Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Chamber of Horrors

The way we are heading this will be the " CHILDREN'S MINISTER " Next stop "Greenfields"

So just a quick post on the latest from the " Chamber of Horrors "

So, today the beautiful rich island of Jersey declared that it cant now afford to give our young school children free milk. Yeah we are affluent we have the best of the best we are farting money we are living the" Iconic Dream ".

So there you go Kids no Milk

More on this when Hansard is out

Now we come on to £400,000 for Jersey Finance. Well what a debate that turned out to be, christ if only the members of the " Chamber of Horrors " fought for Children like they fight for this Golden Goose.

No money for Milk but always money for the finance industry. Is Jersey Finance Skint ?

Then we move on to the post of a Child Phycologist

The Child Phycologist is retiring so it is now seen as an easy saving

Again i will be waiting for Hansard so we can look at the speeches

Deputy Hilton & Senator Routier took my breath away at this stage when they said they were prepared to take a risk in axing this post

Yes, they said were prepared to take a risk

If you were worried then you back the Children until you know better. This debate left me so angry it will be coverd in more depth later

Guess how that vote went

What i found today is that our chamber is socially dead it really is

Scary Times

Team Voice will be having a very close look at the speeches and the voting



Anonymous said...

"Team Voice will be having a very close look at the speeches and the voting"

What do you think nobody else can read?

voiceforchildren said...


Children and parents be afraid, be very afraid. As you say Rico we must wait for Hansard but people must be made aware of the danger that the Ministers and assistant Ministers are to our children.

I am absolutely terrified for the well being of our children after listening to the States sitting today

rico sorda said...

That is why we must wait for Hansard and then check the speeches. What a sad day


Anonymous said...

This has got to be Ozouf and Le Seuer's final curtain.
The trust us and we will get results is still working with the majority of States Members.

But they have too much to live up to this time!?

Anonymous said...

Have the COM won every debate so far, if they have, why not just call for the vote straight away, why bother with the debate.

The majority of states members are a Joke

Anonymous said...

How the feck Perchard and Shenton can rave on about saving money after squandering six hundred thousand pounds denying abuse victims the care they needed is just dispicable

Anonymous said...

Wait till P100 comes around

Chris Bright ( JEP )

“The public needs and wants information it can trust. That can come neither
directly from the government nor from the mixture of partial pamphleteering,
gossip and hearsay which typifies many blogs in both the U.K. and C.I.,
particularly those with politics and government as primary interests.”10

Has he ever read his paper

This is one crazy island

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

'The axing of a child psychologist post'?

It was passed?

It's almost enough to make me want to become religious; I'd be able to comfort myself, to some extent, with the thought - when the reckoning happens - these States members are going to burn in hell.

Chris Bright - editor of The Rag - has the nerve to say the public want information - "not hearsay from blogs" - when I gave him - in the year 2000 - the Sharp Report - into gross child protection failures - and he flatly refused to print - a single word from it?

Information "the public can trust" - like a rock-solid - dynamite - piece of primary evidence - as was handed to him and The Rag - on a platter - by me - and the public were denied access to that knowledge - by Chris Bright, Rob Shipley - and John Averty - until we, the people, got blogging - and were able to publish it?

Really - what is there left to say about Chris Bright?

He - his bosses - his factotums - all, are damned.

Damned utterly by the implacable evidence of their own actions.


rico sorda said...

It was funny when Deputy Higgins pulled down Senator Perchards pants and then the bailiff stepped in just when Jimmy was winding up lol very funny.

Geoff Southern was so funny on his summing up today, laughter in defeat was the name of the day.

Dep T. Pitman

Has stepped up and is a brilliant states member.


Ole Razzy said...

So on the 70th anniversay of the battle of britain we learn that £400K has been saved by scrapping school milk whilst at the same time £600K was wasted on trying to defend the indefensible.

My polish grandfather was a pilot who was killed in the battle of britain.

Anonymous said...

This is a reply from Stuart concerning my 0/10 post. I have put it on this posting as it is relevant to the current shambles being discussed in the states.

Stuart Syvret

I've just read this posting and the subsequent comments.

A couple of points are raised in the comments that seem to require - tedious though it is - a response.

A commenter makes an observation to the effect that my report and proposition can be dismissed because it "isn't original".

Ah - if only we knew who the covert genius was - then we could ask him/her just how many original thoughts they've had?

Of course the basic issues - as expounded in the report and proposition - were not "original" - as in "original thought" or "original research".

Nowhere - at any point - did I ever claim them to be "original" - as though these were genius and remarkable in-sights - that no one else had ever alighted upon.

On the contrary - that was - pretty tragically, really - the point I was making in the entire document.

Virtually all of the issues, questions and alternative policies I raised in it were - actually - strikingly obvious.

The horrifying thing was - that even though these were obvious considerations to any fiscal strategy, given our circumstances - the Jersey oligarchy had simply ignored - or were not aware of - most of them.

And - even worse - when asked to simply examine the options, which was all I was asking - they couldn't even do that.

