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Look what Happens When you show" FEAR"

Deputy Le Claire

So the day after the "Day of Days" some have called it the "Longest Day", im calling it an emotional roller coaster. 

The Napier Report 

Signed Sealed and Delivered

Completely Damning 'To anybody that has read it' and not gone straight to the one conclusion. "NO EVIDENCE OF A CONSPIRACY"

Now this being the first of many blogs i will be publishing on the subject let me start with this. 


This has been a long journey for Team Voice, and when the time is right, I will publish our Story. This has been about strangers meeting up and having one thing in common finding the Truth concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Cover Up.

I made a  decision from the very beginning that if I was going to get involved with this I would put my name to whatever I said or posted. I new one of the main factors for the mess we are in was" FEAR" . I was, and still am, not prepared to show fear, especially not to coward sc*m that have tried to close me down. They are just Sc*m and have no bottle.

So we come to "FEAR"

Like a Dictatorship we are ruled by "FEAR"

Do not Speak out against the "Establishment" or "Law Office" they are powerful and will Destroy you with a Lightning Bolt from the Inner Chamber.

When I outed Senator Le Main i got bombarded with messages saying," Back away from Terry he is Dangerous"  " Terry will have you in court before you can cook a Spag Bowl" etc etc it was like he was bloody Al Capone. 

I nearly wet my pants laughing

These Politicians have had it easy for far to long and would not last a minute in the UK.. 

So back to FEAR that keeps Jersey ticking along nicely.

I have no problem when the normal Joe Blog who posts Anonymously on the Blogs, i understand that, they have no protection, or, could find it hard at work. I love the fact that we can give them a "Voice"


Hear we have Team Voice putting it on the Line, trusting our research, and letting the blog readers make up there minds

Deputy Hill putting it on the line

Deputy T Pitman putting it on the line " Totally vindicated in his questioning of ILM regarding the Met "Interim" Report.

There are a couple of others who have been brilliant , with top class research.

Now back to Napier

Now in the posting below i talk about the "FEAR"


Now remember Graham Powers Affidavit.  

8. Since my suspension a member of the States who is otherwise unconnected to any of these events, has come forward and offered evidence. The States member speaks of overhearing a conversation in the corridors of the State building between the then Chief Minister and Deputy Lewis. This discussion appears to have occurred in the weeks following the meeting mentioned above. During that discussion the possibility of suspending or dismissing the Deputy Chief Officer was being actively discussed. It might be useful to add at this stage that if Minister had taken legal advice concerning their suspension powers in relation to police officers (which they presumably have at some stage) they would have been told that in an apparently unintended consequence of the way that the law is drafted, they have no powers whatsoever in relation to the Deputy Chief Officer. That authority rests entirely with the Chief Officer. If suspension is on their mind then the only target within their range is the Chief Officer. There is nobody else that they are able to suspend.

Now remember this from the Napier Report

Paragraph 73

"Mr Power, in his version of events, goes further. His interpretation of event sees the decision to suspend being in effect taken by Mr Walker. He believes Mr Walker was not well-disposed towards him, because of the distress and embarrassment caused by the historic abuse inquiry for which he held Mr Power responsible. Mr Power believes that Mr Walker then coerced Mr Lewis into taking the decision to suspend him. But I have to say that there is no

independent evidence of such a conspiracy, and the existence of it, or anything like it, has been expressly denied by both Mr Walker and Mr Ogley."

From Page 41. paragraph 89. 

Neither is there any evidence that Mr Ogley or Mr Walker sought to exercise improper influence on Mr Lewis who, as the new Minister, alone had the power to order suspension and the commencement of disciplinary proceedings.

You See there are those who are prepared to do something and there are those who do Nothing.

Deputy Le Claire Showed "FEAR" and by showing "FEAR" he allowed the Establishment  a small Victory.

FEAR is  an Enemy of this Island the Politicians have got to be strong and be counted. Its no good just taking the money and keeping your head down.

Was this one of the reasons the TOR were changed, this has happened to Deputy Hill before concerning the States Employment Board, things got altered outside of the chamber.

