Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In the next 24/48 hours the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel should be releasing their report into the BDO Review.

I approached the Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel for one obvious reason. I had some very serious and grave concerns relating to the BDO Report that was used by our local State Media to Trash the Investigation into decades long Child Abuse "Operation Rectangle." 

Some of them are laid out in this posting

 I did this knowing full well that I would be in the firing line of the lunatic fraternity that persists in Jersey.

What came out in the Scrutiny Hearings took me by surprise. I had no idea of the can of worms I was opening.

We, at Team Voice, do this because we care about the people who suffered horrific abuse in the care of the States of Jersey.

Staying quiet is not an option 

 Never be afraid to ask the questions

We await the panels findings.

Rico Sorda

Team Voice





This report appeared alongside the Wiltshire Report in May 2010. They were used by the Jersey Establishment including the Home Affairs Minister & it's "State Controlled Media" to Trash Operation Rectangle - The Investigation into Decades long Abuse in the Jersey Care Homes.

In May 2011- Voiceforchildren conducted an Interview with former DCO Lenny Harper about his expenses during Operation Rectangle.  I heard him mention that he had not been asked by Wiltshire about his expenses/ financial control of Operation Rectangle in fact no one had asked him about these expenses.

When I heard this the first thing that jumped out at me was the BDO Report. I remembered it being released but it was overshadowed by the Wiltshire Report. It simply slipped under the radar.   

I contacted Lenny Harper and asked him if he had been contacted by BDO who were looking into his use of finances.

His reply was  "WHO WAS BDO"

I just couldn't believe that they hadn't contacted him

In May 2011 I began a series of posts labeled "Hollywood Harper????"

They can be read starting from here; HOLLYWOOD HARPER????

I started doing what any journalist with editorial freedom should have done. I started asking questions. Yes, can you believe it, I started asking questions. I became very alarmed at what I started uncovering.

The whole farcical JEP 6 page spread under the exploding headline of "Lavish lifestyle of Lenny Harper and his Officers."   There can be no doubting the role the JEP has played in Covering-Up the Jersey "HCAE".  This  was also compounded by their backing of Sir Philip Bailhace in the current election & for position of Chief Minister. More on this sham later. 

Abuses of office and democracy
Thursday 15th July 2010, 3:00PM BST.
YESTERDAY’S revelations concerning the lack of supervision in the Haut de la Garenne abuse inquiry which emerged with the publication of the Wiltshire Constabulary reports on the handling of the case were both shocking and astonishing.
However, related documents which have also been made public tell additional stories of profligacy and then of disturbing misconduct in an area unrelated to Haut de la Garenne which simply beggar belief.
It is now apparent that as well as hopelessly botching the largest police inquiry that this Island has ever seen, the former deputy chief of the States force, Lenny Harper, had a taste for the high life which cost taxpayers inordinately large amounts of money. It seems that Mr Harper thought that entertaining himself and others lavishly at some of London’s best restaurants was in some mysterious way an integral part of the investigation.
This largesse was in itself highly questionable, but as independent consultants BDO Alto have reported, it was further tainted by dubious practices. The consultants say that efforts were made to ‘disguise the total quantum of individual meal costs’. They also point out that, in contravention of force rules, no record was kept of who actually attended what were ostensibly business dinners.
No one has been accused of fraud, but BDO Alto do not mince their words in saying that these practices were entirely unacceptable. In addition, what happened troubled some of the officers present to such an extent that they were later at pains to express their own concern that bills were split to camouflage exactly what had been spent and about the limited amount of business conducted at the dinners.

Then on June 6th whilst researching with Team Voice the bomb dropped.  


What went  on here was completely and utterly shocking

Mick Gradwell showed utter contempt  to every Abuse Survivor in Jersey. 

Even now I still cant comprehend the Abhorrent actions of this man.

According to Police Consultant Mike Kellett, the police consultant who worked on the BDO Alto Review, Mick Gradwell leaked confidential  police information to the journalist who had spent since April 2008 trashing the Jersey Child Abuse Investiagation  Daily Mail Journalist David Rose. 

It got worse;

At the same time CTV ran a series of specials on the "HCAE" with the same running title as David Roses  "20 million Shambles"

My main concerns  were this. BDO didn't

1. Interview Lenny Harper & Graham Power

2. Quoted parts of Lenny Harpers confidential Wiltshire Statement 

3. Parts of the BDO Report Appeared in the Daily Mail 5 days after being engaged 

4. To many to list

Here are parts of the evidence I gave at the Scrutiny Hearing.
This is the beginning of a number of posts Team Voice will be doing on the findings of the Panel.


