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Matt Tapp - 5

Today we introduce one the most Toxic Edifices in Jersey. This Toxic Edifice goes by the name of the "JERSEY EVENING POST" (JEP). This paper is a disgrace and a danger to Children who are in the care of the States of Jersey. This paper has failed the children of Jersey. 


Why does the JEP act the way it does? What is this paper hiding? You don't need to be Einstein to know that something is seriously wrong up at Five Oaks concerning  this paper and the Jersey Child Abuse Investigation. The role of this paper will develop over the coming months.

We have been through the arrival of  DCO Warcup to Jersey in August 2008 and the concerns he had about Operation Rectangle ( The Jersey Child Abuse Investigation). This was  from articles he had read in the National Papers and from people who had his ear.

We  also know  that outside Media Consultant Matt Tapp shortly followed David Warcup to Jersey in  September 2008.  What concerns me greatly is that we know very little about this consultant or how his report was commissioned and constructed.

What should concern everybody is how this consultants work grew to become the Holy Grail in debunking Operation Rectangle.  I find it incredible that Judge PItchers is quoting it as some kind of solid piece of fact.  This is what Stuart Syvret said concerning this issue; 

"The big - very big - questions here, are not that the report was disclosed to the defense - but rather, why was this particular report commissioned and produced in the first place?
And how - on Earth - did the judge end up accepting it as uncontested, given fact - even to the extent of deferring his own findings and those of the court - and effectively handing "the stage" to a concoction of vacuous and uncontested assertions written by politically employed spin-doctors?
That is what Judge Pitchers did - be reading out parts of the Matt Tapp report" 

 Some serious questions need to be put to Home Affairs Minister Ian le Marquand concerning Matt Tapp and his report.  Remember this report was being compiled in the lead up to the suspension of former CPO Graham Power on the 12th November 2008. 

This question must be asked and it was by someone who left me a comment - 

"Have we just been watching one big staged managed show down at the Royal Court?"  

Judge Pitchers said that the press conference that took place on the 12th November 2008 went along way to dispelling the lurid reporting. This is what he said; 

18. I now turn to the factors that lead me to reject this part of the application.
(i) First in November 2008 the new senior investigation officer held a press conference in which he put the record straight about the findings under the building.  That press conference received wide publicity and the tone of press reporting has changed, indeed the prosecution might now argue that they risk encountering jurors who believe that the Police have said that everything that had gone before was wrong.  In my judgment this press conference went a long way to repair the damage that had been done by earlier press publicity.
(ii) Second there was a clear divide between the reporting of the torture dungeon and the general part of the inquiry which was into historic child sex abuse.  That part of the inquiry did not receive the same lurid treatment.  It will be immediately apparent to any juror hearing this case opened that there is no allegation against any of these men of anything which might be linked to the supposed torture dungeon.
(iii) Thirdly none of the lurid stories connected any named individuals to what was being described, indeed Mr Donnelly and Mr Aubin do not even fall into the category of staff at the home who were, in general terms, being accused of criminal offences.  Mr Donnelly is indeed nothing to do with the inquiry into the home at all.

Now we get to see the real game. A bigger picture is starting to form. I will be explaining it in an Interview at the weekend.  I will also be contacting the former Chief of  Police  Graham Power for his side of the Matt Tapp story.  Graham Power was in charge of the States of Jersey Police when this consultant arrived. 

But what about this case. 

Remember  all the accused who were appearing in court were investigated by Lenny Harper and his team. Judge Pitchers ruled that the accused would stand trial . On the 20 August 2009 Claude Wateridge was found guilty on eight abuse charges.  

