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As we await the coming Napier Report i thought i would put up the Terms of Reference again.

Also, will Brian Napier dare criticize the Law Office

Everyone is getting advise when it comes to Graham Powers suspension




Le Marquand

Everyone is getting advice from the Law Office. Who are these people who are never named but are behind all the huge decisions.

What we cant have with Napier is the old line " We will learn and move on "


A Chief of Police has been suspended and treated no better than a criminal although some would say a criminal would have a chance of clearing their name.

He was suspended in a hurry on the 12th November 2008


It was in the middle of a Huge Child Abuse Investigation

They would have got this one right ?

We will see.

I have been at this for a long time and the Napier Report could well be the end for me. If it gives the above characters a clean bill of health then i believe i am done as far as my blog goes.

If he is critical then i carry on. We are in a terrible mess , from top to bottom the Island is rotten.

What will be will be concerning the financial future of Jersey, I think this Island needs a serious dose of Hardship or a miracle in leadership.

I believe Graham Power was removed from office so the Child Abuse Investigation could be closed down.

Was it a Political Coup

If not, the Napier Report will clear all the people i have mentioned on my blog concerning this.

If he is Critical, then make no mistake we are looking at corruption of the most serious kind





Come on lets have Napier

A review of the management process that led to the suspension of the
Chief Officer of Police

1. Commissioner

The Chief Minister wishes to appoint a Commissioner to undertake a review
of the manner in which the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police was
suspended from his duties on 12th November 2008. Given the length of time
that has elapsed since the Chief Officer of Police was suspended, and the
concerns raised by States Members particularly following the publication of
the Affidavit from the suspended Chief Officer of Police, the Chief Minister is
proposing to commission an independent review to assure himself and States
Members that the management of the process was conducted correctly.

2. Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Review is to –

(a) Examine the procedure employed by the Chief Minister’s Department
and the Minister for Home Affairs in the period leading up to the
suspension of the Chief Officer of Police on 12th November 2008.

(b) Review the manner in which senior officers collated the information
and presented it to the Minister for Home Affairs that ultimately led to
the suspension of the Chief Officer of Police.

(c) Investigate whether the procedure for dealing with the original
suspension was correctly followed at all times, including –

(i) the reason for the immediate suspension of the Chief Officer
of Police;

(ii) whether there were any procedural errors in managing the
suspension process.

(d) Review all information relating to the original suspension procedure,
including relevant sections of the published Affidavit from the
suspended Chief Officer of Police.

(e) The Report should highlight any areas where, in the opinion of the
Commissioner, sufficient evidence exists that would support in the
interests of open government a full Committee of Inquiry into the
manner in which the Chief Officer of Police was suspended on
12th November 2008.

3. Report

A Report should be prepared for the Chief Minister. The Commissioner must
be aware that the entire disciplinary process for the Chief Officer of Police is
conducted under his Terms and Conditions of Employment, which include a
Code of Conduct for Disciplinary Process. This Code requires confidentiality
to be maintained by all parties throughout the disciplinary process. As such,
the report should therefore be in 2 parts –

(i) Part I should consist of matters appropriate for immediate publication
to States Members and the Public;

(ii) Part II relating to those matters specific to the Chief Officer of Police
which under his Code of Conduct have to remain confidential until the
disciplinary process has been completed.


Anonymous said...

Ole Razzy has left a new comment on your post "The Autumn Blockbuster":

Rico, I've made a post on PJ about Kristallnacht which I hope will make people reflect on the abuse you are getting.

Anonymous said...

As you say Rico if they can survive from what has happened to them over the last few months. Things will not change and we should all just be like the majority of the voting public and let it be.

But because of all that has happened, all at once.

The s++t has finally hit the fan.

Dont give up hope yet.

rico sorda said...

Sometimes i just think " Ignorance is Bliss "

This is my last blog until Napier

Im putting my faith in Napier

We all know what has gone on as there is so much in the public Domain. They had total control over Wiltshire but not Napier.

Will he tell it how it really is


Anonymous said...

A Vote of No Confidence should be brought against the States of Jersey

Anonymous said...

The person who recently wrote to you at 3:36 AM could be on holiday in Canada where the time is between 5 and 8 hours behind Jersey time.

Anonymous said...

The Napier report outcome will all depend on whether Mr Brian Napier is a member of the Brotherhood or not.
Take a close look at the picture above of Philip Bailhache, on the right side of the photo you can just make out the face of the Duke of Kent, Grand Master , head of all Lodges.
One things for sure Graham Power was not a mason but I bet David Warcup is.

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake Jersey is lawless

Anonymous said...