Ian Evans said...

Will have a read later Rico, but in the mean time, have a read of some P.O.S.H CORRUPTION

rico sorda said...

Sorry, but from now no more trolling.

Far to much evidence online


Anonymous said...


It stands to reason that the undoubable damning conclusions of The Scrutiny panels findings will require/recommend A Committee of Inquiry/Enquiry.

But it also stands to reason that the establishment's desperate statement by PPC yesterday, was to rubbish scrutinys Chairman, which will inturn will rubbish the scrutiny panels findings and recommendations.

They do not want any kind of COI/E, in any way, shape, or form....

And will do anything in their power to stop one!?

Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

If the scrutiny report does not slam the media for the trash they have put out then pitman has been got at. good work rico and hope the report show's it was all worth it

rico sorda said...

The Island of Jersey and The States Chamber will be faced with a huge problem next week.

They will be appointing a new Chief Minister

The problem being Sir Philip Bailhache

Anyone who supports this man being Chief Minister had better just read this again.


I am sure that many of those who were here in May 1945 will remember the old saying that one of the first casualties of war is the truth. This year we have learnt that even in peacetime, once a media bandwagon starts rolling, it is difficult to distinguish what is true from what is fictitious.

Liberation Day is as good a time as any to take stock and to shake ourselves free of the misinformation to which the child abuse inquiry has given rise. It is extraordinary how quickly it all happened. It all started with the discovery of a fragment of a child's skull and a sniffer dog who showed interest in six different sites. Within days newspapers and broadcasters had converted that information into stories of finding six or more bodies of children, and within two weeks those stories had crossed the world feeding a frenzy of righteous indignation and further wild speculation. A cover-up by government was suggested, and there was incredulity that local people had not noticed these sinister events.

Unjustified smears about wholesale collaboration during the occupation led to suggestions that the Island was full of dark secrets and that ours was a community that cared nothing for vulnerable children.

Now we know that the fragment of skull is at least 60 years old and possibly very much older than that. There are as yet no bodies, no evidence of any murder, and no evidence of cover-ups by government.

rico sorda said...

Hardly any of this has been beamed across the world. Yet many journalists continue to write about the Island's so called child abuse scandal. All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal. The truth is that we do not yet know what happened at Haut de la Garenne or in other places. What we do know is that a rigorous investigation is taking place and, in due course, a balanced judgement will be possible. A brave writer in the Guardian earlier this week was the first journalist in a national newspaper, so far as I know, to confront this truth

rico sorda said...

"All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal"

The man who said this could be our new Chief Minister.

Do you understand what kind of message we will be sending out.



This man cant be let anywhere near the Committee of Enquiry. Can you just imagine if he is Chief Minister. This is their last throw of the dice.

He was the Chief Judge and Bailiff during 2008

What the fcuk will PPC make of that?


Anonymous said...

The Bailhache brothers are everything that is wrong about Jersey have we not learnt anything from Sark and the Barclay Brothers?

voiceforchildren said...


A reminder of the DESPERATION

Zoompad said...

The Trolls will not be so happy tonight.

Anonymous said...

Rico and VFC,the very fact alone that our "accredited media" have not reported on this speaks volumes, we are not stupid,do not underestimate us and the very many people worldwide who are watching.

martin said...

rico you have been doing a great job but you must know bailhache looks like the next chief.all anyone can say is god help us all because it looks like the uk do not give a f*ck whats going on in jersey.they will be going after the pitmans next.then im sure all blogs that say the truth i think the time is fast comeing to fight for this island before its all two late,god i hope im wrong keep up all the good work you do that goes to all at team voiceand all others who seek the truth

rico sorda said...

Just listened to ILM and T Pitman on the radio.

Looks like the report out

ILM has certainly changed his tune.

History has already recorded his actions


voiceforchildren said...

Roger Bara didn't answer Trevor Pitman's question as to why the BBC have not published a single word of Graham Power's statement to Wiltshire........And they wonder why people call them "State Media?"

Zoompad said...

"it looks like the uk do not give a f*ck whats going on in jersey"

Oh, but they do! Jersey is very important to the UK, follow the money!

martin said...

zoompad its not all about the money all the time.

Anonymous said...

JEP have run a small piece on findings I guess thats it. All dealt with acknowledged and filed away.

Hymie said...

Great work Rico.

Zoompad said...


