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Former Acting Police Chief Warcup

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:
My opinion is that the right to a fair trial does not apply to suspension matters.  It does apply to disciplinary matters but not to suspension matters which are pro quo.  Nevertheless, clearly in any disciplinary matter one should proceed as rapidly as one is able so to do and that has always been my firm intention and remains so.
17th nov 2009

Journalist David Rose

"He is well known as the author/co author of a number of articles and books which claim that there is no such thing as historic child abuse.  According to Rose, such allegations are normally the result of either a conspiracy between the police and dishonest so called victims looking for money, or a result of "False Recall Syndrom."  Rose has also given evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees on behalf of some of the worst convicted paedophiles in the UK, including Frank Beck, the Leicestershire Care Home Rapist, and the multiple convicted abusers in the North Wales Care Homes scandals.  Rose still insists that these people are the victims of "awful miscarriages of justice" and should not be in jail.  this is despite a three year public inquiry by an eminent judge which backed the abused and the police investigations." Lenny Harper

BDO Alto - 11

Exposing the shocking Jersey Child Abuse Cover -up

Keeping our readers informed as we go along

Home Affairs Minister Senator Le Marquand replies to my email 

An utterly Shocking and Horrific Disclosure

What he  said has left me feeling angry, shocked and disgusted. We are now starting to pull apart the wretched toxic cancer that lurks in all aspects of Government, Judiciary and SOJP.  Below is a quote from the email I received from the Home Affairs Minister. I want the readers of this blog to think very carefully about what he is stating, the implications of what he is stating and the seriousness of the allegation. I asked the Home Affairs Minister a simple question, "who leaked the draft report to Child Abuse Denier David Rose". The answer that came back is quite Staggering &  Shocking.

Senator Le Marquand

"It appears that the leak took place within the States of Jersey Police. There was a brief investigation at the time and I have recently asked the new Chief Officer of Police to look at this again."   I take any such leak of confidential information seriously. Yours sincerely, Ian Le Marquand.         

Now just think about that again.

  A serving member of the States of Jersey Police has leaked a confidential draft report to a Journalist who is a known Child Abuse Denier. This has happened whilst "Operation Rectangle" is still a live Police Investigation. A report that is 100% biased against the former SIO Lenny Harper. It was used to trash a Child Abuse Investigation and  the local media were picking up awards for nothing.

Who did BDO Alto send that report too? was it Acting Chief Officer David Warcup? How many officers had access to this Draft Report? Has a third party been used?

The New Police Chief Mike Bowron must find  answers to this most shocking of leaks. You can see why the Abuse Victims never trusted the Police before Power & Harper took over.  CPO Bowron must  let us know what happened with the original investigation, who investigated it, and what conclusions were reached. 

When I received that bombshell from Senator Le Marquand I started researching the years before 2008 and the SOJP. Another reason for doing so was an email exchange that I have been having with a States Member who will remain nameless for now. What I found was total animosity towards Lenny Harper. This was going back to early 2005, the new leadership were routing out bullying and corruption in the force, that was not the 'Jersey Way'. When 2008 came around it was payback time. I will be dealing with this in later posts. 

The Abuse Victims have never been a priority to the ruling elite, the majority of government or the local media - that is a fact

Here is the Email exchange in full

From: rico sorda
Subject: RE: BDO Alto
To: "Ian Le Marquand"
Cc: "roy herissier"
Date: Wednesday, 8 June, 2011, 17:39

Dear Senator

The BDO Alto report was used in trashing the Historical Abuse Investigation. Now, if they cant get the date of when they started right then what of their report? Let me also inform you that BDO Alto never contacted the former Chief of Police nor his SIO to give the report a counter balance.  Senator,  go to page 1 of the BDO report and read the forwarding letter, it sounds pretty straight forward to me. 

I have no doubt discussions went on previous but according to BDO they started on the 29th September 2009 surly they are not that incompetent Senator? 

it should be obvious to you that the report could not come into existence in such a short period "

Thats right Senator I wonder what could have happened? How did the Child Abuse Denier David Rose quote the so called report? So accurate is his piece, he was leaked either from the SOJP or Home Affairs even before a report existed. Who was privy to such information?

This Report was used to trash a Child Abuse Investigation and your telling me they cant get  a date on page 1 right?

Nothing stacks up with this. Any information you have will be investigated and researched

Kind Regards 

Rico Sorda

From: Ian Le Marquand
Subject: RE: BDO Alto
To: "'rico sorda'" 
Cc: "Roy Le Herissier"
Date: Friday, 17 June, 2011, 12:06

Dear Mr. Sorda, I am now able to explain the late date for the confirmation of the terms on which BDO Alto were retained as I have now received information as to the timeline in relation to the commissioning of the BDO Alto report. I have already given you the date of the Ministerial Act in February 2009. Meetings between BDO Alto and my officers took place soon after but the full terms of their engagement were not confirmed until the date in September 2009. There were some technical issues in relation to this. However, BDO Alto had clearly started work on this report well before then. A leak of sections of a draft report took place in late September or early October 2009. BDO Alto have confirmed that they were not the source of the leak and that at that stage they had not sent any documents to this department and so the leak did not occur in the Home Affairs Department. My staff picked up on the Mail on Sunday article and made enquiries of BDO Alto and of the States Police. It appears that the leak took place within the States of Jersey Police. There was a brief investigation at the time and I have recently asked the new Chief Officer of Police to look at this again. I take any such leak of confidential information seriously. Yours sincerely, Ian Le Marquand

My Reply

Dear Senator

Thank you for your reply and information

As you can imagine this has left me horrified. The SOJP leaking a caveated report ( Not interviewing the main person Lenny Harper) to a Child Abuse denier David Rose. WHY?

