'. A true hero.
So back I come to reality its July 24th 2010

I find my beautiful Island in a complete Shambles.

It has a defunct Government, a Government lacking in any Social Compassion, a Government that could not even acknowledge the 10 years of Service put in by Graham Power, they gave him nothing, they showed him no respect, they showed his Family no respect our Government is Toxic. We have some very good States Members who are trying to drag our Government forward but that old guard are hanging on for dear life protected by the Weak and 'The Lackeys'.

Have we ever been in such Dark Times.

Jersey 2010 where our Government totally do a number on the Chief of Police.

Jersey 2010 where the majority of our States Members think it's totally acceptable to hold a 'Kangaroo Court.' This is not even about whether you believe Graham Power to be Guilty or not of the management issues, this is about due process and reaching a satisfactory conclusion where all parties have had a fair hearing.

Our Government think it's ok to adopt the working procedures of North Korea

They do this with the Grand help of that dying Dinosaur the 'JERSEY EVENING POST'

The reason Wiltshire was released to the media first was for one reason and that was the JEP. Yes they wanted the other outlets to have it but none would give it the full one sided rubbish that the JEP would give it, and my God they didn't disappoint.

I have asked many people why that paper is acting the way it is and I have receive many different answers but Advertising does come up a lot.

BBC Jersey I thought was good. They looked at both sides and made a real effort, I also thought Chris Stone was very good with his interview with Graham Power, that is all we ask its that simple.

Now, the JEP have gone flat out in their destruction of Graham Power, Lenny Harper and Stuart Syvret.

They have undertaken this execution with zero investigative work and giving the people of Jersey zero facts. Why have they done this? what are the real reasons? why are their Journalists not allowed to be Journalists? is it fear? is it because we only have one paper and if you mess that up what next?

Surely in this Internet age they must have meetings with the Editors and say " look boss we are being made to look like complete idiots here, the plebs are putting out hard evidenced facts online and are investigating. The people are smelling a rat with our party line"

So with all the hell bent fury sent in Lenny Harpers direction the JEP would still like to achieve some balance lol I kid you not, only last week Diane Simon aka ' Shackles' sent Lenny an email and i reproduce it below

From: Diane Simon
To: *************************
Sent: Fri, 16 July, 2010 10:38:38
Subject: did you receive my message

Hi Lenny,
Did you receive my message earlier this week asking if you wish to comment about all the allegations made against you in the Wiltshire Report which I can inform you about if you don’t already know. I am in the office all day.
I am off duty next week and so if you have been away please contact news editor Carl Walker on if you want to respond next week.
We want to give you a chance to respond.
Best wishes, Diane

From: Lenny Harper
To: Diane Simon
Sent: Thu, 22 July, 2010 13:36:47
Subject: Re: did you receive my message

Diane: I didn't receive it until today. I rarely use this e mail. But why on earth would I want to reply to you when I know you will just bend the truth or totally fabricate it? Another example of that has just come to my notice and that is the business of the shackles. You and your paper have loudly proclaimed that I whipped up the media frenzy in respect of the shackles and yet the 'Voice' blog has recently published an article by you in which you clearly state I refused to confirm the find of the shackles and said nothing of the sort. You seemed to conveniently forget that you had actually written the article in which shackles were first mentioned - by you.

I'm afraid I have lost all trust in your own and your editor's integrity. John Pearson was right. It is a comic.

Lenny Harper

And there you have it, they want to give lenny a chance to respond. The only newspaper cannot get a response from one of the main players in the Jersey Abuse Investigation because he cant trust them, says it all really.

They would have given him about 10 lines at the bottom of the page and said there you go balanced reporting.

I have taken huge heart from this weeks Editorial in the JEP. There was I thinking I was going to pack it all in and then we get the green light and told ' We are making a difference' they are worried, and now the totally opposite has happened. I have had a meeting about taking blogging in Jersey to a new level covering all issues.

Myself and the Voice will be taking all advise onboard and will be moving forward. Blogging is going to become bigger and better,we will start investigating the clowns who are taking us back into the dark ages, the ones who have knowledge but remain silent we must step up and we must become more professional but keeping the street edge that makes blogging what it is I love that Punk Rock edge, 'do it your way' and 'don't conform' that is my attitude to this.

