Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chief Minister & Home Affairs Minister 4


These Two have just been booked for the States Chamber on the 23rd November 2010.  Entry is free with laughs all the way.

Here are some reviews

At the heart of Jersey Strife said " The way ILM keeps a straight face whilst dropping the wiltshire gags is astonishing, a comic genius"

BBC Any news but the real news said " This is the best show in Town. The way TLS treats the hecklers from across the chamber is a real joy, we love his see no napier, hear no napier speak no napier"

CTV Said " Nothing as per usual"

See you at the show

Over these past couple of weeks ,well lets be honest here, over these past couple of years I have been left totally dismayed at the total incompetence of this government. Yes we have some very good politicians but not enough. Now the levels that the Chief Minister & Home Affairs Minister have stooped to is really amazing, how do they think they can get away with such incompetence is beyond me. Yes I know what you are thinking that im probably being unfair  but believe me this is only the beginning with these clowns. So you might even think im being out of order by calling them clowns but as the evidence and facts show im totally justified.

So we have been blessed with some stunning double acts over the years and here are some of my favorites

Gene Wilder & Richard Pryor

Eric Morcambe & Ernie Wise

But now we can add another  double act that require there own stage and spotlight. 

There can be no better double act in the world right now than the one TLS & ILM are throwing up in the states. TLS is by far the funny man with ILM playing the straight  guy but equally as funny. 


You should be aware of where im coming from concerning these two, everything is based on  hard facts.  They  get asked questions on hard facts and just lie, or come out with something so funny it has you in hysterics. Now the real scary part of this is one is the Chief Minister and one is the Home Affairs Minister .

Now I have let them know this and will see what happens. Will they reply to my email? at the end of the day they are Politicians and they represent not themselves but us the Electorate. That has seriously been lost on these two but ILM has been more forthcoming than the Chief Minister.

Team Voice will soon start on the slow process of putting this all together. Make no mistake it will take time but it must be done.

I will share some emails with you. One to the Chief Minister & Home Affairs Minister

And one I sent to the Treasury Minister as he sits on the SEB and is relevant to my question.



rico sorda  

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Chief Minister & Home Affairs Minister

Gentleman. Could you please explain to me why you have lost all sense of reasoning concerning the now very suspicious suspension of Graham Power. Do you not realize the amount of information in the public domain, do you not realize why you are getting asked these questions in the states. People are now laughing at you two. Now believe me, I take no pleasure in telling you that, this is my Island that you are dragging down into the gutter.

Do you honestly believe that we are complete fools.

Now that the 'Interim Report' looks  well dodgy, you pull another something out the hat. Gentleman, I give you the "Gold Group Concerns" I could not stop laughing when I herd that today.

Chief Minister, I have been logging everything that you have been saying on this, you have made the spaghetti junction look like a straight road, but the thing I keep asking myself is 'WHY'. What stops a person from doing the right thing and by that I mean being in charge of an open and transparent government and allowing this madness to continue.

This is the year 2010 

I will finish with this. You chaps  just keep going, keep answering the questions, you are going down in Jersey History, make no mistake.

Senator Le Marquand  as for you one word "WILTSHIRE"

As a voting member of the public I thought I would inform you of my opinion. But it's not just mine

rico sorda


If any members of the public has concerns then just email these guys it's that simple.

Now when ILM conducted his total shafting of Graham Power I asked Philip Ozouf if he had the backing of the COM this is the exchange

-----Original Message-----

From: rico sorda [] 

Sent: 29 July 2010 17:45

To: Philip Ozouf

Subject: Hi Philip



Hi Senator

Below is an exchange from Hansard dated July 19th. 

I have some questions

1. Did Senator ILM have the support of the SEB & The COM 

2. How was this done with the COM, did it go to a vote. 

3. Was the SEB & COM fully aware of what ILM was about to do. 

4. ILM says he briefed the Chief Minister and the COM

5. Did you and the Com back him yes or no

The search for the truth goes on Philip 

Never ever did I ever think I would witness my government stoop to those levels, I feel ashamed of my government.

