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Chief Minister Gorst - An Email? Answers please

Senator Bailhace - The Real Chief Minister?

From: rico sorda
Subject: Committee of Enquiry

To: i.lemarquand@gov.je, "His Excellency" , i.gorst@gov.je
Cc: A.Breckon@gov.je, "a pryke" , "Jersey Care Leavers Association" , "ben queree" , "gerrard baudains" , "james baker" , "cswiseman" , "Deirdry" , dsimon@jerseyeveningpost.com, "e noel" , "Francis" , g.southern@gov.je, "jon gripton" , "roy herissier" , "j refault" , j.hilton@gov.je, j.lef@gov.je, j.lesueurgallichan@gov.je, j.macon@gov.je, j.reed@gov.je, "judy martin" , "k moore" , k.lewis@gov.je, l.norman@gov.je, "m letroquer" , "s luce" , m.tadier@gov.je, "m paddock" , news@channeltv.co.uk, "p ryan"

Dear All,

One simple and honest question.

Why has it taken so long to bring a Committee of Enquiry into decades long Child Abuse in the Jersey Care Home System?

We have a new Chief Minister and Council Of Ministers "COM". What amazes me, and others, is the total lack of any empathy this council and previous councils have shown the Victims of Abuse. 

What is it with the 'COM' and reports they don't like? What is it with getting rid of people who don't follow the party line? 

Is it just a coincidence that the Chief of Police gets suspended and his DCO gets denigrated for uncovering  decades long hushed up child abuse?

Is it just a coincidence that the man held responsible for the Lime Grove fiasco was non other than the independent,un- impeachable Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson? 

Is it just a coincidence that when they get a report they don't like they just change the Terms of Reference or just get another person in or in the case of the Comptroller and Auditor General hang him out to dry?

Is it just a coincidence that 'YOU' states members are yet to receive the Report from Verita which was handed over to the Chief Minister in November 2011? You are now expected to attend a meeting with Andrew Williamson on the 3rd September without having the Verita Report or Mr Williams re-working of their Terms of Reference.

Now, here is the comically, but tragically sad bit. The reason the Chief Minister called in Andrew Williamson, was, that he said t the Verita Tors's were to broad.  This is simply ridiculous. I believe the Chief Minister is a better man than that. The only way I can work out the ludicrous actions of the Chief minister is that he is being out muscled in the Council Of Ministers. I believe, that if the Chief Minister was not being pressured, we would already have a Committee of Enquiry.

Here are the simple Terms of Reference that the Chief Minister and his Council of Minister just couldn't deal with. They are the most basic, ideal starting block, for any Committee of Enquiry.

If the Chief Minister & Andrew Williamson deliver a weaker Terms of Reference than the ones delivered by Verita (below)  then I will expect nothing but outrage from the States of Jersey. 

Terms Of Reference

The Committee of Inquiry is asked to do the following:

Establish the facts

. Establish the type and nature of children's homes and fostering services in Jersey in the post-war period with a particular focus on the period after 1960. Consider (in general terms) why children were placed and maintained in these services

. Determine the organisation (including recruitment and supervision of staff), management, governance and culture of children's homes and the social norms under which they operated.

. Examine the political oversight of childrens homes and fostering services by the various education committees between 1960 and 1995, by the various health and social services committees between 1996 and 2005 and by ministerial government from 2006 to the current day.

. Establish a chronology of significant changes in child care practice and policy during this period with reference to Jersey, the UK and, if appropriate, France

. Consider and appraise the independent investigations and reports conducted in response to the concerns raised in 2007

What was done in response to concerns of abuse?

. Consider the experiences of those witness who suffered abuse or believe that they suffered abuse and hear staff who worked in these services.

. Identify how and by what means concerns about abuse were raised and how and to whom they were reported. Did systems exist to allow children and others to raise concerns and safeguard their wellbeing?

. Consider how the education, health and social services department dealt with concerns about alleged abuse, what action they took and whether they were in line with the policies and procedures of the day.

