Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is that "MOUSE" and what could it mean?

As you can see from the above picture the "MOUSE" scares people in power. 

The Internet is changing the world. Truth, Honesty and Integrity must be allowed to breathe. The "MSM" have let the people of Jersey down for far to  long.

I have said on more than one occasion; Can you name me the Stories the Main Stream Media have broken since 1948 that have been of benefit to the people of Jersey and held our Government to account.

Exam Results and it's let crack open the Champagne 

I thought I would do a quick blog on this rather miserable Sunday afternoon about the forthcoming States of Jersey debate on P19 lodged by Senator Le Gresley and amendments lodged by Deputy Tadier and Deputy Hill asking the Council of Ministers ("COM") to reconsider their decision on having a Committee of Enquiry.  The debate should be a fascinating one and if I could point out some of the speeches that I think you should be listening out for.  They are, in no particular order:


Deputy Ann Pryke, Minister for Health and Social Services;

Deputy James Reed, Education Minister;

Senator Ian Le Marquand, Home Affairs Minister;

Senator Philip Ozouf, Treasury Minister; and

Our Chief Minister, Terence Augustine Le Sueur.


I believe that these politicians will try and swing the Chamber into voting against a committee of enquiry.  Now, you could call me cynical, but you cannot discount that the COM will try and pull a flanker and derail the debate at the 11th hour.  This is something they have shown themselves to be quite good at, because, let's face it, they do not want a committee of enquiry; not now and not ever.  What they will try and do is use the classic States of Jersey stalling tactic.  One only has to look at the Graham Power suspension to see this tactic in action. 


So, as we come into March, what the COM may try and do is stall the debate.  The reason for doing this is that we are in election year.  If they can delay it until the summer recess then there's a good chance that nothing will happen this year.  I could be wrong and let's hope I am.  We'll have to wait and see what happens on Tuesday 1 March, but for all the survivors of the Jersey Child Abuse scandal, I hope a committee of enquiry will be delivered and that this can be the first step on the road to securing some form of closure.

The next Issue I want to post for people to see is this one from the BBC about Bloggers in the UK and the filming of meetings. The Secret Jersey Government don't want their Scrutiny meetings filmed, they put everything on the "B" agenda. Secrecy, Secrecy, Secrecy 

23 February 2011 Last updated at 00:02

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Let bloggers film meetings, Eric Pickles tells councils

'Online broadcasters' should get the same access as traditional media, says Mr Pickles

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Councils should allow bloggers to film their meetings, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said.

His department has contacted councils to ask that they adopt a "modern-day approach".

It follows reports that some bloggers were stopped from using Twitter or filming during public meetings.

Mr Pickles said it was important local bloggers were given the same access as professional journalists at a time when budget decisions are being made.

He said: "Fifty years ago, Margaret Thatcher changed the law to make councils open their meetings to the press and public. This principle of openness needs to be updated for the 21st Century. More and more local news comes from bloggers or citizen journalists telling us what is happening at their local council.

"Many councils are internet-savvy and stream meetings online, but some don't seem to have caught up with the times and are refusing to let bloggers or hyper-local news sites in."

He added: "Opening the door to new media costs nothing and will help improve public scrutiny."

Data protection

Mr Pickles said a decision by Tameside borough council, in Greater Manchester, to accredit professional journalists to use the micro-blogging website Twitter meant "local bloggers, the public and even councillors are not permitted to 'tweet' because they are not considered members of the press".

And he pointed out that Windsor and Maidenhead borough council had "raised concerns about videoing, citing 'Data Protection'." Blogger Chris Taggart published footage on his own website of his unsuccessful efforts to film the council's meeting.

Windsor and Maidenhead said a motion to allow people to film their meetings "provided anyone wishing to record them complies with obligations under the Data Protection Act", was expected to be approved on Tuesday.

Tameside council argued at the time that it was complying with the Local Government Act 1972, which states that councils are not required to allow photos to be taken of meetings "or the use of any means to enable persons not present to see or hear any proceedings".

