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It is very important that we take a good hard look at David Warcup. David Warcup took over  Operation Rectangle when Lenny Harper left at the end of July 2008. He was also helped by Dept Supt Mick Gradwell. 

It's  Warcup and the Met Interim Report I want to concentrate on.

The ACPO Team recommended that a Review of Operation Rectangle should take place as this would also help with the change over of leadership regarding operation rectangle.  The review team were only looking up till the time Lenny Harper retired. Now, high ranking Police Officers, know exactly what these reviews are - why then didn't David Warcup know?  

When David Warcup wrote to the Chief Executive Bill Ogley on the 10th November 2008 he included parts of the Met Review findings. Now, in David Warcup's defence, he could say that he had no idea that Graham Power was going to be suspended when he wrote the letter, no idea he was going to be suspended when he gave a presentation to Ministers on the 11th and no idea about suspension when he gave a press briefing on the day of the 12th - The very same day that Graham Power was actually suspended. 


What I'm concentrating is on the day after. David Warcup knows that Graham Power has been suspended - David Warcup knows that the Met Interim Report has been used - David Warcup knows it was a review and should never have been used…





David Warcup came through the ranks at Northumbria Police and rose to the rank of Deputy Chief Constable. The reason he couldn't become Chief of Northumbria is because you cannot become Chief whilst only serving in one force. This is very  unusual for an officer of that rank.   Senior officers are encouraged and in many cases expected to move between police forces.   Preferably ones of different size and nature.Nobody can join the Met and rise to be Commissioner. ALL potential commissioners are required to serve time as a Chief Constable or other senior rank in another force.This helps them get used to different environments and to adjust to different cultures and challenges. Graham Power QPM served in three forces before jersey and the inspectorate.

Warcup had never done this and appeared to be disorientated by the unfamiliarity of Jersey. 

Did he retreate into his comfort zone and labelled everything which was done differently from Northumbria as wrong???????   

Could this be part of the problem.   He just could not grasp the nature of the problems that being a high ranking Policeman in the toxic environment of Jersey would bring, or the fact that he had been brought in to make a seamless transition to a more UK type format. 

 Just where  was the praise for what had been achieved in smashing the decades of Child Abuse in Jersey? Where was the praise for the incredible hard work of the Operation Rectangle team? The hard work had been completed by the time Warcup and Gradleak had turned up. Jersey has a tiny police force that isn't set up or equipped  to handle such a large scale operation.     YES, there would be mistakes  YES there would be lessons learnt but where was the praise?????????


There was a huge falling out between the Metropolitan Police and Jersey.

The buck stopped with Warcup


Here are some guidelines by Cumbria Constabulary. There are many to choose from concerning reviews.

Remember Warcup said nothing. I have my own opinions concerning David Warcup and the evidence doesn't look good. Remember the Matt Tapp saga - remember the safe blowing at Police HQ - remember that farcical Operation Blast the list goes on..

But this man was running Operation Rectangle after the retirement of Lenny Harper

This man helped shut it down

You bet they don't want a Committee of Enquiry 

Warcup is in it neck deep

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Jouranlist

Team Voice 

Cumbria Constabulary
Policy Document

To establish a review process that will promote a culture of continuous improvement in order to enhance performance and achieve best value in relation to major crime investigation. 
Policy File Reference:
Policy Owner: Detective Superintendent (Operations)
Approved at: Operations Board - August 2005
Policy signed off by:    Assistant Chief Constable(Operations)  
Effective from: 1 September 2005 

1st Review date: 1 September 2007


The ACPO Crime Committee has advised that all forces should have a clear policy with regards to expectations in relation to the conduct of Major Crime Investigation Reviews. It is extremely important that policy makes a clear distinction between the formal review process and the day-to-day senior management supervision of the investigation. This process will promote a culture of continuous improvement in order to enhance performance and achieve best value.

The fundamental objective of any review is to constructively evaluate the conduct of any major crime investigation to ensure that:
It conforms to nationally approved standards.
Is thorough.
Has been conducted with integrity and objectivity.
No investigative opportunities have been overlooked.
To identify good practice.  

The policy will also define the strategic role of the ACC (Ops) in respect of:
Commissioning reviews.
Determining terms of reference.
Appointing a reviewing officer.

This policy applies to all police and police staff involved in the process.


The Chief Constable is empowered with operational control of Cumbria Constabulary and is ultimately accountable in law for the actions and policies of the organisation.  Particularly relevant to major crime investigation are:
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, 2000.
The European Convention of Human Rights. Human Rights Act 198.
The Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996
Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 1984.
Other references include:
ACPO Crime Committee Review.
ACPO Murder Investigation Manual.
Major incident room standardisation administrative procedures (MIRSAP). 
ACPO Major Crime Review.
HMIC – ‘Policing London – Winning Consent’


This policy is not exempt from the provisions of the above Act.