All the readers of these blogs you have your part to play, start spreading the news, tell your friends about the blogs, it's ok if you don't agree with what is being written, but log on and read, that is all we ask.

I will finish this blog with some words about that hardened street cop David Warcup

Does he really think that anybody with half a brain believes the garbage he put out in his press release last week.

Who out there actually believes he is leaving because of some naughty politicians were asking questions, because they were looking for Truth & Justice, how very Malicious, one would think that any question submitted by a politician would have to be lodged at the Greffe and given the green light if acceptable.

What about Graham Powers family Mr Warcup

We await the Brian Napier report

Remember Mr Warcup. Graham Power was kept suspended on 'Operation Rectangle' because of a letter you wrote nothing more nothing less

You are a man who is used to being questioned remember ' Operation Rose' we are not fools on this Island and the questions will keep getting asked.

I give my full respect and support to the Pitmans. Hill, Wimberly and any other Politician who is prepared to stand up and be counted this is what we need. Called Malicious for asking questions. Are we North Korea?

At the beginning of this post I mentioned my hero 'Sailor Malan' The reason he became a great Fighter Pilot is because he always had a very brave Wingman, a guy who followed him into battle and always had his back a man who would draw fire so his boss could do his job. If the Wingman lacked courage or was not up to the job his boss would be left exposed, he would have to fight the enemy with no one covering his back. A Wingman or as his boss would call him my ' Number 2' should stick close and if needed fall with his boss

Role on December

rico sorda


Anonymous said...

"Harper: They described the shackles as “just rusty pieces of metal.” Of course they are rusty pieces of metal — they have been in the ground for over 30 years. Furthermore, they ignore the fact that it was not 'only us' who described them as shackles, which one pair obviously are. Builders who found them in 2003 and left them where they were, tipped off the media that we would find shackles."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you will keep blogging and moving forward.

Whatever style you choose just keep on documenting and publish proof I find it very refreshing being given facts as well as opinions. I also like the fact you allow comments on all posts not just the selective few. When I see comments not being taken on certain articles on other websites my immediate reaction is, this is propoganda.

rico sorda said...

David Warcup is in todays JEP, oh bless this is really gut wrenching stuff he says

" it is very difficult for all the family when they see allegations suggesting that i have acted in a criminal way,which is untruthful as well as very hurtful"

And what off Graham Powers's family and friends

If I was sitting with David Warcup and a box of tissues the first question I WOULD ASK HIM WOULD BE THIS.

Can i please have your views on what has happened to Graham Power these past 2 years, and, can I have your views on the way he has been found Guilty by Media and by this I MEAN

He was suspended under 2.3.3 of the disciplinary code ( because of your letter)

All HR and procedures went out the window when Graham Power was suspended ( Brian Napier- when you are ready my son no rush)

He then takes ILM to the cleaners with Dr.T brain over 2 suspension reviews but remains suspended.

He then has a Judicial Review that says the original suspension had some seriou issues ( Brian Napier when ever you are ready old boy)and ILM says Graham Power will have his say in disciplinary procedings

Wiltshire then miss evey deadline and spend a fortune I believe yourself and Steve Austin Vautier were overlooking that expenditure, they spen a fortune any commemt.

All disciplinary charges against Mr power get dropped

The Wiltshire report is conducted for disciplinary procedings only and then gets used for a Kangaroo Court.

Graham Power is shafted North Korean style

I would then turn to David Warcup and say

Sir why have you handed your notice in


rico sorda said...

I also notice in todays cartoon from Al Thomas's tha Ian Black is shown with a dagger in the back.

Next week we will be looking at thiss on the new blog site 'Behind Closed Doors'

David Warcup says that people can reach their own conclusions from the reports, I agree

We need the full reports with audit trails not just 10% lol

How do we know his issues are justified if there are no discplinary procedings.

Anonymous said...

I find your attitude and treatment of David Warcup slightly worrying. And what is your relationship to the Power family? Because after reading the Wiltshire Report I think he should have been fired, not suspended.

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the feeling the stage is being set for David Warcup having a change of heart.

rico sorda said...

Can you please explain why you find my attitude worrying, then i can explain a little more.

I have never met or communicated with anyone from the Power family

And i love the main picture in the Jep, reminds
me of Lady Diana on Panorama the big sad eyes.

