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Lenny Harper

Just a quick post on an email exchange between Lenny Harper & Andy Sibcy from the JEP concerning the frantic attempts of Shenton's gang of serial leakers to put the spotlight back on Mr Harper and as far away from the shocking evidence coming out of the Scrutiny hearings concerning D/Supt Mick Gradwell & David Rose.

What is it with Senator Shenton  and his hatred of Lenny Harper? One thing is for sure it dates back to before the Child Abuse Investigation. 

It goes beyond Child Abuse for this little gang

This is all happening because of the Scrutiny Hearings 

I haven't seen a submission from Mick Gradwell yet, what's keeping him?

What has got this lot so rattled?

Why no mention of the proved leaks by Mick Gradwell? What's up lads? Hope you had no involvement on that one. What about the leaks in May 2008 to David Rose? 

Why try and stop Scrutiny

The pipe fitter is on your trail 


Call for investigation into police links with newspaper

The former Sunday tablod News of the World

THREE States Members have called for an official investigation into whether States police officers were paid by journalists for information during the Haut de la Garenne inquiry.

Senator Ben Shenton, Deputy Sean Power and Senator Jim Perchard have written a joint letter to the Attorney General and the police chief calling for action in the wake of revelations and allegations about the News of the World.

It has been alleged that reporters from the Sunday tabloid not only routinely hacked the mobile answer phone messages of celebrities, politicians and the victims of crime and terrorism, but also paid corrupt police officers for information.

The three Island politicians say that they have been concerned since 2008 about the way the investigation was handled and have raised the matter in the States on several occasions.

Full story in today’s JEP

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/07/26/call-for-investigation-into-police-links-with-newspaper/#ixzz1TFRETobk

We will find out 


From: Andy Sibcy <ASibcy@jerseyeveningpost.com>
Sent: Tuesday, 19 July 2011, 10:02
Subject: News of the World

Mr Harper,

Senator Le Marquand has now published his answer to a States question asked by Senator Ben Shenton. Please find both below.

Would you like to respond?







Given the revelations in respect of journalistic practises of the News of the World, coupled with the disclosure that a journalist from the newspaper was entertained at a top London restaurant at the height of the Haut de la Garenne investigation by the then Deputy Chief Officer, is the Minister satisfied that all future dealings with the media will be handled in a professional manner.Does he have any evidence to show whether any underhand practices were undertaken by the News of the World when investigating the Haut de la Garenne allegations?Answer

I am very concerned that the News of the World is referred to twice in the independent reports which I have received in relation to the Haut de la Garenne investigation.The first occasion was on the morning of the day on which the first press conference was held by

the then Deputy Chief Officer and Senior Investigating Officer. On that morning, 23 February 2008, a News of the World photographer was found in the bushes at Haut de la Garenne. In my view, there must have been some leak of information to that newspaper prior to that date.

However, much more concerning is the incident referred to which took place on 1 May 2008 when a female News of the World reporter, together with a number of police officers who were involved with the case were entertained by the then Deputy Chief Officer and Senior

Investigating Officer at an expensive London restaurant at a cost of 699.00. It is very concerning that subsequently a female reporter from the News of the World produced an article which made references

 a) to HELLFIRE Jersey Homes dossier to reveal children were murdered then burnt and b) to a SHOCK secret police report into the Jersey House of Hell Childrens Home reveals youngsters there WERE murdered then BURNED in a furnace to COVER UP the atrocities. The report then goes on to reveal various details which are very

likely to have been provided by a Police Officer or Officers. The full text of the Article is duplicated on a number of websites.

I am satisfied that the current leadership of the States of Jersey Police acts and will act in a proper and professional manner in relation to its dealings with the press.However, I can never exclude the possibility of individual Police Officers improperly leaking information to the press.

I do not have any evidence of underhand practices being undertaken by the News of the World in relation to the Haut de la Garenne investigation but doubt as to whether this would have been

necessary in the light both of the nature of police press conferences and other provision of confidential information which characterised the early stages of this investigation.

