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Barry Taylor






Senator Le Marquand, Deputy Chief Barry Taylor: These two were seriously imbedded in the David Warcup camp. I believe that the history of the SOJP under Graham Power & Lenny Harper is trying to be rewritten . 

I believe this goes with discrediting the Child Abuse Investigation

During  October 2010 the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub-panel met and one of the the issues that was discussed was Police Training.

Now as the JEP article from the 18th October 2010 says below: 

Police training ‘stagnated’ on promotions

By Diane Simon

Acting police chief Barry Taylor

POLICE officers were denied the right training for seven years to allow them to rise through the ranks to senior positions, a senior police office has said.

Acting deputy police chief Barry Taylor said that there was no managerial training or leadership preparation, which resulted in officers ‘stagnating’ in their rank.

Mr Taylor, who took on the temporary post 18 months ago, told the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny sub-panel on Friday that when he arrived in the Island he found that ‘things had been allowed to stagnate for a while’ in the way of supporting officers through the ranks to more senior positions.

• Read the full report in today’s JEP

Look how the 7yrs is brought up. 

So, what is basically being said is the the SOJP which was a shambles before Graham Power & Lenny Harper turned up (check the HMIC reports) didn't offer the right training to officers, hence we have got to look to the UK.

Does the evidence stack up?

Then who can forget this

Senator ILM comes in with the bullying sketch. I have fully challenged the Senator on this issue with evidenced based facts: HE RAN AWAY FROM ME WHEN CHALLENGED FACE TO FACE

Can you see how the picture is beginning to build

They know they have to employ officers from the UK and this could all stem from the Curtis Warren debacle

So damning was the privy council on the Officers who could have been promoted that there was zero chance of it happening. Now, everyone new it would be the SOJP and not the Law Office that would get the flak. We now hear of early retirements, what better way of diverting the incoming bullets than blaming it on Succession Planning. 

• Read the full report in today’s JEP

Police ‘bullying’ is a thing of the past, says minister

By Diane Simon

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

SIGNIFICANT progress has been made during the past two years in changing the culture of bullying and arrogance which affected the States police, says Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand.

And the positive changes have come under the leadership of former acting police chief David Warcup and his deputy, Barry Taylor, said the Senator.

Commenting at the end of the historical child abuse inquiry, Senator Le Marquand said that there had been cultural issues in the force which were exacerbated under the leadership of police chief Graham Power and his deputy, Lenny Harper.

‘I noticed a culture of bullying in certain areas and a culture of arrogance,’ said Senator Le Marquand. ‘The message coming from senior management tended to be “We are the expert professionals and we know better than you”, and that attitude was being passed down the force.’

Article posted on 31st December, 2010 - 2.57pm

You can read the Blog Posting here 


What people don't realize is that Graham Power has written a submission to the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel 

It contains over 10,000 words and challenges what has been put forward from Senator Ian Le Marquand and Barry Taylor

Here are the links: Graham Powers first as his is a submission & then the others as they are transcripts



And now we have this: 

Police announce three senior appointments

THREE new appointments have been announced by States Police with two officers heading to the Island from the UK.

Barry Taylor, who joined the force as Acting Deputy Chief Officer in 2009, has been confirmed in the post of Deputy Chief. Stewart Gull is to become the Superintendent Head of Crime and Bernard Gravett will be Superintendent Head of Operations.

Mr Gull has been an Acting Assistant Chief Constable and was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2009 and is currently a Chief Superintendent with Suffolk Constabulary.

Mr Gravett is a Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police and was the Divisional Commander of Westminster Central with a

There is something not quite right down at the old SOJP at this present time. Sure, there has been  great press about the PR aspect of policing; Police on the beat; Catching the speeders etc etc but what about the real crime? What about say land re-zonning? Fraud? can the Police act? are they allowed to act?

The Jersey police cant charge - The Centenier does that

The Jersey Police rely on the Attorney General for prosecution 

Thats how the Jersey Police get politicized 

Thats how Abuse Cases were dropped

Thats how Stuart Syvret was Raided for Data Protection 

Thats how the JDA2 ended up in the Royal Court with Mega Fines

Thats how Terry Le Main & Sean Power get to Tango with Emma Martins across the Royal Square for Data protection issues

Its all politicized 

What are the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub- Panel going to be doing about the discrepancies? Is there time before the election?

Please read the Scrutiny Report

Before I sign off My next blog is about this shocker

HAUT de la Garenne is reopening under a different name as an outdoor activity centre and hostel.