I just tell it how i see it

No change before a FULL NAPIER REPORT


Anonymous said...

Some other topics that you may wish to consider for behind closed doors might be WEB's relationship with Harcourt, Dandara's relationship with planning, Mike Pollard's retirement, the 2005 Cultural Strategy, the role of B agenda's within government departments and the COM's reluctance to move forward with a freedom of information act. And all that before you get to take an indepth look at the role the JEP has played in shaping public opinion. Lots to look forward to in the months ahead.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says "Because after reading the Wiltshire Report I think he should have been fired, not suspended."

Would you please advise if you read what was reported in the JEP, the redacted report, or the full report?

And have you been able to get hold of a copy of Mr Power's 62,000 word defence and read that?

It's just that I'd like to understand on what you are basing your opinion.

Anonymous said...

This is going to seem a little strange Rico ....for all the time i have been following Stuarts blog I was unaware that you had a similar one running. Really cant explain it ! Seems to me that i have a lot of back reading to catch up on.

Anonymous said...

The biggest worry, is not that GP was 'terminated' although if he had played ball with Ogley we would be saying he had resigned, nor is it that Warcup resigned or was he 'pushed' maybe we will never know!, no, the biggest worry should be that the cover up may succeed in being covered up under the disguise of a disciplinary investigation leading to (rightly) no action and a resignation!!.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting and from the heart piece of writing
Rico. One, if not the best you have offered to the whole wide world. That is exactly what shows up the stupid biased story lines in the JEP.

You mention that the internet is the way towards truth and transparent Government which of course is the way it should be, but very uncomfortable for those who talk the talk, but could not walk a straight line unless you paid them.

In my own experience, I have learned so much from quality bloggs like yours and Stuart's that in discussion with people who have not found the internet, we are streets ahead on knowledge. You just have to say something like " did you read the minutes regarding Dr Brain representing Graham Power, to find that Ian Le M. was sadly lacking, and they haven't a clue. Game set and match.

Keep up the good work Rico.


Anonymous said...

I for one can't wate for December to come and let's hope that Mr Warcup drops the tazer gun campaign . I can't believe a man with his conections and so called experience thinks it would be a good idea if the local force introduced or should I say unleashed these into the Island.
As we all know there is a huge inquiry into the use of these weapons which might have caused the death of Raul Moat, as this man died in Mr Warcups old haunting grounds of the North East you might have thought he would have had the sence to keep his enthusiasm to introduce the tazers until after the full enquiry had been complete .
Why doesn't he just introduce curfews to get all us gun running murderous maniacs of the streets at night

Anonymous said...

You are all fools because you have it all so very wrong. But as this is not even news anymore you may as well just rant on to each other with these conspiracy theories because you only have to look at who is commenting to see that the audience is made up of around 4 people. On facebook you try and get your friends to read your stuff like its great news but nobody can be bothered with it anymore.

How you can ignore all the damning findings of Wiltshire shows a very selective blindness to everyone. This type of blogging is just a side-show now because its just desperate propoganda.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico

I would like to say what great work you guys are doing with these blogs. You are quite right when you say it is up to the people to form their own opinions. All you can do is write a blog and publish it.

It is very strange that someone would take the time to come on to your blog and leave a comment saying no one is interested. That in itself is a bit of a mystery.

There are findings in the Wiltshire Report that Graham Power needs to answer, but we must remember the opportunity was never afforded to him. As you have said many times it is a report made for disciplinary action where Graham Power can challenge the findings.

We all know that the Wiltshire Report has been very heavily redacted with probably less than 10% put into the public domain. Yet it is heralded by some local media outlets and politicians as the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons some politicians and ex-Senator Syvret have been called malicious is because of the local media failing the island of Jersey. If we had investigative journalism in Jersey the pressure would then be lifted from the politicians asking these direct questions in the States and blogs such as these would not exist.

Ask yourself how many thought provoking questions have the JEP asked acting Police Chief Warcup, Senator Le Marquand and Chief Executive Ogley. It is surely now time for investigative journalism to be at the forefront of all local media outlets and allow the politicians to get on with their job. As anybody who has followed the historic child abuse scandal will know, there are still a 1000 questions that need answering.

