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David Warcup

David Rose

Mick Gradwell

 BDO Alto 16 

The search for answers

The 1st meeting of the Scrutiny Sub Panel

Today was the first time that one of the main police officers involved in Operation Rectangle has been able to give evidence to a public hearing.  Former SIO Lenny Harper gave evidence via a conference call which lasted for a good hour and a half . The room was packed with members of the public and the local main stream media. You could have cut the atmosphere with a knife there was complete and utter silence during the whole hearing. I must praise the Scrutiny Sub Panel, they kept the questioning tight and to the point.  Very rarely did they stray from the TOR's  .When you think of how big the whole Child Abuse Scandal is this was no mean feat. I have had the opportunity  of listening back to the Video & Audio of the hearing.

We must not get distracted by what is put out by the MSM. They have made their bed concerning the HCAE and must now lie in it. How can they now go against the stuff they have been peddling for the last 3 years? it wont happen.

The evidence is what counts - today there was loads of it

Mr Harper talked a lot about the make up of the police force concerning financial matters and other issues. I don't want to quote anything from todays hearing until the transcripts are up online. The reason for this is simple,  its very easy to misquote someone. But, having said that, one quote did catch my attention. The chairman of the Sub Panel Deputy Pitman said that he and his Scrutiny Officer had had a meeting with BDO Alto.  When asked why they hadn't contacted Lenny Harper  BDO had replied that they had wanted to but had been blocked by the former Acting Police Chief David Warcup. 

As you can imagine that raises a whole host of other serious issues

The BDO report was commissioned by the Home Affairs Minister and the Accounting Officer with agreed terms of reference (page 4 bdo)

Why is David Warcup telling BDO what they can or cant do?

There seems to be a serious issue of who was in control of this report. Is it David Warcup? is it the Home Affairs Minister? Is it the Accounting Officer? On page 4 of the report it states: 

"BDO has work alongside Mr Michael Kellett in performing this Review. Mr Kellett is a former SIO serving in the UK. He has been separately engaged by the Acting Chief Officer (David Warcup), SOJP, however this Report represents the joint findings of Mr Kellett and BDO. There is more that can be found on page 4"

Now remember what David Rose said:

Dave Warcup, Jersey's acting chief police officer, told The Mail on Sunday that he had appointed an independent team of auditors to examine Harper's spending. It includes two forensic accountants and a police expert in seizing criminals' assets.

The team's interim report, seen by this newspaper, reveals that Grime was paid £750 a day for the first seven days he spent on the island and £650 a day for the following 136 days.

Read more:

So far we have the Home Affairs Minister telling us that he believes that Mick Gradwell leaked the BDO Draft Report to David Rose  

We have BDO telling us that David Warcup blocked them from interviewing Lenny Harper 

Who gave BDO Lenny Harpers confidential Wiltshire Statement?

It is now up to the Home Affairs Minister and BDO to clear up all the serious issues relating to their report

Rico Sorda

Team Voice


Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Which rats will be thrown under the bus? Which top rats will do the throwing? The ship is sinking faster now, and the panic is obvious. Rico, you are a very clever exterminator, using the truth to set the traps.


voiceforchildren said...


You said, "Why is David Warcup telling BDO what they can or cant do?"

Just as importantly, was was BDO doing listening to him? And why didn't they report his interference?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Are they going to suddenly make this scrutiny inquiry PRIVATE
I can't see Le Marqaund wanting to give evidence in front of the common people!

Anonymous said...

That is an essential question from VFC.

It was brilliant keeping the Scrutiny focus extremely narrow because that left fewer excuses for anyone to avoid answering questions. Even Senator Ferguson emphasized the limited scope of the panel. Now even basic answers regarding this corrupt BDO arrangement can only lead to the real questions, those which could expose the systematic planning to destroy the Haut de la Garenne investigation. At every turn you need only ask why things were done in such a strange and suspicious manner. The answers point in the same direction of an underlying cover-up each time.

Oh, Rico, what have you set in motion...?


rico sorda said...

Hi Elle

Im just a humble manual worker who's not afraid to ask questions. The BDO were paid £64,000 pounds of tax payers money. Seeing as I helped pay for it I feel I can ask questions about it. Are they just another firm that has been stitched up? We really need to hear from them. Remember when these reports were being put together nobody asked questions, it was all safe because the MSM would never question it.

