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Senator Le Marquand

The Deputy of St. Mary offers a statement made, apparently, by former Deputy Chief Officer, who he named in fact today as Mr. Harper, as being a reason to doubt that.  Well, in my view, the opinion of that particular gentleman is hardly a credible source of information.  This is the person who took colleagues on expensive outings to London, with expensive meals, which were totally unjustified in any way whatsoever. This particular officer, in my view, caused enormous problems in this Island, not just in this context, but in the context of the police force generally, and he is, in my opinion, an incompetent maverick and not in the least a credible person to be believed by this Assembly or anywhere else."

Senior Investigating Officer Mike Gradwell

'I have never seen anything like this in 30 years. In respect of sexual offences I have been a detective for 22 years, I can show convictions for rapes and sex offences by predatory peadophiles as well as a huge number of murders, but I have never ever seen police working in this way, I really am absolutely shocked by what has gone on. It is abhorrent behaviour'.

(They should have been leaking to Child Abuse Denier  journalists from the start) is what he forgot to add..

BDO Alto -12

Things are moving fast 

Does it all stack up?

Just a quick post. I think its very important that we keep moving with this as it happens.

If anyone was in any doubt as to the local Media's involvement in Covering-up the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation then today is it. Yesterday in the States of Jersey the Minister of Home Affairs gave the biggest possible nod that the person who leaked a seriously 'not fit for purpose' report to the Child Abuse Denier David Rose  was the former Senior Investigating Officer (Mick Gradwell). The local MSM have not thought this a worthy news item for the simple reason it goes against all the rubbish they have been peddling these past couple of years in trashing the Abuse Investigation. Not sure if this is a 'D' notice but in a hick town like Jersey just a couple of phone calls.

Some parts don't stack - You can listen to the Senator here:


He states that the most likely person to have leaked the Report was former SIO Mick Gradwell. He says,  "enquiries by my staff clearly pointed in his direction"

The Enquires by his staff? What of the brief Police Investigation?  How do staff from the Home Affairs dept find out who is leaking reports at the SOJP? None of this stacks up. What has the "SOJP" got to say about this? Will the investigation under Mike Bowron come to a different conclusion? 

I believe Mick Gradwell left the SOJP in late August 2009

What did Mick Gradwell  actually Leak?

Dear Mr. Sorda, I am now able to explain the late date for the confirmation of the terms on which BDO Alto were retained as I have now received information as to the timeline in relation to the commissioning of the BDO Alto report. I have already given you the date of the Ministerial Act in February 2009. Meetings between BDO Alto and my officers took place soon after but the full terms of their engagement were not confirmed until the date in September

The full terms of their engagement were not confirmed until September 29th 2009 - a full month after Mick Gradwell had left the SOJP. Are we saying they had completed an Interim report before they had even finalised their Terms of Reference -  and then handed it over to the States of Jersey Police? Is that a professional way of conducting business?


This is why we need to know what conclusions  the "Brief Police Investigation" came up with because basically "NOTHING STACKS UP"

There were some technical issues in relation to this. However, BDO Alto had clearly started work on this report well before then. A leak of sections of a draft report took place in late September or early October 2009

They had clearly started work states Senator Le Marquand, really?  We will need to see proof of that.  

A  leak of  sections of a draft report took place in late September early October 2009 states Senator Le Marquand. We will need to see proof of that - Gradwell left in August 2009.

When did the BDO send their draft report to the SOJP.  Was it  a month before they had even finalised their terms of reference?

