Sunday, September 23, 2012

John Hemming - The JEP- And a Bloggers Challenge

After reading that last leader in the Jersey Evening Post I thought it was now time to 


I have emailed "The Jersey Evening Post" - Jerseys only Newspaper and laid down a challenge

Will they accept? 

From: rico sorda ;
To: jep ; jon gripton ; Chris Rayner- Jersey
Cc: ben queree
Sent: Sunday, 23 September 2012, 11:53
Subject: Live Debate

Dear Editors 

I refer to your leader that appeared in the  Jersey Evening Post ("JEP") on Thursday 20th September.

I noticed the leader was not backed up with any evidence. 

The Jersey bloggers have been leaked many documents over the years. We have painstakingly exposed the Child Abuse Cover-up.

I will cut straight to the chase here.  

I believe the JEP has walked straight into its very own Hillsborough moment.  By this I mean that the JEP replicates the actions of the Sun newspaper in the UK and its role in the Hillsborough cover up.  I do not need to go into the finer details of the foregoing at this present moment, but what I find fascinating is the handling by the JEP of the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation and subsequent fall-outs.  

I am of the opinion that the JEP has towed the establishment line in only telling one side of the story.  It has failed to take a proactive approach in bringing to light the magnitude of evidence, which has been produced and published online by the Jersey bloggers.  You have not demanded answers from our Chief Minister as to why we have had such a long delay in bringing forth a Committee of Enquiry in decades long child abuse.  Nor have you even been proactive in helping survivors of this child abuse to find closure.  By this I mean taking a long hard investigative look at what has gone on.  It is simply ridiculous to call Jersey's investigative bloggers "conspiracy theorists", so ridiculous in fact that I believe the time has come for me, together with the editors of the JEP, to have a live discussion on BBC Radio Jersey where we can see who are the conspiracy theorists, who is able to quote from hard evidential documentation and allow people to phone in and have their say. 

I am prepared to put up.  Are you?

I am sure BBC Radio Jersey would be able to offer us the platform to have this out in the open.  We all know that John Hemming, Liberal Democrat MP, used UK parliamentary privilege to highlight the alleged failings in the Jersey system of government.  I thank him for this.  I love my island dearly, but I do not like the role the JEP is playing in it. 

I hope you and the BBC will agree to this suggestion and, so as to be as transparent and open as possible, here is a list of some of the evidence I shall be referring to.

The Napier Report, The Met "Interim" Report, The 4 ACPO Reports , The Warcup Letter, The Failings of Wiltshire and their Report, The Affidavits of Lenny Harper & Graham Power, The Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel Report and findings into the BDO Report, Graham Powers 62,000 word statement to Wiltshire, the suspension review papers of Graham Power and the utter shambles of Home Affairs Minister, Senator, Ian Le Marquand.

This is just a selection of the documentation I will be referring to

Look forward to a prompt reply

Kind Regards

Rico Sorda
Citizen Investigator


Allegations without substance
Thursday 20th September 2012, 4:30PM BST.

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JOHN Hemming, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, represents a Birmingham constituency. You could, however, be forgiven for imagining that he has a seat in our own States Assembly.
Why? Because he seems to be at least as concerned about what may or may not have happened in Jersey as he is about affairs in his own backyard.
In the House of Commons earlier this week Mr Hemming, a political ally of former Senator Stuart Syvret, asserted that this Island is utterly corrupt and a hotbed of conspiracies and cover-ups. We have, of course, heard all this before, but the one thing that is consistently missing from these allegations is any sort of proof that would stand up to serious scrutiny.
All sorts of wild accusations about the Island and the supposed perfidy of its authorities fly about on the internet – but so do reports of flying saucers and alien abductions.
It is also worth pointing out that if many of these allegations were published in this newspaper it would very likely find itself in court facing a series of libel actions – which would be indefensible through lack of supportive evidence. But the bloggers who are responsible for defaming all and sundry online have little to fear on this score because potential litigants realise that they are men of straw incapable of paying any damages awarded against them.
Meanwhile, given that the UK has an explicit and well recognised duty to ensure the good governance of the Channel Islands, does Mr Hemming really believe that successive governments of various political hues have turned a blind eye to the scandals that he claims to detect? Perhaps he believes that the massive cover-up he is so eager to expose extends all the way to the UK’s corridors of power.
Meanwhile, someone from even further afield than John Hemming, US journalist Leah McGrath Goodman, is keen to investigate the historic child abuse issue. The key word here is investigate, so although she has been refused entry by the UK Border Agency over what seems to have been a visa problem – though some detect yet another conspiracy – our authorities should clearly make every effort to see that she is permitted to visit.
Honest investigation is to be welcomed – even if uncomfortable truths emerge. Unsupported slander fired from the hip under the protective cloak of parliamentary privilege is not.


Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret said...


Good luck with that.