The person who recently wrote to you at 3:36 AM could be on holiday in Canada where the time is between 5 and 8 hours behind Jersey time.

Great Union Road is in Canada what are they teaching in schools today?

GeeGee said...

Warcup IS a Mason - surprise, surprise! But, by all accounts Brian Napier is a highly qualified and respected QC, and very experienced in the employment law area.

I cannot see him putting his reputation on the line when the whole Power affair was handled so appallingly. We can only hope and pray for once we get a totally honest report that tells it like it is.

I think we will.

Stone Face said...

I do not think I have read such a load of rubbish in ages. Graham Power is an employee not a law upon himself but an employee. The Napier Report is not the smoking gun you are looking for. Its been completed and rumour has it there is nothing corrupt about the suspension. No wonder people want you out of a job because you are a serious trouble maker with an obsession for the worst scenario and attacks on people who have families. One day you, Neil, Ian and Stuart will realise that you cannot go around making up things up to suit you own alto egos. You deserve to be taught a lesson for some of the lies about people you have said to date. This isn't truth seeking this is cyber insult.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how courageous people get behind a computer screen. I doubt those people are so brave in their real lives.
It’s very rare people will say such things to another person’s face. It makes me sad to think how unhappy they are in their lives that they must spew such hatred online.
Ironically I feel sorry for them that they lead such sad lives.

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw abolished the law that UK Judjes had to declare there interests in the Masonic network.

Anonymous said...

So its official now that your best mate Syvret is being sued. Well you will be next, mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Stone face.

Graham Power is not an employee he was an employee.
You refer to lies but are not specific. Your rumours on the Napier report are just that rumour the very thing you post here condescendingly about. Try and be more specific.
Rico is.

rico sorda said...

There cant be any problems with the "Napier Report" because every tom,dick and harry have said they were getting Legal Advice.

This Suspension above all overs should be whiter than white & squeaky clean.

No problem with destroying notes

No problem with the dates not matching up

No problem with no procedures being followed

No problem with no warning for the Chief of Police

No problem with fighting for the dates of the suspension letters for over a year and then explaining what " Information" means to our crap chief minister.

No problem with waiting for him to take 5 days leave then go for a suspension

No problem with using the "The Met Interim Report" to give their suspension some teeth because the rest of it was a joke

No problem with a Deputy Police Chief who new said report should never be used in a suspension procedure

No problem for the Deputy Police Chief to require an Interim report that was not yet completed from that chap in the Met

That Chap in the Met is himself being investigated for sending that report,he had not yet even interviewed Harper or Baker

No problem with saying that he would have a proper and fair chance in defending himself ( Andrew Lewis)

No problems anywhere, Brian Napier will give this a clean bill of health.

This is Jersey this is how we do business.

Haper & Power ( not how we do business)

How did the Beast of Jersey roam around this Island for 10yrs molesting children.

Yeah ask yourself some real meaning questions

Sack Me, Sue Me

I will always hold my head up high


Anonymous said...

No mention yet who is to sue Stuart could it be just that a threat.?

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis. "I took full legal and HR advice from highly competent professionals and followed the prescribed procedure of the day."

That is why you will be closing down after the napier report is released. They have you banged to rights so back off. My contacts in the Law Office tells me its nothing and all procedures were followed to the letter.

Who reads your blog anyway. Who leaves comments on your blog, back away its dangerous i,m only protecting you, it was Syvret who framed Roger Rabbit, stay away from him he is being sued and then sued again.

I know him, now i don't know him, I will message him, you cant talk to him because he is Dead, i mean it Rico Sordid give it up stop blogging these people are dangerous. You really do love Syvret don't you go on admit it ok then don't but i mean it back away.


Anonymous said...

Name the people who have seeked legal advice.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a name of who is officially suing Stuart. Or is this spin.

Anonymous said...

Bet that there is not even one senior civil servant that would dare to sue Syvret.

rico sorda said...


"The Napier Report is not the smoking gun you are looking for. Its been completed and rumour has it there is nothing corrupt about the suspension"

Great then I stop blogging very soon. I should say blogging on political matters that is, but, might slip the odd one in.

Im growing very tired of how this Island is run and where it is going, why should I care what those lunatics in the states get up too.

My fight has always been on the Child Abuse scandal

I have seen enough in these past 2 years or so to know that in 10 or 20 years time we could well have another scandal. I have witnessed enough disinterest from states members, media & general public to know this can happen again. Yes, politicians can say the right things in the states but this lot are prepared to let their hatred of Power, Harper & Syvret come before the children of child abuse.