Andy Sibcy

From: Lenny Harper 
Sent: 19 July 2011 10:52
To: Andy Sibcy
Cc: voiceforchildrenvoiceforchildren; ricosorda
Subject: Re: News of the World

Mr Sibcy, If this was not so sickening it would be funny. Mr Shenton has a history of trying to smear the abuse victims and to discredit the investigation into the atrocities inflicted on them. He also has a history of colluding with corrupt police officers in attempting the same. This is just a rather pathetic ploy to divert attention from the deluge of evidence to the Scrutiny Panel which is putting the spotlight on the efforts of his cronies to cover up the abuse and previous cover ups. Here are some facts which Shenton conspicuously ignores in trying to link me to the News of the World scandal.

The current scandal involving the Met Police revolves around decisions being taken not to investigate matters which MIGHT have been influenced by considerations being received by police officers. I seem to be the only cop in trouble for not receiving hospitality from the NOTW but actually using my hospitality budget to pay for dinner.As someone in Jersey said to me yesterday, I really was a maverick cop

Secondly, the Home Affairs Minister has said that there was no evidence of improper behaviour by the NOTW in the HDLG investigation.There was of course the incident of the photographer in the bushes - funny, but when I gave that as a reason for the initial press release, Mr Shenton was rather scathing.

I have been on record many times, as was Graham Power, that we were very concerned about leaks to the media and made strenuous efforts to track the leaks down. Someone obviously did leak to the NOTW but it was not necessarily a police officer. The Chief Minister's office was aware of the activity at HDLG as were a number of States members some of whom visited the home before the NOTW arrived there. However, I would not rule out a police leak.

Mr Shenton also ignores the uncomfortable fact, (as has your own newspaper) that a respected Anthropologist in the UK said that human juvenile bones were buried after being burnt and that when buried they were "fleshed and fresh." The other wilder language used in the NOTW article unfortunately drew attention away from that fact. Every police officer present, both from the SOJP and the Met, at that meeting and dinner with the NOTW journalist will testify that nothing improper was said. The NOTW were showing huge interest in the case and it was good sense to try and keep their reporting within reasonably factual bounds. That was why we met with their Chief Crime Reporter. The meeting commenced much earlier and continued over dinner. Mr Shenton also ignores the fact the paperhad spoken also to a number of victims and carried horrific accounts from them. His attempt to further smear me is all rather pathetic. As I have repeated so often before, I am on easily accessible public media sources stating there was NO evidence of murder. Let me point Mr shenton in the direction of two of them - the BBC News site of 1st July 2008, and the Jersey Evening Post itself.

The attempt by Mr Shenton to draw me into the furore surrounding the NOTW is indicitive of his desperation. One can imagine the glee he would have reacted with if it had emerged that I had actually received the hospitality of the NOTW instead of the other way around. It is maybe time that Shentonstarted giving answers as to whyhe and othersare so determined to stop the abuse victims receiving justice instead of further enhancing his reputation as the "Lenny Henry" man who treated a serious matter with such contempt.

Finally, he ought also to consider the possibility that the hacking of phones may have extended to those involved in whatever way, in the abuse investigation in Jersey. Perhaps he could earn some of his salary and establish if any police officers or politicians were indeed victims of the NOTW hacking activities instead of the lame attempt to further discredit victims and those seeking justice for them.

I have copied this response to two Jersey blogs as I have no real expectation that all of whatI said will get an airing once you pass it to your editors.

Lenny Harper

From: "Andy Sibcy" <ASibcy@jerseyeveningpost.com>

Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2011 11:19:34 +0100

To: Lenny Harper<

Subject: RE: News of the World

Mr Harper,

Thanks for your response. I have the names of the Jersey officers and civilian present and will be speaking to them. It has been alleged to me that during the meal you received a call which you took privately. It is further alleged that you returned to the table and loudly announced that childrens bodies had been found at HDLG.

This, I am told, raised eyebrows among other members of the investigating team, but you later said that Lucy Panton had given her word it would not get reported in the NOTW.

Can you please name the Met officers present?

I will endeavour to quote as much of your response below as I can.

I see you are back in front of the microphone up there in Ayr.

