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Operation Rectangle

The Investigation into Child Abuse in Jersey Channel Islands

The ruling elite along with their supporters & State Media would have us believe that the investigation led by DCO Lenny Harper & his Chief of Police Graham Power QPM was nothing short of a shambles.

They would have us believe that the investigation led by ACO David Warcup & D/superintendent Mick Gradwell was a shinning light in Police work.

Does the evidence stack up?

Home Affairs Minister Senator Le Marquand put all his faith in Warcup & Gradwell. The Minister was clearly left a little shocked at the evidence being produced during the Home Affairs Sub Panels review into the whole BDO Alto affair. This led him to issue a Statement on January 5th 2012 where some would say he has done some backwards peddling concerning the rubbish he has been spouting these past years. The Minister now finds himself in a very awkward position. Remember he once said he would resign if the States of Jersey didn't back his proposal of David Warcup becoming the next Chief of Police.

He still maintains that the investigation under Warcup & Gradwell was a success and that they righted all the wrongs of the Power &Harper administration.

Does the evidence stack up?

This is from ILM's Statement;

"During the Review that was recently conducted in relation to the BDO Alto report into financial management of the part of the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry which related to Haut De La Garenne, I was reminded of the exaggerated nature of some of the reporting in this area and agreed, in fairness to Mr Power and Mr Harper, to make a press statement to seek to correct the worst exaggerations.

"These exaggerations included allegations that most of the cost of the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry was wasted and that digging should never have started at Haut De La Garenne. Some of the reported criticism of the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry has wrongly led some people to the conclusion that, in some way, the whole enquiry had been discredited.

"The definitive reports in this area are the two reports of the Wiltshire Police. Those reports conclude amongst other things:

1) That the Historical Child Abuse Enquiry was appropriately managed in its early stages.
2) That issues of serious concern did arise in relation to the financial management and other aspects of the investigation in relation to Haut De La Garenne.
3) That the decision to start digging at Haut De La Garenne was not so clearly wrong as to give rise to a disciplinary issue.

This is very serious.

What was Graham Power suspended for exactly? I don't want to go into the whole financial side of things as this is covered in the excellent Scrutiny Review.

What I will now be looking at are the convictions

This is where the Spin must be washed away and the evidence allowed to breathe.

A shambles under Power & Harper - really?

Look at the times of arrest of the then suspects below..

Claude Donnelly - Arrested in April 2008

Gordon Wateridge - Arrested in May 2008

Michael Aubin - Arrested in May 2008

The File on the Jordans was completed and handed over long before Lenny Harper left at the end of July 2008.

What jumps out at you when looking at the above dates?

Think about it

I will now be focusing on the trial of Donnelly, Wateridge & Michael Aubin. This is where we see the emergence of outside Media Consultant Matt Tapp

This is where we will also witness the toxic work of the Jersey Evening Post

We will also take a look at Napier. Does anyone still remember the ACPO reports and how ILM tried to discredit their lead advisor

Again look at those dates.

I believe if you were to ask Jersey Folk who rely on the Jersey MSM for there news about the Historical Child Abuse Investigation they would say it was a waste of money, Lenny Harper made a complete hash of it and all that was ever found was a coconut. This is the picture that has been spun by our MSM. This has been carefully orchastrated. This hasn't been done by accident. The review by the Scrutiny Sub Panel exposes many of the myths spun by our State Controlled Media.

Did any of our State Controlled Media try and contact former SIO Mick Gradwell and ask him why he was leaking information to Journalist David Rose during a live investigation? I f any of our MSM was impartial or had some empathy to the victims of Abuse they surely would have gone in search of answers well I haven't read or seen anything along those lines. If something needs to be done in trashing the investigation then it's full steam ahead but Gradwell being caught like a rabbit in the headlights we get nothing.

More to follow

Rico Sorda

Team Voice

Ok I will tell you.

They were all arrested when Lenny Harper was Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle.

The only people arrested or had their files handed over that had a connection to the Jersey Care Homes was done when Lenny Harper was Senior Investigating Officer of Operation Rectangle.

