Wednesday, October 6, 2010



How the hell are they going to spin his leadership next November



Napier 6,000 " Possible Disciplinary " My Arse

What the bloody hell is going on.

Cant release, I will release it , Terry says you cant release it " im getting advice", what advice,

Who the bloody hell is giving all this crap advice, and how much are we paying them.

Terry now says " All ok for the morning Bob" just popping over to Guernsey, not sure if i will be about, Pip Ozouf is in America , umm, make yourself at home, put the kettle on biscuits in the bottom draw, don't make a mess see you soon

Can we not do anything right on this Island ( Bit different if it was shafting Graham Power again, hey IAN)

Thank God for Deputy Bob Hill

These Clowns suspended Graham Power in the middle of a Child Abuse Investigation that went WORLD WIDE.

This is as High Profile as it gets

If Napier shows that the suspension is not above board then we have to look at the Law Office, now this might upset some people, but, we will need to look at the then AG William Bailhache, because it was his office giving all the crap advice. " WHY"






I have been Investigating the suspension of Graham Power for a very long time and i always believed the Truth about the Child Abuse Investigation lies within it.

I believe we are looking at an Unlawful suspension of Graham Power with his one crime being

Investigating young children abused in the care of the States Of Jersey

Yes that Simple

im sick of it, im sick of the way our media has allowed it to happen, im sick of the way they allowed that clown ILM to hold a Kangaroo court , im just sick of it, yet we sit back and allow it to happen, im alright Jack stuff the others.

What they were trying to say yesterday is this.

" Look Bob we are trying to broker a deal here, can you just back off for a while"

We all remember the Mike Pollard revolving door

You see its that easy, send them through the door with a load of money, then no need for any action or looking bad in the eyes of the plebs.

Even if it costs a life. Yes thats right a LIFE

Is there even a press conference tomorrow?



Angry, Emotional & wanting some bloody answers

Also no need to print 53 copies of the Report because 45 of them wont have a bloody clue what it means, unless there are pictures explaining it.


******************************** SOS SOS SOS SOS*******************************

Brian Napier

Below are the emails that have been received by Voiceforchildren">TRUTH

There is talk of disciplinary proceedings, so, obviously things are very serious

Those of us who have been investigating this Crazy Suspension of the Chief Of Police would not be surprised by this.

Make no mistake, who ever it is will be taking the fall for the others

Andrew Lewis- Nope just a Pawn in this game

Mr Critch- Same as Andrew Lewis just a pawn in this game

These two just followed orders, yes boss,no boss where do i sign Boss.

David Warcup- This is where my interest really picks up.

But my main interest are these guys.

Then Bailiff Philip Bailhache

Attorney General William Bailhache

Former Chief Minister Frank Walker

Chief Executive Bill Ogley

Lets get one thing straight here. The only person who is still working for the States of Jersey ( not handed his notice in ) is Bill Ogley

Lets get something else straight here


"This could bring down the Government" Bill Ogley

Now i can see where this could help Stuart Syvret

Make no mistake the Napier Report could be a report that goes down in Jersey History ( we will see)

You cannot call this any other way.

Graham Power was the Chief of Police in the middle of a World Wide Child Abuse Scandal

You only remove him if the ok has been given from the very top


Yes they will sacrifice someone but this might well need a full and independent investigation


Here are the emails

From: Terry Le Sueur

Sent: 06 October 2010 16:01

To: All States Members (including ex officio members)

Subject: Napier

Dear colleague,

As you may be aware, I have now received the Report into the suspension on 12th November 2008 of the (former) Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police (“the Napier Report”).

Having read this Report carefully, I am of the view that there could possibly be grounds for disciplinary action arising out of the report. I am taking advice on this and considering it as a matter of urgency and anticipate making a decision on this shortly.

I have also sought appropriate advice about the publication of the Napier Report prior to any disciplinary proceedings which may, after consideration, take place and I am advised that publication might prejudice any disciplinary process which may be required.

Although I have shared the Napier Report in confidence with the Deputy of St. Martin, he has acknowledged that it is important for any disciplinary process that may be required to be conducted properly so that there can be no question of any impropriety. The Deputy of St. Martin has therefore agreed to continue to hold the Report in confidence.

I am grateful to the Deputy for his understanding in this matter and I hope that all States members will similarly respect the need to conclude any disciplinary issues prior to publication.

I confirm that on the conclusion of any disciplinary issues, the Napier Report will be published in a full and unredacted form.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Le Sueur

Chief Minister

And Bobs Hills reply

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your reply but you are well aware that it falls far short of what I am asking. Your email below was sent without any discussion with me therefore I have not agreed to hold the Report in confidence for what seems to be an indefinite period.