I will take a little time going over what you have just said. This has left me feeling very upset. Just when I think things cant get any worse over here. If you take leaking of information so seriously why wasn't there any mention of this until I started Investigating.

Kind regards

Rico Sorda 

There are other issues I need to look at concerning the Home Affairs Ministers Reply but for now I just want to concentrate on the Shocking Revalation that a member of the States of Jersey Police Force leaked a one sided report to a CHILD ABUSE DEINER JOURNALIST DURING A LIVE POLICE INVESTIGATION

Just how bad is it over here? They were using David Rose to Trash a Child Abuse Investigation. He was being engaged for sometime. 

We are swimming in the highest levels of corruption and incompetence 

How can Children ever be safe over here?

Rico Sorda


Anonymous said...

There are so many lies. They HAVE to be covering up something even worse than what was located by Lenny Harper's team. That is a scary thought, but...

Anonymous said...

OMG! This cover up and corruption gets from bad to worse. What happened to the original report into the leak? If you hadn't of been investigating this it would have been brushed under the Jersey corruption carpet along with the rest of it.

Anonymous said...

someone needs to hand over an award

GeeGee said...

Well, well - bang to rights again. Who would have been the Chief of Police at the time of the 'Investigation'? As if we did not know.

Furthermore if Le Marquand has been aware of this all this time, and been happy to get his dustpan and brush out until you brought this all into the open Rico, I think he has a lot of explaining to do. In fact he should resign.

Let's see what Mr Bowron is made of now. You should contact the Bureau of Investigative Journalism - they could well be interested in this and Stuart's blog. They do what you are doing but on a larger scale.

What a week/weekend! What will tomorrow bring I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico,

If this was a truly independant report then BDO Alto would never have started work on it until the letter of engagement was signed - that is standard accountancy practice. If they did, they were working without remit or authority.

In fact, I am extremely surprised that the person responsible for take-on of business in BDO Alto did not ensure that this letter had been signed and was on file (this would be a standard part of their required internal policies and procedures).

To commence an enquiry such as this, without sign-off of the letter of engagement, would suggest a very cosy relationship indeed.

Anonymous said...

A certain organisation needs to retrieve an award and then investigate how such an award came about.

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair to ILM: he is right to say that a fair trial doesn't apply to suspensions.

The act of suspension will, in many situations, require immediate action without full evidence, in order to prevent possible harm to an organisation, or to individuals.

For example - and this is completely hypothetical - suppose there was a credible complaint of physical abuse by a teacher or senior civil servant involved in childrens' education. It would be not only reasonable but imperative to suspend that person immediately (on a "neutral" basis, of course) until the complaint could be investigated.

I am sure that, in the case of Graham Power's suspension for alleged lack of adequate oversight of his 2i/c's expenses, it was of vital importance to move quickly without having any evidence. Otherwise, who knows what havoc could have been wreaked before the subsequent disciplinary. Why that crafty, Lenny might have bought 2 pencils and a crayon without authorisation in triplicate. In such grave situations, fairness is a luxury we can't afford.

Indeed, Messrs Lewis, Ogley et al are to be commended for the speed and lack of fairness with which they acted in suspending Graham Power, using their powers of time travel and creative writing to back-date his suspension.

Of course, ILM is also correct to state that the disciplinary process should require a fair trial and should be completed as swiftly as possible. It is comforting to reflect on how well he achieved this in the case of Graham Power.

It took - what? - a mere couple of years and a few hundred grand of our money to fail to find any post facto dirt to justify Mr Power's suspension, after which ILM drew on all his years of experience as a beak and pronounced a demonstrably innocent man guilty anyway.

But, as with all good lawyers, ILM was simply following somebody else's work here (although lawyers like to call these "precedents" when charging you £500 an hour for a bit of copy-and-paste).

No, the idea of stitching-up a decent, innocent man and ruining his reputation to save face, and at great cost to the public, had recently been road-tested with the similar suspension-without-justification of John Day, a surgeon at the hospital.

So let's give Ian a break. He's only doing his best.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


As you know, the "award" in question - was given to Channel Television - who won it for "investigative journalism" - for a piece which consisted of the uncritical regurgitation of Jersey oligarchy lies concerning the financial management of the child abuse investigation.

As you have so ably exposed - in reality there was nothing wrong with that financial management - and a great deal wrong with the supposed "inquiry" conducted by BDO and Wiltshire.

It is now clear that Channel Television is a disgraced organisation.

They have peddled overt lies - did so without even seeking counter-opinions - engaged in that activity in the furtherance - of all things - the concealment of the abuse of little children - and then quite happily went and received an award for the program in question.

