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What is going on here.?

On the 15th October 2010 we had Bridget Shaw telling us this 

Police over-reacted with Syvret arrest, says court

Former Senator Stuart Syvret.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret.

POLICE went ‘over the top’ when they arrested Stuart Syvret and should not have locked him up for seven hours in a cell, the Assistant Magistrate presiding over his case has said.

Bridget Shaw yesterday described the former Health Minister’s arrest following a raid on his home last year as disproportionate to the charges he faced.

Those charges, which related to breaches of the Data Protection Law and minor motoring offences, would never result in a prison sentence, she said, and therefore the actions of the police were ‘wrong’. Instead, Mrs Shaw said, the police should have invited Mr Syvret, who was found guilty yesterday of the motoring offences, to attend an interview at the police station.

• See Friday’s JEP for full story.

Article posted on 15th October, 2010 - 2.56p

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2010/10/15/police-over-reacted-with-syvret-arrest-says-court/#ixzz1UYmannay

 Then on Tuesday the 9th 2011 we have Sir Christopher Pitchers saying on his summing up "that the court believed the police were wrong to raid the former Health Ministers home, arrest him and keep him in custody" 


So what gets done about it?  We have a sitting politician who's house gets raided, computers get taken etc etc and all with  no search warrant. Who authorized this heavily condemned police raid..????????????  Our then Attorney General William Bailhache thats who.

So, where do we stand concerning this Police Raid?

Think about it

The Magistrate and Pritchers have condemned it but where does the raid stand concerning the Law??????

Then We Move onto the Abuse Victims 

As with everything concerning this tragic chapter in Jerseys History the Abuse Victims keep getting treated like dirt.  There will be more on this very soon but all one can say for the moment is that it's a bloody disgrace 

Child abuse: ‘Compensation delays an insult’

The former children's home Haut de la Garenne

DELAYS in paying compensation to Jersey’s child abuse victims is an insult to those who suffered in Island care homes, a lawyer handling their claims against the States has said.

Although care home abusers Michael Aubin, Gordon Wateridge, and Morag and Tony Jordan were convicted and sentenced last year, victims are still waiting for payouts.

And solicitor Alan Collins – who represents 36 victims in their claims against the States of Jersey – says that they are being forced to go to court to get compensation.

The two sides have been negotiating for some time but Mr Collins says that he is at the point of taking the matter to court because the delays have gone on too long.

Article posted on 9th August, 2011 - 2.56pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/08/09/child-abuse-compensation-delays-an-insult/#ixzz1UYe3zn7q

Last but not least does anybody remember the PLANNING CORRUPTION Allegations 

My Good GOD.  

Deputy Labey first approached the SOJP in November 2008 concerning these allegations - we are now  heading towards 3yrs and what

Deputy alleges planning corruption on ‘grand scale’

By Lucy Mason

Deputy Carolyn Labey

PLANNING corruption on a grand scale involving civil servants, solicitors and at least one States Member has been ignored by police, it was alleged in court yesterday.

Deputy Carolyn Labey claimed that she had evidence that a ‘network’ of individuals had been involved in making corrupt planning decisions relating to rezoned land.

She also claimed that she had been ‘bullied and harassed’ by a ‘couple’ of her fellow States Members after becoming suspicious about a number of decisions that were made.

And, she said in the Magistrate’s Court, the police had failed to look into her concerns effectively.

Giving evidence on the third day of an abuse of process hearing initiated by her ex-partner, former Senator Stuart Syvret, Deputy Labey said her research had led to conclusions ‘outside of the political ground and into that of the police’.

• Read the full report in Thursday’s Jersey Evening Post

Article posted on 30th September, 2010 - 2.57pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2010/09/30/deputy-alleges-planning-corruption-on-grand-scale/#ixzz1UYdOnRVi


Le Main: I was not involved in any planning corruption’

DSC_6815FORMER Housing Minister Terry Le Main has categorically denied any involvement in alleged planning corruption, describing the accusation against him as ‘absolutely scandalous’.

Following claims made by Deputy Carolyn Labey in the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday that he was involved in ‘grand scale planning corruption’, the Senator has put his lawyer on standby.

And he said that if the Deputy, who he believes has had a ‘thing’ against him for a long time, repeated those accusations outside court he would sue her.

The claims were made during a hearing instigated by Deputy Labey’s former partner Stuart Syvret concerning his criminal prosecution.

