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Dear Readers, I have been asked to re-post the Matt Tapp Files and Operation End Game

I will be doing this as there are so many new readers and researchers looking into the the Jersey Child Abuse Scandal and related issues.

Even since the Jimi Savile story broke the spotlight has shone back towards Jersey. 

In the UK they are trying to work out how Savile and his alleged cohorts were able to abuse for decades without being caught and prosecuted  - well we are still living in that culture here in Jersey.

We still have some politicians who don't want a Committee of Enquiry.  We have been waiting years for a Committee of Enquiry. It has been excuse after excuse  - stalling tactic after stalling tactic. 

Multiple abuse cases dropped. 

"The Culture of Concealment"

To Trash an Abuse Investigation  you first denigrate the lead investigator (Lenny Harper) and then illegally suspend the Chief of Police Graham Power QPM

I Will be publishing a new post every two days.

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist 

Team Voice

What I will be showing our readers is the role played by outside Media Consultant Matt Tapp 

His role in Operation Rectangle -"The Jersey Historic Child Abuse Investigation" has gone under the radar 

First I must remind the readers who held what position in 2008

The posts I will be doing will be going right to the heart of the Cover-Up

Former Chief of Police Graham Power QPM

Graham Power was appointed Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police on November 1st 2000.  He was suspended  on November 12th 2008. He was the Chief of Police during Operation Rectangle up until  his suspension. He left the force in July 2010 having retired 

Here are the links to blog posting regarding Graham Power:

DCO Lenny Harper

Lenny Harper joined the States of Jersey Police in May 2002. He was the Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle (The Jersey Historic Child Abuse Investigation). Lenny Harper retired from the States of Jersey Police force at the end of July 2008 whilst the Child Abuse Investigation was still on going.

Here are links to Blog Postings Regarding Lenny Harper;

Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup

DCO David Warcup joined the States of Jersey Police on the 4th August 2008. He was made Acting Chief Officer of the States of Jersey Police following the suspension of Graham Power in November 2008. David Warcup came to Jersey following his retirement from Northumbria Police.  David Warcup took up the running of Operation Rectangle. David Warcup resigned from the States of Jersey Police and left on the 31st December 2010.

David Warcup did give evidence to the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel concerning the BDO Review into the financial side of Operation Rectangle 

I will not going into all the issues concerning David Warcup - there are many.

Here are links to Blog Postings concerning David Warcup:

D/Superintendent Mick Gradwell

D/Supt Mick Gradwell joined the States of Jersey Police in September 2008.  He was appointed on a years seconded from Lancashire Police until he retired in September 2009.

D/Supt Mick Gradwell took over as Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle in September 2008 up until the day he left in September 2009

 I wont go over the serious issues concerning Mick Gradwell here - there are many.  He will be featuring heavily in the forthcoming blog  posts.

This SIO was leaking information to an infamous journalist David Rose 

This SIO was asked to give evidence to the Home Affairs Scrutiny Sub Panel. This SIO declined to do so. This SIO was discrediting the hard work of the Rectangle Team from the day he landed. This SIO said Operation Rectangle was a financial mess - when he was challenged to put up he ran away and hasn't been seen since.  He was the only person who declined giving evidence.  

When I busted Mick Gradwell for leaking information he was challenged by a reporter from the Lancashire Press.  This is what he said

This was on the 21st June just when the Home Affairs Review was kicking off. 

Look at what Gradwell says. 

You don't need to Einstein to work out why he is still running like Forest Gump . 

"But today, Mr Gradwell hit back."
He said: “There’s no mystery about what I’ve said.
"I thought it was a shambles with no financial management.
“I don’t regard that as a leak, though having worked there I’m not surprised at this.
“I’m on record as quoting information from the report.
"I released it when asked the questions on TV, online and in the papers.
“I didn’t leak a report. After I left I said my version of what happened including a mass overspend, a poorly-managed fiasco where the lead detective made unnecessary trips and took his notes with him.”

I will leave it there. 

All will be explained in the up-coming posts 

Did they really use the Interim Metropolitan Police Report when Graham Power was suspended?

