Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Good The Bad and the Useless

Please play the music provided when reading this post.

As Stuart gets ready to do Battle in the Royal Court against Jerseys Feudal Barons listen to this music and just picture the scene. 

The Pistolero from the Streets fighting the Good Fight.

The Bloggers fighting for Truth, Honesty and Integrity

Royal Squar at Dawn on the 14th March 2011

Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache

Former BailIff Sir Philip Bailhache (Senator?)

The Bailiff Michael Birt



Part 1 

"Please can we have our Senatorial Seats Back Please"

The Establishment for once let their guard down in the States and voted away 2 Seats 

In the forthcoming election there will be only 4 Senators Seats up for crabs.  Below I will be looking at who is up for election and who is moving on.  Make no mistake, this was a very grave error on the part of the Establishment.  Senator Ozouf knows full well he is becoming more and more Isolated in the States. There has always been a very strong power base for the Establishment in the States; from the SG to the AG to the Bailiff .  The "Feudal Power" is what controls Jersey. It has for many years. That control must extend to the States Chamber because that is where Legislation is passed and vested interests are protected.

Sir Philip Bailhache ; 1975 became Solicitor General; 1986 became Attorney General: 1994 became Deputy Bailiff and in 1995 became Bailiff. He retired from office in June 2009

The 90's 

With Sir Philip at the helm and the likes of Jeune, Horsfall, Walker, Le Sueur and the dependable Constables "Power" was secured. Lets also not forget that during this time there were two running mates coming up from behind filling the roles of Solicitor General & Attorney General: they were William Bailhace and Michael Birt

In the 90s and right up to 2008 the Unit was watertight. Then things Started to Happen.

2008 Former Chief Minister Frank Walker Retires. This is a huge blow. Frank Walker was the one that took over from Pierre Horsfall when he retired from the States in 2002 this was after Pierre Horsfall completed 27 years of unbroken elected service with the States of Jersey. As President of the Policy & Resources Committee, he was Jersey's leading politician at the time of his retirement from Government. Like him or Loath him Senator Walker ruled with an Iron Fist. the Lackeys were well and truly kept in order. You can read more on these years on the Link Below


This is a very informative read. 

When Frank Walker left, the first chink in the armour appeared:Chief Minister Terry Le Suer. Where are the hard hitters now in the States? Senator Ozouf is becoming isolated. Yes, he has the cannon fodder like Deputies Jeune, Noel, Dupree and 9 Constables to take the machine gun fire when being sent over the top, who are his Generals sitting alongside him now? and after the next election?  The States started changing when the "Wage" came in. It was no longer the "Rich Mans Domain" the "Feudal Power Base". Im not by any means saying its Extinct but I am saying its weakening by the day.

Why do you think there has been full on panic in the JEP? Championing the likes of Horsfall, Jeune and Farnham? Nothing to do with Democracy thats for sure. No, the problem is they don't have enough seats to get their mates in on an Island wide mandate and because they don't want to run as Deputies

If you have differing opinions to mine then great lets hear them and Debate them. Here are the 6 leaving office seeking re-election.

Remember only 4 seats


First, please play the music when looking at each Candidate.

Senator Francis le Gresley = The Good

Hope he gets back in. Don't agree with all his voting, but the man has  Integrity. He has a feel for the States now and should get back in.

That leaves 3 seats

Senator "Iconic" Fred Cohen= The Bad

Ozouf's right hand man. Will he even get back in?

Will he stand? Will our headland survive? Esplanade Quarter 

And now for the useless 

Senator Shenton 

(Surprised he even turned up for his picture)

What does he do? Senator, or Deputy? Grouville?
or stay at the day job?

Senator Perchard

What else is there for him? Run for Deputy?
Left Health in a very unsavory manner

Senator "Tuco" Le Main

What does he do? A number 2?
Decisions; Decisions.

Left Housing in a very unsavory manner



In a bubble 

A complete and utter Disaster 



Zoompad said...

FANTASTIC POST, and the music is very very appropriate.

Anonymous said...

I like the last picture:-

'After all that digging, I'm still in a hole'

'I can't tread water for much longer'

'Hey Ian, its better up here, there's an audience'

'TLS trying to keep his head below the parapet'

'You can ask me as many questions as you like, but I can't here you!'

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Great post, you are so right they are running around like headless chichen's. You had to listen to them on Thursday night, I could not stop laughing at the going's on, as they tried to get the debate stopped & put back to the next sitting when they will have more on there side & they had the cheek to say "they were playing a game".

I just new what music was going to come on just so fitting to this lot.

They do not Know what's hitting them, with the rise of Citizen Media. I don't think there is anything that they can hide anymore.

voiceforchildren said...


As we all know, this cover-up and corruption can only survive for as long as the establishment have the majority vote in the House. They are on borrowed time and the Law Office(r)'s bidders in the States are getting thin on the's only a matter of time.

Ian Evans said...

"Good-bye now Jersey. My work is done here, must get back to MY OWN PLANET!!!"

rico sorda said...


We are all doing our bit. Its great having the Audio on your blog. Keep on going your doing a fab job.

I have noticed that the JEP have chosen their candidate for the forth coming election. I believe its the former Chief Executive who has exposed the exam results. They went with ILM last time so will be out for a better result this time.

The Voting in the chamber has been very close of late, yes its election year but the fear has been removed. Deputy Le Claire has made some great speeches lately, all the fear has gone and its good to see.

