Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Bloody Disgrace

What a day 

P166/2010 a  Proposition that will go down as a pivotal moment in the Decaying Shambles that is the States of Jersey.

We have about 35-40 States members who just don't care. I kid you not, they just don't care.

I will admit that my emotions are running very high at the moment. I have been shocked many times by this shower of crap but today takes the biscuit.

18th November 2010

This is the date when the States Chamber totally endorsed corrupt Government there can be no other way of looking at it.

What is the point of Deputies and Senators researching  the proposition, win the debate hands down but then to loose the proposition because of 37 morons dragging the good politicians, the people of Jersey , the Islands reputation down into the Gutter.

It gives me no pleasure that these 37 are quite happy to turn a blind eye to Child Abuse carried out by the States of Jersey

It gives me no pleasure that these 37 are quite happy to let TLS and his gang get away with this shambolic style of Governance 

It gives me no pleasure that they are prepared to do this because they don't like Graham Power & Lenny Harper 

In there warped and socially corrupt minds it is Lenny and Graham who are the Criminals not the Child Abusers, oh no not the Child Abusers, we must turn a blind eye there,  protect Jerseys reputation at all costs.

Yes the Jordans are in court at the moment and I thank Lenny and Graham for that.

The beauty is that this debate is now recorded and will be up on Hansard at a latter date. It should be read by all

There comes a time when you just have to say sorry 

It takes a real man to be able to do it 

It was nice seeing some good friends today and for them this fight goes on. 

The 37 I will assure you this 

Your pictures are going up on this blog with some text

You are a danger to me, you are a danger to every child being born  , you are a disgrace to the chamber, you have no backbone.

You are paving the way for a future Child Abuse Scandal

Who the hell will blow the whistle in 40yrs time 

Rico Sorda


Anonymous said...

Take a holiday rico, stop letting it eat you up.

Anonymous said...

What has happened, citizens media is slacking a little, I was hoping to hear what happened at Stuart's appeal before CTV!!

Zoompad said...


The kids are already being abused right now. They get them via the secret family courts, those juryless corrupt illegal torture chambers such as the one Bridget Shaw was the Grand Master of yesterday.

Paedos never stop until they are made to stop.

rico sorda said...

Sorry citizen media was sitting in the pub having a drink wit Stuart Syvret

ps did they get the reporting right?

Anonymous said...

He has been released anyway. But it raises even newer questions about procedures in the magistrates court.

Anonymous said...

what proposition was that? The numbers are confusing and I have probably read about it online but not sure. Is it about legal representation for children?

Zoompad said...

Citizen Media is not slacking, don't worry. Everyone is very busy, no-one is going to desert that brave man.

rico sorda said...

Hope you don't mind but I have transfered two anon comments on to this posting as I had just gone to press when they came in.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry I just googled the numbers and found it. Unbelievable. Typical. Not much more to say.

Anonymous said...

I heard it online. The case put forward was compelling, honest, decent and dignified. There were so few apologists for the Chief Minister it was frankly embarrasing. Those that spoke in favour of Bob Hill's proposition were well researched and spoke with compassion. It came down to a small technical point - that given the findings in Napier, namely that his suspension was unlawful - should the Chief Minister apologise. The evidence was overwhelming and the argument was clearly one but still the silent majority managed to ignore the points put forward. They were, in my opinion, no better then the person who is aware of child abuse happening in the next room, but deliberatly chooses to ignore the cries in the hope that it will just go away. This is perhaps the lowest point in Jersey's political history. We have sunk to new depths and Rico I think your right when you say that the next catastrophic child abuse disaster in Jersey is waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Who is the real Chief Minister?

Will we ever find out?

rico sorda said...

I would like to thank Deputy Paul le claire for getting up today and acting lika a decent proper politician( rare in jersey) Should it come down to me giving him a little push on the blog, maybe not, but chatting with the Deputy last night I knew he would do the right thing.

He had his worries, we all have our worries.

The last thing I said to the Deputy was that if we let this all get brushed away then in 40 yrs time we could have another scandal.