Article posted on 2nd October, 2010 - 2.59pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2010/10/02/le-main-i-was-not-involved-in-any-planning-corruption/#ixzz1UYoNln50


Planning ‘corruption’: Cohen orders inquiry

Senator Freddie Cohen

Senator Freddie Cohen

ENVIRONMENT Minister Freddie Cohen is calling for an investigation into allegations made by Grouville Deputy Carolyn Labey about planning corruption on a grand scale.

Senator Cohen is to ask Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur to launch an investigation into claims made in the Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday by Deputy Labey that she had evidence that a ‘network’ of individuals had been involved in making corrupt planning decisions relating to rezoned land.

The Planning Minister said that although he had full confidence in the department’s integrity and confidence in its officers, it was important that an investigation was held so the public were able to retain confidence in the planning service.

Deputy Labey made the allegations while giving evidence at an abuse of process hearing initiated by her former partner, former Senator Stuart Syvret who faces data protection and driving offence charges.

Article posted on 2nd October, 2010 - 3.00pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2010/10/02/planning-corruption-cohen-orders-inquiry/#ixzz1UYodOh18

Minister lodges complaint against Deputy

Senator Terry Le Main

Senator Terry Le Main

FORMER Housing Minister Terry Le Main has lodged a complaint against the Deputy of Grouville after she accused him of being involved in ‘grand scale planning corruption’.

The complaint against Deputy Carolyn Labey, who made the accusation in the Magistrate’s Court last week, has been made to the Privileges and Procedures Committee, which is responsible for the behaviour of States Members.

Senator Le Main has also demanded a ‘full investigation’ into the claims. In a letter to the committee’s chairman, St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan, Senator Le Main said he was writing ‘in protest in the strongest of terms’ to the claims.

‘I wish to lodge a complaint against Ms Labey in regard to these corruption allegations which have apparently taken place over the rezoning of Field 148 in Grouville and any other land rezoning or otherwise in the Island,’ he said.

Article posted on 4th October, 2010 - 2.57pm

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2010/10/04/minister-lodges-complaint-against-deputy/#ixzz1UYoqXX8z

WHAT ARE THE POLICE DOING??????????????????????








Anonymous said...

Surely its coming close to Bowran's make or break time.

He either puts his foot down and says enough is enough.

Or he puts his feet down and runs....

Leaving his unfit and unfit for purpose police force cycling aimlessly around the Island?!

Anonymous said...

I am sure Stuart will use the "disproportionate" raid in his appeal, but it might be interesting to see if he can use the fact that nobody is admitting any accountability for it. Barking Bill must have coordinated the raid with a number of others despite his prior denial, but is no one admitting it?

Anonymous said...


Look below to see who voted against the proposition for taking proper action. After reading the Reg's Skips report it is clear that in a well run department not filled with incompetents, this would never have happened.

Because of the actions of Jersey's planning department, the tax paying public, paid out hundreds of thousands in compensation for legal fees to Reg's Skips and they deserved every penny.

THE STATES assembled on Wednesday
3rd November 2010, at 09.30 a.m.

Reg’s Skips Limited – Planning Applications (R.118/2010): compensation and further action P.130/2010

THE STATES, adopting paragraph (e) of the proposition of Senator Ben Edward Shenton, as amended, agreed –

(e) to request the Chief Minister to request the States Employment Board to investigate the
poor actions of employees in the Planning Department as highlighted in R.118/2010 and
take the necessary action, as appropriate.

Members present voted as follows Pour(yes)33


Senator T.A. Le Sueur
Senator P.F. Routier
Senator P.F.C. Ozouf
Senator T.J. Le Main
Senator F.E. Cohen
Senator A.J.H. Maclean
Senator B.I. Le Marquand
Connétable of Trinity
Connétable of St. Saviour
Deputy of Trinity
Deputy S.S.P.A. Power (B)
Deputy I.J. Gorst (C)
Deputy A.E. Jeune (B)
Deputy A.T. Dupré (C)

What reason would any politician offer to protect the staff of a department with admitted and proven failings which have cost the public hundreds of thousands of pounds ? Why would they not want action into employee's conduct with proceedings to follow ?


Anonymous said...

Deputy Power, always lodged up the establishment backside ...

Anonymous said...

ENVIRONMENT Minister Freddie Cohen is calling for an investigation into allegations made by Grouville Deputy Carolyn Labey about planning corruption on a grand scale.

What was the outcome does anybody know? Is this why he jumped ship? Cohen is now the greatest school twinning expert in the world with a pocket full of cow jizz.

Can someone please save us

Anonymous said...