Syvret was pushed from office because he said our child protection system was failing, this was bad for moral, so they sacked him.

How did they do this

Passed it through the states of jersey. ( be afraid )

There is so much that saddens me on this subject.

Being Attacked is part of the business


the Truth said...

Will Napier give the presentation of his report

voiceforchildren said...


This stuff is just piceless. "rumour has it there is nothing corrupt about the suspension"

"Rumour has it" I've just published a comment on my Blog where somebody is saying "I was told this morning that the Napier Report is not the so called corrupt report you were looking for."

"I was told" and "rumour has it".

OK then let me tell you a "rumour" and something "I was told" That is Graham Power QPM will be coming over here and calling/holding a Press Conference on the publication of Napier.

Anonymous said...

God i hope Napier does do the presentation otherwise it will be a joke. Right, mistakes were made now all bugger off.

Anonymous said...

Why is it only you, Neil and Ian locally doing all of this? How come after 2 years you dont have hundreds of people supporting you? Come on its a straight question?

Anonymous said...

How did the Beast of Jersey roam around this Island for 10yrs molesting children.

And why was he allowed to foster children?

Anonymous said...

Name the people who have seeked legal advice.

I think someone is getting confused. According to the JEP some civil servants have approached Emma Martins regarding some breaches of Data Protection on the Syvret Blog.

There is no mention of suing

Why don't they sue or is it safer the Data Protection way

Anonymous said...

Rico do you know who the cretin was that walked behind Gareth Jennings while he was giving his speech in the Royal Square on Tuesday.

Jason Roberts said...

I'm dead.

rico sorda said...

"Why is it only you, Neil and Ian locally doing all of this? How come after 2 years you dont have hundreds of people supporting you? Come on its a straight question?"

That is just a plain Stupid Comment & Thats a straight answer

But for what its worth i will tell you this.

When im out and about I do get people coming up to me and saying well done and so on, It really picks me up.

Im not the Pied Piper

Go do a survey, FOOL

Anonymous said...

Stone Face said...

I do not think I have read such a load of rubbish in ages.

Your obviously getting to them

Keep up the good work boys

Anonymous said...

The Guy that was being a nuisance in the Royal Square followed me and went as far as following me into M and S food hall. It was noted by a few people his extraordinary behaviour.

What is going on.
What is his gripe,I hope when the footage of Gareth's talk is shown on line, we will be able to identifie this cretin and have him stopped for harassing people.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the care leavers
can someone please point me in the right direction
need some help

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How did the Beast of Jersey roam around this Island for 10yrs molesting children.

He wasn't caught through good detective work thats for sure. I believe he was the only person in Grouville who refused to be finger printed. The Constable vouched for him and so he carried on.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, it has been admitted that the Chief Executive destroyed the original record of
the suspension meeting.

Secondly, the Royal Court in a judgement given on 8th September 2009 expressed its
“serious concern at the fairness of the procedure apparently adopted by the Previous
Minister. He was dealing with the person holding the most senior position in the
police force who had enjoyed a long and distinguished career. Bearing in mind the
implications of suspension, we would have thought that fairness would dictate firstly
Mr. Power being given a copy of the media briefing and Mr. Warcup’s letter and
secondly an opportunity to be heard on whether there should be an investigation and,
if so, whether he should be suspended during that investigation.” (Judgement
paragraph 19.) In considering the implications of the Royal Court judgement members
may have been misled by a statement which sought to imply that the Court had in
some way found that the current Minister was “right” in maintaining the suspension.
In a Judicial Review a Court will determine whether a Minister acted lawfully and
within his powers. One test of this is “procedural fairness.” Courts do not pass
judgement on the wisdom or cost-effectiveness of Ministerial decisions, only their
legality. Thus the Court found that “the procedure adopted by the Minister in
conducting his review was procedurally fair, in contrast we have to say, to the
procedure apparently adopted by his predecessor in November 2008,” (paragraph 63.)
Having considered all of the evidence the Court finally concluded that “there has been
no abuse of the Ministers powers,” (paragraph 65.) It is suggested that members do
not become distracted by the decision of the Court in the Judicial Review. This
proposition is about the actions of the then Minister and others in November 2008 and
what may have been done subsequently to conceal the truth of those events.

Anonymous said...


Don't forget this

The Chief Minister is of the opinion that conducting a review as outlined in his Terms
of Reference will be a much quicker and simpler process than that required in the
formation of a Committee of Inquiry, but still provides the level of assurance
Members are looking for.