The former children’s home has been rebranded as the Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre and will be run by Jersey Adventures and Jersey Odyssey – two local companies offering land- and sea-based activities from kayaking and coasteering to walking, rock climbing and skydiving.

It is due to receive its first guests on Tuesday 26 April and will offer bed-and-breakfast accommodation to families and groups throughout the year, with optional half-board.

I have no problem with the people from JAAC and believe the place must be used at some time but how insensitive is this, we haven't even had a committee of enquiry yet. No one from the JCLA have been informed about this.

This Government never ceases to amaze when it comes to the feelings of Abuse survivors

Rico Sorda



voiceforchildren said...


Stupid question I know, but do you know if the JEP have published a single word of Graham Power's 10,900 word submission to the Scrutiny Panel concerning the succession planning? They have published Barry Taylor's version of events, along with Ian Le Marquand's, one would think the JEP with their "accreditation" would publish Mr. Power's submission?.........oh silly me, that would be bordering on fairness and objectivity.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that if we had had no child abuse going on in Jersey Graham Power would have seen out his tenure till retirement. Unfortunately, there was chid abuse going on, and its not as though anyone can deny it with the reports the JEP has been putting out, albeit very page four at the bottom type reporting.

What Graham Power did was stick to his guns, and I believe his guns. What happened next is for our political/civil servant elite to take any and every oppurtnity to attempt to defile his reputation. It goes on to this day, any attempt to stick the oar in, despite the scumbags aka ILM and co or their predecessors supporting him in the past. It cant go on, Graham Power has lifted the lid on something that our elite wanted kept secret. He has to go and sod him and his reputation.

Ian Le Marquand and Kevin Lewis deserve to rot, not in hell though, but as a squashed whelk on the bottom of my show on the way to hell.

Ian Le Marquand, doubt you read this but on the offchance you do go....yourself you ....

rico sorda said...


I just about let that through as your passion wins it. Andrew Lewis not Kevin


Ian Evans said...

Yes Rico

Barry Taylor (just recently), along with Bill Bailhache and Ian Le Marquand, are trying desperately to bury my complaints against four officers who beat me for no reason.

These four officers then went on to commit perjury when testifying against me, and in front of Le Marquand, not knowing that I had an audio recording of the incident.

I shall be lodging a formal complaint with Jersey's Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron against Barry Taylor on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rico for once more doing the job that the MSM should be doing. I had no idea Graham Power had a submission to the scrutiny panel and will now read it just to get some balance to what the jep are churning out again. Thanks for the good work you are doing because without the blogs I would only be getting half the story and the party line from the MSM.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I thought I got the name wrong and to be honest wouldn't have minded if you hadn't let it through either...just had to get it off my chest.

Besides, I meant go Love yourself you Lovely Man!! Whats up with that!!

Anonymous said...

ILM and the JEP what a partnership dumb and dumber you've been rumbled the game was up as soon as blogs arrived and both your days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Why on Earth is Senator Ian Le Marquand and the local Media still trying desparately to bury The Local Child Abuse Investigation and deparately trying to convince Joe Public that The Local Child Abuse Investigation is complete and concluded....

When Senator Frances Le Gresley and 27+ States Members, very recently voted unanimously to have a Public Enquiry on The uncompleted and unconcluded Local Child Abuse Investigation?!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again ILM and the media publish the Wiltshire report and nothing of Mr Power's defence now they publish Barry Taylor's submission to the scrutiny panel and not Mr Power's THE JERSEY WAY.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought...Why should the JEP print
Graham Powers submission. The man is retired and is not in favour with certain people over here,so who wants him poking his nose in Jersey affairs.
Then I began reading his submission which opens with
I am a retired Chief Officer of the States of Jersey
In paragraph #2 he explains that he has been approached by the chairman of the Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny panel to make a contribution to this review.

I am amazed.

Unlike ILM,we have a here a panel who trust our ex CO sufficiently to ask his opinion.

Anonymous said...

In yesterdays Guernsey Press, an abuse victim went public about her abuse (8yrs - 12yrs). The person responsible has already been jailed.

In today's GP the parents have given their story, of how they were unaware that their little girl was being abused by the Judo Instructor, two full pages.

Has the JEP done anything similar!!!

rico sorda said...

12 April 2011

Mr Barry Taylor has been appointed Deputy Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police. The Minister for Home Affairs, in consultation with the Appointments Commission, was pleased to announce the appointment which is for a period of 2 years from April 2011.