We know that the services of David Rose had been purchased as far back as May 2008 this was before Warcup & Gradwell had even stepped foot on Jersey 

So, What do we know about this "BDO FARCE"

1. There was a ministerial decision dating back to Feb 2009

2. They never interviewed  Lenny Harper or Graham Power

3. David Warcup assisted the consultant Mike Kellet  in  compiling the report

4. BDO gave the SOJP an interim report before they had secured their terms of reference

4. Wiltshire used and quoted the BDO Interim report in their own report without mentioning the caveat found at  .2 and no fixed TOR's

5. Senior Investigating Officer Mick Gradwell leaves the SOJP in August 2009

6. Home Affairs and BDO sign Engagement Letter on 29th September 2009

7 The Minister for Home Affairs says that it looks like the Senior Investigating Officer Mike Gradwell leaked the interim report to David Rose in late September early October 2009

8. David Rose quotes the leaked BDO Interim report on the 4th October 2009 

9. May 2010 Home Affairs receive finished report

10. ILM introduces it and doesn't explain to anyone that its a seriously flawed report 

11. July 15th & 16th  2010 the JEP run with the BDO Report - Trash the Abuse Investigation, Graham Power, Lenny Harper  etc etc


Could it be that Mick Gradwell is the best solution?

We need to see that  brief Investigation don't we Mr Bowron

Rico Sorda


voiceforchildren said...


You are in possession of the e-mails sent to Jon Gripton of BBC Jersey asking if the BBC find anything of public interest or newsworthy involving the leak and related matters. You'll also know that he's not even acknowledged the e-mails. One will have to make up their own mind on that.

This mess, thanks to your research, has all been un-ravelled and torn apart and Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand is not coming out of it looking very good.........What Legacy is he leaving and what will the Historians be writing about him?

Res Nullius said...

In a word Rico, No. This doesn't stack up.

Le Marquand is accusing Gradwell of, at worst, a criminal offence and at best, serious professional misconduct.

Is Gradwell aware that he is being stabbed in the back this way? I wonder.

rico sorda said...

I haven't received any emails from the local media and especially the BBC. If I was to do a posting calling Lenny a tos*er I have no doubt they would put me up in the Grand and supply me with hookers


rico sorda said...

I have tried tracking down consultant Mike Kellett with no luck, just got passed from one force to another. Im just logging onto Buff Chests.Com to see if I can find Mick Gradwell.

Anonymous said...

Just image if Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand had got his way and got Warcup into the postion he wanted him in, as Chief of Jersey Police.

Would he still said what he said yesterday?

That Warcup's second in command, Gradwell, was a Child Abuse coverup merchant....

What kind of mess would have Le Marquand been in then?!

GeeGee said...

Anonymous who supplied the info about the D notice.

Can you let us know more, because this seems to be a very extreme step taken by our Government who have always been child abuse deniers.

Do you know who instigated this and furthermore when?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

5. Senior Investigating Officer Mick Gradwell leaves the SOJP in August 2009

7 The Minister for Home Affairs says that it looks like the Senior Investigating Officer Mike Gradwell leaked the interim report to David Rose in late September early October 2009

I have to ask then, how did MG leak this at least a month after he had left the SOJP? He would not have had access to his work emails so it couldn't have gone that way.
So did he take a copy before leaving 'just in case' and happened to bump into Frodo .. sorry .... David Rose over a cup of tea somewhere in the UK? And if this were to be the case:
1, we have a data leakage issue and
2, how would ILM know about this meeting? Are they still in touch ... and why?

We also have the issue that he has known about this for 18months, didn't say anything yet still had the temerity to denounce Mr Power and Mr Harper.

How ILM sleeps at night I'll never know.

The Beano is not the Rag

Ian Evans said...

Great work P.I Rico :)

Anonymous said...

Jersey has just shown in Stuart's case that the Jersey judicial system will never address this, and VFC has shown how no mainstream media - not even BBC - will acknowledge this. It doesn't look like anyone in the States will be able to press ILM for the whole truth and you are trying to enforce democratic governance with the help of a very few people, most of whom aren't paid for the task either. You are one of the heroes, no less than a freedom fighter. We owe it to you to keep getting the word out, at least until Stuart gets his case heard in Strasbourg.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


Whilst Ian Le Marquand is obviously in deep, deep trouble - it isn't as much trouble as the Law Officers and the Attorneys General - past and present - are in.

Whilst this cannot excuse his behaviour - his obvious hubris, arrogance and disastrous lack of judgement from the very out-set (remember, this man carried on the unlawful oppressions against Graham Power that were begun by his predecessor as HA Minister) allowed him to become a ready-made fall-guy - a dupe - a patsy, for the corrupt Jersey Crown Officers.

