Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Exposing of P166/2010 Part 2

Lenny Harper a man who has handled himself with dignity

Graham Power QPM a man who has handled himself with dignity

ILM & TLS  What can you say?  Just what can you say? 

So in my second blog posting 'The exposing of P166/2010 '  I will be looking at the members who just missed the first cut, there saving grace being  they voted for part (V) of Deputy Hills Proposition.

So we had 19 States members who voted against everything P166  was asking. 19 members who are against a straight forward open and transparent government.  

Now the Establishment Part begins to grow. Look at the latest posting from VFC its the same names that keep on cropping up. The Fixer has the chamber in his pocket that is why they are so casual on debates of such importance like p166. The chamber was half empty for that debate it was only the departure of the mace that seemed to draw a crowd. 

Even if you think Graham And Lenny did a rubbish job on the Historic Abuse Investigation what im asking you to do is look outside that box. Think about good governance, think about all aspects of Island Life. These people are making decisions that affect you,they should concern you they are not fit for purpose.

Now I say that las bit because even in the face of strong evidence they will vote in favor of the Fixer but more about him on a later blog. I feel very strongly about where these people are leading us. I have been struggling with my emotions because this really does affect me. I cant believe they don't care, they just vote and don't think about the consequences, they cant care.

So this applies to the ones below

I would like to say well done to the Deputies and Senators who stood up and delivered brilliantly well researched speeches.  The fact that these speeches had no bearing on the debate or votes is again a very bad indictment of our state of government.  One of the main reasons for P166/2010 failing is the personal issues our government has with Graham Power and Lenny Harper.  In their eyes these two people are the enemy of Jersey and their crime was exposing institutional child abuse.  They blame Graham Power and Lenny Harper for bringing the International Media to Jersey, but show absolutely no condemnation of the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.  

In November of the year 2010, can anyone honestly say where Jersey is heading?  We seem to be losing our social and moral conscience by the day.  My government believes it's OK to illegally suspend the Chief of Police, QPM, in the middle of an international child abuse scandal.  They too believe it is totally fine that the Chief of Police is offered none of his rights as required under the States of Jersey Police Code 1974.  They also believe it is OK for the Chief Executive to destroy the notes of the suspension meeting and consider this to be good practice.  They also believe it is OK for the Chief of Police to have no right of response to the allegations made against him when his only crime was investigating child abuse.

Where does that leave us as a functioning democracy?

Deputy Le Fondre

Deputy Jeune 

Deputy Dupre

Constable Gallichon 

The ones not present for the vote were

Deputy Kevin Lewis, Deputy Pryke, Constable Jackson, Constable Hanning, Deputy Green

So, as you see the Establishment Party Grow why don't you conduct an experiment click on the link to the States Greffe.  On the left hand side you will see Members Votes, click on any proposition and check how Senator Ozouf voted then check the others off against your list you will not be surprised

These States Members are a Danger to Children in Care, the reason for saying this is simple. Who now will be prepared to blow the whistle in Jersey if they see malpractice towards Children. Do these States members not recognise the magnitude of what they are doing..

If any of the States Members don't agree with what Im saying please feel free to contact me at ricosorda@yahoo.co.uk

I look forward to hearing why you voted the way you did. And, with your permission, im more than willing to put your argument across seeing as none of you put it across in the states.



rico sorda said...

Speech by deputy le claire p166


Zoompad said...

Rico Sorda, you are a legend!

I must get my videos done so that your work in exposing political corruption and child abuse cover up can be appreciated far and wide.

Ian Evans said...

I see THAT picture is still there! :o)

Ian Evans said...

My Le Claire view posted on TJW.

Too little, too late from Le Claire.

He is now worried about his job and his family's security, and rightly so. He kept his mouth shut and put himself first, before the good of the community he was elected to serve. when he had the chance, he bottled it fearing for himself and his own personal losses before that of his constituents.

He was then exposed by VFC for what he is, this put matters into real prospective for him, and now, he suddenly turns good guy as the bloggers and a handful of politicians start getting a following!!!

VERY SAD INDEED, and who will fall for it come the elections?

rico sorda said...


I think one of the major points missed by everyone in Deputy Le Claire's speech was the fear factor. This is a real issue and im glad he mentioned it. This must be looked at, questions asked, and answers found as to why this is. I have more respect for Deputy Le Claire now than I did a couple of weeks ago. We have had a couple of quick conversations and I have told him about my own experiences.

Im not hear to just keep going on at people. I wanted Deputy Le Claire to speak up and he did. I know he has something else planned and hope he goes through with it.

Believe me, take a look at the list that is forming.

They are the ones


Anonymous said...

The fear factor has to be looked at.It is giving me an indication that Deputies do have to vote a certain way. Damned secret police files again.

I am sure this was not part of Deputy Le Claires job description. Do Deputies sign an employment contract.

Is there a way this should be dealt with externally. Off Island.?

Anonymous said...

One must ask of the fear factor, has their been personal threats or intimidation?

It does amuse me to imagine the likes of FW of ageing years and small stature squaring up to Deputy Le Claire.

rico sorda said...

That is not how fear is asserted in Jersey. Believe me it takes a more subtle approach and has more to do with work, family and future job prospects


Zoompad said...

It's like the classroom bullies, just a few can terrorise the whole school. The trick good teachers use is to isolate the ring leaders. I think you will find most of the politicians are like St Clare, not really bad people at all, but people who are just so scared of the big bullies. This is also the sort of thing that is coming out in the Stafford Hospital abuse enquiry, its vthis culture of bullying that is making everything go belly up and ensuring that really wicked scumbags get off with really serious crimes scott free. Not for much longer though!

Anonymous said...


St. Martins Parish should be proud of their Deputy.

What reputation of the council of Ministers would Mr. Shenton be speaking of?

voiceforchildren said...


Credit to Deputy Paul Le Claire who tells us about the Culture of Fear

Ian Evans said...

A Great Day For HDLG Victims ,and for two good coppers.

Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

Following the naming of a senior Civil Servant from the Education, Sport and Culture Department in court by alleged victims within the current historic abuse proceedings, will the Minister give members and parents assurances that the matter has been fully investigated by his department?”

Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

The gist was that the case in question had been investigated 'by the relevant authorities,' however he was very cagey as to what he meant by that. He was asked by Deputy M. Higgins whether he simply meant 'by the police'. He later suggested that by the 'relevant authorities' he was referring to the SEB, which is made up of, amongst others, CEO to the States, Bill Ogley. The latter was said to have been present at a meeting of Chief Officers at which it was announced by the CEO that the Director of Education was being investigated as part of the historic abuse inquiry - but that if anyone wanted to get him, they would have to come through him.

Given scenario described in the affidavit, I asked the Chief Minsiter today whether it would not be better to have an independent body look into the allegations against the Director - and any other States employee who might find themselves in a similar situation, because even though no criminal action was pursued, there might still be evidence (on the balance of probability) of wrong doing. Clearly the CM was not willing to give this assurance, preferring to rather try to make me look bad for 'casting aspersions'.

Far from it, I replied: it was not me casting aspersions, but others in other forums who had named the Director of Education in court, which was then subsequently reported in the JEP and on Channel TV. I was not casting aspersions, just stating facts and asking how the CM and (earlier) Education Minister were planning to reassure the public that transparent and impartial processes had been followed. I still have not had these assurances.