Comments on this policy should be directed in the first instance to the Detective Superintendent (Operations), Operational Support Department, Police Headquarters, Carleton Hall, PENRITH, Cumbria CA10 2AU.


7.1 Introduction
The concept of reviewing major crime investigation is well established and a properly conducted review will deliver a number of benefits.

A review of a major enquiry takes place for the following reasons:

To assist the senior investigating officer in the investigation and detection of the crime.

For this purpose the review team will mainly focus on Investigative Opportunities.

To assure the force that the investigation is being managed effectively and conducted with integrity.

To identify good and weak practices at an organisational level in order to improve future major crime investigation.

For this purpose the Review Team will focus on management issues, compliance and process issues.

Set against the objective is the absolute need for the review to be carried out in the spirit of co-operation between the Reviewing Officer and the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO). The review will be to assist and support the SIO and the investigation team in identifying the offender and bring the investigation to a successful conclusion. Review must not been seen as an intrusive, threatening process.

All reviews will be undertaken in accordance with the national methodology and review guidelines by ACPO Crime Committee on 25/03/99


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Rico - another excellent piece of work.

In marked contrast to Jersey's mainstream media.

Some could - with a charitable stretch of the imagination - and if they knew none of the facts - give David Warcup some fractional benefit of the doubt - up to 'day 1', so to speak.

No thinking person could do so in respect of 'day 2' and onwards.

But, again, as I've argued before, as bad as Warcup - and Ogley, Bailhache, Walker, Le Marquand, Lewis etc appear - we mustn't lose sight of the "The Real Problem" in understandable anger at these dysfunctional individuals. The Real Problem we are confronted with here, is not one or two corrupt individuals, or even a broader conspiracy; for such things happen, sadly, in all societies.

The Real Problem we face - is a broken system - one that not only permits these clowns to so blithely sabotage the proper protections of the law which the rest of us are supposed to enjoy - but one that actually supports and protects the criminals.

"The Real Problem", is the broken system. The Warcups and Walkers and Lewises are mere incidental figures; intellectually and ethically bankrupt shysters of the kind that would rise to power, and the abuse of power, in any society with a broken system - with no functioning checks & balances.

And the public authority that is responsible for The Real Problem - for The Broken System - is the British Crown - and its Minister, the Secratary of State for Justice.

Our struggle for decency, the objective and proper rule of law, and the good and fair administration of justice is not a struggle against Walker, Warcup, the Bailhache Brothers - rather, it is a struggle against the Crown, and its evidenced unlawful failures to protect the rule of law in Jersey.

If the Crown and its Lieutenants had not become captured and corrupted in respect of the sewer that is Jersey's public administration - none of the unlawful conspiracies we have to write about would have been permitted to happen.

In the mean time, the campaign for the rule of law continues; I plan to publish the next section of Graham Power's statement to Wiltshire soon.

What Jersey's government, and the BBC fail to do - must instead be done by concerned citizens.


rico sorda said...

Hi Stuart,

I agree, but just like in history, everyone who has played their part must be exposed. There can be no hiding places for these toxic low lifes. They are no different to the camp guards "they were only following orders". These people are in a position to do something yet they turned a blind eye.

People might be unaware that the Metropolitan Police had a debrief at the SOJP in mid October on their findings. Graham Power was present at this. A lot of the points raised by the Met had already been implemented and there it was left.

Why do you think they went nuts when Warcup and gang used it to justify suspending Graham Power.

Make no mistake we have been and still are governed by a complete bunch of hicks with the odd exception


Anonymous said...

Let’s take another perspective.

You are David Warcup, newly-appointed Deputy Chief Officer of Police, replacing Lenny Harper on his retirement.

You’re faced with a major investigation – Operation Rectangle – and decide, perhaps rightly, that it needs the attention of a dedicated Senior Investigating Officer.

Enter Mick Gradwell, an officer with a vast amount of experience and, to this time, an impeccable record.

Let’s not forget that Gradwell’s appointment, like Warcup’s, is sanctioned by the Chief Officer, Graham Power.

With an experienced “outside” eye, Gradwell and you examine the progress to date of Operation Rectangle.

On consideration, in your and Gradwell’s experienced and professional opinion, the Haut de la Garenne aspect of Operation Rectangle is nothing short of a disaster. Re-examination of the evidence leads you and Gradwell to conclude that there’s no real evidence of unlawful killing at Haut de la Garenne; and, furthermore, that the massive, sometimes hysterical, media coverage given to Haut de la Garenne could well jeopardise future and pending prosecutions arising from Operation Rectangle.

