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The infamous double act that allegedly  netted Bill Ogley £500.000

Not bad seeing as the going rate for Hospital Manslaughter is allegedly £300,000 - Mike Pollard resigning before the Verita Report

Do you think suspending a Chief of Police & Covering up Child Abuse costs peanuts? 

The Wiltshire Report & The BDO Alto Report

Complete and Utter Tosh

Used to Cover-UP  State Run Child Abuse in Jersey

The Evidence is overwhelming 


A  fortune spent on Wiltshire - This report was never intended for disciplinary action and it never was - This catastrophic Shambles should have cost the Home Affairs Minister his position. But, alas this is Jersey, so he got a good round of applause from the Lunatics in the States Chamber who lets be honest would not be out of place in that beacon of Democracy  called North Korea.

There is no outcry or scathing Editorials concerning the Idiotic use of the Wiltshire Report

There is no outcry or scathing Editorials concerning the Wiltshire Expenses

There is no outcry or scathing Editorials concerning the crazy actions of our Home Affairs Minister

There is no outcry or scathing Editorials concerning the findings of the Napier Report or a nameless Civil Servant  being disciplined 

And there is no outcry at the continued stalling of the "COMMITTEE OF NO ENQUIRY"

We have the JEP telling everyone about the outcry that is the Chief Excecutive of Jersey receiving £500,000 pound handshake. Yet,  if this paper had done its job it would have been telling us how it exposed the Child Abuse Cover-up and 


Remember this article


Former States police chief Graham Power

Report criticises suspension

Former States police chief Graham Power

FORMER Police Chief Graham Power was suspended without proper evidence of incompetence in handling the historical child abuse inquiry, a report has revealed.

The independent report by employment law specialist Brian Napier QC released today says that there were procedural failings in the handling of the suspension of Mr Power in November 2008 which was carried out by the then Home Affairs Minister, Andrew Lewis, in the presence of States chief executive Bill Ogley.

Mr Power was suspended on the same day that it was revealed by acting police chief David Warcup and Det Supt Mick Gradwell that there had been no child murders or bodies buried at Haut de la Garenne.

• See Friday’s Jersey Evening Post for the full report

Article posted on 8th October, 2010 - 3.00pm

Read more:

So our Ruling Elite pay TEFLON BILL £500,000

If we wanted to we could pick the BDO Alto report to bits. Like everything at the moment its a £64,000 pounds Shambles.  Just like the Wiltshire report and its Million plus price tag.

And what of Lenny Harpers confidential Wiltshire Statement?

 Looking at what has gone on you can see that  there is a clear overlap between the work of Wiltshire and BDO and a case could be made out for sharing information.   But I have also been informed that it would have to be made out, agreed and signed off.   Also, people providing information to either enquiry ought to be told that it was to be shared.    Someone ought to be able to produce the written agreement or Memorandom Of Understanding between Wiltshire and BDO which specifies the basis on which information is being shared.  There is also a breach of natural justice in publishing a report critical of individuals without offering an opportunity for them to contribute or comment on a draft.  Remember when Brian Napier was doing his report he sent out "Scott Letters" to the people being criticised so they had a chance to respond before the final draft of the report was to made public.

What is getting interesting as the correspondence unfolds is that nobody seems to be owning up to allowing the sharing of information between the two enquiries.   If im getting this right then ILM is denying it was him and Wiltshire have not responded.   The position we could take  is to take ILM at face value for the time being and then to press Wiltshire on the basis that if its not ILM then it must be Brian Moore. He has to reply and he has to answer because of the seriousness of the issues.   Depending on what he says there might be a basis for a Data Protection complaint in the UK or possibly a complaint to the Wiltshire Police Authority that an undertaking of confidentiality has been broken by their Chief Constable .  

The BDO Alto report states on page 10

NPIA Review Team remarked that, ' A clear strategy from the outset could have considerably reduced the amount of work required whilst achieving the same results' 

It does not say where the above quote comes from. Did they just make it up?

This is very strange.  

Tucked away on page  44 of the BDO Report it says there were two representatives  of the NPIA at the meeting in Oxfordshire. What these reports don't give you is how things were moving at the time. This was and continues to be a Child Abuse Investigation,  it's so easy to be wise after the event.  I believe it's important to look at these reports and show how they have been used by our ruling elite, media and idiotic states members  to discredit the two officers who broke the wall of silence and worse still to discredit the very Abuse Survivors themselves .  I have no doubt that mistakes were made during Operation Rectangle mistakes are always made in major investigations it's one of the reasons the Police call in reviews ( The Met Report ).  Should we be surprised at what has happened? We know its all about Jerseys reputation. The Child Abuse investigation laid bare everything that is rotten in the Jersey Government.

