Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Anonymous Senator Le Main


A year ago I predicted exactly what would happen in these up coming elections with a little help from the Anonymous Terry 'tel boy' Le Main

Was I right or was I right??

Look out for the old Battle Bus heading down into district number 2

The posting Below originally appeared in August 2010


This is the posting I made in August 2010 - I believe I was bang on when saying T. Le Main would stand in number 2 district

Having just read the latest posting HdelaG Farce Blog it made me realise just how crazy everything is in Jersey at the moment.

As with everything else on the blog you are never sure who is writing what but one thing I did realise a while back was that Senator Le Main was leaving Anonymous comments, well anonymous in his eyes but not to anyone who has read an email by him in his unique morse code style of writing .... ..... .... ( not as bad as mine thou ).

Im not sure who wrote the latest post but I must say I agree with some points raised in it, still leaves a million questions but a good interesting read. Now what I find very strange and ironic is that this follows a posting and comments Attacking Deputy Labey and her children, and all in the name of Attacking Stuart Syvret with some comments coming from a sitting states member more of that later.

So who holds the Moral High Ground.

That is for the Police and Data Protection to sort out.

How interesting that a blog site that has blasted Syvret to bits for his actions could now find itself in the same position.

I have one question for Senator Perchard, Senator Le Main and Deputy Sean Power

Have you ever met Gary Cummins the owner of the Farce Blog or is it just email communication? I believe it is an alias and the person does not in fact exist, if that is the case then you have been very careless and have been duped.

Look forward to your reply

And again for the record agree with some of points raised on his latest posting.


Senator Terry Le Main

Now before I start on my posts ' Foot stamping Lackeys of the Mother Land ' I thought I would take a look at Terry.

The good Senator loves being and playing the great loyal servant of Jersey.

The Senator is up for election next year. This Patriotic Jersey man has a big decision to make does he retire? not a chance he loves it. So what will he do? run for Senator and take his chance that the voting Island are still totally clueless? not a chance he knows thats a no no. So what will the good Senator do when it comes round to the next election, well stone me I think he might have already told us.

Now first I will point out why I believe he has told us. Check out his unique writing style. This is from 2008

From: Terry Le Main
Sent: 14 October 2008 10:55
To: Philip Ozouf; Paul Routier; Alan J. Maclean
Cc: Frank Walker; Terry Le Sueur
Subject: Last night
Good morning Friends and Colleagues
As we well knew, a part of the audience last evening were solely there to jeer and mock existing Ministers etc….this was set up by supporters of the JDA, Mrs Macon who detests current Ministers etc… ( using her son as the dummy to do her dirty work ) and of course Le Cornu / Tadier etc…there were people in the audience like that **** woman who are there to destruct etc etc….I recognised several people who are just quite mad…**** and his **** and ilk etc…remember that the majority of the people last nite were related or supporters of candidates…the good sensible electors ie those we rely on were not there…there were good people around me last nite who will be supporting you good people, t they trust you..… and these people were surprised and quite upset at the agression of some of the candidates etc…
On last nites performance everyone around me thought the three of you held your own well and came out with statesmanship and dignity etc….well done chaps…even people like Breckon were aggressive and rude by calling people by their surnames… bloody rude…in all it was expected that some of these candidates just fell on their “swords ” brought on by aggression and threatening behaviour..they will end up bottom of the pile…
As you can see this is very distinctive ...... the morse code dots are just so bang on and unique to the Senator.

So lets see where The Senator will be standing in next Years Election. This has been taken from the Farce Blog posting Attacking Deputy Labey .


Anonymous said...
Anonymous says...I hope Terry Le Main stands in St.Helier No 2 next year....

Terry is still very popular in St.Helier No 2....he is known to be still working hard for people in that district..he freely loans his minibus to local charities and only recently Convent Court Residents used his Minibus for a days outing ..thorougly enjoyed by many people who visited parts of Jersey they had never seen....if only we could persuade Terry to stand in St.Helier No 2 next year....
August 22, 2010

So could Terry be saying Anonymously, that he hopes he stands in St. Helier No 2. LOL check this out ' Terry is still very popular in No2' . So all other candidates you had better and sitting members of No 2 you had better dust yourself down because that Minibus is already on the campaign trail. If ' only we could persuade Terry to stand in some No 2s ' all our troubles would be over.

So after being a states member for many years being Housing Minister for a load more is The Senator looking for a little retirement number come next election. On this I believe Senator Le Mains political work is done. I believe he will be 72 this year and now is the time for these old boys to make way for some younger talent that can lead us from the coming Abyss. He has had a very good run

So let us now look at what could be the Good Senators View on the Deputy of Grouville. Remember the writing styles my dears

Anonymous said...
I agree that the Deputy of Grouville is finished and all washed up after her finishing with her " lover boy " the new boyfriend is no better...ever heard him on the lunch time BBC moan in...yes Kenny from Glasgow...hmm..hmm
not some years ago it was the greatest honour to be elected by parishioners but when you now see the kind of representation some people have to endure..
August 20, 2010

How about this one too

Anonymous said...
There is now a real opportunity for the people of Jersey who dislike these awful carry on's...the personal attacks, mouth pieces for the Unions ( who are led by an ex TTS gardener etc )tax and tax the business community, ie the wealth and job creators, give more to those who do not want to work etc...the likes of several States members who would not even get a job sweeping the roads in St.Helier... to really vote in people who care for Jersey and not to get a job at £45K...