The purpose of my email was for you to show some leadership in an impartial way. You have been in possession of the Report since 13th September and must have been considering disciplinary action. When you gave me a copy of the Report on Friday 17th September you told me you were considering disciplinary action and were seeking advice. However it was envisaged that the Report would be circulated soon after my return from holiday. I believe you have had ample time to seek advice to determine whether to instigate disciplinary action. Many States Members have been of the view that the suspension of the former Police Chief was not conducted in a satisfactory manner and that was endorsed by the Royal Court some months later. The evidence has therefore been to hand in the public domain for over 18 months.

You have stated that are taking advice and considering it as a matter of urgency and anticipate making a decision on this shortly. However in my opinion It would appear that you are trying to stall the process in the knowledge that the Napier Report could be of some value in a Court Case which is in progress. I do not want to prejustice any disciplinary case but equally I do not want to deny justice to an ongoing Court Case.

All that said I am encouraged by your assurance that this is now a matter of urgency but that is what you told me last week when you thought you were going to a statement. However, after some thought, I will take no further action in this matter before 2pm tomorrow (Thursday 7th October 2010.) This should be sufficient time for you to complete your consideration of any possible disciplinary action. If you do decide that disciplinary action is appropriate and the individual person is named and make a statement to that effect, then I will seek to avoid any action which might cause difficulties to the disciplinary process. However, if the current uncertainty is allowed to continue then I will take such action as appears to me to be in the public interest.

While I recognise that this position may cause you some difficulty, I can only repeat that this exchange relates to a report which has been in your possession since 13th September 2010 and which is subject to growing speculation regarding its contents. I believe that it is now time to bring this speculation to an end by prompt and decisive action. At this time I am content for you to continue to take the lead on this matter but reserve all of my options if no clear decision is taken within the timescale I have indicated.


Deputy F. J. (Bob) Hill, BEM.,

Deputy of St Martin.



Anonymous said...


Don't be shy now,what do you think happened.

Anonymous said...


the Truth said...

Will we find out the real truth behind Warcup handing his notice in.

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

It took the previous Home Affairs Minister only a few hours (if that) to actually proceed with a suspension and disciplinary investigation against a highly regarded Chief of Police, after a so called interim report that wasn't.

In contrast, the Chief Minister has so far taken three weeks after receiving what must be a conclusive investigation, to consider actually taking disciplinary action on someone, which is strange, as only last week he was due to release the report.

Coincidentaly, there may have been some people who thought Stuart Syvrets case would have been concluded before the end of last week, but with a further day scheduled for this Friday, it is not over yet.

Has this report been delayed to avoid giving Stuart Syvret powerful evidence to help him to prove his case?

I can see why Deputy Bob Hill, has asked that he is told who is being considered for disciplinary action, because it could just a ruse (made up) to delay the release, only to eventually be told no action will be taken.

I wonder who the best chess player is!!

Anonymous said...

Remember we only have Napier because TLS stopped Bob Hills enquiry. They didn't want one full stop. TLS fought like crazy in stopping GP getting his suspension dates.

They are all conflicted

Anonymous said...

If they are all involved why not all of them. The amount of money wasted on getting to the truth of what went on. Money that could of been spent in the Island for the Island with benefits to the Island

I am sure it has been posted how much has been spent on reports of reports etc.

Anonymous said...

In response to Ian's picture of the Titanic makes me wonder that if TLS had indeed been the captain on that day if he would have managed to sink the iceberg as well ...

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

"States of Jersey Police (“the Napier Report”).
Having read this Report carefully, I am of the view that there could possibly be grounds for disciplinary action arising out of the report. I am taking advice on this and considering it as a matter of urgency and anticipate making a decision on this shortly."

"I am advised that publication might prejudice any disciplinary process which may be required."

They dont want it released.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe this nonsense about the fear of hurting discipline proceedings? This so called fear has never stopped them attacking people in the past. It is nothing less than a delaying tactic, firstly to cook Senator Syvret's goose in court and to give them time, possibly to negotiate a pay off with the sacrificial pawn. Remember though, that no matter the rank of the Civil Servant facing proceedings, he did, and could not have acted alone. One in particular worked hand in glove with good old Frank Walker - remember him? He was the one who objected to victims being referred to as such. He has got to have been aware of anything and everything that particular civil servant was doing, as whas the AG at the time. Lenny Harper

rico sorda said...