The secret family court human trafficking is very lucrative. Child "protection" is big business. Did you know, for example, that ACORN FOSTERING LTD is paying £520 per week per child to foster carers? That is over £1000 a fortnight!

Zoompad said...

I don't think Jersey has got wealthy just from selling the best potatoes and cream money can buy.

Do you understand about how tax havens work? I don't think Nicholas Shaxson has finished writing up Jersey's story, and even he said as much on his blog. He said he was to magnaminous to Jersey's admin, words to that effect.

Anonymous said...

It's not much of a story, it certainly does not re-open the abuse investigation which is what the abuse survivors want.

rico sorda said...

This is not about it being a story.

As for opening up an Abuse Investigation don't be to sure about that. I say this for one simple reason.


From September 2008 to September 2010 he was the Senior Investigating Officer of the "HCAE"

In May May 2008 David Rose was writing articles trashing the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation

Mick Gradwell was leaking this Journalist information that was used in articles trashing the "HCAE"

Mick Gradwell did this during a live investigation

The whole Investigation under Mick Gradwell is now called into question

Do you understand how serious this matter is?

Surely, you agree?


Anonymous said...

I think implications behind Scrutiny findings are massive. Why was Mr. Power removed from an ongoing police investigation now shown to be influenced by political interference?

Why did the same investigation close so suddenly after the removal of Mr. Power. How can the discredited leaks on massive overspend be irrelevant.

Why the pay off to Mr. Ogly, surely implicated in the removal of Mr. Power?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anybody asked Sir Philip why Jerseys image is more important than its kids being buggered?

Anonymous said...

Will Channel TV be bragging about their award winning report tonight?

Anonymous said...

Have read the blog postings watched the interviews been told about the report I have one question for you why are you a pipe fitter.

Anonymous said...

Successful prosecutions were still carried out after what Mick Gradwell had to say about the investigation so he had no bearing. Why you keep on saying the investigation was trashed does not make any sense. Mick Gradwell was a Police Officer don't forget that and he gave his professional opinion.

rico sorda said...

"Successful prosecutions were still carried out after what Mick Gradwell had to say about the investigation so he had no bearing"

These prosecutions were carried out on the back of the excellent hard work put in by Lenny Harper and his team. The file on the Jordans had been submitted to the AG when LH was still in post. The file then got shelved. The file was then dusted off again when the then AG William Bailhache started dropping cases like BA Baggage Staff.

They had to prosecute someone and im glad they did but lets not kid ourselfs here..

"Why you keep on saying the investigation was trashed does not make any sense. Mick Gradwell was a Police Officer don't forget that and he gave his professional opinion."

This part really only deserves to be on the channelonline comment section.

"he gave his professional opinion."

Problem is, his professional opinion is in the same bin as his professional conduct. That is evidenced fact.


Anonymous said...

If Profession is as profession does, This would explain why so many cases never charged.

GeeGee said...

Let us not forget either Anonymous that if Gradwell had not been on a secondment in Jersey, he could also have faced serious disciplinary charges for his actions.

Not the behaviour of a professional police officer methinks.

Jons filthy wet matress covered in adrians love juice said...

"JEP have run a small piece on findings I guess thats it. All dealt with acknowledged and filed away"

Yep, tuck it to one side and forget about it, in 10 years time no one will remember. Thats what I think is the idea.

"Why hasn't anybody asked Sir Philip why Jerseys image is more important than its kids being buggered?"

Because Philip is about to become Jerseys image and it is more important to him that he gets that Chief minister post. All other stuff is a minor irritation to him.

"Have read the blog postings watched the interviews been told about the report I have one question for you why are you a pipe fitter"

What on this earth has pipe fitting got to do with anything, maybe you should shut your own pipe up, or at least grow up.

Ah just to be as childish I shall post under a name

Anonymous said...

Strange...Channelonline. No reference to the media coverage ,but they have allowed media related comments through to their comment page. Quite a few comments from people who are repeating media stories.Its so sad.

rico sorda said...

This is the link to the BDO Report


If you look on the right hand side under reports you will find it


Anonymous said...

Evidenced fact that Nick Gradwell is a terrible police officer is that what you are saying? Are you also saying publically on your blog that the Jordans are guilty of crimes?

rico sorda said...

"Are you also saying publically on your blog that the Jordans are guilty of crimes?"

No, the Royal Court did

Nick Gradwell? Is that Mick's Brother?


Ian Evans said...

Had to pass this comment, just for the next word V = "TROLL"