Today was a big day for Scrutiny and in my opinion they were bang on


Ian Evans said...


Ian Evans said...

EVERYONE was bang oin today Rico, apart from our "discredited media" that is!!!

rico sorda said...

The reason the Scrutiny TOR's are the way they are is so it wouldn't get bogged down. In ILM's words it would be more sharp, to the point and punchy. Lets not forget that BDO compiled a report that is heavily critical of Lenny Harpers decisions without contacting the man and getting his version of events. This report was also used by Wiltshire in compiling their Financial report, both reports were then used in Senator ILM;S big presentation and media show. On July 15th 2010 the JEP ran with page after page with the headline of 'Lavish Lifestyle of Lenny Harper' this can be viewed at the library and photocopied like I have done. These reports were used to discredit Lenny Harper and Graham Power and in doing so trash the child abuse investigation.

There must be a full and complete audited trail of who set the TOR's between Home Affairs and BDO

When did BDO start

When ILM received the first Draft - who was privy to this

What involvement did the accounting officer steve austin vautier have with the setting up and involvement of this report

Why were police officers, home affaires staff and outside contractors interviewed and not the SIO Lenny Harper

What was the conclusion of the investigation by the SOJP into the David Rose leak

Why did ILM say in the states that all roads pointed to Gradwell

Plenty to be getting on with


Anonymous said...

what [was BDO doing listening to him? And why didn't they report his interference? ]

As I was reading Rico's summary, I thought how I would have acted, knowing that such interference would undermine the integrity of a final report and reflect very badly on my company, simple, resign immediately and explain why I could not produce a fair report.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


You say:

"There seems to be a serious issue of who was in control of this report. Is it David Warcup? is it the Home Affairs Minister? Is it the Accounting Officer?"

The truth arrived a long time ago - quite obviously - at least to any thinking person.

We all know the answer to the question, "who was in control of this report"? And, by extension, who was in control of the whole criminal, cover-up, enterprise.

It was "The Don" - William Bailhache - the London appointed - Crown anointed - Attorney General, now Deputy Bailiff.

And even if there were any doubt about that - any such doubt was erased a few days ago - when Her Majesty's Lieutenant Governor - the representative of the UK government in Jersey - wholly extraordinarily - gave a politically partisan departure speech, in which he attacked those - like Lenny Harper - who had tried to fight for the victims.

There can only be one - final - conclusion as to where ultimate responsibility for the cover-up lays.

Crown Officers - like Philip Bailhache, Michael Birt and William Bailhache - are only ever extensions of The Crown.

The Crown - in the person of Her Majesty - is going to have to receive - even if only for the historic record - a detailed dossier of the true - horrifying - evidence, concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.


Anonymous said...

When the Scrutiny TORs were first reported they seemed too narrow, and of course I could hardly trust anything ILM hoped would be "sharp, to the point and punchy." He surely did not mean to allow for Scrutiny's "sharpening" of the real "pointed" evidence, especially to a high degree of "punchiness" for public consumption.

Even the limited TORs may compel some actual transparency, however unwanted by those in power. If they find the answers they officially seek, the only honest outcome for the Scrutiny Panel is to publicly shine a bright light on the relationships between BDO, Wiltshire, the professional abuse-denier journalist, police and Home Affairs, including their utterly corrupt and probably illegal interactions. What other explanations can there be for all the devious shenanigans we've seen so far? If Scrutiny will do that just within their remit, and I think they can, it should expose to the public an entire Watergate type cover-up from the top down.

There could be profound implications because the leak to Rose could expose the role of Data Protection. The behavior of the police regarding Curtis Warren - and the Jersey propensity to create special slush fund opportunities with illegally seized property - could be entangled with the past corruption of some recently appointed officers tied to data protection and human rights violations. There could be criminal allegations against a host of prominent politicians, and then the advice of the law offices will become a primary area of interest, along with the scandalous judiciary. I won't even mention the complicit States Media.

Who among the guilty will talk first? And, who will turn on the others once they all accept the inevitability of the scandal's full exposure?

Ultimately, any official recognition of the truth can only lead to the culpability of the Crown appointees, as Stuart has explained.

A narrow remit for a Scrutiny Report could bring to light so many more buried facts, if the information is handled with integrity. This must be done for the abuse survivors and it must also be done in honor of those who sacrificed decades ago for the sake of democratic ideals and rule of law. There is simply no transparent democracy in Jersey now, but it is not too late to take corrective action.