Hi Lenny

One of the main characters in this blockbuster is Teflon Bill. Now we all need a guardian Angel he has TLS. Any question in the states regarding Teflon Bill and TLS says, " Asked him he said no "

Was it not Teflon Bill who is mentioned in GP's affidavit regarding a certain civil servant in education, and a meeting at St Paul's Gate.

But Bill cant go it alone

Would he be prepared to walk alone if the report is critical?


Anonymous said...

After following Jersey news from elsewhere for a couple of years it does seem that transparency and accountability will never win out without a dramatic wide-spread struggle. Professor Tony and other unpersuaded bloggers should compare Jersey's ongoing struggles with self truth to those systems which incorporate proper checks and balances before concluding there is no obviously entrenched corruption. To any outsider the Jersey government's appallingly frequent excuses for non-disclosure simply never ring true.


Anonymous said...

I am very pleased to see that Ian has remembered Simon Bellwood in his picture. That poor man suffered also.

Anonymous said...

What if someone turned round and said "im not going unless i get a very good pay off" if i don't i sing like a canary

TonyTheProf said...

Isn't David Warcup still Acting Chief of Police until December?

mac said...

My guess is there's more than one person criticised in the report but some of them are no longer in a position to have disciplinary action taken against them.

Would he be prepared to walk alone if the report is critical? Depends how big the pay off!

Anonymous said...

This is from GP's affidavit concerning CE Bill Ogley

“The third example I have chosen relates to a Strategic Planning Workshop held at the St Pauls Centre on Friday 24th October 2008. The Workshop was attended by a number of senior public servants including myself and the Chief Executive. At the commencement of the workshop the Chief Executive asked for silence and said that he had an announcement to make. He named a senior civil servant who was present. The person named is a suspect in the abuse investigation but has not been suspended. The Chief Executive said that the suspect had his total support and that “if anyone wants to get…….(the suspect)…….they would have to get me first”. This announcement was applauded by some but not all of the persons present. I took it as a further indication of the “in crowd” closing ranks against the “threat” of the abuse enquiry. The Chief Executive later played a significant role in my suspension.”

rico sorda said...


That is correct. Remember it was Ogley and ILM that wanted him fast tracked into the top job while these reports were outstanding. ILM kept GP suspend on nothing more than a letter from Dave Warcup.

Then he gave us his Kangaroo court to try and justify it.

We must wake up to what is going on over here

No Media help

Just plebs doing the work with some very good states members

Lets not forget the legend that is Big Trev & Daniel


mac said...

CTV have got a piece on it including emails from Deputy Le Claire and Deputy Trevor Pitman

rico sorda said...

Deputy Paul Le Claire also sent the following email to the Chief Minister:

'Dear Terry, you said to me last week I must call things as I see them. So here goes on this. I see this as a continuation of a culture of concealement and denial in order to deflect blame and accountability for poltical expediency.
Please demonstrate that I am mistaken ?
Kind Regards


P.S. I am not the only one in this assembly or the island who sees and smells.

The Chief Minister replied: 'Dear Paul, I have already stated that I will publish the Report in a full and unredacted form as soon as possible. This does not sound like concealment to me.


Deputy Trevor Pitman sent the folloowing email to the Chief Minister:

'Terry, Why all this red-herring talk of 'publication'? As States members - unless there really is something to hide, whether till certain dates have passed or otherwise - it is outrageous that we are still waiting a month after you received it; going on toward what...nine odd months since we were told it would take six weeks to complete! The question I would put to you, Terry, is whatever happened to all your talk of 'inclusive' government? We are not talking 'publication' even though it seems the preferred way this COM does business is media first, elected representatives last - we are asking as elected representatives to SEE the report and whatever, good, bad or indifferent might be in it. Also, for me at least, whether this latest many months overdue document was worth it or not. Surely this is not too much to ask? If we are not to be allowed to see it then I genuinely believe that Bob has an obligation to take it on himself to publish as he suggests.


rico sorda said...

P.S. I am not the only one in this assembly or the island who sees and smells.

Thats right Deputy

There are plenty who do bugger all and go along with it

Just as bad in my book


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many pages the JEP will give to the Napier report. Will they publish it in full? Wasn't it at least five pages on Graham Powers handling of case?

rico sorda said...

They will only do what they are allowed to do. Remember how they have been from day 1

The JEP is the enemy of the of the good people of Jersey

They Gave ILM his Kangaroo Court


Rob Kent said...

As Lenny says, this is just a delaying tactic while they look around for a sacrificial pawn. It's likely that at least three people are named in the report for breach of procedure, or worse, during the suspension of Graham Power.

"I confirm that on the conclusion of any disciplinary issues, the Napier Report will be published in a full and unredacted form."