They are - and always have been - the true motive force behind all this.

The revelations concerning BDO are one thing.

The confession by Le Marquand of the activities of Gradwell are another.

Even now - I'm not entirely sure that the magnitude of the revelation made by Le Marquand has really been absorbed by most people.

As I suggested yesterday - if one now considers the entire conduct and handling - and decisions - and outcomes - of the historic child abuse investigation - from the moment Gradwell joined it - and especially from the date of Graham Power's unlawful suspension - then everything from those moments on - is now discredited - and unlawful.

The investigation will now have to be re-opened - although - quite obviously - the actions of Warcup and Gradwell will have done huge damage to the prospect of prosecutions that would, previously, have been perfectly justified.

I am not aware of any similar such collapse in the rule of law in Jersey history.

Another fact that seems to be escaping people - is that this was not merely some frolic of his own by Gradwell - for which one could say Warcup was responsible for not exercising enough oversight. Instead - Warcup was a direct, pro-active participant in this criminality.

He stood - and sat - shoulder-to-shoulder with Gradwell - and participated in this.

And given the revelation by no less a figure than the present Home Affairs Minister - that Mick Gradwell was engaging in unlawful attempts to sabotage the child abuse investigations - what, then, are the implications for the whole police investigation, raid and arrest conducted against me - when most of the main part of that unlawful exercise was overseen and ordered by Gradwell - and I was the lead political figure in exposing the child abuse?

Plainly - and unarguably - the Jersey public authorities are so entangled and conflicted in this whole criminal enterprise - that there is no prospect of it being investigated properly - or those who have committed conspiracies to pervert the course of justice, or misconduct in a public office, being charged and prosecuted by the island's current system.

Now, the time has come to call upon the UK authorities to meet their legal duties - to protect the ordinary people of this island from lawlessness and corruption.

I will be submitting the dossier soon.

I hope a number of people will be signing the document along with me.


Ian Evans said...

If there was a D notice, there would be no CoI?

Anonymous said...

Stuart is quite right. If ILM went to such lengths to suspend Graham Power for allegedly failing to supervise Lenny, then why didn't he go for Warcup who clearly failed to supervise Gradwell?

Ian Evans said...

Sorry, forgot reporting! Doh....

As of 2008[update], there are five standing DA-Notices:[2]

DA-Notice 01: Military Operations, Plans & Capabilities
DA-Notice 02: Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Weapons and Equipment
DA-Notice 03: Ciphers and Secure Communications
DA-Notice 04: Sensitive Installations and Home Addresses
DA-Notice 05: United Kingdom Security & Intelligence Special Services

Anonymous said...

The difference being Graham Power and Lenny were working to expose child abuse. What Warcup and Gradwell were doing is anyones guess we do know ILM backed Warcup

rico sorda said...

In Jersey its a 'C; Notice



mac said...


It look's one of the journalists I contacted yesterday run with it.


rico sorda said...

Hi Elle

you posted this on my last blog


There is no doubt in my mind that you and a small number of your fellow bloggers have done the work of true professional journalists. Instead of asking why the mainstream media will not step up and do this, you need to recognize that you are the ONLY Jersey journalists who matter now. If the thought of that once seemed too daunting to you, look what you have already discovered and exposed.

If you had a paid position with an editor and material support, you would still be reporting the same hard facts, just more easily, with the time and resources to investigate further and more rapidly.

It is time for your friends and allies to assist you so you are not overwhelmed with providing full time political news coverage and full time employment elsewhere. Do you and Neil have young student friends who can intern for you during the summer school break? They could learn a lot from you and play an important role in Jersey's struggle for transparent democracy.


Anonymous said...

CTV could try and win themselves another award but investigating the maverick policeman who leaked part of a report that was not completed until many months later.

Anonymous said...

They had to go to great expense to find whatever they could to try and pin something on both Graham Power and Lenny Harper, yet when ILM gets it virtually served on a plate, he does nothing.