Gordan Claude Wateridge
A jury at the Royal Court of Jersey in St Helier, has found Gordon Claude Wateridge, guilty of nine of the 21 counts against which he was charged.
The jury, made up of 10 men and two women, found him guilty of eight counts of indecent assault and one count of assault. He was found not guilty of 11 counts of indecent assault and one count of incitement to indecent assault.
The trial began on Monday 10 August 2009 and the jury delivered their verdicts on Thursday 20 August 2009. The offences were alleged to have taken place at the former children’s home Haut de la Garenne in the Parish of St Martin, between 1970 and 1974, when he was a house-parent there.
During summing up the judge Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers, told the 78-year-old defendant that a custodial sentence was likely as he had held a “position of trust” at the former children’s home.
Sentencing is likely to take place in mid-September 2009.
1. The judge was Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers.
2. The prosecuting counsel was Crown Advocate Stephen Baker.
3. The defence counsel was Advocate Michael Preston.

What happened next with the reporting of the JEP is where the Tapp story develops . You would have fought they would have hailed Harper and his team for their sterling work. Well, the team working under Lenny Harper got  some  praise but not  Mr Harper.  There was a reason that the SIO didn't get any praise.  How do you keep telling the simple folk of Jersey that Lenny Harper dug up St Martin, found a coconut, wasted loads of money etc etc and then tell them that he and his team have just convicted 3 Child Abusers? They are still using old propaganda techniques left over by the invading Germans. 

The Jersey Evening Post edition of the 21st August 2009 is a must see.

I went to the library and obtained a copy for my research. I nearly fell down the stairs when it dawned on me just what they were doing. 

Absolute Propaganda

Wateridge - convicted of indecently assaulting girls gets half a front page and a small headline. The rest of the front page is Lenny Harper and this Headline;

A case of ‘lies and half-truths’

Friday 21st August 2009, 3:00PM BST.
Gordon Wateridge leaves the Royal Court after being found guilty on a number of counts. Picture by Richard Wainwright (00770033)
Gordon Wateridge leaves the Royal Court after being found guilty on a number of counts. Picture by Richard Wainwright (00770033)
STRONG criticism of former deputy police chief Lenny Harper’s handling of the Haut de la Garenne inquiry has been voiced by a lawyer and a senior judge, who has called his media activities ‘extraordinary’.
The international publicity generated by Mr Harper’s press conferences at the former children’s home ‘whipped up a frenzy of interest in … what turned out to be unfounded suggestions of multiple murders and torture in secret cellars under a building’, said Royal Court Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers as he rejected a pre-trial claim that men charged in the historical child abuse inquiry could not receive a fair trial because of the worldwide publicity.
Now retired and living in Scotland, Mr Harper has denied a claim that he was told by an archaeologist that a fragment of material found there and presented as ‘potential human remains’ predated the building. It is claimed that he was told this soon after it had been found.
Mr Harper’s actions in relation to the inquiry which he led were heavily criticised in a Royal Court hearing earlier this year which only now can be reported because of legal reasons.
At that hearing, Advocates Mike Preston and David Hopwood submitted that it would be impossible for their clients, Gordon Wateridge, Michael Aubin and Claude Donnelly, who were charged as part of the historical child abuse inquiry, to have a fair trial because of the worldwide publicity generated by the case. Mr Harper has since described the claims as ‘rubbish’.
Commissioner Sir Christopher Pitchers, who presided at the hearing and ruled that it was possible for the three men to have a fair trial.
• Full reports of the Assize trial verdict and pre-trial hearing in today’s Jersey Evening Post

Page 2 contained this:

"Judge Looks at Senator's Blog Comments". This is reference to Stuart Syvret's Blog

Page 3:   

 we get a nice big picture of Gradwell with the line "officer pays tribute to the team who worked towards Wateridge" He thanks everyone except for one person and that is Lenny Harper.

Page 4:  

 Top Half     'Extraordinary Actions'   Slagging off Lenny Harper again


This is plain crazy. They give Advocate Preston who lost the case half a page where again its slagging off Lenny Harper and his investigation. Im not joking here its all there.