Oh yeah? What if, as with Graham Power, you commence disciplinary procedures, let them drift on for a year or two, and never conclude them.

Then you will say, 'It would not be fair to release the report because it would tarnish people's reputations without them having a chance to defend themselves.'

The public aren't stupid. They can see the double standards you use when you suspend Simon Bellwood, Stuart Syvret, and Graham Power on the basis of rumour and fictitious reports but when it is one of your own you are protecting, a report from an eminent QC must be digested and reflected on for several months or more.

If there is enough in the report to even consider disciplinary action against certain individuals, then you should follow the precedent you set with Graham Power: suspend them immediately.

Anonymous said...

People have been so scared to come forward, but now, hurray, they can see that these monsters who kept a stanglehold of terror on everyone are just little bullies after all. It is just like in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy sees the wizard properly, behind the stage.

Gean Le bene said...

I was speaking to someone who works for the United Nations recently and telling them what goes on in Jersey, and about personal experiences over the past 20 years.

The culture of cover up,secrecy and silence, having no recourse to bring anyone in authority to justice when they wrong you or break their department regulations or laws, the inability to have them investigated for misconduct by a totally independent body, how everyone closes ranks, even across different departments,the inability to be given any sort of legal recourse, how we are often totally ignored by our parish representatives, and constables, perhaps because there is nothing they can (or will) do, and how we have had to learn to remain silent, and put up with it, or to have our lives made hell with harassment of all kinds.

He concluded having heard about our experiences that the only difference between Jersey and any worldwide police state or dictatorship he had dealt with was, that they don`t take you away and torture you when you try to get some sort of justice.

Totally hit the nail on the head eh.

A bi'tot

rico sorda said...

Lets see what happens today. What's the betting, I would sure love to be a fly on the wall.

Will Bob drop the bomb

Will TLS whistle Dixie and just go lalalalalalala cant hear you


rico sorda said...

Gene Le Bene

Thats well scary when you think about it. And yet most people don;t care and just goe about there business,that is, until you tell them there little princess might not be able to go too a private school. Now every one is up on arms.

They can live with a patient dying at the hospital

Child Abuse


Jersey 2010

Anonymous said...

Without Citizen Media this would have been swept away a long time ago. The Jersey Media must wake and wake up soon

Anonymous said...

TLS has until 2pm today to name a person recommended, {that doesnt mean has to be), disciplined in the Napier Report. Otherwise Deputy Hill will release this report to the public and we will make up our minds, along with our decent politicians, which
person(s) should and will be disciplined....

Because enough is enough!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget

This is about Child Abuse, Child Abuse Victims and the Suspension of the Chief of Police.

This is one very serious report

Ahimsa said...

Quote from above:

"He concluded having heard about our experiences that the only difference between Jersey and any worldwide police state or dictatorship he had dealt with was, that they don`t take you away and torture you when you try to get some sort of justice."

But the powers that be can mess with your head and make it very difficult for you in island life if you upset them and possibly send you insane - that is unless you are extremely strong in character!

Keep up the good work Rico and friends.


Truth Will Out

voiceforchildren said...


You said.

"But my main interest are these guys.

Then Bailiff Philip Bailhache

Attorney General William Bailhache

Former Chief Minister Frank Walker

Chief Executive Bill Ogley."

There is a name, or two, or three or more missing from there. The name I was thinking of is the current AG Tim Le Coq, he has been, shall we say, "active"? in all this.

Joe Dolce said...

Hey Meester Sorda! Whas da matta you? You gotta no respect? You talkin about da baylif and his good chums dontyaknow? In Jeerseey you gotta kiss some ass and be like the waiter. Now just por the drinks Meester Sorda and get back to your work station. Nobody here is allowed to ask any questions. Nobody is allowed to know the truth. We kept in da dark like papa's mushroom risotto. Now play da record and go back to sleep.

Zoompad said...

"But the powers that be can mess with your head and make it very difficult for you in island life if you upset them and possibly send you insane "

Yes, they were able to do that - but praise the Lord, not any more! They had those secret powers, bur those nasty things that they have been doing top people all had to be done in secret, and now that they are being denied their secrecy, they are losing their power!

voiceforchildren said...


Napier 5

Anonymous said...


What do you make of todays events?

I know you will tell it straight. Have they pulled a master stroke, and as per usual got their way.I think we can all argee on one thing,it must be one serious report.

Anonymous said...

Go and see Honest Nev and put your money on "early retirement" for Bill Ogley.

