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Matt Tapp -6

Take your time reading this

Former Chief Of Police Graham Power Replies.

The Jersey Child Abuse Cover-up

This Posting concerns;

Former Deputy Chief Officer David Warcup

Former Chief Minister Frank Walker

And last but not least; Former Chief Executive Bill Ogley and Media Consultant Matt Tapp

Just like I did with the BDO Review I followed my hunch. I new something wasn't quite right and investigated. The role of outside Media Consultant Matt Tapp has bugged me for a long time. I found it strange how not long after Warcup turned up in Jersey Matt Tapp wasn't far behind.

Stranger still, is how this report found its way to the Defence council in the pre-trial of Donnelly, Wateridge & Aubin. We had Judge Pitchers quoting it in open court as some kind of Gospel on Operation Rectangle. We then have the Jersey Evening Post forgetting about an abuser being jailed and using it through Judge Pitchers judgements to trash the living daylights out of Operation Rectangle under former Senior Investigating Officer Lenny Harper.

This just isn't right. It doesn't look right.

To use the phrase of the former Chief Of Police "It Stinks"

Read carefully what Graham Power is saying here.

Even more bizarre is the actions of Judge Pitchers and his use of this report in court.

Matt Tapp gave a statement to Wiltshire. It must be very reveling to say the least. Anyone who has an understanding of what went on during the lead up to Graham Powers suspension on the 12th November 2008 will understand the gravity of what is unfolding here.

This is only the beginning. I have uncovered more. A lot more.

I have said before that when Graham Power was suspended they didn't use anything to do with the Metropolitan Police but in fact they used the Tapp Report and Warcups own opinions. The Tapp report that was put together under strange circumstances. This is what Graham Power says;

"I since learned that shortly after his meeting with me Mr Tapp had a further meeting with the Chief Executive, Bill Ogley and the Chief Minister Frank Walker (Matt Tapp Communications Review page 5.) It was agreed at that meeting that Mr Tapp would produce a report for the "States of Jersey." (Tapp review page 5.) This might be significant. Having originally been engaged by the Police it appears that Mr Tapp now accepted a second commission, from the Chief Executive and the Chief Minister and that it was this second commission which resulted in the production of his report. I have no information as to what fee was agreed for that commission"

Please keep following my posts as very soon I will blow the lid completely off

Years of very hard work is now paying off. The bloggers have not gone away but stuck to the task at hand

What Im producing will have a profound effect on Operation Rectangle under the leadership of Warcup & Gradwell. We already know what Gradwell was up to and his no show at the Scrutiny Review. We already know about the lies and misleading of the States Chamber by former Chief Minister Terry Le Suer. There are many more who should be worried. This cant go on.



I will now let the former Chief of Police Graham Power explain exactly what happened with Media Consultant Matt Tapp and his report.

This is just the beginning

After reading the reply from Graham Power read again the answer given by Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand in reply to a written question from Former Deputy Daniel Wimberly on this very subject. No mention of the issues raised by Graham Power and submitted by Matt Tapp under oath.

Don't underestimate how serious this is

Rico Sorda - Team Voice

Graham Power QPM

I have been asked to make comment on the role of a Mr Matt Tapp, a media consultant, in some of events relating to the abuse enquiry in 2008. I base my comments on my recollections of events and on documents which came legitimately into my possession during the course of the disciplinary enquiries by Wiltshire Police which followed my suspension from duty. Where I make reference to information which is ipage reference in brackets.

I met Mr Tapp only once, that was on 8th October 2008. The meeting had been arranged by David Warcup who was the new Deputy Chief Officer. At some time previous to that meeting Mr Warcup had told me something to the effect that he was taking advice from a media person who he had worked with earlier in his career. I made no objection to that although by nature I am not sympathetic to the engagement of expensive consultants. I believed then and I believe now that highly paid senior officers should for the most part be able to manage without this kind of assistance. I have since learned from other documents that Mr Tapp was in fact approached by David Warcup in August 2008 and formally engaged in mid-September of that year. My meeting with Mr Tapp did not go well. He began by telling me that we needed a plan to announce that "the murder investigation had finished." (Statement made by M Tapp to Wilts Police paragraph 14.) Given that over a period of time we had been repeatedly stating that there was no murder investigation I did not see this as an impressive proposal. Mr Tapp went on to suggest that we should stage a high profile media conference in which the force should effectively denounce some aspects of the early enquiry. I saw this as a bad idea. A gradual and carefully managed process of expectation management had been taking place for months and it was my view that it should be allowed to continue in a careful and balanced way. I felt that the type of event which he proposed would re-ignite sensationalist media interest, create controversy and divisions within the Island, and confuse and demoralise victims and witnesses. I believe that subsequent events have shown that I was correct in those beliefs. At the end of that meeting I concluded that Mr Tapp was not a suitable person to assist the Force and that the further expenditure of public funds for his services 
could not be justified