. Establish, where abuse was suspected, whether it was reported to the appropriate bodies including the States of Jersey Police and what action was taken by persons or entities including the police and whether this was in line with policies and procedures of the day

. Determine whether the concerns of 2007 were sufficiant to justify the States of Jersey Police setting in train Operation Rectangle

. Determine whether, on reviewing files submitted by the States of Jersey Police for consideration as to whether, on reviewing files submitted by the states of Jersey Police for consideration as to whether or not a prosecution should be brought, those responsible for deciding on which cases to prosecute took a consistent and impartial approach and whether the process was free from any political interference at any level

Children's services in 2011

. Set out what lessons can be learnt for the current system of residential and foster care services in Jersey


Review what actions the government took when concerns came to light in 2008 and what, if any, lessons there are to be learned 


. Report on any other issues arising during the inquiry considered to be relevant to the past safety of children in residential or foster care

The inquiry should make full use of all the work conducted since 2007

At an appropriate moment, the inquiry should hold a seminar(s) to enable a broader discussion of some of the themes raised by the evidence. The seminar(s) will not make recommendations to the chair but will provide ideas and information that will form of the material to be considered as the report is drafted - END

This is about defenceless Children being abused for decades. Yes, all the authorities were informed over the decades and I MEAN ALL. 

How and Why has our Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers struggled with something so simple? Are we still trying to hide our past?    It will be our future  if its not dealt with in a fully robust and transparent way.

The reason I believe for all the hard work in stalling and basically trying to stop this Committee of Enquiry is 'FEAR'

Pandoras box is open. 

Someone give me a very good reason as to why it has taken so long.

Rico Sorda


Citizen Investigator


voiceforchildren said...


"If the Chief Minister & Andrew Williamson deliver a weaker Terms of Reference than the ones delivered by Verita (below) then I will expect nothing but outrage from the States of Jersey."

There will be no outrage, it's the majority of the government that allows this stuff to carry on and has through the decades.

Oh! and don't expect any outrage from the State Media EITHER

Anonymous said...

Their behaviour is simply evidence of their terrible fear of facts, and their willingness to do whatever it takes to prevent any more facts about abuse in care from being made public. Avoidance of accountability. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Gorst and the rest of the COM have got the backbone of a jelly fish and it's today's children that will suffer because of it along with the children of the past.

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


This subject is so serious - and has so many implications for public safety and good governance in Jersey - that most States members should at least reply to you - even if they disagree - to explain politely their reasoning.

If you receive few - or even no - responses to your e-mail - especially as you have furnished Jersey's politicians with a crucial document that has been withheld from them by the cabinet - then Jersey is not capable of safely governing itself at present.

It's as simple as that.

Which isn't a surprise really, as it's become obvious even to traditionalists, who remark to me that the current States assembly is the most inept, defective, low-calibre and inadequate States in all of the post-war years.

As one Jersey conservative said, ruefully, in reflection on the grim reality of the outcome of the last Jersey elections, "be careful what you wish for". He has the great good sense to see that Jersey's future requires at least an element of effective 'opposition', scrutiny and challenge in its legislature.


Anonymous said...

2000 protesters in Belgium & guess what? Paedo walks free !



To be a houseguest of the church !!!

Is there any hope anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Can the abuse survivors themselves provide an official statement protesting Williamson and the change in TOR? They are in the best position to confront this head on with a demand that all of Verita's original TORs be used. If they loudly proclaim their support for only the Verita recommendations, they will help expose any weakened terms from Williamson as part of another cover-up attempt.

Anonymous said...

I thought the JCLA were fully involved in this process so that they agreed to the TOR, are you saying they have not been and if not, why not? Are the JCLA going to make a statement because it seems strange that you are the first person to make a noise about it yet we hear nothing from the JCLA?

Anonymous said...

Politics, Jersey and the "Belgian Protocol"

Politics is the art of interaction, alliances and deal-making to maximise advantage
That is fine as long as the work and advantage FOR THE POPULATION rather than for the advantage and protection of the individuals and their cliques.
The "what is good for us is good for the Island" proves to be bankrupt again and again.

A commenter above mentions Belgium and 2,000 protesters. 2000 is nothing.

Probably only 2,000 because the politicians ignored 300,000 last time
What chance did 300,000 have against an Establishment and a few bent cops and lawyers ?
Will we let Jersey play out the same way?

WATCH the BBC2 Correspondent series programme (An Olenka Frenkiel investigation)

(someone do me a hyperlink please)

The "Belgian Protocol" starts playing out from about the halfway point at 7minutes.
Spot the similarities: Undermine and ridicule the victims, Remove the trusted police investigator ...............
Jersey will have a better final outcome because the "stitch up" comes apart at the seams because the shysters involved are incompetent ......eh ILM, eh Shenton......

