Friday, August 20, 2010

News Flash Latest on Napier

Following on from the latest posting from VFC NAPIER EMAILS we now have the latest news on the Napier Report. Here is a reply from the Chief Minister TLS.

From: Terry Le Sueur
Sent: 20 August 2010 08:31
To: Bob Hill
Cc: All States Members (including ex officio members); Channel 103; Channel TV; JEP Editorial; JEP Newsdesk; BBC Radio Jersey & Spotlight TV; Spotlight (Spotlight)
Subject: RE: The Review into the suspension of the Chief Police Officer.

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your further e-mail. I should just point out that the timescale of 4 to 6 weeks was one stated by Mr Napier (as reported in the JEP), and all that I said was that I hoped it was achievable. I suggest that you ask Mr. Napier in due course (rather than me) why he has found that the process took longer than he first thought.
I note that you are shortly to go on holiday ( as am I) and I am advised that the final report is not expected to be produced until 10th September at the earliest. I have asked that Mr Napier be invited to present his report to States members, and again I am advised that he will not be available until the week of 20th September. I confirm that I have not received Mr Napier's Report, and do not expect to do so prior to 10th September. I presume that you will be back in the Island by then.
As previously stated, I intend to follow proper practice and await the (first and final) report of Mr. Napier, rather than interfere with the integrity of his findings, and I suggest that you do likewise.

Terry Le Sueur

So Deputy Hill don't interfere with Mr Napiers findings ummmmm I thought Deputy Hill was overseeing it.

Now this is just my own opinion but im getting a bad feeling about this but what I will do and must do is trust Mr Napier's Integrity. We must remember that what is in the public domain is damning enough.

We will keep you posted with any developments

We don't want Redaction we want the Truth

ILM failed lets hope Terry Delivers


Veterans: Douglas Bader (left) and Czech pilot Alexander Hess outside the Duxford Officers' Mess. At 41, Hess was one of the oldest pilots in the Battle of Britain. Having lost his legs in a flying accident in 1931, Bader became famous as the pilot with 'tin legs'. He took command of No.242 Squadron in June 1940

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voiceforchildren said...


It would appear that TLS doesn't know whether he's coming or going, (although going would be preferable.

In this latest e-mail to Deputy Hill he says this "I suggest that you ask Mr. Napier in due course (rather than me) why he has found that the process took longer than he first thought."
Rather suggesting that he doesn't know why the process is taking so long.

But in his written answer to Deputy Trevor Pitman he said this "The original timescale for the completion of the independent review into the suspension of the Chief Officer of Police was six weeks as stated in the Deputy’s question. Unfortunately, due to difficulties in arranging convenient dates for interviews and travel disruptions caused by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, it was not possible to complete the interview process with one of the key witnesses during the Mr Napier’s first visit to Jersey".

Truth will out Terry.....Truth will out.

Anonymous said...

I hope Terry got him to quote a price for the report rather than on an hourly rate. And, as it was Terry's idea to use him then I don't see what the problem is in Bob asking Terry why the delay.

If I was told something should be ready within 4 to 6 weeks yet it still wasn't ready 6 months later I would be asking why, and I suggest Terry does likewise!

Anonymous said...

Who has been in charge of costs and if the report has taken far longer, surely the hours involved are higher than originally anticipated, by some margin!

Why has TLS not honoured the agrrement that Bob Hill and himself would oversee the report, they would then both know why it has taken so long. One thing for sure, no one can never trust TLS.

Furthermore, why is TLS incurring further cots in inviting Mr Napier to present his report, this is not only unecessary but at a time of cost saving, a waste of money, and a further ten day delay (at least*). What's the bet Mr Napier may fall ill and further delays will occur!!

* Note: although TLS says Mr Napier will not be available until the week of 20th September, he does not stipulate any fixed date for him to appear, being available and actually appearing may be two entirely different dates!!

Anonymous said...

Having such a long delay adds ammunition to those doubters of TLS getting to the truth.

Perhaps the delay is due to Warcup's replacement being found before he may be criticised in the report.

Perhaps the outcome of the report may be beneficial to Stuart Syvret's position and delayed and delayed and delayed.......

GeeGee said...

Oh dear, oh dear. What a complete and utter up-cock.

Holidays, volcanic ash, blah, blah. Are we all stupid - I think not. This is all another shambolic mess that will not wash with us any more.

It is quite clear that there will be revelations from this report that will not show those involved in this travesty in a good light. Don't prolong the agony Chief Minister because the truth WILL out.

Anonymous said...

Is TLS on a commission!

He instigates a report that he is surposed to oversee, but does not know why it is taking so long although I guess it must be costing a lot more.

TonyTheProf said...

On your air force heroes, have you seen Kenneth More as Douglas Bader in "Reach for the Sky"?

There's a Jersey connection - Kenneth More was educated in Jersey!

rico sorda said...

Hi Tony

Yeah, and I must say I love them old black & whites. The film Battle of Britain is the best, a sunday afternoon classic.

Like i said in my post I am getting worried about what's going on. If Bob was overseeing it and being kept in the loop I would be a lot happier thats for sure. One of the reasons im smelling a rat is because of WEB, look what they have done to their report. We can all see that Harcourt have taken 5 years to build a shopping mall.

We are always being taken for fools it must stop

The other reason for the panic with the Napier Report is that they have got to recruit a new Police Chief.

What person would want to step into this madness. ILM has said the cod is not fit for purpose,

Think about the wider issues

Only the Grouville Sausages can save us


Anonymous said...

I think Brian Napier in all honesty said that he anticipated the Report taking 4-6 weeks to complete - UNTIL he realised the hornets nest he was delving into. I believe (well hope anyway) that his report will be a lot more revealing than even he anticipated!

