Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Jersey Power Structure ( plc )

This is just a very quick post. 

I will be doing a post just before the New Year. 

Looking back over this past year it has been a very long road in fact a very emotional road, i find it very hard to put into words what this year has brought and the gains made, i will hope to explain that in my last blog posting before the New Year.

I would like to take this opportunity in wishing all my  readers a very Merry Christmas. Thank you so much for the support you have shown myself and Team Voice. We do this because we believe that Truth Honesty and Integrity is worth fighting for.

I  also promise all the Survivors of the Jersey Historic Child Abuse Scandal that we will not stop in exposing the countless lies peddled by this Government and gutless media.

Show No FEAR and the truth will show its self.


So, one of the major points that will need looking at in 2011 is the 'Jersey Power Structure'

So how has this shambles been able to plod along with no checks or balances 

Real Power and the Media 

This is my list of the Power Players that we will be looking at in 2011


Sir Philip Bailhache                                        

William Bailhache ( Deputy Bailiff )   ( in   my opinion the Jersey Don )     

 Bailiff Michael Birt

They are the real POWER in jERSEY.   William Bailhache as  Attorney General dropped dropped many cases in the historic child abuse investigation

They are the Untouchables 

Now further down the chain

They Control the Law Office. 

 Attorney General Tim le Cocq & Solicitor General Howard Sharpe

Under the control of the Bailhache Brothers  

They control the Chief Executive Bill Ogley

Bill Ogley is the link between the Judiciary the States Chamber and the Local in the back pocket MEDIA

The have control of the chamber because they have the Fixer. The Fixer is the one who does the lobbying and tallys up the votes on key issues he is the link between the above and the States Chamber

The FIXER Senator Philip Ozouf

And in all this we have the Media

John Averty Head of Guiton Group

Karin Rankin editor CTV  & Chris Bright editor of the Jersey Evening Post

We all know ho complicit the media have been including Auntie the old BBC Jersey


Bring it on



Anonymous said...

BBC are the only media not reliant on a goodwill government partnership to survive. So why do they also appear to follow instructions.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


That's a very accurate picture of real power in Jersey.

Only immediate criticism that comes to mind is the omission of John Averty - the real power-behind-the-throne at The Rag.

Individuals such as Chris Bright are mere factotums.

Averty says 'jump' - the editor, deputy and subs at The Rag say 'how high?'.

But, apart from that omission - yes, that's a great first-look at the true nature of power in Jersey - for those who may have otherwise been labouring under the delusion that the island is a respectable, western-European, 21st century democracy.


Anonymous said...

Where does Glen Rankin fit in

Anonymous said...

Where does Glenn Rankine fit in?

Ironically he is no further out in the long grass than Stuart Syvret. A mere addendum on the history of perceived influence in Jersey.

I am , however, looking forward to a JEP Christmas Special regarding Mr Averty if Stuart's elves are to be believed.

Anonymous said...

Averty is way above Ozouf in the line up of power

Anonymous said...

it'd be a travesty if stuart didn't give us a christmas special of the rag rapist

Anonymous said...

Where does the editor of BBC Jersey fit into the power structure?

Anonymous said...

you can add ridgeway to your list
he was, after all, named as a director of SOJinc. in the Graydon report

all companies have directors and managers, they are the visible side of any corporation

the shareholders are the not so public power
behind the company

it could be that some of those named are also shareholders, we just dont know

dunn and bradstreet offer a range of paid for,in depth reports, unfortunately, beyond my pocket

Anonymous said...

Karen Rankine’s Summary

Karen is Managing Director of Channel Television’s Broadcasting Division, responsible for programme strategy, multi-platform content and regulatory compliance of the local service. She has 20 years experience in the broadcasting industry and ITV regional news having worked as a newspaper journalist before joining Channel. 

Karen became a presenter on the station’s flagship programme Channel Report before being appointed News Editor in 1995 and Head of Programmes in 1997. She joined the local Board of Channel Television in November 2000 following the sale of the Company.

voiceforchildren said...