Channel Television and its bosses haven't heard the last of this.

But - in the mean time - they might wish to consider an article that was on page 5 of Friday's Independent - concerning the shameful conduct of BBC Panorama in the case of their program on Primark.

Panorama is usually a very good program - one with the highest repute - and one which can be relied upon to produce good investigative journalism.

But this time, something went very badly wrong - and the team making the Primark program actually wholly misleading footage of children working in bad conditions - footage which they then "sold" to the audience as representing Primark labour.

Wholly unforgivable - doubly so as the cause they were investigating - the abusive use of child labour - is a valid one, that could without doubt have been illustrated without resort to lazy and ethically bankrupt fakery. The BBC has been ordered to apologise, and it is very difficult to imagine the team who produced that particular program surviving.

In the Independent article, it is suggested that the BBC executives should give back an award the program won in 1999 from the Royal Television Society.

I think we should be asking Channel Television if they are going give back the award they won for an equally shabby, untrue and actively dishonest program?

Will they salvage a little credibility and dignity now - or will they await the full humiliation of an investigation against them?


The Truth said...

I applaud your tenacity Rico but surely even you have realised what took place here.
We all know from Lenny's affidavit that there was/are corrupt officers in the SOJP who would take any opportunity to undermine him and anything he was doing. What better way to have investigations of Police corruption put to one side than to tarnish the very officer who is exposing the corruption - if any of us were in the same position we would do the same.
The leaked email I would assume was an email written by Warcop as part of his investigation for getting rid of GP. I'm sure that he (innocently or not) trusted members of the Police so felt no need to encrypt his findings. An officer or even a support staff got hold of the email and forwarded to Jim P. knowing that he too would pass on to a wider audience i.e. David Rose.

So all this leaking of the report was a way of discrediting Lenny and his corruption investigations (and the HDLG investigation). I think you will find the origins of the David Rose article were not in fact the BDO report but emails of information collected by Warcop as part of his investigation into GP that BDO quoted word for word in their report. (Standard practise these days when writing a report is to simply cut and paste evidence you have to prevent mis-interpretation of the evidence found.

So what you need now to be focusing on is "Which member of the SOJP was Lenny getting close to exposing so needed to discredit him?" Lenny's affidavit might alledge that Bonjour was on his hit list but Lenny retired before the investigation was completed.

Dig deep; find who sent the email/details to Jim P. then you will know who and why. But one thing I can virtually guarantee this is not just about HDLG this was about someone in SOJP who was sh*t scared of being exposed as corrupt by Lenny.

Anonymous said...

Who gives the orders or gave the orders I sure as hell dont believe Mr. Warcop was simply investigating Mr. Power for no reason. Who wanted and got the child abuse investigation closed?

Anonymous said...

No doubt Bonjour will retire with a fat pension. He should be in jail.

rico sorda said...

I don't know if Bonjour should be in Jail or not. I do know there was an investigation but that all went quiet once Lenny had left the force


rico sorda said...

I mentioned in my posting that I had been looking into the 'SOJP' prior to 2008 so I could get an understanding as to why someone would think about leaking information to a Journalist who has been used in Covering- Up Child Abuse. Like I have said before I believe there were some axes to grind against Graham Power and Lenny Harper. Let us have a look at some headlines dating back to 2006. Surely people wouldn't use the heinous crime of Chld Abuse to discredit Power & Harper and discredit a Child Abuse Investigation. Im not saying the people mentioned in the articles are the Guilty Parties but there was serious resentment of the above mentioned officers.

Police: Clean-up or witch-hunt?

By Andy Sibcy

UNPRECEDENTED efforts to root out corruption in the States police have resulted in officers facing disciplinary hearings for exchanging information for sex and involvement in drug smuggling, it can be revealed today

.Deputy police chief Lenny Harper said that officers had also been disciplined for having sex on police premises and being drunk on licensed premises when on duty and then falsely reporting sick.
In the four years since he joined the force Mr Harper has overseen several major anti-corruption investigations, including the bugging and covert surveillance of officers.

In that time, seven police officers and six civilian support staff have resigned or have been sacked while facing, or after, disciplinary action.
However, efforts to address ill-discipline and corruption are today severely criticised for costing too much, taking far too long and being akin to using a sledgehammer to crack a nut,
Article posted on 12th June, 2006 - 12.00am

rico sorda said...

Police challenge for ‘witch-hunt victims

By Andy Sibcy

THE deputy police chief has thrown down the gauntlet to two former officers who say that they are victims of anti-corruption witch-hunts to sanction a public debate about their cases.

Lenny Harper has challenged Roy Gallichan and Nigel Gregory to give their permission in writing for the police to release details about the disciplinary matters they faced.

The two former officers resigned from the force while facing, or after facing, disciplinary hearings.

It was reported yesterday that unprecedented efforts had been made during the past four years, since Mr Harper joined the force, to root out corrupt or ill-disciplined officers in the States police.

Article posted on 13th June, 2006 - 12.00am

rico sorda said...

New police row over tow-away freebies

By Andy Sibcy

MORE than a dozen police officers have admitted taking free holidays and other freebies from a local businessman who does vehicle recovery work for the force, the deputy police chief said today.