The shameful 37

Remember that


Anonymous said...

Reporting appeared to be pretty good, except for one legal spokesperson, in playing down what Stuart had said about adding weight to his argument, he said it was quite normal for someone to get bail when they appealed otherwise he would have served a sentence before the appeal. Bong!!

What he did not relate, which is no doubt what Stuart was thinking of, was nobody reported on the fact that Stuart applied for bail pending appeal (yesterday) but this was flatly rejected by Magistrate Shaw.

That's the issue, so obviously Stuart was denied what is considered to be normal procedure, he should not have been jailed at all, that's not to say it will no happen at a later date.

So big OWN GOAL for Shaw!!

Anonymous said...

How come the Chief Executive of Education is getting mentioned in connection with the current HdelaG court case does anyone know It is in the jep tonigh

Anonymous said...

Listened to P166 from start to finish.

Deputies Hill, Wimbley, Pitman, Tadier, Higgins Le Claire and Constable Crowcroft gave at least three hours of speeches with substance.
Senators Le Sueur and Le Marquand gave no more than one hour of negative tripe, yet won the vote.

An absolutely disgraceful day in The States Chamber. Shame on you 37!!
And just to let you 37 know. Its not over and complete....

Infact its only just begun!!!

Anonymous said...

I listened to a bit of states assembly via the cTV link the other day and good old Terry, I will answer but wont actually answer the question Le Sueuer was on. It was nothing to do with napier or hdlg, it was very mundane, in fact I cant actually remember what it was about it really was a mundane question that only required a yes or no answer.

He didnt answer yes or no, just gave one of his usual responses which are basically of the Cover My Back type, whereby if he was wrong it wouldnt matter because he hasn't actually answered the question but if he was right then its all good.

I switched it off after hearing the response as it was exactly the same sort of garbage he gave to the JEP when they tried to ask him some tough questions. I say that in Jest as they didnt follow up on any of his non answers.

I really despise the fact that he his our chief minister, it doesnt even boil down to his stance on napier and his love for the AG etc. It boils down to the fact that I think he is a wimp. He doesnt have the courage of his on convictions because he never has the courage to answer a question by himself. Its all the "I have sought advice" crap. He is meant to be the Chief Minister and should, I think, not need advice. He should as a pilar of society answer questions with a yes or no and then, if you dont like the answer fine ask a bit more, let him be scrutanised a little otherwise what is the point of having a chief minister. Actually, what is the point?!

I did write more but I think my rant above is enough to bore people with, just needed an outlet.Sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

On the face of it, the driving force behind the charges was the naming of Nurse M.

Stuart has to remove references to M within a week.

Have a look at this link about a twitter campaign to support someone that another idiot establishment drone, in another jurisdiction, crushed with a sledgehammer.

What if thousands of people tweeted the name of Nurse M in the name of public safety and confidence in the nursing service?


Please read the article linked to.

voiceforchildren said...


In the long term today was a massive victory. Our government totally exposed themselves and were offered the chance to put this all to bed, but they declined. The States is a cess-pit of snakes with just a few exceptions and those snakes I am sure are going to wish they had done the right thing.

The fight for truth carries on.

GeeGee said...

It certainly was a shallow victory inasmuch as the shame that will now be heaped on Jersey's government will have implications far and wide and for a long. long time.

Again, all credit to the likes of Daniel Wimberley, Trevor Pitman, Mike Higgins, Monty, Simon Crowcroft and Francis Le Gresley for putting forward a clear cut case for this proposition to be a 100% 'pour' vote.

Sadly, the inablility of the CM to stand up and be a real man, and just make an apology means that this whole affair will rumble on and on, because the inadequecies of the whole affair were so well researched and exposed there can be no doubt where the rights and wrongs lie.

Yesterday was a dark day for Jersey, today has made it even darker.

Anonymous said...

Media did not report:

Yesterday in court, prior to Stuart Syvret being transported to jail, Stuart Syvret requested bail pending his appeal, magistrate Shaw flatly rejected his bail request.

Zoompad said...