In Jersey 2010 we held a full blown Media Kangaroo Court 

We will get our pay backs 



.15   Senator F.duH. Le Gresley of the Minister for Home Affairs regarding the publication of extracts from the Wiltshire Police Report:

Can the Minister advise whether he consulted with the States Employment Board and/or the Chief Minister before he decided to publicise extracts from the Wiltshire Police Report and whether the Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police was made aware of the likelihood of such disclosure in the letter he was sent dated the 8th July 2010, in which the Minister indicated that the disciplinary process was to be discontinued?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand (The Minister for Home Affairs):

I did consult with the States Employment Board.  I briefed the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers in relation to what I intended to do and I believe that I had their support.  The Chief Officer of Police was aware of my intentions prior to my letter to him.  Indeed, on 5th July 2010 I received a letter dated 28th June 2010 from his representative who was aware of my intention to cause the Wiltshire reports to enter the public domain.  Furthermore, the effect of my making a statement during a speech on 7th July 2010 was to bring my intention to the attention of the Chief Officer of Police quicker than my letter of 8th July 2010 which also explained to him my intentions.  In that letter I warned him that I would shortly be making public the outcome of the various investigations made by the Wiltshire Police Force, together with a report from accounts.  But of course I had said in this Assembly before that I was going to do that and, in any eventuality, got his notice before.  Frankly, it is obvious from the way in which the Chief Officer of Police responded, prior to my briefings to Members, and has responded subsequently that he was very well prepared for this.

From: Philip Ozouf

To: rico sorda

Sent: Sun, 1 August, 2010 20:19:38

Subject: RE: Hi Philip


If this e-mail has been sent in error, please notify us immediately and delete this document. Please note the legal disclaimer which appears at the end of this message.


Dear Rico,


I am sorry not to have responded to you email. Last week was even busier than usual.


I have never been involved directly or sought to get involved in this area. As you know I was ED minister in the last government and I now have more than my share of issues to deal with as Treasury Minister and DCM. I can't get involved or be expert in everything.


You have asked some questions and with those caveats:


Sen Le Marquand indicated correctly in his answer that he did brief COM. Whilst I did not see the reports earlier than any other States members - he did brief us a couple of days before hand on what the reports were likely to contain in very high level. As far as SEB is concerned three ministers are on SEB so are involved in that sense.


COM does not "vote" on such issues as we are not a committee. There was nothing to vote on.


SEB have not handled the disciplinary issues - those were handled by the minister.


I can't speak for briefings between there CM and minister himself - no doubt you have enquired about those with them.


I imagine I am not alone in being disappointed this whole issue has taken so long to conclude. However, everything I have now read from the reports leads me to conclude that Sen Le Marquand was correct that there were serious handling issues which justified and justify the actions that have been taken. Wiltshire were an independent Police Force and so should have been impartial. Hence there conclusions can and should be regarded as appropriately independent. 


I think the role of Police Chief has become unacceptably politicised. We have to avoid a reputation of the whole sorry state we have gotten into. 



My next blog will be looking at some of the great comments that have come in concerning these shocking times. Again I thank everyone who clicks on and supports.


Team Voice


TonyTheProf said...

I'd say that was a polite and fairly prompt reply. Obviously he takes a different point of view from you, but at least he has the courtesy to reply.

Anonymous said...

A timeline would be invaluable

rico sorda said...

"Wiltshire were an independent Police Force and so should have been impartial. Hence there conclusions can and should be regarded as appropriately independent"

Why do you think everyone has forgotten that the Wiltshire Report was a Disciplinary Report and those conclusions were meant to be challenged in a disciplinary process. We even had christie tucker from bbc jersey making the same mistake.

Are we surrounded by ignorance and incompetence or is it both.


Anonymous said...

Jersey will destroy itself in an attempt to put a polite face on the indefensible rot undernieth the government.

Ole Razzy said...

You forgot to mention the Krankies!!

Anonymous said...

[I did consult with the States Employment Board. I briefed the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers in relation to what I intended to do and I believe that I had their support. ]

So he did not consult but rather he briefed and cannot 100% sure but believes he had their support.

I guess it depends on how you present it.