Thanks again,


From: lenny harper
Sent: 19 July 2011 11:36
To: Andy Sibcy; rico sorda; voiceforchildren voiceforchildren
Subject: Re: News of the World

I did take a private call and it stayed private. News of the bones went out soon after to beat any leak . The Met oifficers made written statements to wiltshire in which they confirmed nothing untoward was said, as did the serving SOJP officers. You should ask for those as they seem to have vanished. Is this old ground really more newsworthy than the revelations of corruption among my successors at scrutiny, or is it part of the strategy to hide scrutiny from your readers? Just asking! Lenny


Anonymous said...

These three corkscrew shaped morons are laughable. Let me make it perfectly clear for them. I used my legitimate hospitality budget to purchase a meal and drinks for a number of UK officers and the Chief Crime Reporter for the News of the World. At no time did I receive any cash or any other favours from the NOTW or anyone else at all for information. In case they have failed to grasp the rather complicated scandal unfolding in the UK, police officers are accused of receiving large favours for taking decisions about prosecutions and selling information. To the best of my knowledge there is no officer being criticised for not taking favours from the media. It might be a bit complicated for them I know. Or then again, perhaps they are being deliberately misleading. Perish the thought!! However, for their benefit, at no time, unlike Perchard and Gradwell, did I unlawfully leak confidential information to any journalist. Let me repeat again - David Rose in a recorded conversation admitted that Perchard leaked him a confidential police e mail. Perchard was the recipient of that e mail. If these goons have any evidence they should come out with it. If they want to accuse me they should say so, but we know they won't because this is yet another sad, dishonest, pathetic, and desperate attempt to discredit the Abuse investigation and to prevent paedophiles from being brought to justice. Now, why would they want to do that? Why are they spending so much time and effort in an attempt to stop an investigation into horrific abuse which had as its suspects some of Jerseys most prominent officials? Perhaps they could answer that. The man who now calls himself Sean Power might be better reflecting on the reasons he lost his post recently and his attempted links with a Northern Ireland company involved in the Waterfront whom he offered his services to in strange circumstances. Perchard might well reflect on his links with the self confessed journalistic stooge and convicted paedophile supporter David Rose who named Perchard as leaking a confidential police e mail to him. As for Shenton, he is just too rediculous to even discuss. Lenny Henry seems to be the limit of his research. These three clowns give a circus a bad name. They really are desperate to draw attention away from the evidence unfolding in the Scrutiny Panel into the BDO farce. Again, I wonder why? Lenny Harper

rico sorda said...


Anonymous said...

Securicor board of directors ( Dick Shenton)
Peter Turner, x deputy chief of Police !!!

Anonymous said...

The Met oifficers made written statements to wiltshire in which they confirmed nothing untoward was said, as did the serving SOJP officers. You should ask for those as they seem to have vanished.

Thats why the statements have never seen the light of day let alone being used in any disciplinary action. Redact and publish the parts you want.

Anonymous said...

One thing I forgot to add. Yes please to an independent enquiry into unlawful leaks to the media during the abuse ïnvestigation. But not just by police officers. It should include politicians also as evidence aplenty implicates them. Bring it on! I have nothing to fear. Can Perchard and Gradwell say the same? Lenny Harper

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what Sean Powers name was when he lived in Ireland and where in Ireland he was from? Rico could you ask Lenny if he knows as i have friends in Ireland who could do some digging.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Sean Power on the couch

Anonymous said...

E-mails were leaked, says Harper

By Diane Simon

FORMER deputy police chief Lenny Harper has made formal complaints to the police against former Chief Minister Frank Walker and Senator Jimmy Perchard, alleging that they leaked confidential e-mails about the abuse inquiry to a journalist and newspaper.

However, Mr Walker has strongly denied that claim — and the journalist named by Mr Harper, David Rose of the Mail on Sunday, has also said that the claims are false. Senator Perchard is out of the Island and unavailable for comment. Mr Harper, pictured, is alleging that Mr Rose told police chief Graham Power during a phone call that he had a confidential e-mail leaked to him by Senator Perchard.

He is also alleging that the Mail on Sunday told him that the Chief Minister’s office leaked a confidential e-mail to them in which he updated Senator Walker on the anthropologist’s findings in the UK on items found during the excavation at Haut de la Garenne. However, Mr Rose told the JEP that he had never been leaked an e-mail by Mr Walker, Senator Perchard, States chief executive Bill Ogley or former Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard. ‘I have never spoken to Mr Power either,’ Mr Rose said.

