Friday, November 26, 2010

Dignity & Courage

For the Jersey Abuse Survivors

Friday the 26th November 2010

This is a very short blog posting. 

I have been  touched and left with complete Admiration for the Courage, togetherness, honesty and damn determination you have shown in the pursuit of Justice. You got Justice today. 

I know some are feeling it should have been more.  

The courage you have all shown in putting those two Abusers in the dock must never be underestimated. I was struck by your togetherness, I wish I was better with words so that I could express to the readers of this Blog exactly what I've witnessed in such a brief time.

For me it was total confirmation of why I became involved in the Jersey Child Abuse  Scandal. You see, and I must explain, for me its the human element, the raw emotional and physical suffering  of people who suffered so much as children through no fault of their own. I don't like what im seeing in Jersey Society, and continue to see. 

 I thank Graham Power, Lenny Harper, Simon Bellwood and Stuart Syvret for showing  "NO FEAR"  

Team Voice has been inspired by your courage. I thank you for the conversations, it has helped me stay focused and determined to fight these Morally and Socially Corrupt States Members and a fully politisised Law Office

You Showed Almighty Courage

 Today is your day

Take Care 

Rico Sorda 

Team Voice 


voiceforchildren said...


The Abuse Survivors have shown immense courage, humility, determination and dignity and meeting up and talking with more of them, as we have, is just inspirirng and humbling.

They, and we, Know that others besides the Jordan's should have been in the dock that are "higher up the food chain". I, and others, share their determination in seeing that, that happens.

The fight for truth carries on!

Anonymous said...

You omitted Simon!!

rico sorda said...

Thank you, he has now been added.

Sorry Simon


rico sorda said...

There should be many more abusers in the dock. Big Al might have passed but I think Jane should be coming back.

And what of the Chief executive of Education?

If there was one thing all sides could have agreed on it was probably this.

But not while Teflon Bill is in post


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.
I would second every word VFC has said above.
didn't go to court I so wish I did, just to here the name of that person that was said to of been worse then these two but he is the untouchable one that is still employed by the States in a very high job.

The Man that was on the news tonight I when to School with, I'm shoched but not surprised. He if I'm remembering rightly had a hard time at school as well. I hope he can put a end to it all now.
You are right the fight for the Truth goes on.

Ian Evans said...

"I wish I was better with words so that I could express to the readers of this Blog exactly what I've witnessed in such a brief time."

Enough said Rico :o)

Ian Evans said...

You might like to add THIS link to your main post?

A Fitting Tune.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Rico & V.F.C.
It was very much appreciated to see you there for us today.
You know who we are & we are all very gratefull.
And we will carry this fight on & on & on until they are all brought to Justice.

Anonymous said...

The absolute courage shown to us by these wonderful survivors of dreadful abuse is an inspiration to us all. 16 counts of guilty. NOT ENOUGH. I know they all spoke the truth. We shall have to be content with the knowledge that these two despicable excuses of human beings are now convicted child abusers.
Now let's go get the rest!

Anonymous said...

Rico, you are honest and not afraid to stand up and be counted, trust me many more will follow.
You ,The Voice , Simon Belwood,Graham Power, Lenny Harper,Stuart Syvret
Will be remembered

mac said...

Let's just hope that the people who should be in the dock but are being protected get what's coming to them one way or another.

People must not be allowed to forget the abuse that HAS happened in the so called care of the States of Jersey

Anonymous said...

Your a brave man Rico & Stuart, & Voice keep going our Justice system is in the hands of scum who protect abusers by refusing to prosecute good luck to you all

GeeGee said...

It does not take many words Rico to express the respect that is felt for the survivors, and the dignified way that they have spoken - yes one even offered forgiveness to this couple.

A most humbling interview.

Ordinary (well, extraordinary really) people who have suffered in the 'care' of the States of Jersey which is largely composed of members who have not got the qualities of the abused. Members who cannot find it in their hearts to aplogise or do the decent thing by those named above who have also fallen foul of our Government.

This is why the fight goes on.

rico sorda said...

I truly believe states members and a certain individual should have sat in court yesterday and realised what is going on. The 33 states members who just vote like complete idiots, stamp their feet when complete drivel comes out of TLS & ILM. They have total disregard for facts and evidence and have zero idea of the human suffering behind this shocking scandal.

When I see how the 33 idiots keep voting in the states I fully realise the danger we are in as an Island. Thet have fully lost their moral compass.

We actually have a former Magistrate sitting in the States. Safe pair of hands I hear you say. Totally Utterly wrong. A man who is meant to be a Lawman cant even spot injustice, when it is in fact him carrying it out. How bloody crazy is that. And thats a fact. Feel free to argue the point if you like.

I will find a quote and put it up. It really does sum up the 33 idiots


rico sorda said...

Cant find the quote but it was from a certain Deputy Dupre and it went along these lines

"If they just change the name of HdelaG then it will ease the suffering"

Over 40 grand a year for crap like that.

Tomorrow I will publishing a speech by the Chief Minister that by his standards is a real winner. Now this speech should scare the life out of any decent normal folk who want an open and transparent government. It has that magical TLS element of

a. not having a clue what he is saying

b. extremely funny

c. extremely dangerous ( thank god we don't have nuclear capabilities)

d. bringing the Island into disrepute

e. making us all look like complete and utter fools.

