Monday, September 13, 2010

Brian Napier QC- The whole truth and then our Governments version of the truth

So the Brian Napier QC report is getting closer. I have just received the written answers to Deputy Pitmans questions. I find its getting a little strange.

So, we do know that a draft has been sent to Deputy Chief Executive John Richardson we know this because " SCOTT" letters have been sent out.
Who got one?

Former Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis
DCO David Warcup " ? "
Former Chief Minister Frank Walker
Chief Executive Bill Ogley " Thats an odds on in my book"
Former "HR" Guy Mr Critch " yup"

Given that the Napier Report, that the Chief Minister hoped could be completed in six weeks, is now many months overdue and mindful that the Wiltshire Report was also more than a year overdue, cost the taxpayer a seven figure sum, yet did not result in any disciplinary proceedings, will the Chief Minister now clarify the following –
(a)                when will the Napier Report be published and be made available to Members?
(b)                upon publication will the Chief Minister ensure that States Members receive a copy in advance of the media?
(c)                will the Napier Report be published in full and not in a ‘redacted’ form?
(d)                how many draft versions of the Napier Report have been written in arriving at the final version?
(e)                has the final version been altered in any way as a result of input from those individuals receiving so-called ‘Scott letters'?
(f)                 has the Deputy of St. Martin been kept fully informed, involved and made aware of all material and developments at all stages of Mr. Napier's investigation, as was agreed when the process was set in place; and if not, why not
a)       Mr Napier advised me last week that the final report would be with me today, but so far I have not yet seen it.   Until such time as I have received and considered it I cannot give a definite date for its publication.
b)       When the report is ready for publication, I will ensure Members receive a copy before the    media.
c)       I hope to be in a position to publish the full report but until I am able to complete a thorough review of the final report I cannot give that assurance as it is only fair and reasonable that anyone named in the report having given evidence, but not directly involved in the suspension process, is given appropriate protection from any adverse publicity.
d)       I do not know how many draft versions have been produced as I have not received any draft copies of the report but I understand that a draft was produced and sent to all of those people who were involved in the suspension process where Mr Napier had comment to make on their participation.
e)       I do not know if Mr Napier has made any alterations as a result of the feedback he has received from those to whom he circulated a draft copy.
f)       The Deputy of St Martin and I have been in correspondence at various stages of the review and he has been kept aware of progress and developments.

These are some comments by VFC on his latest blog posting

"These are “unconfirmed” reports that he, along with Acting Chief Officer David Warcup have both received “Scott Letters” from Brian Napier QC as part of his, long awaited, Report. The unconfirmed reports I am getting tell me that our “powers that be” are trying to “persuade” Mr. Napier to “tone down” his criticisms of David Warcup and Andrew Lewis for the final version of his Report……..Now where has that happened before?"

"Like I said, this is all unconfirmed but if the source proves to be as good as their word (they’ve been good in the past) then I hope to have something a little more substantial very soon."

"Well if my source is correct and David Warcup has received a "Scott Letter" then where will that leave Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand? He's been trying to convince us all that the "Holy Grail" Report from Wiltshire completely vindicated David Warcup."

Interesting times ahead......

"Word has reached me from a source close to the Chief Ministers Office who says that it is quite apt that former Deputy “Andrew” Lewis should get a mention at this time."

Now, what if Brian Napier has done a proper job and lets be honest here with so much in the public domain he should have, I believe our Government have a problem.

The whole Graham Power suspension focuses on this report. This report is dealing with the original suspension, this is before the 1 million fishing trip by Wiltshire but more on that later. As we normally do on Team Voice we get in contact with the main players, we have been in contact with Brian Moore the Chief Constable of Wiltshire.

The Players named above have Suspended a Chief of Police in the middle of Huge Child Abuse Investigation

They did it when the Chief was on holiday

The Judicial Review said it had some serious flaws

Graham Power was given his first "Kangaoo Court on the morning on the 12 november 2008"

Notes where destroyed

No procedures were followed

The suspension code was written hours before as they only had the old committee one

The Players are getting a better chance than Graham Power was ever afforded

A suspended Chief of Police never returns to office

In my opinion, I believe Graham Power was removed from office so the Child Abuse investigation could be shown to be a lot of noise about nothing

The Liberation day speech of 2008 was the beginning of the cover up

If Brian Napier is a man who cant be turned or leaned apon then our Elite have a problem.
Interesting Times Indeed
Deputy Hill should have the Draft Report and the final report so we know all is above board



Anonymous said...

God you got it really bad eh?

voiceforchildren said...


I intend on looking in depth at Terry Le Sueurs answers. At first sight he, yet again, appears to be somewhat economical with the truth.

Jersey must be gaining a reputation as an island that destroys reputations and careers because of our out of control government and Civil Service. One can only hope that Mr. Brian Napier QC doesn't become their latest victim.

rico sorda said...