Mr Harper told the JEP that he had received a letter from the States police ‘refusing to investigate the allegations.’ Asked about Mr Harper’s allegations, Mr Walker said that they were totally untrue.

Article posted on 19th December, 2008 - 2.58pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2008/12/19/e-mails-were-leaked-says-harper/#ixzz1THao1k2o

Anonymous said...


GeeGee said...

'Can you please name the Met officers present?

I will endeavour to quote as much of your response below as I can.

I see you are back in front of the microphone up there in Ayr'.

1 - A little bit of real investigative
journalism would not come amiss here JEP. I am sure Lenny COULD tell you, but why the hell should he when damned thing he says or does gets twisted and distorted anyway.

2 - How very gracious of you to TRY and print as much of Lenny's response as you can. Perhaps in just this one instance the JEP could print it in it's entirety and not cherry pick the parts that suit them.

3 - This seems like a snide aside to Lenny either giving interviews to VFC or speaking with Scrutiny. So what if he is prepared to defend his corner. At least we are hearing the truth from an honest man.

Anonymous said...

Harcourt make official complaint about Deputy

HARCOURT Developments has made an official complaint to the Bailiff about the conduct of Deputy Sean Power, who they say tried to get a job with them in 2005.

The preferred developers of the Waterfront claim that Deputy Sean Power (pictured) asked if he could become their political consultant before he entered the States three years ago.

But this claim is being strongly denied by Deputy Power, who says that he approached a former employee of Harcourt only in an attempt to bring a French supermarket and freight link to Jersey.

Director of Harcourt Developments Pat Power said that Deputy Power has become their most vocal critic since they declined his offer in 2005.

Deputy Power, originally from Limerick in Ireland, has admitted sending an ‘abusive’ e-mail to Harcourt, but said it was all done before he was elected to the States in November 2005. He said that the ‘irritation’ expressed in it and the ‘use of language’ was due to his frustration at being unable to attract support from an Irish company.’

Article posted on 17th June, 2008 - 2.55pm

TonyTheProf said...

"The man who now calls himself Sean Power"

As his election forms and States name in full is Sean Dooley-Power, I suspect that his previous career he may have used his full name.

Anonymous said...

seemns to be working with the people who are at the front of the NOTW hacking scandal, and I am wondering if one of the people they are speaking to is Tom Watson MP?

I am interested in Tom Watson, because of his involvement with the president of RTS, Peter Bazalgette, who gave an award to that David Rose Channel TV rubbish that tried to discredit Operation Rectangle.

Now I have discovered that Tom Watson is involved in Searchlight magazine. They were in the media yesterday, the Guardian was giving them a mouthpiece, trying to make out that EDL was involved with the Norway massacre. I did a blog post on it late last night, and surprise surprise, the BBC seems to have changed its tune about that this morning.

Searchlight has some very dodgy characters, such as Harry Bidney and Gerry Gable as its founders. Its strange that a so called quality newspaper as the Guardian pretends to be is giving it so much creedence.

Anyway, is running with Watsons baying hounds, just wondered does anyone know if any of the Jersey oligarchy has anylinks to Watson

rico sorda said...

Team Voice will be conducting an exclusive interview with Mr Harper concerning the 'NOTW' and other related issues. We will be covering all the leaks starting from the alleged Perchard leak to the proven Gradwell leak.

If any readers have a question they would like us to put to Mr Harper then please let us know


rico sorda said...

A post on the 3 ....s


Anonymous said...

Ian Le Marquand has the gall to stand for Chief Minister!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Le Marquand to stand for Chief Minister

Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

HOME Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand has announced his intention to stand for Chief Minister in the autumn.

Senator Le Marquand has been in the States since 2008 and believes he is now ready for the ‘tough challenge’ of leading the Island’s government following the retirement of Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur.

The former Magistrate is the first Member to publicly confirm that he will be putting himself forward for the job when a new House is decided in November and says that, if elected by the rest of the Assembly, it will be the biggest challenge he has ever faced.

His decision confirms long-running speculation that he would declare his interest in the Island’s top political job, something Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf is also widely expected to do soon.