It argued that it was "obliged to consider specific requests to use media such as 'Twitter'" and had allowed the Manchester Evening News, Tameside Advertiser and Tameside Reporter to do so "as duly accredited representatives of the press, as defined in the Local Government Act 1972".

Local government minister Bob Neill has written to local councils to "remind" them that meetings are already open to the public. It also "reassured councils that giving greater access will not contradict data protection law requirements" in most cases.

The move was backed by Mr Taggart, who founded the website, who said "hyperlocal" bloggers were doing some of the best council reporting in the country and it was "crazy" for councils to stop people "videoing, tweeting and live-blogging their meetings".

Recently journalists have been allowed to "tweet" from some court cases. The Supreme Court, the highest in the UK, has ruled that journalists, the public and legal teams can use "live text-based communications" in its courtrooms, although some exceptions remain.

But MPs were warned last month against using Twitter during Commons sessions.

 Lets finish this Blog Posting on the issues this Blog has been fighting for a very long time "The Jersey Child Abuse  Cover Up"

First up we have Mick Gradwell showing evidence on TV while the Child Abuse Investigation is still live. The other thing I noticed in this Clip is the Bed Spring. Now, was there only one Bed Spring? The one taped up in the box looks nothing like the one presented at the November 12th shafting of Graham Power. Look for yourselfs. Do you notice the difference. Just listen to what Mick Gradwell says. He starts sounding like some dude from Antique Road Show. Also, if there are witness statements  that corroborate the use of 'Shackles' why is he showing them on TV?  What happens if someone walked in 3 days later and says I was Abused in those restraints? 

The Second Video is of David Warcup at the November 12th 2008 press conference and the shafting of Graham Power. Listen to what he says. 

Just opinion  and not much else: Also check this posting out 


Lenny Harper said in July 2008 that there was unlikely to be a Homicide Investigation. 


Ian Evans said...


Whatever happened to the "fresh & fleshed bones"?

Whatever happened to the "sawn bones"?

Whatever happened to the "burnt bones"?

Our "coconut" that went "shy" where did that go?

Did the "bath" sprout legs and run off?

AND, has our beloved "tooth fairy" left some dosh for the stolen teeth???


Anonymous said...

Gradwell and Warcup are the keystone cops imagine showing evidence on the media while the investigation is running. Or are they good cops who were doing what they were paid to do and cover up the child abuse investigation?

voiceforchildren said...


That was the "sexed up" Press Release that Warcup gave. If you remember, they showed Graham Power QPM the Press Release, then Mr. Power went on holiday and Warcup came up with that load of cacka. No doubt he had taken advice from the trusty old Law Office(r)s before hand.

GeeGee said...

Rico - let them try. just let them try! because this is an election year it is exactly the reason why they should NOT try and prevaricate on P19 and the debate.

Let's face they do not want this to succeed, and we all know why. The survivors and their supporters do want this to succeed and we all know why. So, who is running scared and is afraid of what will emerge??

Answers on a postage stamp please - first prize is an interesting visit to the States Chamber on Tuesday, along with a lot of 'interested' but angry people.

Anybody who supports this COI, please be there if you can.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

And of course - Eric Pickles is a rampaging anarcho-commie threat to society.

No doubt the massed-police raid is being prepared to descend upon him.


Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

Well done Rico. I know you will all be listening on Tuesday. Great pic too by the way. I read the Pickles' comments with interest. If only Jersey could take a more common sense and liberal view to bloggers filming - at least until we get our act together to stream it live ourselves - then it would be much better for public engagement.

Keep up the good work

voiceforchildren said...


You mean some of this stuff?

Other burnt bone fragments were also recovered from the context within this area.

The EVRD alert indications were confirmed by intrusive archaeological excavation and sieving. A significant number of bone fragments and teeth have been recovered which have been corroborated as human.

Predominantly the human remains have been recovered from cellars 3, 4 and 5 which historically were one large classroom.

Enquiries at this time are suggestive that the human remains were deposited in this area and covered with top soil in a deliberate act of concealment. The deposition could only have taken place during a period of time when the floor had been removed. Research into the historical renovation of the property suggests that the floor above cellars 3, 4 &5 was taken up in the late 60’s early 70’s.