Surely there must have been alarm bells ringing, when David Rose printed parts of a report to be delivered to the Home Affairs Minister some seven months later, surely there had to be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, why the delay and deadly silence for the COI, which Senator Le Gresley fought long and hard to get underway as soon as possible.

Maybe he was told about this DA notice weeks ago.

But who would it be to warn him?

And why would he take it so seriously?

rico sorda said...

I started looking at the Child Abuse Scandal back in 2008. I wasn't political or anything back then but this huge story grabbed my attention. The turning point for me was the Bailiffs 2008 Liberation day speech it, was truly awful, it had no place on such a special day or any other day in my opinion. This work is done in my spare time. I work full time have a social life and do what I can in any free time that I have. The reason for doing so is simple, the subject matter says it all, Child Abuse. I have no intentions or wish to topple Governments and all that stuff. All I want is an open and transparent Government that carries forward good social and moral values and a judiciary that works in an open and fair way that anyone should expect from such a shining beacon of democracy.

I ask what kind of society are we when we have the most obvious Child Abuse cover-up going on and 40 odd States Members who have done nothing in combating it. We do what we can. We offer a Voice. I will not be intimidated or scared off because if I was what kind of person would that make me. I believe in what we do, I must do because we have been at it for so long. If more people could help that would be great but sometimes you can work better with smaller numbers.

I know why I do this and thats all that counts

Just a little ramble

Thanks to everyone who supports the Blogs

No stopping the 'Voice'


rico sorda said...

Exclusive By Sam Chadderton »

A FORMER top Lancashire detective has dismissed accusations that he ‘leaked’ a report about the Jersey child abuse investigation to the media.

During a recent session in the States of Jersey - the equivalent to the UK’s Houses of Parliament - ex Det Supt Mick Gradwell was accused by a senator of being responsible for passing on information critical of the investigation to English newspapers.

Mr Gradwell was seconded to the Channel island in 2008 to pick up the pieces of the so-called ‘house of horrors’ Haut de la Garenne children’s home probe.

Jersey Police, led by Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, thought they had discovered human remains, when tests later showed the ‘skull’ was a coconut shell.

Following the conclusion of the investigation, Mr Gradwell retired and was outspoken in his criticism of the way it had been run.

But in a response to a question from Deputy Trevor Pitman on who leaked a BDO interim report, Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand said: “The most likely person who did this was the former senior investigating officer who took on the historical abuse inquiry and who left in August 2009 with a very noisy, if I may put it that way, publicity in relation to his criticisms of his predecessors.

“The result of the inquiry which was conducted by myself in 2009 very clearly pointed in his direction.”

But today, Mr Gradwell hit back.

He said: “There’s no mystery about what I’ve said.

"I thought it was a shambles with no financial management.

“I don’t regard that as a leak, though having worked there I’m not surprised at this.

“I’m on record as quoting information from the report.

"I released it when asked the questions on TV, online and in the papers.

“I didn’t leak a report. After I left I said my version of what happened including a mass overspend, a poorly-managed fiasco where the lead detective made unnecessary trips and took his notes with him.”

rico sorda said...

Mac, great work and huge thanks for getting that response. I see an outside Journalist isn't afraid of asking questions but what the feck is Gradwell saying?



Ian Evans said...

ashipGradwell says

"I didn't leak a report".


"Anybody wonder why Le Marquand never actually named Gradwell in his bumbling 'half' confession?

"The most likely person who did this" and "The results of the inquiry conducted by my staff" Which staff Ian? Notice again how he avoids naming anyone? And finally "very clearly pointed in his direction".

In truth, this is just the usual legal whitewashing with no accountability for anyone.

What Trevor Pitman needs to ask Le Marquand is the following:

"Could Mr Le Marquand confirm to the house, and on his 'full commercial liability' that

1/ It was infact Mr M Gradwell who leaked the report?
2/ That he name those investigators of said inquiry?
3/ That he (Le Marquand) himself had no knowledge or participation in the leaking of the said document?

Only when Le Marquand answers these three questions, and on his full commercial liability, will you have really found the truth!!!


rico sorda said...