Members will note however, that the Terms of Reference proposed by the Chief
Minister contain a specific clause that asks the Reviewer to establish whether there are
grounds for a full Committee of Inquiry. Should this be confirmed, the Chief Minister
commits to bringing back to the Assembly a Proposition for a Committee of Inquiry,
and for the appointment of a panel of members through a formal advertising and
selection process in line with best practice.

Will Napier suggest a Committee of Inquiry? if so you will be logging for some time yet

rico sorda said...


Is logging better than blogging if so i,m all for it

Also the person who sent me the comment for non publication, I have taken it all on board and please don't worry.

Its about time we started get some truth from this Government.


Anonymous said...

The Napier report cant be all good if scott letters have been sent out

rico sorda said...

Stone Face

What have i been making up, nice that you have popped in from PJ no doubt the Forest is not far behind you.

Anonymous said...


This is from the SS Blog and is a brilliant comment because it shows just how crazy things are over here at the moment.

Poor old Baker, is it a Good Cop or a Bad Cop, or a Cop for all occasions.
I could not get to Court today Stuart, but driving home this afternoon I heard on the news the questioning of Inspector Gary Pashley by Stephen Baker on the illegal raid on the home you shared with Deputy Labey.

It appears Mr Pashley did not think TEN officers raiding your home when you were alone was excessive! or the actions taken were a step to far. No doubt Mr Baker was delighted with this response.

However, could this be the same Inspector Pashley (and forgive me if I am mistaken) who was involved with the illegal surveillance and bugging operation concerning Curtis Warren and of whom the trial judge said:-

'In what Judge Sir Richard Tucker described as a "reprehensible" and "unlawful" act, senior police in Jersey, which has not signed up to the ECHR, bugged the car anyway'.

Could this be the same Police Force who mounted this operation without the knowledge of the then Chief of Police, Graham Power and of which the following was said:-

'JERSEY police ‘conspired to pervert the course of justice’ and are ‘liars and cheats’, the jury in the £1m drugs conspiracy trial were told yesterday'.

And...surely it could not be the same Stephen Baker who had this to say of those same officers:-

'As the trial draws to a close, defence advocate Stephen Baker warned the jury that they were entering ‘a murky world’ where the police ‘lie and cheat’.

Warren's defence suggested it was "a noble cause for corruption" and used it, in arguments put to the jury, to claim the police officers were unreliable witnesses

Advocate Baker also criticised Jersey police saying: "You can't rely on this crown case, on these police officers.

"They're liars, they're cheats and they daren't even go into the witness box to tell you the truth," he told jurors'.

You really could not make this up!!

Anonymous said...

It is worth bearing in mind that when Stephen Baker or any advocate represents anybody in court, the words spoken are those of the defendant not the advocates views!

Anonymous said...

"Not the advocates views!". Ooooo is that an advocate getting a bit stroppy?

GeeGee said...

What about Richard Tucker QC's words then??....

Res Nullius said...

"It is worth bearing in mind that when Stephen Baker or any advocate represents anybody in court, the words spoken are those of the defendant not the advocates views! "

Not entirely Advocate Anonynous.

Have you not read 'The Law Society of Jersey Code of Conduct'

2. Standards

2) A member shall not permit integrity or professional standards to be compromised at the instance of the client or any third party.

19. Duty to assist Court

(2) A member shall not consciously deceive the Court or state facts to the Court which the member knows to be untrue.

What this means is that Baker cannot accuse the police generally, or a specific officer, of being corrupt if he knows it to be untrue - despite the instructions of his client.

Razzard said...

Res is back!!!! Dylan sweep out the Toyota and mount the gun rack!!

Anonymous said...

Now Labey & Syvret are saying it under Oath

Put up or Shut Up

Anonymous said...

Rico if stuart Syvret is found guilty. will you accept the verdict or will
you forever insist that he is innocent.

The law of the land declares that you have a valid driving licence if you
drive a motor vehicle on a public road.

The law of the land declares that if you drive a motor vehicle on a public road you must have a current insurance policy in place.

If you defy these laws and you maimed or killed someone by driving an uninsured vehicle you could be charged with manslaughter.

Do you Rico have a current driving licence and insurance and if so why
if your answer were to be "Syvret will always be innocent" should he be exempt from the laws we each have to abide by.

Anonymous said...


Coronation Street starts at 7 i think

Anonymous said...

By Lucy Mason

Deputy Carolyn Labey
PLANNING corruption on a grand scale involving civil servants, solicitors and at least one States Member has been ignored by police, it was alleged in court yesterday.

Deputy Carolyn Labey claimed that she had evidence that a ‘network’ of individuals had been involved in making corrupt planning decisions relating to rezoned land.