Scottish Matron Named As Suspect In Jersey Abuse Scandal
- Mar 3 2008 Victoria Ward In Jersey - Daily Record
A SCOT who was matron of the Jersey abuse scandal children's home has been named as a suspect.
Morag Jordan, who now lives in Kirriemuir, Angus, is one of 40 people police on the island are investigating over allegations of physical and sexual abuse of up to 200 children. She and her husband Tony spoke to the Record last week to deny any involvement in abuse. They also claimed that the Haut de la Garenne home was not as bad as it had been portrayed.
But one man, now 38, who lived at the home from the ages of two to 12, claims he vividly remembered being abused by Morag Jordan.
He said: "I personally received a black eye as she pulled my school tie over my head. I also remember seeing her beating other kids and she forced us to take cold baths upon rising."
The 40 suspects include former care staff, health workers and ex-police officers.All were being closely monitored and Jersey's ports and airports are being watched to ensure those who still live on the Channel Island cannot flee.There have been claims of a sustained cover-up by former employees.
The move follows the discovery of bricked-up cellar rooms at the home where, ex-residents say, they were stripped and abused.
The intricate work by the police in the "torture chamber" includes searching between every floorboard for hairs of potential victims or suspects.
Among those being quizzed is a female former member of staff who was accused of trying to intimidate a victim.
Part of a child's skull found in rubble in the cellar is being examined in England using carbon dating technology.
The Jordans left two years before the home closed and came to Scotland, where they do voluntary work with kids.
When quizzed about his time at the home, Tony Jordan said last week: "I saw nothing when I worked there. I did nothing wrong. "The kids had a swimming pool and a pool room and we also had a disco regularly. We used to put discos on every two weeks."
Jersey Police spokesman John Wood warned that the investigation could last at least another year as they attempted to contact every former resident of the home, known locally as Colditz. He admitted that it was an "almost impossible task" to trace all those who went missing.


voiceforchildren said...


"Does anyone still remember the ACPO reports and how ILM tried to discredit their lead advisor?"


Anonymous said...

"The 40 suspects include former care staff, health workers and ex-police officers"

Daniel Tired.

Anonymous said...

The Jordans were just the scape goats....

Anyone with any kind of sense knows that the real suspects are former care workers, health workers, ex-police officers, and a few very worried SOJ civil servants!?

Anonymous said...

What exactly did Warcup and Gradwell do to further the investigation of past institutional child abuse in Jersey. Anything?

Ian Evans said...


Anonymous said...

Whilst Jersey still cannot hold an inquiry four years after the problems were investigated by the police, I noted this:-

"Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg told ITV's The Agenda that "heads will need to roll" at the BBC if it is discovered that abuse was ignored."

How many heads will roll in Jersey?

Anonymous said...

Channel on line 31/10/2012

"One of the youngest alleged victims of shamed television legend Sir Jimmy Savile has come forward.

A man who we are calling "John", says he was sexually abused when he was just 10 years old at the Jersey children's home embroiled in child abuse allegations - Haut de la Garenne.

He claims Savile put him on his knee and touched him "where he shouldn't have" on a visit to the care home in around 1976.

It is believed that Jimmy Savile was in Jersey for a sponsored marathon but it is not known why he would have been given access to Haut de la Garenne.

The man - who we are calling "John" to protect his identity - said Savile: "put me on his knee and then he put his hand up me leg, and then it went further and then that was it - and then it went the other way.

"But it was so unbelievable - the situation I was put in. After that I felt dirty and I had to leave where the other guys were."

"John" claims he reported the incident to police after abuse allegations surfaced at Haut de la Garenne in 2008. But he says Jersey Police did not take his claim seriously and he does not believe they interviewed Savile.

"John" has come forward, he says, because he wants other victims to speak out too. He says he did not say anything when he was a child, or in the years following the incident, because, he claims, abuse in general went on at Haut de la Garenne.

"John" is being represented by lawyer Alan Collins. He says he has spoken to around seven other alleged victims of Jimmy Savile."

We need the Met Police to come to Jersey to interview these victims. They don't stand a chance with the Jersey police under the control of our corrupt Government

Anonymous said...

I am very annoyed with ITV as it is very easy to identify “John” as he is well known around town and a vulnerable person.

Ian Evans said...

Some things just won't GO AWAY!

Anonymous said...

Channel TV added the following to the above article later on today. This needs to be recorded as I have a feeling that the Channel on line article is going to vanish!!

"Jersey Police did interview "John".

Jersey Police said in a statement they interviewed "John" but he did not sign a statement so they could not make his complaint formal.

They did investigate the claim but did not find evidence to support it so could not take it any further.

But "John's" allegation is now one of more than 300 abuse claims against Savile the Metropolitan Police are investigating."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ October 31, 2012 6:23 PM
Totally agree, not properly protecting someones identity is bad enough, but when that person is also very vulnerable as well, extra effort should be made. Have e-mailed them asking what they are playing at, they should be ashamed with themselves!

Anonymous said...

If you're annoyed with ITV (presumably CTV) please write and complain. You're probably thinking; -Why bother?
-Complaints don't go anywhere- -They'll never change
-Doubt they'll even apologise to 'John'.
All true possibly- but you can't prejudge with certainty until you read their response so you'll need write first!

Assuming you get the anticipated, useless response, then that is a helpful 'institutional character reference' showing CTV as 'uncaring about vicitms.' Just like when CTV produced and screened "the pack of lies" HDLG/ child abuse cover up programme.
It won a Royal Television Society award (which makes you wonder if the RTS had a vested interest in covering-up child abuse).
Your complaint will add weight against CTV, so please do it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.11pm
Already done, not holding my breath too long for a reply though. (RTS were a waste of time complaining to as well, apparently "they followed the proper process and there were no grounds for revisiting their judgement"