The corrupt politicians who have not actually committed child abuse and murder have roped themselves together with the paedosphiles and murderers, so they will share in their punishment. You have to take one side or the other, you can not stand in the middle. Bridget Shaw has chosen the wrong side.

GeeGee said...

Forgot to add to my earlier comment that I am pleased that at last Deputy Le Claire has examined his conscience and did the right thing speaking out today. Thank you

A great, great shame that our CM cannot find it in his heart to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

From the ughh it's hi blog

Oops! Ben 's Let The Cat Out Of The Bag

I have been so disgruntled with what has been going on in the States of Jersey in the last few weeks that I have been lost for words. However, Ben Shenton said something in Tuesday's paper that quite shocked me. Not the content, everybody who follows local politics suspects there is too much of that about, but that he openly said so.

I have dashed off a letter to the JEP about it, but, on consideration, I have decided to blog it as well:-

Senator Ben Shenton(JEP, 26th October) has really hit the nail on the head, as to why there is so much dissatisfaction with our government amongst the general public. Two telling phrases, that were worth banner headlines rather than quietly tucking away on page 9: “The States Assembly is becoming more and more irrelevant as the seat of government” and “the real decisions are made outside of the States”.

How did Shenton vote?

Nick Palmer said...

Well done Paul for getting back some of your testicular fortitude

rico sorda said...

Senator T.A. Le Sueur
Senator P.F. Routier
Senator P.F.C. Ozouf
Senator B.E. Shenton
Srnator le main

Senator F.E. Cohen
Senator J.L. Perchard
Senator S.C. Ferguson
Senator A.J.D. Maclean
Senator B.I. Le Marquand
Connétable of St. Ouen

Connétable of Grouville
Connétable of St. Brelade
Connétable of St. Martin
Connétable of St. John
Connétable of St. Saviour
Connétable of St. Clement
Connétable of St. Peter
Deputy R.C. Duhamel (S)
Deputy J.B. Fox (H)
Deputy of St. Ouen
Deputy of  St. Peter
Deputy J.A. Hilton (H)
Deputy J.A.N. Le Fondré (L)
Deputy of Trinity
Deputy S.S.P.A. Power (B)
Deputy I.J. Gorst (C)
Deputy A.E. Jeune (B

Deputy A.T. Dupré (C)
Deputy E.J. Noel (L)

Deputy A.K.F. Green (H)
That is the Establishment Vote.

Feel free if you think I have it slightly wrong


Anonymous said...

THE STATES are asked to decide whether they are of opinion -

(a) to request the Chief Minister to inform States members in a Report
presented to the Assembly, or in a Statement to the Assembly, of the
action he has already taken and the action he intends to take in respect
of the report dated 10th September 2010 into the suspension of the
former Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police prepared for the
Chief Minister by Mr. Brian Napier QC (‘the Napier Report’) and, in
particular to provide information in respect of the following matters –

(i) what action, if any, the Chief Minister has taken in respect of
the destruction by the Chief Executive to the Council of
Ministers of the original notes he took during the suspension
meeting and what guidelines, if any, the Chief Minister has
issued regarding the records of suspension meetings in the

(ii) whether he accepts the conclusion set out in paragraphs 45,
67, 72 and 107 of the Napier Report that action was taken on
a basis which was contrary to the advice of the Law Officers
and what action, if any, he has taken or proposes to take in
respect of that matter;

(iii) whether he accepts the conclusion set out in paragraphs 49–53, 55, 58–66, 107 and 108 of the Napier Report that the suspension process did not meet the requirements of the Disciplinary Code for the Chief Officer, issued under Article 9(1) of the Police Force (Jersey) Law 1974 as part of the Chief Officer’s terms and conditions, and what action, if any, he has taken regarding the apparent breach of the process specified in the Code;

(iv) why there has been no formal presentation of the report to members and no opportunity to discuss the findings with the author?