Anonymous said...

There was a time when the only thing in this Island getting 'milked' was the Jersey cow but now it would seem it is not only the cow but the long suffering taxpayer but far more importantly the TRUTH, we should all remember the maxim..."Evil will flourish when good men and women sit back and say nothing" that means YOU all you Jersey people who are so well off or indifferent and think that all this 'fuss' will eventually blow over, it may well indeed 'blow over' but your children will be left with the backlash that will come, and then when they ask you "why didn't you speak out" what are you going to say?? I was too weak, I was too scared, it was nothing to do with me!! the plain truth is we collectively have no longer got a backbone in this Island and think more about our precious 'lifestyle' rather than our responsibility as human beings, but regardless 'THE TRUTH WILL OUT'so TLS and all the others who are so desperately trying to avoid the inevitable consequences of what has happened why oh why do you not just come clean and admit that bad things have happened, it is not THAT hard to do, and history will record that Jersey was big enough to face up to it's past...but hey who am trying to this charade will continue until even those trying to hide the truth will come full circle and suddenly see their own backsides staring them in the face, how so very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Rico old chap - don't get me wrong - but I have been trying to unfathom the relevance of the WWII heroes to the central plot here.

I realise that such brave fellows gave their limbs or lives in a patriotic noble cause but I have reservations about the whole glorious war thing. I also wonder if you are sure that they would want to be linked with your particular campaign?

I am a sucker for the Boys Own pix and tales of daring-do along with the next testosterone fuelled guy but around this time of year I do seem to devlope an allergy to the particularly obnoxious mis-use of their memory.

In particular I dread the sound of long gone Merlins heralding every news bulletin and local trumped-up DJs trying to sound like Winston Churchill or Alvar Lidell.

I dread too the rattling of tins as though this might in some way afford an adequate tribute to people who have had their limbs and faces blown or burned from their bodies - and I don't just mean those who suffered or died serving in uniform either.

Don't get me wrong Rico, I can admire these heroes as well as the next person but I want to see and hear more resolute afforts to stop the whole warring business - and the glorification that takes place in September and November each year does not do it for me.

If I am missing your point I am sorry - but please let me know.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

Thanks for the comment.

It goes back to me childhood really cant say much more than that but will try. I loved the old books about fighter pilots and the Battle of Britain my hero was SAILOR MALAN.

Now I was going to do a blog about it but just thought I would do a little picture and text at the bottom of each blog posting. It's more for myself and it is the 70th anniversary and they are heros to me. They were kids who stepped up and became men and still hold a special place in my heart.

Tally Ho


rico sorda said...

I have decided to stop blogging for a while as i,m done in and need to re-charge my batteries. I have been at this for some time now and it does burn you out. I don't do this blog just for the crack or for some idiot to falsely use my name on every site going but I suppose the truth hurts.

What I want is for my Island to have a proper functioning government and a media that holds it to account. A scrutiny system that works would be a help.

I really think we are in the poo poo just look at what has been happening over the last 5 years. We are rudderless at the moment I wouldn't have TLS running a bath.

I would also say we are now Lawless in Jersey. How can a former magistrate be allowed to hold a Kangaroo Court, Trial by Media call it what you like in Jersey in the year 2010 and get away with it ask yourself how can this happen. Well one reason it can happen is our weak, poor, no backbone states members.

When im recharged I will be looking at them in groups of four. One will be getting his own blog my god he deserves it. I will be looking at how many oral and written questions they have submitted up to summer recess, how many propositions they have tabled and their voting record as you can imagine this will take time.

It will only be the ones i consider to be the " Foot Stamping Lackeys Of the Mother Land"

They are a danger to all of us

No backbone no nothing they just sit their like lemons waiting for the signal for a good old foot stamp even if it meant a full injustice had just taken place

rico sorda said...

I will be honest and admit that this does affect me. It affects my moods i,m normally in good spirits but this Government sucks the life out of me has it ever been worse?

I stand amazed and on many occasions sat amazed at what goes on in our states chamber. I have now banned myself from entering that cess pit unless its of grave importance. I sat with Abuse Survivors and watched how certain states members behaved when questions relating to child abuse were asked it Disgusted me. Zero compassion just nothing and that is where the problem lies.

If we have a states chamber that cant show compassion to children who were abused in the care of the states of jersey then we are doomed.

We reap what we sow

We are no more special than any other place


GeeGee said...

Well said Rico.

I could not have put it any better myself. This Island is a disgrace and even listening to the Moan-in when I can It is quite clear that there is a great deal of discontent across the board (apart from those involved in Finance of course).

People say that I am lucky to live here, but I constantly have that sickening feeling about the injustices that our elected and civil servants have meted out and got away with, all in the name of 'The Septic Island', so no, I do not consider myself lucky at all.

You have done a superb job Rico, you have investigated where the accredited media have not, and put a great deal of work into this. Re-charge your batteries, and come back when you are ready. This must give you some very small insight of the burn-out that Stuart must have felt/is feeling.

Finally Rico, I know you are not bothered about the 'idiots' as you call them who choose to play pathetic games, using people's names in vain and posting comments to and from themselves
but, schools go back soon, so they will be back where they belong and may not have so much spare time on their hands!

Bueno Fortuna!

Anonymous said...

Rico, I have sat in the States chamber many times now too and am ashamed , angry, saddened, depressed and very worried about the lack of compassion shown to the abuse survivors . Good men have lost there jobs and reputations because eighty five percent of our elected government are not wiling to do anything to rock the boat.
As long as there are people out there like you , the fight for justice will go on.
Good will always conquer over evil, it might just take a while

Anonymous said...

Well done to a disilusioned Senator Alan Breckon.

Dont try to beat them, dont join them.

Just go with your instinct.