Page 6:   

 'Unfounded suggestions of murder and tortur'   This is where they bring in Matt Tapp and his Holy Grail

At the Bottom of the page we have 'its a dishonest attempt to cover over the facts' 

This is from Lenny harper rejecting court criticisms of his investigation. But below that the JEP mention Harper and  a book deal

This all appears on the 21st  August 2009 edition with the promise of a load more on the 22nd and having obtained a copy of that paper it leaves you shocked.

I started by saying that the Jersey Evening Post is a Toxic Edifice and a danger to children in the care of the States of Jersey and I stand by it.  I do my research and it horrifies me.  Can it be for the simple reason that it receives money from the States of Jersey? This must be stopped and stopped soon. It must be seen to be independent. It shouldn't have any attachment to the SoJ or funding.

Believe you me this gets worse. Remember what they did when the BDO Report came out and they went with the "Hollywood Lifestyle" of Harper garbage.

What are they Hiding or so Scared about?

Matt Tapp and his Mystical Report - all just used in the BIG COVER-UP

Rico Sorda 

Part Time Investigative Journalist


voiceforchildren said...


A comment left on your previous posting.

"If you're annoyed with ITV (presumably CTV) please write and complain. You're probably thinking; -Why bother?
-Complaints don't go anywhere- -They'll never change
-Doubt they'll even apologise to 'John'.
All true possibly- but you can't prejudge with certainty until you read their response so you'll need write first!

Assuming you get the anticipated, useless response, then that is a helpful 'institutional character reference' showing CTV as 'uncaring about vicitms.' Just like when CTV produced and screened "the pack of lies" HDLG/ child abuse cover up programme.
It won a Royal Television Society award (which makes you wonder if the RTS had a vested interest in covering-up child abuse).
Your complaint will add weight against CTV, so please do it."(END)

Remembering the Award given to CTV by RTS was described by some Abuse Survivors as A KICK IN THE TEETH and the award was subject to numerous complaints from members of the public. Here is another of those, oh so frequent, coincidences.

The man fronting the review into the BBC's Newsnight's decision not to broadcast the Savile allegations/programme is a man called Nick Pollard.

If one looks at THIS LINK they will read.

"Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Television Society and in 2007 was awarded the RTS’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Television Journalism. He was Chairman of the RTS’s annual Journalism Awards from 2008-2011."

The old coincidences just keep piling up!

voiceforchildren said...


Jimmy Savile, Haut de la Garenne and the STATE MEDIA

Anonymous said...

What the...? I just read the VFC comment above that ties the investigator of the BBC allegations, Nick Pollard, to the BOGUS award given to Channel CTV for a PACK of LIES! Sorry for shouting but that right there needs some honest and rigorous scrutiny and who can we trust to accomplish that? Who has proved worthy of any trust?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree- it needs to be publicised nationally. Let's hope people in the UK wake up.
Also the cultural inquiry by Dame Smith- thats been arranged to frame BBCJersey out of scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

I have sent a complaint to CTV re "John"

Ian Evans said...

Jersey Police unlawfully refuse to give me INFORMATION about their illegal raid!

Anonymous said...

Do you think we should get a petition about Nick Pollard? I mean, surely the UK people would like to know that he's already endorsed a cover up on child abuse?

Anonymous said...

Ian Evans said...

Cyril Vibert is "THE FUGITIVE"

Anonymous said...

This was said regarding the investigation into care home abuse in North Wales. Sound familiar?

"Sir Ronald Waterhouse, heard evidence from more than 650 people who had been in care from 1974 and took almost three years to publish its report."

In the end, draconian libel laws and threats of Injunctions, fear of the implications of outing high level royals, prominent citizens and politically powerful paedophiles led to a whitewash. Those who were named were far from the inner circle - those who made the systematic sexual exploitation of children an institutionalized source of mutual secrecy, and therefore a mutual weapon for the powerful.

Anonymous said...

Our politicians keep on about learning from mistakes. After the disappearing paragraph from the Napier TOR they should learn from this.

Zoompad said...

