Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wiltshire " REDACTED"

I have now read the Redacted Wiltshire Report, believe me I need to read it many more times as it contains a lot of information.

We Now have the case for the prosecution because really that is what it is, it is a disciplinary report.

We now feel fully vindicated on the issue of the Metropolitan Interim Police report. One question ILM and gang will have to answer is why and how was it ever used in the original suspension of Graham Power.

I know there is a press blackout on this, I will behave myself

Another point is that the States Members need about a week with this report before they can even think about challenging ILM and I guess it is for this reason they are getting it at the 11th hour.

It really comes down to a matter of opinion, from first read I can see why no disciplinary procedures were followed, it reads more like a review of Operation Rectangle and i,m sure the SOJP will learn a lot from it.

How ILM is being allowed to get away with this farce is beyond me, I guess we might find that out if Operation Blast ever turns up

The Gist of the report centers round Graham Powers qualifications and I can confirm the terms of reference on my blog are correct.

The most important issue next week is that Graham Power has the chance to defend himself against the allegations

It still leaves many unanswered questions and like I have said before this is only the beginning

I was left amazed that the previous Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard had not been interviewed,
I believe that was her choice, she might have been now but we will wait and see.

The report contains alleged failures by Graham Power and the word alleged is used for very obvious reasons, its a disciplinary report and should be used in disciplinary proceedings, but as we are becoming forever familiar Jersey do things in a very funny way.

Again we are left with a huge question marks over the original suspension that has allowed the Wiltshire Fishing Trip, they need answering, especially if David Warcup is to become Chief of Police.

There is plenty in the report for all outlets and the poo poo will be flying next week no doubt about it. Team Voice will be looking very carefully at the report and how the media handle it

Now something that is really bothering me about all this is the amount of time and money spent on trying to nail Graham Power when down at the local General Hospital they lost a patient and all we get is we must learn from this and move on no point looking back.

All very strange.

Wiltshire Front Page

"This document includes extracts from the disciplinary investigation by Wiltshire Police into the management and supervision of the Historical Abuse Enquiry by the chief officer of police, Graham Power. This investigation was conducted for disciplinary proceedings." Oh dear

And from the Home Affairs Minister

" The minister in deciding which parts of this report to publish has sought to balance the requirement to be open and transparent with the need to be fair to individuals"

The above comment says it all really



Anonymous said...

I believe that Wendy Kinnard spent six weeks giving a long statement. Witnesses were not allowed to keep copies of their statements...

Anonymous said...

You keep on saying "we" but its only "you".

rico sorda said...

yeah I have herd Wendy Kinnard did give a statement and i,m glad she did


we,me,I, you = whatever


GeeGee said...

Regardless of what Anonymous says Rico, WE out here hope that YOU and Team Voice keep the momentum going and the pressure on, likewise the good States members who have taken this issue on board.

Ole Razzy said...

Agree with Gee Gee, your very much not alone in all of this Rico. There are many people from Jersey and further afield who are keeping a close eye on all this - and all because Frank wanted a scalp before he left office. That is the saddest part of all this.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work, Rico
It's not often that you get every day nomal guys fighting for justice for a police officer, let alone a Chief of Police.
It really does instilll faith back in mankind

rico sorda said...

27 states members turned up. bloody hell

GeeGee said...

Hopefully Rico you will be able to let us know who those 27 were? I doubt the accredited media will.