Anonymous said...
There is now a real opportunity for the people of Jersey who dislike these awful carry on's...the personal attacks, mouth pieces for the Unions ( who are led by an ex TTS gardener etc )tax and tax the business community, ie the wealth and job creators, give more to those who do not want to work etc...the likes of several States members who would not even get a job sweeping the roads in St.Helier... to really vote in people who care for Jersey and not to get a job at £45K...we seem to have more no hopers than ever wanting these " lucrative States Members Jobs " the general elections next year will we hope bring forward decent , caring candidates...come on parishioners of St.Mary, St. Martin, St.Helier, St. Brelade 2 ( Tadier )St. Saviour ( Macon and Vallois )and Grouville....just look at Grouville and its carry ons with Syvret and CL...Grouville has one of the best Connetables in Jersey but forever being undermined by the Deputy, she voted always with Syvret, Southern and these idiots who will if allowed to bring Jersey to its come on Grouville find a decent ,hardworking and caring candidate for next will reap the benefits....the failure of many people who do not bother to vote yet complain should realise that by voting you can make changes and you must vote next year...its your right and if you value your job, work and living here then its so important to vote for those who will lead by example..

So has our Jersey Hero really laid it on the line here just look at what is being said ( oh, on the new posting there is a comment that Terry puts his name too check the writing styles)

Grouville has one of the best Connetables in Jersey ( Really)

Its funny I see The good Senator as the old guard that should be removed from the states but in his eyes he is the Saviour. Just look at where he wants new decent states members. This is what im on about when I say things are crazy over here. I have sat in the States and watched the good Senators reaction to any question concerning Child Abuse in the care of the States of Jersey, he disgusts me with this attitude and one i have witnessed on many occasions. There is also one more reason but Im unable to mention it on here. Take a good read of the above comment.

So just one more from the Good Senator. Maybe he could elaborate on Mr Blackwood. How terrible if someone left an
Anonymous comment relating to a man professional reputation.

Dear Madam
I always do my homework ! well what about that very successful previous postholder to Dr Harrison ie Gill Blackwood , psychiatrist extraordinaire who was a great friend of Syvret and a regular blogger on his vile site and god help us who once stood in St.Helier No 3 as Deputy...are you telling me madam that this person was a successful psychiatrist because had I had the unfortunate misfortune to have this terrible illness Blackwood would have been the last person I would have seen....thats why Health dispensed with his services, and there have been others like him..I was not maligning Dr.Harrison who I do not know but hope he is more successful than previous incumbents of his post....

So in my post ' Foot Stamping Lackeys of the Motherland' I thought I would start with their glorious leader The Good Senator. One good thing that has come out of this is he now seems to be able to navigate the comments section on the Blog.

In my opinion Senator Le Main is done as a states member, he has had a good run and a nice little seat in No2 is no good to anyone. He has been dumped as Housing Minister we still don't know the full story. He is now pumped up and spitting it out on the Farce Blog slagging the politicians who have enough self esteem that they don't see the necessity to pine, crawl and grovel, do anything so they can sit at the Top Table.

No these politicians are fighting an inner core of Government who want secrecy and total power.

Please go now Senator.

The people vote Stuart out and so be it if there is a God you will be next

So in my Battle of Britain tributes there is no way none of my heros are going on this Blog Posting so I thought i would give the Establishment one of their own boys.

On 24 July, Galland led III./JG 26 over the north coast of the Thames Estuary. Here they engaged Spitfires and Galland was able to shoot one down to the north of Margate. He had shot down the British ace P/O “Johnny” Allen (7.333 confirmed and 5 unconfirmed destroyed victories) of 56 Sqn, RAF, who was killed in the crash-landing that followed this combat. On 28 July, RAF fighters were scrambled to intercept a large German bomber formation headed for Dover. When confronted by the RAF fighters, the German bomber formation promptly headed for home. The RAF fighters were thus left to combat the escorting German fighters of I. and II./JG 51 and III./JG 26. Galland claimed a Spitfire shot down near Dover for his 17th victory. He had shot down another British ace, Sub-Lt Francis Dawson-Paul (7.25 confirmed and 1 unconfirmed destroyed and 1 damaged victories), a Royal Navy pilot on loan to the RAF. Dawson-Paul was shot down into the Channel where he was picked up by a German E-boat, but he died from the wounds received in this combat on 30 July. Galland was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 1 August for 17 victories. It is thought he again shot down a notable RAF pilot on 15 August, when he brought down the New Zealand ace F/Lt “Al” Deere


Anonymous said...

Le Main is finished as a politician. He's living in a dream world if he thinks he will be re elected. He won't run as a senator cause he knows he won't get in.... nor will he get in as a deputy. Do us all a favour... le main and retire ... gracefully...etc...