Yet the Chief Officer who was in charge of the SOJP during the whole affair is still in post.

The buck must stop somewhere and it cannot stop with the second-in-command, Lenny Harper. It must stop with the man actually in charge of Jersey’s police, Graham Power.

So what do you do? Can you go to that same Chief Officer and voice your concerns about Haut de la Garenne, knowing that, at best tacitly, he supported everything that Lenny Harper did and said?
Of course you can’t. You don’t ask a Chief Officer to suddenly say that his force got it wrong and that his deputy overstepped the mark. It would be asking him to admit that he wasn’t really in control of his own deputy and his own police force in one of the most significant investigations in Jersey’s history.

So, with that same Chief Officer’s permission, you request a review by an outside police force – the Met.

What you hear from them, as their review progresses, only reinforces your own worst fears – that Operation rectangle, in a number of respects, had got out of hand.

For how long can you and your appointed S.I.O. Mick Gradwell, sit on what you believe are the true facts about Haut de la Garenne? And what do you do about Mr. Power, who, ultimately, is responsible for every aspect of Operation Rectangle?

Realising that you can’t go to Mr. Power, because of his direct involvement, you turn to the Chief Executive of the States, as laid down by Jersey law, and the Minister for Home Affairs.

As political animals their motivations and subsequent actions may well be open to question, but, as a serving senior police officer, you, David Warcup, have done what you believe to be right and in the best interests of the States of Jersey Police and Operation Rectangle.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another intersting blog post Rico. Like Warcupp, BBC Jersey has failed too. Your journalism puts Jersey's MSM to shame.

rico sorda said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for the your comment.

I would suggest you read some previous postings as your comment is wrong in so many places.

Make no mistake, the behaviour of Gradwell was abhorrent. The leaking of information from this man to the journalist that was trashing the investigation was abhorrent. Gradwell never cared about the victims or he wouldn't have done that.

The real disaster is that the abuse wasn't investigated for decades. The work was done when Warcup and Gradleak turned up. They shut it down the went on their way.



Anonymous said...

A very interesting posting with valid questions raised.

Comment 11:51 should read the many postings on this and other blog sites that would show him the truth.

James said...


A good journalist knows the difference between explaining and excusing. None of what s/he says excuses what happened next: but if we are talking about an explanation, I think your anonymous correspondent may have hit the nail at least a glancing blow. However, to hit it right on the head requires unpacking your (correct) understanding of Warcup's comfort zone.

Bear in mind that a significant part of the job Warcup did as DCC Northumbria was in managing relations with the media. Unfortunately, Warcup's approach was basically to keep a very, very tight handle on what went out (see here, for example). He arrives in Jersey to find that there is a full-on feeding frenzy over HdlG. It's about as far out of his comfort zone as he could be, and this is on top of being in a new police force, where he finds his policemen can't even charge suspects of crimes, and living in a place where the local print media is effectively owned by the Chief Minister. In that regard, what happened next is not surprising, even if it is abhorrent.

Anonymous said...

There was a de-briefing in mid October you say. Well it can't be any surprise that Warcup knew what to put in his letter on the 10th of November then is it lol.

Anonymous said...

Warcup JEP Interview, page 12.

WHEN David Warcup stood in the Royal Court in August 2008 and took the oath of office as the acting police chief he was full of expectation about what lay ahead.

The former deputy chief constable of Northumbria Police and his family had sold their home there in the belief that they would be settling in the Island.

With 32 years of policing experience behind him, Mr Warcup had been led to expect when he was appointed in the acting post that he would take over from police chief Graham Power on his retirement. ‘I considered it to be a new stage in my career,’ he said, ‘and came to Jersey anticipating that I would be carrying out the job for a number of years.’

What actually happened was a far cry from his positive expectations. Last week he left the States police after deciding that he no longer wanted the top job. ‘I have not fulfilled my ambition because of matters outside my control,’ he said.

Mr Warcup said that even before he took up his post he realised, through reports and comments in the media, that there were concerns about the historical child abuse inquiry. Within a few weeks of arriving in the island he became aware, by speaking to people inside and outside the force, of public concern about the way in which the inquiry was being run.
One of the major problems in intervening was that any criticism of the supervision of the inquiry including the handling of the media by former deputy police chief Lenny Harper, was implied criticism of Mr Power, who was his boss.

People had Warcup's ear before he even got going. The guy had no chance just the 'CAG'

voiceforchildren said...


As is so often the case, the anonymous commenter who seeks to defend the indefensible, in an attempt to portray David Warcup as the good guy the evidence just doesn’t stack up.

The commenter says.

“So, with that same Chief Officer’s permission, you request a review by an outside police force – the Met. 

