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States of Jersey Police


During the previous postings I have laid out the criminal and totally illegal suspension of the former Chief of Police Graham Power QPM.

There can be no doubt as to the actions of the former Chief Minister Frank Walker - the former Chief Executive Bill Ogley - the then Home Affairs Minister Andrew Lewis and  DCO David Warcup.

This is what I said in a previous posting and I stand by it;

"These past three years have been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride.  It is very hard to stay detached emotionally from the work I have been undertaking.  What we, the Jersey Bloggers, have uncovered is corruption at the highest levels of government.  There can be no doubt about this now.  The evidence is out and published.  What saddens me is the blatant bias of the Jersey mainstream media and yet no one is challenging it.  No one is standing up and saying "enough is enough".  Deputy T. Pitman is one of the very few courageous politicians that we have left.  He, along with Deputy M. Higgins, could be our only chance of political representation in fighting this toxic mess.  Yet we must not forget the very serious issue that this has stemmed from.  We are talking about decades of child abuse going undetected in the Jersey care homes.  This is why they do not want a committee of enquiry ("COE").  They are scared that they will not be able to control it and fashion outcomes that would be palatable to the general public.  Let's be honest here, there has been a serious breakdown between all the agencies who have responsibility for children.  This all stems from the removal of the former health minister and senator Stuart Syvret.  The role played by the former Chief Executive, Bill Ogley, and the former Chief Minister, Frank Walker, must be examined to gain a picture of what was to follow.  Those who live in a proper functioning democracy would be shocked to learn that this led all the way to the Chief of Police being illegally suspended and when we look at the facts and the evidence he was, indeed, illegally suspended.

So, what of the abuse survivors?  Having spent decades living with their experiences of the Jersey care system, they continue to be marginalised by the States of Jersey government and its State sponsored media. On 1 March 2012, it will be one year since the COE was passed in the States of Jersey.  Still we have nothing to say that this will be carried out any time soon.  Chief Minister Gorst said it should be brought to the House in the first quarter of 2012.  It now looks like that deadline is going to be missed.  They simply do not want this COE.  The fact that Sir Senator Bailhache of the feudal empire whose position is wholly conflicted is taking part in the meetings concerning the COE goes beyond the realms of any functioning democracy.

In 2008 Sir Senator Bailhache of the Feudal Empire was Bailiff and chief judge in the Island of Jersey.  His brother, Not Yet But Hopes To Be Sir William Bailhache, was the Attorney General.  These two brothers have more conflicts than the Middle East and are Jersey's answer to the Ewings; except we don't have a Bobby.  We just have two JRs.  Every big decision emanates from the Jersey Law Office.  My hope is that the Jersey abuse survivors will get some form of justice and compensation for their suffering, not only whilst in care but also during the course of the scandal thats unfolding.  What has been uncovered makes me sick to the pit of my stomach.  The Jersey authorities, led by the Law Office, have committed the same grave and criminal acts that led to these decades of abuse in the first place.  You simply cannot get rid of a Chief of Police without any due process and, lets be frank here, without due ANYTHING as the evidence shows without consent having been giving by the highest reaches of the Jersey Law Office.  I simply refuse to believe that Bill Ogley could have or would have made such catastrophic decisions without the go ahead from the Attorney General or above.  One only has to look at the actions of our present Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand, to see what a farce this has all become.  How this man has maintained his position is in fact more of a damning indictment of the States of Jersey than anything else.

The actions of the former Chief Executive, Chief Minister, Home Affairs Minister and not least the former DCO David Warcup have now been fully exposed the question that must now be asked is WHY!!!!!!  WHY, did they do it? 

 Let  us be under no illusion here, this is all about covering up the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation.  Ogley and Walker did not wield that kind of power - Andrew Lewis put the kettle on and signed the required documents, he even managed to get that wrong, as will be explained by Graham Power below. All leads Lead towards the LAW OFFICE. Having read through some answers given in the States it seems that the current Minister for Home Affairs, Ian Le Marquand,  is very reluctant to say who is advising him from the Law Office. 

Senator Le Marquand and the Law Office will be featuring heavily in the upcoming posts.  If what went on with the gang of 4 was bad during the first suspension - then the second one is a Blast. The actions of Senator Le Marquand are far worse than those of Andrew Lewis. Senator Le Marquand could have put an end to this madness but instead just carried on adding to it.  