Anonymous said...

Lets be honest here it's not looking good for warcup and gradwell. To think ILM wanted to make him Chief of Police in April 2009. It's actually not looking good for anyone connected with the above. All paths will lead to the Law Office.

voiceforchildren said...



Rob Kent said...

The truth is wriggling screaming into the light of day. How uncomfortable for those who peddled the official version of the truth and told us that there was nothing left to find out and that their version was the correct one.

The thing is, the rubbish that the JEP was spouting was obviously propaganda because they never advanced any evidence to back it up, apart from a couple of dodgy, fixed-up dossiers written by people who had already been nobbled by the Jersey establishment.

Neither did they ever try to answer the evidence-based criticisms of the official line. They thought, in their arrogance, that they had got away with the cover-up and it was all done and dusted.

Thanks to Rico, the Voice, and others, the truth is now coming out 'officially'. The JEP, already looking lame and complicit, are now going to look stupid as well.

Can we please reprint some of their choice editorials on this subject to illuminate the poverty of their investigative powers and their complicity in spreading establishment propaganda?

It's worse than churnalism - it's complicity and collaboration.

The fight following on from this is to keep the Internet free, to stop governments around the world censoring what we can see and say. Copyright law is just their foot in the door.

Anonymous said...

It is not surprising that the BDO report is a 'cut and paste' job reporting exactly what the establishment required. During the compilation of the report, BDO's then senior partner was under investigation by the JFSC and was subsequently banned from practice. The JFSC investigation would probably also have involved BDO so BDO bent over backwards to accomodate establishment. The informal talks probably went along the lines of: you do us the report we want and BDO can continue to operate, but your senior partner has to go.

Anonymous said...

Well done to the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel for having a policy of openness and transparency, insofar as they let Citizens Media come and film. Nothing to hide nothing to fear. Let's hope the other witnesses are also equally transparent

Anonymous said...

Rico, the deputy of St Mary has totaly nailed the Chief Minister during question time. The chief Minister is now saying that there were caveats when Graham power agreed to participate in the napier review. He has spent the last year and 100 questions saying that were no caveats. They are out of control and the lies are coming home to roost by the hour.

Anonymous said...

4.6 Deputy M. Tadier:

Earlier in question time the Chief Minister said he agreed with the principle of being innocent until proven guilty in Jersey and in common law, I guess, as a principle. Will the Minister, therefore, confirm that as Mr. Power has not been found guilty of anything that he is, in fact, innocent?

Senator T.A. Le Sueur:

It depends on how one describes the term “innocent”, in that it is certainly the case that he has not been proved guilty. He has not had the chance, or no one had the chance, to determine that situation. On the basis that until one is proven guilty one remains innocent in law, then clearly Mr. Power, the former Chief Constable of Police, was, on that basis, innocent and is.

4.6.1 Deputy M. Tadier:

Given the fact that we have heard from the Chief Minister that he was and is innocent, will he be asking the Minister for Home Affairs to make an apology, or will he be making an apology, to an innocent man?

Senator T.A. Le Sueur:


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to ask ILM why Dave Warcup was calling the shots about who bdo could and couldn't interview. Also someone needs to ask ILM about what the feck is going on down at the SOJP.

Anonymous said...

I think that the people in the immediate spotlight such as Gradwell, Warcop, ILM, TLS et al are what the Common Purpose people would call, "useful idiots".
These are the people who can be controlled by the people with the real power.

And I think Stuart has already made it quite clear as to whom they are.

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

This scrutiny session was brilliantly handled and given the wealth of material very tightly adhered to.

Anonymous said...

Re ``Someone needs to ask ILM why Dave Warcup was calling the shots about who bdo could and couldn't interview''.

I asked ILM about this, and his reply was ``that although DW was the mouth piece, He (ILM) was, and still is the `puppet master'!

Anonymous said...

You guys are being proved right and right again. The cheif minister has been bullshi*ing in the house he said so himself today in the states how has this been allowed to go unchecked. Rico can you put the links up to the posts on Graham Powers march 31st letter to the chief minister.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

I believe the TJW will have Deputy Wimberlys question to the Chief Minister up tonight. I have heard what the Chief Minister has said and it really is staggering. The fact the Chief Minister said what he did before a censure motion is even more staggering.

Who is advising him? Did the backroom boys stitch him up?