In September 2007 - when the Jersey establishment were unlawfully obstructing me as Health & Social Services Minister in my efforts to properly discharged the Children (Jersey) Law, I wrote to the BBC suggesting that the child protection issues were so important that they should host a live studio debate between me and Frank Walker on the Sunday morning Talk Back programme. I was exposing the child protection failures, and Walker was seeking to cover them up and support the corrupt civil servants.

The BBC e-mailed me back, saying, "the BBC does not host political debates in case it might influence the political decision-makers."

I did ask them - given this startling new BBC policy - why the Today Programme, Any Questions, Newsnight, Question Time etc, were still being broadcast?

I never did get a reply.

The BBC has let itself become contaminated with corruption through its Jersey outfit. The organisation shows itself to be even more inadequate in the hubris displayed in persisting in imaging that a reckoning can be avoided for its conduct in Jersey.

Stuart Syvret

Anonymous said...


I think that the media will either continue to ignore you or reply to the effect that they will not accept your invitation for the same reason they claim not to be able to print things like Graham Power's 62000 evidence to Wiltshire.

The excuse they will give is that none of the "evidence" you quote is substantiated and/or it might be defamatory etc. They are relying on the Catch 22 syndrome - they won't publish because the evidence has not been substantiated etc but it cannot be substantiated because the media are complicit in preventing the evidence being tested in either a court of law or a Committee of Inquiry.

Of course, I could be wrong ......

voiceforchildren said...


Bloggers are willing to put up or shut up let's see if the State Media have the courage to do the same.

The challenge is set what "reason" will they have to back out?

Anonymous said...

How can the BBC host the debate when they are as complicit in the propaganda and misinformation as the JEP? (who BBC radio jersey promote every weekday) You bloggers should host it and rip the whole of the state media apart.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea.

I would like the first question to any who take up your challenge, Be, What hard evidence do they journalistically offer for Mr.Powers suspension?

Anonymous said...

Rico I wouldn't hold your breath. The JEP won't bother to respond, let alone agree to any sort of public debate. By agreeing to a debate, they would implicitly accept that you are credible enough to take seriously. They can't afford to do that.

The luxury the JEP has always enjoyed is that it is unaccountable. As the only paper on the island, it has a monopoly, and therefore no competition for advertising space. It doesn't have to be fair, balanced or factually correct. Its position has been secure so long as it has remained the de facto propaganda sheet for the establishment.

It gets fed stories and government press releases, gets paid to be the official gazette, and gets paid for all those pointless half page adverts for States jobs.

The quid pro quo is that it doesn't challenge the official version of the Truman Show that is Jersey's public administration.

The problem for the JEP is that newspapers are a declining industry and bloggers like you are increasingly seen as the source of real information on Jersey's political machinations. The editorial ridiculing bloggers reeks of fear - the point at which a bully realises his victims aren't scared any more.

Anonymous said...


Realistically you should have c.c.ed your email to the Bailhache Bros. and Ian Le Marquand.

Because it stands to reason that they are going to make the final decision....

And we the bloggers, know what that will be!?

voiceforchildren said...


Could I remind your readers that the petition to reinstate a real journalist's visa is still running and ask them to sign it? HERE

If there ever was a case to show that we need some real mainstream journalism over here then the JEP have just shown it with this latest example of propaganda.

Anonymous said...


You shoud have included the Bailhache Bros and Ian La Marquand in your email to the media.

Because either way, they will make the media's decision.

Anonymous said...

The Jersey blogs is the only place to get the news on the island. JEP is dwindling and desperate as shown in this latest leader of theirs it smacks of desperation.

rico sorda said...

I busted wanted to show them that we, the jersey bloggers, are ready and willing to back up our evidence. Im not sure what evidence the JEP are using to garner their opinion but I would guess its from somewhere within the ruling elite.


Anonymous said...

The Law Office along with the chosen few politicians (CM not included), will be working on it first thing Monday morn.

But Rico don't raise your hopes.

Anonymous said...

The JEP:

"All sorts of wild accusations about the Island and the supposed perfidy of its authorities fly about on the internet – but so do reports of flying saucers and alien abductions."

And you, rico sorda:

I hope you and the BBC will agree to this suggestion and, so as to be as transparent and open as possible, here is a list of some of the evidence I shall be referring to.

The Napier Report, The Met "Interim" Report, The 4 ACPO Reports , The Warcup Letter, The Failings of Wiltshire and their Report, The Affidavits of Lenny Harper & Graham Power, The Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel Report and findings into the BDO Report, Graham Powers 62,000 word statement to Wiltshire, the suspension review papers of Graham Power and the utter shambles of Home Affairs Minister, Senator, Ian Le Marquand.

Anonymous said...

Well done Rico. It's high time the Jersey mainstream media were challenged on their lack of investigation and their appalling inability to present information in an impartial manner. As your readers know, this is not just relevant to child abuse, it's relevant to all political coverage in Jersey and it must be addressed if you want it to change.