What you hear from them, as their review progresses, only reinforces your own worst fears – that Operation rectangle, in a number of respects, had got out of hand.”

The commenter is clearly ill researched or a possible Troll. If it is the former then hopefully this will better inform him/her.

“The (MET) review does not criticise the investigation. The Review does not criticise any individual involved in Operation Rectangle."

Stay with the EVIDENCE

Anonymous said...

"Review must not been seen as an intrusive, threatening process."

But in Warcup and SOJ world it can be misused and abused against you if you attempt to bring paedophiles to justice in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

"the public authority that is responsible for The Real Problem - for The Broken System - is the British Crown - and its Minister, the Secratary of State for Justice.

What Jersey's government, and the BBC fail to do - must instead be done by concerned citizens."

Stuart, I read you saying this a lot.

So WHAT must be done????

Anonymous said...

Anon. Stuart cannot do anything he is powerless.

GeeGee said...

'Anon. Stuart cannot do anything he is powerless'

Sorry Anon, but we can say the same for all the ordinary men and women in the street, and therein is where the power lies. None moreso either than the power of bloggers and decent, honest people who do abhor all that goes on in this Island.

Remember Watt Tyler - Peasants Revolt?

No one is 'powerless' as you choose to put it.

Anonymous said...

Government's\councils remain in office due to the electorate's lack of inertia.

And when the electorate is content to be fed a watered done version of the truth from the (controlled) media then nothing will change the status quo.

Those in office have most to fear from people who have little to lose. Those people who are not content. And as this recession continues to bite, there will be more of them.

The Beano is not the Rag

Anonymous said...

The so called power is in the wrong hands. Therefore being powerless is not the problem. Time will change that.

Anonymous said...

It is not only Stuart who is powerless. The public in general have no law.

Anonymous said...

Gee Gee, you are right, but Blogs need to be honest, balanced, non sensational and above all non insulting and non fabricating. True news is powerful but fudged news is ignored. A lot of States Members distance themselves from the blogs.

Anonymous said...

A lot of States Members distance themselves from reality.

Thank god this blog site is honest,non sensational and non fabricating. I have noticed the odd little insult but when dealing with the subject matter of child abuse it can be excused. This site is packed full of hard documented evidence that leaves it up to us readers to come to our own conclusions.

Zoompad said...

Stuart is NOT powerless, if he was, none of these dreadful things would have become known, they would have been covered up.

One thing everyone can do, is to simply tell other people what is happening.

I'm a Christian, and the way the good news about Jesus rising from the dead after he was crucified 2000 years ago, by people who saw him afterwards and even ate and drank with him and put their fingers into the nail holes, it was shared from person to person, there weren't any newspapers or television in those days.

There may as well not be any newspapers or televisions in these days, as the media has become so compromised, and instead of the news being told earnestly and truthfully, we are being lied to with propaganda, the real news is being kept from people, and the JEP is not the only one doing that.

We all have the power to simply tell the truth of what we know and what we are witnesses of, and that is what we have to carry on doing. So don't be pessimistic and say we have no power, because we all have a measure of power, even if it is only a tiny little bit, we can all simply tell the truth of what we have witnessed and know. In the end, people will believe what they choose to believe, the truth or a pack of lies. Rico has proved here on this blog again and again what a pack of lies has been spun by the propaganda merchents.

Anonymous said...

Rico, between your blog and what is now posted on Stuart's, this might be a great time for you and VFC to write another formal request to the local BBC, JEP, and Channel Report to make a "clarifying statement" in defense of their ignoring the story.

Yes, I know they will not provide any sort of believable response, but it does add to the overwhelming body of evidence of their complicity in a concise format which will be, I predict, cited again and again in the future historic record of their failures.


voiceforchildren said...


Exclusive posting from GRAHAM POWER QPM

Ian Evans said...

Just when we thought it couldn't get ANY WORSE

Anonymous said...

Gwyn Garfield Benett had a guest on her show this morning and it's a mystery as to who it was. Any Idea's?

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...

Coming soon on my blog: what the evidence in the Graham Power case means; what it says about Jersey - what it says about Crown corruption - and why we have a prosecution system that helps to oppress vulnerable children, and protect those who have abused them.


Ian Evans said...

We are ALL to blame

Ian Evans said...

The, err TRIAL begins!

Ian Evans said...

The DEATH OF EDUCATION 100 years ago!

voiceforchildren said...


Former Senator Stuart Syvret to table action against UK JUSTICE SECRETARY

Ian Evans said...

The good, the bad, and the TURNCOATS

Ian Evans said...

Child Rape is CHEAP this week, ABANDONMENT is even cheaper!

Ian Evans said...

People using WORDS in Court