"A man who was sexually abused as a child in care in Wales has called for a new investigation into the true scale of the abuse and who was involved.

Steve Messham was one of hundreds of children abused in the 1970s and 80s - exploitation brought to light by the Waterhouse Inquiry Report in 2000.

But he told BBC Newsnight the inquiry uncovered just a fraction of the abuse.

He and another victim also told the BBC a leading Thatcher-era Conservative politician took part in the abuse.

Since the Jimmy Savile sex abuse allegations surfaced, politicians have been raising questions about other historic abuse cases.

During the 1970s and 1980s almost 40 children's homes in north Wales were the scene of horrific child abuse in which youngsters were raped and abused by the very people who were paid to look after them.

In the early 1990s, allegations of the abuse started to surface and in March 1994 Clwyd County Council commissioned an independent inquiry into claims of widespread abuse across north Wales.

Professor Jane Tunstill, who was on that inquiry panel told the BBC in 2000 that along with a "litany of abusive practices going on in the home on the part of the care staff" there were rumours that people outside the care system were also involved in the abuse"


Zoompad said...

Nick Pollard

FOR a Birkenhead boy who left school with one and a half "ropey" A-levels, Nick Pollard, hasn't done too badly. His teachers swore he could do better and now as Head of Sky News, Nick, 53, admits they were probably right.

Fiercely unambitious, he says it was mostly luck and a lot of great people that took him from a trainee on his local paper to the forefront of national news broadcasting

Well, call me cynical, but I don't believe in luck.

Zoompad said...

“What a wonderful evening! Everything ran so smoothly and the food was superb. Everyone seemed very relaxed. I really enjoyed the quintet and was delighted when they played ‘Over the sea to Skye’ in my honour. It was a lovely touch!”
Nick Pollard, Head of Sky News

Why would they play that song for him? His bio says he was from Liverpool, so surely it would be more appropriate to play something from there than a Scottish folk tune?

I am thinking out of the box, trying to understand this nonsense. I do not believe for a single second that Nick Pollard achieved his position from some sort of lucky break, no way! Who the heck is he?

Zoompad said...

PLEASE copy everything, so that if it dissapears we all have copies!

Zoompad said...

Anonymous said...

A very good reason for having the strongest COI TOR, is to remove the suspicion of a cover-up once and for all, for the States to regain the full trust of the public and for the international image to as clean as a whistle. Of course if there is a cover-up and if there is a pedo-ring, then I guess those who have something to hide will shout down louder than all others, now what was Philly saying recently!!!!!

If need be, get Bailhache (the one fond of travelling to foreign holiday islands looking for guidance on how to operate a government, get him, to have a chat with the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler, who is asking for a full investigation, as he says, its the only way to resolve 'understandable' concerns that there had been a cover-up over the full extent of abuse at a North Wales children's home 30 years ago.

Hw told BBC Radio 5; 'I would support a full inquiry. Unless you do that, that level of suspicion will always be around that there is a cover-up. No one should be protected'

So why not Bailhache?

Anonymous said...

The latest, read all about it....

extract " 5 November 2012 Last updated at 18:43

Wales child abuse: PM orders sex abuse inquiry probe

"These allegations must not be left hanging in the air"
Continue reading the main story
Related Stories

Fresh child abuse inquiry urged
Commissioner urges abuse inquiry
'Police should investigate' Watch

The prime minister is appointing a "senior independent figure" to look into the way allegations of sexual abuse at north Wales children's homes in the 1970s and '80s were dealt with.

Come On Gorst - Do It

ariela cohen said... for information about paedophile cult operating in bennevent l'abbaye, central France, and producing child pornography. The Godson Cult has operated in Ireland, Thailand, Cambodia and USA. Ariela Cohen.

ariela cohen said...

My email: I have been investigating the Godson Cult and Chris and Clare Godson for a year. Please contact me if you have any information about them. To read about the predatory paedophile cult: and