She also claimed that she had been ‘bullied and harassed’ by a ‘couple’ of her fellow States Members after becoming suspicious about a number of decisions that were made.

And, she said in the Magistrate’s Court, the police had failed to look into her concerns effectively.

Giving evidence on the third day of an abuse of process hearing initiated by her ex-partner, former Senator Stuart Syvret, Deputy Labey said her research had led to conclusions ‘outside of the political ground and into that of the police’.

Now this has been said under oath and is a big step away from " Its just on a blog ". There is some serious allegations of corruption and all centers around the sleepy hamlet of Grouville

Anonymous said...

Was this just before Graham Power got suspended? I herd he gave the case to Minty.

And what will Napier be saying. Fun Times in Jersey

Terry Le Non e mouse said...

Labey is talking rubbish...etc. Everybody knows that being under oath...etc doesn't mean anything...etc. Grahame power said things under oath...etc and i don't believe him...etc........madam.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says - "The law of the land declares that if you drive a motor vehicle on a public road you must have a current insurance policy in place."

Who is saying he didn't have one? - not having renewed or changed address on your driving licence does not invalidate your insurance.

Anonymous said...

It stands to reason that G Power was suspended because he was seen to be siding with Deputy Labey. And Deputy Labey's house was raided because of her, not Syvret.

A field in grouville said...

Things are hotting up by the day over here. Whatever next

the Truth said...

"On the subject of the police acting improperly against him, the former Senator said to Stephen Baker, 'you yourself warned the jury during the Curtis Warren trial that they lie, they cheat, they scheme and they can't be trusted.'"

lol, this is getting exciting.

Surly there must be an investigation into the allegations made by Deputy Labey.

Challenging Times

Zoompad said...

Praise the Lord!

I think they must be wishing they had discreetly dropped these malicious charges now. They really are in a heck of a pickle!

rico sorda said...

"Sir, I have to say that I am disappointed; the Deputy of Grouville has not even spoken to me about her proposal. She has not been to see me or my officers in regard to this proposition. I have to finally say that - and you are probably going to tell me off but I have to say it - I will just make a slight comment that I will not be put off by legal threats in regard to disclosing or otherwise that I find very strange that this Member’s family is trying to develop land in the Green zone. All I will say is that I will not be put off by legal threats in mentioning that in the Assembly today. I find it very, very strange that we have the Member coming forward trying to stop it when there have been proposals to develop…

Deputy R.G. Le Hérissier:
Are we allowed to impugn the reputation of members in this fashion?

The Deputy Bailiff:
I have to say it was in such coded language I was not entirely sure I understood it, but I do not think you must do anything to impute the motives of another Member.

Senator T.J. Le Main:
That is not imputing at all, Sir. It is fact. I am not going to impugn, it is fact.

The Deputy of Grouville:
When he talks like this he is…

The Deputy Bailiff:
One moment.

Senator T.J. Le Main:
I have been threatened by legal action from the Data Protection Commissioner in regard to perhaps disclosing this today, and I feel it is my duty to advise Members of the case.

Deputy G.P. Southern:
Is the Minister saying he is breaking data protection rules?

The Deputy Bailiff:
No, I do not think that is what was…

Deputy G.P. Southern:
The second time in his career.

The Deputy Bailiff:
I think most Members here did not really understand what is was about and we probably better leave it there, but it was quite wrong.

Deputy J.A. Martin:
No, Sir. I am sorry, there was enough said to make… we understood what he was saying and I think, Members out there, he is absolutely slurring the Deputy of Grouville or some member of her family and I think he has already admitted he is breaking advice from our own Data Protection Officer. He cannot be allowed to get away with it, Sir.

The Deputy Bailiff:
Can I just speak to the Senator? The Standing Orders are quite clear; you are not allowed to impute the motives of fellow Members. You are not therefore, allowed to impute the motives of the Deputy of Grouville.

Senator T.J. Le Main:
No I was not impugning the…

The Deputy Bailiff:
Very well. So, you do not impute the…

Senator T.J. Le Main:
I will very happily withdraw that, Sir.

The Deputy Bailiff:
Very well. Thank you. No, that is enough, thank you. Now, is the adjournment proposed?

rico sorda said...

This is from April 2008

T.le main gets threatened with breaking data protection but does it anyway what was the outcome

Did Emma Martins follow this one up


Anonymous said...

Earlier this year also Senator Shenton effectively broke the DP Law also, by ahving recorded a private conversation with another States Member, not telling that member and quite some time later using it against him in public.

And....has Emma Martins followed this one up either?

Even PPC have not concluded their investigation into complaints made about this some 6 months ago!!

Anonymous said...