Don't miss the bit when one of the little rescued girls says to the assembled 300,000
in perfect English "Thank you for coming in such numbers"

Not even a quaver or a stutter ! What does not kill you makes you stronger, it turns out that being "broken in" for use at political sex parties can be character building [for the survivors).

And what of you, dear reader. Are you happy to be soiled by what is done in your name?
Does your character need building ? did you vote Bailhache because you did not know any better because the JEP (& local BBC) told you he was a safe pair of hands?
The JEP censored all pre-election 'Bailhache Facts' from their fake opinion 'you say' site and have been doing so for years.
Wise up and don't be had again in the voting booths


That's enough; back in your pen now
Our prosperity, I mean JERSEYS' prosperity relies on protecting our image and covering up child abuse
You can trust us not these bloggers and their 'evidence'
The grass is greener in this field (yes...good little sheeple)

Can you imagine how valuable "information" is ........ say when negotiating a planning APPROVAL or juicy business deal.
It is nature's way, the Predators and the Pray, and a plethora of parasites and bottom feeders.

And besides, these things only happen to the little people. OUR kids are safe at errr...... Vic college ........
We are at the top of the food chain (aren't we ????)

And look on the bright side - At least Belgium makes Jersey look decent and honest and caring in this respect.
We have only found pre 1960s(?) parts of child bodies & multitudes of (undated) teeth with roots still attached.

rico sorda said...

As far as I know, it's always the bloggers who find things out first. The JCLA are fully awawe of the situation but not because of the Chief Minister thats for sure.

The situation is a farce.

This has become a problem because they want to hide the truth.

Nothing to Hide - Nothing to Fear


To many people with a vested interest on this one.

And not one reply yet.


GeeGee said...

Rico - I think you will be able to count,on the fingers of one hand the numbers of responses you get.

As you so rightly say the JCLA are well aware of what is going on, but not from the sources that should have been keeping them updated. More a case of pester, pressure and chase and being kept in the loop by others who are concerned.

The Chief Minister is well aware, as indeed is Mr Williamson, exactly what the JCLA wish to see form the ToR's, and to put it simply, nothing less that Verita will suffice.

It is to be hoped Rico that there will be an outrage from the States Members you have written to if a 'watered down' version is delivered, or will we have the usual deafening, 'I have not got the courage to vote against the CoM' silence as we are getting so very used to.

Like the green slime, not only does it stink, but push it away as often as you like, it will return with a vengeance until it is well and truly cleared.

Anonymous said...


You will not get a reply from the Bailhache and Le Marquand followers, which as we know is the majority.

It stands to reason that soon after you sent out your email to States Members, Bailhache and Le Marquand (who have too much to loose}, sent one out to all States Members (Gorst included) with words to the effect of: Donot reply to Rico Sorda.

Ian Evans said...

Jersey's FRUITCAKE at it again.

Anonymous said...

GeeGee @ 3:13
There are indeed similarities between the stink of the St.Aubin's Bay green slime and the petrifaction of our corruptible or too easily dominated politicians.
The excess of the rotting sea lettuce and the excess of rich boy and rich boy's best friend politician are both a product of a "nutrient rich" environment.

The sea lettuce thrives on the invisible excess of nitrates in the water to the detriment of the other creatures and surroundings.
The "nutrition" of the rich boy politician is similarly invisible with some interests and favours going undeclared and the Declaration of Interests rules being deliberately watered down to useless.

Members simply channel their interests through holding companies/trusts etc.
Do I recall that Bailhache resisted the effective wording and that his interests are channelled through PANAMA !!!!! ?
(presumably Phil judges Panama to be a er... "better regulated finance centre than Jersey" !!!!!!!! LOL

Where is your confidence in the local economy ? How about "recycling your pound"? Simultaneously hilarious and sickening.

GeeGee, I know it honks a bit but please show the sea lettuce more respect. It is just a mindless marine organism being overfed and growing to excess and should not be compared to the politicians who are supposed to have ...... a brain ........a conscience ........

and lets face it -an ounce of common sense.

The cover up is too well documented - it will not work.
Bad enough to be globally known as island with a few unrestrained child abusers (paedophilia is a worldwide anomaly)
But to be known as island who is happy to lave them free range, unpunished, untreated and covered up and able to re-offend, as they surely will - Shameful !

These fools in our ruling 'elite' are not to be compared to a harmless seaweed.

Anonymous said...