Karl Harrison’s archaeological theory of the burnt debris including human bone fragments and teeth being deposited in the east wing cellars from the west wing is contained within this report. This theory is suggestive that the solid fuel furnace in operation in the west wing around the time of 1960 – 1970 may have been used to dispose of human remains.

Enquiries to date are showing that the original solid fuel central heating and hot water supply furnace in the west wing was replaced in the late 60’s early 70’s with oil fired furnaces. This may have coincided with the floor in cellars 3, 4 & 5 being removed. This would explain the deposition of the bone fragments and teeth with ash deposits as being the waste from the furnace upon decommissioning. It would also suggest some element of ‘guilty knowledge’.

The tests clearly indicated the presence of human remains decomposition scent.

Remains identified by the resident forensic anthropologist Miss Julie Roberts as human, and items of interest to the enquiry, have been submitted for forensic analysis.

Forty eight human deciduous teeth have been recovered to date. Twenty six of which are presently in the UK being examined to identify the number of individuals from whom they originate.

Numerous bone fragments are being examined at Sheffield University for histology purposes.

The meticulous search of Haut De La Garenne has now been completed and the building handed over to Property Services. Evidence has been obtained to support the abuse enquiry and suggestive evidence that the remains of at least one child were present within the structure of the building.

A significant amount of human remains have been recovered that is suggestive of foul play in relation to the cause of death and guilty knowledge during deposition.

65 Human deciduous teeth

Numerous human bone fragments

It would appear at this stage that the remains were deposited into the area of cellars 3,4 &5 having been removed from a secondary deposition site in the west wing. They were then distributed evenly over the ground and covered with a layer of top soil so as to conceal the deposition from all but the most meticulous scrutiny.

Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

'No tweeting in parliament' - Interesting article. It reminds me of the situation in the Westminster Parliament; before 1771 it was an offence to 'publish remarks' made during a debate.

Wiki has a good article on it and says:

'As more people became interested in parliamentary debates, more individuals published unofficial accounts of parliamentary debates. Editors were at worst subjected to fines. Several editors used the device of veiling parliamentary debates as debates of fictitious societies or bodies. The names under which parliamentary debates were published include Proceedings of the Lower Room of the Robin Hood Society and Debates of the Senate of Magna Lilliputia.'

This later gave way to 'Hansard', the official and full transcript of parliamentary business (named after the publisherThomas Curson Hansard. However, this was only fully embraced by the house as late as 1889.

There are surely parallels here today with audio-visual media and the result will no doubt be the same.

voiceforchildren said...

My last comment with the "evidence" was taken from this Blog that Rico Linked to in his main posting. The Blog dispels myths and replaces them with "facts" and "evidence".

voiceforchildren said...

Ian Le Marquand still hasn't acknowledged this e-mail. The very same e-mail that the BBC declined to read out to him when he was last on there.

From voiceforchildren
To Ian le Marquand
Date Sun, Feb 6, 2011 at 9:35 AM
Subject "Part" 1


After listening to your interview the other day on BBC Radio Jersey where you said there were no "bodies" found at HDLG which is one of the "reasons" the COM's won't be supporting a committee of inquiry I became intrigued, or curious, and hope you can help by answering a few questions for me, so there is no confusion and those dreaded conspiracy theories can be kept at bay?

1. Were you choosing your words carefully when you said there were no "bodies" and not "body parts"

2. Are you in agreement with me that there were numerous juvenile body parts recovered at HDLG?

3. Going by the "evidence" that is in the public domain would you say, on the balance of probabilities that if children weren't murdered at HDLG, child's remains were disposed of up there?

4. What "evidence" are you able to provide to "prove" how a piece of child's skull containing 1.6% collagen (only found in Mammals) can turn into a piece of Coconut?

Kind Regards.

Anonymous said...

Top notch work again Rico putting the accredited media to shame.

Anonymous said...

They are all running scared of the internet the msm have now lost control along with their pay masters good work Rico.

Anonymous said...

Here are the politicians that voted against Deputy Hill's proposition for a committee of inquiry into the illegal suspension of Graham Power. Will be interesting to see how many of them vote against this COE.