Ian, I might have this wrong but the reason ILM said former investigating officer and not Mick Gradwell is that they have stopped disclosing names in the states. ILM will always refer to him as the SIO. They have even removed names from hansard.

As for Gradwells reply I don't think he had a clue what the reporter was asking him.

Its getting interesting though


mac said...

Rico, I emailed a few different papers last night and he was the only one to get back to me for a link to where it was said. it's a complete contrast to the rag!

Anonymous said...

I think Gradwell knows exactly what he's saying. To me it comes across as a big 'so what?'. He's deliberately conflating the issues of financial mismanagement with the leak. Its a big 'up yours' as far as I can see. Sort of catch me if you can.

rico sorda said...

I agree Anonymous, just perfect.

Mac this is seriously showing up our local media


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


But there are huge problems – aren’t there Mr. Gradwell?

You are in very, very serious trouble - aren’t you Mr. Gradwell?

You are repeating nonsense – that has already been disproven.

Not least the allegations you repeat to that newspaper, concerning financial mismanagement.

Your allegations have now been exposed to be a pack of lies.

And there is no evidence – none at all – that the claim by you and your Jersey oligarchy pay-masters - concerning that piece of evidence being a piece of “coconut” – are true.

Zero published scientific evidence, at all.

No peer-reviewable material.

And what about the other fragments of human juvenile bone recovered?

Do you remember?

The pieces the forensic anthropologist described as being “fresh and fleshed at time of burning”?

And the approximately 75 child teeth – from a number of different individuals – some that could not have come out naturally?

And what about the claim by you and Warcup that “there were no cellars” – when both the BBC and Deputy Bob Hill have proven that there were substantial under-floor spaces, some in excess of 7 feet?

I wrote to you and David Warcup - and published the e-mail on my blog - on the 13th November 2008.

“37 Questions for Officers Warcup & Gradwell.”

I wrote you that letter as the member of the Jersey parliament who had lead on exposing child abuse.

Neither you nor Warcup could answer those questions, could you?

You made no attempt.

You were too stupid and idle - when you embarked upon the cover-up – to have ever imagined that your actions would be intelligently challenged.

Why did you and Warcup participate in the unlawful suspension of Graham Power?

Do you realise, Mr. Gradwell – that when you and Warcup gave that infamous press-conference – you were making history?

That before then – nor since – have any police officers – anywhere in modern British policing – ever come into a major on-going investigation – and then trashed it in that way, mid-course?

Why did you spend so much time in Jersey working on little else except investigating me and Lenny Harper?

Why did you have two police officers – Mark Cane and Julia Jackson - employed on virtually a full-time basis doing nothing except covertly monitor me?

Why did you participate in the antecedent actions that led up to the massed - illegal – police raid on me? You know? The one that was conducted without a search-warrant?

Why – Mr. Gradwell – did you breach every conceivable rudimentary standard of dealing with evidential exhibits, by displaying a piece to a film-crew – whilst the investigation was still on-going?

Why did you abuse the trust of survivors, and get them to appear in a press-conference with you, in which you attacked the previous police work?

How much did they pay you Mr. Gradwell?

Did your fee come out of the Criminal Offences Confiscation Fund?

But let me do you the favour of assuming you have answers to all of those questions.

In which case – I take it – you will have no difficulty answering the summons and appearing in court in Jersey in respect of my abuse-of-process application?

And the judicial review into the c child-abuse cover-up?

You will then be able to “clear your name” under oath.

I’m sure we all await your answers with interest, Mr. Gradwell.

Stuart Syvret.

mac said...

The rag is more of a community news letter, who's going to whose party etc and don't want to print anything that might upset certain people, in contrast the UK journalist gets a lead on a story, check's it out and gives the person it's in relation to a chance to respond and goes to print, just like a proper paper should do.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sorda

A major documentary thriller, Cashback, is being made alongside Treasure Islands and is due for international release next year. When you walk into a chain book store in the American Midwest and see that "Treasure Islands" is still a top seller there, you can predict this Jersey scandal is going to explode in the outside media with the release of this thriller.


Anonymous said...