(v) what training, procedural and other corrective measures, if any, he has taken in order to ensure that personnel issues, and in particular disciplinary issues, are managed appropriately in the future;

(vi) whether any disciplinary proceedings have been taken as a result of the findings of the Napier Report and, if so, to update members on the outcome of those proceedings;

(b) to request the Chief Minister to issue a formal apology to the retired Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police in relation to the failure of those involved, as identified in the Napier Report, to deal with the Chief Officer’s suspension in accordance with the procedures set out in the Disciplinary Code;

(c) to request the Chief Minister to present the Napier Report to the States in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order 37.

Res Nullius said...

Tellingly, on CTV last night the 'accredited' media could not find a single person in the street who supported the persecution of Mr Syvret. I am sure that if they had found just one who said 'the bugger deserves everything he gets', they would have published it.

It appears that popular opinion is firmly on Mr Syvret's side. This groundswell must be built on for the coming elections.

rico sorda said...

Res Nullius

The current Government is morally, socially corrupt

That is not a wild statement that is fact.

The above names are willing to turn a blind eye to state run child abuse because they have to follow our shambolic leader.

That is a fact

This government is not fit for purpose

And by that I means the names above


Anonymous said...

If I was TLS I would be pleading with my advisors to negotiate a way out of this mess with the back benchers who will not let this drop. Surely he wants to move on from this with some self respect intact so ensure that at the end of his time as Chief Minister he is viewed as somebody who is good to his word in respect of an open, transparent and inclusive government. Similarly should'nt Bob Hill and other's be asking themselves the same question? How can we find some common ground with the COM? Politics is as they say - the art of the possible.

Anonymous said...

The news yesterday made me feel physically sick. It seems to be a case of a triumph of evil over good.

Stuart should be held up as a shining example of an honest, decent, citizen who acts in the public interest. The treatment he has been given is on a level with the worst banana republics that have ever existed.

So, it appears that Jersey is a safe haven for the paedophiles, the murderers, the tax evaders and just about any criminal, or spiv going. Not a place for the decent people like Stuart. I think he should rethink his living arrangements.


mac said...

Another classic speech from Deputy Jeune, this is the level of member we have in the States God help us. She doesn’t understand much.

Members will be aware of what I have said in this assembly before in that Jersey has not always failed children in its care and there are those who will state that what is now known as hdlg for them gave them safety and security when they needed it most and almost 60 years later good relationships between those children and some of the house parents and those in charge still exist, having said that sir I thank the CM for his comments to this proposition and I trust all members have read them.
What I don’t understand sir is and I hoping that the proposer will be able to clarify in his summing up is why a senior manager attended a meeting I’m assuming not knowing what it was about, not knowing who he was going to see and therefore didn’t take somebody with him normal senior manager good managers will check why am I being called to this meeting what is it for who’s going to be there and if you don’t know and you get there and there is more than one person and your alone you’d say I’m adjourning this meeting until I’m able to come with a witness rep or whatever were told this was a highly commended senior person to me it’s just basic management I don’t understand and I’d be very grateful if that could be clarified, and it’s been said that no disciplinary action was taken but we all I believe understand that that’s because the former chief officer of the Police resigned before that could take place and what I don’t understand is why if the individual felt so aggrieved why he hadn’t resigned earlier, well that’ll be clarified whether he resigned or retired but why 2 years or when the incident took place why he didn’t resign and take a case of constructive dismissal though appropriate channels and I’d be really grateful if I could understand that.

Ahimsa said...

Could not put it any better than you have 'A Bloody Disgrace'

Anonymous said...

Keep going Rico the named people above know why they behave as they do.

Keep digging the answer is in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Jeune on about?
Is she saying that if GP had any honour he should have resigned 2 years ago to make it easier for them to cover all this up?

Anonymous said...

Extremely worrying. I still believe the answer lies in the now destroyed secret files.

Oh dear.

What is known on members and by whom.

voiceforchildren said...


If any proof was needed that Angela Jeune did not read P166/2010 then her idiotic comments have just given us the proof.

She is paid in the region of £44k for this old tripe.

Zoompad said...

love Serandipity, when you start off looking for one thing and stumbling accross another. I was looking at Wiltshire Police, tut tut tut!