Anonymous said...

Well, thats weird because I have been reading the farce blog but the one commenting person that I cant read is the one that keeps putting ... where a new paragraph or sentence would suffice.

I find it almost impossible to read a comment that just goes on and on without being broken up.

I think Terry Le Main sees himself as the loveable rogue, a person that can poop on some and then appear to be the big man by helping out others. Personally I think he is the type of person who helps the less off so that his dodgy dealings with those well off are ignored. When it comes to the ordinary working class person I don't think he gives a hoot as long as the well off are sorted and the needy are led to believe he is doing them a good service.

Anonymous said...

nite nite Tel boy ...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Anonymous Senator Le Main":

Glad you like reading our blog because maybe you will learn something.

Data Protection and Police? Bring it on, do you think we actually care about you, Labey, Syvret and the other arseholes you hang around?

We are here to f**k you and we will.

Anonymous said...

You are silly attacking that blog all the time, they were talking about your work ten minutes ago.

rico sorda said...

You see, look at what comes my way and the more that does the more I will carry on.

Why all the agro stuff

Why threaten my place of work. I would the person running the F blog want me to loose my job. I received a phone call saying that if i didn't stop my job would be on the line.


Don't do fear and intimidation


Anonymous said...

Rico I read the farce blog and it is popular but are you are asking for trouble attacking it and its contributors all the time because this post of yours against Tel sounds like sour grapes and nothing else. Why not let dogs to lie?

Anonymous said...


You have nailed a beauty good on you. You have stirred a hornets nest over on the other sided talk about running scared.

One minute its a child abuse post the next minute its business as usual

That guys fingers must be burning the way he is churning out comments. You have really given me a good laugh with this post what was Le Main thinking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I agree that the Deputy of Grouville is finished and all washed up after her finishing with her " lover boy " the new boyfriend is no better...ever heard him on the lunch time BBC moan in...yes Kenny from Glasgow...hmm..hmm
not some years ago it was the greatest honour to be elected by parishioners but when you now see the kind of representation some people have to endure..

Stay away from District 2 Terry

Anonymous said...

Good on you Rico... about time Le Main got exposed and you've done... it him bang to rights...etc

Anonymous said...

To the last anonymous:

Gary 'Goebbels' Gazza and his one man blog are wonderful. Gives you a really good insight into the mentality of some of the friends of those who run Jersey. Typical proto-fascists. Disagree with them and you get personal abuse, carry on and they start trying to intimidate. But no-one's scared of people like that anymore.

Hmm.. maybe that's why they're getting so upset?

BRAZIL SOUNDS GOOD...... said...

Why are politicians associating with that blog.

Anonymous said...

Now i find this very interesting

Have you ever met Gary Cummins the owner of the Farce Blog or is it just email communication? I believe it is an alias and the person does not in fact exist, if that is the case then you have been very careless and have been duped.

rico sorda said...

I remember speaking to one person about my job being threatened and now comments turn up lol

Don't so scared


Anonymous said...

Rico it would seem you are getting a little too close for comfort with your comment about your job being on the line. Glad to hear you dont do intimidation and fear.

Anonymous said...

So you expose Tel Boy Le Main and have your livelyhood threatened...says it all really...etc.

Anonymous said...

How many favours has good old Tel Boy given to his good mate
Richie Brocken. Why was the Sacre Couer given non qauls status so Brocken can rent the converted convent out at extortionate rents
He has also been allowed to build another block of apartments next door, on a site no bigger than a postage stamp. I wonder what housing status these new apartments will be awarded

This Island is sinking with the corruption that has been allowed to carry on here
What we need is a really good ivestigative journalist to do a bit of digging, let's expose the people at the top that have made millions over the years with the lucrative property market. One to begin with is Daisy Hill Investments, some interesting names in that one, I believe our deputy Bailiff sat on the bored at one time.

Anonymous said...

You are really stupid.

Whats happened now? They are going to release even more insulting e-mails. They have been holding the Aces for weeks.

Rob Kent said...

Part one:

I noticed the dead, illiterate hand of Le Main in this attack directed at me on the farcical blog (and to think he was educated at Hautlieu, a grammar school):

"Here we go again...Rob Kents comments and views are just " absolute garbage " from what it sounds like someone who has a massive " chip on his shoulder " why would this person be spending all his time blogging crap and third party comments which have no credibility etc..and responding to people like Syvret, Voice for Children etc on Jersey when he obviously lives outside the Island...well this very bright credible blogger Mr Kent believes " Private Eye " News of the World etc..that says something....and when you know the background to some of these dissatisfied people with massive personal problems against the Judiciary / government etc.."