Today the Chief Minister gave an answer that he has spent the last 6 months denying

It really just might be starting to crumble


rico sorda said...



The inquiry by the Wiltshire Police cost £531,500 in total; will the Minister provide a full breakdown of the costs identifying how many staff these figures covered for the following headings:

Staff costs - £200,700

Travel - £92,000

Hotel Accommodation - £82,000

Subsistence £39,100

Rent - £14,000

Will the Minister further give a full breakdown for what exactly was covered by the remaining
three headings -

Other costs - £11,400

Equipment Purchase - £15,200

Legal Fees - £77,100


The cost of the Wiltshire Constabulary investigation into the management and supervision of the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry by the Chief Officer of Police was £572,532 as I advised in the answer to the Deputy’s oral question on 19 July 2010.

The terms of reference for the investigation agreed by the Chief Minister’s Department stated that
‘All reasonable costs incurred, including funding for independent legal advice for the investigators will be met by the States of Jersey’.

Up to six officers from the Wiltshire Constabulary were working on the investigation assisted by support staff in Wiltshire.

Staff costs (£289,984) comprise officers’ salaries including overtime plus support staff in Wiltshire. Officers’ travel to the Island was arranged by the Wiltshire Constabulary and reimbursed by the Home Affairs Department.

Travel costs (£76,501) include air travel, car hire, mileage allowances for travel to the point of departure and airport parking.

Hotel accommodation (£84,633) was mainly at the Radisson Blu Hotel (4*), which is located close to the independent temporary office facility that was established at the Elizabeth Terminal.
The average cost per night was £80. Staff booking the hotel accommodation used the States procurement website to get the best deals.

Subsistence payments (£38,398) were based on £28 per person per day (£25 subsistence plus £3 incidental personal expenses per 24 hour period).

Rental payments (£12,600) are in respect of the independent temporary office facility that was established at the Elizabeth Terminal at a cost of £1,400 per month.

Other costs (£4,984) include amounts paid in respect of telephones, general stationery and minor office equipment, photocopying and photocopying supplies.

Equipment purchase (£17,867) includes media evaluation of Jersey Police, IT purchases and licences.

Legal expenses (£42,963) is for professional fees incurred by Lawyers (Veale Wasbrough) who were acting on behalf of Wiltshire Police Authority in relation to Operation Haven.

Anonymous said...

TLS said live in the States, even though he had time to choose his words. That: "there were caveats". (Caveats means underhanded or suspicious)....

Makes you wonder if he choose those words himself?!

rico sorda said...

Dictionary entry overview: What does caveat mean?

• CAVEAT (noun)

The noun CAVEAT has 2 senses:

1. a warning against certain acts
2. (law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing
Familiarity information: CAVEAT used as a noun is rare.

All will be revealed


Ian Evans said...

Harper & Power Only Concerned For The Victims

Anonymous said...

Actually, CTV must be getting a little bit concerned with how things are going. They know that there will be serious complaints made about their award - it would be interesting to know who nominated them - and in all likelihood they will have to give it back.

Who were the journalists who put their names to the CTV report?

Here are two quotes from Channel on-line (CTV) after they won the award: -

'In judging the winning entry for the Single Item News Award, judges were looking at the quality of journalism demonstrated in the programme.'

but the best one ......

'Laura Holgate, Head of Programme Production said: “Haut de la Garenne was a very important story to our viewers, so when the report into the investigation was released, we really wanted to do it justice. This award proves that we did just that.”'

voiceforchildren said...


E-mail to BBC Jersey.

from voiceforchildren voiceforchildren
to bbc radio jersey
date Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 5:38 PM
subject State Controlled Media.
5:38 PM (25 minutes ago)


Just in case Christie didn't hear it, or has forgotten, the Chief Minister was exposed as a liar today by Daniel Wimberley and you, or she, might want to give it a mention on her "round up" of the states today. The departure of supt Gravett was also very uncomfortable questioning for the HA Minister by Deputy Trevor Pitman.

God forbid you might think any of this newsworthy but a mention on the "round up?"




Yep you guessed it, not a word of it mentioned!

I then sent a one liner e-mail asking how long the BBC could get away with covering this stuff up?

Is it any wonder the Blogs are thriving???????

Anonymous said...

Minority Thought said...

And check out this blogsite for some fantastic links to the fellow bloggers who share the same values especially in respect of bad journalism.

rico sorda said...