You have got most of the key players, but I'm not sure I would agree with their ranking. Certainly I would put the media players above Phillip Ozouf, none of all this debacle would be able to go on if it wasn't for the local "accredited" media.

There are also a few people missing from your list, and some very powerful "organizations".

I will, in the next few days, publish a list of my own and see how it compares with yours.

Black Baron said...


The photographs do not show the strings that move the limbs of these characters. They are invisible but real. They are called international Banks. Jersey is a Tax Haven remember.Much is at stake.


Anonymous said...

Forget the ranking, all the above are culpable.

rico sorda said...

Just how much financial peril is the Island in concerning 0/10 and out tax structures. Is this one of the reasons Phil Bailhache has been doing the rounds on the local media. Times are changing but can Jersey


Anonymous said...

OK as an end of term game but what about next year and the autumn elections. Who is planning now to change things?

Unless the so called "progressives" already in the States join together and start talking and listening to those outside - then you will be playing the same game every year.

How to take the power into public ownership - that is the real question. Who will be mandated and agree to work towards common aims?

It is the same call made since 1945 but so long as the political fragmentation continues the question of where the power resides is acedemic.
It does not lie with a the general public - that is for certain.

What are we going to do about it in 2011?

rico sorda said...

And these all vote on command on all the major issues

Senator Perchard
Senator Terry Le Sueur
Senator Paul Routier
Senator Philip Ozouf
Senator Terry Le Main
Senator Ben Shenton
Senator Freddie Cohen
Senator Sarah Ferguson
Senator Alan Maclean
Senator Ian Le Marquand

Connetable Len Norman
Connetable Silvanus Yates

Connetable Daniel Murpthy

Connétable Ken Vibert
Connétable John Gallichan
Connétable Mike Jackson
Connétable Graham Butcher
Connétable Peter Hanning
Connétable John Refault
Connétable Juliette Gallichan

Deputy Ben Fox
Deputy James Reed
Deputy Jackie Hilton
Deputy Ian Gorst
Deputy Phil Rondel
Deputy Angela Jeune
Deputy Ann Dupré
Deputy Eddie Noel
Deputy Andrew Green M.B.E.

rico sorda said...

I think what will be interesting is what Senator Ozouf will do after the next election. Will the powers that be allow him to run as Chief Minister and vacate the Treasury in what are now very difficult times and if they do who will replace him in the Treasury. There is not a chance in hell that Senator Mclean will become the Treasury Minister, what about Deputy Gorst will he be the new Treasury Minister? They will need a yes man but one who will be able to stand up in the Chamber and hold his ground it is so embarrassing listening to Deputy Noel trying to answer questions on issues concerning the Treasury because he knows bugger all.

We have the Feudal Brothers working their socks off to keep the bailiffs seat in the house and the spin will be endless in 2011. We also have the Syvret court cases and the rezoning allegations to deal with. I feel there is momentum for change over here but it will be the States chamber where it will happen but don't hold out much hope there.

Napier= We don't agree with his findings

Carswell= We don't agree with his findings

The progressives must join together and put personal issues aside. There has been some sterling work by a selected number of back benches that has helped expose this rotten core leading us down the garden path


Wiltshire = That will do nicely

Wiltshire the heavily redacted Disciplinary Report that had so much missing. The Report that cost a million pounds all in and was not used as ILM dropped all disciplinary proceedings. The Media of course ran it like crazy with the full rabid backing of the JEP.

There is so much wrong over here at the moment. Are we now reaping the bad seeds that were sown so many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Look at the list above of how the blocks vote, and its clealrly the senators positions that are key. Most deputies are not on that list, and the constables are elected on different perspective. With the change in rules few sitting deputies are going to risk running for senator unless they believe their odds of getting in are very good. Failure means out of the States. Most likely to go for senator are previous States members no longer in there. Possibles are G Baudains, D Carroll, T Vibert, G Grimes.


Anonymous said...