It was highly amusing to be attacked in this way by Senator Le Main. But why me? Well, maybe it's because after he had to resign as Minister because of his attempt to pervert the course of justice in the case of his friend who'd had been paying his campaign costs for many years, I recounted the story of how he tried to stitch up my elderly parents by allowing another property developer to build a block of flats next to their garden. When my step-father approached the good Senator to complain about this, Senator Le Main put his arm around his shoulder and told him not to waste his money on a solicitor as it was a 'fait accomplis'. When my parents did spend their hard-earned cash on a solicitor, they won their case against Housing and the development was stoppped. Senator Le Main might refer to this story as 'crap and third party comments' but my parents are still alive and have the solicitor's receipts to confirm it, should he want to see them. Your readers can decide for themselves whether, in this case, Senator Le Main was batting for ordinary working people or his matey property developers.


Rob Kent said...

Part two:

As to why I still take such an interest in Jersey affairs and politics despite no-longer living there? Well, one of the reasons I left the island was because of the stifling political and social culture. There is a massive democratic deficit and the island is basically run by a cabal of powerful interests. Historically that cabal consisted of powerful, landed families; now I would say it is the descendants of the same people, but allied to the legal profession and the finance industry. So long as ordinary Jersey people were doing okay out of the system, they didn't take much interest in the lack of democratic freedom and suppression of free opinion they had to live with. Yes, everyone knew that most States members were in it for themselves and would not rock the boat, but people just got on with enjoying their lives on a beautiful island with a proud history.

Although I return to Jersey every year (sometimes several times a year) and the rest of my family still live there, I hadn't taken much interest in the politics there until the HdlG affair broke. I was interested in the way the government immediately tried to suppress it as a story and were more concerned (or so it seemed from Frank Walker's notorious Newsnight appearance) for the image of Jersey than for the plight of the victims. To me, it seemed symptomatic of how government works in Jersey: traduce your critics using all means at your disposal, including the media. You make life difficult for them and depict them as insane or being personally motivated and having "massive chips" on their shoulder.

I would like to reassure Senator Le Main that I don't have any grievance against anyone, in Jersey or elsewhere. I run a successful business and have had a good career since leaving Jersey, and fortunately I'm in a position that nobody there can affect my livelihood because I am a critic of people like him, which wouldn't be the case if I lived there, I'm sure. That is also why 90% of the contributors to Jersey blogs are 'anonymous', even the right-wing, establishment ones: everyone lives in fear of being identified with their own opinions in case life becomes difficult for them. What does that tell you about the Jersey political culture?

I do read Private Eye, which everyone knows is mostly proven correct in the stories it breaks on financial matters, but I've never more than glanced at the News of the World. I don't have any kind of chip on my shoulder, but Senator le Main (aka 'Anonymous') has egg all over his face. Welcome to the blogosphere, Senator.

Anonymous said...

Could Tel Boy be asking himself a question here?? How sad is that!! LOL

"Anonymous said..
Mr Le Main

Did you fight your corner against those horrible allegations...I have looked in the JEP yet nothing yet...etc

Dear Sir or Madam
I have been very patiently waiting for the Chief Minister to complete his enquiry into my actions, decisions I took...this independent request was at my request so that the public could see warts and all the reasons behind my decisions to do as I did...I promise you that as soon as this enquiry is completed I will respond but quite amazing I am advised that this enquiry is virtually completed but I have not been interviewed or have the defendants I am Sir or Madam I do not believe that I have acted in any manner etc that I should have resigned as Housing Minister...but all will come out and if I am criticised etc..I will fully respond publicly.

Thanks to all for the huge public support I have received privately..
July 21, 2010"

This is the best laugh I've had in ages. Keep up the good work Rico. This reminds me of a scene in "Mama Mia" where the Daughter is telling her friends about her Mothers lovers and when the girls ask "what happened next" the Daughter replies "DOT DOT DOT".

OBTW, Tel boy has a secret!!!!!!!!!......

TonyTheProf said...

Rico, BBC History Magazine has a special on The Battle of Britain; the film was also on C4 on Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, just brilliant!!

Also check out Tony's Musings blog site, he has posted some very interesting facts about TLM!

Rob Kent said...

Re "How many favours has good old Tel Boy given to his good mate
Richie Brocken."

Brocken was the developer concerned in my parents' case. They live behind Sacre Coeur and have done for 52 years.

Anonymous said...

No wonder Del Boy Le Main hates Syvret.

Remember Syvet's public letter about Brocken?
Remember Syvet's recent exposing of the Green Zone Land which was autherised while DBLM was Minister of land and housing?

The foot stamping by him, in the House, when child abuse related issues are mentioned is a bit confusing. Or maybe not?!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The sins of the father shall be visited upon the sons or daughters

GeeGee said...

Rico - I'm glad you have confirmed what I thought some time ago, that several Anonymous comments and also 'States Member' comments were indeed from Tel Boy. In fact he gave himself away to me, not by the writing style, but just one very small but significant name he mentioned in one of his rantings.

So, in his case bullpoo did NOT baffle brains!

Good posting Rico, and another excellent analysis on Tony's Musings. Not being a fan of Mr Le Main (and he seems to know it), I too can confirm his foot-stamping, 'rubbish' shouting behaviour in the States Chamber, whilst spending the greater majority of his time on his Blackberry. It is indeed an eye opener which we have the privilege of paying £40+k a year for. The likes of the Pitmans, Bob Hill, Daniel Wimberley and Monty then get flak for doing a proper job!