Below I reproduce  the document 

Opperation Rectangle   Haut De La Garenne Strategic Search Advice

This was done by Mark Harrison MBE - NPIA

Remember the above quote;

NPIA Review Team remarked that, ' A clear strategy from the outset could have considerably reduced the amount of work required whilst achieving the same 


Mark Harrison MBE

National Search Adviser 

Homicide, Missing Persons, Mass Fatality Disasters

Email:  HYPERLINK ""

Direct dial: 07979488414



Terms of Reference

Provide strategic advice to the SIO and CSC in relation to searches for Human remains within the grounds and Building at “Haut de la Garenne” a former children’s home, Jersey.

Advise the SIO and CSC on appropriate search assets.

On 5/2/08 a briefing was held at LGC oxford by SIO Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, States of Jersey Police. In addition to the briefing a document was distributed which had been prepared by Karl Harrison, lead scientist LGC. This document was a desk based study of the “Haut de la Garanne” site.

On 19/2/08 the “Haut de la Garanne” site was visited by a reconnaissance party including States of Jersey Police SIO and CSC, LGC staff representing Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cranfield representing Geophysics, FSC representing specialist search canines and myself.

On 20/2/08 I was briefed by Paul Tucker on recent renovations and previous relevant finds at the “Haut de la Garanne”.

As a result of the on ground reconnaissance I recommend consideration of the following search strategic advice.

Scenario Based Searching

Prior to any searches being undertaken the scenario the search is based upon should be documented and clearly communicated to all search personnel a draft suggestion could be; “to search for the non dismembered skeletal remains of children between the ages of ? that have been buried to the sub metre level using hand tools within the building and grounds of Haut de la Garenne”. 

Search Phases

The search process should be conducted in five phases, they are;

Phase one

Desk based study – this has already been completed by LGC

Phase two 

On the ground reconnaissance and control measures survey.

identify relevant features on the ground that provide optimal areas for burial

Ground characterisation – dig test pits on the site to establish the ground geology and the sub surface hydro domains. 

Digability and excavatability survey – establish the viability and ease to dig a burial using hand tools on the site.

Analyse the soil to determine type and the probable effects on decomposition.

Geophysics study to determine the optimum equipment type for the site and the maximum resolution and depth penetration available.

Geomatics – create a plan drawing of the site to record any significant finds or search activity.

Conduct a walk through with a knowledgeable person who can provide information regarding the changes and renovations to the building and grounds.

Phase Three

Search of the site in a prioritised order, all assets should be used moving from the non invasive to the invasive.

Where geophysical surveys identify anomalies these should be compared against any known sub surface utilities prior to invasive excavation.

Where any VRD (Victim Recovery Dog) indications are given consideration should be made to any sub surface scent pathways gravity fed either via pathways through the soil, bedrock or hydro geological action.

Where there are physical excavations on any priority area or identified anomaly they should be supervised by an Archaeologist and Anthropologist.

Grounds of Haut de la Garenne

The grounds are an open area approximately 220m x 130m with hedgerows bounding the perimeter and the four irregular sections within it. The search here utilises field craft, geophysical survey and VRD search followed by controlled excavation where required.

Courtyard within Haut de la Garenne

This courtyard has a smooth tarmac covering. The courtyard has been subject to extensive renovation over the last 40 years. Within the courtyard are two large drainage tanks and a well. It is recommended a GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) survey is conducted to establish the sub surface utilities, the boundaries of the tanks and well and establish the number of unaccounted for anomalies. Depending on the number of anomalies it maybe necessary to bore holes to facilitate the egress of “scent” (volatile organic compounds) emitting any grave or to facilitate more detailed imaging. If the anomaly is considered a possible grave then the GPR can be used to image the area prior to excavation. The well depending on it size and condition may require exploration to determine the presence of any remains. Clearly this method is invasive and reparation work will be required once the search is complete.

Inside the building of Haut de la Grarenne.

Information exists of the previous finding of buried bones co mingled with a pair of children’s shoes and fragments of cloth. The location of these finds within the building is known. It is therefore recommended that a VRD and then a GPR survey is conducted over this known location in order to determine any anomalies or positive indications. These anomalies could then be invasively explored in order to identify their source. The remainder of this large building could be subject to a VRD sweep of all rooms and open areas. This would be a proportionate response as there is no intelligence relating to other areas of the building at this time. Inhibiting factors are the large size of the building and its comprehensive renovation and extension in recent years. 

Phase Four

This would be enacted if an evidential find is made and the forensic body recovery strategy is implemented.

Phase Five

This is the exit strategy. On completion of the search a full geomatic survey will have been conducted recording in document and mapping form all search activity undertaken on the site. Where possible geophysical surveys should have data logging and GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) positional recording to enable proof of coverage. Searches involving the VRD should also be recorded using a mobile GPS data logger. All anomalies, indications and test pits should be recorded in a GIS (Geographic Information System) model.


 The above link shows exactly what went on with the excavation of Haut de La Garenne and should be read

To Cover-up the Child Abuse and protect High Profile Suspects they had to discredit the Investigation. The sad thing is that to discredit the investigation they needed the "LOCAL MAIN STREAM MEDIA" this they got.