Thanks for the link Minority Thought. Our journalism is so bad its off the scale.


rico sorda said...

There is a link between the May 9th 2008 liberation day speech and the arrival of Daily Mail child abuse denier David Rose. David Rose was being leaked information to smear the Abuse Investigation before Warcup & Gradwell turned up.

Who contacted David Rose?


Minority Thought said...

Looking from the outside it seems to me and others that good journalism in Jersey is actually alive and well. It just doesn't seem to happen in your main stream media. That probably has a lot to do with simple economics and the nature of small communities. Add in the bad press on tax havens and it looks like quite a toxic mix. But take heart. Civic Society is re-forming itself online in ways that now break down the old and crumbling systems of public administration and its close relationship to the msm, many of whom receive large sums of tax payers money in the form of advertising and conflicted PR advisors.

They (the old guard) dont fully understand what's happening in the world around them. Everything has changed. The internet is a very scary weapon. And its given away free for a year when you buy a cheap shit mobile phone. History is being made.

rico sorda said...

DECISIONS on whether to prosecute the last 12 suspects in the historical child abuse inquiry will be made by September.

Attorney General William Bailhache told the States yesterday that decisions would be made on all of the remaining files within the next six weeks.

His statement follows last week’s announcement that 11 prosecution files had been dropped because there was not enough evidence to yield convictions.

Mr Bailhache – who is soon to be appointed Deputy Bailiff – told the States that the decisions to drop the 11 cases had been made by the Crown Advocate appointed to handle the prosecutions, and had been reviewed by another senior Law Officer, an independent London Barrister, and himself.

And he added that the police had backed the decisions not to take the cases to court.

There are around 12 files left, some of which are with the Law

Would that be Warcup then? This is all starting to fall into place


Anonymous said...

David Rose claimed many of the new witnesses have criminal records? How would he know what criminal records people hold?

rico sorda said...

The Internet has caught the Jersey old guard out. We are just normal everyday people armed with laptops and broadband. Our MSM is in a shocking state. We are now the frontline in this fight for Truth, Honesty and Integrity.

I have learnt loads these past 3 yrs

I woke up


thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Just put up Question's 7,14 & 17 from today.

You & your reader's can listen HERE

Anonymous said...

Rico you said...."There is a link between the May 9th 2008 liberation day speech and the arrival of Daily Mail child abuse denier David Rose. David Rose was being leaked information to smear the Abuse Investigation before Warcup & Gradwell turned up.

Who contacted David Rose?".

When I first read this I thought the answer was obviously a certain Senator Perchard.

But now it looks to me that the dates are relevant because this is long before Perchards alleged email leak.

Is that right?

If so its not in the least bit surprising.

What an awful state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Links to independent articles pre May 2008 could provide info.

rico sorda said...

I need to research this area but my instinct is telling me that David Rose wasn't contacted by Senator Perchard. Rose would have been contacted by a third party, the order would have come from up high. The likes of the Senator are just the foot soldiers in this.


Anonymous said...

You are unraveling these dark and evil secrets bit by dirty bit.

GeeGee said...

Rico - have just had a look and reminded myself of the disgraceful Liberation Day speech by the Bailiff on May 9th 2008.

On 18th May 2008 David Rose, in the Mail on Sunday, has published the first of his damning articles on Haut de la Garenne.

Also an 'interesting' read on the now defunct Farce blog, a guest posting by none other than Jimmy Perchard called 'This ain't bone'- April 30th 2010.

You should have been at the Scrutiny meeting on Monday Senator.

Why does this man's name keep popping up?

Anonymous said...

Jersey Bloggers,
It's now clear that ordinary people around the Island and beyond, passionate about justice and armed only with computers can assist you by digging up or recalling the details which bring the big picture together.
You double check their leads and tips, then pull it together. The mainstream have nothing on you now, because you search for the truth. They are being relegated to coverage of weather and social events.
Way to go, Jersey!

rico sorda said...

Now get this. On page 5 of the BDO Report we have;

"As part of the review we have met with and interviewed the Key personnel involved with the management of the investigation , within both the SOJP and Home Affairs , as well as the two principal external consultants - Mr Grimes and LGC, both of whom we discuss in some detail in this report. We have not interviewed the ex -SIO, Mr Harper as part of this review"

On Page 6 of the report they say;

"We have not had the opportunity of contacting the former SIO Lenny Harper"

Then at the Scrutiny Hearing the Chairman says that BDO told him that they wanted to contact Lenny Harper but were blocked.