I personally would have thought that someone with a track record like our Tel would have distanced himself from further controversy by not contributing to the F Blog, but hey, there's no fool like an old fool!!

Glad you won't be bullied or intimidated Rico. It really just shows the nature of the beast.

Continui il buon lavoro.

Anonymous said...

Well done with this counter-attack against the rabid rightists. In 1996 Tel Boy's slogan was "Its crisis time for Jersey". How those words must haunt him now as the deficits mount and lower orders threaten rebellion once again.

Anonymous said...

Terry Le Main is a good friend of mine so I am not impressed with this but who do you think you are making these assumptions?

Rob Kent said...

Re "Terry Le Main is a good friend of mine"

Tell us your name and we might believe you. Why should we engage with any blog or any poster on any blog that refuses to be identified? Nothing they say is verifiable or believable in any way at all.

It could be one person writing all the different posts, a thousand monkeys, or a Turing machine. In fact, a Turing machine would be more credible.

But the reason we know it is Terry Le Main is because we've been tracking his contributions in various emails and blog posts for some time. There is nobody else who writes in his inimitable style.

This is him apparently posting under his own name:

" guts to see them face to to all you " Syvret Lovers " get a life... this man is just criminally bonkers...dangerously bonkers...just imagine if Syvret had been elected Chief Minister...yes 18 members voted for him...quite incredible and he had quite a bit of public support...."

All of the other posts are written using the same terminology and punctuation. We processed them all using specialist software used for detecting plagiarism ( and it clearly identified them all as coming from the same author.

Of course, now that everyone knows how he writes, they can imitate him on the farcical blog, which I see is already happening:

"Anonymous said...
Why would Terry le Main have to blog as anonymous...its a load of garbage and crap...typical of the sort of thing said by Syvret supporters who cant stand that this blog has finally rumbled them...from everything Terry has said you can tell he's an honest bloke who wouldn't need to hide what he says...because he stands by everything he says and has no need to."

Anonymous said...

Rob, pure class, you've been rumbled Tel Boy.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear reading the comments assuming TLM involvement gives a great insight into the bigger picture. Pretty desperate dont you think?

GeeGee said...

Ho ho Rob - superb stuff. This 'F' blog is really in a class of its own. Comments on there from me, both under my blogger name and my real name and now it appears my partner (who has not the slightest interest in any of this) is included in comments as well!

Strange thing is though, I cannot recall composing any of them apart from one which they would not reproduce as it was perhaps a bit to honest for them!! Hence I incurred their wrath. It will be your turn again now Rob.

I'm now gonna a Turing machine 'cos I ain't got a clue what one of those is!

TonyTheProf said...

A Turing Machine is a theoretical device that manipulates symbols on a tape.

Roughly speaking, the symbols can be instructions moving the machine on the tape, and moving data around.

The theory was devised by the British genius Alan Turing (who also was involved in code-breaking machines at Bletchley Park), and despite its simplicity, it basically underpins modern computers (where at assembly level, programs act virtually like Turing machines).

Turing also devised a test of machine intelligence - he took the look of the machine out of the equation by using a teletype machine - the modern equivalent would be a pc linked to the internet with a monitor. If you are in a conversation with someone, and cannot tell if that is a real person or a machine, then the machine has passed the Turing test for intelligence - it simulates a human being so well.

One could say the comments on the Farce blog were generated by machine like that - but they don't seem particularly bright!

Rob Kent said...

The fact that TLM was the author of those 'anonymous' comments was worth pointing out for two reasons, maybe three.

It's kind of interesting when an elected member of parliament hides his opinions behind a cloak of anonymity, especially when he's pursuing his own agenda but trying to make it appear that he's merely another voter (who happens to like TLM and hate all the other unpatriotic malcontents whose names we know so well).

Secondly it shows that you simply cannot take at face value anything you read on the Internet, especially when it is posted by anonymous contributors or using a pseudonym, or posting under somebody else's name.

Thirdly, it shows that although there is occasionally a good reason to not reveal your identity when posting on the Internet (stalkers, whistle-blowing, etc), most of the time there is not. It simply reduces the credibility of your statement because your readers simply do not know if you are trolling or have a hidden agenda.

Of course, if your agenda is to sling mud and behave in a way that might cause you embarrassment if people found out it was you, then that's a good reason to remain anonymous. But you can't expect to be taken seriously.

Milton said, in a slightly different context:

I cannot praise a fugitive and cloistered virtue, unexercised and unbreathed that never sallies out and sees her adversary but slinks out of the race, where that immortal garland is to be run for, not without dust and heat. Assuredly we bring not innocence into the world, we bring impurity much rather; that which purifies us is trial, and trial is by what is contrary.

Milton was blind, but he didn't live in darkness. He wasn't anonymous.

rico sorda said...

Hi Guys

Just back from a magical trip up in Normandy. Always good for the soul and the hour I spent in the American cemetery above Omaha was a very special moment just inspiring.

So Its back on now.