Indeed Rico the compensation delays have been dragged out and dragged out, which is not good for those abuse survivors involved.

However, it is pleasing to note that the JCLA and other abuse survivors will be meeting with Ed Marsden (Verita) to offer some input/suggestions in regard to the TOR for the Committee of Inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Rico, looks like you are on the money again.

magistrate,judge and now a copper

Syvret arrest: ‘We could have acted differently’

Superintendent André Bonjour

A SENIOR States police officer has admitted that with hindsight, the force could have done things differently when they arrested former Health Minister Stuart Syvret.

Head of operations Superintendent André Bonjour said that officers ‘may have taken a different course of action’.

At a hearing this week in which Mr Syvret’s appeals against convictions for data protection, contempt and motoring offences were rejected, Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers said that the Royal Court believed the police should not have raided the former Senator’s house, arrested him and kept him in custody.

Instead, he said, they should have invited Mr Syvret to police headquarters for questioning, and if he failed to co-operate, then arrest him.

Article posted on

Read more: http://www.thisisjersey.com/2011/08/10/syvret-arrest-we-could-have-acted-differently/#ixzz1UdmbwBjl

Anonymous said...

Pitchers and Andre BJ said things could have been done differently

lawfully would have been good

haha sorry, forgot where i was for a mo


Anonymous said...

How independent or uncontroversial is Verita? Would it help going in to the meeting with Mr Marsden to inform him of the very global audience of the blogs? I hope he would be made aware of the many organizations and political activists who are monitoring the Jersey situation. If Verita want their name on anything to do with this inquiry, even if it is only the TOR, they should be clear on the potential for their reputation to be tied to the results of the entire abuse scandal by future historians. There will be ongoing scrutiny, it increases daily around the world, and this scandal will never go away without an honest and thorough, fully transparent investigation.

Ian Evans said...


voiceforchildren said...


Here's hoping Andrew Lewis gets elected. He's got a lot of questions to ANSWER

It's dark in the cellar said...

Shower of disgusting corrupt criminals to any half decent human being.

None compliance is the only peaceful way, so get on with not complying.

All of you.

Anonymous said...

Comment on BBC live riot Ticker:

Former detective superintendent Michael Gradwell explains how the weather may be helping to keep the streets trouble-free. "In Manchester tonight it's raining, which is the best police officer ever and does stop great disorder all on its own."

Anonymous said...


As Andrew Lewis is standing again to support his friends in the States, and on the subject of,

Re From Andrew Lewis.

Response to P9 and allegations by Graham Power in his recently published Affidavit

On the same subject but further down the road, planetjersey has posted politicians voting records. I have noticed the Napier report debate proposed action regarding information that should be brought out into the open by the Chief Minister regarding aspects of the suspension of Police Chief Graham Power.

Reading it after all this time certainly focuses the mind on what Stuart Syvret has published about no checks and balances by our States.

It must be obvious to any rational decent person, that the voting , allowed the Chief Minister to get away from having to explain the truth. Why would some of them do that ? Come election time it will be the exit door for those that vote to hide the truth and Mr A.Lewis would be incredibly lucky to get in.



rico sorda said...

Andrew Lewis suspended the Chief of Police it didn't take much for him to do it his excuse was "I was getting advice"

He then leaves the States - runs away more like - and now thinks the coast is clear for a return. This really does sum up this place. I look forward to him becoming a Deputy if the people of St John are stupid enough to vote him in as he has a lot of questions to answer


Raymac said...

"Could have done things differently", what nonsense, did it never occur to do things properly, I.E. invite Stuart to Police Headquarters with a Solicitor to discuss the issue as civilised people would have done.
No, these scum knew exactly what they were doing!

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Rico you devote a lot of time and effort to this blog and your agenda are not the same as mine but since the election is rapidly approaching - can I suggest that you outline some specific aims and objectives for candidates and voters to consider?
I think this might be more helpful at this time(my suggestion) than some of the non-directioned discussion that takes place here.

The election is potentially the opportunity to change things for the better in Jersey - we must not miss that. But we have to address the election within TOR that are relevant to the task.
Tom Gruchy says

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

If you're wondering where Mick Gradwell is, he can be found almost every day on BBC Radio 5 Live.

He seems to be the "Expert rent a mouth" pontificating on all areas of policing in the UK.

Now that he's re-discovered his voice, perhaps he'll now show up & speak at the scrutiny panel hearings !

I wonder if the Five Live researchers would like a few more details about his other areas of expertise?