Both Senators are halfway through their six-year terms and do not have to face the electorate this year.

Full story in today’s JEP

Article posted on 27th July, 2011 - 4.05pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/07/27/le-marquand-to-stand-for-chief-minister/#ixzz1TK6uMgcC

Anonymous said...

How is Andy Sibcy getting on with his reporting concerning the Gradwell leaks? Remember, he was the one that filled the JEP full of the BDO Report.

Damocles said...


People like Shenton and Perchard are typical of the good ole boy Jersey Way. "Big" fish in a tiny minded pond.

Using all your wide experience of life elsewhere, how would you rate the Jersey Way's stupidity/corruption of power (no pun intended)/zeitgeist that you experienced here, compared with various other places?

Anonymous said...

Hang down your head, Sean Dooley

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Questions for Lenny

Lenny, would the police still have the tape recording between Graham Power & David Rose

Why would Senators Perchard & Shenton try and discredit yourself and an on going child abuse investigation? Shenton was health minister and Perchard was Assistant health minister.

How much influence did Dick Shenton have down the Station when you were there? Do you think this has had a huge influence regarding the discrediting of the abuse investigation

GeeGee said...

Lenny - much on the same note as the previous comment.

I am sure this will follow the general theme of the questions, but the three 'caber throwing Senators' seem to pop up time and time again in trying to discredit the Child Abuse story, even to the extent of being associated with a most foul Blog.

Do you know, or are you able to say why these three in particular would have a grievance against you (apart from the fact that you exposed something very big), or indeed the investigation of the child abuse which took place.

Suffice to say, not one of the three have ever shown any form of support or comfort to the abused. Any decent person would have done so.

I am sure you know a lot more than you are able/prepared to tell us, but we know who we believe Lenny.

Jersey on LSD said...

Rico, stay focused on Mick Gradwell they don't want him anywhere near a Scrutiny hearing let alone make a submission. Take a good look at what he did since he arrived in August 2008, his use of contacts already in place when he arrived, his arranged use of the local MSM on leaving but most importantly of all look at his relationship with Warcup. You are so close to exposing this please keep focused..

Anonymous said...

Stay focussed on Gradwell, GO FOR THE JUGULAR RICO!


Anonymous said...


Not sure if this has been seen.
Perhaps someone could screen capture as these articles get pulled pretty quick

rico sorda said...


This has been seen but it is always good looking back at what Mick said.

Any sign of a submission yet?


Anonymous said...

Looking through some old articles

The penultimate paragraph stands out to me.
this was August 2008 What was he waiting for?
Were the reports in on the finds? Public confirmation from Jersey Police?

Anonymous said...

To all of those who have asked me questions, VFC has promised to cover them in the interview tomorrow when I will answer them in full. Lenny Harper

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Judge discharges bomb plot jury
| Thursday, 12 July 2007 Source: BBC News

A jury in the trial of two men with British National Party (BNP) links accused of plotting explosions has failed to reach a verdict.

Robert Cottage, 49, and David Jackson, 62, both from Lancashire, had denied conspiracy to cause explosions with intent to endanger life.

The judge at Manchester Crown Court discharged the jury on Thursday and ordered the men be found not guilty.

The Crown Prosecution Service said there would be no further retrial.

The jury informed Mrs Justice Swift they were unable to reach a verdict on the charge after deliberating for more than a day and a half.

Guilty plea

It was the second trial the men had faced after a previous jury failed to reach a verdict in February.

The conspiracy to cause explosion charge was dropped for both men.

A formal not guilty verdict was also entered for Mr Jackson, of Trent Road, Nelson, with respect to the charge of possession of explosives that could reasonably be suspected to be for an unlawful purpose.

Former BNP candidate Cottage, of Talbot Street, Colne, had pleaded guilty to the possession of explosive substances during his first trial.

He will be sentenced on 31 July and could face a maximum jail term of 14 years.

Chemicals found

During the trial the jury heard that boxes containing 21 different kinds of chemicals were found by police at Cottage's home in September 2006.

Cottage, who has failed to win three local elections standing for the BNP, admitted he planned to make gunpowder to cause thunder flashes to scare off intruders in the event of civil unrest.