As very simple one is the cellars. Power/Harper say cellars. Warcup/Gradwell: no cellars. This might not look important to some people, but believe me, to any child that was taken down into the cellars at the dead of night, they are very important. Do they exist? Yes they do.

Keep up the great work guys. Do not stop. Do not be put off and even if it takes another two years just keep asking the questions.

rico sorda said...

Thanks for the comments and support.

I laugh when someone taks the time to come on here and tell me not to bother lol its great.

I find it strange that ILM redacts a report and then reads out extra bits on the radio and in the states, why has it been in the first place.

This is all about the reputation of Jersey, its always brought up, protect at all costs damage limitation

I will not stop, and Ian Black i can asurre you I will be looking into the Euro Debacle.

A dagger in the back is never a great look


Anonymous said...

It has been said that Mr Warcup destroyed evidence Where did this come from and is there evidence to prove this?

Also the cellars and the stone bath are not going to go away, well they have disappeared for the moment, but they will be coming back with avengance.

They are very important in unvailing this coverup.

Anonymous said...

How Operation Rose began
From the Northern Echo, first published Wednesday 3rd Apr 2002.

OPERATION Rose was one of the country's biggest investigations into historic sexual and physical child abuse.

The inquiry was launched in August 1997 when a woman in her 20s disclosed to a social worker that she and a friend had been both sexually and physically abused as children while living in a children's home in the Northumbria Police area.

After a meeting between police and social services, an investigation was launched, centring on council-run care homes in the North-East and stemming from initial allegations in Newcastle and Northumberland.

Officers manning a confidential telephone line for people who were in care between the mid-1960s and mid-1980s received 23 calls in the first 24 hours, from people complaining of sexual and physical assault.

Initial inquiries revealed six victims alleging abuse by eight suspects who had worked in homes across the region going back to the 1960s.

As the inquiry continued, the number of alleged victims escalated.

In 1998, the inquiry was broadened to include renewed allegations concerning carers working at Witherwack House, Sunderland, which had been subject to an earlier investigation in 1992.

Over the full three-year life of the police investigation, almost 200 care workers were the subject of allegations and 32 were charged.

In total, 260 residents and former residents of 61 children's homes came forward to make allegations of physical and sexual assault.

Six people were eventually found guilty of a variety of charges, of which five were jailed.

Four suspects died before coming to trial.

The final trail of Esme Allenby collapsed yesterday, opening the door for Operation Rose to be reported in full.

Archive Home

From the Northern Echo
© Newsquest Media Group 2002

Anonymous said...

''How you can ignore all the damning findings of Wiltshire shows a very selective blindness to everyone. This type of blogging is just a side-show now because its just desperate propoganda.''

Selective blindness? I dont wear glasses so I would appreciate if you could inform me Where I might read the damning findings is the report available online? Its not been in the JEP Clearly you did not ignore the findings you seem to have read? I would greatly appreciate your help on where you found the report.

I like to read things in context things appear so much clearer then.

Anonymous said...

1.4.3 Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier:

The Senator has made some comments now in the public domain about the home-to-buy scheme. I wonder if he could elaborate on those and whether he still sticks by the view despite what now is going to be the delayed publication of what appears to be a critical report.

Senator A. Breckon:

When the homebuyer scheme came before the House, we were told we were approving the principle and the devil would be in the detail. The opportunity was given to most Members to get involved. Deputy Martin did. Former Deputy Gerard Baudains did. Then-Deputy Ferguson did. This group phased-out and what happened was this proceeded. I am not sure quite where the governance was and what happened to homebuy because it certainly never came back to the States. We were told: “Agree the principle and we will have a scheme that will fit over any development where people can benefit from a discount on homes” and I have not seen that and, as chairman of the Scrutiny Panel, along with Deputy Power, we were fairly critical of this and there were legal challenges, there were financial challenges of all sorts and, to my mind, this was never satisfied and I do not know what went on behind the scenes but I have some idea.

Rico, do you know if this report has been released yet. Sorry a bit off topic

Anonymous said...

it is obvious from above, that if Graham Power was judged against guidelines not otherwise followed by the SOJP, then it was a forgone conclusion that he would be portrayed in negative terms.

I agree with a poster above that a good question to ask Ian Le Marquand is have States of Jersey Police always adhered to ACPO/NPIA standards and will do so in future? If not when did they start? Has Warcup done so since his appointment as Deputy?