Gradwell holds nothing but sneering contempt for the people of Jersey. He did not even bother to make his statements sound believable. Stuart is right. This is one lazy crook of a cop.

Anonymous said...

The Jersey Media are a disgrace

Anonymous said...

I think that I might phrase my enquiry to ILM like this:

"Sir, you stated that it looks like the Senior Investigating Officer leaked the interim BDO report. You were confident enough to identify an individual whose name is known outside the States chamber. The said individual has denied this. As there is only room for one of you and he to be correct, which of you should we believe?

This, I think, leaves ILM with two options: (i) continue to blame MG (which makes MG a liar). (ii) Withdraw the allegation - and look a fool. Even if he pushes the "it looks like" angle and admits it could be someone else he still looks a fool because he has made an allegation on inadequate evidence.

Anonymous said...

The most important aspect of the ILM/Gradwell issue is the very fact that ILM has openly admitted that there was a leak and that it came from someone in the SOJP.
The next issue is who exactly did the leaking. ILM, as usual, covered his answer in caveats but clearly didn't believe what he himself was saying.
So - if we start from the stated fact that there was a leak, pressure should be brouhgt to bear politically for ILM to ruthlessly pursue the source of the leak. If it was Gradwell, then so be it - and the AG will need to decide whether a crime was committed. If it wasn't Gradwell, then it was either a currently serving officer or another officer who has since left. If it was a currently serving officer, then it is a clear case of gross misconduct and also possibly a crime. If it was a former officer, then again the AG needs to decide.
This confession on ILM's part merits an investigation at least as rigorous as the investigations into Messrs Power and Harper!

Anonymous said...

Well done to all and particularly Big Trev for drawing Gradwell's name out from ILM. You could tell ILM wasn't prepared beinbg a question withi=out notice probably really regrets saying what he has now. Watch out for him to try and scupper the BDO review. I would put money on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rico do you have ILMs press release regarding the recent appointment of new senior officers from the UK. From my recollection he stated that no local officers were up to the job. Now he seems to have changed his mind and promoted Bonjour. ILM is a disgrace.

voiceforchildren said...


You'll like this one.

I spoke with two "journalists" today both from CTV and asked them why CTV aren't Reporting ANYTHING about the revelation of our Home Affairs Minister that it appears Mick Gradwell leaked a confidential Report to a Child Abuse denying "journalist" during an ongoing investigation.

Both "journalists" from CTV claimed to know nothing about it!!! They told me that they cannot be expected to know everything that is said in the States!!

I don't know what's worse, the fact that they could be helping to cover up the Child Abuse scandal, or the fact that they might not know about Senator Le Marquand's revelation.

Whichever it is it demonstrates the calibre of Jersey's "journalists."

Anonymous said...

Like you Rico I was not political. I heard one of the candidates at the election 3 years ago say Lenny Harper was a hero. The more I looked the more I found he was right. Now we hear the replacement SIO was at the very least unscrupulous in his daling with Rose and BDO. So what else did Gradwell tell us that was not what it seemed?

Anonymous said...

It appears to me that ILM should have disclosed the name of this maverick, recklessly leaking reports.

Anonymous said...

'THERE were no suitable officers in the States police to fill either of the two new Superintendent posts, the Home Affairs Minister has said.

That is why recruits were brought in from the UK.

Two UK officers, Stewart Gull and Bernard Gravett, are taking up the Superintendent Head of Crime and Superintendent Head of Operations posts.

Senator Ian Le Marquand said that he needed officers with extensive experience to avoid the problems associated with the historical abuse inquiry and the Curtis Warren drugs case.'


ILM said that he needed to avoid the problems associated with the historical child abuse enquiry - so now he goes and appoints .... Andre Bonjour! Hasn't ILM read Lenny Harper's avidavit?

Anonymous said...

It is clear that who ever leaked the document obviously did it with the intent to rubbish the Jersey Child abuse investigation as well as the two senior police officers heading the inquiry! However the document itself leaves a lot to be desired and in short is a lot rubbish, dreamt up by someone who was very scared of what Lenny Harper and Graham Power would uncover during the course of the investigation.