When Terry starts Attacking you had better start looking

Zoompad said...

Has anyone seen my electron microscope?

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen you in the street but I certainly want to thank you for your courage and persistence in trying to get to the truth.

One thing though, don't waste your time and effort answering or trying to engage with these idiots who try to provoke. It's your blog and you shouldn't feel the need to be so fair as to give space to their imbecilic rantings.

Let them go and play on their own sites. It's vital for us to set the parameters and keep asking those awkward (and wholly unanswered questions).

These fools are only trying to distract and needle you. Hit that delete key!

Anonymous said...

Nice cut and paste from hansard. A bute. Holed below the water line which can only mean one thing.

rico sorda said...

A little bit of history repeating

Just before the Deputy of Grouville did her summing up on p33/2008

The Deputy Bailiff:
Very well, I call upon the Deputy of Grouville to reply.

Deputy G.P. Southern of St. Helier:
Before we get to the summing-up, could I ask a point of order, Sir? Could I ask whether the Minister for Housing should not have declared an interest under Article 3 of the Code of Conduct under Standing Order 155 given that some of the fields due for development he is proposing, covered by this proposition, are owned, I understand, by a close friend of the Minister? Should he not have withdrawn from this? Will you ask that the Minister considers a declaration of interest?

Senator T.J. Le Main:
Could I be advised of the close friend? I have many friends.

Deputy G.P. Southern:
I believe it is Mr. Noel of Alpine Estates.

Senator T.J. Le Main:
No, he is not a close friend and I ask you to withdraw that, please. He is not a close friend at all. He is not a close friend and I deny it and if anybody has got the evidence he is a close friend, please bring it forward. He is impugning my integrity. I apologised yesterday to the Deputy of Grouville and I ask the same consideration.

The Deputy Bailiff:
Senator, you have explained that he is not a close friend, and as far as I am concerned and I am sure as far as the Assembly is concerned, that is the end of the matter and you have no interest to declare. Very well, now I call upon the Deputy of Grouville to reply.

Just who is a close friend?


rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

The Truth is all we are looking for in this complete and utter mess. If i was to run and hide what sort of person would that make me ( a certain type of states member?). I will stick to my guns and carry on.

That idiot tried the oldest trick in the book on me ( threaten my job ) he is,and will always remain, a Dick Head.

I haven't suffered but i know people who have, and not only that, they will carry that suffering with them to the grave.

I will always support Stuart, not only is he a good friend, but he is doing what he believes is right,

Do I agree with everything he has said and done, NO. Stuart has his battles and like us all his faults but he has stepped up and is fighting hard.

We are all learning & making mistakes

And as long as there is Chicken Madras in this world i carry on

Ciao Lorna nice meeting you


Anonymous said...

Was the Deputy Bailiff telling the assembly or speaking on behalf of them when he states ''as far as I am concerned and I am sure as far as the assembly is concerned, that is the end of the matter and you have no interest to declare'' before, asking the Deputy of Grouville to reply?

Not My Friend said...


You are the master of Hansard. Those two extracts are beauties no doubt about it.

I believe the Deputy Bailiff is Michael Birt

So we have

Data Protection

A Friend is not a Friend

Terry is denouncing friends like Judas Iscariot. Good work my son keep going

Anonymous said...

Well I don't understand, if geff Noel isn't a friend why does Terry spend his holidays down in Potugal at Noels villa?

Anonymous said...

What are the media going to do about the Labey revelations. Surly any journo would want to get stuck into this story. You are right when you say this time it was said under oath in a court of law, they must investigate it, & if the proof is that damning what happened to the police investigation. Oh no, not another dropped police investigation.This island is getting crazier by the day.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get to watch Philip Bailhaches inaugural address to the business school.
Andrew le Sueur posted all six on Utube,
they have all mysteriously vanished, they were pulled at five thirty this morning.

Anonymous said...

I watched the one on zoompads blog. yesterday what an admission when he said if he did not knowthe law he simply made it up words to that effect.

Anonymous said...

the law of the land does NOT require anyone to have a licence or registration for anything

indeed licences and registration can only exist in statutory legislation if they are compliant with common law (the law of the land)

no one can issue or obtain a licence for
burglary,assult,fraud etc.
you cannot get a licence to do what is unlawful

statutes (orders,acts,bye-laws,enactments et al)
are NOT the laws of the land

common law is the law of the land, end of.

Anonymous said...

Chicken madras, you need to move up to vindaloo, much better!