How can someone block an independent review body from interviewing a key witness? This someone being the person that the whole report is based around? Why didn't BDO tell them to take a running job or remove themselves?

What the state in their Report and what they told the Scrutiny chairman don't stack up


Anonymous said...

No, it does not stack up at all. That report, like so many others, was never intended to be carefully scrutinized. The only logical question to ask next is why. It could lead back to all the other nefarious efforts to block the full exposure of child abuse on Jersey. It would be pretty hard not to see that as the profoundly common thread.


rico sorda said...

This is an email I sent last night to the Chief Minister. Is it any wonder we are in such a mess. Around every corner you find a great stinking mess with this lot.

Very UrgentWednesday, 6 July, 2011 23:56
From: "rico sorda" , "Daniel Wimberley" , "Bob Hill" , "ben queree" , "jep" , more
Cc:,, "roy herissier" , "Sean Power" ,,,,,,,, more

Dear Chief Minister

We have a serious problem. Someone is seriously misleading you in the Chief Ministers Dept or you have and still are misleading the house. It concerns your answer on to this question. You can listen to your reply here


14. The Deputy of St. Mary will ask the following question of the Chief Minister –

“Can the Chief Minister explain why he maintains that the former Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police offered, in his letter to the Deputy Chief Executive in a letter dated 31st March 2010, to fully participate in the Napier Review?”

You state, over many questions, that the former Chief of Police said in a letter dated the 31st March 2009 that he would fully participate in the Napier Review what you failed to tell the chamber these past 6 months is that it came with Caveats. You mentioned these Caveats for the first time on tuesday and still insisted that Graham Power said he would fully participate. So sure was everyone that you dropped part d from the Napier TOR's

Can you please explain why the Deputy Chief Executive Jon Richardson writes to Graham Power on the 16th April 2009 and asks if he can confirm that he will be willing to be interviewed by Brian Napier

On the 21st April 2009 Jon Richardson again writes to Graham Power. Mr Power explains it below (highlighted in red)

Can you please explain to me Chief Minister why your answers are misleading the house. If I have this wrong, can someone please email me back and explain where.

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

Deputy Chief Executives letter dated 21st April 2010. In that letter the writer appears to be under some pressure to resolve, one way or the other, whether I will agree to meet with Mr Napier. Among other things the letter states “I must now set a deadline for you to agree to interview.” I am asked to provide confirmation that I will attend for interview prior to 7thMay 2010. I am told that if I do not confirm my agreement, Mr Napier will proceed on the basis of such information as is publicly available. It is clear from the tone and content of this letter that on 21st April 2010 the Chief Ministers Department remained unsure as to whether or not I would participate in the Napier review. I sent a reply dated 23rd April 2010 which drew attention to my letter of a few days previously. I also took the opportunity to draw attention to my prompt management of correspondence relating to the Napier review which contrasted with the delays and confusion emanating from the Chief Ministers Department.

I recall that this exchange was followed by some email contact with Mr Napier. I have a note of my first telephone conversation with him which was on the afternoon of 28th April 2010. The note indicates that we discussed arrangements for a meeting which were subsequently confirmed. I met with Mr Napier on 13th May 2010.

rico sorda said...

Then Deputy Hil makes a complaint and gets the Chief Ministers Dept yo carry out an independent review into what happened anf hey presto it's BDO all over again.

Now just look at this exchange between Deputy Chief Minister Philip Ozouf and Deputy Bob Hill concerning the conduct of a very Senior Civil Servant . Deputy Hill finds out that this report is so "INDEPENDENT" that the person conducting it doesn't even interview the two main players, Brian Napier QC or Graham Power QPM. Read the exchange below and remember the "BDO Alto Report" It really is Staggering that no one is doing anything about this shambolic running of Government apart from the usual Deputies.

4.4 The Deputy of St. Martin:

The Senator has recently overseen a serious complaint made against a senior civil servant, will the Minister inform Members whether the investigator into the complaint interviewed the former Police Chief Office and the Q.C. (Queen’s Counsel) who investigated the circumstances into the Police Chief’s suspension? If they were not interviewed, will he explain why?