Senator Terry Le Sueur
Senator Paul Routier
Senator Philip Ozouf
Senator Terry Le Main
Senator Ben Shenton
Senator Freddie Cohen
Senator Alan Breckon
Senator Sarah Ferguson
Senator Alan Maclean
Senator Ian Le Marquand
Connétable Ken Vibert
Connétable John Gallichan
Connétable Mike Jackson
Connétable Graham Butcher
Connétable Peter Hanning
Connétable John Refault
Connétable Juliette Gallichan
Deputy Ben Fox
Deputy James Reed
Deputy Jackie Hilton
Deputy Ian Gorst
Deputy Phil Rondel
Deputy Angela Jeune
Deputy Ann Dupré
Deputy Eddie Noel
Deputy Andrew Green M.B.E.

Ian Evans said...

The bed spring thing is good though.

I froze the video and compared it to the original picture underneath....

It's not even the same friggin bedspring???

rico sorda said...


The bed spring got my attention straight away. The one in the box is not the one in the photo that is for sure. Not sure why that is. And what of all the bones where did they all go everything has just done one even the great big concrete bath has just vanished.

Gradwell in the video clip doesn't make much sense. What was he going on about when he was saying he wouldn't "Present These" . None of it makes any sense

rico sorda said...

Hi Monty

Give it a very good go on tuesday. Research and let the facts speak for themselfs. I should be in the Chamber in the afternoon.


Ian Evans said...


It all makes perfect sense to me mate, I have been through the system, as has Stuart, we know why, and how....

Rob Kent said...

@Stuart, "And of course - Eric Pickles is a rampaging anarcho-commie threat to society."

I know, it feels weird to me when I am so much in agreement with a supposedly right-wing government.

I oppose them on the cuts, which I think are savage, ideologically driven, and harming the most needy in society.

But when it comes to civil liberties they seem to be removing much of the repressive practices that Labour put in place. How it works out in reality, we'll have to see but it looks promising.

Just opening up government to transparency has to be one of the big leaps forward, but when you see how disgracefully parliament behaved when trying to keep the expenses secret, you have to wonder if they will really follow through. I mean, trying to introduce retrospective legislation so that the FOI does not apply to MPs - that takes some beating.

I see that Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton, has called for the FOI to be extended to include large, private corporations such as utilities and banks, whose efficiency and probity affects the welfare of us all.

Zoompad said...

I also froze the video and compared the photo with the video. The video shows something that looks like a proper manacle, very old and rusted. The photo shows a new looking bed spring, without any rusting, with two very precise looking encloswed loops at the end.

Those bedsprings are strong, and not easy to bend with pliers. If I were to try to flatten out an old bedspring like that I am sure the end result would not look so precise and neat, there would be kinks all over. My advice is that someone who lives in Jersey contacts all the local ironmongers to question them about this, because I would say that bed spring bent into the shape of manacles has been done by someone who is fairly skilled in metalwork.

Zoompad said...

I have had another look at that picture of the bedspring through my magnifying glass. I thought the pitting was a twist in the wire, but I think it is actually rust. There does appear to be rust on it. If someone would have taken a rusty old bedspring I do not think the rust would have stayed on so uniformly had they worked it to make it straignt to remove the kinks, and then made it into that shape. So it could have been a new bedspring, which was bent into shape and then left in some water with salt addded, because that makes things rust quickly and uniformly. That is how they could have done it.

Zoompad said...

It is a criminal offence to interfere with evidence of a crime, isn;t it, and anyone doing so becomes an accomplice to the crime. Therefore Gradwell has become an accomplice to murder or manslaughter as those bones and teeth did not just slice themselves or walk themselves into the fireplace and set fire to themselves did they?

Anonymous said...

Looking at the above list of the 26 States members who voted against Deputy Hills Proposition.
How many besides Ferguson, Breckon & Rondel have already or are likely to have their minds changed?

Zoompad said...

"And of course - Eric Pickles is a rampaging anarcho-commie threat to society."