The officers had breached all policies and integrity guidelines, said Lenny Harper, and had left the force open to allegations of corruption.
However, he stressed that none would face discipli-nary action and there would be no ‘witch-hunt’.

Mr Harper released the information to explain why the police had reintroduced a rota system to share out the police’s vehicle recovery work, including removing illegally parked cars and after accidents, among a number of companies.
Article posted on 16th June, 2006 - 12.00am

rico sorda said...

Police praised in HMI report

By Anthony Lewis

THE States of Jersey Police have been praised as a ‘modern and fast-moving’ force by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.
And the controversial professional standards department, led by Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, has won strong endorsement despite external claims that it is heavy-handed in rooting out alleged corruption.

Only last week former Senator Dick Shenton claimed the police management were ‘out of control’.

But the force’s senior leadership will view today’s report as a vindication of its policing priorities and the way that the force has been turned around since a critical HMI report six years ago.
The report reveals that police officers face even further scrutiny in future.

The new Police Law currently being drafted will include provision for officers to be compulsorily drug-tested if they are suspected of taking illegal substances – a move which HMI support.

Article posted on 8th December, 2006 - 12.00am

rico sorda said...

‘Minister allowed police to get out of control’

By Harry McRandle

FORMER Senator Dick Shenton has said he would bring a vote of no confidence against Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard over the Roy Boschat affair if he was still in the States.

He said that Senator Kinnard had allowed senior States police officers to ‘get out of control’ and become virtually ‘unaccountable for their actions’.

Mr Shenton, who once had political responsibility for Island policing as president of the then Defence Committee, took up the case of Mr Boschat some months ago and has held meetings with Senator Kinnard and States police Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper.

‘The more it went on, the more I felt I was in the middle of a confrontation between two cultures.

It was Jersey common-sense policing against attitudes more prevalent in Strathclyde and Northern Ireland,’ said Mr Shenton.

But Senator Kinnard defended her position.
‘Once the facts were known, he would be the first to appreciate the criticisms he makes are of no substance,’ she said.
Mr Boschat was accused of bribing Pc Sean Osmand to secure lucrative contracts for his vehicle recovery and breakdown business from the States force.During the investigation into the allegations he was not allowed to do any police work.

Last week Mr Boschat was notified that there would be no proceedings against him but has yet to be reinstated onto the police rota for vehicle recovery.

Pc Osmand will not face any further action in relation to charges of corruption of a public official and conspiracy to defraud.
Article posted on 30th November, 2006 - 12.00am

Anonymous said...

The very same Roy Gallichan that is now in prison? Looks like Lenny has been vindicated once again.

rico sorda said...

The fact that someone leaked a draft report to David Rose is horrendous and cannot be swept under the carpet


Anonymous said...

"Indeed, Messrs Lewis, Ogley et al are to be commended for the speed and lack of fairness with which they acted in suspending Graham Power, using their powers of time travel and creative writing to back-date his suspension."

Sadly, time travel makes as much sense as any explanations so far! Either a premeditated campaign of orchestrated cover-up was already in place or it is time to blame the supernatural.

GeeGee said...

Rico - taking up a point that another commentor made. Why do you not e-mail Jimmy Perchard and ask him directly why he did what he did/ He cannot deny it because the evidence is out there.

And yes Mr Bonjour........what did you do about my granddaughter who was assaulted whilst in the Sea Cadets? When I approached you last year (several years later) you told me to contact CID!

And the outcome would have been.......more cover-up. The sad thing is the Children's Service know the name/s of the perpetrator and what have they done........

Says it all a thousand times over really.

Anonymous said...

Is it not strange that there was enormous time and effort expelled to try and prove that Graham Power and Lenny Harper had been very bad, yet nothing amounted to gross misconduct or criminal. However, the part leaking of a report that had just been agreed a few days earlier by someone in the SOJP, an act of what must be criminal leads to nothing, I wonder how much effort was put in to nab the perpetrator?

How independent can a report be if those carrying out the report have been liaising with ILM's officers before terms had even been agreed!!!

Res Nullius said...

They would sweep it under the carpet. But for you Rico.

Keep up the pressure. The cracks already showing will begin to split.

rico sorda said...


I have thought about emailing Senator Perchard today but have been very busy. I probably will do at sometime during the week but if anybody else feels like doing it then feel free and let us know how you get on.

"How independent can a report be if those carrying out the report have been liaising with ILM's officers before terms had even been agreed!!!

Totally agree with this point. There are many inconsistencies that need sorting out and they will be. The major issue at the moment is the leak from the SOJP and their investigation into it. There can be no doubt that this was a criminal act and it will be now very interesting to see what the nes Police Chief does.

There are other things in the pipeline that I hope I can share with our readers during the week.

Res Nullius

No stopping until we find out exactly what went on


Res Nullius said...

If an officer of the SOJP leaked anything it would amount to a disciplinary or criminal offence. There is no other option.

But ILM knows this.

Anonymous said...

Anon. at 5:59 PM says, "Is it not strange that there was enormous time and effort expelled to try and prove that Graham Power and Lenny Harper had been very bad, yet nothing amounted to gross misconduct or criminal."