Senator P.F.C. Ozouf:

I did discharge those functions because the Chief Minister asked me to and an independent investigator was appointed. He carried out the review. These are not matters which should be ventilated into the public domain. The Deputy of St. Martin made a number of allegations and they were not upheld but unfortunately he continues on this line of questioning in relation to various matters in relation to this. I looked at this issue and as far as I am concerned that matter, which I do not think it is appropriate that we talk about in the public domain, is now closed after a satisfactory independent review.

4.4.1 The Deputy of St. Martin:

I ask the question I asked be answered: were these 2 gentlemen interviewed?

Senator P.F.C. Ozouf:

No, and I do not believe it was relevant. The independent review was made. But they are not relevant, the Deputy continues to makes comments and casts aspersions on people and individuals and I hope that we have drawn a line under those issues in a way that we should have closure. We need to move on and stop attacking individuals who are discharging public office and have done so properly. [Approbation] This issue was basically thrown out.

rico sorda said...

They are seriously at it. He covers all aspects of this wretched Government. They do as they please. If it's a report or whatever they simply just manipulate it as they see fit. They don't care that Children get Abused it all about the image

We are in peril with these out of control clowns


Anonymous said...

What is even worse is that the man who is the favourite to be the next Chief Minister, Ozouf, is even worse than TLS as he is so arrogant he believes because he says its "as far as I am concerned that matter, which I do not think it is appropriate that we talk about in the public domain, is now closed after a satisfactory independent review.", that it is!!!

He sounds very dangerous person to be the next CM, however, I believe if he was really pushed he could be a danger to himself. His investigation and his handling of it needs to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Rico found on Hansard 29th April 2008

I note that,
1. Set up directly after police announcement into physical findings?

To ensure States of Jersey manage the issues and decision making. Would that be on the findings?

Group 1)(Chief Ministers advisory group met 10 times to support the Chief Minister
Group 2)(officer group met 11 times. to support the Chief Executive.

The meeting dates, take into account leap year 2008 29 days in Feb they must of met consequetive days give or take the weekends for two weeks to tie in with the start and end dates given.

who was on these groups what did they hope to achieve.
I am guessing a few Senators perhaps Power, Perchard, Shenton etc implementing particular doubts into findings?

I can find no other mention of this group of groups.

See question asked below and answer given.

Searching google for ECC or emergency co-operation centre the archives have something if you check link I provided its the fourth bullet from the bottom. I do not have archive membership & wonder if this will give any info on who was in the groups etc.


Would the Minister confirm that Civil Servants and politicians were meeting every day to discuss the Haut de la Garenne issue, whether they are still doing so, and the purpose of those meetings?


Following the announcement by the States of Jersey Police on Saturday, 23rd February 2008 of physical findings at Haut de la Garenne, an Emergency Co-ordination Centre (ECC) was established in the Chief Minister’s Department. The ECC had the following aim:

“to ensure States of Jersey manages the issues around the Haut de la Garenne Police investigation, and any subsequent historical child abuse inquiries, in an efficient and effective manner, maintaining public reassurance, as well as the professional reputation, and economic wellbeing, of the Island.”

Two distinct groups were formed with the following purposes:

1. The Chief Minister’s Advisory Group - to support the Chief Minister in issues of assessment and decision-making;

2. Officer Group - to support the Chief Executive in issue assessment, management strategy development and implementation, to include overall strategy management and review, risk strategy - assessment and contingency, recording and logging.

Meeting dates – The Officer group met 11 times, from 27th February 2008 to 14th March. The Chief Minister’s Advisory Group met 10 times from 28th February to 12th March. No such meetings are currently taking place but future meetings may be called should circumstances change.

Anonymous said...

1. The Chief Minister’s Advisory Group - to support the Chief Minister in issues of assessment and decision-making;

2. Officer Group - to support the Chief Executive in issue assessment, management strategy development and implementation, to include overall strategy management and review,
risk strategy - assessment and contingency, recording and logging.

Ex-Police Chief Power and SIO Lenny Harper obviously were under the illusion that they were professional paid policeman in charge of the inquiry. From reading above, they were under great political pressure to do what they were told.

Excellent research from anonymous regarding two groups formed to mastermind Jerseys' Image shame about the honest coppers ! otherwise it may have succeeded.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the above are that the groups sole purpose was to protect interest of States of Jersey no more no less.

Ask questions in the house on findings misrepresent findings in the house.