The sad fact is that this majority of 29 States members vote on command and therefore are sadly and irresponsibly in command!

And there is nothing whatsoever we can do about it!?

Anonymous said...


Just been reading the Trolls blog, you are not going to believe this, this is just incredible, hope you don't mind the quote but we have not stopped laughing since the final whistle.

I quote the F/Blog

"We know we are being read by those that count, the States, States Members, the legal profession, those in the finance industry, and indeed anyone that loves this island. Over 26 Countries regularly come back"

Rico, how does it feel that such pillars of the Jersey Society are logging on to read all about you and your Job. You must feel so very special, over 26 countries log on to hear that you are thick and work at precision plastics and team voice are idiots we cant stop laughing. All those pillars of Jersey society log on to hear about you, stuart and neil.

So funny

You must be a Legend

Anonymous said...

Q. what do you call a failed jersey lawyer?

A. a magistrate

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

What can I say lol.. Im amazed they got the Chief Minister to do a guest posting.


Anonymous said...

Hey, but as TLS has said, you shouldn't believe everything that is written blogs!! (Although didn't a certain states member also say the same about the JEP), and of course, we all know you cannot believe everything TLS says.

rico sorda said...

Ok so here we go....

Just read the Warcup sob story. It's along the same lines as the Emma Martins Interview.

This Interview is a real beauty, in fact a complete Fantasia that keeps with the Christmas Spirit. So thank you 'Shackles' just brilliant.

This is from the interview

" Mr Warcup said that even before he took up his post he realised, through reports and comments in the media , that there were concerns about the historical child abuse inquiry. Within a few weeks of arriving in the island he became aware , by speaking to people inside and outside the force, of public concern about the way in which the inquiry was being run."

So, who was he speaking too.

Philip Bailhache?

William Bailhache?

Bill Ogley?

Frank Walker?

Can anyone remember this public concern? The only public concern I remember was that this was all going to be covered up.. This line is always trotted out and especially by the JEP editorials.

What could this bit mean

"Mr Warcup said that even before he took up his post he realised, through reports and comments in the media that there were concerns about the historical child abuse inquiry"

What, the Dave Rose Article?


rico sorda said...

" it was when Mr Warcup received an interim report from the Metroplitan police which questioned the handling of the inquiry that he put pen to paper. Asked by States Chief Executive Bill Ogley to produce a report detailing his concerns"

This is Amazing

The Met was a critical review.

They had not interviewed Lenny Harper or Andy Baker from ACPO

Should never ever be used in suspension process.

Was used in suspension process

Why didn't Dave Warcup explain these points. After 3 drafts Napier was very economical on these issues.

This interview has more holes than a Senator Mclean Manifesto

And will be my next blog posting tonight with some luck


rico sorda said...

I came across this comment on the SS blog and its one I really want to investigate in the New Year. The whole Finance Centre debacle fascinates me. They even Changed WEB so they could keep it going. Here is the comment

Dear Mr Syvret,

I and I am sure many others are enlightened by your informative blog however the entry above regarding the fiasco over Harcourt is basically correct but completely missing some important detail and also forgets to mention two of the main players in the scandal, which could or should I say would, have seen Jersey handcuffed to an almighty financial and development undertaking that was doomed to financial failure.

Frank Walker, who held office as Chief Minister at the time, took the proposition to the States to sign off the deal to give Harcourt the full rights to develop the Financial Quarter complete with sunken road at a cost of £340 million. The developers were well funded said Frank Walker at the time, his information came from the staff of WEB.

Given the warnings about the sub prime meltdown circulating London, this in itself was a brave step, for a small island reliant and finance, some would say very unwise.

The point being and not made clear, is that the CEO of WEB Mr Izatt cannot sign any deal without the signature of the Chief Minister and The Treasury Minister. Therefore it means that both these signatures sit on the board. It means also they are privy to commercial and other information not available outside of the then WEB board.