It's the Jersey Way:

Pay someone who may be embarrasing lots of tax-payers' money to go away; and - once he's gone - cry "We can't discipline people who no longer work for us!" which also means that there can be no tribunals, no States hearings, no enquiries etc.

Everything stops and stays unknown.

What TLS and the rest of them don't understand is that they live in a tiny, very close community, where everyone knows everyone else and everyone is "invloved."

They do not enjoy the anonymity of millions.

But if Bill Ogley does agree to become the "sacrificial lamb" (no doubt with a huge pay-off and a confidentiality clause)it will do further huge damage to TLS and the COM.

I despair that the people who are supposedly running Jersey haven't got the political sense to understand that, for them, the best way forward is to "discipline" whoever Napier points a finger at and then, after a few months, cut the "early retirement" deal.

But their first knee-jerk is to "create a vacancy." - That way, no-one can be answerable.

It's not a question of covering-up major crimes, so much as being totally unwilling to face the potential emvbarrassment of holdiong someone in a senior position to account - because to hold them to account might indicate that they had made mistakes and the COM and its members see themselves and their senior officers as being incapable of making mistakes.

They're terrified of being perceived as having done wrong,which leads to a kind of collective megalomania.

Anyway, a fiver on "early retirement" for Mr. Ogley is a sure thing - though you'll be lucky to get better odds than three to one on.

voiceforchildren said...


E-mail from Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur to all States members and others.

Tomorrow will see the publication of the long awaited Napier Report.

From: Terry Le Sueur
Sent: 07 October 2010 14:37
To: Bob Hill
Cc: All States Members (including ex officio members)
Subject: RE: Napier Report Response

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your detailed response and your understanding stance.
I have just in the last few minutes received the advice I have been seeking regarding the disclosure of the Napier Report prior to the resolution of any disciplinary issues. When I received preliminary verbal advice on this point I was advised, and indeed advised you, that such disclosure might prejudice such resolution. That advice was given in general terms without reference to this particular report.
Having received further advice I am satisfied, that, on balance, disclosure is acceptable from the point of view of disciplinary issues, although there could be other employment considerations. I have therefore instructed the Deputy Chief Executive, who holds the master copy of this report, to make it available to all States Members and the media no later than tomorrow morning. I say "no later than" because he is currently out of the office at a Royal Court hearing, and I am about to go to a meeting in Guernsey.
I would hope that in view of this undertaking to publish, you would continue to keep the Report confidential until it is offically released to all States members and the media.
Thank you for your forbearance and co-operation to date.


Anonymous said...

Why why why get rid of chief of police in middle of child abuse investigation if not for a genuine reason? This could be a hollywood blockbuster.

rico sorda said...

We will see how Genuine in the morning. The thing is, unless someone has a good understanding of what went on the report might be a bit boring.

Will he advise a committee of enquiry?

Answers thats all

Anonymous said...

This is so embarrassing our Current Chief Minister TLS Is making Jersey look as bad as the previous minister was apparently concerned about. Jerseys reputation they say. or was it? This is a huge story.

Anonymous said...

Taxi for Mr Ogley.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, hope all is good, im having super fun in the Spa at Bo Sejour. Pip has just got me on the Blackberry, all is tan- tastic in LA.

Sure Glad i got away for the weekend not much going on

Anonymous said...

Ian Evans has got a new blog. Keep up the pressure Rico. No retreat no surrender.

Anonymous said...

O/T rant

another way the 'firm' shafts us

look at your cars 'logbook'
under your name and address it says registered owner, on the right of this, in bold, it states
'the person named opposite is the registered owner but not necessarily the legal owner'

oh how they love the understatement

proof of legal ownership of any vehicle rests on a document called a Manufactures certificate of origin (or man. statement of origin)

the holder of MCO IS the legal owner of a vehicle

got yours?

the law of the land does not require anyone to register their property

by submitting an application for registration
we voluntarily transfer superior title to the registering agent

legally we do not own our cars

ever get the feeling you've been had?

dont you just love the 'firm'

rico sorda said...

I have been asked what am i expecting in the report

Just a well written report that explains why the Chief of Police was quickly suspended.

They were all getting expert Law Advice so there cant be any mistakes

Hot in LA said...

Could someone tell me where the hell are all the other politicians? Are they leaving it all for Deputy Hill. Surly the members on the left of the house would get together and get some joined up thinking going.

This could all blow over before it has begun.

How is the report being handed out? is it in paper form or PDF?

Will there be a presentation of the findings like they did with Wiltshire and Verita.

Anonymous said...

Why did they want to stall this'?' Everyone has forgotten that they are trying to recruit a new Police Chief. How do you think it looks when you demand best ethics but cant deliver them yourself.