Deputy Le Claire has explained why he bottled Napier,  unless i can Quote him word for word  i feel it would be wrong to guess.

You can contact and ask him yourself 

But I believe it would have made a huge difference not just to the Napier Report but Deputy Le Claire because he could have turned round and said i have done my bit.

These are some of the comments that have come in and raise good points

Definition of the word CONSPIRACY:

A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act.

1. was the suspension of Mr Power unlawful? (as opposed to illegal (c) ILM)

If the answer to that is No, then no conspiracy. However, if the answer is Yes, move to the next question.

2. was there a secret agreement between two or more people to achieve the suspension? 

That one is easy, there was. 

Anonymous said...

Suspended without proper evidence of incompetence in handling the Child abuse inquiry. High level meetings taking place as early as september 2008 to discuss suspension of Graham Power. NO consideration given to original suspension procedure. You couldnt make it up. States members should walk out in disgust. Do they really believe that people are that stupid. Is this how States of Jersey conducts an investigation into child abuse or for that matter does business.


High level meetings (behind closed doors) were taking place, as early as September 2008 to discuss the suspension of Graham Power QPM. As Mr. Power QPM, said himself, "if it looks like a conspiracy, smells like a conspiracy and sounds like a conspiracy....then it's a conspiracy!!"

So there you have my first posting on the Napier Report

If   "FEAR"  Rules then we are doomed.

If anyone goes and watches a States Sitting they will say, "We are already Doomed"

Napier Proved  Team Voice 100% right



Anonymous said...


YOU' relentless. An asset to Jersey you really are amazing. I dont even know you but am so proud of you. To coin from Cameron, your Island needs you and people like you, VFC, Ian, Deputy Hill and all those others bloging to get facts into the public domain. Thank heavens we dont need to rely on elected Deputies give or take those good few.

Anonymous said...

So, they couldn't get Harper so they got Power.

Just Brilliant

Anonymous said...


Deputy Paul Le Claire said that if the time and place was right he would give the evidence he has, concerning the conversation he heard taking place between the then Chief Minister Frank Walker and the then Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis, concerning the removal of Harper, and realistically Power.

Deputy Paul Le Claire, explain yourself or forever be remembered for the hasbeen politician who showed fear?!

voiceforchildren said...

I asked Bravo zero zero quite some time ago why he didn’t, (in the States, where he would have parliamentary privilege) make a statement to confirm that he heard, the then Chief Minister, telling Andrew Lewis to get rid of Graham Power and Lenny Harper. Bravo zero zero said that parliamentary privilege would not prevent Frank Walker from suing him. But if a proper enquiry was set up then he would give that evidence to the enquiry.

Napier was subsequently commissioned and he said he would give his evidence to Napier. He then “bottled it” big time. I asked him in the Royal Square one day while the Napier Report was live. “Are you giving evidence to Napier about the conversation you allegedly heard between Frank Walker and Andrew Lewis?”

He replied “no, it’s OK for the likes of Gradwell, Harper, Power and Co sitting pretty on their lovely big pensions away from the island, but I still have to live here. Look what they have done to Syvret, I’m not having that done to me. I’ve got a family to support and if I lose my seat, I won’t have an income.”

Bravo zero, zero Le Claire is forever telling anybody who will listen that he was in the Marines and that he was a bodyguard. One might be forgiven for believing that he is a brave man. But the truth is, in my opinion, he is nothing short of a coward and has witnessed the unlawful suspension of our most senior Police Officer. Watched his reputation, and career get dragged through the mud and not said a single word, just so he can cover his own arse.

We, or I, want strong principled elected “representatives” with courage, morals and integrity who will do the right thing and not back down through fear, Le Claire lacks in all departments.

Res Nullius said...

Definition of the word UNLAWFUL:

When applied to promises, agreements, or contracts, the term denotes that such agreements have no legal effect. The law disapproves of such conduct because it is immoral or contrary to public policy.

Unlawful does not necessarily imply criminality, although the term is sufficiently broad to include it.

Synonyms:- actionable, against the law, criminal, forbidden, illegal, illegitimate, illicit, lawless, non legitimus, not allowed by law, outlawed, prohibited, transgressive, unallowed, unauthorized, unlicensed, unsanctioned, unwarranted, vetitus, wrongful.