I would like to finish by saying that this has not been easy.  I feel like I have acquired a new trade over the last three years; following my instinct and following the evidence.  I would like to thank my readers the world over  and fellow bloggers for their continued support in getting real justice for the Jersey abuse survivors and hopefully one day bringing true functioning democracy to Jersey.  Please keep reading the post."

This simply has to be part of the TOR's for any up coming Committee of Enquiry for the very simple reason they have shown why it was never acted upon in the first place. If you try and do something the consequences are grave. The answers must be found.

I really must thank the readers for staying with me on this journey as we have now reached;


Over the next postings I will be disecting Operation Blast

It surpasses anything that I have published or looked at before. I have been researching and looking for the answers. I can't believe the depth of the shambles that unfolded before me. Operation Blast is the name given to some files held down at Police HQ. 

All will be explained in the forthcoming postings. It will take us right up to the second suspension of Graham Power on the 31st July 2009

It will take us to why the former Senator Stuart Syvret had his home raided 

Would anyone be surprised if I said it contained more letters from David Warcup? 

Would anyone be surprised if I said the actions of the Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand surpasses anything that went before?

Stay with me as we follow the path all the way up to a Committee of Enquiry 

You will not want to miss this one.

Because of the amount of research I have done some of the postings might only be days apart.

Rico Sorda

Team Voice


Anonymous said...

A simple question.

Who is benefitting from all of this? The COM don't want to know, the Media don't not want to know and neither does the new Police Administration. If this is a personal hobby then thats fine but don't start telling us any of this is actually getting anywhere because there is no evidence out there to show that it is. If you can show that it is please do.

Anonymous said...

Nothing would surprise but I look forward to reading the next series of posts if only to confirm my suspision that nothing will surprise me.

Anonymous said...

You bloggers have left the state media in your wake and thank you for all the work you are doing although it makes for disturbing reading. Looking forward to having a BLAST!

voiceforchildren said...



Anonymous said...


It stands to reason that Sir(?) P Bailhache is clinging to dear life.

He has come out from retirement, not for the public of Jersey, but to save THEIR skin.

Law Office in order of THEIR influence: William B, Micheal B, Philip B, T Le Coqe & AG{cant think of his name ).

Anonymous said...

yes, I entirely agree about phil baihache coming out of retirement to divert events. This is a man who has earned well over £100,000 p/a for many many years.
Wasn't he quietly persuded to leave his post as Bailiff? (yes).
One thing for sure is that he has no interest in abuse survivors.
He also has no interest in democracy. He wants Jersey to be independent. He also has a brother who was unable to look into the camera when being interviewed in 2008 on the subject of Jersey child abuse.
I'm not saying they are child abusing brothers, but like Ogley, the bailhache brothers have accused friends in high places.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

A reader says:

"It stands to reason that Sir(?) P Bailhache is clinging to dear life.

He has come out from retirement, not for the public of Jersey, but to save THEIR skin.

Law Office in order of THEIR influence: William B, Micheal B, Philip B, T Le Coqe & AG{cant think of his name )."

The reader is correct that the Law Officers' Department / Office of Attorney General is the toxic heart of this matter.

That operation - the Crown function in Jersey - has long been captured by the Jersey oligarchy and bent to the purposes of the local syndicate.

It is, as Graham Power described it - 'the government within a government'; it is the real power in Jersey.

But because it involves, and depends upon what is, essentially, the corruption of the very authority of the Crown - the stakes are utterly immense.

That's why the Jersey oligarchy are so very keen to always play a close role in the recruitment of Lieutenant Governors - who, once in post, can be relied upon to go around being cheer-leaders for the Jersey mafia, telling anyone who will listen "how very wonderful things are here", and they "just don't understand the negativity", and "how marvelous people like Michael Birt are" (apparently unaware of how many shockingly dangerous criminals Michael Birt has let off, when to have prosecuted them would have been problematic for the local oligarhcy.)

Not one of the people who have been Lieutenant Governor for the last 30 years has ever exhibited the willingness or ability to step back from the local potentates and their dinner-parties - and take a hard look - and ask the obvious questions; such as - "is the name and authority of the Crown - for example in one of its key functions, that of prosecution, actually protecting her Majesty's subjects from crimes by the powerful, the influential and the Jersey government?"