When something that resembles a "COMMITTEE OF NO  ENQUIRY" turns up with very flexible and disappearing Terms of Reference the local media should be investigated.

We await now the Reply from Wiltshire and BDO  Alto 

Rico Sorda


rico sorda said...

Also worth reading is this old blog posting



martin said...

mr sorda
yet again a very good post but do you think any thing will be done about it in the states there are mybe 4or6 who will say something but the rest just kiss tls and
p/o ass nothing will change untill they are gone.

rico sorda said...

Hi Martin

The States Chamber is one of the main blocking parts of a proper functioning democracy in Jersey. It sounds crazy saying it but it's the honest truth. The old guard, like 10 of the ingrained constables think they are protecting Jersey in some kind of strange way. You cant say anything that goes against the old way or you get called a traitor of Jersey. The reason that Lenny & Graham were thrown to the dogs was because they went against the grain. With some luck this old breed are dying out, people who carry a moral & social conscious must be allowed to take us forward.

This is why the Majority of states members don't give a damn about the Abuse Victims, they still blame the victims for the adverse publicity. The money men and thats all that counts is money will do whatever it takes to protect the image and the Money God


Ian Evans said...

It is good to read your true emotions coming out on this blog Rico, another fantastic posting mate, keep at em!

Anonymous said...

"The BDO Alto report states on page 10

NPIA Review Team remarked that, ' A clear strategy from the outset could have considerably reduced the amount of work required whilst achieving the same results' (end quote)

I take this to mean that the elite should have had in place a better strategy from the outset to prevent discovery of anything embarrassing to the island's reputation. Consider how much money had to be invested later to dredge up even Harper's allegedly overpriced lunch tab in London, which ultimately met SOJ pre-approved expense guidelines. All that could later effort have been prevented if only the elite had exercised greater political control over police matters, at least enough so that historic abuse was never investigated in the first place.


GeeGee said...

'We await now the Reply from Wiltshire and BDO Alto'

Rico my friend - based on past experiences we may be waiting a long, long time. This despite the fact that we, the long-suffering, but not so stupid public have paid for disaster after diaster, yes, all to cover-up child abuse.

It is a shame more people do not read the blogs for the truth, but reading comments on the JEP and other blogs I am aware of words like revolution ,demonstration and protest being used. I think this shows the general feeling of disquiet among the people of Jersey at this time.

As for Mr Ogley, I wonder if he would answer one question before he leaves with a pocket full of our money. Why did you Mr Ogley utter the words 'This could bring down the Government'.

Perhaps you could at least do that for us before you go.

martin said...

gee gee
you have more chance of winning the lottery then getting anything out of take the cash and run ogley.but i do think you are right about one think things are comeing to a head in jersey we can not keep on going on like this.

Anonymous said...

It could, but probably wont be a good oral and written question time on Tuesday 7th June.

Could be, because realistically everything is coming together at one time.

Serious answers are required of The Napier, Wiltshire and BDO Alto reports. All three reports are Child Abuse Cover up related.

Serious answers are required for the huge Hush Money pay out for the two top and highest paid Civil Servants, who were, no ifs and buts, both SACKED, but tried their best to cover up Child Abuse. (Cover up related)

Then there is the deadly silence of The Child Abuse Investigation, which resently got a unanimous vote from States Members to get one in place as soon as possible....

Yes it could and should be a field day for good and honest States Members on Tuesday 7th of June!?

voiceforchildren said...


On top of the Wiltshire Report (debacle) and the BDO Report (debacle) one mustn't forget the the Napier Report (debacle) isn't worth the paper it's WRITTEN ON

voiceforchildren said...


Deputy TREVOR PITMAN is on the case.


"Will the Chief Minister clarify whether or not the reported 'golden handshakes' amounting to approximately £800,000 were paid/are being paid to two senior civil servants; what the sums are in relation to each individual; from which fund they are to be paid and under what justification? Further still, how were these sums determined and who ultimately made the decision to pay these sums?"

He's followed it up with an oral question.

“Will the Chief Minister clarify the exact sums allegedly paid in the region of £800.000 ‘golden handshakes’ to two civil servants; clarify who was paid which sum and explain why such huge payments were considered justified?”

Deputy Pitman has also got an oral question submitted (don't know if it been accepted yet) to Senator Ben Shenton (Chairman of PAC)

“Did PAC ever examine the report written by BDO/Alto into the management of the Historical Abuse Inquiry expenditure; if not why not, further still, would the Chairman undertake to scrutinize the expenditure incurred by the Wiltshire Constabulary in their investigation(s) into the Historic Abuse Inquiry (also including Operation Blast) and submit a report to the Chamber with their findings?”

voiceforchildren said...


"For the avoidance of any doubt I regard the failure to inform me of the changed terms of reference, and hence the agenda for my meeting with Mr Napier, as an act of deception which undermined my ability to make the most of my interview with him, and to make all of the submissions which I would have made had I been in full possession of the facts." Graham Power QPM.

Anonymous said...


Ian Evans said...