1. Was the suspension of Mr Power any of the above?
2. Was there a secret agreement between two or more people to achieve the suspension?

Make of that what you will.

Anonymous said...

They tried their hardest to get Harper, but perhaps Power and Harper together was too much for them. A case of covering each other's back? Power did not have much of his back covered by Warcup, did he?

Nick Palmer said...

Can't say I rate Le Claire very highly in the bravery and integrity department either. At the first hint of a lawyers letter he caved in and showed someone a private email from me, with info in it which Le Claire had asked me for about this person - subsequently this person's lawyer sent me a threatening letter which, to my mind, established beyond doubt that the "someone" was a bullying scum and that their lawyer, whose name was the same, was an unprincipled gun for hire.

The incident also suggested, as Rico has sketched out above, that le Claire has no backbone in these matters.

rico sorda said...

Hi Nick

I did think twice about publishing your comment as it was quite personal to you and sounds like a serious issue you have with Deputy Le Claire.

This blog posting is to demonstrate what can happen when you do nothing. I think we've had too much of doing nothing, keeping the head down, not saying anything, unless it's a safe little topic.

There are times when I have listened to the states and I have been impressed with what Deputy Le Claire has been saying and I can say that he does appear to have genuine concern for the children in the care of the States of Jersey. It's just that he had one chance to really step up... and blew it!

There are many more States member who should be blogged about before Deputy Le Claire, but it just so happened to be him who overheard the conversation in the "corridors of power".

People like myself have plenty to lose from speaking out but show no fear in doing so. I expect out politicians to show some testicular fortitude in doing the same.


Anonymous said...

Like many others in the states le claires fear is if not in the states he would not get a job especially one that pays so well!! most like him could not make 20k a year thats if they got a job at all in this no job climate.

Anonymous said...

thank you for reminding us of that "conversation" Rico .So no conspiracy eh!
Walker and Lewis were obviously planning to get rid of Harper and possibly Power.Planning,plotting,conspiring not much difference,semantics.


Senator Shenton
Senator Perchard
Senator Le Main
Deputy Dupre
Deputy Jeune
Constable Murphy
Senator Le Marquand
Chief Minister Le Sueur
All the foot stamping lackies of the Motherland



Anonymous said...

Brian Napier QC said that there was no physical evidence of a conspiracy.
A Definition of conspiracy: Planning and acting SECRETLY for an unlawful or harmful purpose.

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside judgement on Paul Le Claire, is not his fear of doing the right thing a perfect example of the corrupt power exerted by those ruling the island, whether elected politicians or Law Officers, and their fawning lap dogs such as Shenton, Perchard,and the others? Lenny Harper

Anonymous said...

Things are falling apart no doubt about it. The Napier Report, Stuart Syvret dropping Bombs down the local court, alleged Planning Coruption , The police having a second bite at the cherry concerning planning coruption.

And what does Stuart get at the end of this a £1,000 pound fine?

Stuart will be back one day i have no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Harper you are spot on. Slowly the tide is turning. No retreat no surrender.


By Ramsay Cudlipp

David Warcup, who was expected to become police chief

ACTING Chief of Police David Warcup has said he does not want to be police chief and has blamed ‘malicious’ politicians for his decision.

Mr Warcup, who released a statement yesterday saying that he would not be putting himself forward for the role following the controversial retirement of Graham Power, said that his main reasons for leaving the force were the ‘political hostility which has been directed towards me, the attacks on my personal integrity and the resultant delays in securing my appointment’

Oh Dear

Did anyone really beleive this story.

What was the chances that they new the Game was up. Dave new the Interim Met report was no better than toilet paper, it should never have been used but it was. Now poor old Brian Sweeting at the Met has had papers served, will they offer him an apology, doubt it.

And what would stop any of this happening to a new Police Chief

Now who is conducting the interviews for the new Police Chief for the States of Jersey and what ethics and morals are the demanding from the new Police Chief. Let's hope that Senator Ian Le Marquand and Chief Executive Bill Ogley are not on this panel, because if they are what a tragic state of affairs we find ourselves in.