Speak to local press disrupt disrupt disrupt. Keep the public face as acting in the interest of ''victims'' not allowed to be called ''victims''

Trash Senior investigating officer ridicule, however, whenever. Example emails Lenny Henry etc, speak to international media off the record.

Anonymous said...

Ozouf considers the rights of ordinary people to be annoying obstacles to his serious ambitions. ILM is simply a corrupt bumbling fool who considers himself a decent chap, arguably the safer "Dear Leader" of these two.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting reading about the groups formed to manage the public view of the abuse investigation. How much better off everyone would be today if the investigation and scientific testing would of been allowed to continue without political interference. Only the paedophiles and those corrupt professionals who coverd for them would of been harmed by this. Now it is everybody being lied to and things will still be exposed to the world oin the long view. Jersey looks worse for having no democracy and not caring about abused children or modern rights.

Anonymous said...

Who was that other group set up or set themselves up to keep the HDLG investigation under control and monitored?

Then quickly disbanded.

Weren't K Keen and E Martin two of the team?

rico sorda said...

I sat down and watched TV tonight not done that ages it was fun but the film was sh*t.

Who was that other group set up or set themselves up to keep the HDLG investigation under control and monitored?

Then quickly disbanded.

Weren't K Keen and E Martin two of the team?

Long story concerning that group


Anonymous said...

I believe the group with Keen and Emma Martin were involved with the police rather than the two groups mention who were working for gov. I could be wrong.

The Next Chief Minister said...

It suits Ozouf for Le Marquand to be trashed.

Anonymous said...

Good JEP front page with the News of the World shame today. You cannot escape the truth eh? Bunch of muppets.

Ian Evans said...


Ian Evans said...

The "REAL" Hack's

Anonymous said...

Gorst is looking increasingly like the 'acceptable' face as the next Chief Minister for the establishment.

mac said...

The JEP are cold calling people to see if they buy it!
Times must be hard.

rico sorda said...

I never ever thought that I would say this but I would like to thank Senator Shenton for friday nights JEP front page. It's all we could ask for especially when one thinks about David Rose.

Senator Shenton

Team Voice send their Thanks

"Good JEP front page with the News of the World shame today. You cannot escape the truth eh? Bunch of muppets."

I agree, what a muppet


Anonymous said...

Rag headlines, this just goes to prove that Ben really is the son of a Dick!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Ben Shenton, pot, kettle and black comes to mind. This is rich coming from a politician who tape recorded another politicians private conversation and kept it for nearly two years!!! What was his punishment for that!

Anonymous said...

Gorst is looking increasingly like the 'acceptable' face as the next Chief Minister for the establishment.

If they ever needed to cast a stereotypical member of the SS for a movie he is your man.

rico sorda said...

If Gorst gets re-elected he will move in as Treasury Minister that will pave the way for Ozouf to go as Chief Minister.



thejerseyway said...

Hi Rico.

Put Some Audio up from last weeks Debate on getting back the 4 lost Senator's. A must listen.

You can Listen HERE

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


Another excellent piece of work.

Bloggers - not only showing how it's done - but in the process wholly shaming Jersey's so-called "processional" media.

It's useful to point out the very stark contrasts between the well-researched - evidence-based - and dramatically public-interest-oriented journalism you produce here - and the lead story in Friday's edition of the Jersey Evening Post.

That paper ran a predictably lame and transparent - and quite unethical - piece of bandwagon jumping by a Jersey oligarchy politician - Ben Shenton, who is facing a grave challenged in getting re-elected late this year.

What was remarkable about the JEP piece - was the naked hypocrisy on display from both parties - Shenton, and 'The Rag', as it's commonly known.

Both have opportunistically used the News of the World scandal, to attack the child abuse investigations in Jersey.

What was especially telling was what was missing from the piece. Namely, any reference to Shenton's own telephone recording habits - and his, and his father's, symbiotic and unhealthy relationship with the JEP.

There was no mention by him - or the JEP - of the profoundly dangerous and toxic concentration of power the JEP has always represented in Jersey - with its ability to win or lose elections for those its Bosses favoured - or disapproved of.

And an even starker omission in the JEP article - was any acknowledgement that the "coconut" claim has now been exposed as having zero, scientific - or even published - evidential basis.

But yet - the Jersey Evening Post is quite happy to continue peddling to its readers the falsehood that the evidential fragment "was later shown to be coconut".

No - it hasn't.

Not at any stage.

Media power - and the corruption of politics - indeed.