Rico Sorda

Team Voice


Anonymous said...


Zoompad said...

When was it ever appropriate for the Secret Services to be involved in child abuse investigations?


Why would anyone ever think that MI whatever should be part of that?

The Jersey and the UK Government have allowed the Secret Services to cover up institutional child abuse, and they are STILL trying to cover it up right now.

Time that the activities of the Secret Services were opened up to scrutiny - I think that is the only way to see what the hell these people have done to victims of child abuse.

Anonymous said...

The Napier Report was pretty damning of the authorities- not that you would have known at the time from reading the totally biased and partisan JEP reports on it or the comments section of their heavily censored "Troll Zoo".

But let us not forget that after the Napier Terms of Reference were publicly agreed, the authorities then doctored them. This doctoring remained secret until the report was actually published !
The authorities basically said -errrrrr, we decided to leave that bit out................


Lucky that they haven't been shown up to be shysters and child abuse concealers isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Re. The Napier Report's secretly doctored Terms of Reference @12:50
I can't quite remember the detail but it was a very significant part of the ToR's that the authorities omitted.
My recollection is that the omitted ToR was the investigation of the suspension of the island's Chief of Police !!!!!! (now demonstrated to be illegal)
With hindsight (or perhaps just common sense) I believe that this would class as "GUILTY KNOWLEDGE".

Comment and conformation of the details would be appreciated.
It occurred on Shyster Le Marquand's watch didn't it ? -how is that man still in office ? -or out of prison, come to think of it ?

Anonymous said...

Gradwell and Warcup will be aware of the net closing in and might be sharing a bowl of porridge with Ian Le Marquand some time soon.

Anonymous said...

The Napier TOR that 'fell off the page'.
I forget the details but I seem to recall the typist was blamed for the most important TOR being cropped out. Interstingly there was no desire by the authorities to re-submit the original TOR's in full.

Perhaps others can recall or summarise it better.

Lorna Savage said...

I have been off the blog scene for a while following a serious road accident a year ago. I also had some problems posting on Stuart's blog for some reason.

I am glad to be back and see how busy you have been Rico. Wonderful post covering all the areas that have been on my mind since the Jimmy Savile story finally broke.

As you will see if you read Stuart's blog I have been getting a lot of emails, phone-calls and comments from friends and family saying that all the things I have told them are now coming out. Even the most sceptical have realised that what happened in Jersey was a very crude cover-up.

Keep up the good work.

Lorna (proud Survivor)

voiceforchildren said...


A commenter writes.

"The Napier TOR that 'fell off the page'.
I forget the details but I seem to recall the typist was blamed for the most important TOR being cropped out. Interstingly there was no desire by the authorities to re-submit the original TOR's in full.

Perhaps others can recall or summarise it better."

This should tell you all you need to KNOW

Lorna (proud survivor) Good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

did Mr Powers contract of employment ever turn up,remember the one that was not in the safe that Warcup gracked ,and then there was the copy that HR had mislaid

Ian Evans said...

Bloggers FIGHTING BACK with truth

rico sorda said...

Hi Lorna, great to have you back.

Graham Powers contract of employment is probably on vacation with Bill Ogley in barbados.


Anonymous said...

Voice, thanks for the blog post re- TOR d - the term of reference that 'fell off the page.'
Presumably John Richardson whom Bob Hill made a very substantial complaint against in respect to TOR d. is the same John Richardson whose recently been appointed Jersey's new Chief Executive. According to the Bald Truth blog, JR's appointment procedure wasn't conducted correctly.
TJW- an untrustworthy individual secures /is given /is ordered to take on a position within Jersey's 'inner' civil service. Anticipate a golden hand shake and gold-plated pension to follow.

Lorna Savage said...

Great to be back! I recovered very quickly physically despite all the fractures, punctured lung, head injury etc. The PTSD that followed took a bit longer to overcome but now I am back just in time for some long overdue action. Hope to be over next year.

If I had been injured by a hit and run driver in Jersey I might have thought it was not accidental!