I since learned that shortly after his meeting with me Mr Tapp had a further meeting with the Chief Executive, Bill Ogley and the Chief Minister Frank Walker (Matt Tapp Communications Review page 5.) It was agreed at that meeting that Mr Tapp would produce a report for the "States of Jersey." (Tapp review page 5.) This might be significant. Having originally been engaged by the Police it appears that Mr Tapp now accepted a second commission, from the Chief Executive and the Chief Minister and that it was this second commission which resulted in the production of his report. I have no information as to what fee was agreed for that commission.

I have seen the report which Mr Tapp produced in consequence of that meeting. It is dated "November 2008." but no specific date is given. This may be significant because I was suspended on 12th November 2008. I do not know whether or not the report by Mr Tapp was available to the Chief Executive and the Chief Minister prior to that date. In the conclusions of his report Mr Tapp is critical of the media performance of the former Senior Investigating Officer, Mr Lenny Harper. It is these conclusions which are most often quoted and referred to, particularly by those who are sympathetic of Mr Tapps position. But an examination of the full report reveals that the evidence which is offered in support of this conclusion is less straightforward. Media releases and statements made by Mr Harper and quoted in the report include references such as "we have no allegations that anyone died or was murdered here" and " Haute de la Garenne would be treated as a crime scene although there were no allegations that anyone died or had been murdered there." (Tapp report page 22.) Elsewhere in the report there are references to the role of the media attention in persuading witness and victims to come forward. To some extent this aspect of the Tapp report is similar to the work undertaken by Wiltshire Police who tasked an officer to review records of media interviews by Mr Harper, perhaps in the expectation of finding something inappropriate, only to discover that the officer could find only records of repeated attempts to "tone down" the media coverage and a repeated emphasis that there were no allegations of murder (Wilts Media Report pages 586-582.)
Some time during my suspension I read in a newspaper that evidence from Mr Tapp had been given at a Court hearing connected to an abuse trial and that apparently Mr Tapp's evidence had been critical of myself, and that the Court had made some negative comment relating to my role. I cannot offer further informaiton in relation to this. I was never told of any hearing, let alone asked to contribute or to challenge whatever it was that Mr Tapp had to offer. I have since leared that apparently the report by Mr Tapp was used in some evidential way the the defence team representing a person who was subsequently convicted of Child Abuse.

It might be that the purpose of the Tapp Review has been misunderstood and that it has mistakenly been seen or even represented as an independent review prepared on behalf of the Force to assist the investigation. That does not appear to be the case, and for those with the will to find them, Mr Tapps own words make his mandate somewhat different from the norm. The significant revelation appears to me to be that in the text of page 5 where Mr Tapp tells us that he prepared his report following a meeting with the Chief Executive and the Chief Minister and that the report was for the the use of the Islands Government and not the Force. It is probable that Mr Tapp did not know it at the time, but it has since been revealed in the report by Brian Napier QC, that the two persons with whom he met and who commissioned his report had for some months been meeting secretly with others to devise a means by which the Chief Officer of the Force could be suspended from duty. Against that background their meeting with Mr Tapp, fresh from his disappointment with his meeting with me, and ready to be critical of the Abuse Enquiry, could have appeared as a golden opportunity to move their secret agenda forward.

In this context it is difficult to see how either Mr Tapp, or his report, could be fairly described as "independent."

In his reply to a written question from the Deputy of St. Martin on 23rd March 2010, the Minister referred to the lengthy quotation which forms part of the judgement in the matter of the Attorney General v. Aubin and others [2009] J.R.C. 035A. in the following terms “The quotation above which is attributed to an outside expert is a quotation from the report of an independent media expert who was called in to advise the States of Jersey Police on media related matters.” Would the Minister inform members who called for this report, when and why, who conducted it, how were those who undertook the review were selected and what their qualifications were? Will the Minister release the report to members as it has already been used in a public court judgement?
In September 2008 an external media consultant, experienced in working at ACPO level in the UK, was formally engaged by the then Deputy Chief of Police with the knowledge of the Chief Officer of Police to develop an appropriate external communication strategy regarding Operation Rectangle. This was primarily to ensure:
  • That trials and ongoing investigations were not compromised or challenged on the grounds of an abuse of process, based on the information supplied to the media by the States of Jersey Police.
  • That the public were presented with accurate facts.
The external media consultant gave advice on these matters and subsequently resigned from his role. He then produced a written report in relation to his advice. Other issues relating to the report fall both within the ambit of the enquiry being conducted by the Commissioner and the terms of the first Wiltshire Police Report and it is not appropriate for me to express an opinion thereon at this stage.