GeeGee said...

Mac - she would never understand anything as she appears quite, quite thick!

Yes you are so very right. The calibre of our Jersey politicians.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité said...

Juene c'est une oiseau de cuckoo?

Cookoo c'set nous Jeune?

Anonymous said...

The question now should be:

Deputy Jeune could you please enlighten and explain to the public why you believe Graham Power should of resigned two years ago?

Please include evidence to support your beliefs.

Bon said...

the whole world is run by corrupt governments and jersey is no exception, as a tiny island the power the deputys have to just feed the people with there bullshit propaganda and a shut up and just do as i say attitude,we as people have a rite to know what goes on and a choice to decide what we gona do about it! to live in fear of keeping ones mouth shut and to be happy with the concrete jungle is not enough for those of us who seek the truth,
dont be brainwashed by what they tell you
rico keep up the good work, proud of you brother!
oh tryd to write this on your blog but wouldnt accept

rico sorda said...

Hey Bon , cheers for that.

One point I might add, and its a very sad point, is the good old Jersey public tar everyone in government with the same brush. We have some excellent States Members, but, we also have 30+lunatics sucking every last ounce of integrity out of Jersey.

These issues go to the heart of everything. This 30+ cannot be trusted anymore with delivering good governance to the good people of Jersey.

As the dust of P166 settles its devastating effect will be felt for a very long time. Yes we all new it would be defeated, yes it bloody hurt by the utter majority of the defeat but believe it or not


No other proposition has exposed the shameful incompetent establishment part as this one.


rico sorda said...

Now I might have this 30+ bunch of so called free thinking politicians wrong but lets check it out.

I will publishing a blog with every one of them on it with their official states mugshot.

So what were the most important propositions brought this year?

What propositions concerned the welfare of Children?

What propositions really concerned the good governance of Jersey

There is an election coming and unless we act, and start looking at how these people are voting, then no one is safe on this Island.

Lets look at how the Ministers & Assistant Ministers of Health & Education are voting

After P166 thing will never be the same again ( until the next vote)

Lets start shaming these people


Anonymous said...

What the public should be in arms about is that these 30 or so FSL are paid by taxpayers for their duties to the Island as a whole.

You would of thought they would at least take the time to make themselves aware of issues I would like to see each and everyone of them defend their position then we would see how clued up they really are on the issues they vote on.

A worthwhile exercise would be to see if we can find a voting pattern of the above named FSL sheeple.

voiceforchildren said...


I see Deputy KEVIN LEWIS was marked as "not present", (among a couple of others) for the votes on P166. Can't say there is any suprise.

Ian Evans said...

Putting the STORY straight.

Anonymous said...

Members will be aware of what I have said in this assembly before in that Jersey has not always failed children in its care and there are those who will state that what is now known as hdlg for them gave them safety and security when they needed it most and almost 60 years later good relationships between those children and some of the house parents and those in charge still exist
Some of the children were encouraged to abuse other children in the home.

rico sorda said...


How come you had jeune's speech or whatever you cool it?

voiceforchildren said...


The quest for truth, justice and accountability continues

mac said...


I recorded the States but unfortunately only Thursdays worked so I got the end of Deputy Wimberley's and the other speeches after that.

I felt people should see how Jeune doesn't bother to read or listen to what the actual propositions are about, which I think her latest contribution (if you can call it that) clearly shows.

Anonymous said...


Fo the sake of every child that might end up in care show us the faces of the ones we must fear.

rico sorda said...

Brilliant stuff Mac, you well nailed it. Thank God she's not my deputy.

The nuclear fallout of P166 has only just started. VFC has put the brilliant opening speech of Deputy Hill up. Like I have said before P166 was always going to loose but my god it did it's job and so much more.

I firmly believe that no other Proposition has exposed the totally toxic chamber like P166 has, and the reason for this is very simple. P166 was asking for some truth, honesty and integrity, it was asking for a proper functioning government with checks and balances, it was asking this from our Chief Minister, it was brilliant in its simplicity.

