Friday, December 2, 2011


I  just want to do a posting about the Committee of Enquiry (COE)

This is just so important and must not be allowed to drift on without any pressure being asserted.

The Committee of Enquiry was passed in the States of Jersey on the 1st March 2011. One must never ever forget that the previous Council Of Ministers (COM) tried to scupper this by lodging a Report in the States saying  it was not required.  This was an outrageous attempt to derail a 'COE' and showed exactly what the previous leadership was about.   The 'COE' is important for so many reasons. It's not just for the Abuse Victims getting closure. It's about how decade after decade of Abuse went on unchecked in Jersey. We have failure of all the major agencies in protecting Children the  States of Jersey, The local Media, The Police , Social Services everybody who had responsibility for Children complete failure.

The Committee of Enquiry is not just about Haut dela Garenne.  People can sometimes forget that this enquiry is about all the Care Homes including the Fostering of Children.  This should be a root and branch look  as to what went wrong, what recommendations can be made, the future safety of Children. and why it was able to go so terribly wrong.

There are some people who don't want this enquiry and from all the evidence that has been published online one is not surprised.

 I can say that the Chief Minister Senator Gorst  is fully committed to the (COE). I emailed the Chief Minister with some concerns and was pleased when he promptly replied. He did not address all my issues but he must be given a chance to do the right thing regarding this enquiry.

Here is the email

From: rico sorda 

Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2011 09:39 PM

To: Ian Gorst 

Subject: Committee of Enquiry 


Dear Senator Gorst

Congratulations on becoming Chief Minister

Im emailing you regarding the forthcoming Committee of Enquiry (COE).  As you will be more than aware the COE was passed through the States on the 1st of March 2011. This was achieved despite the previous Council Of Ministers trying to shelf it altogether.  

 I have noticed that the scare mongering concerning the price of the COE has started. What alarms me is that the two people who have expressed this is  are your Deputy Chief Minister Senator Ian La Marquand and Assistant  Sir Philip Bailhache.   You will be aware that both  are highly conflicted regarding the Historic Child Abuse Investigation (HCAE). In fact, there can be no doubt that Sir Philip will be called to give evidence .

Could you inform me what the current state of play is.

 Im very concerned about the TOR's. These are so important and must be protected. One can never forget what happened to the TOR's with the Napier and Verita reviews. 

I had a meeting with Mike Marsdan in early September regarding the TOR's we are yet to see his recommendations. 

I look forward to seeing what the new COM bring to the house regarding the TOR's for the COE. They must not be watered down.  Apart from the obvious and most important  question of how did decades long abuse go undetected the role of the Judiciary and Local Media must not be overlooked.

Look forward to your response

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda

Here is the reply from Chief Minister Gorst

From: Ian Gorst

Subject: Re: Committee of Enquiry

To: "'ricosorda"

Date: Tuesday, 29 November, 2011, 22:01

Dear Rico

I am committed to bringing the terms of reference to the States.

I will have to find out what the timescales are, but I think it is due in the first quarter. Once I have a firm timetable I'll let you know.


Ian Gorst

I have no problem with the above response. The new man on the block must be given a chance. AS you will be aware I raised the issue of Sir Philip Bailhache now Senator Bailhache the Assistant to the Chief Minister.  This man is one of the most conflicted people on the Island when it comes to the Historic Child Abuse Investigation. He was the Bailiff of Jersey when Operation Rectangle started and when it went global in February 2008 but if one asked Sir Philip he might not see it that way. Shall we just forget about -  The Sharp Report, The Holland Affair, His Brother being the Attorney General during this period, Turning off Stuart Syvret's  2007 Christmas speech, May 9th Liberation Day Speech the infamous words "All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it is the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that is the real scandal". 

This could go on he was the Bailiff for heaven sake. The Bailiff is the Chief Justice, he is the president of the legislature. He has been Attorney General. Deputy Bailiff then rising to Bailiff. He might not see himself as conflicted. Add to that he is scaring people with the 20 million figure.


 This is what he said during the nominations for Chief Minister.

2.4 Deputy M. Tadier:

Earlier this year, the States approved by a democratic majority decision that there should be a committee of inquiry into historical child abuse.  One of the terms of reference that was agreed - again by a majority in the States - was that among others, the role of Crown Officers, including whether there was any political interference with decisions to prosecute, should be one of the terms of reference and it falls to the Chief Minister and his department to implement this committee of inquiry.  So, firstly, is the candidate supportive of the committee of inquiry and, secondly, which steps would he take to minimise any perception of real or perceived conflict of interest, given that he was one of the Crown Officers and a member of the judiciary at the time?