My sentiments exactly. I was planning to write a comment about how every effort was expended into the investigation of Mr Power and Mr Harper, and it is remarkable they could find nothing to pin on either of them. Most decent people make mistakes or do things which could be made to look bad later, but I can't find anything these guys did wrong. How many other people could withstand that level of hostile scrutiny?

Anonymous said...

And how many thousands were squandered investigating each and every bite of Lenny Harper's lunches?

Mr Harper was encouraged to spend whatever it took, as documented, so perhaps the "blank cheque" they proffered was so they could trap him spending much more lavishly than he ever did. What they called "Hollywood Harper" spending was less than would be authorized for most States authorized business meals, and it was laughably petty to make it sound like a crime when they could find nothing worse to smear him with. It brings much more suspicion on his accusers than on Mr Harper when the costs are examined.

Anonymous said...

And yet, we have a high profile person in the education department, who the SOJP have a major file on in terms of his child abuse activities, and yet both the AG and ILM have chosen to do nothing inspite of the police evidence against this man! He's obviously a member of the right golf club?

rico sorda said...

Senator Le Marquand is questions without answers in the states tomorrow. Not sure if he will be asked anything but lets see


Anonymous said...

David Rose is as guilty as the abusers themselves and should be forever remembered not just for being a paid hack, but for being a lying pro-pedophile paid hack. His name should be on every blog and in the text books concerned with honest journalism. He should be associated with institutionalized child rape on every blog, related news item or future history book concerned with concealment of systematic child sexual abuse. Unlike pedophiles, he was not propelled by their horrible criminal compulsion, he decided to make his journalistic living as a destroyer of the pleas by innocent children. David Rose should be as ashamed as any Nazi collaborator.


Ian Evans said...

Jersey's most INFAMOUS journalist :)

Anonymous said...

When I scroll down and the picture of David Rose whizzes up my screen it looks a bit like some Reeves and Mortimer characters to me :)

Anonymous said...

‘The more it went on, the more I felt I was in the middle of a confrontation between two cultures.

It was Jersey common-sense policing against attitudes more prevalent in Strathclyde and Northern Ireland,’ said Mr Shenton

So say Dick Shenton. Common sense policing that messed up the Newell and Le Geyt murders and was rife with corruption which included a damning HMI report...........

Ian Evans said...


voiceforchildren said...


Deputy Trevor Pitman on MEDIA

rico sorda said...

I have just been informed that ILM said it was Mick Gradwell who leaked to David Rose. That is just staggering. I believe theJerseyWay will be putting up the audio soon.

What with the fiasco in court today with a judge giving the green light for child abuse whatever next


Anonymous said...

If ILM has evidence to back what he says, when does the criminal investigation and prosecution start?

Ian Evans said...

It was Grabwell....says an evidenced liar and cheat!!!

As far as Le Marquands word goes, it could have been just about ANYONE!!!

rico sorda said...

But Gradwell isn't no low ranking police officer Ian. Gradwell along with Warcup had a huge role in the 12th November 2008 press conference when they trashed the abuse investigation and our clowns suspended Graham Power.

This is very serious


Ian Evans said...

I know Rico, but if Le Marquand can pass the buck lower down the pecking order, then he sure as hell will!!!

voiceforchildren said...


Audio of Home Affairs Minister hanging Mick Gradwell OUT TO DRY

Anonymous said...

The open mouths, gasping and deadly silence was apparent when ILM in the States today said that it was a former Deputy of the Jersey Police who leaked an e-mail to David Rose.

Then guess who quickly changed the subject to the next question?

Yes you've got it....

Another mate of David Rose SENATOR JIMMY PERCHARD!!

Anonymous said...

ILM's admission that it was 'most likely' to have been Gradwell was absolutely electrifying on the radio. I cannot wait for TJW to put it online.

Nobody followed it up with a supplementary. The silence was palpable, dramatic and effective. Trevor had his man. ILM's cocky, mocking, dismissive demeanour evaporated in an instant.

I did wish someone had demanded that he either a) retract his "incompetent maverick" statement about Lenny, or label Gradwell an "incompetent maverick" instead. There is still time for that though, maybe Trev can ask another question in that regard!

This raises some very, very serious questions. What of the discontinued investigations, will they be reopened? And which ex-cop will the Daily Mail go to now that they need a rent-a-quote, now that Mick's credibility has been blown out of the water?

Well done, Rico and Trevor, very well done indeed.

rico sorda said...

We have been at this for a very long time but just by pure chance Lenny Harper & VFC opened a door. It was in one of Lenny Harpers interviews when he mentioned not being interviewed about Finances I remembered the BDO report and checked it out, what's happening now is the Snowball effect. There should be some more breaking news this week.

Look at what happens when you investigate and ask the right questions


Anonymous said...

I've just heard ILM confirming to the States Chamber that it was Mick Gradwell who leaked the report. This is unbelievable.

Firstly, one of the major criticisms of the handling of the HDLG enquiry was the way Lenny Harper dealt with the press - so is leaking draft reports to known child abuse denier journalists the recommended way?

Secondly, although ILM must have been aware of Gradwells leak through the 'short' enquiry back in 2009, he continued to support MG for the role of new Chief of Police - what was it he said - if Gradwell doesn't get the job, I'll resign.