During his evidence, he also told the court the substances - including nitrates, chlorine, ammonia and acids - were for cleaning his false teeth, clearing his drains and protecting himself from bird flu.

Mr Jackson - who met Cottage at BNP meetings but was not a party member - admitted he had asked Cottage to order him some chemicals from the internet so he could pursue his interest in chemistry.

Speaking after the hearing, Superintendent Mick Gradwell of Lancashire Police, said the force accepted the result of the court process.

"We carried out a full and professional investigation and worked closely with our colleagues at the Crown Prosecution Service throughout to ensure that the charges we brought were appropriate," he added.

rico sorda said...

The Shenton's were at war with Harper before the 'HCAE' and still are

Police praised in HMI report
By Anthony Lewis

THE States of Jersey Police have been praised as a ‘modern and fast-moving’ force by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.
And the controversial professional standards department, led by Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, has won strong endorsement despite external claims that it is heavy-handed in rooting out alleged corruption.

Only last week former Senator Dick Shenton claimed the police management were ‘out of control’.
But the force’s senior leadership will view today’s report as a vindication of its policing priorities and the way that the force has been turned around since a critical HMI report six years ago.
The report reveals that police officers face even further scrutiny in future.
The new Police Law currently being drafted will include provision for officers to be compulsorily drug-tested if they are suspected of taking illegal substances – a move which HMI support.

Article posted on 8th December, 2006 - 12.00am

Minister allowed police to get out of control’
‘y Harry McRandle

FORMER Senator Dick Shenton has said he would bring a vote of no co
Bnfidence against Home Affairs Minister Wendy Kinnard over the Roy Boschat affair if he was still in the States.

He said that Senator Kinnard had allowed senior States police officers to ‘get out of control’ and become virtually ‘unaccountable for their actions’.

Mr Shenton, who once had political responsibility for Island policing as president of the then Defence Committee, took up the case of Mr Boschat some months ago and has held meetings with Senator Kinnard and States police Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper.
‘The more it went on, the more I felt I was in the middle of a confrontation between two cultures.

It was Jersey common-sense policing against attitudes more prevalent in Strathclyde and Northern Ireland,’ said Mr Shenton.

But Senator Kinnard defended her position.
‘Once the facts were known, he would be the first to appreciate the criticisms he makes are of no substance,’ she said.
Mr Boschat was accused of bribing Pc Sean Osmand to secure lucrative contracts for his vehicle recovery and breakdown business from the States force.
During the investigation into the allegations he was not allowed to do any police work.Last week Mr Boschat was notified that there would be no proceedings against him but has yet to be reinstated onto the police rota for vehicle recovery.

Pc Osmand will not face any further action in relation to charges of corruption of a public official and conspiracy to defraud.
Article posted on 30th November, 2006 - 12.00am

Crapaud-o-pinion said...

re: The Trever and Ted Show -

An unconvincing united front

Anonymous said...

Actually, the decision that Osmand would not face any action was a decision by the AG. As I recall it, Lenny Harper then circumvented this by charging Osmand with less serious offences which did not need the AG's authority and this led to his five convictions. It was during that trial that Boschat then admitted to getting Osmand to carry out illegal computer checks. His prosecution was stopped firstly by Colin Egre and Sara Ferguson's visit to the AG and then dropped entirely after Lenny retired.

voiceforchildren said...


Lenny Harper tells us about "THE THREE GOONS"

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldnt the obvious people to put the complaint to be Scotland Yard? Then Shenton, Power, Perchard with their concerns of paid corrupt police officers? and News of the World phone hacking would be taken seriously, rather than viewed locally as PR media sponsored exercise?

Ian Evans said...


Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Rico, I keep checking the Scrutiny website to see if Mr Gradwell has made a submission. His silence speaks volumes. Remember, this is the person you couldn't shut up at one stage when talking about the HCAE and now nothing. The whole BDO issue lies with Warcup & Gradwell. Warcup has made a submission that contradicts BDO and Kellett. Reading the transcripts there is utter confusion between all parties. Mick Gradwell now knows his reputation is on the line.

One last thing.. Did any of the MSM pay Gradwell to attack the 'HCAE' under the leadership of Mr Harper??????.