With BBC Jersey, the situation is far worse as the organisation is legally bound to provide impartial and accurate coverage under the BBC Charter and yet it fails (time and time again) to do so. It is a fact that BBC Jersey has been in possession of Graham Power's report for a year and a day, and yet BBC Jersey fails to even 'lightly' discuss any of the serious issues raised in this 62,000 word document. Instead, they avoid it like the plague. Why, because BBC Jersey, like the JEP and Channel Tv, have 'gone native' by which they'd prefer to support the establishment, continue to broadcast the establishment line (however daft it is) and tuck all difficult issues under the carpet. This is the exact opposite of what they should be doing. They know it and so just very, very occasionally, BBC Jersey present a carefully orchestrated pre-recorded sound bite to give the impression that BBC Jersey investigates the issues and presents information from other perspectives. It doesn't. BBC Jersey, like the JEP and Channel TV, continuously present government spin and nothing more.

If you’ve had enough of spin from the spineless BBC Jersey, please complain to the BBC on this issue via the BBC Complaints link. You will get fobbed off in their initial reply to you, but don't give up. Hold firm and your complaint will (after a long time), work its way up the complaints ladder. If you really care about what's going on,(and therefore also care about what's not being broadcast)it's not enough to sit back and let Rico, Stuart and Neil(and the other brave bloggers) wage this war for you. You need to be doing something. Writing complaints doesn't take very long to do and persistent complaints in sufficient numbers by the Jersey public cannot be ignored forever. Please help to bust the dam and not shore it up with your silence and lack of action.

Anonymous said...

BBC Jersey's top two stories at 7am this morning: A woman is worried about talks to turn Fort Hegent into a university. And talks for housing at Plemont.


Anonymous said...

The suggestion at 12:52 AM, to complain to BBC is as important as ever, for the sake of maintaining a record of our repeated notification of their appalling complicity in this.

I am reluctant to even mention any more tasks the Jersey bloggers could be performing, but for their own protection and to elevate their stature to the higher position they deserve, I would hope to see them form an association of independent investigative journalists to present their evidence to the complaints division at the BBC.

There are no mainstream media reporters in Jersey who have earned the title of independent journalist, much less the title of investigative journalist, and anyone who cares about independent investigative journalism knows that. The bloggers alone have earned the right to the title.

rico sorda said...

I should have a posting up later tonight.It will be about the connection between those in the "COM" who do not want a Committee of Enquiry - the reason they couldn't go with Verita and I will bring you the Williamson Report.

The Williamson Report is the cherry on the cake. I kid you not. joke doesn't even come close.In FACT ITS A DISGRACE

Chief Minister Gorst must grow a pair and stand up to those who want this covered up or step aside.

Verita scuppered

Leah McGrath Goodman banned

And whats the reason?


Anonymous said...

Have you had any takers from the Jersey Media yet?

Consider the award winning Channel Television production starring M. Gradwell and his views on the historical child abuse investigation. It's not likely they would want to take up, your offer by giving you the same consideration and airtime to produce evidence the public at large are not aware exists.

Anonymous said...

Verita will be scuppered with the help of the msm and it will be down to bloggers to give us the evidence again! Have you had a reply from Chris Bright or Rob Shipley yet Rico or have they bottled it?

Anonymous said...

Stuart has done a good job of spelling it out how it works in Jersey.

Anonymous said...

I can't vouch for anyone else, but whenever I have requested forms or documents for various reasons over many years, I am normally in possession of the relevant form within 3/4 days, although today I guess most people expect to be able to download a PDF, so why is it taking the Immigration Department so long to find the correct form for Leah and why does it need Trevor Pitman to get involved if it is just a small misunderstanding.

Sounds to me stalling tactics whilst CM Phil Bailhache does a bit of evidence fishing.

Anonymous said...

Word is that the cosy chat the chief minister anticipated this morning was not the rollover he expected. The JCLA have considerable backbone and are better researched than he is accostomed to facing.

Anonymous said...

Re: Phil Bailhache Evidence Fishing on Leah

Leah McGrath Goodman must be squeaky clean if they've turned up no legal challenge to her re-entry. It seems she has never been late in updating her drivers license because we know that is a more heinous crime than vehicular manslaughter.

Anonymous said...

Every day you, Stuart and VFC separate those in Jersey into two segments: the population that knows what is taking place and that other group who have been lied to repeatedly. There is no conceivable way for Jersey to avoid a Day of Reckoning, and I do not mean in the religious sense.

Two opposing versions of Jersey's reality are on a steady collision course. Only the unofficial reality is evidenced and the official version must ultimately collapse under the weight of the facts now permanently guarded by an untouchable world wide web.

It seems slow to you, this noble effort to research and publish the evidence, and the results may feel long overdue, but the side which remains untenable is theirs. You have won.