So this is the type of person our Home secretary views as the man to lead our police force. That says a lot about the character and integrity of ILM, as, of course, it does about Mick Gradwell.

Anonymous said...

So just how did Gradwell get a copy of an independent BDO report that had only just had its terms agreed a few days earlier?

Why did this experienced deputy chief of police leak such details to a journalist?

Surely this should be reported in the National press, not a very good credential to include in ones CV!.

I assume there must be some charge to be brought or the very least, Gradwell needs to be asked why he thought it right to do what he has done.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

It was David Warcup that ILM was backing all the way for the role of Chief of Police. You are right in your assumptions of Mick Gradwell. This is really starting to open up it really is.

Didn't Mick Gradwell show abuse survivors evidence?


Anonymous said...


There is no doubt in my mind that you and a small number of your fellow bloggers have done the work of true professional journalists. Instead of asking why the mainstream media will not step up and do this, you need to recognize that you are the ONLY Jersey journalists who matter now. If the thought of that once seemed too daunting to you, look what you have already discovered and exposed.

If you had a paid position with an editor and material support, you would still be reporting the same hard facts, just more easily, with the time and resources to investigate further and more rapidly.

It is time for your friends and allies to assist you so you are not overwhelmed with providing full time political news coverage and full time employment elsewhere. Do you and Neil have young student friends who can intern for you during the summer school break? They could learn a lot from you and play an important role in Jersey's struggle for transparent democracy.


Anonymous said...

Surely Gradwell will be charged!!

This is what happens in the UK, report dated 16th June 2011:-

THE former head of Victoria Police's sexual crimes squad, Detective Inspector Glenn Davies, will be charged with criminal offences over alleged leaking of information, after a probe by the Office of Police Integrity.

The Age believes Inspector Davies appeared at private hearings run by the watchdog and will soon face charges relating to the unauthorised release of information to the media.

He was suspended as head of the sexual crimes squad in December.

Read more:

voiceforchildren said...


A commenter says.

"he continued to support MG for the role of new Chief of Police - what was it he said - if Gradwell doesn't get the job, I'll resign. "

It was in fact David Warcup that ILM threatened to resign over, if he didn't get the job......which he didn't..........and Le Marquand is still there.

But going by Le Marquand's logic as Graham Power was responsible for everything Lenny Harper did, then Warcup is responsible for everything Gradwell did.

On the face of it, this looks to include leaking reports to David Rose of all people!!! So what does ILM make of Gradwell and Warcup now?? And is Le Marquand going to do the right thing and fall on his sword?????

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


I've been saying for a long time that the Jersey oligarchy had lost - but they just did't realise it yet - just didn't realise quite how much trouble they're in.

Today's confession by ILM was another toll of the bell that marks The End.

Whether he realises it - what ILM said today - destroys the credibility and standing of the entire attack that was mounted against the historic child abuse investigation.

These people never were terribly bright - so someone had better explain to them that now - the entire HDLG investigation is going to have to be re-launched.

The IOC who replaced Mr Harper - now exposed as a conniving, politicised pro-oligarchy law-breaker. Just think - some of us get subjected to massed police raids for the merest suggestion we may have breached the data protection law.

Massed police raids which arose after months of covert surveillance under the direction of people like Mick Gradwell.

You know what? - This Friday - in court - I feel another quashing application coming on.

The cop instrumental in the prior "investigation" and illegal massed raid conducted against me - now exposed as a liar and a crook - by no-less a source than the Home Affairs Minister.

You just couldn't make it up.


rico sorda said...


You raise some very good points and I will comment on them later this evening I hope. This has been one crazy day. Between Stuarts court case and Deputy Pitmans straight question to ILM it shows just how much of a mess this island is in. Its frightening thinking about what has been allowed to go on and is still going on


rico sorda said...

Today in the StatesMonday, 20 June, 2011 19:11

From: "rico sorda" View contact details


Cc:,,,, "ben queree" , "Ben Shenton" , "Bob Hill" ,, more

Dear Senator

I have been informed that today in the States you alleged that the person who leaked a not fit for purpose financial report to the Child Abuse Denier Journalist David Rose was Mick Gradwell. Can you please confirm that is what you said. I don't believe I need to spell out to you the seriousness of what we are uncovering here. Mick Gradwell & David Warcup were pivotal in the trashing of the abuse investigation on the 12th Noveber 2008 that led to the former Chief of Police being suspended.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

Anonymous said...

So Gradwell leaked part of a Government report, that was not completed for some six/seven months later, in that time, there were other witnesses to be interviewed who may have given significant balance to the report, or who may have been influenced by the national paper report.

Surely this guy must have had an axe to grind, why else do something so unprofessional, and probably criminal. How can anyone trust what he told the Jersey media when Graham Power was suspended. CONFLICTED, should have been sacked.

Anonymous said...

Of course the BDO is flawed, just one example is this statement:-

JAR/6 was subsequently examined on 31 March 2008 by a scientist from University of Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit and by a scientist from the British Museum and was found to be a piece of wood or coconut shell.