Ian Evans said...

Here's how it is Rico

They stalled for an extra day!
They were waiting for something!
Did they get it?

When people, against the establishment, accede to their requests, they know damn well they are doing what the establishment wants, and they know the price for that is pain and misery!

The best comment I read in the last two days was "Get it out on Wikileaks before it's to late"???

Now, it's too late, that was their plan, peeps have gone off the boil, it took just ONE DAY.

They know the Jersey mentality better than anyone and are experts on playing it.


No-one is going to face charges within the establishment. Before that happens, they will resign, then cannot be prosecuted or held to account as they are not in office. Same as they did with Graham Power.

Their sole aim today was to make Bob Hill look weak to the islands populous, and they did it, he never released the report!!! Should have just thrown it out there, and bollocks to the consequences.


rico sorda said...

Ian, remember Verita and Pollard?

This is Jersey

The revolving door is that way


Ian Evans said...

Rico said

"Ian, remember Verita and Pollard?" AND!!!

I know these pigs and their capabilities better than (almost) anyone here, when you have been through the system it is easy to suss them.

But you have to go through it first, Stuart will tell you....

rico sorda said...

Here we go

Don't expect any big headlines, in fact don't expect much. We will see what this report says, and its implications for this Government.

The Wiltshire Circus is only for the COM with Media Backing

Release on Friday old news by Monday

not for the blogs


Anonymous said...

all this report will say is that there errors in procedure. very hard proving anything else. make your own mind up time

SF said...

If you hate States members as much as this why don't you go and kill one of them? I have never read so much spiteful hatred. These people have families and you sir, do not know the full story behind anything by the looks of it including the disciplinary because you are a poxy counter hand in Hardware Store whose head is full of Syvret rubbish.

Anonymous said...

You must feel like a real burk. Where is your apology against all these people you have trashed to date? Talk about Kangaroo Courts, you are as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of poo.

Anonymous said...

Rico, I have just read Napier, it is nothing like Team Voice were making out. It does make you all look a bit silly.

Anonymous said...

At page 3 of Napier report. The basis of the report is allready conflicted with our accredited media reports.

Zoompad said...


Take no notice, it does not make you look silly at all.

I have not read Napier properly, just skimmed through, but I can see big holes in it already.

Zoompad said...

We do not apologise to gangsters.

Res Nullius said...

"If you hate States members as much as this why don't you go and kill one of them?" SF October 8, 2010 9:49 AM

What a crass and juvenile thing to say. How old are you? 10? You must have been late for school this morning.

GeeGee said...

SF is Stoneface who posts on the Farcical blog, and indeed what a truly immature and childish remark.

There is nothing silly about Napier, especially the latter parts of the report. Napier has said he did not feel that there was a conspiracy, but has 'slammed' (JEP word) the method of dealing with the suspension, and the evidence for this was inadequate. Mr Napier obviously has no knowledge of the way this Island operates, i.e. the Jersey Way, or the underlying feelings in Jersey at that time.

Sorry, but whichever way anyone wants to see it, gross errors of judgement and procedure were made, simple as, end of.

Anonymous said...

"Big holes in it"

Oh come on guys and girls be honest for once.

rico sorda said...

Well, what a day, and you must excuse me as i,m not well and have not stopped laughing at the CTV Report. Yeah the one at 6, Zero Effort, that was wrong, this was wrong, the Sg said don't do it and no conspiracy. CTV didn't even read the report and if they did my guess is they wouldn't understand it.

I will be putting a blog up later explaining a little about the report.

Today was brilliant, 18 months of hard work and getting it bang on, ok Napier was polite enough no to label it a conspiracy, but its all there in Black & White.

Tonysmusings has done a brilliant post on it

I was very nervous about today because i put my ass on the line

Will Blog Later


rico sorda said...

"Rico, I have just read Napier, it is nothing like Team Voice were making out. It does make you all look a bit silly."

I love this comment.

This Idiot didn't even bother reading the report. Priceless bloody Priceless


Ian Evans said...

BBC Jersey, 30 seconds of nothingness!!!

Anonymous said...

Graham Power ripped it up on BBC Jersey

Go online and listen to the 5 o'clock news, and the interview with Chris Raynor

Anonymous said...

Here’s my brief, deconstruction of the Napier Report (for what it’s worth):

Power – unequivocal that there is corruption in public administration in Jersey.

Ogley – doesn’t like this suggestion so initiates disciplinary proceedings in an attempt to engineer Power’s dismissal (beginning in the September before Power’s suspension in November).

