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The Jersey Main Stream Media

Karen Rankine- Broadcast MD-  CTV

Lenny Harper



After the outrageous reporting by CTV on  Home Affairs Scrutiny Panels Review into the BDO Alto Report into the Financial Management of the Historic Child Abuse Investigation that even left the Chief Executive of Home Affairs sick to the pit of his stomach surly it is now time for a full Root & Branch Enquiry into the workings of our Media and their relationship with the Jersey Hierarchy.

The JEP, CTV and BBC Jersey  have been hell bent on playing down the 'HCAE' and misleading the public.   They have concentrated on the spinning of Finances - giving the public the false impression that Power/ Harper spent 7.5 million on curries and duty frees when the real fact is  they spent less that half of that. We must not forget that Lenny Harper was dealing with a major crime scene the likes of that has never been seen before in Jersey. 

If the MSM want to do some real investigative work  on where the monies went during the 'HCAE'  they need to look no further than the Scrutiny Review that is currently being undertaken  by the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel Sub Panel. All they need to do is read the Submissions & Transcripts that can be found here.

Home Affairs Submissions and Transcripts

The current level of reporting has led to condemnation across the board. This reporting should not  be allowed to go on unchecked. 

I have struggled to find any coverage from our 'MSM' where that have praised Graham Power, Lenny Harper & His Team for smashing the veil of secrecy and bringing into the open the decades long abuse of children in the Jersey Care System, not even a single question as to why  or how it was allowed to take place for so long without anyone raising concerns.

Is it just coincidence that they have failed to report the alleged leaking of a confidential police email to a National Journalist who is a known supporter of convicted paedophiles by a former Assistant Heath Minister during a live investigation. This has been documented in two Sworn Affidavits and given as evidence by two witnesses during the ongoing Scrutiny Review.

Is it just coincidence that they have failed to report the alleged leaking of confidential material to the same National Journalist and known supporter of convicted paedophiles by the former Senior Investigating Officer Mick Gradwell. This is such a serious allegation. Just think about what this former SIO is alleged to have  done. This again was done during a live investigation and the MEDIA REPORT  NOTHING.  

Police Consultant Mike Kellett for BDO Alto said under oath to the scrutiny review that he had phoned Mick Gradwell and asked him why he had done it and that he had found Gradwell's behaviour abhorrent.  Do not underestimate the seriousness of Gradwell's actions. Here is Lenny Harper talking about the non reporting of this most serious of issues.

Go to the 6min 10 secs

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We really must look at these issues as they go to the heart of everything that is happening in Jersey. 

Team Voice have been blogging extensively on these issues as can be read here

The Scrutiny Sub Panel has also written a letter of complaint to CTV regarding their shambolic reporting which can be read here

I will finish on a complaint sent from Lenny Harper to Ofcom about CTV 

I think it's safe to say that it's not only Oscar Puffin who has a hand firmly placed up his backside and told to repeat exactly what his master says.

Rico Sorda

Team Voice


I was the Senior Investigator of the Historic Abuse Enquiry in Jersey until I retired in 2008. Since then CTV have misled the public about a number of aspects of the enquiry, among them (but not confined to) telling the public that I was responsible for an overspend of £7.5m when in fact there was no budget ever set despite us trying to get one, and ignoring the publicly stated fact that over 50% of the cost was incurred after my retirement when there was no crime scene to pay for. They also criticised me for flying two officers first class to Australia but failed to mention the flights were authorised at the highest level of government and this was publicly known. CTV quoted widely from an audit by a local accountancy firm who never even interviewed me. A Parliamentary Scrutiny Panel has been established to examine the circumstances of the audit and have already found "much to disturb them" in the way it was set up. The Chairman of the Panel was interviewed in this programme which once again gave the impression of wrongdoing by me, despite knowing the facts, and several times spoke of the 'overspend' of £7.5m without ever revealing that I was responsible for less than 50% of this even with a major crime scene. They again referred to the Australia flights despite the knowledge of their legitimacy and cost effectiveness. A report to the govt. in respect of these is available but ignored. The Panel Chairman has just published a letter to CTV in which he criticises the inaccurate, unfair, and one sided nature of their coverage.  I have also set them straight on the facts on a number of occasions but this programme ignored all of this.  The programme also criticised "personal expenses" and stated the £7.5m was incurred dining in 'mitchelin' starred restaurants without attempting to clarify that the relatively small amounts were actually part of an officially approved Hospitality Budget and ignoring the information in the audit that the amount spent on trips where this was utilised was almost the same as that of my counterpart in a small English force with no major enquiry and no need to cross the channel to meet with colleagues.  The difference was less than one return flight from Jersey to UK a month.  Here are some quotes from the letter of the Panel Chairman: "The programme chose once again to highlight aspects of alleged overspending by the Police and in particular Mr. Harper during the Historic Child Abuse Enquiry, referring to Michelin-starred restaurants, 4-star hotels, first class flights to London and Australia, the costs of the dog handler and police overtime. 