Anonymous said...

Or visa versa.

But either way, a very good question.

Anonymous said...

Gradwell, now thats a question. The only responce from him so far is in the Lancashire Press.

Anonymous said...

Lancashire press

But in a response to a question from Deputy Trevor Pitman on who leaked a BDO interim report, Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand said: “The most likely person who did this was the former senior investigating officer who took on the historical abuse inquiry and who left in August 2009 with a very noisy, if I may put it that way, publicity in relation to his criticisms of his predecessors.

“The result of the inquiry which was conducted by myself in 2009 very clearly pointed in his direction.”

But today, Mr Gradwell hit back.

He said: “There’s no mystery about what I’ve said.

"I thought it was a shambles with no financial management.

“I don’t regard that as a leak, though having worked there I’m not surprised at this.

“I’m on record as quoting information from the report.

"I released it when asked the questions on TV, online and in the papers.

“I didn’t leak a report. After I left I said my version of what happened including a mass overspend, a poorly-managed fiasco where the lead detective made unnecessary trips and took his notes with him.”

Anonymous said...

Police Consultant:
The circumstances of the source are as set down in my written submission. The source was [retired D/Superintendent]. He has admitted that to me in telephone conversations. He first telephoned me about a week or so after the article appeared. I had already worked out that it was probably him.

Deputy R.G Le Hérrisier:

Police Consultant:
I deplore what he did. I have told him I deplore what he did. In terms of why he did it, you would have to ask him. He says - so what he told me - and he has repeated that in recent telephone conversations that he has made to me arising out of the establishment of this Panel that he did not give copies of my written work, but he disclosed the contents of some of them to a reporter. It was not BDO at all. It is not me. It was not Wiltshire or [then Acting Police Chief]. It was [retired D/Superintendent].

Deputy T.M. Pitman:
Out of interest, did he seek to justify what he had done to you?

Police Consultant:
He gave a reason, but I think ...

Deputy T.M. Pitman:
Well, we do hope to speak to him. We do not know whether he will.

Police Consultant:
I do not think it is appropriate for me to ...

Deputy T.M. Pitman:
Just for the record, you are saying he said he did not actually show documents to a journalist. He verbally, because you said he had not shown. That is what you have just said.

Police Consultant:
I cannot remember at this distance to say his exact words. What he says is content. Whether he handed documents or whether he had no idea, I am not sure.

The Deputy of St Mary:
If we cannot talk to [retired D/Superintendent], we will be able to fire you off a letter to ask for a bit more detail on the contents of that particular conversation

Anonymous said...


“I didn’t leak a report. After I left I said my version of what happened including a mass overspend"

How can you have an overspend when there was no budget?

Anonymous said...

Was Gradwll involved in the Kendall House Pindown cbuse scandal? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Rico - Off topic - I'm still waiting for the name of the driver who was driving a high powered car in which a woman was killed, being disclosed publicly and the driver being charged. I mean just how long does it take to get all the facts? Surely the new COP is not so incompetent he takes months and months on this matter!!!

Anonymous said...

"How can you have an overspend when there was no budget?"

Well, a good question to ask Gradwell and all the other smear campaigners, like ILM, Ozouf, the JEP, and Warcup is, "Just how much was that overspend anyway?" "Then, what was spent to try to find an overspend?"

While you are at it, get a deputy to ask all of them separately to answer your questions specifically, without using generalities. They can't. Only Lenny Harper has provided specific factual answers to questions. Ask ILM and the others why that is, next time they hedge or can't "remember." No wonder they are so afraid of you fact based bloggers and in fear of the outside media asking questions.

rico sorda said...

I have put a link to Ted Viberts blog on my Menu Section.

Now, I should explain that I totally dislike this tosser, watching him in action during the last election was something else. Having said that, I do agree with a lot of what he says and believe his blog should be read and advertised. I cant help but think he is like the punch drunk boxer who keeps going back for one last fight.


GeeGee said...

That is a very apt observation about TV. His behaviour at the last hustings, both in person and by virtue of his letters in the JEP did not endear him to me either.

As you say though a lot of what he says is in line with what I feel also, therefore I do read his blog and try and forget the personality behind it!

voiceforchildren said...