Anonymous said...

Was this in the redacted Wiltshire report

"In considering these issues the Committee might find it helpful to be alerted to the apparent relationship between the suspension, and what was said to the media and the outside world in general on Wednesday 12 November 2008. During the course of his enquiries on behalf of the Minister, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has disclosed to me a number of documents. The two most relevant in respect of this issue are the draft media presentation script which was shown to me by Mr Warcup on 5 November 2008, my last working day before a short period of leave, and the script actually used on 12 November 2008. There are significant differences between the two which must have resulted from changes made between 5 and 11 November 2008. For example, the draft script says “It has never been suggested by the States of Jersey Police that Child Murder took place at Haut de Ia Garenne.” The script actually used in the briefings on 11 and 12 November 2008 says “Statements which were issued by the States of Jersey Police suggested that serious criminal offences had been perpetrated against children and also that there was a possibility that children had been murdered, bodies had been disposed of and buried within the home.” Other differences between the scripts are of a similar nature. Against this background it is legitimate to consider another possible explanation for the actual sequence of events. That is, the decision to suspend was taken on or before 8 November 2008 by persons unknown for reasons at present unknown. The media script was then subjected to significant changes (I believe that “sexed up” is a popular term used to describe this type of process) in order to enable the Minister to claim that he took a decision after being shown the content of the presentation on 11 November 2008, and in order to conceal the real reason or purpose behind the action taken. This may or may not be what actually occurred. Until the truth is known we cannot be sure".

Was this in the report?

GeeGee said...

A damn good post Rico, and quite clearly from the heart. I fully understand and empathise with the frustrations yourself, VFC, Stuart and others go through in the long quest to get answers and get the truth into the public domain.

However, you should all be heartened when those like the JEP and some politicians take issue with bloggers. It really just goes to show that they are worried and bothered that their spin is no longer taken as gospel, and indeed they are the ones making fools of themselves.

To your anonymous poster who asks why you bother I would say this. As long as there are more questions than answers, the search for answers to those questions will continue.

Anonymous said...


All i can say is you guys have them worried very worried.

Keep writing the blogs and keep asking the questions.

We know how much work you guys put in.

See you in the pit


rico sorda said...

I have had some comments about the Farce Blog and the ripping one is getting.

I thought I would just let any readers known I just don't care I really don't. Thank you for the conern but honestly I love it, one must be doing something right.

I have always said it is for the readers to make their minds up we can only publish what we have.

But for the record

I Love the Farce Blog. That one man band is ripping it up big time and you don't need to be Robbie Coltrane aka Cracker to work it out.

Now if a person is prepared to sit down and write a load of anonymous comments and chat with himself then good on him I say.

But where is your proof rico i hear them say. Simple log on his last post and read the comments very carefully, look how they flow,at least he learnt early and took the time off his comments, caught him out in the early posts.

The blog gives me a good laugh always has so enjoy all off them and take some of it with a pinch of salt.


Gazza said...

The lay-out of the blog and the timing of comments is unimportant because we changed the whole thing, layout, design, colours included. So what’s the big deal?

This is actually getting even more desperate than we thought.

Like we said to another bozo, do not read the blog. We know you do not like it so why prolong your own agony anymore?

Gazza :-x

Rufus Ruffcut said...


Care for a wager of a pint (glass of wine if you are one of those light weight sorts!) that the Farce blog's pet States member has a name beginning with an S?

rico sorda said...


Deputy/Senator complete Bollix is my guess

What sitting states member could write such junk, honestly, i know some are bad but if we are at that level we really are stuffed.


Herd it could be fog in the morning but ok at the weekend

I like your blog

Drink this friday? come on big boy meet me for a pint and chat, i have nothing to hide do you?


Gazza said...

I have no interest in meeting you, you are too old and your views are too narrow minded for a debate with me. A Syvret supporter conspiracy theorist...No ta.

Gazza :-x

rico sorda said...

How do you know what my view are on subjects?

Too old lol

Come on dont be silly


Anonymous said...

A Syvret supporter conspiracy theorist...No ta.

Why is it when anyone doesn't tow the party line,or questions how and why decades of child abuse in various forms have been allowed to go un- checked for decades, no one held accountable. They are called conspiracy theorists.
The facts are there, open your eyes and if you don't stand up and be counted you are as guilty as the people that committed the abuse.