That chap from the other blog who attacks/ supports the ridicule of an Abuse Victim must sit on the internet, he was so quick with this comment.


The man who says no more comments from Zoompad but allows comments from a fake Zoompad probably because it is him who is writing them.

I once called the Farce Blog 'Abuse Deniers'

Now I can add 'Abuse Supporters'

The crazy thing is I don't even have to find evidence or back up my claim all you need to do is read their last posting.

It makes me sick and angry the way they have treated Zoompad A KNOWN ABUSE SURVIVOR.

We have some really horrible people on this Island and as long as their are people like that the children of this island will never be safe


rico sorda said...

TLS is full of rubbish. Who wrote the answers? my guess Ogley


voiceforchildren said...


Just to start you off where it appears that Terry Le Sueur has been economical with the truth in his answers to Deputy Trevor Pitman, I offer you this from an e-mail sent by Deputy Bob Hill on the 16th of August 2010 to TLS and others, including the islands “accredited” media. So we know that the “accredited” media know, let’s see what they report on it!

Terry’s Answer “f”

f) The Deputy of St Martin and I have been in correspondence at various stages of the review and he has been kept aware of progress and developments.

Extract from e-mail.

Good Morning Terry, 

Further to our previous emails regarding the review into the suspension process of the Chief Police Officer. Thank you for your letter, the hard copy arrived on Saturday morning.

I am afraid that the letter's contents do not provide the answers to my questions. Also the fact that you now inform me that a second report has been forwarded which you claim you have again not seen is just not acceptable. You and I should be seeing what is being submitted. I again remind you that you agreed that I would be involved with the ongoing work of the Commissioner, the reporting mechanism and the reports themselves, including the Final Report. The fact that you now say that a second report has been forwarded which you have not seen or informed me of is turning your promise to me into a farce. The perception of openness is paramount, the fact that the reports are being sent to and acted upon be a civil servant who is directly answerable to his boss who is apparently deeply implicated in the suspension is just not acceptable because of the civil servant's conflict of interest,

Ian Evans said...

Again gentlemen,

What guarantee do we have that the "Full Official Report" has not been "Redacted" or "Interfered" with?

Unless Mr Napier Q.C releases the report HIMSELF, and verifies it's authenticity, we know nothing of the truth as our Government are a pack of out and out liars!!!

Zoompad said...

They hacked into my Google account - they left their Google addresses, hikerfan and surferfan - on my Blog dashboard, I've informed Google at least 19 times but absolutly nothing has been done. I wiould have thought their accounts should have been closed down for that.

I would go to the police, but if the police cat't be bothered to do anything about the fact that I was abused as a child, raped and stalked, blus kept in a room ain an attempt to force me to sign documents for 2 hours in a very distressed state - I think the term for that is kidnapping - and that took place in an actual court establishment - then I hardly think they will be bothered about investigating this latest crime. It seems to me that all us who were abused as children have vthe mark of Cain put upon us - but, hey, Cain was the perpetrator of a crime, and we are the victims, so everything is all the wrong way round!

Anonymous said...

Will Napier give the presentation of his report

Anonymous said...

A yes, that infamous Liberation day speech.
The beginning of what they thought was going to be the start of the cover-up of the worst child abuse case ,probably since the Belgium scandal.
Philip Bailhache
The Bailiff, what an arrogant , silly little man.
William Bailhache, his brother
Attorney General,wilfully obstructing the charging of known suspects and interfering in police procedures.
These two fine boys will certainly be remembered for many years to come in the annuals of history.

Attorney General at the Hight of the investigation

rico sorda said...


They/he is just Scum.

No excuse for what they are doing, Im beginning to wonder what that site is really about, they attack everyone who has tried to help people who have suffered Abuse, they Attack a known Abuse survivors, they have a politician in the way of Senator Perchard saying how great it is and i have witnessed his reaction in the states to questions on Child Abuse.

The person has a personal vendetta against Stuart and is obsessed with stuart.

One very very strange cookie


Anonymous said...

There is a definate pattern to child abuse, pedophile ring cover-ups.
Whether it be Kincora, Aberdeen, the Holly Greig scandal, Mark Doutroux and the Belgium horrors.
The cover-up comes from the top because it's the higher echelons that are involved in the abuse.
Even when they die the perpetrators in there obituaries will be glorified as wonderful upstanding pillars of society.
Cyril Smith springs to mind, a dirty old pervert that had a penchant for smacking little boys bottoms.

Anonymous said...

How come the answers are so different between the Pitman Question and the TLS email sent earlier. Does the Chief Minister take everyone for fools

Anonymous said...

You do nothing for abuse victims with this blog, try asking them.

Anonymous said...