The ' F.S.L.O.T.M.L ' will be getting there moments that is for sure

Who is Gary Cummins does he exist ? is he the real owner of the F-Blog why are some politicians leaving themselves open have they met him.

SO much work

And as i stood in that cemetery the same thing kept going over in my mind


My Island is in danger


TonyTheProf said...


Try and get hold of a copy of Roy Clarke's "A Foreign Field".

The film was made to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the D-Day landings and was driven into production by Alec Guinness who used his influence with the BBC to make it and with the various famous actors to appear in it.

It is one of the best films I have seen commemorating D-Day.

rico sorda said...

Thanks for the Tip

Still in the bunkers at the moment. What a game we play


Truth-Searcher said...

Rico, I know this is off subject, but hopefully you can help me find the Chapman Report.

I followed a link within VoiceForProtest as follows:-

voiceforchildren said...

The Chapman Report.
3 December 2009 07:01

However, although I originally read the report at the time. It no longer comes up, its now a 404. On searching, still no luck.

Can you help, as I wanted to re-read the section on Stuart's and other blogs being monitored, to check the specific wording, as there may be a question on how much monitoring web sites is costing the public, how many sites are being monitored etc...

Anonymous said...

Chapman seems to have vanished without trace from the States website. Most odd.

Terry's magical mystery tour said...

The Chapman report was a joke. Even a potato can see that oh hang on we have some sitting in the states.

mac said...

Ref the Chapman report copy and paste this link go to the bottom and the pdf is there.

Anonymous said...

Extract from the Chapman Report, does beg the questions, how many blogs and at what cost to the Jersey Taxpayer? (I downloaded a copy a long time ago in case it disappeared)

Recommendation One
11.5. I therefore recommend that the appropriate steps are taken to compile an appropriately cross-referenced paper and/or electronic copy of the Senator’s blog. If any other person prepares a similar blog that action must be extended to encompass any other web-based electronic publication identifying States employees.

11.6. Although the source of the bullying and harassment only emanates from one person at present that may not always be the case and if appropriate the step recommended in the previous paragraph should be extended to any
future similar publication.

GeeGee said...

Ref the 'disappearing' Chapman report. It may be worth phoning the States Greffe, or the Greffier himself to see if he can point you in the right direction.

Curiouser and curiouser!

Anonymous said...

The Chapman Report was used as a smoke screen.
And now the smoke has cleared it can be disregarded.

They will also do the same with The Napier Report.

What they have got to remember is that these reports took a lot of time, effort and tax payers money.

They are reports that can be disregarded for now, but never destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh about El Tel wanting to stand in St. Helier No. 2. Baesed there for years and have to say sorry Tel, I think I'll go with people who just get on and work their proverbials off like Deputy Shona Pitman. God, imagine if the decent politicians decided that they had had enough of all this garbage and we then had the likes of El Tel and mr Thicko Wod Bryans both standing! Working people would be stuffed! As for Gazza, Gary...try looking up the initials RH. I'm told things like Raul and Raoul are very popular names amongst far-righist numpties these days?

rico sorda said...

I agree with Anonymous Deputy Shona Pitman never stops working and must be an asset in St Helier no2.

What im now finding very strange is how come the JDA ended up in the royal court yet Teflon Tel never got a whiff. I have just read Tonys excellent post on Sentor Le Main and makes for a very interesting read.

So the battle for number 2 could go down in Jersey Folk Law. Terry ain't ready to pack this politics lark in just yet as there are still people in the States that could save us. This has all the makings of a dirty campaign.

Just where will that Minibus be heading in the dead of night ?

Will Terry be at the wheel ?

What will it say on the side of the Minibus?

Vote Terry vote.... ?

Time permitting I will be having a look at Captain Jerseys states gang. He is not the official leader but hey they all nod their heads to a higher power, not the fools gold TLS but something even greater.


Anonymous said...

You'd never guess how the following link up!

5 Star Monaco Hotel headed note paper.
British Virgin Islands
Sheltered Housing.

...---... methinks eh Tel !

rico sorda said...

So having just spent 2 hours listening to Lord Carswell talking about the role of the crown and separation of powers the only conclusion i came out with was please never allow Guy Du Faye to be re-elected to the states of Jersey. The Incinerator 1 is a total no no


The Stat Man said...


How many hits does your blog receive. Have you reached the 100,000 mark yet as claimed by the Farce Blog. I find this a rather large amount plus the blog has only been going for 194 days or so.

I for one don't believe that many people give a hoot about any of this

Rob Kent said...

@Stat Man: "I for one don't believe that many people give a hoot about any of this"

About what?

The Stat Man... said...

The issues concerning Jersey

100,000 in 197 days that cant be right. Could it be a new blog record. I will find out

Anonymous said...

I've pulled the Farce Blog up on this before - but he didn't print my comment. He is counting hits, not unique visitors - and so, for instance, will count each time he or TLM visit the site as a hit.

Anonymous said...

Unique visitors is also no indication of numbers. IP addresses can change every time a connection is made, also if comming from fixed IP network the same IP will be used by many people.
Its pretty clear just looking at the blogs that VFC, SS, and most other political blogs are dead. RS and HDLG appear to maintain a minority interest. Most people seem to be in it for the slagging and the gossip.
All very sad.

rico sorda said...