I know who i would want to meet for a drink in the pub and it wouldn't be you Gazza

GeeGee said...

Come on Rico - you are worth far more than wasting your time with someone who has not even got the balls to use their true identity when running such a pathetic blog.

Too old!!!!! Now that IS funny. Probably jealous because you are good looking and fit!

Seriously though, I have looked at 'that' blog once and it struck me straight away that the majority of the comments were from the same person replying to his own posts and comments. I too do not think for one minute there is an anonymous States member contributor either. In fact I have visions of some sad, bitter person sitting in their attic room late into the night believing they are really all these different people trying to keep this blog alive on their own.

This is what makes it a Farce blog, and I think you have hit some raw nerves Rico.

Now onwards and upwards with the REAL issues.

Jon Bon-Boozi said...

Come on, Gazza - meet the lad. heck, you can even bring SEAN along for company...

Anonymous said...

Redacted Wiltshire Report:-

2.42 CO POWER made inappropriate use of the Force e-mail system.

2.43 There are two examples of e-mail communications from CO POWER which this Inquiry finds to be inappropriate. Firstly, in an internal e-mail sent on 23 February 2008, when making reference to the electronic debate between politicians, he writes ‘I think that all of our politicians have approached this investigation with honesty, openness, a desire to find the truth... and a solid determination to put political differences aside in the common interest... and so do my friends the elves and pixies’.

2.44 Given the legitimate concerns of some politicians about the handling of Operation Rectangle, particularly members of the States of Jersey Police who read it. One of those was DCO HARPER, whom CO POWER was expected by politicians to be challenging about the Deputy’s handling of the media.

2.45 The second example is an external e-mail dated 29 February 2008 sent by CO POWER to a friend, ‘W’ who resides elsewhere in the UK. CO POWER’s e-mail says ‘according to stories doing the rounds in the pubs, the abuse enquiry is a cover story; we are really selecting the winner of the world hide and seek championships. Or if you prefer what is the difference between a jersey royal and a jersey orphan?? Answer a jersey royal gets dug up after three months’. This unprofessional comment by the Chief Officer can have no excuse or mitigation and suggests a deeply concerning attitude at such a critical time for his Force and the States of Jersey.

2.46 This Inquiry concludes that in each case, the e-mails sent by CO POWER were inappropriate and particularly so when sent over the Force network.

On the basis that nothing has been redacted from the above numbered statements, and taking into account a posting on Stuart Syvret’s blog which adds more detail giving context to GP’s email to friend ‘W’, if that context is correct, surely this brings the Wiltshire report into disrepute!? How can one take any conclusion seriously if such a fundamental context can be ignored.

Here is that post:-

Context is important said...
GP's email to a friend was simply commenting on how bad things were, that sick jokes were already circulating. This is just commenting upon fact, not passing it on as a jolly good laugh -

(2.45) "according to stories doing the rounds in pubs, the abuse enquiry is a cover story; we are really selecting the winner of the world hide and seek championships. Or if you prefer what is the difference between a Jersey Royal and a Jersey orphan?? Answer a Jersey Royal gets dug up after three months"

Context is everything.

You can include a "joke" as part of commenting upon the situation without necessarily thinking it funny. And in case, the point of the joke is how victims were abused and the whole thing covered up. It seeks to highlight the failings over here.

Nowhere near the big deal the spin doctors and the gullible would have you believe.
Thursday, 15 July 2010 15:34:00 GMT+01:00

My own thoughts on 2.43 where it is stated that GP wrote (although it too might be out of context)

‘I think that all of our politicians have approached this investigation with honesty, openness, a desire to find the truth... and a solid determination to put political differences aside in the common interest... and so do my friends the elves and pixies’.

Perhaps it was a tongue-in-cheek truth, especially when you consider the JEP quotes from Senator Ben Shenton in March 2008 he voiced suspicions that the murder inquiry was not justified and in 13 November 2008 said that Mr Power’s position had become untenable.

It could be that Ben Shenton had said things to GP which made his statement truthful. I for one can never take Ben Shenton seriously since the 2008 JEP reports in which he contradicted his position on the council of ministers within a couple of months..