Senator P.M. Bailhache:

Dealing with that last point first.  I am not sure that I had any involvement in any of the issues relating to the child abuse inquiry but if I am wrong in that respect, then clearly I would have to consider my position as to whether I took any part in the decision-making process.  So far as the broader question is concerned, it is a sensitive and very difficult matter.  The Assembly has agreed to establish a committee of inquiry.  The cost of that inquiry was put by the Minister for Treasury and Resources at £10 million.  For my part, I think that was an underestimate and I think that the costs could very well mount to £20 million or even more, given the range of the terms of reference that have been adopted by the Assembly.  That perhaps is not the most important issue.  What is important is that we find a means to bring closure to an issue that has divided the Island and caused anxiety for far too long.  What is also important, it seems to me, is to bring reconciliation to those who have suffered from abuse in the past so that at the end of a long process by a committee of inquiry, if we have one, they feel that something has been gained.  There is nothing to be gained by creating a tortuous process which does not, at the end of the day, satisfy those who have suffered from abuse.  So it is a very difficult issue.

Now we have the Deputy Chief Minister / Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand

This was during his nomination for Home Affairs Minister

2.1.19 Senator F. du H. Le Gresley:

Is the candidate prepared to now give his full support to the Committee of Inquiry into historical child abuse?

Senator B.I. Le Marquand:

I did raise concerns previously in relation to this at the previous debate and I have to say that those concerns, if anything, have been exacerbated by a draft report which I have seen.  We are now well aware that if we go ahead with the full inquiry the costs are going to be millions and millions.  My concerns are that we end up in a situation which costs a great deal of money but does not deliver what the victims ...

That was how he finished up. Again we come to the money, money money issue. They really know when it's time to get concerned about money.  I can tell you now they just don't want it. They are frightened about what will come out. The biggest farce will be when the TOR's are brought back to the house for approval. The Chief Minister will be bringing this to the House in the way of a lodged proposition but it's the voting that will be very interesting. Will it be a full and comprehensive set of TOR'S? Will the COM be united on this? Will the chamber back it?

As soon as it's lodged it will be put up online. The TOR's will be checked to make sure they haven't been diluted to within an inch of their life.

JUst to finish up this short posting I want you to look at this interview with Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand. I want you to see the difference between this interview and the Gradwell interview.  Basically it's 100% different.  

The normal CTV effort is the Le Marquand  interview 

The Gradwell interview is so polished it was almost worth an oscar

Rico Sorda 

Team Voice

Just watch the Interview and remember what he said at the BDO Review. He is now our Deputy Chief Minister. Loll You really cant make this up.

Watch this It's a beauty


Anonymous said...


Ian Gorst voted against Francis Le Gresley's COE.

Why has he, would he now change his tune?

voiceforchildren said...


Philip Bailhache.

“The cost of that inquiry was put by the Minister for Treasury and Resources at £10 million. For my part, I think that was an underestimate and I think that the costs could very well mount to £20 million or even more,”

Ian Le Marquand.

“We are now well aware that if we go ahead with the full inquiry the costs are going to be millions and millions.”

The old scare tactics and "party line" the tax payer will suffer. Wasn't Philip Bailhache on the Board of Governors at Victoria College when the Child Abuse was going on and being covered up? He's not conflicted?????

voiceforchildren said...

Forgot to mention, considering THIS Report the State Media's involvement MUST form part of the TOR's

Anonymous said...

"What is important is that we find a means to bring closure to an issue that has divided the Island and caused anxiety for far too long."

Translation: What is important is to close the door on something which has given bloggers an edge and has kept our paedos, paedoprotectors, and state media minions awake all night with anxiety attacks.

That is why this blog posting is so very important. The full COE and their terms of reference must stay at the forefront. Thanks for making it your priority.

Zoompad said...

Well, it's going to be very interesting watching this battle. It's Politicians V Police.

I think Ian and his mates are going to find there's going to be a heck of a lot more lot more publioc support for the police than for politicians!

No wonder he looks so twitchy, blinking all the time. He knows he's got a losers hand.

Justice is coming.

rico sorda said...