I have just published the above comment because it is wrong in one aspect. The amount of comments does not in anyway show how popular a blog is.

How does the above person know that a blog is dead ?

My Blog and VFC are going extremely well, it would be nice if more people commented but that is their decision.


GeeGee said...

No Rico, neither your blog or VFC are 'dead', and usually new postings are eagerly awaited. I would also say that the quality of the comments are far more intelligent and informative as a whole than those on the F Blog.

It's quality, not quantity that counts.

As an aside, I see El Tel is trying to curry favour with the electorate suggesting that jobs should be offered to those with res. quals. first. I am 99.9% certain that this should be the case in any event (Regulation of Undertakings), so he may be better placed finding out WHY this is not happening. Oh...!or is this the start of an early election campaign?

rico sorda said...

My next blog is Jason Roberts and the Farce Blog

The man behind Jason Roberts on facebook, why it was closed down, there were 2 of them using the login name, i know one of them.

This is all starting to fall into place, the saying that im anti jewish the threats to my job I have had enough

Gazza, Gary Cummins and Jason Roberts all the same person

Unless JR number 2 gets in touch, up it goes big boy


GeeGee said...

Way to go Rico! - frankly I am really sickened by the bile being spouted on there, and the fact that Jimmy Perchard and Terry Le Main are actually endorsing this blog does not say an awful lot for them either.

Any half decent person will feel exactly the same way, and only those with a very disturbed mind would either contribute or praise this type of personal assaults on people.

Hey Ho! It will be my turn to be villified on there now, so as you say Rico, bring it on Big Boy!

Anonymous said...

"...only those with a very disturbed mind would either contribute or praise this type of personal assaults on people."

Absolutely! But I suggest you have a quick look back at Syvret's blog and the comments as well as those of his supporters. A huge number of them can only be defined as "personal assaults on people."

But perhaps, once someone is simply accused by a blogger, or commentator of wrongdoing - oc course there's no need to provide any real evidence which would stand up in court; suspicion, malicious gossip and rumour more than suffice -they cease being "people" and become fair game?

You can't have it both ways - and certainly, if you dish it out, you should be more than prepared to take it.

"Let he among you who is without sin cast the first stone."

GeeGee said...

I am very well aware of the assaults that there have been on Stuart's blog, but in the main I think it fair to say that most have been politically motivated, some justified, some maybe not.

However the deluge of personal insults, and threats to people over losing their jobs etc. is rather a different ball game I think and whilst those in the public eye should expect some of the cut and thrust that politicians have to deal with the F blog has gone a step too far in getting too personal.

No doubt we will agree to disagree whoever you are, but there is another adage which I have used before -

"Two wrongs do not make a right"

Anonymous said...

Raised awareness of child abuse issues in Portugal
Sep 06, 2010 09:55 AM
A mammoth child sex abuse trial in Portugal, ongoing for more than five years, is about to come to an end when judges shortly announce their verdict. Seven defendants face over 800 charges linked the running of a paedophile ring in a state-run children’s home in Lisbon.

A mammoth child sex abuse trial in Portugal, ongoing for more than five years, is about to come to an end when judges shortly announce their verdict. Seven defendants face over 800 charges linked to the running of a paedophile ring in a state-run children’s home in Lisbon.

The case has been high profile from the start, with a former TV presenter and a former ambassador among the 7 people accused of abusing boys in state care. Social workers and psychologists estimate that more than 100 children were sexually abused in the Casa Pia, a state-run network of children’s homes founded in 1870. The homes are responsible for looking after more than 4,000 orphans and special needs children, including the deaf and blind, as well as children whose families are unable to care for them.

Incidents of abuse were reported to officials as far back as two decades ago, but nothing was done by the authorities. It took a journalist’s article in the ‘Expresso’ newspaper in 2002 for police to start serious investigations.

During the trial, 32 alleged victims ranging in age between 16 and 22 have given chilling accounts of being raped by adults in dark cellars, cars and secluded houses. Almost all of the young victims identified their abusers by pointing to the men across the courtroom. One of the accused is a former driver at Casa Pia, who claims he was also abused when he lived at the home as a child. The driver has admitted to more than 600 crimes and incriminated the other defendants. If convicted, they could be jailed for up to 25 years.

Insular and traditional as a country, the uncovering of such large-scale abuse shocked Portugal when the story first broke in 2002. Since then the trial has gripped the nation, with much coverage from the media. Such a spotlight is believed to have changed attitudes. There is now much more pressure on authorities to investigate and respond to abuse allegations.

The president of an association set up by psychologists to help prevent child abuse believes that little by little, there is “greater openness form the public, schools and parents” about the issues involved. And victim support organisations receive more calls for help from abused children and adults.

Some doubt whether the sentences passed by the judges will be adequate to do justice to the heinous crimes committed. But whatever the verdicts in this particular trial, the media circus around the case has already done immeasurable good, if it has helped change attitudes in society and encouraged people to come forward who might otherwise have remained silent.