Nick Palmer said...

Rico said:

"There are times when I have listened to the states and I have been impressed with what Deputy Le Claire has been saying and I can say that he does appear to have genuine concern for the children in the care of the States of Jersey."

Yup. I agree. Paul le Claire is mostly good, but kowtows for a quiet life just a little too readily.

Not specifically talking about PleC but generally, I reckon the "bad consequences from speaking out" defence, that so many Islanders use to justify not doing or saying anything remotely noble, is so prevalent for one of two reasons.

Firstly, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy. So few speak out loudly and clearly that the powers that be can treat them as exceptions, eccentrics - the usual suspects - and either ignore or crush them. I am sure that those in power regard the vast "silent majority" of Jersey people as supportive of what they do.

Secondly, I sometimes think there are many people with comfortable lives, who don't actually care enough about things beyond their own situation, who use the "fear" defence to justify their not speaking out. They don't actually care enough but they claim it is only the "fear" prevents them standing up to be counted. Thus, they may appear supportive of the right stuff if you ask them privately but, when push comes to shove, they won't risk what they've got because they imagine that they might suffer because of it. They treat it as somebody else's problem. No doubt they might moan that nothing ever changes, thus appearing "politically correct" but they will probably vote to prop up candidates who will support the Status Quo.

Those "opposition members who get voted in in the urban parishes do so largely because they promise to help the larger numbers there who are the less well off. Who in Jersey ever gets voted in because they promise to do good and right generally for all, or even to do what is needed in the long term for all but might be less advantageous for the voters in the short term?

In short, I think that a lot of the fear which people have locally (or claim that they have) about speaking out, is in fact mostly imaginary - it's only the fact that so few do speak out that makes the fears real.

A long time ago, far far away in a different country, fears were real and some people suffered but what happened? The Kent State University protest against Nixon going into Cambodia (part of the Vietnam war protests) lead to four students being shot and killed and nine wounded by the Ohio National Guard. Reason enough for fear. What happened though? The zeitgeist meant that 100s of thousands came out demonstrating. Four million students went on strike. I remember their defiant chant "You can't kill us all, you can't kill us all".

Kent State shootings

People have been corrupted by comfort since the dawn of the yuppie era.

voiceforchildren said...


A Press Conference and a public apology?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps David Rose would like a copy of the Napier report.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy had already leaked it.

voiceforchildren said...

David Rose could do with a copy of the bl--dy expenses!!

It does look like this chap doesn't let the facts get in the way of a good "story". I take it he's "accredited"?

voiceforchildren said...

What was the story behind Senator Jimmy (potty mouth)Perchard and the leaked e-mail to David Rose?

Anonymous said...

Walkers missus ex husband had none for FW the bully when he allegedly punched him at the airport!!
well done Julian stand for the States next time round you are truly fearless unlike the "ex bodyguard"

rico sorda said...

d) Review all information relating to the original suspension procedure,
including relevant sections of the published Affidavit from the
suspended Chief Officer of Police.

So, before we even start reading the Napier Report we have a problem,the above was removed from the TOR. Now how did this happen? who did it? will we find out on Tuesday when TLS will face questions in the house.

Why was it removed from the TOR

Now we know there are some crazy things going on at the moment but surly they wouldn't do that.

Would they


Anonymous said...

David Rose obviously got his information from someone in the know perhaps its that tooth fairy The article may offer more clues now certain things are known

voiceforchildren said...


This is just a wild guess, but having a look for the missing part of the TOR around Bill Ogley's shredder might be a good place to start?

rico sorda said...

Question from T.Pitman for this Tuesday States Sitting

13. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Given that I, and several other Members, have consistently maintained that there was evidence of malpractice within the process underlying the suspension of the former Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police and in light of his recent e-mail correspondence to all Members regarding the delayed Napier Report, will the Chief Minister advise whether an employee is now facing disciplinary action, and if so, outline the reasons for this?”


Blackballed said...

Nick Palmer is perceptive when he says that many who see evil are all to ready to keep their head down and justify their conduct with the "fear" argument.