Joking aside someone has made a great point about Deputy Labey swearing on oath and that the local media should be jumping on it. They should be interviewing her, if they haven't already, and reporting on it in a non biased way, yeah right!. Maybe they can't while the court case is going on, I don't know but if so then I redact my thoughts on that.

What I find interesting is that a good deal of people already know or assume there is dodgy dealings when it comes to development, some people I know have first hand dealings with the way one company is allowed something but your average Joe company is not. Now that a states member has finally come out and said it, its as if it doesn't really matter. Well, according to the local accredited media.

What she has said is basicaly proving what many people already know, the you scratch my back and I will scratch yours way of life in our lovely states chamber continues on!

GeeGee said...

If my memory serves me correctly Stuart raised this matter at the July hustings at St Saviour's Parish Hall, and spoke about it in depth.

After the hustings meeting was over the JEP reporter present (Diane Simon) took Stuart to one side and questioned him on this very issue.

It's a good job that I did not hold my breath, because surprise, surprise, not ONE word appeared in the media.

Now we know Tel Boy has made a complaint against Deputy Labey to PPC it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. I know who I choose to believe.

Anonymous said...

I see Cohen has come out and distanced himself from this alleged Scandal. What the powers that be don't need now is a damning Napier Report.

Stuart Syvret you are making it happen

Anonymous said...

How is Cohen distancing himself?

Anonymous said...

power and authority in Law

from the top down

1) God
(look at any judicial officers oath of office)

2) people - men,women and children

3) governments, public officials etc.

4) corporations

naturally and in law the created cannot have a claim against the creator

legal fictions - governments,corporations etc.
are the creation of people

does anyone think a legal fiction(a dead thing)
can have a claim agasinst real living people?

of course not!

in our modern sophisticated world we have forgotten some basic self evident truths

the elite/oligarchy/p.t.b. know these truths,
and have, for many years, been using and abusing the law to deceive us and usurp our rights

our ignorance enables them

Anonymous said...

Did anyone save a copy of the Bailhache inaugarual speech now removed from Youtube?

rico sorda said...

I hope to have a blog up tonight about the huge story breaking about the Land Rezoning.

Is this the beginning of the Dam Bursting

The Police where given the evidence back in 2008. Graham Power passed this onto one of his officers and then some very strange events took place.

He got suspended for one

A picture is starting to emerge that goes well beyond the realms of Hollywood

Why was Le Main dumped so very quickly

And then we have Napier


the Truth said...


Make no mistake this is going to be huge. There has always been corruption in planning, its part of life the world over.

In Jersey where land is a premium how many cases have there been concerning planning corruption.

Deputy Labey should be commended for being brave and giving evidence under oath in a court of law

We are talking about millions of pounds

Be careful as this will hurt them more than the Child Abuse Scandal

GeeGee said...

the Truth -I can only agree with the sentiment expressed towards Deputy Labey. Let us not forget either that it was Magistrate Bridget Shaw, and not Stuart who requested Deputy Labey to be questioned by her in Court, and I have the utmost respect for the Deputy for being totally honest.

It may be now that people that have scanned this story in the past and not taken a lot of notice may now sit up and take notice of this and the bigger picture surrounding it.

Anonymous said...

"Did anyone save a copy of the Bailhache inaugarual speech now removed from Youtube? "

YES! It will be returning to a Youtube near you very shortly!

Anonymous said...

At the July Hustings, Ozouf was seen at the back of the hall using his phone, as Syvret was exposing the green zone land scandal....

Next day or so Tel Boy Le Main had resigned!

Anonymous said...

Why did Senator Le Main say he has got his lawyers ready.... The Deputy has just spilled it all out in the Magistrate Court

the Truth said...

I have found this on the SS BLOG.

"On the 5th November, 2008, the Deputy received an angry message from the Bailiff’s chambers – demanding that she attend his office that day, as there was an issue he wanted to speak with her about.

Although intimidated by this, the Deputy refused to attend that day, as she had other commitments, but did agree to go to his office the next day – the 6th November.

As soon as the door was closed and she was alone with Philip Bailhache – “he threw across the desk” at her, “a copy of one of her e-mails to Graham Power, and demanded that she explain her actions in making the complaint, and demanded that she write a letter of ‘apology’ to Graham Power ‘for having “misled” him with her e-mails’”.

On the 12 november Graham Power was suspended

Bring this story on

Anonymous said...

Christ with all this going down at the moment you can forget about the Napier Report for another month

voiceforchildren said...


A previous commenter said that Graham Power QPM was suspended on the 12th. That is correct but the suspension letters were actually being authored on the 8th at 8.44 on a Sturday morning. Which is only two days after the meeting with Deputy Labey and the Balliff. It is rumoured that former CPO Graham Power's decision to investigate the land re-zoning played a big part in his suspension.