Walker – supportive of Ogley’s stance.

Warcup – willing patsy in all of this (including being ‘economical with the truth’).

Kinnard – supportive of the inquiry and resigned (possibly because she knew what was coming).

Lewis – part of ruling cabal (with Walker, Ogley, Attorney General (AG) and Crich) and supportive of Ogley’s stance.

Crich – Ogley’s patsy

Gradwell – Warcup’s patsy

Solicitor General (SG) – happy to invoke disciplinary process on assumptive basis (i.e. before seeing so-called ‘Met Interim Report’) before back-tracking slightly.

Disciplinary Code - used inappropriately, nay, ignored to expedite Power’s suspension

Law Officers’ Department - provided ‘dud’ advice on the appropriate use of the Code (again, to expedite Power’s suspension).

Lewis, Ogley, Warcup and Law Officers’ Dept - effectively knew that, in this instance suspension equalled dismissal

Met Interim Report – used entirely inappropriately.

Ogley and Crich’s positions are untenable. Gradwell, Walker and Lewis have departed and Warcup has announced his departure (hence avoiding any chance of disciplinary action). Direct criticism of AG and SG is minimal. Instead there are frequent references to the considerably more generic ‘Law Officers’ Department’. Regardless, AG (at that time William Bailhache) was in charge of that department and so should also bite the bullet.

It is also my opinion that the alterations and amendments to the report requested by the Law Officers’ Dept are apparent throughout.

But i should point out there is no conspiracy

Anonymous said...

Have the likes of ogley, lewis, warcup made any media statements.

Ian Evans said...

The REAL TRUTH on radio, learn the facts.

Anonymous said...

we should not expect to change the jersey way using their ball

we cant beat this system using this system

we have to use whats ours

bailhache,le cocq,walker(ret?),tls,ilm,ozouf,our chap et al,all work for the 'firm', and very lucrative it is too

they do the directors and shareholders bidding,all striving to do well and increase their fringe benefits

the FACT that the STATES OF JERSEY is a 'firm'
and has failed to elicit one question from our politicians is damming

how about, 'who owns the shares in SOJ inc.?'

there are many interesting and surprising consequences from having a government that is a corporation

the shareholders and directors of the 'firm' are terrified of people knowing the truth and finding remedy

thats how we fight the batards!

it wouldn't take more than 2-3 dozen people working in co-ordination to find a way to bring down this gang of racketeers

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just Put up the interview of Deputy Bob Hill & Graham Power from this evening, on Radio Jersey.
Your readers make like a listen.

rico sorda said...

"You must feel like a real burk. Where is your apology against all these people you have trashed to date? Talk about Kangaroo Courts, you are as guilty as a puppy next to a pile of poo."

This again is priceless, again i would guess hasn't bothered reading the report.


Must have clicked on the wrong blog


mac said...

Rico you should know soap dodging students don't bother reading things.

Anonymous said...

My take on all this is a bit different. I suspect Napier was hedging his bets by stating inescapable facts - i.e. secret underhanded plotting by government - without drawing the obvious conclusion of "conspiracy" so as not to be criticized by any side when the fuller story is finally revealed. In the years to come, Harper, Syvret, Power, and perhaps even Kinnard, will have had their say in books and there will almost undoubtedly be more investigative revelations. Napier's remit, or terms of contract, were narrowed considerably. Even so, the line he walked in the report allows the reader to see further evidence that the conspiracy was what it was: a secret illegal plan to destroy the reputation of the entire abuse investigation.


Anonymous said...


And what about the Deputy who ran away from Brian Napier. The Deputy you blogged about and named Bravo Zero Zero.

This is now about the brave people,the ones who want change,the ones who are prepared to fight for it. There are only a handful of decent Deputies. This is no place for cowards

Anonymous said...

"Why has it taken the Voice and a couple of Brilliant Deputies to blow this wide open."

Are you reading something different to everybody else? There is nothing to report on this as there was no political conspriracy. So a few cock ups around the suspension, whoopie. The Farce Blog has you bang to rights, you are the clowns.

rico sorda said...

You are the clowns

We are the clowns


If you want another comment published i want you to come on here and explain why the illegal suspension of Graham Power bothers you so much.

Explain why i bother you so much. Explain to my readers why you needed to try and get me sacked

Explain why the Magistrate Court are concerned with your banged to rights blog, NOT MINE, Yours

If you cant be bothered

Then just F*ck off

Bloody Kids, you think they would be out playing on a saturday morning


rico sorda said...

Oh i forgot the above comment is from Jason Roberts

AKA " lunatic "


Ian Evans said...