Mr Barry T Taylor, BA, Dip.App.Crim., joined the force as Acting Deputy Chief Officer in March 2009 and has provided invaluable support to the former Acting Chief Officer and to the new Chief Officer during a period of transition. Amongst a wide portfolio of responsibilities Mr Taylor is police lead on the Comprehensive Spending Review and the new Police Headquarters Project. His 2 year appointment will provide continuity for the force.

Mr Taylor began his police career in 1975 with the West Mercia Constabulary serving throughout Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcester as a detective in every rank.

He has served as staff officer to the Association of Chief Police Officers' (ACPO) Crime Committee, assisted ACPO and the Home Office in the introduction of the National Criminal Intelligence Service (NCIS) and was Head of the National Central Bureau of Interpol dealing with international investigations, extradition and intelligence.

Following Assistant Chief Constable duties in West Mercia and later Dyfed-Powys Police in 2004 he was appointed Deputy Chief Constable of Dyfed-Powys Police.

Appointments to operational departments
The States of Jersey Police can also confirm the appointment of two senior officers to lead the force’s operational departments. Mr Stewart Gull QPM is to take up the role of Superintendent Head of Crime and Mr Bernard Gravett will be Superintendent Head of Operations.

Mr Gull is currently a Chief Superintendent with Suffolk Constabulary. He has over 30 years’ experience in a wide range of policing activities with a strong background in crime investigation. He was the lead detective in Operation Sumac in 2006 / 2008, a high profile serial murder case which attracted national publicity and resulted in a life sentence for the perpetrator. Mr Gull has been an Acting Assistant Chief Constable and has a significant amount of experience in operational policing. He was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in 2009.

Mr Gravett is currently a superintendent in the Metropolitan Police and has over 30 years’ service with experience in all areas of policing. He was the Divisional Commander of Westminster Central, a prestigious post covering central Westminster and the West End, with a staff of 560 and a budget of over £20,000,000. He has significant experience in volume crime, vehicle crime, human trafficking and has had responsibility for community and partnership policing.

rico sorda said...

Detective Chief Superintendent Stewart Gull is expected to take up his post on the Channel Island - made famous by the 1980s BBC television detective series Bergerac - during the summer.

Det Ch Supt Gull will be retiring from Suffolk Constabulary after 30 years with the force, before moving to Jersey.


This man comes with a very good reputation

What im thinking is has he just retired from the force and then landed another job here? This was the same as David Warcup. What of the over two, have they also retired from the UK force? These are question that must be asked. There is something not quite right here as the 4 top cops now come from the UK. Now, this might be a good thing and we will find out, are they ready for the Jersey Way and the Law Office.

"The States of Jersey Police can also confirm the appointment of two senior officers to lead the force’s operational departments."

Have two people left?

Are we getting two where there was ever only one, if so, where is the funding coming from? frontline staff?

Have these questions been asked


Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

HAUT de la Garenne is reopening under a different name as an outdoor activity centre and hostel.

Rico, do you know if the JCLA were informed of these actions? Do the people coming over know that it's the former Childrens Home could be a shock if not.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know that this submission is online. It will take some time to read all the transcripts. If any states member asks questions on these issues then they had better take the time to read the statements.

Next it will be did Child Abuse ever happen in Jersey. The Blogs are doing a first class job

Anonymous said...

Good work Rico this further shows how the jersey media are burying the full facts in their pursuit of covering up the child abuse by discrediting the investigators and not publishing both sides of a story.

Anonymous said...

If I was a journo in Jersey I'd quickly find another job in the UK. It must be galling to know that your three years at University doing 'media studies' were wasted and that a bloke with a couple of spare hours each night and a laptop makes you look lazy, stupid, ignorant and unbalanced.

Anonymous said...

Is Andre Bonjour still on the Jersey Child Protection Committee?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another amusing view point of the justice system and our local Bobbies. I tell you, if it wasn't so comical I'd swear you believed all this whacky stuff yourself!

Anonymous said...

Mr David Cameron Prime Minister of Great Britain on Sky News at 10-20am Sunday 17th of April 2011 Quote "That's why we have an Independent Police force and an Independent Prosecution Service"

Compare that with Jersey a small Crown Dependency where the Minister a Mr I Le Marquands, stated aim when standing for election was and I Quote "WE MUST BRING THE JERSEY POLICE FORCE BACK UNDER POLITICAL CONTROL" he now controls the Jersey Force.

Then compare the Prime Ministers statement on the INDEPENDANT PROSECUSION SERVICE IN THE UK, then look at the midgets in comparison that control our Prosecution Service in the Jersey Way God Help our Island

Anonymous said...

I am sure I have heard the names Minty and Gravett in the same sentence before now. Mayhe this is just a co-incidence.