I swear you will not be disappointed. Now this is the hilarious bit and I kid you not the Majority of states members backed it

Again I really do fear for the Children of Jersey


rico sorda said...

1. Deputy K.C. Lewis of St. Saviour will ask the following question of the Minister for Home Affairs –

“How does the Minister propose to make up the shortfall of £185,000 in implementing the sex offenders register?”

9. The Deputy of St. Martin will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Given that the explanations given as to why and when the Napier Terms of Reference were altered refer to decisions taken after R.39/2010 was presented to the States, will the Chief Minister inform Members when this was done and who was party to the decision and explain why he and the Deputy of St. Martin were not party to the discussions?”

13. Deputy S. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Education, Sport and Culture –

“Following the naming of a senior Civil Servant from the Education, Sport and Culture Department in court by alleged victims within the current historic abuse proceedings, will the Minister give members and parents assurances that the matter has been fully investigated by his department?”

Questions for tuesday the 30th November


Anonymous said...

So the JEP is saying that its all over now and thats the end of it......... No its not.

rico sorda said...

The more I look into this and at the actions of the Chief Minister and Home Affairs Minister I believe the Chief Minister should be removed from office as a neutral act and then be given the chance to explain the complete and utter bullshit he is coming out with.

Then, while he is drowning in it we should turn our focus on the editors of some of our Media Outlets. I have no problem with the ground troops they just want to report the real news, apart from Di Simon, who will always be remembered as 'Shackles'. Why haven't Rankine TV or that garbage based at five oakes pulled the Chief Minister apart? there can be no excuse.

The reason the Chief Minister can basically lie in the States and get away with it is because he is not held to account by the lackies or media. He should be made to stand in front of the news cameras and give proper coherent answers that are backed up by the evidence and facts. Why cant this very simple cat happen in Jersey?

It gives me no pleasure in describing my Chief Minister as a bumbling fool because at the end of the day he represents my Island. But some of the things he is coming out with goes beyond a joke.

For the good of Jersey he must be removed


Anonymous said...

Terry Le Sueur is an embarassment and a shame on Jersey along with all those who vote with him. Name and shame the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

No retreat. No surrender.

Zoompad said...

"If they just change the name of HdelaG then it will ease the suffering"

Oh yeah, just like they changed the name "Chadswell Assessment Centre" to "Riverside Children's Home" and "The Wissage Children's Home"

Just like that!

I tell you, these creepy cowardly scumbags are all connected.

rico sorda said...

I hear there is to be an announcement in the next couple of weeks concerning the Police closing down the Historic Child Abuse Investigation. Now I expect there will be some kind of press conference to announce this to everyone with further information being offered.

So, who has decided this? is it because William Bailhache dropped all the cases as the Islands Attorney General. Surly they wont have David Warcup making this announcement or will they?

So what about the new Police Chief is it a case of "There you go sir, all that messy business is finished now" make yourself at home and keep your nose out.

How strange drawing a line under things when the new man might have other ideas. Are they jumping the giun a little bit?

This is not going away


mac said...


I belive this is the quote from Dupre your looking for.

"I know it sounds a bit silly but could we just change the name of the building and then it might stop some of the bad memories?"

It was on the 28th September along with this classic!

Having been told last week by somebody who had visited the Island for a wedding, there was a large group of them and how they had stayed at Haut de la Garenne when it was a hostel and how wonderful the experience was, how soon does the Assistant Minister believe that he could bring forward returning it to that former state?

Anonymous said...

So Terry Le Sueur will be no doubt be in court in the not too distant future, and under oath will be cross questioned by Stuart Syvret:

However, he will not get away with answering questions, as he has done at States question time, such as:

i) waffle and not answer the question

ii) try to answer a yes/no question with unrelated waffle

iii)answer a question that requires more than an abrupt yes/no with an abrupt yes/no

iv) say he will take advice

v) say it should be put to bed

Oh this list could be so long. I do look forward to the day when he flaps all over the place, oh yes bring it on!

Proud Survivor said...

I got the news about the guilty verdict as a voicemail on my phone before it hit the media yesterday. I was returning from a funeral on a freezing day and feeling quite low. My partner was driving and I think I deafened him with my shrieks of joy! You survivors so deserve this affirmation of your suffering then and over the decades that have followed. I know how much courage it took you to face the defence in that court who seemed to go out of their way to belittle and diminish you and your experiences. Despite the fact that there should have been many more counts added to the 16,you are all winners against huge odds and finally you have some justice.

Rico, I would like to add Carrie Modral to that list of names. Few people may know the tireless work she does to support survivors in so many ways. You can be sure she has been there for the people who have been in court over the past two weeks. She gives so much of her time to survivors in Jersey and those from all over the world who have been in "care" in Jersey when they come over. She does it not only in her role within JCLA but as someone who listens, empathises and genuinely cares. I know because she has done this for me and I now have the privilege of counting her as a friend.

As for closing the investigation and making the whole sorry mess just go away? Not while some of us have breath in our bodies!

Lorna (a very proud and happy survivor)

rico sorda said...

I do hope to have a blog up later but one got very drunk last night. Oh how my head hurts.

But needs must so I will give it my best shot