Sunday, January 30, 2011

Will we find the Truth Chief Minister

So, following on from my last couple of Blog Postings where I have been looking at the missing part D of the Napier TOR I will be paying close attention to the Oral question being asked by the Deputy of St Martin. The reason being, I have informed most members as to what has been going on concerning the Chief Ministers answers and the Graham Power letter dated 31st March 2010. What must be avoided is the Bailiffs attempt to have this moved over to the Chief Ministers Questions without Answers period. Get the oral question in, listen carefully at the answers,  if not satisfactory then go again during CM question Time. 

The States will be sitting on February 1st 2011

You can listen on 1026 MW

Senator Ferguson has not yet replied with her enquiries. I will be keeping a special ear out for her and the good Deputy of St John concerning  these issues. More reading on these points can be found here.

Can Someone Please Help Us

March 31st and missing part D 

I will not be put off from the work i'm doing. I will meet, deal and take care of any issue that arrises from my quest to expose the truth concerning  The Jersey Child Abuse Scandal. 

Truth Honesty and Integrity

We as an Island are very fast approaching a Crossroad, you can feel it. 

The Money God is weak 

Leadership is  poor

17.   The Deputy of St. Martin will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –


       “Following the Chief Minister’s written answers on 18th January 2011, will he advise the actual date Mr Napier was instructed to withdraw part (d) of the Terms of Reference and, given the Affidavit’s significance to the suspension of the former Chief Police Officer explain why neither he nor the Deputy of St Martin who were supposed to have oversight of the review were consulted before the decision was taken?”

I will leave you with this.

4.6     Deputy M. Tadier:

Earlier in question time the Chief Minister said he agreed with the principle of being innocent until proven guilty in Jersey and in common law, I guess, as a principle.  Will the Minister, therefore, confirm that as Mr. Power has not been found guilty of anything that he is, in fact, innocent?

Senator T.A. Le Sueur:

It depends on how one describes the term “innocent”, in that it is certainly the case that he has not been proved guilty.  He has not had the chance, or no one had the chance, to determine that situation.  On the basis that until one is proven guilty one remains innocent in law, then clearly Mr. Power, the former Chief Constable of Police, was, on that basis, innocent and is.

4.6.1  Deputy M. Tadier:

Given the fact that we have heard from the Chief Minister that he was and is innocent, will he be asking the Minister for Home Affairs to make an apology, or will he be making an apology, to an innocent man?

Senator T.A. Le Sueur:



Rico Sorda


Anonymous said...


rico sorda said...

Christ that was quick. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The only guilty parties around here are Ian Le Marquand and Terry Le Sueur you have proved that on here Rico. Keep up this vital work people need to know the truth and they're not going to get it from anywhere other than blogs like yours.

Anonymous said...

Did the cops force the take down of that infantile blog about you?

Anonymous said...

Bill Ogley will be gone at the end of the year if not sooner so who will be pulling terry's puppet strings then?! Keep at it Rico you are inflicting damage where it matters.

Anonymous said...

What will the Chief Minister say? He has already dug his hole.

Anonymous said...

Are there any other issues happening in Jersey besides Harper and Power. If not, why are they so important? Time to move on to other forms of protest and come back to this issue in due course.

rico sorda said...

"Did the cops force the take down of that infantile blog about you?"

This is the only comment I will be posting concerning the above. For obvious reasons. I can not and will be saying anything about that posting.

Please no comments concerning it.

Lets concentrate on the issues of rubbish government and the Cover-up of Child Abuse

voiceforchildren said...


Terry has said enough in the House to cement his place in the history books alongside Ian Le Marquand. This, I mantain, has got to be the worst cover up in history and still Le Sueur and Le Marquand can't see that they've been rumbled.

I would love to know what Dr. Timothy Brain makes of the shower we've got running the show. I bet he has never witnessed anything like it in his entire career.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Hill has the right to carry on asking questions regarding the totaly unexplained Graham Power suspension and the totaly unconcluded Napier report. He has the right and the need to carry on until he gets the answers he deserves.

The truth will finally be exposed.

There is no doubt about it.

Carry on Deputy, and others.

Anonymous said...

Looking through the questions for Tuesday's States sitting, it was good to see at least one question regarding part d missing from the TOR.

TLS is starting to run out of excuses, he admitted at the last sitting, that part d was removed by accident.

What will he let slip on Tuesday?!

Anonymous said...

None of this cover up would have been possible if it wasn't for the accredited media KNOW YOUR ENEMYS

Anonymous said...

The exchange between Tadier and the Chief Minister says it all

voiceforchildren said...


Terry reluctantly admits that Graham Power QPM is innocent. Graham Power was subjected to a trial by Kangaroo media court courtesy of the Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand and our Chief Minister can't bring himself to apologise to an innocent man? Says it all really.

Anonymous said...

I too will be listening to hear what senator ferguson and deputy rondel have to say about this on tuesday. Not only those two but all the others you sent the email to

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

In answer to the heading of this blog post.

''Will we find the Truth Chief Minister''

Rico there is no doubt. The truth has been found and evidenced here.

If the States of Jersey allow this to continue we have to rely on elected members. They ''have to'' step up to the plate. The public are watching....

Anonymous said...


You nailed it with your reference to theChief Minister's "Questions without Answers period." Might I suggest that all bloggers and their reform minded supporters begin using that term to quite accurately describe the present situation? It can be abbreviated to Q w/o A substituting for the usual Q & A. When the use of such terms as the "Question without Answer period" fall into more general use, it can be empowering to the cause of political reform.

Ian Evans said...

Anon said

"The only guilty parties around here are Ian Le Marquand and Terry Le Sueur you have proved that on here Rico."

These two puppet muppets are just the slaves of the 'Big Smells' at the top. Then you have the sandwich fillers in between to consider, that makes the whole shooting match culpable.

What I truly cannot comprehend though, is the fact that ALL THE STATES MEMBERS know what is going on here. EVERY ONE of them knows that Le Sewer & Le Meekone are lying through their bloody teeth, yet NO ONE will stand up and call them LIARS!!!



rico sorda said...


I agree with what you say. The States members that have put their heads over the parapet should be praised. I don't blame everyone in that chamber for what has happened, but, everyone in their does need to look at the facts concerning the Child Abuse Scandal.


rico sorda said...

Just to carry on Ian. I would say now is the time for showing courage, now is the time for people to say, "This is wrong and we wont tolerate it anymore".

look at what the Home Affairs Minister has done regarding Graham power aqnd then without feeling no shame can say he might be running for Chief Minister. Look at the Facts look at the Evidence the Home Affairs Minister got it wrong. The Home Affairs Minister cant even answer my email about his big piece in Jep on the 31st December 2010.

The public are force fed rubbish.



Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Rico they fear the truth. Excellent post by St Ouennais