Where is the evidence it was a piece of wood or a piece of coconut shell? Was this upon the say so of the ongoing government report leaker??

thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

For your reader's, the Audio of our Home Affair's Minister blaming Gradwell for leaking that report to a Journalist that used it to trash the Child Abuse Investigation.

You can Listen to it HERE

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Credit Big Trev. Goes where hardly anyone else will. Where were the others? Where was Monty and Jeremy? Aren't they both on HA Scrutiny? Just leave it to the Bald Truth a boys?

Anonymous said...

Taken from David Rose's article in the Daily Mail dated 15 Nov 2008, in which he trashed the HDLG investigation -

'On the wall of his office in Jersey, Mick Gradwell displays a certificate - his formal Home Office qualification as a 'level three senior investigating officer'. It is the 'membership badge' of the crème de la crème and attaining it requires many years of CID experience in handling steadily more difficult cases, as well as attending courses and building skills on everything from the finer points of forensics to dealing with the media.'

Well, well, well - all that experience of dealing with the media has certainly come in handy. What course taught him those leaking skills?

The question of course is, why did he do it? Why did he jeopardise that 'Home Office qualification as a 'level three senior investigating officer'?

Res Nullius said...

"I take any such leak of confidential information seriously. Yours sincerely, Ian Le Marquand"

So, Ian, now that you have outed Gradwell (still a serving police officer I believe) for leaking confidential information what is your next step? Show us just how seriously you take this.

All things being equal we would expect a raid on his address but the problem is that he now lives in England and the UK police would never agree to conduct such a raid without a warrant and I guess you won't get a warrant backed to do it.

Hmm, how about you invite Gradwell to return to Jersey for a formal interview under caution first. If he doesn't come back then have a warrant issued for his arrest perhaps?

How serious do you take it Ian?

Anonymous said...

In the David Rose article, was Gradwell, responsible for the leak of an email to Vicky Coupland dated 12 Feb 2008?

Why you have to ask would Gradwell flagrantly ignore the basic rules of modern criminal investigation. By leaking?

Anonymous said...

How much would Mr. Gradwell receive in a States of Jersey pension.

Were there any perks etc achievment bonuses?

Mac said...

ILM's get out is he said it's likely that Gradwell leaked it.

I can hear him now saying we believe it was Gradwell but we can't be sure, that's why no action has been taken.

When in reality it now call's into question everything Gradwell was involved in and said
when he was over here, ILM should be pulling out all the stops to get the confirmation that it was Gradwell then get the AG to charge him.

What is also a concern is how ILM has kept quiet for over 18 months about and in that time had the cheek to question the professionalism and integrity of Graham Power and Lenny Harper.

I can't see how ILM position is any longer tenable.

Anonymous said...

Will these words come back to haunt him.

Mr. Le Sueur refuses to apologize to Mr. Power "I reiterate now, that I do not intend to make any such apology... On the contrary it would be more appropriate for Mr Power
and Mr Harper to apologise to the people of Jersey."

Anonymous said...

Warcup & Gradwell

100% Busted

ILM time to go...

mac said...

This made me laugh


Does he advise on how to break the law and leak confidential documents

rico sorda said...

This is very serious because we now know there is a link between the SOJP and David Rose. Its all starting to fall into place but more questions need to be asked

By Diane Simon

FORMER deputy police chief Lenny Harper has made formal complaints to the police against former Chief Minister Frank Walker and Senator Jimmy Perchard, alleging that they leaked confidential e-mails about the abuse inquiry to a journalist and newspaper.

However, Mr Walker has strongly denied that claim — and the journalist named by Mr Harper, David Rose of the Mail on Sunday, has also said that the claims are false. Senator Perchard is out of the Island and unavailable for comment. Mr Harper, pictured, is alleging that Mr Rose told police chief Graham Power during a phone call that he had a confidential e-mail leaked to him by Senator Perchard.

He is also alleging that the Mail on Sunday told him that the Chief Minister’s office leaked a confidential e-mail to them in which he updated Senator Walker on the anthropologist’s findings in the UK on items found during the excavation at Haut de la Garenne. However, Mr Rose told the JEP that he had never been leaked an e-mail by Mr Walker, Senator Perchard, States chief executive Bill Ogley or former Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard. ‘I have never spoken to Mr Power either,’ Mr Rose said.

Mr Harper told the JEP that he had received a letter from the States police ‘refusing to investigate the allegations.’ Asked about Mr Harper’s allegations, Mr Walker said that they were totally untrue.

Article posted on 19th December, 2008 - 2.58pm

Read more:

mac said...

So far that's two known people Mick Gradwell and Jimmy Perchard to break the law and leak confidential documents to a child abuse denier journalist. how many other States members or Jersey Police officers have also leaked documents to try and discredit the Child abuse investigation?

I've emailed all the papers that regularly feature Mick Gradwell.

Anonymous said...

Why was the leak not fully investigated at the time. I guess if ILM is not absolutely sure, he will now be exerting the same amount of effort to nail the 'leaker' as he did in trying persuade everyone that Harper and Power were bad cops.

Of course, for all we know, perhaps it was Warcup who leaked it, that of course would certainly call into question ILM backing for Warcup to have been the new COP.