In Jersey, the presence of the finance industry with its culture of secrecy and conformity, inhibits employees from thinking and acting independantly. Careers most certainly can be blighted if one speaks out and there are many examples. Dissent is not tolerated.

That said the regime, call it that if you will, does not kill its opponents. Some have been forced to leave the island and seek lives elsewhere whilst others have remained and suffer discrimination.

Opposition politicians "know" who far they can go and internally self censor. The media exists to report and support the government line. Again, dissent is either ignored or belittled.

Certainly we need more courageous politicians. There are candidates out there who have shown they are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices, including personal ones, to expose the activities of the ruling elite. It is called civic courage.

It is a pitty too that those amongst the opposition who like to critice and expect salvation to come from the sky, seem incapable of giving support when required to those courageously engaged in resistance.

Anonymous said...


14.Prior to the events leading to his suspension, he enjoyed a good professional relationship with his senior colleagues in the police and with politicians and administrators. He served as a member of the Corporate Management Board, a group of senior officers representative of different agenciesinvolved in the provision of public services. The former Chief Minister (Mr Frank Walker) spoke of him, referring to the period before the historic abuse enquiry, as a good Chief Officer of Police and a good professional. Before the transition to ministerial government in 2006 he was answerable to the Home Affairs

"The former Chief Minister (Mr Frank Walker) spoke of him, referring to the period before the historic abuse enquiry, as a good Chief Officer of Police and a good professional."

And then overnight he turned into the worst Police Chief

That above statement says it all

Anonymous said...

If/when the question is asked in the House on Tuesday(regarding missing part D), it will probably come from Deputy Hill or T Pitman.
But wouldnt be great if it came from Deputy Le Claire?!

Anonymous said...

VFC: Briefly, David Rose telephoned Graham Power and told him that Perchard had leaked at least one confidential e mail to him that had been sent by Graham Power. Lenny Harper says that this was corroborated later on in a telephone conversation he had with Rose. Rose later denied the conversation had ever taken place not knowing that it had been taped on the publicly declared recording system used, as many companies do, on certain parts of the Police telephone system. Rose has consistently refused to comment further on the matter.

Anonymous said...

If a politician claims to represent the will and best interests of the people who elected him to uphold their common vision of lawful and democratic process, he is ethically bound to fulfill that obligation. If he is so afraid for his life that he cannot commit to his duty to his electorate, he should resign. If he will neither honorably represent the citizens nor resign, he can be said to act wrongly for the sake of money. That is called the "oldest profession," or prostitution.


Anonymous said...

Meant to say, "He can be said to act wrongly for the sake of money or position."

Anonymous said...

"It is a pitty too that those amongst the opposition who like to critice and expect salvation to come from the sky, seem incapable of giving support when required to those courageously engaged in resistance."


rico sorda said...

Oh bloody darn bugger banned from PJ and not only that banned from accessing the site full stop.

I only said who Jason Roberts was lol sure can dish but cant bloody take it

"Sorry rico sorda, you are banned from using this forum!
been warned on a number of previous posts to NOT name individuals.
We have received a complaint over this and are not about to put our site in disripute. Do it on your own site.
This ban is not set to expire"

If im honest PJ got a little boring once the right wingers started their Blog.

Ciao Adrian & the boys

It was fun.

Keep going with your blog it's a real Farce ( keep an eye out for a spoof website near you )


SF said...


CHICO said...




Anonymous said...


It might be an idea to make a compilation of the idiot and abusive posts you receive.

It's so nice to know the level of intellect and desire for real debate that those fools have.

Save up all their crap and dish it all up in one go so we can read it(or not)and not be distracted from the real issues.

Your determination to get to the bottom of this cess pool is remarkable. But I've said it before; time spent answering these morons is time wasted in the real struggle. They are trying to rile you and distract you. Just tell them to eff off and don't give them any more blog space.

Anonymous said...


Who cares what PJ is trying to do to those who are searching for the real answers. You have a better blog right here doing more important things. Check out the comments on Stewart's blog. Women think it's pretty awesome when guys like you and Stuart take a stand for what's right. Just ask them.

One of many.

rico sorda said...