Anonymous said...

The assaults by your close buddy Syvret fully justify any counter attack on you included. I hope you do lose your job like other victims of the vile blog.

rico sorda said...

Who has lost their job?

Who's marriage has split up ?

"Counter Attack" that is so funny now what really is scary is that i would have you somewhere between 17 and 20 years old but i bloody bey you are in your 30's or 40's god i hope i,m wrong


Anonymous said...

Victims of the vile blog, losing there job! I don't think so, people like RIco earn an honest days pay and fight for justice at every turn. Victims of the vile blog are protected and moved from one department to another ,or if you are really important you get given a golden handshake for failure and sent on your way,

Anonymous said...

??? Date of this posting and comments...make no sense...

rico sorda said...

its an old posting revisited


Anonymous said...

So Terry Le Main is standing in Number 2, so what, what's the issue between you and him?

Anonymous said...

"5 Star Monaco Hotel headed note paper."

This is of massive interest to me, I would really appreciate it if you would give me some more detail, please.

Thanks for exposing this horrid man's posting syntax Rico. I was glad when the Farce blog came back, because those bullies are so full of malicious spite that they make mistakes, and they expose themselves.

I like doing detective work, I have got downloaded a series of very strange videos of some men from the Jersey Sea Cadets. I found it after one of those morally depraved men on that Blog of Doom posted something, and I stubled accross it. I dont know what the inside of the Jersey Sea Cadets headquarters looks like, but I think the strange videos might have been taken there. I cant find them on YouTube any more, I think the people who uploaded them might have closed their accounts, but I copied and saved the videos, just as I did with the Bailache video of him saying how he makes the laws up as he goes along.

I am going to put the videos onto YouTube, so that people can have a look and see if they know who the men are in them. The men are dressed in funny clothes, leather sexy sort of stuff, I think its supposed to be sexy anyway. I will get that done today and post it on my blog. I might be wrong, it might not be the Jersey Sea Cadets headquarters, but people can have a look and see if it is, and they might know who the men are.


Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you publish my suspected T Le M comments last night?

Ian Evans said...

Jersey Justice? The Abusers V's The Abused Penny for penny, who comes out on top?

rico sorda said...

"What fun, playing Spot the Le Main on the Farce-scum Blog! Similar punctuation foibles are found in the following - and if it really is Le Main's work, then God help us if anyone votes for him ever again - as the author of these comments clearly has the most massive problem and chip on his shoulder"

Im not publishing the rest of your comments

I don't like the tone of some of the things your saying and im not posting that someone should be sectioned.



Anonymous said...

Exactly - that's the measure of the man, that's what someone has been writing on the farce blog with the exact same writing style as Tel!

I was trying to highlight what a pathetic worm would write such things.

voiceforchildren said...


Goodbye JIMMY.P

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Anonymous said...

"You'd never guess how the following link up!

5 Star Monaco Hotel headed note paper.
British Virgin Islands
Sheltered Housing.

...---... methinks eh Tel !

September 2, 2010 7:59 PM"

It's always reassuring to see that so many other people are aware of the truth.

In so many ways, it's been a great disappointment that Jimmy Perchard and Ben Shenton have chickened out of the election.

But, on the other hand, no big surprise. Even if they didn't want to, surely some 'higher authority' would have had the proverbial 'word-in-the-ear'?

Our worry has to be that Terry Le Main and his special friend Sean Power will find "reasons" for not standing, before the election. Because their candidatures are about as "helpful" to the powers-that-be - as an IRS intelligence assessment of certain BVI trust-funds.

Oh - and by the way - don't worry about the Chapman Report.

I have a copies - paper and electronic.

After all - it's an exhibit of damning evidence; against 'governance' in Jersey.

And I've recently acquired copies of all my statements to the SOJP - concerning the criminal concealment of child abuse - by the Health & Social Services, and Education departments - and the Council of Ministers. (Remember your affidavit, Freddie?)

I've just recently sent them all to Alan Collins, of Verisona - a lawyer representing many of the survivors.

I'm working on the detailed, comprehensive affidavit - to accompany that evidence - these last few days.

If the Jersey oligarchy has as much as one 'wise head' amongst their number - they'd understand the stark, inescapable facts - and would be striving, urgently, to 'damage-limit' this crises.

Fortunately - in the name of the necessary long-term clean-up - the oligarchy don't possess a single such figure, and are all-at-sea.

And just in case your readers are curious - given that Tel Boy Le Main and his supporter comment here, accusing me of writing terrible and untrue things about him - I'm still waiting.

Waiting for so much as one - single - solitary - solicitor's letter - threatening me with action - if what I've said is untrue.

Come on, Tel Boy - stopping hiding anonymously behind the web sites of a deranged apologist for child abuse; let's have it out - face to face - in court.

Come along - you silly little man.


Anonymous said...

Are they also sending this to the HDLG survivors?


Ian Evans said...

The 'SHAME' of Cover-up TV

voiceforchildren said...



voiceforchildren said...


Why haven't Jersey's "accredited" media mentioned THIS?

Ian Evans said...