I was friends with Jack Frost for ages (until the malicious rats started calling me nasty names like Bible Thumper and Drama Queen and Loose Cannon and Nutjob and got me sent to coventry) anyway, I like Jack Frost and respect him no matter what he thinks of me, and he wrote in his book THE GULAG OF THE FAMILY COURTS that Eric Pickles tried to help him when he was a councellor and that Eric Pickles was threatened with jail by the secret family court, its in Jacks book and I know Jack would never have made up a thing like that, he is not a liar.

voiceforchildren said...


A request from the JCLA

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico is the redacted Wiltshire report being released tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting a work of the 'dark arts' in the way the Wiltshire Report is presented tomorrow, as it is obviously being bought into play specifically to persuade everyone no inquiry is required. However, as the remit for the Wiltshire report had no remit to look at who was responsible for allowing the abuse to go unchallenged etc.. the Wiltshire report should not have any significance! Although it would not surprise me if ILM and TLS think otherwise.

Ian Evans said...


rico sorda said...

If ILM has any sense left he will be leaving Wiltshire in his draw. If he pulls any more of it out tomorrow god help him.

He dropped all the disciplinary proceedings

voiceforchildren said...


Wiltshire is Le Marquand's Holy Grail. He refers to it as if it's a proven case and Graham Power was found guilty of some horrific crime. When the truth is it's nothing more than a few un-proven allegations, and like you said Le Marquand dropped all disciplinary action. Referring to the Wiltshire Report, like he does whenever he can, only goes to show Le Marquand's idea of justice. Particularly when the Chief Minister has conceded that Graham Power is innocent!

Anonymous said...

What does Deputy Tadier think of this forensic evidence, including the discrepancy between the original findings and those displayed by or dismissed by the post Harper and Power team?


Anonymous said...

If the Jersey government is capable of ignoring or dismissing evidence this important, what chance of good governance does Jersey really have? Why expect the system to work at all?


rico sorda said...

A little reminder as to what was and has been going on


Work to begin today on second cellar at Haut de la Garenne
Monday 10 March 2008


This morning at Haut de la Garenne, the inquiry team intend to start the process of entering the second cellar room. This will entail entering from above. It is thought this room could be up to three times the size of the first room and examining it properly in the search for evidence will take some time. It is intended to put the screening dog in the room early on.

Away from the home, at Police Headquarters in St Helier, the enlarged inquiry team are progressing well in their task of collecting and analysing evidence from victims and witnesses. It is hoped that at least two arrests will follow in the next few weeks. The team is further strengthened by the arrival today of incident room staff from the Police Service of Northern Ireland, as recommended by the ACPO Homicide Review Team.

We would also like to clarify some reports which appeared in the media over the weekend. As reported extensively by the local press over the last four years, a small number of police officers have left the force in various circumstances after being accused of activities which could be described as corrupt. They, and associates of theirs, including a local business man and a small number of politicians, have conducted a high profile campaign aimed at discrediting officers involved in their cases. This has included sending a large number of letters including, as reported in the Jersey Evening Post last year, a threat to damage the home and vehicle of one of the officers concerned.

It is emphasised that NO current ministers were involved as mentioned above. The States of Jersey Police would reiterate again that during this enquiry they have received full support, including the provision of whatever resources are necessary, from the Home Affairs Minister and the Chief Minister. It is a fact however, that following the public announcement of this enquiry a politician connected with the Child Abuse debate was approached by at least one of these former officers and warned not to trust or co-operate with the officers leading the enquiry. This was followed by a letter and/or e mail sent to a number of news desks in London which attempted to smear the leaders of the inquiry. The States of Jersey Police have been given a copy of this document and know the author, a sister of one of the associates of those former officers.We would emphasise that there is at present no evidence to suggest that these officers were involved in any so called "cover up" of former offences of the type being investigated. The focus of the inquiry team remains the detection of people who have committed offences against children and we will not be deflected from this. Should there be evidence of criminal offences in connection with a failure to deal with previous matters, then those will be investigated following the priority task of bringing suspects for abuse to justice.
Whilst the enquiry team continue the urgent business of collating evidence in the abuse cases there will be no interviews given on the matters involving the attempts to smear those involved in the investigation.