It stands to reason that Deputy Bob Hill and others will be watching very closely for this report to come out in full. OK names removed of witnesses not involved, thats acceptable. But nothing else needs or dares to be left out.

Otherwise TLS & Co will have to face the nightmare of a Public Enquiry!?

Anonymous said...

Zoompad - I have read some of that Farcical blog and found it rather odd in the way they spend most of their multiple postings attacking members of the public, hardly in the public interest. Whereas Stuart highlights failings of public SERVANTS which is in the public interest, he does so under his own name, as do many others, except the Farcical blog which dare not disclose their real names as they are cowards.

I came to the conclusion that the owners of the blog may well be pedo's as I cannot think of any rational argument that supports what they are doing, and so now, I ignore the blog site altogether as its not worth the byte space it is sitting on!

Zoompad said...


Cyril Smith, who died on 3 September 2010, was a typical populist politician in the UK.

"All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms" said Liberal leader David Steel about Cyril Smith in 1979

In 1979, Rochdale Alternative Press (Rochdale Alternative Press ) reportedly obtained evidence that, during the 1960's, Cyril Smith "was using his position to get boys aged 15 - 18 to undress in front of him in order that he could get them to bend over his knee while he spanked their bare bottoms or let him hold their testicles in a bizarre 'medical inspection'."

The late Postman Patel reported (Cyril Smith 1979 ):

"Lancashire Police had investigated claims about Smith's activities 3 years before he became an MP for 6 months.

"The original complaint concerned a resident of Cambridge Boys Hostel, Castlemere Street, Rochdale (it closed in 1965) .

"Eventually 7 people made complaints.

Zoompad said...

"Anonymous said...
You do nothing for abuse victims with this blog, try asking them. "

Excuse me, this blog is doing plenty for abuse victims, what a cheek, you assume authority that you don't have, I am an institutional child abuse survivor and you certainly are not speaking for me!

This blog is great, wish I had followed it sooner, I've got all the back issues to read now. If it was not for this blog I would not have known today anything about Cyrel Smith's spanking activities, and it is very important to me to know that the politicians who claim to represent us all in Parliament are not perverts and scumbags.

rico sorda said...

Garry ( pro child abuse ) Gazza Cummins is probably ripping me on his pro child abuse blog but im not reading it at the moment.

The Brian Napier report is very important as it goes back to the very beginning of the suspension.

The Executive will be busting their balls in keeping it under wraps or at least getting it diluted


Anonymous said...

I think its about time people on blogs other than the farce one just ignored it, stop reading it, stop quoting it and stop moaning about it.

It is, after all a farce. They are only interested in winding up everyone else. The owner wont even answer questions about the fake postings, just ignores them or, give him his dues, responds but ignores the fact that they are fake. Says he doesnt want anymore posts yet continues to allow the prat through that pretends to be her.

I wont be reading it anymore as it is a load of codswallop. I did take a quick read to make sure what I wrote above was true though and that the nob was still posting comments from a fraud/troll/ct!! Had to be certain he hadnt made an effort before I shot myself in the foot!!

But that is it, will not be read by me again, not even to see this post slagged off by the ct and his apostles.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the Jersey Care Leavers Association?
Is it true that they have gone off in two separate groups?
Half the group ready to settle by spring with this present Governments rushed approval.
The other wiser half prepared to wait till after next Autumns General Elections.

Anonymous said...

Yes Anon I agree. I gave up on it a week ago. I did really hope it would be a useful and academic counterbalance to the arguments set out on other blogs but it just looks like a few 6th formers having a laugh with their mates. The Labey sketch was for me, a step too far, and I dont even like the woman or her brand of politics.

Zoompad said...

I have learned a sad lesson that you have to be very very careful of organisations that say they are there to help people who have been abused, but in fact do the exact opposite.

There is a site which is a registered charity called SAFELINE, based in Warwick. I trusted that site, it looks like a good site, where they help people like me, who were abused as children.

Then, I found out that the Freemasons of Warwick were funding it. I also found out that I was being spied on by Judge Anthony Cleary, who was the judge in charge of the secret family court case I was going through at the time. Cleary is a trainer of other secret family court judges, and the co author of a new book of judge training, The Family Court Practice 2010: The Red Book ISBN 9781846612213 it costs £325. He is the judge who let a convicted knife murderer called Keith Hopkins who was released out of jail and mugged an 80-year-old woman called Winifred Phipps in Leamington Spa in 2008. That same judge kept threatening me with jail if I committed contempt of court - he was using the threat of contempt of court as a tool to bully me, and subjected me to two days of being cross examined by the man I have formally accused of raping me, a freemason, and all of this disgusting treatment is all part and parcel of the attempt to shut me up for ever about how I was abused as a child in one of their stnky whorehouses for children.

So I will never trust any registered charity ever again, never never never.