1) I am going to do this


2) I am thinking of doing this do you all agree

Anonymous said...

Sir, in your post, you said, "On 'Talkback' this morning Christie Tucker the host had no idea that the Wiltshire Report was a Disciplinary report or what that entails,now that is coming from BBC Jersey's political reporter."

Rather astonishing that as a Canadian farmer's wife I could probably do a fairly decent job of explaining it's meaning to your local BBC political reporter! What she may not understand yet is that Wiltshire findings aside, this is about children who were harmed and these reports are part of the attempted minimizing of widespread abuse and the disgusting legal tolerance for corruption. I wonder what she and the other reporters there will say when the abuse and cover up story goes worldwide again. Can the BBC seriously be that blind?

rico sorda said...

SF & Judge Dread

Sorry but cant be bothered with your comments because they add nothing and you have your own blog to vent those views. Now if you can back something up with evidence then comment away.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant reporting Rico. Keep up the good work. No retreat no surrender.

Anonymous said...

How can ILM call himself a christian.

Ian Evans said...

Anon said

"How can ILM call himself a christian."


"A tyrant must put on the appearance
of uncommon devotion to religion. Subjects are less apprehensive of
illegal treatment from a ruler whom they consider god-fearing and
pious. On the other hand, they do less easily move against him,
believing that he has the gods on his side."

rico sorda said...

I would like to say a big thanks to Ian for the picture of the new double act doing the rounds BIG IAN

This is a little comic relief but behind this are some very serious issues


Ian Evans said...

Hee Hee

They even look like Laurel & Hardy???

My pleasure mate xxx

rico sorda said...

This came in just now from Anonymous..........

'No retreat, no surrender'...thats hilarious!, where do you think you are...Iraq?

Why the obsession with men in uniform Rico?

There are many more important news items and local interest issues that you could discuss, don't you realise how sad you all come across?

Flogging the same dead, boring old horse.

Seriously guys and girls is this the best way to devote your time to making a better world?

You are right, there are other very important issues going on over here. Why don't you do something about them? use your blog.. I do what i do but don't feel like commenting on every problem over here and why should I, these are the issues I feel strongly about so I blog about it.

What are you doing?


Anonymous said...

Rico, the Le Marquand and Le Sueur show will be the 18th not the 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Still sat patiently waiting to hear a single justifiable fact or reason so suspend a police chief in the middle of a child abuse investigation.

The only reason I have heard so far was on a video and it came from Frank Walker and it was along the lines of Jerseys reputation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 16th not 18th for The Le M & le S show titled P 166 2010

rico sorda said...

Well im in shock

The JEP has landed two decent articles in one single issue, is it a first?

First up Diane ( shackles ) Simon has done a brilliant job on exposing the lunacy of Chief Minister Le Suer, just read that Q&A it is just brilliant. My God there is so much in that article I nearly went into shock. Does anyone out there actually believe that ILM has a clue about this and in fact is in charge of nothing and is just a puppet.

Then we have the SS court case down the Magistrate

Now this is the first article that I believe comes close to what has been happening down there. I have heard that some of the evidence coming out has be horrendous, I have heard the UK journalist have been attending this court case and are well aware of the issues surrounding it.

This really reminds me of the beginning of "Ice Age" when the ice starts cracking.


Anonymous said...

I was not aware UK journalist were covering Stuarts case. Thanks for the info

voiceforchildren said...


After all the tripe that woman (Diane Shackles Simon) has been churning out over the last couple of years in the name of "journalism", the law of averages dictates that she might get something that resembles, objective and impartial "journalism" somewhere along the line! Perhaps she was just having an off day? all in my opinion.

Anonymous said...


You guys are tearing this apart. The Q&A with the chief minister is really good and backs up everything you have been saying. One question thou, how is this being allowed to happen. Is there not one journalist who can pull the Chief up and just ask him why are you doing this.

Anonymous said...

Where can I read the Q&A being talked about?

GeeGee said...

Agree totally Rico - the Q & A between Diane Simon is very good, and further shows just what a pillock our CM really is. last we are getting somewhere close to the facts that are emerging from Stuart's case in the Magistrates Court, not all but some, so credit where it is due.