Of course - it's now a publicly evidenced fact that the prosecution function in jersey is wholly corrupted, and little more than a party-political repression device. It - and responsibility for maintaining the concealment of its many corruptions - gets handed on from Attorney General to Attorney General. The present incumbent is Tim Le Cocq - not terribly bright, and rapidly embroiled and contaminated into the corrupt abuse of the Office, for example not prosecuting Sean Power; and the current Solicitor General is Howard "blunt" Sharp - a recruitment in which they abandoned all pretence, and just brought him straight in from the central beneficiaries of the Criminal Offences Confiscation Fund - 7 Bedford Row.

A bit like Stephen Baker - and Christopher Pitchers.

And when the Lieutenant Governors depart - their term of Office over - they are then rewarded by a grateful Jersey oligarchy - with immensely lucrative positions on the boards of Jersey-based companies.

The capture and corruption of the Crown authority and function - that is what we see, when we look at the core of the Jersey oligarchy operation.


Anonymous said...

(cant think of his name).

Can now, Howard Sharp.

Zoompad said...

"I'm not saying they are child abusing brothers"

You don't need to, covering up for child abusers and possibly murderers is a criminal offence.

Perverting the course of justice

Zoompad said...

Assisting an Offender - section 4(1) Criminal Law Act 1967

(Archbold 18-34)

The offence of assisting an offender ("the principal offender") is committed when:
the principal offender has committed an arrestable offence;
the accused knows or believes that the principal offender has committed that or some other arrestable offence;
the accused does any act with intent to impede the apprehension or prosecution of the principal offender; and
the act is done without lawful authority or reasonable excuse.

It is an offence triable only on indictment unless the principal offence is an either way offence, in which case the offence of assisting a principal offender is also triable either way. The maximum sentence for the offence varies from three to ten years' imprisonment, depending on the punishment applicable to the principal offence: s.4(3).

Proceedings may only be instituted by or with the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions: s.4(4). Consent may be granted after charge but must be before committal proceedings (indictable offences) or mode of trial (either way offences). Consent must be obtained before proceedings are started by way of summons. It is not an offence to attempt to commit an offence under section 4.

Examples of the type of conduct appropriate for a charge of assisting an offender include:
hiding a principal offender;
otherwise assisting a principal offender to avoid arrest;
assisting a principal offender to abscond from bail;
lying to the police to protect principal offenders from investigation and prosecution;
hiding the weapon used in an assault/robbery;
washing clothes worn by a principal offender to obstruct any potential forensic examination.

There may be an overlap between the offence of assisting an offender and obstructing a constable, wasting police time, concealing arrestable offences (s.5(1) Criminal Law Act 1967) and perverting the course of justice .

The courts have made it clear that assisting an offender is a serious offence and, if the statutory offence of assisting an offender can be charged, it should normally be preferred over common law offences.

However, the common law offence of perverting the course of justice should be considered when:
the assisting is aimed at preventing or hindering the trial process (as opposed to the arrest or apprehension of an accused);
the facts are so serious that the court's sentencing powers for the statutory offence are considered inadequate;
admissible evidence of the principle offence is lacking.

Assisting an offender is sometimes not an easy offence to prove since it requires proof that the principle committed an arrestable offence and that the accused knew or believed this. In the absence of such proof, other public justice offences, such as obstruction or perverting the course of justice, can provide alternative charges.

Zoompad said...

"Assisting an offender is sometimes not an easy offence to prove since it requires proof that the principle committed an arrestable offence and that the accused knew or believed this. "

Proof is something we have plenty of, year after year of it.

Anonymous said...

The first poster asks what it achieves. There are two answers to that.

Look at Levenson on the media ( It was all wrapped up when one rogue reporter was fingered. Someone had the sense to follow the money, and now we have a very different picture of what really happened. It is a common practice the world over for those in higher office to allow an underling to be left out to dry and take the whole scene is not revealed.

The second reason is the future. If it is on blogs, in plan sight of those who would read it, there is no excuse of I did not know, we did not realise, no one told us. Leave no stone unturned and you leave no hiding place when the facts are out.