Louise Nibbs
Press Officer
States of Jersey Police

Anonymous said...

Everyone who has been found guilty by ILM during his time as a magistrate should lodge an appeal.
He has clearly shown himself to be incapable of understanding evidence or of giving greater consideration to testimony under oath over that of hearsay.
That would give him something to keep him busy.

Anonymous said...

When posting on Rico's or Ian's blogs, everything is in French. Have I got a problem or is this the work of the Troll or one of his playmates?

Anonymous said...

I thank whoever suggested reading The Silent State by Heather Brooke. I have read this over the weekend and am quite convinced that our government in Jersey is exactly the same as the UK's government in so many respects.
The main difference is that Jersey is a small place and all of us can see so clearly when our politicians are lying so blatantly in the knowledge that they have always got away with it in the past - so why not continue.
The downside of Jersey's small size is that everyone also knows how dangerous and often futile it is to try to stand up to "authority".
This is very worrying indeed.

Anonymous said...

Rico, some very strange foot stomping going on in the states today. Pryke says a load of rubbish, cant answer the question, says we must all push in the same way and then gets a load of foot stomping?????????????? WTF

Then the same happens with James Reed??????? Do you know what is going on?

rico sorda said...

First up I must say well done to Deputy Tadier who spoke really well today and presented his amendment with real class. The fact that it was excepted was a shock. Are times changing?

There is no reason for Deputy HIll not to have his amendment accepted but I feel people will try and find some. Lets just get on with this and get on the road to closure, the Abuse Survivors and all involved with the Abuse enquiry deserve this.

What has become obvious is the COM's stalling tactic. Lets come back in 3 months they say, lets have a review they say, lets drag it out into Summer recess I say, Lets then have an election then low and behold the year is nearly done and nothing would have been done.

Lets get on with this now.


rico sorda said...



Rob Kent said...

Re "I thank whoever suggested reading The Silent State by Heather Brooke."

I think it was me - well I have been recommending it on the Jersey blogs at least.

What is interesting is that a lot of her suggestions are actually being put into practice. In her chapter on how much the Government charges us to use information we have already paid for - like OS maps, postcodes, etc - she points out that in the US all information gathered by the government is free for public use. This includes crime statistics and criminal records.

Today I came across the new Open Government web site.

"The OGL can cover:

* non-personal information and works which are subject to copyright and database right (much of this information will be accessible on public sector web sites or already published by the public sector)
* previously unpublished datasets released by the public sector; and
* source code and software originating from public sector bodies."

The OS maps have all just been released under the OG Licence, along with a software API for using them. Sheesh - we may even get postcodes next.

Look at it this way - thousands of applications have already been written based on the Google Maps API, but none on the OS maps. Although the OS maps were paid for by tax-payers, and managed by public employees, they charged huge licence fees if you then want to use them.

That was a scam, which is hopefully going to stop.

What we want are:

* accountable, named, public officials;
* transparency, and easy access to ALL information gathered by the state (with the minor exception of small amounts of security information;
* full transparency for all spending by the state;
* full transparency and access to the state's decision making, with full declaration of interests.

Hard for Jersey to swallow, I know, but it is coming (no double entendre intended).

Anonymous said...

I had a listen to the states today, why do I do that because its the same as the last one.

Was it you Rico who said they should change the question times name to questions without answers time, because I didnt hear one decent answer. Its no wonder it takes so long to get anything done by these buffoons. And what bugs me the most is that loads of the questions are given before the sitting so its not as though they have had time to investigate and give a yes or no.

Aaaaaarrrrrgggggh whats the point with these morons. Complete waste of money. I dont think I will be wasting my time listening to their rubbish anymore.

P.s. my coments are on the assembly as a whole and not just hdlg and the offshoots. Pointless imbeciles who are more worried about covering their own backs than getting anything done.

GeeGee said...

Rico - yes a bouquet to Monty, but also to Bob Hill, Francis, Trevor and Shona, Daniel Wimberley, Paul Le Claire and others who spoke so well today.