The CTV commentary used the figure of £7.5 million twice, unqualified in any way, alongside statements about restaurant bills etc ‘which the tax payer unwittingly had to sign for’. It was suggested in this way that that sum was all somehow unjustified or tainted. The impression clearly left with the viewer was that the Police had wasted £7.5 million.

Furthermore, it ought to be noted that the £7.5 million figure was never all down to the decisions, right or wrong ones, by Mr. Power and Mr. Harper. Half of the spending on the enquiry was committed after their time leading the investigation."  "The reporter appears to have undertaken very little background research into our review and has resorted merely to replaying earlier versions of CTV coverage of the matter."

Whilst no investigation can be error free, certain facts are publicly stated and easily verified, such as the total cost of £7.5m and the fact that under my leadership less than 50% of this was incurred, as well as matters pertaining to the flights etc.  CTV have made no attempt to portray this accurately but instead in this programme sought to perpetuate the myth that I had overspent by £7.5m despite the fact that no budget was ever set for us despite desperate attempts to get one (I made an e mail available to CTV where the Chief Minister's office admonished me for even mentioning the need to keep cost down - it tells me "cost is irrelevant")  and the published fact that my spending was less than 50% of the total cost despite having the complex crime scene excavation and the difficult first 21 months of the enquiry. CTV have ignored all of these factors in this programme, seeking instead to portray the same old impression that I had been guilty of wasting all this money.


Anonymous said...

JEP - Jokers Extreme Press

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for you and other local bloggers all this would go unreported which begs the question how much has been covered up by this island's MSM over the years? Lenny Harper and Graham Power should be suing the arse off of the media over here and their paymasters. The blogs are the only hope we've got of getting any truth behind what's going on over here and thank you for your work.

Anonymous said...

Top work Rico and team voice not to mention Lenny Harper and Graham Power. You have rumbled the MSM keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

All very good Rico but when will you realize that you will change nothing?

Anonymous said...

The work done by Rico is invaluable. This is all now on the record dated and logged on the world wide web.

Anonymous said...

The Press have their own agenda. Only sometimes should you expect a rapport or shared aims with these businesses.
I submitted 13 complaints to the Press Complaints Council against the JEP when Mike (later Jurat) Rumfitt was editor and I did not receive a favourable decision once.
The problem is nothing new. None of the (UK based) complaints procedures are designed to promote the public interest anymore than lawyers' or doctors'associatons do.

Only government can be harnessed to protect the public interest against such powerful private organisations so you must really prevail upon your represenatatives - if you think that you have any.

There are of course no existing means to control an abusive media within Jersey so it is almost pointless raising the matter within the Island at all. Unless, that is, you are proposing some legislation to curtail the press as the Jersey government curtails bloggers - but you might find that even Jersey's inadequate journalists suddenly discover the importance of human rights then.
Give it it a try!
Tom Gruchy suggests

Lorna Savage said...

Anonymous said...
"All very good Rico but when will you realize that you will change nothing?"

It is you anonymous who needs to realise that people like Rico are the only source of good honest news in Jersey and as such will slowly and imperceptibly change everything.


Linda Corby said...

Anonymous said...

All very good Rico but when will you realize that you will change nothing?


Things will change, and if people go out and vote in October they will change a lot faster than people think!

Great Job Rico, updating my blog in the morning, you might enjoy it?

Anonymous said...


You have now forced the unwelcome facts to the forefront in Jersey and there is no way CTV can continue to spin the harper expenses story in such a disturbingly untruthful way without drawing the attention of the UK media. That's a promise.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

All very good Rico but when will you realize that you will change nothing?"

He's changing people's opinions. You may want to ponder that.

Rob Kent said...

RE, "All very good Rico but when will you realize that you will change nothing?"

He already has changed everything. One ordinary guy with a blog kicks off a Scrutiny Review. You could probably add the job of David Warcup to that as well, if you are to believe your Minister for Home Affairs - he ran scared of the bloggers.

Or as I like to think of it, the truth getting out.

Anonymous said...

You are right about the alleged leaks by Mick Gradwell.

GeeGee said...

Rico - our media are a disgrace, of that there is no doubt, and you have done a superb job in bringing all these issues into the public domain.

Let us see how they behave during the run up to the election. CTV have already had a pop at Stuart, but from what I have read they have strict guidelines to adhere to.

Don't think they will find this easy:

'Non-BBC broadcasters such as ITV and Channel 4 are also subject to legislation such as the Representation of the People Act.

In addition they have the Independent Television Commission (ITC) codes to abide by.

Under the Broadcasting Act 1990 the ITC has a statutory obligation to draw up a code to give guidance over issues of impartiality - these apply to general coverage and there are also guidelines for elections'.

Anonymous said...

Take no notice of the taunts Rico, you are doing a brilliant job


Anonymous said...

"Take no notice of the taunts Rico, you are doing a brilliant job"

In Rico's line of citizen journalism the taunts are a measure of success.

The more they squeal they more they're being hit where it hurts.

Ian Evans said...