Long may it continue.

rico sorda said...

The Q&A is in tonight's JEP and well worth a read. The reason it's so good is because TLS is just answering the questions put to him by Di Simon. What should really happen is he gets asked questions then his answers are challenged by a very researched Journalist, only then do you really start finding the truth.

I doubt this article is up online and im loathed to recommend you go buy one I will see if I can get some of the article up at the weekend.


Anonymous said...

It will take more than one good article to get me buying the post.

Ian Evans said...

A TOKEN GESTURE from Miss Shackles.

Anonymous said...

Who is the first person you can remember that used the quote ''Jerseys reputation'' Since the whole Haut De La Garenne investigation started and what it all seems to boil down to in the eyes of the States of Jersey. B*S*T*A*R*D*S

Anonymous said...

Having read the Q&A with the chief minister i would say that clown is the understatement of the year so far.

rico sorda said...

I would say it was Frank on Newsnight but I could be wrong. It has always been about jerseys reputation the whole cover-up everything has been about the islands reputation and also saving reputations


rico sorda said...

And I should add that TLS is carrying on "I think the public are above all disappointed that the reputation of the Island may have been unfairly tarnished.''

And people could say im being hards


Ian Evans said...


In Jersey, we only have courts of Jersey Law-lessness.

Who would we go to too change this?

British Government don't want to know!


rico sorda said...

This comment came in last night it then vanished from my blog so have posted it again. Amazing how we now have 3 sworn affidavits and none of them are taken seriously over here.

"when a person signs a sworn affidavit, he or she is promising that anything contained in the statement is accurate and true. Effectively, it is the same thing as orally presenting testimony in court"

The evidence keeps building and the more it does the more stupid TLS and gang look. Back in the good old days with no Internet it was easier to hush things up. Thank god for the internet


Anonymous said...

A sworn affidavit is a written statement made by a person who is under oath to tell the truth about the facts and information contained in the statement. Additionally, the person signing the affidavit, called the affiant, attests to his or her identity. Usually, the affidavit must be witnessed and signed by a person who is legally authorized to administer oaths, such as a notary public. The notary is generally required to place a notary seal on the statement.

when a person signs a sworn affidavit, he or she is promising that anything contained in the statement is accurate and true. Effectively, it is the same thing as orally presenting testimony in court. If a person lies about the information contained in the statement, he or she could be prosecuted for the crime of perjury, which is lying under oath. If convicted, the person may be ordered to pay significant fines or may even be sentenced to time in jail.

Anonymous said...

A sworn affidavit is most commonly used in a court case for the purpose of providing evidence about facts pertaining to the case. It may also be used to validate documentary evidence, such as an official record. In some circumstances, a sworn affidavit is entered into evidence at a court trial in lieu of the affiant’s sworn testimony. This is typically done when the affiant is unavailable to come to court for some reason or when needed in order to save time. When an attorney files a motion or pleading on behalf of his or her client, the attorney may also submit affidavits for the purpose of establishing facts and lending credibility to the legal arguments made in the filing.

A person may sign a sworn affidavit for events that occur outside of a court. For instance, the seller of a piece of real estate is generally required to submit an affidavit of title to the prospective homebuyer. The affidavit usually states the seller’s marital status and certifies that there is no defect in the title.

Why is this different in Jersey? Can someone please explain

voiceforchildren said...


Who is the real Chief Minister?

rico sorda said...


Sorry dude bored of your comments, use your own blog. Cheers


Anonymous said...

Who is SF?

rico sorda said...

Exactly enough said......

Zoompad said...

Still no reply from St Clements. Never mind though, the Archbishop of Canterbury is coming to Stafford this weekend, so I am going to church so I can get to have a word with him!

Anonymous said...

The telling thing about the sworn affidavit is that even when the testimony has been offered voluntarily without court order, there is still a risk of prosecution for perjury if the affidavit is found to contain deliberate falsehoods. It does make one wonder why these three individuals, Syvret, Power and Harper, would make those extremely detailed statements unless they were certain their facts were unimpeachable.