A most definite brickbat must go to Ian Le Marquand who's outburst against Lenny Harper was truly a disgrace. Shame on you. Others who earnt that award are our Chief Minister, and also all those who left the chamber inquorate during a most important debate, returning only until immediately prior to the vote, thus telling us that without listening to some very good speeches they had already made their minds up! Rude and ignorant to boot.

Then to top it all, whilst speeches were going on Senators Le Sueur, Perchard and Shenton all together on their Blackberries, and Constable Murphy reading the JEP. Deputies Jeune and Dupre having a good old chinwag and taking no interest.

Oh - the calibre of our States Members!!

However - upwards and onwards hopefully towards a good result.

Ian Evans said...


rico sorda said...

I have heard much about ILM's speech on the Tadier amendment but missed it. It does not surprise me if he just attacked Lenny because apart from "WILTSHIRE" what else does he have.

Frank Walker and Newsnight

ILM and Wiltshire

Look at the picture on my blog posting. The Internet has played a huge role in keeping this going.

I know I feel drained. Highs and Lows have around every corner. If I feel like this then it must be a thousand times worse for the survivors, When I was sat listening today it was the first time I thought, Rico you also need closure on this. Now, I don't say that in anyway as to be cheeky or put myself on a par with the suffering of the Abuse Survivors but this has been a long 3 year fight but I cannot and will not stop until my Government finally does something right by the Abuse Survivors.. Lets get this sorted now.. But if we need to do this for another 3 years then so be it. Truth, Honesty and Integrity is worth fighting for, even if it means I have to live with a cyber stalker trying to mess with my life. He underestimated me and simply cannot break me
(Rocky Style) picked on the wrong guy.

Please, States of Jersey do right by the Abuse Survivors Tomorrow

Accept Deputy Hills Amendment and lets move forward


rico sorda said...

I said to look out for these speeches

Deputy Ann Pryke, Minister for Health and Social Services;
Deputy James Reed, Education Minister;
Senator Ian Le Marquand, Home Affairs Minister;
Senator Philip Ozouf, Treasury Minister; and
Our Chief Minister, Terence Augustine Le Sueur.

It was said for very good reason


Anonymous said...

I heard ILM on the radio yesterday and his vitriolic attack on Lenny Harper,what an unpleasant little weasel of a man he is.He abused his position yesterday by attacking someone who was unable to answer back.I would like to see him in court on charges of slander.

Anonymous said...

It is so sickening to listen to those who are arguing against a public inquiry using costs as the prop!

Anonymous said...

It is 11:10 and I'm listening to the States debate, I missed the name of the woman who is speaking right now, but, why does she speak in such a manner, it is so painful to listen too, and also spouts some ridiculous rubbish.

Its enough to make anyone to switch off!!

Anonymous said...

What a great result, did I hear right only 11 voted against, was it all the policy council?, if so surely they have isolated themselves!

Anonymous said...

Rico the pressure on you has I am sure been immense I am only an onlooker however you are a very brave man and I wish you well keep up your fantastic work God Bless

GeeGee said...

Yes 'that' woman was an absolute disgrace - already named and shamed by me yesterday. It was Deputy Jeune, the very same lady who stated a while back that if 'they just changed the name of Haut de la Garenne' the survivors would then forget it all!!!! Notwithstanding that she spouted forth the most amazing load of rubbish, she also seems to forget that it was not only at HdelaG that children were subjected to abuse, but she may well know 'someone' who was in care who is not concerned about an Inquiry, but there happen to be, Deputy Jeune, an awful lot of abuse survivors who DO!

A double brickbat for her without any doubt!

Anonymous said...

I thought it strange that some kept repeating the mantra (brain-washing) the inquiry may not give the abuse survivors the results they are looking for!.

However, as the remit has not yet been agreed, how can anyone pre-determine what the outcome will or will not produce.

Firstly, they should include the JCLA in the committee drawing up the remit, to ensure it covers what the survivors would like to see.

Who knows, good inquiries have been known to discover criminal actions that may lead to charges being made. New evidence may appear etc.. etc..

Ian Evans said...