Anonymous said...

The answer on the 23/3/2010 ILM refers to the quotation as being from an outside Media expert.

On sunday talkback he tries to pass of the quote as can only be from part of the Interim report from the Met police.

I believe now that they only had warcup letter they wanted rid of the whole scandal.

Ogley and Walker employed media expert and Le Marquand was left to pick up the pieces he knows he is in trouble without anything apart from the letter from Warcup and the outside interference from government he has to give impression he has something to support the suspension he has to go along with the story of the interim report.

I dont believe the report exists in the way ILM was attempting to suggest it did.

Ian Evans said...

The dissection of a criminal system PART 3

rico sorda said...

You can't underplay the role Senator Le Marquand has played in the Jersey Child Abuse Cover-up. He, like Savile, has played it out in the open. His actions were in the public glare and the majority of politicians and the complete Jersey Media did nothing...


Happening in Jersey

Anonymous said...

Ian Le Marquand's arrogance and total confidence in this cover-up are breathtaking. He has not concealed his dishonesty, nor has he ever refuted any of the hard evidence. He has moved forward without any concern for the consequences. He has left a trail of deceit and false statements which you have easily disproved with official documents and records. That can only suggest his absolute faith in the immunity of the hierarchy above him and their loyalty to him. He will lose the bet on their willingness to protect him. He is entirely too exposed in light of the Savile affair and he is going down.

voiceforchildren said...


A commenter writes,

"Ian Le Marquand's arrogance and total confidence in this cover-up are breathtaking. He has not concealed his dishonesty, nor has he ever refuted any of the hard evidence."

With that in mind, Lenny Harper is still waiting for a reply to THIS e-mail.

There will also be a follow-up to that e-mail posted on VFC soon.

rico sorda said...

Sorry Troll, not on my Blog. The day has long gone regarding the publication of your nonsense.

Keep plugging away on BBC Jersey you have a good success rate there - especially with the fake Facebook accounts. Gives me laugh when they read them out.


For ever

Rico Sorda said...

love it; keep going; no matter what. We've been trying to bust this since way back (here, in fact: 5th February 2012) ) Some names for you all:

Please do not miss the Dutreux Connections;

Find those; and Pedo empires fall; all around the globe we suspect. ;)

Any help we can give, just ask; you can talk to use through @censorednewsnow on Twitter, or leave a comment (anonymously or otherwise) on any page on the blog.

Thank you for what you are doing.

rico sorda said...

Thanks for the comment and links.

No stopping

We, at the Voice, have started widening our research. I have started taking a very close look at the old Defence Committees in Jersey.

More on this at a later date.

We have always wondered how the Police in Jersey were so politicised and under the thumb until GP and LH turned up.

The Defence Committees is where we look


Zoompad said...

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Anonymous said...

Google Spin Doctors and Matt Tapp comes up.

Only joking, but thats what Matt Tapp is/must be known as: An expensive spin doctor for hire.

So, ofcourse because of our establishments desperation at the time, and because out tax payers money not being a problem to use without justification.

He was hired.

Job done....

So they thought!?

Ian Evans said...

The dissection of a criminal system PART 4

Anonymous said...

Jersey's Home Affairs minister is being asked if items retrieved from police searches at the former children's home at Haut de la Garenne have been lost or destroyed.

At the height of the historic abuse inquiry, large areas of the former home were forensically excavated. A hoard of children's teeth were among the finds.

Now Deputy Trevor Pitman wants a detailed audit trail from the investigation, identifying what items were retrieved; where they were sent for analysis; who sent/authorized them to go; who examined them; and where each item is currently stored.

Anonymous said...

I note that the Childrens' Commissioner for Wales is asking for an inquiry to take place in response to an "old" scandal there. Of course Jersey does not have a Commissioner or a Minister for Children but only the Assistant Minister Deputy Martin who is hardly a tireless campaigner on children's rights!!! So who should be leading on this matter in Jersey? In a name - who should be fighting to expose this Jersey scandal now?