Hi Rico, doing a fab job mate, and so is Carrie by PUTTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT

rico sorda said...

Everyone should click on the above link and read the letter from Carrie Modrel on behalf of the JCLA.

None of the Abuse Survivors deserve the sort of drivel that turned up in a letter by Mrs Kirsch and happily reproduced by the JEP.

It is because of the drivel produced by our local media that the poor lady is so ill informed - opinion management at it's worse.

We, at the voice are now gearing up for the Committee of Enquiry. This is so important. Im glad that people have made the effort to meet with Mr Marsden next week and express their views concerning the 'COI'

None of the care homes will be left out

Now the real work starts


voiceforchildren said...

Mrs. Kisch.


Jacques Chartier said...

Keep up the good work Rico. You are a star.

Anonymous said...

The cruel Kisch woman may be misinformed because the local media spins truth into lies, but she still has a responsibility to treat her fellow human beings with some semblance of decency. She should know from even the most distorted press coverage that several child abusers were convicted, and that survivors of the most grotesque sexual and physical abuse had provided detailed interviews with CTV and BBC, stories which were never disputed. I felt physically ill reading her words. No matter how ill informed, she is a very nasty piece of work.


Anonymous said...

At times like these we need our voice on BBC radio to put her in her place, but the BBC is letting us down without the phone-in. Shame on them.

Just imagine how entertaining the phone in would be in the run up to the election!

rico sorda said...

The man who suspended Graham Power

Andrew Lewis


Anonymous said...

"Very nasty piece of work" is an understatement Elle. The words of this, I hesitate to say 'person,' once again throws into stark contrast the difference between the dignity and courage of the abuse survivors and the malevolence of those individuals who for their own twisted reasons have sought to deny them any form of justice. Forget her words, she sounds very much as if she has issues of her own whatever they may be. Lenny Harper

voiceforchildren said...


Andrew Lewis totally exposed by GRAHAM POWER QPM

rico sorda said...

There are many like Kisch women in Jersey. I don't know why this is but one would hope through education and good moral values that it will one day die out.


voiceforchildren said...


You summed it up very well when you said.

"The courage and dignity of the Abuse Survivors stands in stark contrast to that of the Foot Stamping Lackey's." HERE

Anonymous said...

Andrew Lewis did what he thought was right at the time why do you want to keep attacking him?

voiceforchildren said...


In an Abuse Survivor's own WORDS.

Anonymous said...

"Andrew Lewis did what he thought was right at the time why do you want to keep attacking him?"

This posting at 12.05 today is incredible. Not only was Lewis content to be used as a pawn in the now clearly unwarranted suspension of Graham Power but he then compounded this by lying under oath to justify his actions!

The best thing Lewis can do for this Island and himself is to stay well away from politics.

Anonymous said...

Every day it looks more and more like Mr. Power was suspended for no obvious reason with new boys job being to close down the investigation with cases still not prosecuted.

Ian Evans said...

THE O'CONNELL STORY - From A Brave Daughter

Anonymous said...

This is a very bitter blog and I am some what surprised at the energies you are putting into attacking people. How the media reports things is their call.

GeeGee said...

Their call it may well be, but it is their duty to report the facts, the truth and nothing but the truth.

This is not in any way shape or form a bitter blog. It is a very factual, truthful blog which is informing people who would not otherwise be aware, of exactly what cover-up/corruption goes on here. In other words, both sides of the story.

Therefore Anonymous in your own words what Rico reports is his call also!

Anonymous said...

The Jersey msm are a companies and are not obliged to report anything they do not want too. They are simple a business making money, nothing else.

rico sorda said...

This would look like a bitter blog to people who support the decades long Abuse of Children in the care of the States of JINSY - Sorry I meant Jersey.

Nothing will stop us from our work

I really find it staggering that this troll keeps leaving me comments - he is a nothing just like his comedy comments.

I would suggest you click on the link above and read "The O'Connel Story"

We are full steam ahead in exposing this Child Abuse Cover-up only a sick toxic idiot would disagree - plus Shenton, Perchard & Power



We are famous lol


voiceforchildren said...


Regarding the link to "this is JINSY".

I offered the programme makers a story of disappearing baths, disappearing collagen, tooth fairy's and magical tooth stealing floor-boards but they rejected it as too far fetched. Just as Lenny Harper had warned us "this would not make for a credible fictitious story".

Ian Evans said...

hahaha, that sums it up Rico, aaahaahahah ahahaahah aha aha hahaah ah

voiceforchildren said...


I’ve just gone and blown it! I contacted the program makers of “this is Jinsy” again in order to gain some credibility for my earlier story. I told them that a Home Affairs Minister in the local parliament accused a Senior Investigating Police Officer (“Dick “Grabwell) of leaking confidential information to a national “journalist” during a live Child Abuse Investigation.

I went on to tell the program makers that the accusation went out live on the radio – there were “journalists” in the parliament at the time – and not a single “journalist” or editor on the island managed to hear it.

They hung up the phone on me!