Anyway, who is this "maverick" copper who acted so unprofessionally? Gradwell/Warcup or someone else.

Anonymous said...

'On the wall of his office in Jersey, Mick Gradwell displays a certificate - his formal Home Office qualification as a 'level three senior investigating officer'. It is the 'membership badge' of the crème de la crème and attaining it requires many years of CID experience in handling steadily more difficult cases, as well as attending courses and building skills on everything from the finer points of forensics to dealing with the media.'

Christ, I hope Rose at least got a reach-around for that puke-worthy bit of sycophantic guff.

I'm sure Gradwell needed all that training in the finer points of forensics to clear-up the great Morecombe Bay cockle-picker mystery.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Suspension of Graham Power report to the Chief Minister by Brian Napier, I wonder if the recorded meetings that were held with the likes of Andrew Lewis, Bill Ogley, Ian Critch, David Warcup and Graham Power, will now need a review.

The David Warcup interviews will take on a whole different view given the latest news from Mr. Le Marquand.

Anonymous said...

Could that recording of the taped phone conversation between Power and Rose be released or transcribed for publication here? That could implicate Perchard, instead. Of course it is hard to know whether the bigger liar is Rose, who ratted out Perchard as his confidential source on tape before lying about it later, or ILM who lies about everything.


Anonymous said...

From Stuart's comment above, "...I feel another quashing application coming on."

rico sorda said...

The leaks to David Rose started around May 2008 this is before Gradwell & Warcup turned up. This is when Rose wrote his first piece and not long after the infamous liberation day speech.

This Cover-up is starting to open up

It totally stinks. The Olgley pay-off the shambolic leadership of Terry Le Suer the actions of ILM and the many states members that went with it.

Like I have said the implications are huge


Anonymous said...

Has Gradwell been set up as the fall guy!! Perhaps a UK national paper can get a journalist to doorstep him to get his response.

Anonymous said...

Re.........`So just how did Gradwell get a copy of an independent BDO report that had only just had its terms agreed a few days earlier?

Why did this experienced deputy chief of police leak such details to a journalist?'.

Lets not forget that by this time the SOJP were back under `political control' as ILM had intended. Where did he get the report from? prize for guessing.

And Why did he leak it (if it was really him)? He was told to by his political master!....... now I wonder who that was?? Sorry Ian your answer doesn't wash.

The reason gradwell wasn't sacked or even investigated is that it was all done with your knowledge wasn't it!!

Anonymous said...

Have any of the main characters in this been even contacted by any of the Jersey MSM?

Anonymous said...

I'm did david rose know what mick gradwell had hanging up on his office wall? Was he in it at some point?

Anonymous said...

David Rose was in Jersey the day Graham Power was suspended and was at the warcup gradwell press conference. He has been working with the real power since early 2008. They needed him to combat the so called negative press and show the world how wrong power and harper were. All in the name of covering up child abuse and protecting jersey image inc...

Anonymous said...

"David Rose was in Jersey the day Graham Power was suspended..."

Oh, ... how ... err ... um ... convenient

The Beano is not the Rag

Ian Evans said...

Anon said

"And Why did he leak it (if it was really him)? He was told to by his political master!....... now I wonder who that was?? Sorry Ian your answer doesn't wash.
The reason gradwell wasn't sacked or even investigated is that it was all done with your knowledge wasn't it!!"

WELL DONE ANON, you are beginning to get to know Le Marquand as well as I do :)

Anonymous said...

Well done Trevor once again.

Ian Evans said...

Anybody wonder why Le Marquand never actually named Gradwell in his bumbling 'half' confession?

"The most likely person who did this" and "The results of the inquiry conducted by my staff" Which staff Ian? Notice again how he avoids naming anyone? And finally "very clearly pointed in his direction".

In truth, this is just the usual legal whitewashing with no accountability for anyone.

What Trevor Pitman needs to ask Le Marquand is the following:

"Could Mr Le Marquand confirm to the house, and on his 'full commercial liability' that

1/ It was infact Mr M Gradwell who leaked the report?
2/ That he name those investigators of said inquiry?
3/ That he (Le Marquand) himself had no knowledge or participation in the leaking of the said document?

Only when Le Marquand answers these three questions, and on his full commercial liability, will you have really found the truth!!!


GeeGee said...

Ian (Evans) - I did not see or hear the recording until quite late last evening, and after listening in on Stuart's Court case yesterday I really did not think that anything could equal that.

It did!

You could just tell by Le Marquands rather shaky voice that he was not quite as cocky and arrogant as per normal. A rabbit caught in the headlights maybe.

Regardless of whether he can answer the above questions or not, the fact is, he knew all about this quite some time ago, and what did he do, and what would he have done if this had not been exposed - absolutely nothing but keep silent hoping that in the passage of time all would go away.

Is this the sort of man we want at the helm of our Home Affairs Department? I think not.

Can he regain any sort of credibilty by answering the above questions truthfully? Again I think not.

Incidentally not a peep from the RAG.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stop leaving it all up to Trevor Pitman. I know some people were sick or away on States business but WHERE THE HECK WERE THEY?

Anonymous said...


Are you sure about that? This would have to be documented, and there would need to be national security reasons for doing so.

Ian Evans said...