As I have said this is not a sprint but a marathon. Things take time. This is about who can stay the course. Remember when Stuart was suing for unfair dismissal the former Chief Minister went for a Strike Out instead of a full hearing of the evidence. Sumption duly struck it out. Now cast your minds forward to a Committee of Enquiry. Decades of Abuse went unchallenged. How did this happen.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret has been in court to prove he has a case to sue for unfair dismissal.

Mr Syvret is suing the Chief Minister, the Council of Ministers, The States Employment Board and the Attorney General for process that led to what he claims was 'unfair dismissal' from his role as Minister for Health and Social Services in 2007.

A directions hearing took place under Jonathan Sumption QC in relation to the Order of Justice filed by Mr Syvret at the end of last year.

In the States on Monday, Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur, who appears as a defendant in the proceedings, informed members that he had instructed the Solicitor General to apply for the case to be struck out on behalf of all the defendants.

Jonathan Sumption will be giving directions as to the further conduct of proceedings and the timing of a hearing of an application to strike out the case.

In his statement, the Chief Minister said: "The ability of the court to strike out proceedings is a mechanism to enable the early stopping of proceedings that have no real legal prospect of success. It is a decision generally taken on the documentation before the court and is only ordered in plain and obvious cases. I am advised by the Solicitor General that this is such a case."

At a hearing under Julian Clyde-Smith at the end of last year Mr Syvret was adamant that no local judge would meet the test of objectivity required, and asked that an external judge be brought in to hear the strike out application or the full trial should it go ahead.

It was then announced that Jonathan Sumption QC would be taking over the case in the New Year.

Jonathan Sumption, QC, has been involved in a string of high profile cases, most notably he represented the UK government in the Hutton inquiry into the death of David Kelly, the arms control expert; and in a class action brought by shareholders of Railtrack, the collapsed national railways infrastructure company.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever take a day off Mr Sorda. The interview with Le Marquand is a belter. How do you think he feels now after the whole Sub Panel Review......

Anonymous said...

In the States on Monday, Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur, who appears as a defendant in the proceedings, informed members that he had instructed the Solicitor General to apply for the case to be struck out on behalf of all the defendants...

I see where you are coming from on this one. I had forgoten all about this there has been so many these past 18 months. You are right when you say that its all heading in the same direction.

Anonymous said...

Rico, Ian Gorst and Ian Le Marquand are cut from the same cloth, just look at Gorst's appointment of ILM as his second in command, so I am unsure as to why you think things will be any different.

rico sorda said...

I want to judge Gorst on what he does as Chief Minister with regards to the 'COE'. It has fallen to him to get this going so lets see what he does. I f he starts acting the Le Suer he will know about it. Lets see what he does.


Zoompad said...

"Jonathan Sumption, QC, has been involved in a string of high profile cases" I bet he wishes he had never got involved in the Dr Kelly case, because no-one with any intellegence is taken in by the official story. Dr Kelly is haunting them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for re-posting the video of Mr.Le Marquand attempting to discredit anything and everything to do with the case.

It does not even come close to evidence that come out at the Scrutiny hearings.

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Sir PB says if we have a committee of enquiry.

"What is also important, it seems to me, is to bring reconciliation to those who have suffered from abuse in the past so that at the end of a long process by a committee of inquiry, if we have one, they feel that something has been gained."

Committee of Enquiry and the ss STRIKE OUT are connected. You are on it..

Anonymous said...

Le Sueur,Le Marquand,Gorst,Routier & others who are supposed dedicated Christians/Catholics or whatever carry on with thesedelays/cover ups etc.If I believed there was a God would have at least the satisfaction they would be answerable on so called Judgement day,but alas I don't get that satisfaction so am relying on judgement day one day here in our lifetime.

Zoompad said...

If those men were dedicated Christians they would obey Jesus Christ, whose rules were very simple, so simple even a very little child can understand them, basically be kind, tell the truth, don't steal, don't plot against people and don't murder anyone.

Please don't call those plotters liars and scumbags dedicated Christians, as the only god they seem to worship is made of paper and shiny metal and has pictures of the Queen all over it.

Anonymous said...

RS, i have been reading the sub panel review and the ref to Powers statement. Would i be correct in saying that one of the reasons that BBC Radio didn't do anything with it is simple, they just wouldn't understand any of it. A document is only worth something to someone who understands it. They probably looked at it and thought what the heck is that all about where's the bit about the carrot cake & the war. This is just a thought.