Anonymous said...

Their blantant delaying of the Napier Report.

Is a blessing in disguise.

It will all now have to come out together and complete the jigsaw.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, if Senator Terry Le Main believes that Deputy Labey has committed perjury, he should be making his complaint to the Police, not P & P who can do absolutely nothing in such a case. But perhaps he would prefer that the Police were not involved!

Secondly, in view of various allegations that Mr. Le Main might well be using the BVI to (allegedly) launder his ill gotten gains, then, as he is a PEP (politically exposed person), the Jersey Financial Intelligence Unit should at the very least be making cursory enquiries to the BVI Financial Intelligence Unit. Certainly, The BVI FIU would expect to be tipped off in such circumstances. Is David Minty still in charge of the Jersey FIU?

Anonymous said...

A comment sent thurs. 6-39 says it all:
It stands to reason that G Power was suspended because he was seen to be siding with Deputy Labey. And Deputy Labey's house was raided because of her, not Syvret.

Grouville Field...etc...madam said...

If Tel Boy Le Main is so confident he is telling the truth why doesn't he swear an affidavit?

Anonymous said...

it has long been suspected in the building game
that,those operating under the BROWN ENVELOPE (JERSEY) LAW enjoy a better service

deputy Labeys testimony has kick started the usual bluster from those calling for the next our chap 'investigation'

appearances will likely dictate a sacrificial lamb

so when el Tel is thrown to the wolves
(you didn't think you were a full member of their club,did you Tel? haha)
let us hope some who were filling the brown envelopes are charged too.

the 'STATES OF JERSEY' lurching from one scandal to the next with immodest haste

Anonymous said...

Terry le Maine has got his briefs on call
is this the good upstanding pair of pants that is implicated in the dodgy land rezoning

Anonymous said...

By Diane Simon

The Longueville Nurseries site was proposed for housing but after objections from the parish, Environment Minister Freddie Cohen is not supporting it
TWO years after the States rezoned 58 vergées of land for homes for the over-55s, Planning Minister Freddie Cohen has questioned whether the need was as urgent as believed.

It was the Planning Department which took the proposition to the States in 2008 when the then Housing Minister Terry Le Main said there was an essential and urgent need for affordable retirement homes, which were not specifically for individual parishes.

Senator Cohen said: ‘The rezoning was not a mistake, but I am questioning whether the need was that urgent. On reflection, it may have been better to have taken the political flak for non-delivery of these homes for the elderly and incorporated them in the Island Plan instead.’

However, Senator Le Main has defended his own role in pushing successfully for the States to rezone that land in seven parishes, and said he is surprised about the Planning Minister’s comments.

Article posted on 24th September, 2010 - 2.58pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2010/09/24/doubts-over-urgency-of-2008-rezoning/#ixzz11F5uBOIh

Anonymous said...

Where is this island heading? Where are our strong leaders ? Have we any chance?What a bloody mess.

rico sorda said...

"TWO years after the States rezoned 58 vergées of land for homes for the over-55s, Planning Minister Freddie Cohen has questioned whether the need was as urgent as believed."

This is our Government in a nutshell.

God knows where our Island is heading, I think we should all be really worried, I really do.

How come Guy du Faye has found himself with BDK Architects?

If i was wanting to fill in St Aubin the last person i would have near it would be Guy du Faye

The Bel Royal Debacle

The Incinerator Debacle

Then Looses his seat

Very nearly enemy no1 to most people and then he pops up saying lets fill in St Aubin.

Again ask yourselfs. WTF is going on in Jersey, has someone dropped some LSD in the water supply


rico sorda said...

I was going to post P33/2008 last night but am holding back for the moment, housing and field rezoning is not my bag so will wait and see if stuart does a post on it.

I believe it should be a police investigation, but seeing, as they have already been down that route who knows what will happen next. Why did the former Bailiff just discard what the Deputy was saying why did good cop Minty not investigate it or not bother with it.

This will probably need Investigating from the outside

What about Graham Powers role in the land rezoning

Deputy Labey contacted Graham Power and disclosed her information to him, he realized this needed investigating and set the wheels in motion,but, as with the Child Abuse Scandal it gets shut down, this bring us back to the Brian Napier Report.

Napier is the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle. When we have his findings we can start looking at what the hell happened from start to finish. Was, or should i say, has Graham Power been totally shafted in this whole sorry episode. Will Graham Power then be able to say what went on with the rezoning investigation.

Will Brian Napier ask for a committee of enquiry


voiceforchildren said...


While we await Napier