Given the fact that the Attorney General had been given in excess of `forty’ yes forty files on child abuse suspects who the SOJP were convinced were guilty of serious crimes against island children, and who the SOJP expected convictions when prosecuted, it would be reasonable to assume that a number of the suspects were in positions of prestige, so much so that two ever these individuals are, they either have enough influence, or know enough about someone else in power, to insure that the cases would never get to open court!

The leaking of the document combined with the statements made to the media by the politicized SOJP led by Warcup, and under ILM control certainly achieved this aim. By demonizing the victims in many news articles and undermining the professionalism of the dedicated team of honest police officers that supported them, The States of Jersey turned the tables on the victims, enabling the perpetrators of these horrible crimes go unpunished.

Victim Blaming is an age-old psychological tactic used by wrongdoers, including governments, to demonize their victims, just as the States of Jersey and their pet propaganda publication have done by labeling many of the children that were abused, as criminals and calling (as ILM still does) the senior investigating officers as `mavericks‘. This is done with the sole intention of discrediting not only the investigation, but also making the victims themselves appear to the general public as non trust worthy, inept and anti-social and therefore not to be believed.

There can be no doubt however, that In doing so, the clear intention has been to deflect responsibility from the perpetrators of these terrible crimes which includes the States of Jersey’s liability, and direct responsibility to the victims (children) themselves. In their most sinister attack, the perpetrators and their allies have utilized the media and journalist like David Rose for their propaganda purposes. This has included lying and fabricating stories in order to character assassinate the victim/s and those at the forefront of trying to attain justice for them. However, through all of this, what has been made crystal clear by the States of Jersey and its politicized Police Force is the fact that they really do have something or someone to hide.

voiceforchildren said...


Committee of No Enquiry CONE

rico sorda said...


As you will be aware one of the main concerns of Lenny Harper (amongst many) concerning the BDO ALto Report was the their use of his Confidential Wiltshire Statement.

This is a very serious Data Protection issue it could even be a criminal act.

Wiltshire has conducted an investigation - They have denied that any leak of Lenny Harpers Wiltshire Statement came from them.

The Leak could only have come from the Law Office, Home Affairs or the SOJP

This is getting more serious by the day


rico sorda said...


You can read more about it here


mac said...

So the Law Office, Home Affairs or the SOJP, could this be another MG leak? and was it all done with the blessing of Home Affairs.

Anonymous said...


It is pretty obvious the leak came from a coordinated effort on the parts of Home Affairs, with several powerful ministers and the Law office advising them and bringing the SOJP in on it. Seriously, they could not have acted independently of each other, could they? They had the same motives, the same fears, and they parroted the same spin. They even had each others' backs until ILM impulsively threw Gradwell under the bus.


rico sorda said...

I added the Law Office as im not sure what happened to the Wiltshire Disciplinary reports when they were handed over. Did they go straight to Home Affairs or did they go via the Law office? Somehow BDO ended up with Lennys confidential statement


Bang on


Anonymous said...

Rico, on Deputy Pitmans Blog some commenters are suggesting that Senator Le Marquand is trying to block a review on the BDO report is this true..

Anonymous said...

Was it pure coincidence that Trevor Pitman pitched in the question on Monday quite out of the blue that has led to Gradwell being tagged by a surprized ILM, the subsequent denial and the sense that everything is collapsing?

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A fascinating consideration is this:

Is Ian le Marquand capable of being redeemed - of redeeming himself?

Let us speak frankly – Mr. le Marquand was always a man possessed of a very obvious vanity.

Vanity in the sense of being convinced of his own intellectual brilliance – and ethical superiority.

Those qualities, of course, have directly contributed to his downfall.

And it must be doubly hard for a man who considers himself to be virtuous – to be a deeply committed Christian – to come to terms with – to have the necessary self-honesty - to accept he has failed by the most basic of standards of truth and ethics.

I won’t rehearse again the whole catalogue of Mr Le Marquand’s evidenced failings; they are already there – visible – starkly clear, for any person of honesty and basic intelligence to see.