Yet they failed on all counts but one

He just cant' Apologise

Believe me when I say

With this Attitude and this level of Governance the child in the care of the States of Jersey are not safe.

Would you be a Whistleblower in this climate when you have seen what is allowed to go on.

Think bout it


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just to let you & your reader's know that I have put up the audio of the 4 interview's that were put out on Thursday & Friday on Radio Jersey about the Unjust Imprisonment of Stuart.

Anonymous said...


You posted this on your last blog, can you enlighten us?

"The Farce Blog had a bloody good go and bringing me down. They attacked me for fighting for Abuse Victims, and pulling the politicians up who were responsible for the cover-up. They even started trying to scare me off by threatening my job online and then they crossed the line but thats for another blog"

They crossed the line, what line did the cross. Please don't feel like you have to answer this as i know you have more pressing issues. In a funny kind of way its like a cartoon over here where everyone is chasing each other.

You and Team Voice are chasing the bad guys/ rotten politicians.

You have the Farce Blog chasing you, Team Voice and uncle stu.

Why do they chase you guys? I find it quite strange.

Anonymous said...

They chase him because they have nothing better to do with their time. Or should I say his time.

Rico perhaps you'd like to do a blog about the death treats, intimidation and abuse you have received in the time youve been blogging about child abuse in Jersey. And tell the story about Andy James. Decent people will be truly shocked.

rico sorda said...

To be honest the stuff that comes my way and gets said about me on the other blog is Kids stuff, I can handle it. When certain things get taken out of my control, then I have to do what Im advised to do, that is why I needed access to the Blog. Believe me what I receive is nothing compared to what Deputy Labey went through.

I have never ever understood why my search for the truth concerning the child abuse scandal, the utter lack of integrity shown by our politicians etc etc has to do with my Job.

I don't question people just for the sake of it. The people on my blog hold public office, they affect me, they are open to public scutiney, they must be asked searching questions, they must be challenged. If my Media is not up to that challenge then I am..

What must be asked is why would someone want to threaten my job, why would someone feel the need to do that, what is that person hiding what are they afraid of..

The Farce blog has two moderators apparently. Now these two are in sole control of their blog, no comment can go up without them knowing, its that simple. They allowed the disgusting Labey episode to happen they have also allowed comments to go on about me and my job, not 1or 2 but many, I needed those comments. Why, when all I question is the good governance of Jersey. I do this based on hard research and fact .

Like I say I can handle it. It would be very easy for me to stop all this walk away and whistle dixie for the rest of my life.

Not a chance.

Fear has won the day for far to long in Jersey

I will tell the story one day. Andy James do you really exist. You say I have been attacking a member of your family on this blog. Please contact me here and tell me your problem. Your comment wont be published unless you want it to be.


voiceforchildren said...


I have e-mailed Deputy KEVIN LEWIS to ask him why he was marked as "not present" for the P166/2010 vote and will let you know when/if I get a reply.

On that note I have created 2 folders with the pictures of "the dangerous ones" in them. the first is named "FSLM" and the second is called "The silent Assassins" Kevin Lewis is in the latter.

The "FSLM" has 33 candidates and taken from there is 18 silent assassins. Those are the politicians who say or do next to nothing in the States but vote with the establishment party "under the radar" so to speak.

Could you name the 18 "silent assassins?"

Ian Evans said...

Concerns about Jersey's Police Brutality.

Ole Razzy said...

Rico, you said;

"Andy James do you really exist. You say I have been attacking a member of your family on this blog. Please contact me here and tell me your problem. Your comment wont be published unless you want it to be."

That's a dignified response. Fair play. I hope you get an answer. It would be poor form if you didnt.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anonymous

Im sure everything has been copied and kept safe


Hymie said...

Who is behind the farce blog. Would like to have a quiet word with them.

rico sorda said...

Im 99% certain who runs the farce blog and that its roots came from planet jersey..

I should have my blog up tonight showing you the 18 who voted against all 7 points of bobs proposition. These people have no place in government the are dangerous