The posturing, yet idiotic, vanity of Phil Ozouf just couldn't bear to see any policy examination take place - that he hadn't endorsed.

And yes, it is certainly true - as the document stated quite plainly at the time - the ideas and issues raised in it, were contributed to by many different people.

These included Richard Murphy, and, in addition - I had also taken detailed advice from proprietors of Jersey trust companies; local small and medium-sized businesses, at least two prominent members of the I.O.D, several members of the Chamber of Commerce, union activists, three lawyers, two 1(1)K tax-exiles, one active banker, one retired banker, six civil servants and two property speculators.

So I do - actually - consider that I took a very broad sounding of opinions.

And - although fair to say - opinions may have had varying imperatives - all being reasonably intellectual people - the basic, underlying truth - let us say the brutal reality - that confronts Jersey - was evident in all of their thoughts, with just a little digging beneath the surface.

And - that was back in 2004.

Where are we now?

What are we confronted with now?

Whilst the States assembly - spends three weeks - on apocalyptic and panicked cuts upon civil society - with God knows what social and political consequences?

I really wish I didn't have to say this - but - I told you so.


Anonymous said...

Well, they see it as a win win situation. The law firms scoop up all the money every time there is a big investigation, it's all one big massive fiddle. Look how many politicians are lawyers. The whole system is as bent as a nine bob note.

My Grandad was from Bilston, he fought in both WW1 and WW2, he was only a kid when he signed up for the first, he would be furious if he could see the corruption of these days, those greedy greedy selfish corrupt people might as well be defeacating on the graves of all those brave old warriors, as they are dishonouring them already. I wished sometimes I believed in ghosts, and that all these old soldiers would come back and haunt these dreadful people.

rico sorda said...

What horrors will we get today?

rico sorda said...

How come it was only a 50 million deficit 6 months ago now its a 100 million. Any answers ?

Anonymous said...

Message to States: ‘It’s time to get real’

Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur and Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf arrive at the States Chamber this morning Picture: MATTHEW HOTTON (01050868)

STATES Members need to ‘get real’ and face up to the looming deficits with decisive action, Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur warned in the opening to the crucial Business Plan debate.

Senator Le Sueur told his States colleagues at the opening of the debate into spending and cutting plans for 2011 that it was time for the States to take action over the £100m annual deficit in States finances that will open up by 2013.

The opening day saw ministers survive a big scare – they held off rebel plans to reduce tax rises and extend cuts by just two votes.

• Full reports in today’s Jersey Evening Post

Article posted on 15th September, 2010 - 3.00pm

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Other Articles
« Island divided over tax rise options. 19 Article Comments
Posted September 15, 2010 at 3:18 pm When are they going to grasp the nettle and make decisive, far reaching reductions in the massive annual States budget?

Is the best cut suggested so far scrapping school milk? They should hang their heads in shame. Pathetic. By cutting two or three senior ‘managers’ ( I’m sure at least two could be found ) this would have saved roughly the same amount.

Now is the time for strong coherent leadership to show the public they can put their house in order. Its long overdue!

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Posted September 15, 2010 at 3:26 pm The only things the States Members need to ‘get’, especially Mr. Le Sueur, is a new job. They are all useless!

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Posted September 15, 2010 at 3:31 pm Isn’t it about time all these numpties got real and started divulging to us how ALL our taxes are being applied – and that includes all those Social Security contributions!

How come the ‘looming deficit’ figure doubled from 50mill to 100mill?

Surely this looming deficit T.LeS keeps banging on about could be tackled when the recession is nearer burn out – by which time they’ll probably realise the figure should have been reduced by 50%, not increased 50%.

Or maybe T.LeS can make himself redundant for all the good he does any of us…that would save us all a few bob me thinks.

Enough is enough!!!

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Anonymous said...

The left are getting a good bloody kicking in thier they should pack it in and walk out.

Its a bloody joke

Anonymous said...

Recession? Not in JerseyBy Andy Sibcy

JERSEY is not heading towards recession, the Treasury Minister said today after the news that the economies of Guernsey and the UK are going into decline.

Senator Terry Le Sueur said that there was, as yet, no evidence to suggest that Jersey would suffer the severe downturns which were being forecast elsewhere. He said: ‘As far as we are concerned, defining whether we are in recession is quite difficult. The report published by the Fiscal Policy Panel in September suggested that the Island could look forward to continued economic growth, but at a reduced level.

‘The panel are updating their report during November in advance of the Budget and, although the economic situation continues to be uncertain, I have not yet recei-ved any information to alter the opinion that we continue to enjoy smaller economic growth.’

Dougie Peedle, the States economic adviser (pictured), agreed that there was no indication that Jersey was sliding into recession.

Article posted on 11th November, 2008 - 3.00

Now the Kids are Doomed

rico sorda said...

What a sad sad week for the Island of Jersey

On Jersey Radio today a lady came on called Rozel, I ask you all to go on the 'play back' and listen to her.