The question is – does Mr Le Marquand have the capacity to rise above personal vanity and hubris – and admit he got it wrong?

Does he have the intellectual capacity – after nearly three years in politics – to realise he was duped – set-up – used and abused as a fall-guy? That his own vanities and prejudices lent him to such manipulations?

Does he have the spiritual capacity to see – and accept – that he made the wrong choices; that his actions were not ethical?

Does he possess the necessary humility to openly accept his failings?

Is he willing – and capable – of now doing that which is necessary to right the wrongs he participated in? For example, the despicable oppression conducted against Graham Power?

If he does possess those qualities – he has an historic opportunity in front of him.

The opportunity to change sides – from the obviously wrong, dishonest, ethically bankrupt and almost certainly illegal position of the Jersey establishment – to instead join the side of transparency, accountability and decency – the protection of the weak from the strong.

No matter just how wrong he has obviously been hitherto – if he possessed that humility, that capacity, to now see his errors – and start doing what was right – I for one would give him every recognition.

But does he possess such capacities?

Or is he just another typical Jersey states member, notwithstanding his self-image?


rico sorda said...

Well said Stuart great comment

I would not be surprised if ILM is pulling out all the stops to get this shelved.


Anonymous said...

Press release tomorrow according to the Bald Truth Blog.

Anonymous said...


Does Le Marquand have children? As an outsider I see this situation as only untenable for Jersey, and especially for that pathetic Christian. As a parent I care deeply about my modest moral legacy however small it may be, so that I strive to pass down those values I have claimed to embrace.

My own ancestors were a varied lot, but one of generations ago is still remembered within our family as having done a very courageous right thing, even if he was not appreciated by his peers at the time.

My point is, if Mr Le Marquand realizes that certainty of exposure and historic legacy lies with the truth, you may have hit upon the weakest link in the chain of corruption. Will he do what his grandchildren and theirs will look back on with both pride and gratitude?

Perhaps someone should write to him and ask him. History is just the future story of right now. The choice to come clean on his own may not remain with him much longer.

Anonymous said...

Lancashire Telegraph article had at least 8 informative comments with links to you and Stuart a few hours ago. Only 2 from a (same old) troll. All comments have now been removed and a fact correction regarding the false coconut allegation was sent to the reporter but has not been addressed yet. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Re: the first suspension.

Rico please would you take a listen to part 5 again l have listen over and over & over & over again to this i am sure answers are here.

I do have the whole transcript but will take me ages to type he is talking about David Warcup here.

At 4.32 ''Now what then happens is they start feeding back from a very early date, that ''I'' have serious concerns, in relation to certain areas, and thats knoooown, to David Warcup, and he starts passing on, those concerns to,to people like, like um, Andrew Lewis ah, to people like Bill Ogley, ah I mean, he's in the process of talking to Graham Power about this, expressing his concerns, ah to him, ah and isn't getting very far.

So he starts sharing information, and youve got the situation where more work is being done by the Met? in relation to different issues, and eventually arrive at the point, ah where they're nearly ready to deliver their report but there's one further person that they want to interview before they do, thats Lenny Harper.

But, theres a huge issue which has built up by this stage......end quote. please listen to very in case of transcription error.

What I notice is Mr. Le Marquand appears to say He himself has concerns of which Mr. Warcup knows and it appears to me that Mr. Warcup is passing on Mr. Le Marquands concerns? to Mr. Lewis, Ogley?

And what about ''in the process'' David Warcup had not discussed with Graham Power issues?

If I am correct in my transcript then Mr. Le Marquand did know what Mr. Lewis suspended Mr Power for as he was actually the one with concerns that Mr. Warcup was aware of and this was being fed to Mr. Lewis to anable the original suspension.

voiceforchildren said...


The Jersey ANTHEM

Anonymous said...

its not just you and voice and stuart who are fighting the injustice in Jersey. There are others who have blogs and do a lot of work for the cause. Credit where its due.

Ian Evans said...

Understanding The Mind Of The Jersey Blogger!

Ian Evans said...