It gets more surreal, when it is a documented fact that Frank Walker stood up and wanted Harcourt as developers, to be rubber stamped by the States of Jersey when earlier he was sent two (not one as was claimed) e-mails from Irish born Deputy Sean Power which were dispatched over a year apart giving clear warning that Harcourt were fighting two court cases.

Actually there was another problem in the Bahamas. Harcourt bought a large community to develop, but was having trouble financing the development out there.

This was all available at the time on the internet and through other media.

WEB claims after the evidence appeared in the States, it new nothing and was Harcourt’s lack of information, which is laughable,

Even stranger was that the Chief Minister Frank Walker and his ally and friend who sat on WEB’s board, now Chief Minister Terry Le Suer both kept very quiet except to say that the CM had never been so angry.

It is true that Mr Izatt received a £30,000 bonus and a £20,000 bonus in recent years not connected in anyway to productivity.

To any normal and reasoned thinking person, nothing really adds up. If The Chief Minister and Treasury Minister Le Suer were for arguments sake left in the dark by WEBs Mr Izatt and then embarrassed in the States, then why is Mr Izatt still in a job after misleading the whole Government through the unsuspecting Chief Minister?

If CM Frank Walker had knowledge and then instructed due diligence to be increased on Harcourt and was again miss lead being told they are safe,then again why is Mr Izatt not relevied of his duties.

What if Frank Walker and Terry Le Suer new of the court cases and also new that Harcourt had outstanding huge depts,and still tried to try their hand at getting it passed through Jerseys Government.Why would they do that?

What of Mr Izatt now ? World readers may wish to know, is he running a library or other small department in Jersey using his skills.

No he has just been given the job of developing any of Jersey’s public property, providing it is agreed by a couple of made up committees and The now chief minister Terry Le Suer and Treasury minister Phillip Ozouf who also sit on his new Jersey Development Board, and who also sit on the employment board responsible for his remuneration.

Mr Syvret your comments above may well be correct.


Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Rico keep up the good work next year

rico sorda said...


And a very Merry Christmas

I will keep going


Anonymous said...

Format to the road to Chief Minister:
Step One:

Get all your crony mates in the chamber to vote you into office (even though the people of the Island have clearly shown through the vote of the ballot box who they wish to represent them as "Chief Minister")

Step Two:

In the event that step one may fail make sure you are 'elected'? deputy Chief Minister exactly half way through the chief ministers term of office, this way you do not have to "go to the people" and state your intentions and you can once again rely on your crony mates in the chamber to VOTE??? you in. To give some credence to this claim take the following, Frank Walker scrapped in on his a..e when Stuart Syvret got the peoples vote, did Syvret become C.M NO, Franks mates? got him the Job, then half way through F.W's six year term in slides TLS as deputy C.M, F.W decides to leave at the end of his term (just as well because he would have not got back in) and TLS takes on the role. This person has not gone to the people of Jersey to say I wish to be he simply slides into the seat, and once there who (again half way through their six year term) becomes deputy C.M Philip Ozouf.. do you see the pattern emerging here?. NONE of these individuals actually went to the people of this Island for the clear mandate of becoming Chief Minister ALL got the position by, default. TLS has stated he will not stand for re-election, just as well as this man is about as leaderless as a leader can be. IF Philip Ozouf wishes to be C.M then let him resign and stand affresh with the clear declaration of his intent to be C.M and go to the people of this Island for their endorsement, but to all who vote remember you WILL get the government you deserve!!!...5% GST? try 15% within five years.

voiceforchildren said...


A press statement from JCLA

Ian Evans said...


Zoompad said...

Wonderful post.

"They are the Untouchables"

Yes, well, that is how they see it, somehow I think God has other plans. There have been plenty of other wicked self decieving fools littering history who assumed that they also were beyond divine retribution - Ivan the Terrible, Hitler, Pol Pot, Robespierre, King Herod - I get the impression all these people also reckoned they would get away with their cruelty and wickedness as well, but they all came to a bad end, as all bad men and women do in the end. The Lord really does not like people abusing children and persecuting those who try to protect his children, not to mention all the other bad stuff.