There is no chance that Senator ILM can be Chief Minister. What he did to the former Chief of Police is enough to nip that in the bud.


rico sorda said...

This was a JEP editorial.

February 14, 2011 – 3:00 pm

THAT the big guns of the recent political past – including former Senators Reg Jeune, Dick Shenton and Pierre Horsfall – are lining up to attempt to overturn the States decision to remove four Members with an Islandwide mandate from the House is indicative of how seriously the issue should be taken.

Between them, the three statesmen served 13 Senatorial terms and must therefore be credited not only with considerable political nous but also the qualities necessary to have secured consistently high levels of electoral support.

Unfortunately, present-day political figures whose credentials pale into insignificance with those of the three former Senators have, not in their wisdom but in inexplicable defiance of basic democratic principles, decided to impose an unacceptable cap on the extent to which the views of the Island as a whole are represented.

In a nutshell, the Members who voted for the removal of four Senators shifted power in the direction of the Deputies and Constables, some of whom are elected on tiny numbers of votes or, in some cases, no votes at all. In doing so, they appear to have had in mind their own interests and ambitions rather than the welfare of the Island or the rights of its electorate.

To the man in the street all this might seem like abstruse political theory, but the truth is that it undermines the Island’s claim to be a fully fledged modern democracy and significantly reduces the say that ordinary Islanders have in the affairs of their community.

Two of the former Senators, Mr Jeune and Mr Horsfall, have chosen to become the first signatories of Lyndon Farnham’s petition calling for the reversal of the decision to cut the number of Senators. They lend credibility to an initiative which deserves the widest possible support – even if cynics may be inclined to dismiss it as a ploy, given that Mr Farnham could well be a candidate in this year’s election.

Meanwhile, the third former Senator, Dick Shenton, is encouraging individuals of the right calibre to contest seats in the autumn. Quite rightly, he has drawn attention to the lack of respect that the States Assembly now commands. He also regrets, again quite rightly, a peculiar and regrettable tendency that has emerged in Island politics – the propensity for certain Members to run down the community that they serve at every opportunity.

Article posted on 14th February, 2011 - 3.00pm

rico sorda said...

So, what do we make of this. "Dick Shenton is encouraging individuals of the right calibre to contest seats in the Autumn election"

There is Panic out there

Again, who exactly is running down the community at every opportunity?

Jersey Feudal Politics is really very simple


Anonymous said...

Incredible the jep should be championing such a bunch of dubious characters. Haven't the jep read the cantrade and LLP stuff?

Anonymous said...

How do Le Gresley's credentials for treasury minister compare to Ozouf's?

Anonymous said...

Much more important than the squabbling between the establishment possibilities is the need to have a few good alternatives to vote for. Carrie perhaps? There must be others. Can anyone put forward names to be encouraged?

Ian Evans said...

I would go for Neil McFlurray, he is more clued up than most of our politicians!

And to boot, is an honest and straight talking guy.

Would also love to see a certain Mr Syvret return to the house when the last of the filth is finally washed out of the cracks and crevises.

rico sorda said...


Advocate Sinel then discusses "The sale of political influence in Jersey", explains how the electoral system works, and exposes the common practice of lay politicians sitting on the boards of the very banks they are supposed to be regulating. He named some of the worst offenders as Senator Reg Jeune (former senior partner of Cantrade's law firm), a member of the FEC; Senator F. Walker, controller of the island's only newspaper, and a director of Barclays Bank while being President of the FEC; Senator R.J. Shenton, a stevedor, whose influence helped the currency fraudster Young to enter Jersey; and Senator Pierre Horsfall, an hotelier, who was head of the FEC in 1994 when it refused to investigate Cantrade Bank; Horsfall never disclosed that he had been a director of Cantrade Bank during the first 3 years of the Cantrade Fraud, or that he was granted a substantial mortgage by the bank.

Taken from the AABA article

Now look at the JEP leader above

Panic pure Panic

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asked, "Haven't the jep read the cantrade and LLP stuff?"

Well, they were implicated in the Walker culture of corruption concealment, so yeah, they read about Cantrade, LLP and the rest. They are just captive States Media, not so unlike Libya State TV, really.


voiceforchildren said...


Let's not look at the Law Office(r)s

Anonymous said...

One of the most shameful episodes in British social history has inspired a major feature film with a cast of leading actors. Oranges and Sunshine portrays the story of the former Nottinghamshire social worker who, in the 1980s, discovered the scandal of 130,000 children in care deported to Australia and other Commonwealth countries. Emily Watson, the Oscar-nominated British actor, plays Margaret Humphreys, who singlehandedly shamed authorities and children's charities by exposing the British government's secret program of child migration. From the 19th century until 1970, children as young as three were falsely told that their parents were dead. Margaret now runs The Child Migrants Trust. The film is due for release shortly.

Ian Evans said...


voiceforchildren said...


Corruption, or Government as usual?

Ian Evans said...


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up the Audio of the interview that was on Radio Jersey tonight with Mr Power, Mr La Marquand & Mr Hill.

You can listen Here

Ian Evans said...


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up the Audio Of Senator La Marquand calling Mr Harper a "incompetent maverick" You can have a listen Here

Kettle,Black,calling,Pot,the. I say.

voiceforchildren said...


Interview with Stuart Syvret PART 1