I let that one through so people can see how desperate things are getting.I would not dream of sending such filth,

Don't worry no more

The Truth Hurts


Anonymous said...

wow what did you say on pj

Anonymous said...


The Napier Report, on the States web site shows the TOR part d starting with: Review all information relating........
Yet the original TOR part d starts with: The Report should highlight......

If the likes of Deputy Hill, Pitman, Higgins or even Le Claire ask the question tomorrow will they have evidence of this change?
Or has it already 'done the disappearing act?'

Anonymous said...

Sorry, wrong way around
Original: Review all information relating to the original suspension procedure.....
On States web site: The report should highlight.....

Anonymous said...

The fact that P Le C is too scared to speak the truth and do the right thing on behalf of the electors that put him into the states in the first place, is enough evidence of an effective 'conspiracy' in regard to how this island is run.

What more proof does anyone need of a culture of fear being part of The Jersey Way?

Anonymous said...

P.73 Napier

"But I have to say that there is no independent evidence of such a conspiracy, and the existence of it, or anything like it, has been expressly denied by both Mr Walker and Mr Ogley."

Do people actually write Conspiracy on headed paper or is it something that the facts lead too.

Definition of the word CONSPIRACY:

A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act.

1. was the suspension of Mr Power unlawful? (as opposed to illegal (c) ILM)
If the answer to that is No, then no conspiracy. However, if the answer is Yes, move to the next question.

2. was there a secret agreement between two or more people to achieve the suspension?

That one is easy, there was.

Does anyone have the original draft of the Napier Report

Anonymous said...

From the Crown Court Bench Book. This is part of the standard direction given to juries in order to tell them exactly what a conspiracy is.

A conspiracy may take the form of a ‘chain’ (A agrees with B who agrees with C) or a ‘wheel’ (X agrees with A, X agrees with B, X agrees with C), or a combination of the two.

It is not necessary for each conspirator to have met or communicated with the others or even to know their identities, but it is necessary that each of the conspirators is party to the common design and is aware that the design involves a larger scheme involving others.

In the ‘wheel’ conspiracy, with X at its hub, if A, B and C are unaware of their involvement in the larger scheme but only of their agreement with X, there are three separate conspiracies, not one.

Even if they are aware that X is making separate agreements with A, B and C they are not conspirators with each other unless they are parties to the wider common design.

The conspiracy may be proved by inference from conduct, including words spoken in furtherance of the common design, or by direct evidence of the agreement.

Conspirators can join and leave a conspiracy while the conspiracy lives on. Their roles may be very different. They need not all be known to one another. They need not know all the details.

Anonymous said...

Rico how do you cope with threats? I have been threatened many times and it has turned me into a nervous wreck.

Anonymous said...

Cope with threats? Maybe if Rico did not threaten others in the first place and especially in the States with unsubstantiated claims then maybe he would be able to sleep at night ha ha.

Anonymous said...

It will be on Hansard for proof.

The Chief Minister said this (more than once) in the States this morning: The Chief of Police, Graham Power's suspension was totaly justified.

Mr Graham Power you have more that enough to take them for Defamation of Character

Zoompad said...

I usually publish threats online where everyone can see them, and tell as many people as possible. Bullies don't like it when other people can see what they are up to.

rico sorda said...

At 11.15 today the States of Jersey or should i say TLS totally lost the plot. I hope to have a blog up tonight about it.

In the years i have been doing this i thought i had herd it all but the complete and utter rubbish that came out of TLS today was scary and very dangerous for everyone living on this Island.

The Chief is not fit for office and should be removed

But this is Jersey


Anonymous said...

Lets hope TJW recorded the Chief Minister it was amazing

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Cope with threats? Maybe if Rico did not threaten others in the first place and especially in the States with unsubstantiated claims then maybe he would be able to sleep at night ha ha.

Sorry but the person who wrote the above is very sick and obviously a pro Le Sueur sychpant and no doubt believes all the utter rubbish the man spouts even his allies must be embarrassed and THIS IDIOT REPRESENTS ME ON THE INTERNATIONAL STAGE HOW THE WORLD MUST LAUGH AT JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!