Everyone i have spoken too have expressed their disgust at the COM and their foot stamping lackeys, we are at an all time low with this present Government. Everyone should be scared of those dumb ass stupid states members who would blindly follow Team Ozouf.

This must show that the days of being a single states member is over and change is needed. The COM have one every bloody vote and with almost the same voting pattern.

The Message for Jersey 2010



Zoompad said...

Never give up, even if things look impossibly bleak.

Anonymous said...

A black day on Wednesday and even worse on Thursday with the discrimination law being shelved forever. Well done to 'Big Trev' for giving it his all though, others likewise.

Anonymous said...

Because the COM's and their inhouse followers are at an all time low. Now is not the time to let the Napier Report out....

So lets see if Ian, Terry and Phil still have the power to manage to delay/pospone its well over due uncut reliece!?

Anonymous said...

Whether they like it or not.

This is the week of THE NAPIER REPORT!!

rico sorda said...

Im not sure when Napier is out but it must be soon. I will be looking for the answers as to why Graham Power was so totally shafted.

This man was Shafted by Team Ogley

This man was shafted my Sen ILM

How will our Media Play it?

Go and read the report on the states website concerning Reg's Skips, it shows a planning dept not aware of planning laws and thats only the start of it.

Along with the local Media they will try and brush it under the carpet


Anonymous said...

"I will be looking for the answers as to why Graham Power was so totally shafted."

Shafted?!?! What planet are you on. He made an absolute cock up of major police investigation and retired on a full states pension. I would venture that Power was one of the few people in this mess who didn't get shafted. He got off so lightly. He should have been bl**dy fired.

Anonymous said...

Somehting tells me that Brian Napier QC will not be agreeing with that last comment.

Anonymous said...

They had no chance of firing him and no reason to even suspend him.

As the long overdue Napier Report will conclude.

Anonymous said...

The" NAPIER" Report will be one of the most important reports to come out this year.

Yes, " The Child Abuse Supporter " will try and rubbish it and so on but there are those who know its importance.

Keep going Rico

Anonymous said...

"I will be looking for the answers as to why Graham Power was so totally shafted."

Shafted?!?! What planet are you on. He made an absolute cock up of major police investigation and retired on a full states pension. I would venture that Power was one of the few people in this mess who didn't get shafted. He got off so lightly. He should have been bl**dy fired.


Anonymous said...

The cover up for the Napier Report release has started.
ILM was on BBC radio this evening saying that the next Chief of Police will have to be accountable for money spent in the Home Affairs Department.
ILM will say: therefore the Napier Report has proved (yet again) that hindsight is wonderful, move on and learn from past mistakes....

One of the many problems this will make: The current Home Affairs Chief Officer will be surplice to requirements!?

Anonymous said...

Rico, if the napier report confirms that all the right actions were taken regarding the suspension
of Mr Power and Mr Harper will you be issuing apologies to all those offended by the entrys on your blog, or will you continue to be blinkered
printing sensationalist articles for your own self satisfaction ?

The Truth said...


Remember the judicial review

Mr Power was suspended on 12th November 2008 and by 5th March 2009 had therefore been suspended for just under four months. The Minister had been told that the report by the Wiltshire police was due by the end of June, which meant that Mr Power would have been suspended for some 7½ months. By the time of the hearing before us, the report had not arrived. Mr Power is in the course of preparing detailed submissions to the Wiltshire police and he estimates that the report will not be finalised much before the end of this year.

The Minister was clearly conscious of the effect of suspension on Mr Power (page 99 of the transcripts) but Mr Power invited the Court to consider whether the Minister was in fact engaged in a process of “dismissal by stealth” which would effectively bypass the need for an evidence based assessment and a fair hearing. In any event, he asked the Court to agree that the potential for a long suspension to evolve into a constructive dismissal entitled the Court to set a higher test to whether the Minister’s actions were justified, necessary and proportionate and whether he had successfully discharged the burden of proof in that regard.

Judging from previous precedents, he maintained that the suspension of a person of Chief Officer rank was normally a career ending event and in perpetuating the suspension the Minister knew full well what he was doing. The longer a suspension, the less the probability of the Chief Officer successfully resuming a career. As it transpires, Mr Power is due to retire in any event in 2010.

We can sympathise with anyone in Mr Power’s position and can understand the deleterious effect of a lengthy suspension. However there is no evidence that the Minister is engaged on a cynical exercise of his powers to bring about a constructive dismissal without a fair hearing. We address the issue of whether Mr Power’s Convention rights are engaged below, but to equate the power to suspend to a de facto dismissal would be to seriously limit the circumstances in which the power could be exercised, if ever, because until the investigation of the complaint is completed, the Minister is unlikely to be in a position to mount a case for dismissal.

In this case, the Minister considered both the length of time Mr Power had been suspended and the estimated time for the completion of the investigation. That investigation is being conducted by the Wiltshire Police and not by him, and he has little option other than to await its outcome. There is no evidence that this investigation is not being pursued with all due diligence and speed.