If the abuse survivors provide a very formal and well publicized statement at a press conference, denouncing anything to do with the Ourchap Williamson scam, and calling it what it is, they will have helped delegitimize this part of the cover up.

The American journalist writing the book about Haut de la Garenne should also cover it, even if only from afar, and so should the various UK associations who support the care leavers. Although the State Media will not provide honest coverage, it can be set up to make their disregard appear every bit as suspicious as it really is. All States Members should be invited as should all civil servants.

Although the best approach to a press conference will not depend upon a large audience, in this case the bigger the better. Of course, Team Voice will cover it completely, and guarantee that it lives on infinitely as the official historic record of the child abuse cover up and official response of the survivors.

Anonymous said...

To my recommendation of the press conference from the abuse survivors, I should add that I am also responding to your request of a few days prior, that your readers outside Jersey opine on the original T.O.R. from Verita. And no, Verita does not, as far as I can see, ask anything too extreme or unusual for a truly purposeful and thorough inquiry to cover. Nothing I see in their recommendations can be criticized.

So it seems clear enough that Verita's T.O.R. are designed to get straight to the historic and current facts and then place Jersey on a course to right wrongs and avoid ever repeating the mistakes of the past. Verita shows the way out of the septic pit.

I think we all know that Williamson has no other intention than to please the masters of deception, and to water down anything too thorough. Can anyone honestly believe otherwise?

The reason I believe the survivor press conference, if handled formally and seriously enough, would be a helpful strategy, is that it could place an ever darker line between the expected Williamson scam and the only people whose opinion really matters - the survivors. If Williamson (presumed) watered down T.O.R.s can be made irrelevant, it will be made so by the survivors. The survivors are empowered because of who they are, and they should not feel pressured to play nice with the devil here, knowing that Verita's terms would have been used if the government's intent had any integrity.

Anonymous said...

Since blog Commenters have been posting to your sites, their "this is jersey" comments (that the JEP might otherwise have censored) there has been a phenomenal improvement in the JEP's behaviour in this area.
They know that the game is up,so well done them and a big thank you Bloggers.
The CENSORSHIP was ridiculous prior to the 2011 election so extra vigilance and reporting will be required on the run up to the next.

Proper democratic representation will probably be even more of a sham after Bailhache has re-written the rules, but ever hopeful I have recently posted this to "Danny Boy", reply at #6. Wish me luck.


August 31, 2012 at 1:53 pm "Leanne D'Troll" :

All of these issues fit together like a jigsaw.
You and S2, my handsome Lieutenants, are clearly destined to be Officers in the "New Kingdom".

Your comment is right on target so roll on Independence. The Emperor Apparent walks amongst us; or at least is chauffeured about, as one would expect.
When we have leaders of his calibre, almost unblemished integrity, whose wisdom is only surpassed by his empathy -Do we really do not need time wasters with their :

"Discussion and consensus",


"Checks and balances",

and GOD FORBID "egalitarianism and real democratic representation" !

Sorry I am quite getting hysterical now - must calm down.... take deep breaths before I get..... sectioned.....

Ah... that's better ........ As was made clear in The Bailhache Manifesto, and neatly reinforced at length by Frank Walker on BBC Radio Jersey immediately prior to Sir Philip's historic victory; All of the political and economic ills of this island are due to time wasters with their demands for discussion and their endless pleading for the plethora of anathema listed above.
Until I was woken by Frank's* wise words I thought that our poor government and money wasting was down to those actually in POWER - but then again, I used to be CRAZY !
(* soon to be Sir Frank, I hope)

Scrutiny and openness -I ask you ! How can our Anointed Elite be expected to rule effectively under such circumstances
Every intelligent person would agree that UDI is the only thing that can save us.

Those who don't could easily be re-educated with one or two shots of a Taser.
In fact I have this feeling that you and "S2" may be the very men to administer this much underused "therapy".

The honoraries too, obviously need the "tools" to defend themselves.
OMG ! ......calm down, it's only fair.

So you see the Establishment and their PR goons did their "research" and they used it well.
As expected; half of the Island's population is indeed of below average intelligence and the other half are selectively informed.
Kerching !

Ian Evans said...

Killing us SLOWLY

Anonymous said...

And of course as we all know, Sir Philip is so wise that it was a stroke of pure luck to us all that the telephones weren't working during his BBC pre election interview. Why should he have to answer to the ignorant great unwashed?

The Beano is not the rag