Anonymous said...

1. Deputy T.M. Pitman of St.
Helier will ask the following question of President of the Chairmen’s Committee –

“Will the President clarify whether she intends to pursue the recommendation from the Education
and Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel to include scrutiny of the media under the remit of one of
the Scrutiny panels

Zoompad said...

"A document is only worth something to someone who understands it"

That's a really good point!

I think thats something we bloggers can do something about. I made videos to help people to understand the way that the Secret Family Courts operate, their use of syndromes invented by paedophiles. When we started tackling this issue on Mothers for Justice, people found it hard to understand the motivation behind the secret family courts, but we broke the information into bite sized chunks.

We could have a go at making some educational videos like we did over the secret family courts

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Rico you are a legend

Anonymous said...

As yet unreported as far as I've seen; the appointment of arguably the most powerful position in the Island, one that the States as a whole, mystifyingly, have no say in electing, and one which requires scrupulous integrity with no hint of blemish, that of Planning Appeals Committee chairman.

The rumour that Sean Power is being considered for this has to be a joke, right?

The last incumbent who is apparently moving on was engaged in a massive commercial redevelopment of his own properties whilst in post, I allege no impropriety whatsoever, but it doesn’t look good does it?

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon

Im not sure on any of that as it's not my bag. Having said that, im always interested as to what Deputy Power is doing. How he got off that Data Protection break and ended up on Sir Philips nomination paper I will never know.


Anonymous said...

Sean Power who had to resign in disgrace as housing minister after stealing work colleagues emails and giving them to others is to be given a position of trust? Jersey doncha luv it!

Anonymous said...

Jersey media laid bare

Zoompad said...

I think it's quite fitting that Sean Power should be the chosen one.

It's as natural as this.

voiceforchildren said...


Good that Ian Le Marquand (on the award winning CTV couch) mentioned "Operation Blast" because besides the 62,000 words of Graham Power's statement to Wiltshire (that Jon Gripton is keeping a secret) there are a further 13,000 words that would/could make for very interesting reading. To quote Mr. Graham Power QPM.

"I prepared a document of over 13,000 words which was completed on 10th March 2010. In preparing my statement I made reference to confidential intelligence material which had come into my possession in a professional capacity."


Anonymous said...

That is an excellent link left at 10:07AM on Nick Davies, by the way, with a scathing critique of the mainstream media.

I took this comment from the article, in which Nick Davies quotes previous lies by David Rose, in which Rose states, “I feel nauseated, angry and ashamed.”

Davies goes on to describe what David Rose has
admitted, "He told me recently he had seriously considered giving up journalism, but did not because he has four children to feed."

Davies’s notably understated quote on David Rose is, “He has all the self-confidence of great reporters, but less of the judgment.”


rico sorda said...

As readers of my blog will be aware I ran with my instinct concerning the BDO Review. I watched a VFC interview with Lenny Harper and the rest as they say is History. The report from the Sub Panel is an excellent piece of work and a credit to the people who worked on it. That report will have it's moment on that i'm sure. I learnt a lot about investigating, following the evidence, trusting my instinct and so much more during that period.

Next week we go again.

But it's not the BDO this time

I need to get my head into some serious research

"They would have gotten away with it to if it weren't for those pesky bloggers"


Anonymous said...

9.20 Sunday morning.Presenter Gwyn Garfield-Bennett reviwing the Sunday papers.
"Do you believe everything that you read in the papers.I'm sure the JEP get their facts right"

Of course they do dear,of course they do.....since when?

Anonymous said...

""They would have gotten away with it to if it weren't for those pesky bloggers""

Rhaggy? :-)

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note Rico do you think Stuarts details will be acceptable. I hope so as no doubt I was not the only one to put his name forward.

The London Olympics 2012 Torch Bearing Team

We are delighted to tell you that Stuart Syvret has been given a conditional offer to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer! They have been selected out of tens of thousands of exceptional nominations.

They now have to take a few important final steps and we will be emailing them to let them know what they have to do. By March next year we will be able to confirm they will have their moment to shine carrying the Olympic Flame.

We are sure you are excited but don't forget: Stuart is not assured of being a Torchbearer until we have processed their details. With this in mind we would advise waiting until then before speaking to your local press.