Doctoring the T.O.R, hahaha, we knew it would be something of this nature. A Government that doctors peoples trial tapes to keep them in jail for a crime they have not commited, would care not-a-jot about doctoring a short list of terms of reference....

It is about high time now that those few decent deputies got together and launched a formal complaint about the doctoring of the Napier T.O.R.

And the complaint should go to England, as no one in the Jersey Establishment is capable of investigating anything without interfering with the evidence, or the outcome.

And indeed, Brian Napier Q.C should complain to the powers in England as he has been made a fool of, also.

Brazen Scum

Tears of a Clown said...

Rico, concernig this Jason Roberts character, Check this out from the SS BLOG dated Wednesday 20 May 2209.

I find this very interesting and as you rightly say on PJ the online community is very small.

from SS blog

"Of establishing fake Facebook identities – such as ‘Jason Roberts’ – which he then uses to lure people into giving him their electronic contact details.

That he uses his troll nerd-powers to track-down private IP addresses – and then threatens to expose other commenters and bloggers to their employers – if they’ve dared to express non-oligarchy opinions?

Not many go that far

Anonymous said...

"Of establishing fake Facebook identities – such as ‘Jason Roberts’

Where on facebook?

rico sorda said...

The above was removed by "facebook"

I will try and post tonight. I will be looking at the work Team Voice put in on this and why we did so. I will also be looking at the Tragic Failure of our local media in keeping up with a changing Island.

Brian Napier delivered a damning report

Many interesting week lay ahead


mac said...

So it looks like it was the original part D from the Terms of Reference that was left out?

(d) Review all information relating to the original suspension procedure,
including relevant sections of the published Affidavit from the
suspended Chief Officer of Police.

Anonymous said...

"The above was removed by "facebook"

Oh well thats handy then isn't it. No wonder they are now accusing you lot of changing the subject to get away from Napier.

All my friends are lawyers said...

Interesting development regarding the farce blog and accusations of witness intimidation. This means that both the Police force and one law firm are aware of the identities of the sites owners. I will make some equiries of the weekend and find out who these people are. I'll send you their details once I have them. What you decise to do with that information is up to you.

mac said...

Ask Adrian Walsh about Jason Roberts he was one of his friends on Facebook.

Ian Evans said...


Do we have a full unedited list of the T.O.R of Napier?

Or preferably, both copies?

rico sorda said...

check back a couple of postings and they should be there


rico sorda said...

I tell you what ,you just cant make this up, it reminds me of being at the Panto when you shout " he's behind you". Brian Napier cant find any evidence of a conspiracy when is very own report is screaming it from the rooftops.

Now the best bit, no sign of a conspiracy yet someone tampered with the TOR ,lol, this getting plain silly. "HE'S BEHIND YOU"

(d) Review all information relating to the original suspension procedure, including relevant sections of the published Affidavit from the suspended Chief Officer of Police.

We are Lawless


rico sorda said...

Report criticises suspension
By Diane Simon

Former States police chief Graham Power
FORMER Police Chief Graham Power was suspended without proper evidence of incompetence in handling the historical child abuse inquiry, a report has revealed.

The independent report by employment law specialist Brian Napier QC released today says that there were procedural failings in the handling of the suspension of Mr Power in November 2008 which was carried out by the then Home Affairs Minister, Andrew Lewis, in the presence of States chief executive Bill Ogley.

Mr Power was suspended on the same day that it was revealed by acting police chief David Warcup and Det Supt Mick Gradwell that there had been no child murders or bodies buried at Haut de la Garenne.

So will that be it or will the JEP be giving it the 5 page spread next week


voiceforchildren said...


High level meetings (behind closed doors) were taking place, as early as September 2008 to discuss the suspension of Graham Power QPM. As Mr. Power QPM, said himself, "if it looks like a conspiracy, smells like a conspiracy and sounds like a conspiracy....then it's a conspiracy!!"

Anonymous said...

Suspended without proper evidence of incompetence in handling the Child abuse inquiry. High level meetings taking place as early as september 2008 to discuss suspension of Graham Power. NO consideration given to original suspension procedure. You couldnt make it up. States members should walk out in disgust. Do they really believe that people are that stupid. Is this how States of Jersey conducts an investigation into child abuse or for that matter does business.

Res Nullius said...

Definition of the word CONSPIRACY:

A secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act.

1. was the suspension of Mr Power unlawful? (as opposed to illegal (c) ILM)
If the answer to that is No, then no conspiracy. However, if the answer is Yes, move to the next question.

2. was there a secret agreement between two or more people to achieve the suspension?

That one is easy, there was.